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'iLihi OAlAHA LiDAi butu: JA.NLAlt.1 5, 11U3.
Where Nebraska Youngsters Struggle for Education,
rand Clearance Safe of
urtaSns, Draperies, Etc.
All tho (Mid pairs, all Uio k!(1s and ends of tho past year and
man)- discontinued patterns Included In this sale. Curtains at loss
titan cost to manufacture.
each buys 50 cent value
Ruffied Muslin Curtains
100 pairs, including large variety of pat
terns as many as 10 pair of a kind in
some styles.
1 A
School JTouse District 97 - Chase Cbiznfo
Mil Ann V. Day of the state superin
tendent's offlco, wlm looks after tlw
schools of tlic state under tho stato akl
low, fells some very Interesting Incidents
regarding some of the school she visited
during lier recent our of tho western nirt
of tho Mtntc.
For the lut three sessions the state
egtslaturn has appropriated the sum of
I7J.C00 for the purpjso of helping each
school district In' the Btalo to hold at leant
five months of school. No money spent
by the state Is more deserved nor more
appreciated by those who receive It than
this. Without It this year there are 316
rchool districts and about 3,000 children
who could not have had even this short
term of school. Conditions In theso dis
tricts are exceedingly Interesting, and It
does not take long to convince a visitor
that the aid Is given to a most worthy
"One of the most Interesting schools
which w visited ori tiiLn trip," said Miss
Day, "was in district No. 71 In Chase
county- Tho -dlntript Is In , sandhill
region, tins. an area 'of nine' sections and
an assessed valuation of 13,120. The maxi
mum levy of 25 mills In this district gives
an income of ITS. Tlij r Jnoomefrom
tfier sourwa Ttiakes thtslr'entlrti resources"1
for the current sdvool year 1130 and they
,have a debt of UCA T,hu school house Is
built of boards, unmatched, and tlmra la
nejther tafhs, -plaster irar papejy A1l
around tha wall are , cracks, though
whloh the Train cornea In tho spring and
fall, and the snow In winter. The roof
and the side walls do not make proper
connections anywhere ami one little girl
pointed with much enthusiasm to the
places where the drifts wero deepest lasi
winter. The teacher this year Is Jay
Ouderklrk, a Franklin normal trainer,
and a credit to his school he certainty Is.
Neat and attractive personally, with good
methods of teaching at, his command, he
woa giving the pupils as good Instruction
as they would receive in the best schools
in the more wealthy counties. He said
that one day recently he had spent the
whole forenoon drying the text books,
riiey are kept on an old table In the front
Many More Headers Interested in
Great Undertaking.
Haxoll Nb Trele Flods Theme for
Joyoaa Sons Id Thought nd
Others (Jet ood Ideas
for Tltlr.
The ChrlatVtiln,
What shall we call
The new hotel?
Oood cits pray don't be mute;
I .el's have a name
That'll spread Its fame.
How would The Qrey Tweed suit?
name, a name.
Let's have a name.
)6d frlenjJlVrjifcto'yoi.;'
The 'Scottish 'clans
Are strong out 'here.
How would The noderlch I)huT
Ann still and. still
To fitl the bill
The right name hasn't been found; .
And I suggest 1
To the pomtble guest, ,
How. would The Puget Sound T
Uut as tt wl! mem
A million bones
To those who give or loan It;
Tills hostelry
It seems to me
Should be. called the Golden Doughnut.
Hut serious now,
Slce 'twill guard the gate
That leads to the glorious west;
Tt tho critical ear
Of the names that I hear.
"Hotel Port;l" sounds the best.
