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W. L. Minor Takes Up Cudgel in
Their Defense.
Vritce JOw Holr Giving Mnrr I.rr
imr in Thniic Who Ar Vntxhir to
Mrrt Obligation in "the
From a. Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Dec. SO.-fSpcclaU-Thero
has born considerable controversy
between unerti of water under' thn Koyern
ment ditch In Scottii Bluff county and
the government over the cancelletlon of
water rights held by those who become
delinquent to the Rovernment for two
years and before coming to Lincoln
to accept th deptityshlp In the state
auditor's office, XV. L. Minor took up
thn matter with the. department In be
half of the users of water on the Hello
Hourcho project, taking exception to tho
ruling of tho department, which was that
"a ralluro to make any two payment
when due shall render tho entry subject
to cancellation with forfeiture of all
rhjhUi under tho act and of money al
ready paid In."
lr. Minor contends that the Kovern
mcnt la wronp In Its construction of
the act cited above, which he nays como
under the head of "Construction" and
Ws not deal at all with tho section
tinier the head of "Ope.ru.tlon and Main
tenance." Accordflig to a letter received
by Mr. Minor from CoiiKrcisman Kin
"kajd. enclosing tho opinion of Samuel
Adams, first Assistant secretary of tho
Inferior, parties .who ore' delinquent on
llielr Mil and 1912 payments on Decembor
ot. this year steps will bo tuken to can
oe! their contracts
Lrlter to KlnkaM.
Mr. Jtlnor in Ills letter to Congress
man Klnkald says: "Section 6 of tho
a,ct of June, U12, authorizes tho secre
tary Of the Interior to tiso tho reclama
tion fund for the operation and main
tenance ot all reservoirs and Irrigation
works constructed under tho provisions
of the act. To met this seems explicit
and that no direct charge for operation
ind maintenance should ever have been
made on tho settlers,
Immediately following the quotation
above from Hcctlon , I find tho follow
ing: 'Provided, that when tho payments
required by this net are m.ade for n por
tion of the lands Irrigated from the
water of any of-the works provided for
than the manaccment and operation of
such. Irrigation workn shall pass to tho
ott-riere of the lands Irrigated thereby, to
b itafntalned at their expense.' This im
pHcif that no operation and maintenance
charges were conUmpUted by this acj
until the construction charges wore paid
out and the -canal turned over to the
"It seems to me -that the government
should be satisfied with its power to
shut off a man's water supply to en
force collection of operation and main
tenance expense and that l all that
Is necessary, and that power to cancel
should not bo claimed.
"Immediately connected with this sub
Ject is another that the government now
requires the advance, payment on opera
tion and maintenance, December 1. be
i6ro they begin to deliver tle water
the following May, five months before
tho water Is dellverod and eleven months
before the completion of tho delivery. I
believe the principal wrong", for I know
of no private enterprise, which expects
this, Tho government ought not to can
cel entries because ot the non-payment
ot a charge fer water that they have
aevcr delivered and.-whlch they cannot
eomplcto delivering .for .almost eleven
Sionths." -
Mr; Minor Is bitterly opposed to the
tovernment taking a stand In this mat
ter that is directly- opposite to what a
private corporation or Individual would
do In caso lie was handling the samo
business, and believes that It Is a detri
ment to tho beat success of the country
In the Irrigated district.
. Five- WprtdlHtr at Cambridge.
"CAMBKroaE. Neb., Dec. 39.-(Spedal.)
Te marriage 6f Mtsa Bernlce Marguer
ite, Terry, daughter ot Mr. A. V. Perry,
prominent and wealthy lumberman of this
ctty, to Mr. Floyd A. Thllllps of. Fair
mont took place Friday, the Rev. William
F. Kelts of, the First Congregational
cljjirch o'fflclntlng.
(lrs Ada Thompson and Mr. Itobort
McPherrln, both ot this "-vicinity, were
united In marriage Sunday. Mr. and
MKs. McPherrln will reside upon a farm
near Tecumseh, Neb,
SIlss Minnie. Krlemelmeycr of this city
and Mr. Clyde Story of Hnlbrook were
married on Christmas day. Rev. T. i
Kelts officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Story
will make' their home on the groom's
farm near Ilolbrook.
Miss Annls Hlatt and Mr. Glenn XV,
Filler, both or this city, were united Jn
marriage at the Kvangleal parsonage on
Christmas day, Rev. C. F. Helm, pastor
the Evangelical church of this city.
Miss Jidlth K. Coder, daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Oenrgc B. Coder f Cambridge,
and G)enn M- True were married a few
days ago. Mr. and .Mrs. True will make
their new homo at Atlanta, Neb., where
Mr. True Is the owner of the city's light-
In and water works plants.
