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New Bargain Features
Every Day in our
January Sale of Linens
and White Goods
Monday, Jan. 6, Begins Our
January Sale of
Muslin Underwear
The Bargains Will Be
Very special values Saturday
n .... r . - m B I,
as t ( i
A -a. r m
jT In Uur Jbntire dtock
Have $ 9
u $5 and $6
THIS PITER INCIiUDEn Alili oun. rig
man orade maws hat in our zh.j
roR .,
All tlio .Mens JL50 and J1.7C 7Cn
HatH will lo sold fur 130
All tho Men's and Hoyo' (1.00 Cfln
unl 1.25 Hats nt... ....... UUlf
Your unrestricted rliolco of Any
Men's Cloth Cap with fur lusld"
bands In our cntlro stock, OCr
values up to S1.B0, at fcwu
All the Men's and ,ltoyn' Caps I (ln
that sold lib to 3!ic. nt lUU
All Hoys' and Children's HatH, J On I All the Ohlldrin, SSo Q1.
worth up to II op tit. .... . -ru Kat at . . . .. I bSv
All Boys' and Children's Hats, worth up to "Be, at 3Bo
Saturday wc offer you Fur Coats, Fur Scarfs and Fur Sets of thorough
dependability at just about one-half the December prices
I iiprrccdcnted winter mildness forces Knstcrn
fur dealers to t.arrlfieo their stock. Tlicso cxrep
tioiuil vii I lies probably cannot lie duplicated for many
er to come. Tho IlramlclH KUaranteo of perfect
reliability covers every fur piece lu thin wonderful snle.
S7.50 Hluo China Wolf Sets, pretty shapes; special
fit, ft 3 08
110.00 Hlack and Brown French Coney Sets, In var
ious styles, nt 85.00
$12.50 and SJ5.00 Mack and Drown Fronch Coney
Sots, at S7.50
$12.50 Whlto Iceland Fox Sets, very popular sha'pes,
nt S7.50
Iceland Fox Sets, many styles, worth up to $20.00,
nt $10.00
$20.01) ltrown Canadian I XU.'.OO Pointed lllnck .Tup
Marten Sels, S10.00 Fox Sets at . ..SIR. Oil
jlfl.- and $75 Fine
.lap Mink Sets
at . . K40.no
Men's Underwear, Shirts
Greatly Undcrpriccd in Our Old Store "Main Floor
.Men's medium and
light wclKlit Flun
nol Khlrts mostly
samples worth
up to 11.00,
will go at,
Mon'H 7Kc extra henvy I.ambs
down Fleeced lTiiitrnhlrtn anil
Drawers, nt BOo
Mcii'h and boys' lined Glove and
Mittens, at, pulr..,50o, 70o, 98o
Our 75c and tl Men's Negllgeo and
Online Shirts, at, each . . .S0o
Mon's $1.25 extra
heavy f Icocotl
Union Suits, nt,
per gar- OQ.
mont ...... Out
Mon's Negligee and
Outing Shirts, are
worth up to $1.60,
Silk Four-ln-lmnd Ties, valuta up
to 00c, at each lBo
Mon's mid Hoys' J1.S0 iuallty,
extra heavy Hweator Coats, banc
mont, at... .00o and 90o
Mn's r.Oe 'fleeced undershirts and
Drawers, buHcincut, at, each USo
$M.nO Hetl Foxljno.OO Xnturnl
Set, speclnl I Itnccoon Sct
nt S2S.501 at $20.00
Fine Malchtd Sets of mole, mole coney,
genuine mink, fancy pony, marten, etc at
most notable reductions.
Conoy, brook mink, natural squirrel In large ami
small shapes, worth up to $5.00, at SI. 08
Scnrfs in All the Toptilar Furs Canadian marten,
natural grey opossum, marmout, brook mink.
French coney, etc. -2 big lots, worth up to $10.00.
at $3.50 and $5.00
ricnutifiil Hlack Fov, lllnck Lynx, .lap Mink anil Gen
uine Mink Hrrnf.H at reduced prices.
All tlio Separate Muffs nt greatly reduced price.
