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The Omaha Sunday Bee
Fair; Cold
VOL. XJ.ll no. no.
Effect of Collective Note from the
Powers is Awaited with
They Will Go Home if Allies Do Not
Modify Demands.
Surrender of the City is Expected to
Occur Soon.
More Thnn Twenty Thousand Men
mill Officers llmr Mrrn Killed
uuil Fifty-One Tliniixniiil
Sick or Wounded.
liONDON. Jan. 11. No sign of a loosen
ing of tho deadlock In the -Balkan situa
tion Is et In evidence. In the meantime
the world awaits tho fall of the 'long
beleaguered fortress of Adrlonopln and Is
watching with close Interest for ,the ef
fect which the collective note to be
handed to Turkey by tho ambassadors at
Constantinople of tho European powers
will have on the Turkish government
The Italian ambassador In London, who
spent yrnrs In Contanttnople and knows
Turkey well, declared today tout . .
powers were about to press Turkey to
oedo Adrtanople. somo concession would
be necessary concerning the Aegean
"Otherwise." he said, "the Ottomans In
their despair would become a kind of
wild onlmalB. capable, of any eNcess."
The Turkish delegates confirm the re
port that they will leavo London next
week for Constantinople If the allies do
not change their v minds. One of tho
Turkish envoys suld:
"We are glad that Europe has now
learned what sort of swine herds theso
Balkan peoples are. Wo knew them of
II u I -i IjfianPN Heavy.
ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. 11. The of.
flcial list of casualties In the Bulgarian
army since the- beginning of the war
with Turkev shows that 281 officers and
21.01S men have been killed or have suc
cumbed from their wounds or disease,
according to a dispatch from Sofia, Be
sides this 876 officers and 01,000 men were
wounded or put on tho sick list. Of these
7) per cent have since recovered and
rejoined the army.
The Bulgarian government has asked
for the services of seventy Russian and
Czech physicians to combat infectious
diseases' whlch appealed in various
roslons. The natlvo Bulgarian physicians
are all absent serving "-with the army In
the, field.
firrrkM .Nnutlitereil liy Turk.
ATHENS, Jan. 11- Mussulman today
massacred thirty women and children
and pillaged and burned 120 houses in
the village of Keramlssia. In the Turkish
province of Bpirus, a short distance from
the Greek frontier.
The victims were driven out of their
flaming homes and took refuge. In a
cavern. They were pursued 'by the Mus
sulmen, who first tortured and then
slaughtered them.
In tho villages of Ko.rtoja and Nl
pero. In the same region, a number of no
tables were massacred and many houses
It ii lunula May Modify Demand.
PARIS, Jan. 11. The Matin's London
correspondent Bays that In an Interview
M. Jonescu, the Rumanian minister of
the Interior, told him today that he
would propose a conditional agreement
on the subject under discussion with
jr. Daneff, namely that- when the Bul
garians had come Into possession of
Adrlanople and settled all differences
with the Turks that Bulgaria cede to
Rumania part of the territory, the lines
of which are to be agreed on later.
VAN WERT. O.. Jan. 11. Mystery at
tends the finding of Mrs. Ralph Hoover,
15-year-old bride of four months, with a
pullet wound In her head last night. She
was found lying on the floor of her home
on a farm about two miles from here by
lier nii8band. a prosperous farmer, when
lie returned from a visit to this city.
Hoover said he returned home Just !n
time to find his wife trying to regain her
feet. She whispered "A man did tt," and
then fainted, he told tho uqUce, A. re
volver was found lying near the doorway
of thi room. Mrs. Hoover may recover.
The Weather
Kor Nebraska Unsettled; continued
Kor lowa-ITalr and colder, with cold
wave extreme eaat portion.
Temperature nt Omalm "Vesterdny.