Would ruggest as name for new hotel
Itbe "Omaha Grand" or 'The John
In tha naming of the new mllllon-dol-lar
hotel, let us suggest one name that
h and above all names 'In the slate of
Ni-lraiki. "as well as In tye.y state In
-n(cn. it is favorably Known, you
irt go to ny country on the globe
rtert an Amerlean If you mention
-r - nd your retldence, you will
j(ihr tnttxluctlon. The inen
r' r-'te-t' or. ti mind.
e trtv. cleanliness up to the
Vi.ui ve so la a hotel fui rtt
of the room and ho laid genu home one
night without covering them with tho oil
cloth which Is kept .for that purpose. A
storm cuma up during the night and thn
books were thoroughly soaked. In speulo
Ink of It he said: "Oh, tho ruin comes In
everywhere. ' Tho school house has no
foundation uiiJ the floor Is very cold, the
iranpent fire cannot muke It comfortable
for the children's feet. Wc found the
floor of our automobile much warmer
This district receives from the statu aid
fund enough money to ullow them to hold
school five mouths. Without state aid
they could do nothing.
"District No. 72 In Hayes county has
un even harder proposition. Five years
ago their school houo wan blown away
by a tornado. They had been able to
get along and Void a little school every
year, but there was no money to build
a new school house. Itather than have
the children entirely deprived of school
privileges, a nod house on one of the
farms In tho district was given to be used
as ii school liouoo.. .Now. a house may be
a Tory good dwelling but a decidedly poor
school house, and that waa the cuso here.
The' house. Tvhji about twnlvn font aniiarr.
Ihad td 'windows, ono half winrfoVlh the
back and n good big ono In tho front of
tho roojn whoro the light shone directly
Into the eyes of the children. Tho only
otlit nouVce of llght.waji the dpor which
o6vjusly could not be ofcen atiall times.
Thorn wore six pupils In this school, one
of whom was trying to carry the ninth
grade work. Wo heard a blight eyed
Dohemlan boy of about 6 read with much
evident pleasure tho story of tho little
cake which Jumped uut of the pan and
ran away from the cook. Tho school
ground were also the bam yard and oni
could easily teach stock Judging with no
trouble at -Ml In securing the Cattle to
Judge. This district has selected a site
for a hew building and hopes' soon to
have a suitable home.
"In tho adjoining district we wero
shown the daughtor of the director, a girl
about 10, who rides threo mile on horse-
wo do not wish to, by tho namo of the
hotel, to bo reminded of dUastcr, or wild
Vest, of the swamps of Weat India. Only
fcur letter" t It. H stands, out as a
beacon light on the grandest spot In tho
state of Nebraska, and near enough to
the center of the United States to be
called hub, but our forefathers called it
FVom tha Advertising Man Care Daily
News, York, Neb.
I am reminded of the old lady atAhe
christening. Friends were Invited and
responded, so when tho parson came a
lUtlo later, he found the parents could
not agree on ft name. Good naturwdly he
appealed to the1, guests to furnish r
name. This name and that was sug
gested; at I aft the old lady waa appealed
to for a name. Jumping to her feet she
called out "Cal It Belzebub a good
scripture rame."
As. Omaha .Is so nearly the ,c,entpr.of
the. United States, I wxuld suggest "Mid
Continent" as an appropriate name for
the new hotel. VERNON SCHL.EH.
T would suggest the name "Belvedere"
for the new million-dollar hotel.
I would suggest hi the name of the
new hotel the "Severn" or tho "High
laud." "The tavern" Is dignified, looks
well printed and la es1ly spoken. "Tha
Highland" has the aamn attributes and
suggests In the name the location It will
occupy, aa distinctive from others. Re
spectfully yours. J. C. UIX1JY,
Here Is a name for your new hotel,
"hlnclngtan," a combination of the nanws
of our two most honored presidents. The
combination nicely suggest what Omatm
really Is the big connecting link between
the east and the west Llnclngton (Unk
tngtown), tho name, offers possibilities
for a beautiful letterhead design also.
I am a reader of the Omaha Dally Dee,
and seeing that you are seeking names
for the $l,onp.OOO hotel for Omaha, I send
In the name I have In mind. 1 think that
the name Motel Omaha would be a suit
able name. Yours truly,
Kmeinon. Neb. C. Z. MYERS.
Permit me to suggest the name, "The
Palace." for the pew hotel which Omaha
Is to have. PAUh I.ANGDON.
Gretna. Neb.
