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The Omaha Daily Bee
Drawn For The Bee
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countty contribute thlr best
work for Bee rtmders
Snow; Colder
VOL. XL1T NO. 17K.
Baker Surprises Own Lawyers by
Confessions Under Examination
of Attorney Untermyer.
Concedes Present Concentration Has
Gone Par Enough.
Conditions Not Entirely Comfortable
for the Nation.
rt'ltness Derlnrcs When Cnrncrnl hy
liHtrrrr thni llntl IlnlrpR Tonlil
.Not Retain Control of
Mnnrr Trul.
WASHINGTON. .Inn. 10. -Thut the
piosent concentration of monev and
cicdlt "has gone far enough;" that "in
had hands" it would have a bad effect
upon the nutlon; that the "safety of tho
situation Hps In the personnel of the men
In control." and that present conditions
arc "not entirely comfortable for tho
country." were a few of the statements
made todny by George F. Raker, master
flnnncler, as the climax of two days' ex
amination before the house money trust
committee. Mr. Halter declared, how
ever, that "bad hands" could not retain
the control.
These statements coming at the end of
a day of routine examination during:
which Mr. Baker reviewed in derail the
operations of himself, his lnk, the First
National bank of New York, and .1. 1.
Morgan & Co. in the issuance of bonds
Miatled the committee, and Mr. Tinker's
counsel, Fisher A. Baker and John C.
Spooner. The committee had gone be
ond its usual hour of adjournment In
order to conclude the examination of Mr.
Baker today. Saimicl Untermyer, coun
sel for the committee, was wading
through n mass of heavy statistics re
lating to bond Issues handled by Mr.
Baker's associates. Suddenly he paused
nnd leaneo forward In his chair and shot
n queston at the 73-ycar-oId fnanccr, who,
despite his lonK cxamlnatlop. was cheer
ful and confident.
"Mr. Baker, 1 suppose you do not think
there la a money trust?" demanded the
Doubtful limit Money TrtiRt.
Committee, spectators and counsel sat
forward In their chairs as the room, butj
a moment since dull and stolid, grew
tense with expectancy. The witness
leaned back in his chair, smiled quietly
about him and replied:
"I do not think there U."
'.'What do you understand-by- a money
titri!'cBtnlHlJitennyer continued.
'I. give It up, I don't know," sold Mr.
Baker' wjtji a chuckle.
"Then you do not know whether there
Is one or not do youT" demanded Mr.
"No, I do not. I don't take much in
terest In that."
"Do you think there Is any kind of a
trust In anything?" queried the lawyer.
"That Is what they call them-Wl these
combinations," said the witness.
"There are some, are there?"
"They call them that; yes, sir."
"And wether there is a money trust you
are not likely to say?"
"Suppose," said Mr., L'ntermycr, "we
define a money trust as an established,
identity and community of Interest be
tween a few leaders of finance which
they created and held together through
stock holdings. Interlocking directorates
nnd other fornix of domination over
hanks, trust companies, railroads, public
service and Industrial corporations and ,
which lias resulted in vast and growing i
concentrations and control qt money and
ciedit In the hands of a comparatively
few men. Taking that definition, Is there
any doubt of the fact that there has been
of late yearw a vast and growing con
i filtration of credit In the bonds of a
few men?"
Much Cash Concentrnteil.
"Well, there Is a great amount
money that has come together here, more
or less, concentrated," replied Mr. Baker
after a pause -
"There have been great mergers of fl-
nanclal Institutions have ther not?"
asked Mr. I'ntermyer.
"Yes, sir." '
Here Mr. Untermyer reviewed some of
the recent combinations of financial In-
stitutlons In New York.
"And there have been a great number
of these consolidations In different Instl-
tutlons in all parts of the country?" he
"Yes," Mr. Haker replied.
Mr. Untermyer asked Mr. Baker as t..
a "change of policy" on the part of banks
within the last ten years looking toward
the combination or control of financial
Institutions. Mr. Baker said he ha been
concerned In combining some banks and
know of some other combinations, but
said he knew of no complete change of
policy In that connection.