Hour. Dec-
C iu m S
0 al m , 7
7 a. m 3
la. in I
3 a. m 0
10 a. m 1
11 a. m, 1
12 m 3
1 p. m 3
2 p. ni S
3 p. m 5
4 p. m 4
5 p. in 4
6 p. Ill 3
7 p. ra , 2
Conipurnt Ivr Locnl Itrcord.
1S1X 1911. 1911. 1910.
Highest yesterday 5 6 , 10 29
Lowest yesterday 0 20 0 10
Mean temperature 2 13 5 ai
precipitation 00 T .00 .01
Temperature and prclpItatlon depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature , SO
Deficiency for the day.... IS
Total-excess since March 1 AW
Normal pit-clpltattou 03 Inch
Ilpflelenry for the day 03 Inch
Total rainfall since March 1....S5. W Inches
OHtlcJeiioy slncu March 1...... 3.91 Inohes
Pcllclonev for cor period, 1911. Lt. 15 inches
Lutuleney for i or. period, 1910.14.79 Inches
Indicates below zero.
T indicates trace of precipitation.
L A WELSH. Local Forecaster
Squad of New York Detectives Set I
MraariiKrr lln Skull Frnrturrd, One
Officer Fntallr Wnnntlpd unit
One rtnlihrr Mnkrs Ilia
NEW YORK. Jan. II. A squad of de-te.-tlves
ba'te'l a trap for highwaymen to
day with a sixty year old bank messen
ger and a satchel containing $n,:toa The
highwaymen took the bait. One detec
tive was shot and may die; the messen
Ktr was beaten senseless and probably
has a fractured skull and a pitched bat
tle, with bullets peppering houses like
hall was fought on tho Hast Side. One
of the highwaymen escaped; the other
was captured.
The messenger, Peter K. Plunkett, left
the Union Exchange National bank,
where lm had been employed for ten
years, with a cloud of detectives trailing
him. W.thin the satchel he carried were
curreno.- and silver for the weekly pay
rolls of two factories. The detectives
were t'lsgulsed ns laborers to avoid sus
picion. As Plunkett stepped Into the darkened
hallway of one of the factories, two men
sprang up from nowhere beside him. One
of thorn crumpled him up. with a black
jack, senseless on the flagging before he
could cry out. The other grabbed the
satchel and both darted awav.
One llnhlier I nptnrptl.
, The faetoiy had not been apptised of
the plan and detained one of the detec
tives who Jiad gone abend of the mes
senger. While he was explaining the
1 highwaymen were making off. The de
tective started In pursuit, caught one of
the robbers and rolled to the cobblestones
with him.
Meantime the detectives In the rear of
Plunkett. not expecting so quick a
denouement, begun blazing away with
their pistols nt the other fleeing highway
men. Tuo thler fired as lie fled, and,
keeping the pack at his heels, darted
down :i side street, through traffic, into
a hallwuy, out Uic back door, over fences
Into ths hack street and disappeared.
leaving behind a bullet pierced overcoat.
The satchel, dropped In his flight, was
! found with Its contents Intact, ten feet
1 from the factory door.
1 One of the fugitive's bullets found a
mark in James A. Watson,
entered his back and passed ' nearly
; through his body. He cannot recover,
Tho man who was tripped to ths cob-
j bler.toncs sul'd he whs Frank Moian, 19
years old, a packer. He was held without
! ball. Plunkett was taken to a hospital.
Witnesses Testify
to Good Character
in Murder Charge
,STUkGlS,oI,. Jan ll.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) In. tho Southnioyd intltder caso on
trial hero In circuit court today, Attot-ney
Atwater for the defence made the opening
statement to the Jury, Indicating that the
defehse would Introduce evidence sup
porting both suicide and insanity. A
large number of witnesses have sworn to
the . previous good character of the de
fondant over strenuous objections of the
state. Many witnesses testified that -deceased
had frequently threatened suicide
and had on several occasions used the
revolver which c-Uused death. A brother
of the defendant testified to a series of
epileptic fits from which the defendant
has suffered for thirty years. Court ad-
I Journed this afternoon until Monday
Men Fail Sixty Feet
Inside a Smokestack
CONCORDIA, Kan., Jan. 11. Two em
ployes of an electric light company fell
fifty-eight eel hero last night when a
platform upon which they were working
Inside a huge smoke stack gave way.