Boys' and Girls'
Tans, greys
and black
with fancy
some pat
ent leather
with brass
fleece lined
or unltned.
worth 75c.
at, a pair
The pop u 1 a r
Robespierre col
lars In silk and
satin with dainty
luce jabots at
tachod, also
Queen Anne col
lars and dress
c o 1 1 a rs In cro
chet and Venlsc
effects worth
50c to 75c, nach,
Long Fur Coats at About Half Regular Prices
52-Inch Fine Hlack and Ilrown
Conoy Coats, worth $40.00,
at : $25.00
52-tnch fine Hrown Coney Coata
with Cnnadlan marten collar and
cuffs, worth $59. at.. $39.00
$50 and $00 well markod fine
nussian Pony Coats at $30.00
52-lnch fine Astrakan and Caracul
Coats, worth $75.00 nnd $85.00.
at $40.00
Fine Russian Pony Coats, worth
as high as $100. at. . $50.00
52-inch Northwestern Mink or
"iMarmout" Coat, worth $80.00,
at $40.00
All our other fine Fur Coats at notable reductions
65 Women's Wool &
and Silk Dresses
Regularly Priced op to $25 at
This is u apooiul lot of clover new mid
wintor model drosses in all sizes. They
have never before been offered at any
thing, like this speeial price.
80 Women's S $759
Misses Coats
Regularly Priced up to $17.50
Warm, practical and fashionable mid
winter coats of fine mixtures, chinchillas,
novelty cloths, and fine black fabrics in
one lot for Saturday only.
Special Sale of Shoes
WOMEN'S $3.50 AND $4 SHOES, PAIR, S2.85
UK) pairs m kid skin, dull can. f
tan and patent leathers
broken lines and sample pairs
in button and lace styles with
hand turned or Goodyear welt
sewed soles, also extra high
top shoes with cuff or collar
-new lasts in all 1 DC
styles; at, per pair. .
Women's and Men's Straw X.onnjrinc'
Slippers, worth $1.00, In all Kfln
sizes: at.
per pair
Tan and black leathers,
also patent leathor
with dull kid, brown or
red tops all QOn I
sizes, at, pair, UU'
10c boxes of tho
best Shoe Pol
ishes at, per
box 5
ironed English Shoes
Every pair of them made in North
Hampton, England, by the famous
John Marlow Co., from good, ser
viceable oak tanned
English leathers in "
all sizes; at, per pair '
Splendidly made shoes in the very newest
lasts in dull calf, tan and
patent leathers regular $31 7rS
shoes, in all sizes, at pair. V
1 11
That will s'ive you better service
and hotter satisfaction than any you
have ever bought at a medium price.
For Mon's and Young Mon's
Suits and Overcoats . in the
newest and most practical mid-
styles- actually worth up to $25.00.
10c Shinoln
at 6c
.")0c Pe b o c c o
Tooth Paste
at .. ..39c
:25c Pond ' s
Cream ..17c
For Overcoats and Suits in up-to-date winter styles thnt never
before Bold for lesB than $17.50 or $18.50.
Main Floor,
South End
25c Sanitol Tooth Pow
der at 12c
Ivory Soap, per cake,
at 3VC
25c Broker's Talcum
Powder 6c
2uo Peroxide 7c
1 lb. 20-MtUe-Team
Borax at 9c
25c Java Rico Powder
at 23c
Pinaud's Lilac Toilet
Water, at 59c
25c Houbogent's Powder
at 17tf
50c Hind's Honey and Al
mond Cream 20c
25c Peroxide Cream at X6
January Sate 1 T
$1 Ideal Hair
Brushes 79C?
25c Packer's
Tar Soap
at 15c
5()o Traveling
Cases . .29c
In Basement
Odds and ends of Women's
Shoos selling for $3.00,
$3.50 and $4.00 a pair
mostly small Hizes, but all
sizes In one Btylo or another
in dull calf, tan calf, patent
leather and patent leather
with whito kid tops, splen
did shoes in An
all the newest Jk I
Innts at nalr . . V v VJ
9:00 P. M.