"This Is a sort of a concentration that
has been going on of late years consid
erably, has it not, In very large
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The Weather
For Nebraska Snow: much colder In
north and west portions: cold wave by
Saturday night.
For Iowa Unsettled weather with snow
or rain; colder west and central portions
Temperature Mt Omnlin Yesterdays
.... a)
.... 3)
E a.
6 a.
7 a.
S a.
9 a.
.... SO"
.... !S
.... IS
11 a! m'.!!!!!'.'.!'.'.!M la
10 u
U m.
1 p. m.
2 p.. 111.
2 p. in.
4 p.' m .
Op. m.
p. in.
7 p. m.
k ii m
Wool Growers Favor
a Tariff of Not Less
Than Eighteen Cents
CItHYBNNE. Wyo.. Jan. 10-The Na
tional Wool Growers" association's "un
alterable opposition'' to any tariff reduc
tion to less than IS cents a pound on
scoured wool was voiced In a resolution
offered by Secretary S. W. McClure and
adopted at the fort v-riintli annual con
vention of the association here today.
The forty-ninth annual convention of
the National Wool Growers' association
met here In the Ktks' hall yesterday. For
th lat twenty-four hours representative
sheepmen from the lutermountaln states
had been gathering at Cheyenne and the
meotlng Is already a successful one.
Mayor Hill welcomed the delegates on
behalf of the city of Cheyenne and Gov
ernor. Carey on 'behalf of the state.
K.s-Governor Gooding of Idaho, the
president of the association, was unable
to he present and In his absence Hon. A
J Knolllii of Chicago presided. The tlhir
of the morning session wan taken up with
listening to tho annual address of the
eastern vice president. Hon. A. J. Knollin,
and the ieorts of Treasurer F. I). Mir
acle and Secretary S. W. McClure. The
vice president announced the appointment
of an auditing committee, consisting -if
Joe Kinney of Wyoming. T. Boyien of
Otegon and K. Krlcksou of Utah, to
examine tho hooks of the secretary and
In his report Secrctarv McClure stutid
that tho association Imd gained over 20)
per cent In membership during" tho last
year. He rehearsed In detail the work ac
complished during tho last year In getting
better freight rates for shlpiers. etc.,
and thanked the National Wool Ware
house and Storage company for Its as
sistance in many ways.
There Is a strong feeling among the
delegates that the federal government
should co-operate with the i tates In of
fering bounties for tho pelts of predatory
wild animals. It Is pointed out that the
forest reserves provide excellent breeding
places for wolves and coyotes and that
to offset the harm done by segregating
great areas of timber lands In which
predatory wild animals thrive the govern
ment should offer reward for their destruction.
Charges Are Filed in
House Against Two
Federal Judges
WASHINGTON. Jan. lfl.-A eonarei
sional Investigation into the conduct of
United States District Judge Arha S. Vnn
Valkenburgh of the Western district of
Missouri was asked for in a resolution
presented to the house today by Repre
sentative Borland of .Missouri. It is al
leged that they appointed three receivers
ifor the Kansas Natural Gas company
a pipe line who were "friendly to tile
Interests, design and purpose" of thut
company and the United Gas Improve
ment " copipany of Philadelphia, which
controlled It.
A do'mandfor an Investigation accom
panied by resolutions' from Uie common
council of Kansas City, Mo., alleged that
after the receivers had been appointed
Judge Pollock made an order directing
them to charge an Increased rate for gas
sold through the Kansas City Gas com
pany. KANSAS CITV. Mo., Jan. 10. Receivers
for the Kansas Natural Gas company
were appointed by Judge Pollock, October
ft last. On December 31, after Judge Pol
lock had granted the receivers a right to
Increase rates, a petition for receivership
for the Kansas-Missouri Gas company,
which supplies gas purchased from the.
Kansas Natural Gas company to Knnsus
City consumers, was granted by Judge
Van Valkenburg.