.Note (ram 'Beatrice.
BEATRICE Neb.. Dec. SO.-(Special.)
Victor 31. Meyer and Miss Cella II. Hoff
man, both ot Speed, Kan., were married
Saturday by Judge Walden tn county
Tall Taylor ol OSell. wiio was ar
i Ef.ted a few month ago on the chatge
of stealing a sum of money from
Hyjrrymah of that town, vtMted the city
yterday and furnished recognisance In
tlM sum of Sl,0 for his appearance at
the. next term of the district court.
Arthur Wrlgiey and Miss Gladys A.
Harvey were roarrjfd a.t the home or
the brides parents, Mr, and. Mrs. w. l.
Harvey, near Uarblne, ReV, w;- It.' Had
officiating. The younc couple will
wake thlr home on a farm near that
jsili0r. . t
MtmilmliM UMraH Kldnaueil
KUflsOCT, Kv. Dec." J4.-(8pectI.)-Ht.
iWry trml a4 Miss Lorerta 3c4-
sard were married Ht Falta City, and
after the oeremoay returned to Hum
ImMt. It 1 the custom In Humboldt to
ftiayjekee on newly merrvea men, nnd In
aaoornawet Mr, 6 ratal n was taken by
ttoutt tm WuaAoldt to Falls City
the eval tr kes arri. and kept
Mutt usSM 1:M Mm axt werHln. He
took th Joke )syre4y ad sat
arouad wHh M fcfJuts
aud swappnf yanM. '
Hai Resh Conclave
Begins in Lincoln
LtNCOLN. Nek, Dec. 30. The national
conclave of Ilnl Ilesli, a Jewish fra
ternity, opened here today with the elec
tion of Irving Melnrnth of Kansas City,
president; Jerome Relcliart of Denver,
vice president; Rnmond Frank of Denver,
secretary, and Herbert Arenstcln of
Omaha, treasurer. Sigma Thejn lhl the
national sorority, has been in sertslon In
Omnha, but the delegates are now In
Lincoln to tnke part In the festivities In
connection with the fraternal convention.
Missouri River Forced to Yield Up
Finny Treasures.
A lii Hon of tint eminent CnUed to
IJnlnsrs of I'Uhrrnirn Nrnr Rnlo,
Where They Are Panatit
by Whnlrsnlr.
(From a Staff Corrcsiiomlcnt.)
LtNCOLN. Neb., Dec. SO.-(Spcclal.)-Chlef
Game Warden Miller hns been notl-
flexl that parties near nulo In Richard
sou county, have been using dynamite
In the Missouri river for the purpose
of securing fish for marketing purposes.
Tho Information from a reliable sourco
and conveys tho Intelligence that a few
da)n ago tho parties exploded dynamite
n the river a short dlxtnncc above Rulo
and secured a barge load of fish ot
different kinds, which they took into
wugons and sold along tho towns of the
He nsks the game warden If there
cannot something be done to prevent
further dynamlntlng in this way, claim
ing that In a short time there will bo
no fish left In the river It the practice
Is continued.
The lawn of the state of Nebraska
do not cover this kind ot fishing. Tho
authorities of tho state lmvo no juris
diction over tho Missouri river except
100 feet each way from whore any Ne
braska stream cmtles Into thn Missouri,
and therefore unless tho legislature
passes a now law or the government
takes hold of the mutter it will bo hard
work to ntop tho dynumlto business by
tho Nebraska game warden.
However, Mr. Miller has called tho at
tention ot the government authorities to
tho matter and it is posslblo that tho
parties may find themselves dealing with
the government, which hns Jurisdiction
over all streams in the United States.
(Jntiartvnr for Molons.
Oil Inspector Huesonctter will not movu
his office into the office of tho governor,
where It has formerly been during the
session . ot the legislature, but today
moved to the west wing basement rooms.
Two departments aro left which have
not been moved, the veterinarian and the
secretary of the board charities.
These, however, will find some place to
crawl Into before the legislature meets.
Land (Hies HecalnK.
And still another kick comes to the
attorney general's office over tho con
troversy on the "beer bottle corner.'.'
This time. Miss ISdlth L. Hick ot Alliance,
says that she has land which she does
not know whether she owns or hot and
can do nothing until the matter Is settled.
The proposition Is now before the su
preme court and until settled owners
of land along the disputed strip are pow
erless to mako improvements.
Jiivt Oermnn Corporatlun .
Articles, of Incorporation of, the Press
Publishing company of Lincoln were filed
with tho secretary ot state this morning.
Tho company lk Incorporated for tSO.OOO,
and the men behind the company aro
Judge 13. P. Holmes, Q. L, De Lancy
and H. W. Knderls. This'takes over what
has always been known 'as the Freto
Press, a German paper.