Fine Net and Shadow
Lace Pleating and
Ruff lings in white and
cream color many
dainty designs to se
lect from worth up to
50c a yard OC
at yard dUj
Women's and Men's Plain Hemstitched Irish
Linen Handkerchiefs, also sheer linen with
hand embroidered initials or corner designs,
hemstitched, embroidered scalloped edge or
lace borders slightly mussed
from handling worth up to If f
at, each.
Women's scalloped edge Swiss embroidered handker
chiefs, also mon's japonetto silk with embroidered
initials slightly mussed worth r
up to 12 ',4c, at each DC
HOSIER Y Wmen'8 flne mercerized lisle and
cA T-c cotton, ajBo fleecy lined and wool
oA-LiEi hosiery and misses and children's
flno and heavy rlbbod hose worth up to f
25c; at, pair , IOC
STT.TC ROOT w,d ,,Ble sartor tops, lisle dou
uncTCDV bIe soles black in out sizes
JH.lJiM.nJxx regular sizes in tan and qq
white worth up to 50c at, pair jG,
Ancle Sam's liberal Provision for
National lawmakers.
Vaiiiona Fouiulrr r l'olltlr uU(
TIiIiikm Uciiovntrd from Kitchen
to I)onir mid I'urU o
nlili riiniiicr.
Once mure the lawmakers of the United
Htatrs arc assembled at the seat of kov
crnment taklnK up tholr leBUlatlvo labors
and onco more thcyare housed In an lm
proved a well as a renovated capltol. If
there la any Ktrurtur In our broad land
that Is maintained In perfect repair "well
Kept up" In overy souse of tho term-It Is
ane the Insoct pests- rind "tree doctors"
have been engaged 'at considerable ex.
pensa to practice thrlr arts In an effort
to arrest decay.
Of course, the capltol bulldlnjr has had
its annual "bath" on the we of tho re
turn of Its dlstlnaulshed tenants. This
elentudliK of the vast htte marble pllu
by means of clear water hurled agulimt
It with (treat forco Is a formidable task.
Two or three fire engines and a consider,
able, force of firemen to direct the 'reBms
are enKKod for days at a time on this
odd chore.
('ntrrlner In thrj Inner Man, j
Of the actual Improvements made dur- J
lng the last charter of a year at tho '
capltol some of the most Important Im
portant at least from the standpoint of
the congressmen themselves have had ti
do with tho senate and house restaurants
and tho attached kltcluns. It Is not to be.
the whltr-domsd building on Capltol 1111. r' ',. '"V"'" U,rttW V'm "p
Ifncle Sam Is rarely bothered by a f.rom tMcI" 8a'.;w,tl vHh an unlimited
hhoriace nf fr ....... L... Z. . "txpense account" as regards their work.
hhorluce of cash for such bettumient. and
H is proverblul that whatever may be
their economic In running tho Keuernl
vvernment the seiuitors and repreenta-1
Uvea never BUnt themselvea with refer-'
enco to those tlilona which muko for their
tomfort and eonvenlence ut tho capltol.
It Is essential to Include, the capltol
Frounds aj well as the building, for not
b little of tlie ifwnl work Iibm been dona
n the beautiful park on which copgresn
is spendliiK millions of dollaia tu enlarge
nnd Improve Tltv lust ever whiter lert
ii sears on the I'nltml States capltol
Krouitda as H did elsewhere In the coun-'n-.
and the most unwelcome outcome
was the Joe of a number of tho stately
trees that b&ve won the admiration ut
Itsltors to Wtalngtou In years gono by.
To renulr the havoc the capltol officials
have bean plantlub' a large number of
0UDS trees, and In order that tlunw new.
uiiners may In after ytartt iouaes udded
Uitereat for the people of the nation there'
aa been followed tho custom of having
is many of the new tret as nowlble pert
tonallly planttsl l- pn.mlnont men. Thus
.he late Vice President tiherman planted
a tree; o did SpoaHer Champ Clark. Kenr
ator IjoCav ami Seinjtur .Wetmore and a
number .of (he Itudiug ipst of the two
breaches of ' the national legislature.