Crew of Wrecked
Boat Saved from
Tide by Fishermen
ST. JOHNS. N. F.. Jan. lO.-Captaln
Burke and tho eight members of the crew
of the schooner Evelyn were hauled to
safety up the steep cliffs at Aubols by
the fisher folk of that hamiet early to
day, after the Eevelyn had been dashed
to pieces on the ledges off shore. The
wreck of the Evelyn had left Its crew
helpless as their boats had been carried
wa "Pe reaching shore was Blight
until a boat manned by fishermen reached
lne Evelyn s side.
When the transfer of the crew had
j heeu accomplished and the boat headed
' for shore, tho wind shifted. The small
I craft was carried out of its course and
I thrown on a narrow shelf of rock at the
j foot of the cliffs, a mile down the coast
I Hemmed in by tho perpendicular palls-
j ades on one side and by the rising tide
on the other, the little band seemed
j without way of escape. But their fight
i for nfe ),ad been watched from shore
aI1j tne risjier folk hurried to the cliffs
,i Hmnn..l a sdo'foot rone to the men
I oeloWi hauling them to safety one by one.
Newark f oliceman
Kills Wife and Self
NEWARK, N. J., Jan. W.-Wlth his
service revolver, Policeman Edward
Burke killed his wife and himself in their
home early today In the presence of their
two little children. The woman's scream
and the reports of three revolver shots,
which awakened most of the six families
in the house, were all that the neighbors
could tell about the shooting, although
It was said that Burke was jealous be
cause of another's attention to his wife.
The 6-year-old daughter, Hazel and 3-year-old
son, Ormond, were found sitting
upright In their cribs, crying over the
tragedy, which they could not under
QL'INCY, 111., Jan, 10,-Rlla Kwing. the
i Ussourl giantess, said to be tlie tallest
woman-in the world, died at her home
near Gorln, Mo., not far from this city,
today, at the age of 40 years. Miss Kwing
was eight feet, three Inches in height, and
! fpr many years traveled with circuses as
a freak attraction, and as such was
known from end to end of the country
Ultimatum Calls for Cessation of
Silistria and Other Conces
sions at Once.
Action Threatens to Cause Another
Balkan Conflagration.
Ambassadors of Powers Draw Up
Colorless Note to Saltan.
Contains Gnnrded Hint Hint Ailrln
nople .Should tie Glren Up, lint
There U No lntluintlon
of I'rrninrPi
LONDON. Jan. 10. Rumania practically
delivered an ultimatum to Bulgaria today
by demanding the cessation of Silistria
nnd the territory to the north of a line,
stictchlng from there to Kavarna, on the
Uaclt sea. according to a news ngenoy
dlspatch from Sofia.
The threats of Turkey to recall Its
peace delegates from London to Con
stantinople and the menace of a Ru
manian invasion of Bulgaria tended todav
to give tho Impression that the Balkan
situation has become more grave within
the last twenty-foui hours.
Ilesil) to Mobilise Arm;.
PARIS. Jan. 10. Rumania decided to
day to moblllr.e Jts arniv If It does not
obtain within fortyrelght hours satlsfac
t'on from Bulgaria In regard to tho recti
fication of Its frontier, nccoidlnt to a
dispatch from Bucharest to the Temps.
Ad vino TurLcj to Yield.
Kuropean ambassadors In the Ottoman
capital today succeeded In drawing up
a cdlorless note which will probably he
presented on Monday lo the Turkish gov
ernment. The document guardedly ud
lscs Turkey to yield on the question of
Adriauople. hut no suggestion Is mado
of pressure being brought to bear by tho
powers to insure the acceptance of this
The porte, according to official an
nouncement, has sent a clrculur to the
Turkish umhaRsadnrM abroad, Intimating j
that unless the allies accept Turkey's
peace proposals by the end of the week,
the Ottoman delegates will be invited to
leturn to Constantinople Immediately.
The circular adds:
"Whatever happens, the porte is deter
mined to maintain Its attitude with re
gard to Adrianople and the Aegean
Islands, In view of the fact that sacri
fices made In other directions have
reached the' extreme limit."