Permit me to suggest a name for the
new $1.000,W hotel. "The Jewel," a namo
very uppnipriute and suitable In my
opinion No loni, it will be a Jewe) In
aiy its-vtuii and I trnlihlugs und the i
2Todal XTaZerjx CozLztfy Saluaol Dis6ric6 ITo.
J. , l '''l iiffiM?" ' aasHBSBilBBBKftv
Ckriztzxias Trcc2i. Zhzndy
back alone' down the canyon to xcliou),
ItlUhiU three inlles duw'n li canyon Whom
there In no huuso to pass tho whole
distance, and where tha road Is hidden
from tho sight of any ono even n short
dlntance away Is an undertaking which
would look rathor sorloua to most llttla
girls and to their parents, In the eastorn
part of the state.
"District 2t In Dundy county Is one
of the small, poor schools In tho
county poor, in the financial sense. Tho
school house Is little and old, though the
furniture Is fairly good. There Is no
coal hoUHe, and the little supply of coal
was piled on the floor in the back of,, tho
school room. Thero was no teacher's
desk, the teacher using a pupil's desk.
first syllable will honor some of your
city's most enterprising and liberal busi
ness men. MRS. KDGAR ROBINS.
Missouri Valley, la.
I would auggent that the name for .the
new hotel be the "ContinenUil," or tho
"Mldcontlnental," 'as atiggeatlvo of the
location on tho continent. MRS. O. K.
Nehawka, Neb.
Name your new hotel "The Capitol Na
tional." My reason la tho capltol of
these United States should be located at
Omaha, Neb., and If I were running a i
blir dallv I'd sum stnrt thn nrttntlon. 1
Youra truly, AV. S. ROSBNBTOOK.
David City. Neb.
I do not believe nny one has yet sug
gested "Qulvcra" aa the name for the
new hotel.
"Qulvera" has already become famous
as the domain of King Ak-Sar-Bcn, and
this, namo would readily be recognised
b,y prominent officials and cltttuns of
every state In the union. The name Is
dignified, euphonious and would be a
fitting tribute to the progressive spirit
ami wonderful influence exerted for
years by Omaha's organization of busi
ness men, who have accomplished so
much In placing Omaha In tho front rank
of progressive cities.
I respectfully submit this name for
the new hotel, "Holdings." It represent
the holdlnga of the people of Omaha and
the gateway of the weat.
In 'naming the new liotel I would sug
gest "The Phoenix." The meaning of the
word phoenix s a fabulous bird that rises
out of its own ashes, hence the emblem
of Immortality. Surely this $1,000,000 struc
ture in all Its beauty and grandeur, will
rise, up and perpetuate the names of
Omaha's most honored citizens. It stands
as a monument to the dead anil an honor
to the living. When the thousands of
electric lights are turned on In tho city
of Omaha none will thine out In greater
significance than "The Phoonlx," the em
blem of Immortality.
Clarlnda, la. liTHEL, CRABIUL.
1 suggest the name "Irwlue" for the
pew hotel. In liopor of the Brand els fam
ily who have done so much for Omaha
and for the young son, whom we hope
will do as his predecessors have done
so I name tt "Tho Irvine."
MRS. I W. G.
Why not name the new hotel "Tho
Buckingham" In honor of one of Omaha's
most popular and progressive bu.lne.s
men Everett Buckingham. A
I vvould suggest the new hotel be tailed
County SciocJ -Missic 22
facing her KChool. If you ever tried
keeping the necessary outfit of bookn,
papers and other supplies used by u
teacher of ull grudes In a rural school,
you will know thut thfue accommoda
tions were not entirely udequate, let alone
the fact that tho desk was ttome sizes
too small for the teacher. Tho charts and
stripes hung on the wall, though, and
If sho was doing nothing else this teacher
wan letting her pupils see that thero are
some things In llfo well worth living for,
whether tho "cottage be great or small,"
Thore were four youngsterj In attend
ance, ono boy and three girls, none of
them over 12 yearn old. The teacher, Jllss
Artist, looks as though sho were not
much over that ago herself. ,
the "Omaha Puclflc." Omaha, to ad
vertlso the city, Puclflc being tho namo
by which tho Union Pacific railroad was
first known and because that road had
considerable to do with placing Omaha
on the map. JOHN GOODYEAR.
