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Not all the bargain listed here. T,,p l'"ep "f lrgaln Hcm Lcnl Direct to This Store.
The sales force employed by this
ntoro Is trained In tlio gentle- art
of pleasing patrons. Every mom
ber of it 1b willing to do raoro
than merely sell you the merchan
dise they will go out of their
way to assist you In tr.aktiiR selec
tion. Even ttio rapid selling of
the last three days has not caused
them to forget that we valuo our
customers good will as much as their
money. Courteous treatment now and
all the time.
In going over the list of bargains
horo listed, bear In mind ono Im
portant fact tbero nro many,
very many which space . forbids
the listing of. A full list would
mako a blffger "ad" than you
would care to read, nut, no mat
ter what any member of the
family may want, you can proba
bly find It hore and at a Teduc
tlon suro to please jou.
Our Great January
.2 M
Of Ulan Grade Apparel Starts Anew
on Monday, January 6tn. Come!
It's a real treat to
pick up shoe bar
gains like these
broken lots
in all popular leathors and
styles and almost every size
and width.
J 6.00 Slides for S3.D5
$5.00 Shoos for 83.45
13.50 8hoes for S3.45
$3.00 Shoes for, 81.95
$3.00 and $4.00, Shoes for
growing girls reduced
to 81.05 82.05
$3.50 Shoes for the big boya
and little' boys reduced
to 82.75
$1.25 to $2.25 Shoes for chil
dren reduced to 95i
Ladies fur sets
including nil the popular furs, from
tho Inexpensive conoy to those elo
gant Eastern Minks.
$8,715 to S?ii 10.00 net now selling
for ....... 86.75 to 8185,00
Children's and Misses' Pur Bots, that
sold for $2.95 to $22.60, now. 6oll
InB for 82.25 o 810.75
An occasion of this kind is more tlinn a .Sale, at thirf
store, it iB an Event a bona fide bargain Event.
That probably accounts for tho crowds of tho past
throe days. Misleading statements and exaggerated
reductions are intentionally missing from our "ads"
yet our soiling strength has been taxed to the
limit. There iB a reason. Net price and valuo arc
what tell tho bargain story. Thousands of real Bar
gains will be snapped up by shrewd shoppers this
Rare bargains in small women's apparel
810.00 to 800.00 salts for 812.50 to 820.75
8i!!.oo to 8io.oo fonts for 88.75 to 825.00
810.00 to 8210.00 IHir Coats for .... 825.00 to 8185.00
800,00 Ui 8H7.0O Pur Lined CoU for . . 845.00 to 805.00
847.00 to 800.00 Opera Cont for . . 837.50 to 850.00
8S.70 Angora Mackinaw Coat for 80.75
812.00 to 820.70 Dresses for 88.75 816.50
Girls1 and children's garments at
GlrU' 8.'.00 to 814.70 OrcsHCs for . . 82.05 to 88.75
(llrls' 80.00 to 817.00 Oont for . . 85.00 to 810.00
Children's 81.00 to 87.00 Dresses for . . 85d to 84.50
ChlldrcMi's 8.00 to 815.00 Coat for 82.75 to 88.75
Men and young fel
lows should hasten
to buy such cloth
ing bargains as these
$15.00 to $35.00 8ulta
for . . . 811.00 to 824.00
$15.00 to $40.00 OvercoaU
for. . 811.00 to 830.00
Boys clothing bargains
$5.00 to $10.00 Russian and
Sailor Suits
for 83.50 to 87.50
$5.00 to $15.00 Norfolk and
Double Breasted Suits
for ... 83.50 to 811.00
Boys' $5.00 to $15.00 Over
coats for 83.50 to 811.00
$7.50 to $20.00 School Ovor
coats for 86.50 to 813.50
Ladies waists, tailored skirts
and silk petticoats reduced
$3.50 to $60.00 Waists
tor 82.45 to 847.50 .
$5.95 to $10.00 Skirts
for 84.95 to 87.50
$4.95 to $7.60 Petticoats
tor 83.95 to 85.00
New Manager's
Sale Continued
For Two Days
our store has been the scene of ac
tivity way beyond our expectations.