The foreign ambassadors conferred for
two hours at the Austrian epibussy today
and agreed upon the form of representa
tions to be addressed to the- porte, con
cerning the cession ot AdriunopleyTlle''
task has been entrusted to the Austrian
ambassador, Count Uc Pallavlcinl. as
dtan of the dlplomaito irps.
Atlrlnnoplc In Hud I'llubt.
IjONDON. Jan. 3 -Official news re
ceived by the Bulgarian delegation ds
scrlbes the fltuutiou at Adrianople as
desperate. Several soldiers who deserted
and succeeded In reaching the headquar
ters of the allies, say tho town Is in its
last gasp. Provisions are so scarce that
the military authorities have requisitioned
all the food possessed even hy private
Individuals and are making only one dis
tribution, comprising a half ration, dally.
Conditions have been rendered graver
by the great number of sick, who over
flow the hospitals, where the attendance
Is Inadequate. The death iato is very
high. The Bulgarians have allowed
medicines and Red Cross workers to en
ter the city under the escort of Bulgarian
The commander of the fortress has de
clared that he would rather see all die
of starvation than surrender the town.
The Bulgarians believe that independently
of any nctlon the powers may take, thi
question of Adrianople will soon be
fireeU In llratj.
SALONIK1. Turkey, Jan. 10 The losses
of the Greek troops fighting against tho
Turks In the vicinity of Janlna have
been very heavy. To date they have lost
7,000 killed and wounded. The Sixth divi
sion of the Greek army left here today
under orders to assist in the subjection
of the Turkish fortress of Janlna.
No Opposition In lilslx.
NBBASTOPOL. Russia. .In n- 10-The
Turkish consul In this city has been In
formed by the authorities that there will
be no opposition to the opening, of sub
scription lists for the Turkish Red Cres
cent fcoelet among the Mussulmans In
habiting southern Russia.
Eighteen Killed by
Explosion on Boat
MOBILE, Jan. lO.-Results of the
search for victims of yesterday's holler
explosion on the Tomb'gbeo river steamer
James T. Staples Indicated the death roll
! would be larger than known last night.
Seven persons were known to have been
I killed. Of the eleven mlssjng It Is be
i lleved all are dead. Ten persons, seri
ously Injured, will be brought here todny.
All of the steamer's chief officers were
killed About half the vlrtlms are
negroes. The cuuse of the explosion has
not been definitely fixed.
MOLINU, III.. Jan. 10. The .Mollne Plow
company today announced that It had
asked for an Increase In its capital stock
from 3,0f0,f00 to 130,000,000 for an ex
tension of Its i barter for nlnety-nln-years
and for an increase In Its board
of directors from seven to nine.
This action wus coincidental with the
closing ot a long pending dial for the
nucha ce of tl e Adrianee, Piatt & Co.
! plant at Poushkeepsle. N. Y.. which firm
has been known as uu "Indepeudant"
manufacturer of faun mat bin ry of
vailous tvpes The local one rn now
possesses seven auxiliary plji;s.
Our Congressman Gets an Invite to th
j 7C Wr one oTtfAf
X I Have lew jlzarh us J
1 7"Ry" ) s
From the St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Governor Morehead Lends Ear to
Requests of Office Seekers.
Governor Alilrlcli .Stn)a In Lincoln,
Where He Kxuei't to ICiihiihc In
Practice of Un with Mix
- - - -
, Prlvnte Secretary.
(From a Jtaff Correspondent.)
LINCON. Jan. 10 -(Special.) Tile new
olflcers of the state were all at work
eaily, except Governor Mbreheiid, who
camo to the orflco about 11 o'clock ami
found n long lino of people waiting to
pay their respects and to talk with hint
about appointments. Pnimlnent among
the number was ex-Senator Jaines T.