The men alighted on a concreto base
arid It was necessary to blast the base
away before they could be rescued and
given medical .attention. The men were
bruised, but not dangerously injured.
Magnitude of The
Frank A. Kennedy in
You can talk about "knowing Omalla"
till you get dark around the gills, but
here is some Information about one of
our Industries that keeps working night
and day, eyery. day In the week, every
week In the mouth, every month In tho
year. No calamity that ever visited
Omaha has once Interferred with the
regularity of the greatest day of all
pay day. There may have been times
when the "ghost" was detained, but the
pay day never.
In the new year editions of the dally
papers they told of the wonderful suc
cess of Omaha during 1912; of the new
industries that, came. Into our city; of
the big buildings erected; of the oceans
of money passing through the banks, etc.,
but they did not say anything about the
newspaper Industry.
Kor Instance, when peklng of the
Omaha Bee no one considers It an In
dustry. It Is a 1 cejit store. Its "duty"
la to hurrah about other people's Indus
trie". There may be other Industries In
Omaha that can make a better showjng
than the "Bee' industry-b,ut you will
have to show me. Now listen.
The total number of employes on The
llee payroll, exclusive of carriers and
correspondents, is 206.
Here Is the part of The Bee payroll
few Industries of Omaha, IT any. can
touch; Number of employes receiving" J4
per day or better, 99.
Fifty-one of The Bee people own their
own homes, I think that is a good show
ing for the newspaper Industry, when yoq
consider that twenty-five years ago not
to exceed six of tho fifty-one meptlond
owned their homus. For fear some might
ronslder this statement hot air, here Is a
list of Bee people who own their homes:
Victor Rosewater, Ijuls "Worm.
C, C Rosewater,
N. P. Fell.
George R. Wright,
Robert Hunter
Jos. R. Campbell,
J II Cama,
William Yarton,
F. B. Oliver,
Barney Harris.
A. M. Wiggins.
V. B. Kinney.
II. B. Wooley,
ria a
Cornhuskers Mean to Fight Back at
Lincoln Press for Intentionally
Misconstruing Banquet.
Strongly Allied Now for Campus Re
moval Project.
State Farm Site Must Be Selected or
Prestige Will Be Lost.
I.ocnt Crmluittra ImokliiK, to Future
uf Alum Sinter null Desire I" Do
Only Wlint Will Produce
llettpr Institution.
To express fully and unequivocally
their wants and opinions In regard to the
proposed removal of tho University of
Nebratiku campus to the State farm site,
is the purpoce of the Omaha alumni of
the state school In calling a meeting of
the association for the University club
rooms next Thursday evening, nt 7:30
Since the big Coi nhusker banquet of
Wednesday night articles huve appeared
in the Lincoln papers with open declara
tions to the effect that the banquet was
conceived, designed and executed all for
the purpose of giving the board of re
gents and the chancellor an opportunity
to make plain their desire In regard to
tho campus removal proposition. One of
tho Lincoln dallies went so far. edi
torially, as to declare that the Omaha.
Alumni association had been formed for
the very purpose of doing harm to the
Interests of Lincoln hud Its business men. j
A I inn nl Illicit Up. !