JIean,'bl)y the offlcluls huvo bestirred
thcinsetres as never htfare to shV such
forest nionarchs as thi capltol grounds
lng iiuartera will be parsimonious when
It comes to looking after the wonts of the!
'inner man." However- there. Is auothrr!
factor In this partlgular situation, al
though It Is one that would probably
never he suspected by any person not "on
thn Inside'' at the capltol. Whisper the
secret, though, tho cupltol restaurants
never pay. us a business proposition. !
The presiding officers of the trnale and J
house, rospectlvely, duly delegate 'each'
year some person to operate the capltol '
restaurants, but such have been the mis i
fortunes of one caterer otter another that
mere is no longer any scramo'e tor a po
sition which Is all honor nnd very llttlo
profits. You see, mine host of a capltol
i cafe has u. very limited period of uc-
tlvlt each day. The congressmen are
never there for breakfast, nor for thut
matter Is the generul public that Is also J
permitted to patronlzo tiieso restaurants,
but In rooms apart from thoso reserved
for the distinguished patrons.
Similarly there la no trade tor the even
ing in (Ml except on rare occasions. All
the trade of these unlive -atluc plac
comes In the form of a rush at the noon
hour. Tho upshot iif the matter Is that
for all thnt congress makes all sorts of
coneekslons, such, as free rent, free light
and free heat, these capltol restadrants
I are anything: but a gold mine for the
managers and tho only way In which It
no boast- The trees huvgiueen carefully Mr. possible to attract capable caterers to
rayed at frtxiuwit intervals to dlscour. (the positions Is to provide all possible
conveniences hence these latest Improve
ments. Tho present Improvements Include the
provision of an additional dining room at
the nenata restaurant, whereas the house
of representatives restaurant has been
completely remodeled, with an Inereaso of
spaco and accommodations. A newly In
stalled "steam tnblo" at tho house res
taurant will keep piping hot the favorite
dishes of epicurean representatives, and
on the senate side thero are some new
fixings put In especially for the benefit
of Mrs. Murphy, the senate's famous
official "plo baker,'- who turns out each
day not less thnn fifty pies of the kind
that mother used to make. Newly In
stalled In thn congressional restaurant
also are two refrigerating machines of
four tons capacity each.
Thi' llnrlx-r Shop.
Another nook which will not be recog
nixed by the representatives Is the house
barber shop.
It has now been moved to larger and
better quarters. Tho late autumn Is
painting and papering time at tho cap
ltol. just as It la In many a private resi
dence. Quite a number of tho commit
tee rooms the rooms where the real work
'of congress Is done have been frescoed
and repainted for the coming season. Hev
iral years ago thn powers that be planned
a transformation In the electric lighting
system of the cupltol new Illuminating'
facllltca that will bo at onco moro ef
fcctlvo nnd more artistic, and which In
muny Instances will afford what Is known
as Indirect Illumination rather than the
glaro thnt Is objectionable to so many
people. This new scheme was pushed
forward during thn recess, the new light
ing fixtures of the crystal typo being In
stalled In tho nine special rooms.
The heating and ventilating apparatus
throughout thn capital was carefully
overhauled this autumn, but there was no
opportunity during the recess to Install
the new refrigerating system as there
would have been had not congress hung
around Washington nil last summer. Thta
refrigerating system. It may be explained,
is planned to cool the fresh air as It Is
admitted to the capltol, so thnt the law
makers wilt not suffer so severely when
I they remain In Washington during the
rummer as they felt obliged to do this
year The copltol la already provided
with an elaborate system for forcinc
fresh air Into the big bulldhig by means
of powerful fans and thero are oven
facilities for "washing" this air so tlat
It will bo free from Impurities, but means
of cooling the precious ozone- has hereto,
fore been lacking.
To supply this defect congress has ap
propriated the sum of $70,000. It seems
likely that a porfect refrigerating system
will cost even more than that, but the
lawmakers are not going to bulk nt ex
pense and have Instructed the superin
tendent of the big building to go ahead
and secure for them the boon of Iced air
If it can be had nt any reasonable price.
Senatorial Jiiliviiy.