Brady of Albion, who wished to get the
ear of tlie governor upon matters of Im
portance which he did not seem willing
to 3, divulge. Senator Brady has been
mentioned as the probable new postmas
ter at Albion, but he says his private
business will not permit him to accept
anything of the kind. The commission
of tho present postmaster at that place
will not explro until a year from next
July and them Ip plenty of time for the
senator to change Ills mind.
In Governor's (If flee.
Governor Alilrlcli. who stepped out 'ye
tciday, will remain In Lincoln, wheiVhn
will engage In the law business with' his
fotmer private secretary, Mr. Fuller.
Colonel PrcsKon still remains todaj; as
recorder, hut Mr. Fcigenbaum, tho chlof
clerk, has retired and will engage In
business In Lincoln, having bought an.
Interest in the Lincoln Pure Butter com
pany. George Goldsmith, the stenogra
pher. gles way to a Miss McElfresh,
sister-in-law to Mr. Jones, the chief
IjjiihI Commissioner Cuwlos, who. is
(Continued on Page Three.)
Mrs. Sage Sends Cash
to Woman Who Aided
Father Years Ago
CARTERSVILLH, Ua.. Jan. 10,-Ba-lieving
that a prospector who was be
friended by former Congressman and Mrs.
William H. Felton, of this city In 1S5S,
was hor father. J. II. Slocum. Mrs. Rus
sell Sage, of New York City, has sent to
.Mrs. Felton a check for 2,rW In payment,
with Interest of a bill for lxiard Incurred
by th4 prospector when the company
for which ho was working failed. Mrs.
Felton lias announced that the nioi)v
sent by Mrs. Sage will be applied toward
the establishment of u home for moun
tain girls, which Mrs. Felton plans to
found near Cartersvllle. Ga.
The Beat
with The
Sundav Bee
Wi'1lRAriDY 6tfSS You
7CS WtTt Ofie 0TtfAf
Txe Turkey 7ko7"
The National Capital
Hrldny, Jniimirj 1(1, I 111 it.
T.he SeiiHtr.
Convened at noon.
Resumed consideration of omnibus
claims hill.
Samuel Gomneis nremid for ntl-In
junction and contempt bill before judicial.
Uourl of liiinenclnnenl lieurd clnflnir
'argument of caui'Moj .t6r defense tn ttlal
ot .inuge Arcnnahi,
Agreeil toduy to vote on January
upon the Kenyon bill to prohibits ship
wwiic of InloxleWjlritr U'lvlors Into dfy
states, hut a pnrlalmcntnry wrangle de
veloped which carried final decision over
untft tomorrow.
The House.
Convened at noon.
Began consideration of postofflce ap
propriation bill.
George F. Baker continued testimony
before "money trust" Investigating com
mittee. Metal schedule of tariff taken up by
ways and means committee for a two
days' hearing
Merchant marine committee continued
Its Investigation Into alleged South Amer
ican steamship pool.
Resolution appropriating tXXOOO for n
arrangemont of seats nnd desks of house
elm mber.
Year's Grace Granted
Jewish Merchants
in Kiev, Russia
KIKV, Russia, Jan. 10. A ' year's grace
has been granted by the authorities here
to 1W0 Russian business men of the' Jew
ish faith who were affected by a recently
Issued government circular forbidding
Hebrews of certain categories to trade
In Kiev after Januury 14.
A number of manufacturers In Moscow
and ' Lods made representations to the
minister or finance, declaring the closing
of tho enterprises conducted by these
business men would cause heavy losses.
The minister decided to apply to the sen
ate f6r a decision on the general right of
merchants of the Jewish faith to trade
and live In .all parts of Kiev, and In the
meantime suspended the execution uf tlie
The inlnslter of educutlon has authoi
Izcd the opening here of ' four Hebrew
schools after long opposition.
; Wireless Promoters
! Given Prison Terms
j NF.W VORK, Jan. lO.-The three men
found guilty last night nt a mllllon-dollir
wireless telephone and telegraph stock
swindle were sentenced today to the fed
eial penitentiary at Atlanta. Go. Cameion
Speai, . the promoter, must serve five
years and pay a I'M) fine; A. Frederick
Collins, the Inventor, three years and a
fine of 2,0u0, and Charles L. Vaoghan.
two yeurs. The defendants were convicted
of using the malls to defraud In selling
Mock of tr Collins Wlrelens Telephone
company nnd the Continental Wireless
Telephone and Telegraph company
! CHICAGO. Jan. 10. Roger de Covet lv.