The new hotel stands for and appeals
to the entire middle west. "Midwest" how
ever, Is a more euphonious namo than
"Middle West" and I offer It as a sug
gestion. For second choice would suggest
"Neboma." C. A. P.
Dr, Thwaites to Be
Speaker for State
Historical Society
Dr. Ueuben Gold Thwuttes, president of
the Mississippi olley Historical usho
elation, und secretary and superintendent
of the Wisconsin State. Historical society,
who is to bo chief speaker at the annual
meeting of the Nebraska State Historical
toclety January 14-16, is perhaps the most
widely known historian In the United I
States. Jrof. H, Monro Stephens of the !
University of California suys of him: I
"Inoontestably the most Industrious
and accomplished editor of American his
torical documents is Dr. Reuben Gold
Thwaites. His industry Is proved by the
magnificent series of seventy-one volumes
of 'The Jesuit Relations,' thirty-one vol
umes of 'Kttrly Western Travels,' the
original journals of Lewis and Clark In
eight volumes. No such output has ever
been made beforo by an American histori
cal scholar, and yet tho quality Is equal
to the quantity. Dr. Thwaites Is a great
deal more than a mere proof reader,
though the accuracy of his proof reading
shows his long training as a newspaper
man,; he Is much more than a compiler
of foot notes and a master of cross
references, though he Is a famous
librarian and has been president of the
American Library association; he Is n I
more highly trained historical scholar
and has produced more to aid American
historical scholarship through his chosen
field of western exploration than any
American professor of history, although
he did not have a regular college course
and does .not hold a university professor
ship: and his well earned reputation rests
upon the solid basis of work achieved.
His modesty is such that It Is dlffloult to
get the details of his career, and although
one of thn most popular men In the United
States In both of his professions of his
torian and librarian. It Is difficult to J
glean from acceoslble works of reference '
the details of his career."
68 SiiltfaJo Coxutufijr
- , . - ' V
ScJlooZ 0Toizjtds
Mistrict ysc -Mayes coiiMty
"Tho most Interesting thing In the room
ns tho tree In the corner. This was on
December 9 and Christmas was a long
ways off; but trees are hard to get In
that country, and if one Is to be had 't
Ik (.well to arrange for' It In plenty of
time. AVhere this one came from I do
not know, for there was not a tree to bo
reen for miles, but there It Mood In the
corner, a pathetic Hlynt In ono way, for
It .!s not the kind of a tree designed
for I'hrlstmas at all. and the leafless
brunches loi Ued rnther dreary, but It was
all the tree, perhaps all the Christmas
those children expected to have, and they
were taking as much pleasure In pre
larlng it as fiiey would have UUen had
It been the finest fir tree m the land.
They wero winding 'the branches with
tissue puper and doing all the things for
its adornment thnt the teacher could sug
gest or their resources accomplish and
v her the lights go out on their Christ
mas entertainment. I fancy the Christmas
er!r!t will have been with them in as
great a measure as In any place In the
In strong rontra-t with these schools la
tho one Just completed with the installa
tion of u heating mid ventilating plant
In district No. 88. lluffulo county. It Is
now In use and meets all the requirements
of tho model advomted by tho state su
perintendent. One feature of Its con
struction Is that It cost no more than
one of the old and conventional type.
The building stands north and south,
with tho entrunco and windows on the
east side, tWo windows furnishing aux
llnry light? are placed high up In the
north wall. A largo storeroom and hall,
with Individual lockers for tho pupils, Is
partltlonel off from the main school
building, and is entered boforo reaching
tho large room. Heavy cement steps and
pldes to the ontrunce glvo n substantial
appearance well sheltered by tho ex
tension of a part of tho roof. Individual
drinking cups and a closed water Jar
guard the children's health. The school
house is located six miles north of Kear
ney and the KChool Is taught by Miss
Blanche Heacock.
Deny They Change
Beef for Mutton
Report of Sheriff Felix J. McShane, Jr.
that Ira Flanagan and Kd Gardlpce, pris
oner feeding contractors, failed to feed
tho prisoners' according to contract speci
fications Is declared falso by Flanagan
and Gurdlpeo In a statement filed with
tho Board of County Commissioners.
