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You're welcome to look
Don't hesitate to com liero whrn you're ' looktnc.''
We've hundreds of nual'ty wearables which are never
mentioned In our "ails." We like to have people ask
for thlriRs that are not found! In other stores. Hven
If you find -the. thing you want our sales people will
not Insist on your buying It. That's a matter for you
to decide. Vou'Jl he treated lria Rcnteol manner whether
you , buy or "look.' We'll feel under obligations to
you either way.
wrrn .store
33 Discount on
Benjamin Suits
and Overcoats
Semi-Annual Clearance
Again we call attention to the
Bargain Opportunities presented by our
A few of the many bona fido bar
gains in high grade apparel
for wo.nen; small women,
misses and children
Elegant fur sots for ladies1
substantially reduced to effect n quick clear
ance. $S.7." to l18r,.(M Sets for ,$G.75 S150
Children's and Misses Furs
2.nr to s22.no St for S2.25 S16.75
i22.r,o to i ir, Muffs forglT.SO S125
Small Women's Suits, Coats, etc.
nt prices that must surely Interest you
515 to ." Suit, for 812.50 to S29.75
to $ir Contw for S8.75 i 825
$45 to Rai.1 Kur Coals for . -825 " 8185
RI5 to 887.5 Kur Mnrtl fonts 835 805
S17.5U to 05 Opera Conts 837.50 & 850
R8.75 Angora Mackinaw for. . . . 80.75
sia.no to san.rn prows 88.75 S1G.50
Sales uro common, all too common, in Omaha, especially at this season of the year. There
are as many kinds of sales as there are kinds of stores. This store is particularly fo.rtu
nale in being known as one that holds but few "Sales" -as one that deals only in wear
ables of the highest possible grade and ns one that actually does reduce its prices, at a
time like this, just as much as it advertises' to reduce them. It doesn't claim to do tbo
impossible but what it claims to do it does and that means considerable when you uro
trying to sift out of all this bargain talk the articles that are to be Jmd at real bargain
figures. Spend some of your shopping time here you're very welcome, look or buy.
Just a mention of the shoe bargains
Every Dept. in the
store holds its
full share of the
Bargain Offers.
Ladles' Jfi slioes. various styles nnd
leathers, sires 3V4 to S. AAA lo O
ROW 93.95
(.rowing girls' footwear, sizes 2'j to
7. II to K, that sold for in tn l
WOW 91.95 to 93.95
Hoys' J3. SO shoes.- extra good we
call them boy proof. NOW .13.75
Ladles' Semi-English boots, sizes .1
In 7 A A to .1), that sold for 13 to IT,.
WOW $1.95 to S4.35
Mannish shoes for boys, many models
and best leathern, sl7.es 2! tn 6,
were I.LGO. NOW 9X75
Children's shoes that sold for il.2u
tn 12.25, sizes 1 to 6 uud G to f.
NOW, the pair 95c
Three very special bargains
in girls' coats
AH the cloth coats, sizes 2 to C years, that
sold up to $6.60
NOW 82,75
Another lot that sold for I7.G0 and IS. 50
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Larger girls' coats, 8 to M years, that sold
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Boys' .Norfolk or doublo-brcasted
suits In good,' serviceable mixtures
a most excellont value when they
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SOW AT S3.50
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sizes 3 to 9 years In neat gray and
brown mixtures that sold rapidly
at J 5 and $0.50 to close thorn out
NOW S3.50
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warm sold for $7.50 and $8.50
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7 to 16
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young fellows in need
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preciate quality our clothing must
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fide reductions must make your intor
ost greater still.
$16.50 and $15.00 Suits for. .$11.00
$20.00 and $18.00 Suits for. .$13.50
$25.00 and $22.50 Suits for. .$16.50
$30.00 and $28.00 Suits for. .19.50
$35.00 and $32.50 Suits for. .$24.00
Big reductions on fine
$15.00 to $40.00 Overcoats going fast
at $11.00 to $30.00
(Continued From Page One.)
amounts?" nsked .Mr, Untermyer.
"I doubt It," said tliu witness.
Mr. Maker could not say In dollars nnd
cents haw much ho hod been a party to
this' concentration.
"I suppose you see no harm," said Mr.