;i witness In the Klrby bank case, wanted
I on a warrant churning perjury, has dis
appeared. Deputy United States marshals
I have been searching for him since yes
terday afternoon without success,
j The warrulit Was issued following oi
Idersof Federal Judge Iiindls that District
I Attorney Wllkersou luqulie Into the conr
'duct of lawyers and witnesses In the
I court hearing which culminated yestn?
I day In Jail sentences for Dr. William
j Klrby and Margaret l Klrby, his wife,
, for contempt.
; De Covrlly testified that It wus at his
himir thut Dr. Klrdy wus swindled out
I of 2e.l'W 1 tillered wiretappers.
e Inaugural Ball
Democrats Begin Work of Making
Underwood Bill Over.
AlxUera of Printing Presses Object
i iy Proposal to Put Thrill on
Free Mat Nnys , Ju(
(oca to l,n hor.
WASHINGTON. Jan. lU.-The Iron and
Steel schedule was taken up today by the
house ttnyVarid means committee when
it resume! hearings on tariff revision.
Two doys probably will be devoted to this
important section and many prominent
steel men urn expected to be heard.
Schedule "C" la olio of the big schedules
of tariff legislation and has always drawn
a largo representation of Industrial of
ficials and experts to Washington.
Confronted by contradictory testimony
during consideration of tho chemical and
earthen and glassware schedules, the
committee today began the prncttee of re
quiring all witnesses to testify under
oath. Hereafter every person who ap
pears to advise the committee what It
ought to do and how It would affect his
Interests, must give his views and couch
his answers under the solemnity of nu
oath 'administered by tho clork of tho
coinmlttee. Tho beginning of this prac
tlc Was at the suggestion of Represen
tatlvn' James of Kentucky and tlie com.
mltteo agreed to It by unamlous vole.
Miikliit llvrr I iiilrrimfiil Hill.
The'basls of tlie hearing toduy was tho
Underwood metal revision bill, passed,
hut vetoed during tho last session of con
gress. Tho tentative plan of the commit
tee Is to follow It very closely. This In
a general woy Is' the plan of the demo
cratic lenders Willi resiM-qt to all tariff
schedules covered by separate Mils which
(Continued on Puge Two.)
Will Ask Wilson to
Mediate in Illinois
Speakership Fight
SPR1NGFIHLD. III. Jan. lO.-Presldent
elect Wilson will be usked to Intervene to
slip tho Internecine war among demo
cratic members of the Illinois house. In
which the twenty-sixth ballot for speaker
was taken today without breaking tho
deadlock. Roger Sullivan and other lead
ers left this afternoon for Chicago, where
It was said they would try tomorrow to
induce action by Governor Wilson, whoso
help they hoped to procure because thn
legislature Is to choose two United
States senators at this session.
CKKYENNK, Wyo.. Jan 10.-tKpeclal.tj
Harry I Patton, special master, 3old
the assets of the Hanover Canal company,
an Irrigation project in Big Horn count,
ut public (motion here today. The bond
holders bought the property In under the
foreclosure proceedings for 120,00). a
committee of the bondholders will form a
new compuii) and complete the work.
'Die debts of the old company amount to
ncinivnon s. n. .inn. lu isneeiui
. .-. . ..-
t Telegram.)- Announcement was made In
.Miw xoru tins morning mat tue Home
stake Mining company hud Just declared
a tegular dividend ot Si cents per share.
This means an Increase of 15 cents u
share in the regular monthly dividends
Names of Members Who Will Take
Leading Part in Directing Legis
lation in Lower Chamber.
Other Important Posts Are Snapped
Up by Majority Members.
Potts of Pawnee Heads Committee
on Finance, Ways and Means.