Why? The public no doubt sees the
humor pf some recent Omaha "sales"
Thin institution does not run "sales" for the sake of sensational mer
chandising and tho man who thinks ho 1b getting something for nothing
usually deceives himself and the one who never gets his money's worth
manufacturers of trustworthy merchandise are bo husy turning out regu
lar goods that they don't encourage these sale propositions by neglecting
their legitimate methods to make up "Job lots" for salo sensations of course there Is always plenty
of low grade merchandise to be had that can be worked on the unsuspecting public. But it's a
dear buy at any price.
Knowing the history of every artlclo wo Boll, wc are consistently able to guarantee vulues at price
during this sale that cannot be found elsowhero and anything you" buy hero at regular or reduced
price that does not meet your expectations, can bo exchanged for tho money anytime.
See our windows for "Men's, T T7TT Ti rPT-f'VKTCl
Boys' and Children's Clothes jKIjJL 1 IVJ IN D
Monday 's. Furnishing Specials
All Shirts
Except Manhattan and white,
that sold at $1.50
All Shirts
except Manhattan and white,
that sold at $2 and $2.50
All Shirts
Except Manhattan and white,
that sold at $3 and $3.50
All $5.00 Shirts
All Fur Gloves
All Sweater Coats
All Leather Goods
All Lounging Robes '
All Smoking Jackets
All Bath Robes
All Outing Pajamas and Night Gowns
All Winter Underwear
20 off
Mufflers 33Va Off.
All 95c Knit Ties 65c.
All $1.45 Knit Ties 95c.
All $2.35, $2.50 and $3.00
Knit Ties $1.85.
All Fanoy 50c Ties 35c.
3 for $1.00.
Men's Soft Hats, worth up
to $4.00 $1.65.
Boys' $1 Blouses 75c.
Boys' Underwear 20 off.
Browning. Kin 6? Co.
c ' o 1
Geo. T.Wilson, Mgr. Douglas at 15th Street, f
nf such election. In caso tho vacancy
exists during tho session the governor
Khali appoint a member of tho came
party as tho former Incumbent.
When asked this afternoon rewarding
the matter Ovomor Aldrlch said ho had
not looked up the law cverina the ques
tion of vacancies and therefore could not
tell just what was required, but from
what ho had ben told he thought ho
would probably call an election If It wan
necessary after he had received official
nctlco of tho vacancy. As far us tlw np
polntliiK of a successor to Mr. Taylor
was concerned, If It was found neccsxary.
ho said ho would leave 'that matter to
Uovcmor Morehcad.
Wlirn Vncnncy Uxlata.
A great many contend that a v&cantty
will not ocpur until tho legislature meets !
and tho roll Is culled, and therefore tho
statute which provides for on appoint
ment by the governor will bo the one.
which cavers 'this casei' Others contend
that a vacancy decurs the moment a
member dim br leaves tho state,' 'and'
that no official notice to; anybody or
loll call of the leglsluturo 'Is to be con
sidered at all.
to Call llrpnlillrniia.
Coonel John O, Yclser was at the stato
house today and announced that ho would
call a meeting next Tuesday .tof repub
licans of thu state to talk over the mat
ter of reorganlxlng tho republican party.
Just what modo of procedure or who
would bo entitled to representation In tho
conference ho was not ablo to say at this
time, hue he did not think that any good
man would bo deprived of a seat In tho
llama Grt n Hertli.
Manager McQraw decided to get rid of
Heals Becker because "he's not good for
140 games a season." Becker's release
means that Oeorgo Bums, Who did bench
duty last season, will be a near regular
In the Qlant outfield.
The l'erslstent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Kuilncia Success.
Will Cover Nearly All United States
Within Three Days.
It Mnkrs ItH Apprnrnncr In the
.North I'nclMo Htntrs mid This
HrKloii Will lie the
Hardest Hit.