So thoroughly Hied -are the Omuhn
Cornhuskers over the expressed opinions
of the Lincoln dallies that they are now j
determined to go as far as they can to '
effect the removal of the campus, and at
their meeting next Thursday they are I
llkelv indeed, thev are more than llkelv
to draft several resolutions and deter- ,
i mine upon u policy that will have a sting'
! In every paragraph. I
i When the annual t'ornhusker baf. Hiet
i for the University of Nebraska, eleven J
and for the high schools of the ritute was I
'.planned the ('ornhuskers had no thought .
oi campus removal. They were puttlnir i
in a boost for the big state school; they '
wanted to eticouruisii more Nebraska '
students to go to their big school, and j
j they were not concerned with the loci-
tiou or the institution. Tha Uleu orig.- :
nated last September and tho banquet
was decided upon at" that time." lt"ws a
fcot ball thought; not u campus lemoval
(Continued on Page Three.)
Castro is Denied
Ti 1 tt n tttt . . '
.Release under Writ ; I "Von y urrcutativi' A,,e" of
"AAUOhlo for the appointment of a special
NKW YORK. Jan. U.-The wilt of ha-
bean corpus In the case of Ciprluno Cas-
tro, former president of Venezuclu, was
dismissed by Judge Holt In the L'nlted
Slates district court today.
In dlHinlrsIng the writ Judge Holt ruled
that Castro Hlipuld not be allowed to
enter the cQUntry under bond pending u
decision of the bourd. He will therefore
remain on JCllIn Island.
mis sustains tne government s conten- i camps,
tentlon that the federal courts should not j Diseased workers, bud housing con
Interfere" until the board shall have djtlons, lack of sanitation and neglect
passed on his right to enter thin country. of ordinary sanitary precautions In tho
the board h decision Is made
known It Is thought that Castro
again seek the court's aid.
WASHINGTON, Jan. ll.-Immlgratlon
officials when they heard Judge Holt's
i i i .i .. . CVt ,. , t in camps over the age of 10 were em
decision nuld they probably would proceed , , ,' . . . ... .
, , , .' , ,,,.,. . , Ployed In the factories. She nstanceil
to the 1 'nlted States under the Immigra
tion law. The decision of the New York
Immigration li'spcctois will be reviewed
personally by Secretary Nagel.
Bee as an Industry
the Western Laborer.
George Duncan.
T. W. Kennedy,
J. B. Wootan.
T. J. FItzmorrls,
C. L. Thomas.
G. F. Fisher.
H. D. Bertsch
W. D. Perclval.
II. gchoenfeld,
Mabel Carlyle,
H. Van Dcr Creek,
Ii". M. Rappley,
F. Rrown,
John Parratt,
L. S. Rouzee.
Louis Connolley,
T. Granville,
L. Booze,
William Cole,
. Albert Calllier,
Alva Blendlne,
William Miller,
Dwlght Williams.
Thomas Hunt.
G. W. Hervey,
A. R. Baker.
T. F. Doyle.
C. A. Baumgardner.
G. 1). Eddy.
C. W. Rogers.
George M. I'orter,
I. J. Minner.
K. S. Fla'gg.
S. 8. All.
K. L. Platz.
I. J. Copenharve.
A. Briibaue
It would be Interesting to know if there J
are any other Industries in Omaha that l
can match or beat the above- showing ns
to home owners and percentage of em
ploye receiving U per day or better. ,
In addition The Bee has 13S carriers.
I don't know what these boys receive,
but you can bet they aro not Iw-cent-un.
hour boys.
Then comes the reul money Invested In
equipment. Tho composing room with
its fifteen linotype machines, which, with
trlmmlngB, cost $3,500 each. The photo
engraving plsnt. with its high priced
equipment. The up-to-the-minute
stereotyping outfit that saves the backs
and the muscle of the men and get the
plate to the press room In time meas
ured by seconds. The crew and equip
ment In the mailing room, the value of
which Is known to most buslnosa men.
Then the big burled fortunes Invested In
the prem room with three of those mon
ster machines that print, fold, cut, count,
faster than the human mind can think.
One hundred and twenty-five thousand
dollars Is the amount said to be Invested
In the mechanical plant of The Bee, and
I rather think the figure Is too conser
vative, yet that Is a pretty snug Mini to
Invest In the production of a newspaper.
tan this showing be duplicated or
Jbiaten In Omaha?