Vntennyer, "In having the control of
credit ns represented by the control tt
banks nnd trust companies still further
concentrated? Do you think hnt would
Iw dangerous?''
.Mnkrs III I.arryvrs .Sit Li,
Mr Maker pondered the question for a
time, and then answered; "I think It hus
Kone About far enough."
The Dakcr lawyers sitting; nearby, snt
up In their chairs and looked Interested.
"You think It would be dangerous to to
"U might ont be dangerous., but still It
ha toiio far enough. In KOod. hands. I
don not say tha. tit would do any Ijann.
f it Rot into bad hands It would be very
bnd, It would be very bad,"
f It gtt into bad hands It would wreck
the country?" demanded Mr. Untermyer.
The situation grew more tense. The
spectators craned eagerly to catch the
reply, and Mr. Baker lecned hack In 1:1s
choir, his chin resting' on his hands,
watching the lawyer closely. Finally he
'Ten, but I do ont believe it could get
RhtMnatisM Rimtiy
t vint etrr rhronli rhegrastlo I. thiew .4j
II mention, sll llalmtaU. ill plitttr. tod
tire MtNTON"8 Illiri'MATISM IttSMP.DY a
trlil, No rottr whit your doctor" air r. no
mutr n rour in.nai mtr Mr, no nuttff
bow prejudiced Jrou may be talnit ill iiHtr.
Hm4 romodlti, cu it onr lo your drurjUl in
t.t bottle ot tl ' UlltnjMATIffU BKHKUr,
II It (till to tit Mtlffictloo, I,wl rotund'
your money Munyoo.
IWmrmbtr tbla moody conlilai ao-iillcyllt
acid, bo opium, cpcolnt, morphia, or olkrr
birmtul drugs.
ror Ml. ty all drutiliti, I'rlc. Mc Adirr.
Stop itching
use Resinol
Xeeinol clears itching skin
hnroort right away. You
can't imajrine the comfort
the first use of it brings.
Par light ny re Hinnl kulmai
ocWs pieeolad and household rsm
aXeraUa tronfclas, p'otIm, aandroB.
korrM, book. farm, Ues, ace. Raetool
OfatsMt (tseaad SO and Xaainol Soap
tloe) ooU W a rliu. Ko .ample
C 4MB. WT W. Dept. 1-T. Wl
CUM Co., Seltteore, Hd.
Into bad hands."
"Vou admit." persisted .Mr. Fntermyir.
"that If this concentration to the point
to which It ha now gone were by any
accident to get Into bnd hands It would
wreck the country'."'
"I cannot Imnglnr sucfi n situation,"
protested the witness.
"I thought yon said so."
"I ssld It would be had," explained the.
witness vigorously, "Iliit do not think It
would wreck th i-country. I do not think
bud hands could mintage It. They could
not retain the deposits nor the securities."
"I am not spcijklnK of Incompetent
hands'" said Mr, t'ntsrmyer. "We are
speaking of this concentration which has
enmo about, and th epower that It brinK
with It, getting Into the bunds 'of very
ambitious men, perhaps not over scrup
ulous. You seo a peril In that do you
"Yes," answered Mr. linker.
"So, that the safety, If you think there
Is any safety In the situation really Ilea
In the eprsonnel of the men?'1
"Very much.'
"Do you think" demanded the luwyor,
"that Is a comfortable situation for a
great country to be In?"
"Not entirely." said Mr. Ilaker, slowly.
Kxnnitnntlnn Closed.
At this point Mr. Untermyer1 closed the
examination precipitately.
"That will he all, Mr. Haker," he said,
an dtlm spectators sat back with a sigh.
As the committee adjourned until next
Tuesday, the witness, rising from nls
place, thanked the committee and Its
counsel for their courtesy and was In re.
turn thanked for testifying. He and nls
partr !uaiato!r tar th Unlc. that
was to take them to New York.
Burly In he day, In the midst of the
wordy discussion of bond Issues ot mil
lions and the Intricacies of high finance,
Mr. Untermyer endeavored to connect
Mr. naker. J. P. Morgan and James Still
man In a financial triumvirate controlllnf
huge Interests.
"Is Mr. Morgan recognised as the grent
general of tho financial army?" he askel.
"That Is according to whom you oak,"
said the .witness. "We, his friends, think
ho Is."