Decidedly the most Important of the
changes when It comes to real novelty
Is the new underground railway which
has been provided for conveying I'nlted
States senators and their friends back
and forth between the capltol and the
senate office, building, located soma two
blocks away. Ever since tho senate and
house, office buildings were completed
soveral years ago they havebeen con
nected with the capltol by electric lighted
tunnels. The representatives have walked
back and forth through their "tube." but
the venerable senators have ben con
veyed In unlfjue electric automobiles spe
cially built for this subterranean speed
way. Unfortunately these motor cars have
not proved entirely satisfactory. They
broke down sometimes at moments In
opportune for the dignity of tho senator.,
and they have been expensive to main
tain. Now there is being substituted for
these motors what Is known as a monorail
line-- very picturesque transportation
scheme whereby a car capable of holding
twelve s buspendrd from a rati hung like
saddle bags on a horse and whisked
along at a lively gait, making the round
trip between the senate building and the
capltol In a very few minutes. Then
monorail Hues havo been used to somu
oxtent In Germany! but they aro a new
thing hcrr, and the one which Is now
building at tho capltol Is untlko any other
In the world.
House llnplit Transit,
The lower house is. nevertheless. Inter
esting Itself In connecting links for the
two buildings, and to that end there has
been Installed a remarkable pneumatic
tube system, about 700 feet In length, for
the transfer of malls, books, etc., between
the capltol and the house office building.
Strictly speaking maybe, this shouldn't
be culled a pnoumatlo tube, becauso un
like tho pneumatic tubes operated at tho
poutotliccs In New York and other lurge
cities It Is operated by suction Instead of
by compressed ulr. Anyway, this new
rapid transit lino Is especially Interesting
becauso the tubo Is eighteen Inches in
diameter, or nearly twice the sire of tho
lmilar tubes at Now York and elsewhere.
It Is entirely automatic In Its action, and
It sends scooting Its full length a heavily
loaded mall sack Just as easily, appar
ently, as the pneumatic carrier In tho
uveragc department store brings the cus
tomer's change from the cashier's desk.
The closing sefslon of tho present con
gress will find It simply Imperative to
mako some provisions for the bigger con
gress that will succeed it. This Is the last
year 'n which there will bo less1 than -too
, reprcentntive8. Next year, thanks to the
i Hhowlng of Increased population made by
I the last census nnd the consequent re
apportionment, Tnele Sam will have 4SJ
J representatives on his hands. Some nr-
ningemcni win navo to ne maae lor seal
ing the larger body perhaps by removing
the present desks and armchairs from
the hall of representatives and compelling
each member to bo content merely with
u chair nnd shelf or board chair arm on
which to write. Washington Star.
I'mcllcr Slakes lVrfret,
" 'Hleeged to yo sah," said n, dis
gruntled looking negro, who had edged
his way Into the office of a prominent
Arkansas attorney, "and I wants to git
, a dlvo'Co fum muh wlfo on de grounds
dat she has done been th'ownln' things
' ut me for de last several yenhs."
1 "Ah! And have anv of the missiles
seriously Injured 'your'
I "Sah? No. ul! She didn't th'ow none
; n' dem sawt-uh ar-tlckles at me; she
dess flung dishes and stove hanics and
J skillets, and a 'caslonal cat or dog, or
suppin' datuhway. Ami dey didn't none
of 'em lilt me; that Is. 'twill lit. Hut
wld all dls yuh practlxln, some o' deso
days she gwluo to git to be what dey
call a expert, and bust muh head!"
Woman's Home Companion.
It MnUr it Difference.
'if 1 ever get hold of Hlnks I'll thrash
him so that his mother wouldn't tecog
nlxe him."
"What's tho matter?'
; "He's been slandering me. He says that
i 1 beat htm out of S5 In a poker game."
' "Not at all. I heard the remark my
I self."
I "What did he say?"
! "He said that you beat him out of to. WO
! In a wheat deal."
"(jli. well tlun. 1 suppose It Is all right.