Old Cnuirrtilea Sleet.
J. R, Schofleld of Qriswold, la., who Is
In the city visiting his uncle, J. N. Scho-
felld, was at the atato house in company
wtlh General J. H. Culver this morning.
He first became acquainted with General
Culver when the latter was color bearer
for his regiment, but had not met him
since until ho camo across the general
In Lincoln. Mr, Schofleld was captur.tl
at tho battle of ChlcamaugH and was In
prison at Danville, for thrco months,
when he and five others tunelled out of
the building nnd escaped.
At'CHsril Man Insane,
BUATR1C13, Neb., Dec. 50.-HpcclaI
Telegram,) Edwurd DucRiey of Liberty,
Neb., who was recently Indicted by tho
federal grand Jury and taken to Lincoln
on tho chargo ot sending obscene litera
ture through the malls, has been found
to be , of uiiMund , mind and will be
brought hero for a hearing before the In
sanitary commissioners. He Is about K
years ot age.
NliulrntM Wulk Hevent) Mile.
FAmnUUY. Neb.. Deo. 80.-8peclal.)-
Sevcrul Kalrbury students who are at
tending . the state university at Lincoln
walked homo to spend tiro. holidays with
their parents. Tho party consisted ot
tester Westltng, Lloyd. Cooper and Harry
nigdon. The distance covered waa sev
enty miles.
Court Requested to
Send Negro to Trial
WASHINGTON, Dec. ao.-Thn United
States supreme court Is asked by So
licitor General Bullitt, in a brief made
publlo tonight, to dismiss summarily the
application of Jack Johnson, the negro
pugilist, for a writ ot habeas corpus con
testing the constitutionality of the "white
llsve" act, for tqe altegti) violation ot
which. Johnson Is awaiting trial at Chi
cago. The solicitor general does not
argue the quoatlon of constitutionality,
but devotes his brief to the view that It
U not proper procedure to seek John
son's release' by writ or habeas corpus in
advsnc of trial.
Th case Is set for hearing In the su
preme court January ft.
KANSAS ClTr. Mo,. Dee . SO, -Eugene
Ruct, general manager of 'the Kansas
City stock yards since IW died at his
home here today after an Illness of sev
era! months. Mr. Rust had been con
nected witn the local ttccM yards for
tblrtytsco yrare. ilo was born In Uelfast.
Xc, siy-one years ago,
Iowa Democratic Leader Meets Gov
ernor Enroute from South,
Stun Doomed for Cnhlnet Pniilllnit by
Jniise Watte Dlsciisnen I,es;lln
tlve l'nllrlra with Prrxl.
ruuwr,iu,, i. , ucc 23. With a
miniature "ship of stato In one hand and a
basket of Virginia apples In the other,
Presilcnt-elnct Wilson came, home last
night, after an allday ride from Htnimtnii
Va., his birthplace. As a paring gift, the
peopio or ins native town gave him n ship
of flowers, nnd amid cheering bade him
The governor had so far regained his
normal strength that he talked politics
most of tho day with person's who rode
with him on different stretches of the
trip. At Washington, where' the jrnvpr.
nor's special car rtopped an hour, Jerry
HUlllvan, one of the leaders ot the denioc
racy In Iowa, was received by Mr. Wll
son In his stateroom. Tim
elect did not leave his enr at all while at
the national capital.
Mr. Wilson had invited Mr. Sullivan to
Join him today nt Washington ami il.ev
were together most of the Journey from
Washington to Princeton Junction.
Mr. Sullivan continued on to New York
"We were Just picking up the, threads of
tlie situation In Iowa," said Mr. Wilson
of his talk with Mr. Sulllvnn. Thv lm,l
talked over legislative policies, ho added.
Ho wns asked if lie had mentioned cabinet
appointments to his Iowa visitor, ami mi.
swored that ho had not. Tho Inquiry was
occasioned by the fact that Judgo Mnr
tln Wade, national committeeman from
Iowa, has urged the nnnnlnlmfiif nt Mr
Sullivan as secretary of tho Interior, tho
name of Mr, Sulllvnn hailnc lirpn In.
formally suggested to tho pres,!doiit-clcct
tor mat portrollo ly friends or the Iowan.
Mr, Sullivan exDlalned that thn nl.lr.oi
of hlh call was to learn Mr. Wilson's
position on tho tariff and tho trust qucs
ttons. "Wo aro interested In thn went In
the destruction or thoso trusts that mean
death to competition," ho suld.
Presidential Party
Back on Continent
MIAMI, Kla.. Dec. 30. President and
Mrs, Taft, Colonel nnd Mrs. Goethals
and a number of friends arrived off Key
West at 10 o'clock this morning on tho
United States bnttleshlps Arkansas ami
Delaware, after a quick trip from Colon
and, the Panama canal sone.