"lie Is generally so recognized. Is he
"Well, yes," said Mr. Ilaker.
"And you and James Stlllman aro his
chief lieutenants?"
"Wo wero-dmrlng the panic." ,
"And you three dominate the financial
Mr. Ilaker would not admit to this, but
he said Mr. Morgan "would the most-
dominant flgurfi In the financial world If
ho were younger" and that he knew of
"no one more dominant than Mr. Mor-
Throughout the .day Mr. Untermyer
went over with tho. witness the notation
of seourllles hy his, bank and after' con
slderablo argument with counsel' for1 tho
witness seuurr,d nn agreement that If th
directors ot the Chase. National bank are
wllllpg Mr. UakVi will submit to Oio com
mittee by next Tuesday a list of the big
transactions In which that bank, J. P.
Morgan ft Co. and other large Institutions
have acted Jointly.
treasury and census about cxpnrtatlons
of printing presses and said when he
went to the New York custom house to
verify the figures, officials there told him
they hnd to go by tho manifests und that
they could not tell whether packages
were "piloting presses or feather beds."
"So fur as tho American market Is
concerned," nsked Jleprcsentatlvo Palmer
of Pennsylvania, "the American sprinting
press manufacturer has a monopoly?"
"Yes, with a slight exception."
Chairman Underwood told the witness
the democrats were seeking a tariff for
revenue and "not to protect profits," and
that there won no disposition to maintain
a tariff unless there wns sonic revenue
to the government. The witness con
tended thnt the business was being run
on a small margin, ' ' I '
(Continued from Page One.)
some of them, and It Is also very evident
that Governor Morehcod does not want
to be known ns taking orders from tho
Commoner manager. So there Is liable to
bo somo rupture among tho big democrats
before the big pie Is all gone.
viusr.ii (iivr.H 'km tocktiiku
lino Mrrtlmr All ly Himself nt
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Nob., Jan. 10.-(PpccInl.)-H
has Just dawned upon the people down
here that a great big get-together meet
ing was pulled off In Lincoln last Tucs-
day by John O. Yclaer. Colonel velser
Issued his call some weeks ago for the
republicans and bull moosors to meet nnd
bury the hatchet and dig up the olive
Colonel Yclser reported bright and
early, called himself to order, but was
unable to do anything else, for the re
publicans evidently did not propose to
be hnrmonlzed and no bull mooscr
showed up.
So the harmony meeting was a dismal
failure, or a signal success, dependent
upon the side of the question tho pcrstm
Interested Blnnds. Anyhow there was
no kick on tho outcome of thu meeting,
because Colonel Yelser never kicks re
ganllcivi of the outcome of "his plans.
Some surprlso wns oxprcssed that some
one beside Yrtser did not attend the
meeting, for everyone heretofore has been
able to count on Crawford Kennedy at
tending nny political meeting called, he
being that much of a polltlclnn, but even
he declined and refused to get together
with a bull moose crowd.
I'ullril I ) by lloiilKtrnpK.
it Is now Chief Justice Crawford Ken
nedy nnd n member of the national
guard will prove It, because the senator
broke the secret to him. Last night
the senator, accompanied by eight or ten
young women, arrived at the stato house
to attend tho reception to the new gov
ernor. Of course tho senator could not
be expected to follow the lino (if leust
resistance nnd get to the sennte chamber.
So, with his party, ho started up a stair
way guarded by some gendarmes, lie
advanced a few feet when set upon by
the soldiers nnd dragged back' 'to 'i'arth.
"You cun't go up thnt way without a
pass,"' sald'th'ri gendarme, who. of course,
wns mistaken.
"Unhand me," calmly replied Senator
Kennedy. "I am the chief Justice of thu
supreme .court nnd l nm going to my
office." And he was unhanded and pro
ceeded, while his young women friends
smite delightedly.
Only Knur Appointment 11ml llepii
Mode Up to Noon,
(From n Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 10.-(Speclal Telegram.)
Tho senato committee on committees Is
still nt work on Its report and has dis
posed of four of tho leading chairman
ships. While no official announcement
has been mudo It has been ascertained
that they are:
Iloads and Ilrldges Cordeul of lied
Judiciary Hoagland of Lincoln.
1'ubllo Buildings and Grounds Bartllug
of Otoe.