, 1 hardly thought he was the kind of man
to go around telling Ftorles that reflected
on m character' -I.tfe
UotliRchllds (io Into Court to Pre.
vent Publication of l'amllr
Utcrary London Is Keenly Interested In
the efforts which are being made by the
London house of llothschllds to stop the
publication of a book dealing with the
history of the famous financial family,
Tlio volume Is entitled "The Romance of
the Itothschllds" and the publisher Is
Everlelgh Nash, who, It Is understood,
told his friends that he was determined
to go on with the book despite the ob
jections of the Rothschilds. Arrange
ments have also been made by Nash for
simultaneous publication of the "ro
mance" In America by the Putnams.
The attempts to suppress the book have
already taken a legal form. The Roths
childs applied to Justice Ballhache,
England's newest member of the bench.
In chambers, for an Injunction against
Nash. As reports of such proceedings
in camera are prohibited, no mention of
the case lias been made in any English
papers for fear of Incurring prosecution
for contempt of court,
Judge Ballhache's hearing on the appli
cation for an Injunction occupied twenty
minute',. It la stated. The counsel for
the Rothschilds argued that the book
contained libelous matter and Instanced
a story which he alleged It contained of
how Nathan Rothschild, founder of the
London branch of the firm, maae a large
amount of mnney after the battla of
Waterloo. Nathan was In Paris when he
received private word that Napoleon had
been defeated on the Uelgian battlefield.
He lasted to London In hot haste and
arrived at the stock exchange next
morning, worn, weary and travel stained.
The Loudon Stock Exchange was at
that lime alive with reports that Well
tngton had been worsted and stocks
were tumbling. Rothschild, who could
have stopped the slump with a single
word announcing Napoleon's defeat, said
nothing. His woc-begone appearance,
due really to the fatigue of his hurried
Journey, was attributed to his depression
over tho financial losses he was sup-
' posed to have Incurred, and some of his
I friends opn1y expi eased their sympathy
jwllh him.
I According to the story told In "The Ro-
mance of the Hnthfchtlds," Nathan not
,on!y allowed them to remain under that
false impression, but encouraged it.
Meanwhile, his agents were quletty hu
lng up all the consols they could obtalr
In preparation for the rise which followed
the receipt of nows that It was Welling,
ton, not Napoleon, who had gained the
day on tho field of Waterloo.
As the counsel for the llothschllds cited
this story as ground for Injunction, Jus
tlco Uailhachet Interposed the remark.
"It's a long tlmo since Waterloo." other
arguments advanced by the Rothschild s
counsel were equally witnout effect on
tho Judge, who summarily dismUeed the
application for an injunction.
Notice of appeal was given by tu'
Rothschild lawyers, and It is expected
that unless the Rothschilds prefer to
avoid the publicity of a trlai in open
court the matter will soon be heard
from again.
Mr. Nash refused to speak of the mat
ter as being a case which was in a sense
subjudlce. in another form the story
of Nathan Rothschild's Waterloo coup
appears In the Encyclopaedia nritannlca.
Tho sensitiveness of the Rothschild
family was recently shown by their ac
tion toward the play, "The Klvo Frank
furters," on its production In Germain
and later on ita being brought out ii
London. The, objections to its produc
tion here are reported to have taken the
form of representations to the Lord
Chamberlain's office. The censor, how
ever, saw no reason for not licensing the
play. This was given at the Lyrlo the
ater with such great success on the
opening night that the subsequent shoit
run of the piece was a cause of much
astonished comment. Among the theories
suggested to explain the mystery was,
that the withdrawal of the piece In ap
parently the full tide of success was not
unconnected with financial inducements,
which the house of Rothschild was well
qualified to make.-London Correspond
ent New York Times.
A Chanse of Habits.
,Ifrf!&e .!?lKh ?oat of Uvl"K keeps u.i
of itl themselves will feel the pine!
Tho speaker was Brand Whltlock. tin
mayor of Toledo. He continued:
. Know a Toledo banker who has ai-
fddy,onh,cfoherred; IU" M
ha'bi?ille, Uear' 1 netd 44 "ew uu rM,n'
" Hut''tf.fKrd ,Ui," !no ba.nker B'onlei
out "Urtid.fnaghhabir?"M "m ' t0 Uo w,lh
TribuSl ,he walklnB 1,ablt- -New York

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