McShane's report filed with the board
relates that substitutions wero made In
eight-six meals, mutton being, substituted
for beef. The report of Flanagan and
Gardlpeo declares that beef was served
and no mutton was given the prisoners
In these Instances. Attached to their
statement are their bills for beef pur
chased from Courtney & Co. Regarding
the sheriffs statement that mush was
substituted for rolled oats, the contrac
tors aay mibstttutlons were made on cer
tain days, but were made up for 'r.
S hut The
On Grip, Pneumonia, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Sneezing,
Snuffling, Stuffed Head,
Aching Bones, Lung Troubles
and Consumption itself, by a
right-away resort to
at the eariest sign of a cold, no
matter how little it is.
Don't let the small mischief
grow up.
OZOMULSION will make
your strength greater than all
forces of cold put together.
10 uz. ALL imUftGISTS 8 oz.
Fat 3 oz. sample brown bottle of
flesh-making OZOMULSION mulled
free. Address Ozomulslou, 548 Pearl J
St., New York. j
Odd curtains, but some duplicates of styles
we have in stock at $4 to $8 a pair.
1250 pairs of Nottingham, Novelty Muslin and Scrim Lace
rurtains, in a profussion of choice styles in quantities
of 1 to 12 pairs of a kind. White and Arab- AA
inn. Many of these curtains are styles that Olffj
brought $3.00 to $3.50 a pair; go at, per pair.
500 pairs Swiss Point, Irish Point, Cluny, Antique and
many other novelty curtains suitable for Parlor. Dining
or Bed l?ooln. Also for Dens and Libraries. Many a
style in this lot' has been
for as much as $10.00 per
(.Touch Covers. $1 00 val
sale price
Courh Covers, J 3. 00 val
ues. SO-inch
width, sule price
J2.00 Hod Spreads, full
sale price
(3.00 Hed Spreads, very
pretty, sale price. . . .
$4.00 Hed Spreads, high
quality. ato price.
sue. ggc
(Peoples rnrslture
Health and Beauty Hints
Miss B. K. ' The worry and bother ot
wealing halr-ncts and veils to make the
hair stay up and conceal that dull,
"stringy." unkempt appearance you npeak
of could be easily avoided If you would
stop shampooing with soap, ine ireo
alkali in soap irritates the scalp, makes
the hair streaked, dull, coarse und brittle.
Shampoo with a teuapoonful of canthrox
dissolved In a cup of hot water and your
hair will always be light, fluffy and eaBy
to do up, besides looking decidedly neat.
This shampoo lathers abundantly, dries
quickly, stops Itching ot the scalp and
cleansed as no other shampoo will. Tho
luxury of extremo cleanliness which
comes from the use of this shampoo han
made It so popular that many of the best
halrdremers now Uso It exclusively. It Is
Inexpensive and cun bo bought at any
drug store.
Carmen: It is a very easy matter to
reduce your weight without leaving the
skin wrinkled and flabby if you only
know how. Here Is the secret: Buy at
uny drug store four ounces of parnotls
and put In VA plntH of hot wafer. When
cold Htraln and take a tablespoonful of
the liquid before euch meal. This U
harmless und the pleasing way it will
cut down your weight will surprise you
Avoiding rich, solid foods and taking
plenty of exercise will AHslst greatly in
getting rid of your fat quickly.
Nodle: To strengthen your weak eye
and rid them of that dull, overworked
look, put In each eye daily two or three
drops of a fine, strengthening tonlo made
by dissolving an ounco of crystos in a
pint of water. This eye-tonic Is very
soothing and strengthening, and by using
It regularly, In a short time It will make
your eyes strong, clear and sparkling. I
find It unequuled aa a good eye-tonic for
treating weak. Inflamed, expressionless
Inez G.: Don't worry; almost every
body else has tho sume troubles. At the
approach of winter Impurities in tho blooc
usually minlfest themselves and what you
require to overcome the ptmly, "muddy'
complexion with Is a good system-tonic
and regulator. You can easily make It
yourself, (let from your druggist an
ounco ot kardene and dissolve It In one
half pint alcohol (not whiskey); then add
one-half cupful sugar and enough hot
water to mako a quart of tonic. A table
spoonful taken before each meal will
soon rid your system of .poisonous ac
cumulations, and make you strong and
healthy, bringing tho ruddy glow of per
feet health to your cheeks.