WASHINGTON .Jan. 4.-A cold wave,
with below-xero temperatures In tho cen
tral west will spread over almost thp en
tiro country within tin next three days,
a special bulletin of the weather bureau
announced today. Tho northwest wlU feel
the cold almost Immediately and will be
hnrdost hit. Indications of the cold wave
made, their appearance over the north Pa
cific today In un area of pronounced high
, pressure, tho first of tho present Winter.
'Areas of low prcssuro prevail over tho
south Poclflo and Interior of the country.
In this combination of atmospheric con
ditions weather experts seo the first gen
eral cold weather of tho winter over tho
United Mates.
Taft and Roosevelt
Under Same Eoof
NEW YORK, Jan. . President Taft
and cx-rrcsldent Roosevelt wero under
the same roof today for tho first time
since It was announced that both would
Keek the presidential nomination at Chi
cago. Tho last tltnu thoy were together
was on October IS, 1911, at the celebration
of tho Jubilee of Cardinal Gibbons In
Baltimore. Today they sat Just ncross
tho navo from each other at the funeral
of Whltelaw Reld.
Although during tho service today thoy
wero" only fifty feet apart, they did not
meet Colonel Roosovolt win already In
his seat adjoining those of the Rold family
when tho president was escorted to tho
placo reserved for him. '
Mr. Taft and his suite left the cathedral
before tho funeral proewwlon passed out.
Colonel Roosevelt and others remained)
ncatod until the coffin had been taken to
tho door.
Toledo Physician
Drowned When Auto
Plunges Into River
TOI.KDO, O., Jan. 4.-Dr. Teter Don
nelly, prominent locally as a physician
and brother of Judge Michael Donnelly
of Napoleon, won drowned early today
when his automobile plunged through the
guard chains of a doolc and Into the Mau
mee river.
Dr, Donnelly was HI yesterday, but con
tinued at work against tho advice of fel
low physicians, 't Is, behoved that In a
delirium resulting from fevor ho was un
able to realize his danger as he ap
proached the dock.
Because Dr. Donnelly was city pollM
surgeon Mayor Whltlock ordered all
flogs on city buildings placed at half,
Steamer Amerika
is Aground Near
Staten Island
NBW YORK, Jan. t.-The big Hamburg
American llnor Amerika, outward bound,
ran aground today off Tompklnsvllle,
Staten Island, and Immediately hoisted
tho signal "Not under control."
The Amerika left Its pier and nosed Its
way down the harbor In a sixty-mile gale.
Owing to last night's violent wind and
Its continuation today the tide was three
feet below normal and because of this
tho big vessel stuck In tho mud. Sheltered
by tho lee of tho Staten Island shore its
condition was not serious and Its com
mander hoped to float It with tho rising
tide late today.
Lumber Trust Suit
Will Begin Tuesday
CHICAGO, Jan. t A dozen witnesses
have been subpoenaed to testify In tho
government's anti-trust suit against re
tail lumbar dealers which Is scheduled to
begin In Chicago Tuesday. Represents
Uvea of luxgu mall order houses will be
among the first witnesses examined.
The defondants named In the govern
ment's suit are tho Northwestern Retail
Lumber Dealers' association and 'Wlllard
O. Hollls, secretary of the" association:
Luke W. Boyce, head of the association's
detective bureau; the Mississippi Valley
Lumberman it ml Its editors, Piatt B.
Walker and tho Lumber Secretaries' Bu
reau of Information, an Illinois corpora
tion. Tho government cliarges that the retail
dealers have systematically blacklisted
all producers who have dealt directly
wltli consumers. The object of the suit
Is to have the associations dissolved and
the defendants enjoined from pursuing
tho alleged restraint of trade.
Tho suit to bo heard hero is one or four
actions begun by the federal government
against the alleged combination of retail
.umber deuler.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
Pic Returns.
Iown e Notes.