.JANTAHY 1J. lii:t SIX
1 1
Miss O'Rcilley Tells House Com
mittee Frightful Conditions
Slip .Sh.vh She I.uld I-'iipIh llefnre
State Offioluls, lm! lln II ecu
rouble to Get Any
"WASHINGTON. Jan. ll.-Labor and
houslltg condition among the workers In
the entitling camps of New York state
iere auncKeo today l,y .Miss l.oyle
I Helll'' 11 soclnl rlter. before the house
I rillCfl f(ntinllpn. whlnlt 1u nrtnadlarliiir .
, commitiee to investigate condltloiiH in tnc
! fruit and canning, industry throiiKhout
! fruit and canning, industry
, the country.
MUs O'Reilly said she had spent n
moniu as a woiKer in the cannuiB camps
mm nun reiurneu to tnem Willi I' . I .
Purdy of the Now York State Department
of Uilior. Mr. Puidy was on hand to
, corroborate Miss O'Reilly's testimony.
Miss O'Reilly pioduced a lurge number
!of photographs she had taken In the
separation of canned products were
charged by MIfs O'Reilly.
lilttlp Children Mm ploy p.
She said that all of the children In
one hoy. Domlnlck Perr. S vears old. who. i
I sho said, worked ten hours a day forlocrntlc county central committee. Mr.
1 20 cents. ! Crews was certain he could bo elected
j She told of scores of families lodged ilf "'tlon were held, but that would
! tn great shucks built without sanitary!1'" "" expen f c"nB m P"P unty'
arrangements, without water and without a" of whlch could ,,H mved 'i'6. 1,c ,n
; accommodations for cooking the food of
j the workers. In ono Instance she. said
i she found six children under 11 years
j old "keeping house" In the cellar of a
shack while the remainder of the two
families to which they belonged were
at work In the camps.
The factories and shacks occupied by
the workers. Mies O'Reilly suld, were
"overran with rats, hugs, flies and everv
sort of vermin."
The motheis are often afraid to leave
their children In the shacks whllo they
are at work, she said, "because of rats."
I.nliorprn I.urttelj- Intuitu rail to. I
The labor In the camps. Miss O'Reilly
aid, was largely "recent Immigrants,
Pn1rM unil llnllnnu "
"The padrone collects the 'herd,' a It Is
fulled, about June 16,"
,1" workers are taken
she said, "and
to the camps
where they remain until late In the win
ter. The managing force of the canning
companies never goes near the camp.
They pilde themselves on keeping away
from them and knowing nothing of the
conditions there."
Members of the committee wanted to
know why a remedy for conditions hud
not been asked from tho state of New
York. "I have laid the matter before the
state officials," said Miss O'Reilly, "hut
I am no politician. I do not know Just
what the relations have been between
the cannerjes and the capltol at Albany."
Steamship Breaks
Shaft in Midocean
NEJW YORK, Jan. 11. A wireless mes.
sage was received today from tho steamer
Grosser Kurfurst saying that It hud
broken a crank shaft yosterduy while 510
miles east of Cape Race. Because of
the acoldent the vessel will reach hen
three days lato. The Grosser Kurfurst
Was to have sailed frnm Vur Vn.i, f,,
Panama January IB on - cruise for which
4W pussongers had -been booked. Tills has
now been abandoned.
Relieving the Poor Consumer,
, ) Lsnzr soAinr' urn zzite that ? J
Richardson County Man Stands High
with Governor.