Alma 1J.: You can rid your skin of
those unsightly hairs with a simple paste
made by mixing enough powdered dola
tone and water to cover the hairs not
wanted. Apply und let remain two or
threo minutes. Then rub oft, wash the
Free land information
You can learn the facts about any
section of the country through The Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer's Fre Land Information Bureau,
which is maintained for the benefit of our readers.
Climatic conditions, land laws, best lands for any
particular crop, best sections for fruit growing, stock
raising and general fa ling ajl such facts may be
had if you will simply send postage for reply, and
Land Information Bureau
The Twentieth Century Fanner
Omaha, Nebraska.
Ootr 100,000 farm (amilli nod 2.
each buys "half" pairs of
Highest Qrade Curtains
sold regularly
pair; go at, per
Tapestry Portieres, J4.00 Q "TQ
and $5.00 kind, per pair, I
Portieres, about 50 pairs of $6.00,
$7.00 and even $10.00 values, In
cluding many choice patterns
some fringed, some bordered
sale prices, 94.75 gJJ Qg
Extension Rods, regular 15c Cj,
grade, sale price UU
& Carpet Co.)
skin and the hairs are gone. This method
Is harmless aiid unfailing and leaves tho
skn free from spot pr blemish.
Anxious Your figure will soon be
plump and symmetrical and your bust
nicely rounded out If you employ the
vaucalro treatment, made nt home as
follows: In 1 pint water dissolve 1H cup
fuls sugar, then add 1 ounce gallol. Take
2 tcaspoonfuls before each meal. This
Is not a fat-builder, but a bust-developer,
and will energize the stunted tissues and
permit them to attain their correct pro
portions. Mrs. W. : Long, curly lashes lend an
added touch to feminine beauty. Get from
your druggist a small, original package of
pyroxln and apply a little of It at lash
roots with thumb and forefinger. Thle
makes them grow long and curly. Thin
eyebrows should have pyroxln rubbed on
them with finger-end and they will come
in thick and glossy. Use caution not to
get any where hair is not wanted.
Jessie H.: So mo sage dressings are
beneficial to tho scalp, but I never recom
mend thorn on account of the danger of
staining or discoloring the hair. If you
want a good, dependable remedy for dan
druff, Itching scalp and falling hair, try
an ounce of quinzoln dissolved in one-naff
pint of alcohol. (not whiskey) and one-half
pint water. This will put your hair and
scalp In a healthy condition. -Apply the
tonlo twice a week, rubbing It gently Into
the hair-roots, It Is free from oil and
makes a fine dressing for the hair. I
know of many who were troubled with
"hopeless" cases of dandruff and falling
hair that found this on Ideal tonic.
Zoa: You must not uso face powder If
you want a smooth, rosy, healthy com
plexion. Powder enters the pores, en
larges them and eventually causes coarse,
sallow skin then wrinkles. To have a
smooth skin that looks natural and not
artificial, you must use a lotion. Hero Is
a splendid recipe for an Inexpensive one.
Got from any drug store four ounces of
spurmax, dissolve it in a half-pint hot
water (or witch hazel) adding two tea
spoonfuls glycerine. Apply this lotion to
your face, neck and arms, rubbing gently
a few moments and it will lend a most
charming tone to your skin. This spur
max lotion removes the shlno and gives
a clean, clear, wholesome look to a sal
low Bkln. If you desire a really charming
complexion, taboo face powders. They
rubioff too enBlly and glvo that readily
noticeable "painted" look which this lo
tion does not. This lotion Is fine for cold
sores, chaps, pimples, and a sure protec
tion to a delicate skin from tilting winds
and changes of weather.
Read Sirs. Martyn's book. "Beauty "
o. Advertisement.

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