STORM LAKE The annual session of
the lluena Vista County Formers' Insti
tute will bo held In this city this week,
commencing on Thursday and closing on
Saturday, when a horse show will bo
held, for which liberal prises are of
fered. The chief features of the Institute
will be addresses by W, E. Holmes, sec
retary of the Sioux City Commercial club,
and V L Park, vice president and gen-
ral manager of the Illinois Central rail
road. LOGAN Samuel Myers, n pioneer
settler of Harrison county, died at the
homo of his son. Harve Myers, southeast
cf Locnn this morning. Mr. Myers was
nearly 71, and has been sick during the
last year. He Is survived by four
daughters and three sons, Harve and B,
H. Myers of Logan, John Myers of Ne
braska, Mrs. J. M. Good, Hammond,
La.; Mrs. Alice 8pence, Sioux City, and
Mrs. A. Voe of Logan, Funeral services
will be held at the Harris Urove church
Monday at II o'clock. Interment In
Harris Grove cemetery.
Union Officials in Many Cities Are
Raising Funds.
JndRe Anderson May Require Bonds
men Who Live in Indiana Dis
trict nnd May Itefuse In
demnified Ilonda,
CHICAGO. Jan. 4.-Labor leaders In
many cities were busy today planning to
furnish ball for tho thirty-two union offi
cials convicted of a dynamite conspiracy
and now In the federal prison at Fori
Leavonworth, Kan.
Conferences were held here to decide
Just how far the Chicago labor organiza
tions will go In the effort that Is being
made all over tho United States torfrco
tho prisoners pending an appeal to the
United States circuit court of appeals.
The structural Iron workers who live
In Chicago plan to rush assistance to the
attorneys for the prisoners without delay.
Those who own real estate are oxpected
to come forward ns sureties.
It was declared by members of the
Structural Ironworkers' union that there
would bo no trouble In furnishing a large
quota of the necessary ball from Chicago.
Anderson Una AVide Discretion.
INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 4. It was stated
a wide discretion rests with Federal Judge
Anderson ns to tho .kind of bonds re
quired from tho convicted dynamiters, al
though the amounts have been fixed by
tho higher court. The Judge may require
bonds from residents of the district of
Indiana, and Insist that whoro real estate
Is the surety, the value of tho property
In each case shall be twice as high as
the bonds.
Tho court already stated during tho
trial that Idomnlfled bonds, or bonds, In
which tho bondsmen are secured against
loss, are not acceptable. It was declared
that If tho Judge insists upon the limita
tions ho set out in the trial, tho attorneys
for tlio convicted men will be confined to
Miller Will Not Object.
District Attorney Miller this afternoon
said he would make no fight Walnut in
demnifying bonds or against securities,
outside of Indiana when tho question of
bonds of the thirty-two convicted dyna
miters la brought up before Judgo Ander
son. " 'Big fish like Tveltmoe und Clancy
will be able to furnish any umount of
bonds, and since they will bo ablo to ob
tain their release from prison I sincerely
hopo the little fellows like Cunnanc,
Painter, Shupe and Ray also will be able
to furnish bond. For that reasou I havo
decided not to make any objoctions to
Indemnifying bonds or securities when lo
cated outside of the state. In all cases,
however, I purpose to see that the gov
ernment is fully protected."
Will Ilaisr Funds.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Jan. 4.-A com
mttee composed of local union labor
leaders Is to moet next Tuesday to dis
cuss plans for raising 130,000 ball to re
lease Charles N. Beum. convicted In the
so-called dynamlto conspiracy.
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. Jan. t-Milwau-kee
Iron workers announced today that
J30.000 of the required 30,000 boll for th-)
release of William FX Reddln, convicted
In the dynamite conspiracy trial, would
be pledged by tonight and that the whole
amount will be forthcoming by Monday.
They refused to divulge the names of the
Horse-drawn vehicles
to be advanced in price
CHICAGO. Jan. 4. An advance of 10
per cent in the price of vehicles Is In
prospect as the result of a meeting hero
today of representatives of the carriage
and accessories trade.
"It was the sense of the meeting that
this advance was absolutely Justified by
the Increased price of everything enter
ing Into the manufacture of vehlcJea,"
said President C. C. Hull of the Carriage
Builders' National association. "We
have been granting absurdly long terras
of credit also, and these, It was made
plain In the discussion, must be short,
Statistics were, presented showing thai
the output of horse-drawn vehicles In
191J was over 1,000.000.