The presidential party was brought
ashore by tho government tug, Peoria,
and started north at noon on a special
tmln ovor tho Florida East Coast and
tho Atlantic Coast Line rallrouds. They
are duo In Washington Tuesday morning;
The voyage from Colon to Key West,
more than 1,100 miles, was made In a lit
tlu more than sixty hours, over waters
troubled only by a heavy swell and
roughed by brisk trade. winds. A spec
tacular rescue of a coal passer on the
Delaware after he fell overboard at 7
o'clock this morning was missed by prac
tically every member of tho party. To
save the man the big battleship turned a
completo circle, put off a boat, picked
up the coal passer and resumed Its
courts In less than fifteen minutes.
Veteran Iowa Editor
Dies at Age; of 78
LITTLE BIOUX, 14., Dec. 30.-D. XV.
Butts, aged ft years, editor of. the Little
Sioux Independent, died here today. Mr.
Dutts was the oldest active nowspaper
mnn In northwestern Iowa. lie was the
first printer to locate north of Council
niutfs, coming to Preparation, In., In
Monona county, frpm Kansas City In 1S61.
lie eaucu nis paper up 10 urcomucr .1,
PUBBLO. Colo,, Dec. 30. neturnlng to
tlio practice of confidence" games after
ills relcaso from the state penitentiary
of Montana, to find they hod. lost their
lure, then asumlng another namo, mar
rying and moving to P.uoblo, determined
to lead a life ot honesty only to be rec
ognised more than a year later and ur
restcd to answer old charges, is the story
of ono or' thn most prominent mining men
in this city who, In Hillings, is known
an Thomas A, Prout.
Mrs. Prout. as she must be called,
knew nothing. It Is said, of her, hus
band's past life, and when lie was ar
rested by Under Sheriff Hill last night
she gave a scream ot horror and fell In
a faint. Prout was taken to the county
Hill refuses to divulge rthe name Prout
has been going under on nccount of busi
ness complications. It is known that he
is one of the prominent men of the city.
H is a mining stock broker.
CHICAGO. Dec. 20,-WIth a grim de
termination to "oven up things' In his
wn way and time. John Lyon, a teamster,
Victim or an uneven fight, lies at the
county hospital with three slab wounds
In his back, lie waa attacked today
by six men, whom he roughO off single
handed, until he rell weak from loss cf
He was asked the names or his aisall-
ants by the police.
"I won't give them," replied Lyon.
They'd get pinched and sent over th
road and that would not d,o me. any
good. What I want to do Is to hand
them some or the same thing they handed
All efforts to extract the Information
from him was fruitless.
MANILA. Dec, 30. The ashes of Dr
Jobs RlzaL the national hero of the
Philippines, were nHnterred today at the
base of his monument, near the scene of
hi execution by the Spaniards In 1S9,
Tho unr containing, tho akhet rciiosetl
h tlM) municipal hal Sunday md was
viewed by thouuuids. Eight thousand
tschool children formed nri encort when
the um was transmuted through the
streets today. Newton XV, Gilbert, vice
governor of the Philippines, waa among,
the speakers.
Persistent Adveitlstiu; ja' the Jload to
Blj,' Returns,
Tho vnluca will bo the most extraordinary that have over
been offered at a Hpeclal sale In Omaha.
SssssH SL iw an b am
I HsmllLLmri
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Year End Clearing Sale
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aaa Avanns am oninuau 'ativq vhvmo uhi
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Heavy walkers -Policeniou
aiid Mail
carriers here is a
shoo for you. A spe
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John Says:
'Tve ffot my ojln.
ion of the fellow -who
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per lb ;31c
Best No. 1 Dairy Butter, per lb., 35o
Special on Nuts, Tlga, Sates, Etc
Best Mixed Nuts, lb l&V&o
7-crown Imported Figs, lb 16c
California Fiffs. 12-ounce pkg....7H
Fancy Hallowe'en Dates, lb 740
Fancy Imported Furd Dates, lb. 12 Ho
Greatest Vegetable Market in the
West for the People,
Ited Illvcr Knrly Ohio 'Potatoes, per
peck of 15 lbs 15c
Are Apparent in Our
many dis
lasts which insure
Oii Filliws GriHtj Bii
aleM 1 4 Via - .
?eSSSJ!2. ot, 1 9:
Wedsesdav eventutr. January l. lai
Admiasloa fifty cents a counle. Sztr
lady twenty-five cents. All Odd rel
mwe man mir irienos are cordlall:
AD TO 3EL Painting!
Repairing VSTr Trimmia

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