CiiikIIiIiiIc for l'oltlou, on Neil
llunril of Control Kinds 1'ionr
nt Office of (lip Chief
(I'rom a Stuff Correspondent. I
LINCOLN, Jan. U.-(SrylaJ.)-AnqtJii.r
full huutyo greeted ioyernot- Morohead
when he reached his offlco tills morning.
nd every putt lot wonted an Mifflcerjd
accoidlng to Information fr6i5,o(ftcf(fl
tourers not a single applicant went away
i satisfied he was to connect with a meal
Almmff ,,, nft01. Jo) . ,,
ricl,ie, wh0, It is generally believed. Is
.... - .
lo J0 a in(niiH!' or trie noani or control.
ock went uP considerably when u
Pum) h8 tIm to Pllt6l. 10 prtvutc fnci.
uf his excellency.
"I'm not In n hurry," he said to
vnte Secietnrv Murlumtv.
-vou had better go In while you can.
j Mad tno mivste secretary. And Mr.
l nuui iiiu iuiMirc rrci elm ; .iiiii
. !pnlen
Ijater In dealing out verbal numbeis to
the wnltlns army, .Mr. Monlssey ex
plained to one of tho patriots this way:
"You Hee Mr. denies Is considered a
member of the staff; he gets In any
J. M. Crows and J. II. Patton were
fitter the place In the 'house made vr
calit by the death of IW. Taylor. Tho
former brought with him a petition signed
by about ISO persons, of whom It was said
at leaft 100 wero republicans. Ho also
brought along a fellow citizen to vouch
for his being a representative man of the
Patton had the endorsement of his dem-
be appointed. ISotli or tne cuiiuiuates am
from Hitchcock county.
Sups Insiirmipp Coiiipnnj .
Auditor Howard has been notified that
Kftta M. Balling has brought suit In
Nuckolls county ugalnst the Continental
C'asuulty company for J2.70O. ruder the
; law the auditor Is the agent of nil the
companies. Insofar as securing service Is
MppIIdk of t'otinl Aaapsaorn.
Henry Seymour, secretary of the Stutc
Board of Assessment and Kquallxatlnn,
(Continued on Pago Two )
Plan Investigation
Tntf"! 'SVi 1 Tl Til Tl JX TniSt".
WASHINGTON. Jun. ll.-An Investiga
tion of the International Mercantile ma
rine, the UO,000,00) American corporation
controlling numerous forolgti and Ameri
can steamship companies with J. Iler
lont Morgan as the thief witness. Is
contemplated by the house committee on
merchant marine In connection with the
hearing of the to-called shipping trust.
Mr. Morgan Is said to have organized
this jrreat company and to control Its
stock. .
Chairman Alexander of the committee
announced today that Mr. Morgan prob
ably would be subpoenaed Immediately
upon his return from Kuropc. P. A. H.
Franklin, vice president of the White
Star line, already has been subpoenaed.
The International Hercantlle Marine
owns the entire capital stock of Oceanic
Steam Navigation company (the White
Star line). The International Navigation
company (the American und the Red Stur
Hues),' the Mississippi and Dominion
Steamship company, und the British and
North Atlantic Steam Navigation com
pany, and owns the controlling interest
In the Frederick Leylund & Co., with the
shipping business of Ismay, Imrle & Co.,
and Richard Mills A Co,
Tim combined sailings of tho various
companies cover forty.flve services,
Boise Men Imprisoned for Contempt
Are Given Ovation.
rnrly Two Hundred nud fifty
llollut-s In I'rmitrR litis !!ecn
MpiiI In (o Pit' Utiles
A Hncxard,
p6lSlC tdaho, Jan, II. H. '4 Sheridan,
and C, O. iimxon, publisher iiml editor of
the Capltnl News, and A. It! Crimen
wero given an ovation- w'hen they walked
from Jail after having served ten dnys'
sentences for contempt of court. When
the two fortntir readied the officii of
their newspaper, In which was published
the message from Colonel Roosevelt that
was held In contempt by the Idaho su
premo tribunal, thny found floral offer
lugs sent by prominent pel sous from
all over the country.
As a result, of the movement started
by Stale Senator Dow Dunning to collect
money by jtenny contributions to pay the
IJC0 fines nssessed by the court, nearly
half of the necessary amount has been
received. Conti Ihutlous huve come from
every state In the union.