Brother-in-Law Tom at Washington
for Conviot-Made Goods.
Proposes to Defeat Measure In Com
mittee If lie Can Senators
Hear from Ilnllroad
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.-(SpocIal Tele
gram.) 'Thomas S. Allen of Lincoln Is In
Washington working against the passage
of the Booker bill, which prohibits the
Interstate shipment of convict-mode
goods. Tho bill has been before a sub
committee of the senate Judiciary com
mittee and Senator Brown has been au
thorised to report the bill favorably. Mr.
Allen has filed a brief with the committee
urging that tho bill Is unconstitutional as
restricting unduly commerce between tho
several states and It Is said he will do
What he can to prevent a favorable report
by tho full committee on the measure.
Mr. Allen is at the Wlllard and said that
he would go from here lo New York after
completing the purpose of his visit here,
Senators Kiivor Clark.
Senators Brown and Hitchcock are at
a loss to understand just why they should
receive so many telegrams urging them
to seoure tho conflrmnfon of B. B. Clark
of Iowa, recently named as a member of
the Industrial Relations commission. Both
senators favor his confirmation and will
urge it whenever possible, they say. There
Is apparently an organlred movement
among railroad men In Nebraska to se
cure this confirmation, as telegrams have
come from moat of the Nebraska divisions
like Fremont, Grand Island, Columbus,
Wynroro and others In the state, signed
by representatives of tho various official
organizations of railroad men.
Aid for fienon School,
The house today agreed to Increase tho
appropriation for the Genoa Indian school
J10.300, giving a per capita sum of $136 for
375 Indian pupils. Instead of ftOO as was
provided for In the old bill. An appro
priation Is also made of 14.B00 for repairs
and Improvements at the school.
Representative Stevens says that he will
endeavor also to have on appropriation of
M,S00 for a new cottage for the superin
tendent added to the bill before, it Is I
finally passed. The bill also contains an
Ite roof $4,040 for the Winnebogos. ,
Aoto Accident la Fatal.
SIOUX CITY, la., Jan. 4. -Miss Dorothy
Lawrence, a 17-year-old high school
girl who was hurt In on automobile ac
cident Thursday night, died today.
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
More Than 500 Are Expeoted Here
for the Convention.
Prominent Speakers Will Address
the Members Question Box on
Live Topics Will Be Con
ducted by Member.
More tflan (00 Implement dealers from
Iowa, Missouri, the Dakotas and Ne
braska are expected In Omaha Wednes
day to attend tho annual convention of
the Midwest Implemont Dealers' asso
ciation. Many of the number probably will ar
rive Tuesday evening to bo ready for
the opening session in the Auditorium
Wednesday morning. The programs have
been arranged and one of the most in
teresting conventions In the association's
history may be anticipated from them.
The feature of the educational part of
the convention will be a question box
conducted from the beginning to the end,
A box will be placed at the Auditorium
where delegates may cast the must per
plexing questions- that have confronted
them during the year. These will
be answered during the discussions that
are scheduled for each business meet
ing. Exhibit! at Andltorlnm.
A very Interesting exhibition will bo
given at the Auditorium in conjunction
with the regular business of the conven
tion. All the large Implement manufac- 4
turing houses In this section of the coun
try will have shipped into Omaha vari
ous samples of their products. Floor
space In tho big hall was Bold out for this
purpose some time ago.
Two afternoons durlnsr the convention
nil Omaha Implement houses will ,'be
cioseu tnnt the officers and employes 4
may anenu tno exhibit and programs at
the Auditorium.
Some of tho most Interesting speakers
In the Implement business havo accepted
Invitations to bo at the Omaha conven
tion, Alt are experts on tho subjects as
signed them.
Among these are C. L, Johnson of
Rush City, Minn., and E. M. McCullough
of Chicago, secretary of the National
Implement Dealers association. Johnson
will talk before tho convention on "Tho
Cost of Doing Business," and McCul
lough will follow along the same lino
of thbught from tho tploc, "Cost Educa
tion and the Advantage of Dealers' Local
Clubs." F, L. Haller of Omaha also
will discuss "Cost."