(Inly Hrpulillritn to Secure Chnlr
iiinnshlli. nnd Thin line I.ct
Iniportnitt of All nt tilft
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 10. (Special - Tlio
house committees has progressed so far in
Its work as to select the chairmen foi
all the standing committees, save that
on medical matters. As soon ns a demo
crat properly qualified otherwise can
bo located tho place will be filled. Knch
ot the committees Is headed by a demo
crat, with a single oxccptlon. Mockctt of
Ijnicaster Is the one republican to be
honored with a chairmanship, nnd he has
been placed at the head of the commit
tee on mines and minerals. Tills will
give hint control ot the stone quarries
at Inilsvllle, the sandpits along the
Platte, anil the pumice mines In various
parts of the state.
selection of the full membership
tho several committees win no m
later. Tito list of chairmanships
Agriculture-Van Peusen of Washing-
'"Accounts and.Kxpcndlturcs-Falstcad ot
Apportlonments-Trumble of Sherman.
Benevolent lnstltutlons-Guttln or Cass.
Banks and Banking - F.lcmelund of
Cities and Towns MKIsslok of Gage.
Claims-Fries of Howard.
Constitutional Amendments-Palmer oC
Rules Kellcy of llnll.
Corporations HrWchc of Dawes.
County Boundaries. Seats, Ktc Green
wait of Custer.
Deficiencies Busch of Otoe.
Drainage Losey of Dodge.
Unrolled nnd lCngrorscd Bills-Jackson
of Kuuckolls.
Fedetut RelHtlons-Kauffman of Nem
aha. i,v..m mill Snnrles Schaupp ot Guse.
Finance, Ways nnd Means l'otts
Fish add Game Culture Knudson
! Nance.
Insane Hospitals Snyder of Adams.
lrrlgatlon-Brotl of Banner.
Insurance Keckloy of oYrk.
Internal Improvements Funk of Phelps".
Iimnlgrntlon-Maitrer ot Seward.
Judiciary. Bollen of Cedar.
Labor, Richard McCarthy of Greeley
Library. Jones of Furnas.
Live stock and grazing. Murphy of Sa
line. Manufacluies and chnineice Con Mc
Carthy of Cuming.
Medical societies, blank.
, Mllltla, Korft of Cedar.
J Mines and minerals, Mockctt of Lan
caster. Miscellaneous subjects, Burtels of Wayim.
Other asylums. Gruebcr of Thayer.
Privileges and elections, Orr of Burt,
j Public lands and buildings, Gates oC
Public sohoola, Scott ot Hamilton.
Public printing, Pearson of Frontier,
j Railroads, Helllger of Jefferson.
! Retail and commerce, Reuter of Otoe.
, Rnvenuo and taxation, Schueth ot
Roads and bridges, Norton of Polk.
School lands jnd funds, Mather of Val
Itr. Soldiers' homes, Fuller of Seward.
Penitentiary, Regan of Platta.
Telephone, telegraph and electric com
panies, McAllister of Dakota.
University and normals, Hoffmelatrr ofi
(overuur Dora 'ot Want to Appenr
to lie 'I'aklnur Orders.
(From a Stuff Correspondent,)
LINCOLN. Jan. 10.-(Speclal.)-There id
grief In the office ot Governor Morehead,
j nr.d there Is grief In tho Jiotel lobbies -
great big gobs of It for there are men
here from the four quartern of the statu
trying to get a state meal ticket to lie
given out by his excellency. It Is the
, hungriest hunch that bus been around
here for a long time. And some of them
are In a mighty bad humor.
They cannot understand win ythe gov
ernor does not relieve tho agony It is
upparent that Charlie Bryan Is taking'
quite a hand 111 passing Aome of the ap-
j pllcants, or, at least. In objecting to
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will today s opportu
nities return if you do
not grasp them now it
is your loss.
Your greatest oppor
tunity this minute is
the chance to get your
want ad in Tho Sunday
Bee. Phone it now
before you forget.
Tyler 1000

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