Among uontrllmtliiiis was $10 Prom
Henry H. Mclllnu, federal clicult Judge
of Oregon, "with the wsh that hcuven's
choicest hlcaslug may bn and abide with
them und theirs for evermore."
Amundsen Honored
WitliGold Medal
WASHINGTON. Jan. II. Captain Rnald
Amundsen, the noted Norwclglau ex
plorcr, was tonight formally recognized
for tlm first tlmo In the flitted States
as tho discoverer of the South Pole and
honored for his achievement with a
special gold medal by the National
Geographic society at Its annual bnuque.t.
whom he was the guest of honor. Besides
Captain Amundsen sat Rear Admiral
Robert Ii Perry. I". S. N., retired, to
whom th society two years bbo gave a
similar medal, recognizing him ns
; cviverer of the North Pole. The An
the dls-
medal bears the Inscription:
"This special medal awaided by the
National Geographic society to Captain
Roald Amundsen for ills Antarctic ac
hievements resulting in the attainments
of the South Pole. December 14, 1911."
On the other side Is a chart of the
I south polar regions surrounded by a
' wreath of laurels with tho emblem of
the National Oeographlo society at Its
i A dlttlngnUhnd company attended the
I banquet to honor the distinguished for
I elgner. Cnptnlu Amundsen In replying
j to the speech of presentation of the medal
' modestly tried to minimize his own great
accomplishment and gave strong words
of praise to those who had preceded him
In the Antarctic fields,
Speoial Mail Train
Races With Fire
CLBVKIAND, O.. Jan. 11. Special No.
4'J on the IM'.e Shore Michigan
Southern railroad, a seven car mall and
express train, raced Into Cleveland lato
last night with a car afire, and was met
by an engine company, which put out
the blate after the car and contents had
ulmoU been daitrnyed. The fire was
noticed by the ngentH at Palnesvllle, 30
mllos east, wh'rh telegraphed ahead for
the engine company.
The car was Illhd with a consignment
of shirts huiI collars, valued at about
J1.&00. Damage to the car was estimated
at J2.0M. The mall clerks were In tho
fourth car. the one behind the car which
burned and were unhurt- The fire Is
thought to have been started by sparks
from the engine.
Democrats Gather to Themselves All
Desirable Berths and in Some
' Cases Entire Committees.
j Douglas County Fails to Land on
i Finance and Revenue.
Davis Given Location on the Com
mittee on Insurance.
Appoint I nil CoiiiiiiHIpp Will Hold
Another MppIIiik llefnrp eit
Tupmlnj, When ll"Kruntleri
.Mliy llr Vuppnaeil.
iFrom a Stoff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Jan. II -(Special.) - Thn,
house committee on committees has com-i
pleted Its work and will report back to
tho house Tuesdav afternoon. There will)
bn somo changes from the published llst,i
though not maim. The committee wlll
hold another mcctlntr before Tuesday anl,
In case soine democratic member IihsI
been slighted ho will be ndded to other
committees, and where too much worki
has been piled on some member ho wllV
bo yanked off.
On many of tho committees the repub-i
llcans get no representation, the demo-1
crnts taking all of the places on tho rules
committee and on somo other Important
committees. lXiuglan county republicans'
fulled to hind on the finance commutes
or on the revenue committee. Druesdow,
gets on tho committee on engrossed bills,
Davis On the Insurance committee, Sugnr.
mnn on the Judiciary, Huff on railroads,
Foster on retail and commerco, Flanagan
on labor. Urnln on libraries, Sugarman on
privileges and elections, Andorson on nub
ile lands and building". Druesdow on pub
llo printing. Foster anil Lee on cities nnd
towns. Davis and Simon on accounts and
expenditures. I luff on claims, Anderson
on corpdrntlons. Yates on mllltla, Flana
gan and Lee on state iienltentlary. Brain
on university ami normal schools, Smith
on telephone and telegraph.