Finance, Ways nnd Menus Reynolds of
Tl'KAMAH, Neb,, Jan. 10.-(Special Tel
egrum.) Chnuucey Light, steward of the
Owl club here, woj fined 1100 and costs
for selling liquor contrary to law, by
Judge Troup today. It Is said the case
will bo appealed.
A similar case from Decatur Is pending
III district Court here.
STUrtGTiS, S. D., Jan. 10, (Special Tel
egram.) The state rested nt 3 o'clock this
afternoon In the case ot th estate against
Kdwln Southmnyd, charged With the mur
der of his wife. About twenty witnesses
were examined, among them being the
7-year-old daughter of tho defendnnt. who
told the story of the tragedy. The defense
objected to tho testimony of tho child,
but the court permitted her to testify.
Discoverer of South
Pole Comes to Visit
the United States
NEW YOHK, Jan. la-Rnold Amundsen,
discoverer of the, squth pole, arrived In
Now York todaj on iho Hnor- St. Paul
for nn extended visit to this country. Ho
was welcomed hy a committee of Scnnda-naVhtn-Amerlcnns.
Next Wednesday a.
reception In, his honor will be given nt
the College of tho City of New York.
Rockefeller Will
Return to Florida
NASSAU. New Providence, Jan. 10.
Wllllnm Itockefeller has decided to leavo
here today on board the steamer Miami
for Miami, Fla.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. The monov
trust committee of the houso today or
dered Chairman Pujo to send a physician
to meet William Rockefeller returning
from tho llahamas ns soon as he reaches
Miami. Tho physician will endeavor to
ascertain whether or not the oil magnate
Is physically able to give tho committee
OGD13N. Utah, Jan. 10. Swinging them
selves out by a ropo mado of braided
strips of blankets two "women prisoners
during a blinding snowstorm let them
selves down from a high second-story
window of the city Jail early today and
escaped. Mary McGlll, serving 130 davs
for aiding her husband John in druggitur
and robbing a man, and Mabel Wilson,
who hod served eighteen days of a twen-ty-flve-day
sentence for vagrancy, are thr
women who now are being, sought by tho
police. McGlll broke from Jail In a simi
lar manner ten days ago.
Only One "IinOMO Qt'I.NINIV
Look for tho signature of E. W. GROVE.
Cures a Cold In One Day. Cures Grip In
Two Days. J5c - Advertisement.
A Hidden Danger
tContlnued from Page One.)
' pasted the house and senate at the last
I session.
' The democratic plan, lused on the rate
1 on the value ot the articles. Instead ot
the spesclflc rates of the present Payne
Aldrleh tariff law and would put on the
free list Iron ore (now 15 cents a ton),
tungsten and xlnc ores, hoop or band
Iron, barbed and all other wire fencing,
horseshoe nails. Iron or steel cut nails or
spikes, wire staples, out tacks, washers,
nuts, horseshoes and cash registers. The
democrats havu expeotod by the Under
wood bill to reduce the average duties
on the articles In that schedule by 23 per
cent and that the schedule would produce
117,4"7,0W In revenue
Prlntliiar Presses.
Tho proposal to put printing presses on
the free list Instead of a 30 per cent id
volorem duty as unBer the present tariff,
brought a protest from James II Ilennott
of New York, representing twenty-two
printing Tress manufacturlnc companies,
that the present tariff shobld stand He
challenged government statistics of the
It is a duty of the kidneys
' to rid the blood of uric acid.
I an irritating poison that is con-
stantly forming inside.
When the kidneys fail, uric
acid causes rheumatic attacksi
headache, dizziness, gravel,
urinary troubles, weak eyes,
dropsy or heart disease.
Doan's Kidney Pills help the
kidneys fight off uric acid
bringing new strength to weak
kidneys and relief from back
ache and urinary ills.
Here's home proof
my rescue
'Every Picture Tells c Story" suffering-. "
Testimony of a Resident
Clark Street.
Mrs. M. A. Burks, 1G24 Clark
St., OnmliH, Neb., says":. "It is
with )leasure that I say a few
words iu favor of Doan's Kid
ney Pills. They did me a won
derful itmount of good, and de
serve my endorsement. "When
I was in such bad shapp with
kidney complaint that. I could
scarcely stoop or straighten,
Dotm's Kidney Pills came to
and rid me of the
"When Your Back fe Lame Remember the Name"
Sold by all De&!erj.,pr!co SO cents. Ftaier-Milbum Co., Buffalo, N. Y, Proprietors
i a
A bona fide reduction on reliable merchandise.