Tho convention sessions will last
through Friday.
Tho executive board of the Nebraska
Federation of Labor in Its meeting In
Omaha yesterday reinstated the Central
Labor Union of South Omaha, No. 7112,
The charter of the South Omaha union
had been revoked last September through
a factolnal difficulty that oroso there.
KUner.Urerir. Bladder
j piaBCTioxa.
IB tiTT.IIM.tvrUr. H
ffafafarfJ UUMMMl l.f W ftfUl P-f-f-fJ
!Ml.w4tW4llM. ja?B?B?B?B?i
H Maj tMiu, kk MMll "SgB-S-SJj
V SBBSj mm . Aim hm U fmUfc "f-S-S-SS
P-S-rS-tfl 9f M 14 CM. wl4 H
fH uniUiilw. H
H TfcW f t umUt It wiwj H
ft-VS-H In ui Um Art! traalU. ..4 fj
fH dlmdOT. 44 W wmi k Um;i , PAVA'SAV
H fTttt. IknvWtM, haVar H
V V V V .i &riWr UbiMi, VkT. tfaf-f-fj
B ikinnllmiltUMTtl. jH
H MM) It It f ImiuI m Ufc H
r ,.! Mt T B
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
Naturo warns you when tho track of
health Is not clear. Kidney and bladder
troubles compel you to paBs water ottott
during tho day nnd get up many tlmou
during tho night.
Unhealthy kidneys cause lumbago, rheuma
tism, catarrh of the bladder, pain or dull ache
In the back. Joints or muscles, at times have
hcaducho or Indlgeution, as Mine posses you
may have a sallow complexion, puffy or durk
circles under tho eyes, sometimes fool as
though you had heart trouble, may havo plenty
of ambition but no strength, get weak and
loso fleiili.
If such, conditions are permitted to con
tinue, serious results are sure to follow,
Urlght's disease, tho very worst form of kid.
ney trouble, may steal upon you.
Prcvalency of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not reallxe the alam.lg In
creoso and remarkable prevalency of kidney
disease. 'While kidney disorders are the most
common diseases that prevail, they ure almost
the last recognlxed by patient and! physicians,
who usually oontsnt themsslTea with doctor-ing-
the affect, while the original disease con
stantly unJennlnes the system.
If you feel that your kidneys are the cause
of your sickness or run down condition, be
gin taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great
kidney, liver and bladder remedy, because as
soon as your kldneya Improve, they will help
the other organs to health
It you ore already convinced that Swamp
Root Is what you need, you can purchase the
regular fty-cent and one-dollar size bottles
at all drug stores. Don't make any mistake
but remember the name. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, and tho address, Rlnghanytoil, N. V ,
which you will find on every bottle.
Sample Bottle 8cnt Fr&.
XDITOBZAX XOTSCX To prove the wonderful merits of Swamp-Root you
may have a sample botUo and. a boplfof, valuable Information, both sent absolutely
free by mall, Tho book contains manyof the thousands of letters received from
men and women who found Hwamp-ltootHo be Just the remedy they needted. Tho
value and success of Swamp-Root Is so well known that our readers are aJvlsetl
to send for a sample bottle. AdUreas Ur. Kilmer & Co., Illngliamton N V bo
sure to say you read this geuoroiu offer in the Oir.aha Sunday Uee. The genu
taoness of thls offer Is guaranteed '
Is gonerully acknowledged the
Greatest Blood Purifier and
Strength - Giver. Accept no
substitute, but insist on hav
ing Hood's. Get it today.
In the usual liquid form or in the
tablets known as Barsatabs.
The "Washee-Washee" Question
Awfully vexatious and nagging
isnlt it?
Why let it worry you when Oma
ha's Quality Laundry
is prepared to assume all this
responsibility in a manner scien
tific and sanitary.
Free delivery on any laundry
sent to us insuring those out
side of Omaha the highest grade
of laundry work. Jl

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