- 1,1st of AnnltiliiiPiilH.
Th'ooinmltteo concluded Its work lato
thUf,afternoon after working Friday, last
night and today. All were not satisfied
with the result and the commltteo has
agreed to make tho chunges necessary
before the report goes to the house. Sev
eral members of tho committee loft for
their homes today to speTT Sunday. Fol
lowing Is the list of alt the commlttea
Accounts and HJxpendlturc.s Democrats:
Jfallstend, chairman; MoKlfslck. Pearson.
McCarthy of Urrfiley, Scott( Shipley and
Relsehs. Jtepubllcnns: Duvls. Hostctler
and Simon.
Agriculture Democrats: Vun Deuscn,
chairman; Rrott. Math or, Hubbard, Jones,
Banks, Gustln, Fox and Weston. Repub
llvans: Ayres, HaBgcrty and Stephen of
Apportionments Democrats: Trumble.
chairman; Funk, Korff, 8lndelar and
Benevolent Institutions Democrats1
Gttstln, chnlrmnn; Losey. Hoffmelstcr andl
Batiks und Banking Democrats: lilme,
lund, chairman ; Relwhe, Grueber, Orr,
Van Deusn, Jones, Hulllger, Fox and
Gustln. Republican: Wood,
Cities nnd Towns Democrats: McKls
Hik, chairman; Regan. Uusch, Snyder,
Trumble, Klmelund, Fuller, Funk and
Banks, Republicans: Burkct, Foster,
Iau and Reynolds.
Claims Democrats: FrleH, chairman;
Mather, Grueber, Kauffninn, Hoffmolster, .
Bartels nnd Schueth. Republicans: Cor-I
bin, Fvrlc-Hon, lloff ami Slebblns.
Constitutional AmendmontE Democrats:
Palmer, chairman: Ilollcu, McAlllBter,
Norton, Mather, Jackson and Kecklcy.
Hulcff Democrats: Speaker, Kelly;,
chairman, Norton; Fries, Kacklcy. Re
publicans: None.
Corporations Democrats: Regan, chair-,
man;, Potts, Helllgur, Schaupp, Pllger,
Republicans: Anderson of Douglas, SI-1
County Boundaltes, County Seats. Etc
Democrats: Greenwalt, chairman; Knud
son, Snyder, McCarthy of Greely, Orr.
Republicans: Cronln, Haslk.
Deficiencies Democrats: Busclt, chulr-
man; Muurer, Murphy, Hoffmalster,
Brott. Shtpliv, McCarthy of Cuming.
Republicans: Fulton.
Drainage Democrats: Losey, chairman;
Gates, Kailffmaiu O'Malley, Korff. Re
publicans: None.
ICnrolled and Engrossed Bills Dem
ocrats: Jackson. chnlrman: Norton,
Huioh, an Detisen, McKlsslck. Repub
licans: Druekduw.
Federal Relations Kautfman, chair
man; Slndelar, McAllister, Weston, Re
publicans: Nichols.
Fees nnd Salaries Democrats: Schaupp,
chairman; Penrson, Ixisey, Relche, Fuller.
Republicans: None.
Flnajice, Ways nnd Means Democrats
Potts, chairman; Hartley Norton, Fall
Htead, Greenwood. Jackson, Regan,
Fuller. Republicans. Anderson of Kear
ney; Mallory Qulggle, Wood.
Fish Culture nnd Game Democrats
K nudson. chairman; Fisher, Gusctlu,
Banks, Potts. Republicans: Chappel.
Morris, Yates.
Insane HospltaJf Democrats- Snyder,
chairmun: Pilger, McCarthy of Cuming;
Fries, Klmelund. Republicans: Andeison
of Kearney,;. Buckner, Klmwood.
Irrigation Democrats: Brott, chairman,
(Continued on Page Two.)
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