We cannot sell clothes at greater reductions
than these and remain in business, neither can
we afford to mislead our patrons. :: :: ::
508-510 SO. 16th
Trade at the Store
Where Courtesy is the Rule
Modern merchandising methods have eliminated to a very
large extent the personal contact between the proprietor and
his customers. Formerly the proprietor not only knew very
one of his customers, but his advlco was frequently sought.
Today all this is changed, trained, courteous, competent
clerks wait upon hundreds daily. Each one personifies tho
proprietor. You can- rely upon every assertion mado by our
clerks and rest secure in the knowledgo that one of the car
dinal principles of this 'store is Courteous treatment to all.
'fjomo Saturday Bargains from Ilea ton's:
40c Tooth Brushes, our name
and guarant6o on each. !15c
75c Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal
for .40c
$1.00 Pernua 80c
2rc HIckBocker'S'Sktn-Soap
for , 10c
UBc Packer's Tar Soap... 15c
$3.00 Aruudel Auto Ilazor
Stropper and Strop Sat
urday 70c
50c Dr. Charles' Flesh Food.
Saturday 21c
50c Dr. Charles' Face Powder,
Saturday 10c
Perspino at 25c
50c Peheco Tooth Pasto..35c
25c size Beaton's Cold Cream
-Saturday 10c
50c size Beaton's Cold Cream
Saturday 8Cc
50c De Mar's Benzoin and Al
mond Lotion smothes nnd
whitens chapped and rough
skin 23c
50c Cassavera Greaseless
Cream, Saturday 30c
McLaren's Mustard Cerat,
at 25c and 50c
75c Pompelan Mas3ago Cream
for 10c
25c Peroxide of Hydrogen,
whole lb "c
Beaton's Imported Olive Oil,
per pint 50c
Beaton's Imported Olive Oil,
trial size, 6 oz .25c
75c Rubber Gloves .... .30c
Every housowlfe should have
a pair to protect hands while
cleaning and dishwashing.
50c La Nolo Face Powder 25c
25c Nail Files 10c
1 pint Distilled Witch Hazol
for 25c
1 pint Imported Bay Hum 75c
$1.00 D. D. D. at 80c
"Follow tho Beaton Path"
Beaton Drug Co.
Farnam and 15th Streets
7 S1 A rw Train To
Jacksonville, Fla.
From Chicago and St. Louis daily
Ont tHa
i : jp. M iL.n t o
Asd cotmsclina Mat
Leave Chicago - - - .
Leaves St. Louis ...
Arrives Jacksonville next day
11:25 am.
3:00 pm.
8:10 pm.
Electric Iihtsd wits club car. obrrUon. corns rtrant " drawing room ap
ins car sml dlaim er. Nc Co. ck MUWIWi carritd. This U th only axchulra
Pullman train operated bctw aCMcaco, St. Loula and Florida. CarrtM thronsb
deeper to Pais Beach, arrrrin thora saconi" morning 8:40 am.
Dixie Flyer
The most popular all year trait to Florida
Leaves Chic&cro La Salle St. Station - 9:10 nm.
Arrives Jacksonville second moraine - 7:50 am.
Electric Jshted witt- drawing room, compartment and obsamtloa tleeptng can,
coaches and dinlnr car.
Montgomery Route
Leaves St. Louis - - - - 9:00 pm.
Arrives Jacksonville second morning - 7:50 am.
Throuth drewiu roam electric lighted sleeping car. all maU in dining ear.
For full particular, folders and reearrations addrett
P. W. MORROW, N. W. P. A.
332 Marquatta Bids. Chicago, TH.
312 North 8th St. St. Louii, Mo
If You Value Your Eyesight 4
You will equip your
reading table with a
J&xy& Lamp
Authorities agree that a good kerosene oil lamp is
the best for reading. The Rayo is the best oil lamp
made the result of years of
scientific study.
Ath to s it at your Dtaleri
For Best Results use
Perfection Oil.
Ask about quantity
price and iron barrels
'for storage.
' NeWaikal

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