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.Retiring Governor of Iowa Sends
Final Message to Legislature.
lie Alao AtlTncntra Arliltrxllon of
I.nbnr Dlepntre mnn tlic 1-Jlmltin-tlon
of I'nilrnnr .Hj-hIciii'
of I'Smplni'tiirnt.
DBS MOINBS, Ja.. Jrii. H.-Uov.uior ',
H F Carroll In his final mtaaac? to tho
BMombly Mis nflornoon laid special etre-j
on the enactment of adequate lawn f .
prison reform, rompcnntlon of working
men and a-ood roads. The rrtlrlnjr ko.
ernor recommended the creation of in
official to be known as n "slate sheriff
who would he available for lnvestlgatl n
of such crimen as that which occurred it
Vllllsca about a year no, when a xvholr
family was murdered one night No
clue to the asrasslns has ever been
The arVltratlon of strikes and lnhor dls.
putes and plan for the elimination of
tho so-called "padrone" system In em-1
ployment agencies of thV state 1
among other recommendations.
Many t I.tmn SuKKesteil.
Governor Carroll discussed it Kreat ninnv
other subjects, some of them brlefl), a.)
Without expressiiif' opinion ns to the
wisdom of the proposed changes at tl.e
state colleges he advised that borore
steps are taken to override the Judgment
of the governing body of these Institutions
the most careful and pAlnitnklng con
sideration should be given not only to
the Immediate effect of tho changes pro
posed, but to the ultimate Interest nnd
welfare of tho state and of the Institu
tion. Enlargement of capltol grounds by
purchase of land Immediately south. In
eluding soldiers monument and extending
to the railroad tracks, making ' thin u
park and placing the Allison nnd other
monuments therein. The sale of gov
ernor' square.
Krectlon of an office building, prefer
ably ono for the law department of tli
tati and especially for tho supremo
Appropriation for the preparation for u
great homecoming of Iowa soldiers on
the occasion of the next Grand Army ot
the Republic encampment.
Reapproprlatlon of the providential con
tingent fund and provision that It can be
used on majority vol of the executive
Authority for payment of the National
guard expenses while on duty on call'
of the state out of tho general fund ot
the state,
System ot examination of county ac
counts and records.
Hotel Inspection to be transferred to
the department of labor,
ReorsnnUlng Health Board.
Members of the State Hoard ot Health
Bhould be placed on salary and the board
Nhouki be ndvtsory in character and coin
p"ru reorganisation along the plan con
sidered at tho last session.
Larger appropriation for fighting the
hog cholera.
Appropriation for protection of' bees
and enforcement of the law ns to In
spection. Kood and dairy commissioner lo lw
made superintendent of weights and
ireaaures and law to ba mado more ef
fective Measures Intended to better the sani
tary condition of tho state
Appropriation for a woman's building
In tho state park, used for tho state fair.
Establishment of ,a chllcl - welfare do
nartment or bureau, '
Tho office of state sheriff, tho In
cumbent to bo subject to direction from
the Kovernor. to go into nny part of
the state and Investigate crime.
Greater authority for the commerce
counsel of tho railroad commission, mak
ing him the legal adviser of tho board,
and ho should prosecute ait cases brougm
by th commission for enforcement of
An Immunity statute-to aid In the appli
cation of the anti-trust law.
Larger appropriations for tho Institu
tion under tho Uoard of .Control or at
least larger, a. compared with the ap
propriations made 'for the educational In
stitution. '
Definite allowance for the soldiers'
homo. Instead ot a per capita allowance.
Additional rooms tor school work at
the state orphans' home and a building
for a 'hospital.
Transfer ct the school for thn deaf
to tho State llontd ot Kducutlnn.
Additional money to complete a Rlrlfc
cotta.ee at tho Institution.
Provision for treatment or advanced
cases at tho tuberculosis sanitarium mid
additional butldlhgs.
Provision for a gymnasium nt the boys'
Industrial school,
Psychopathic hospital at Clarlnda aiid
Mount Pleasant, cottage for tubercular
patients at Independence, homo for em
ployes at Cherokee.
Compltlon cf new cell house at Tort
Establishment of an eptlcptlo colony.
Workhouse for Knoxvllle.
Knlargcment at Knoxvllle, so there will
be a hospital department and a work
house. Provision for a recess committee to visit
the stato Institutions.
Establishment of two or three additional
state normal schools.
Direct inheritance tax.
Uetter pay for the wardens of the penU
tentlary and reformatory.
Steps to aid In securing amendment to
the United States constitution to require
election of senators by direct vote.
Indorsement ot the one six-year term
for president.
Make the primary election apply only
to senators, governor and lieutenant gov
ernor and return to the convontlon sys
tem for all others.
Submission to the voters ot the state nt
the amendment for woman suffrage.
Presidential preference primary, but
I VallnBLLuttSII
H 1 now conceded by physicians that
the kidney should have more attention
a they control the other organ to a re
markable degree and do a tremendous
amount ot work In removing the poisons
and waste matter from the system by
filtering the blood.
During tho winter months especially,
when we llvs an Indoor life, the kidneys
should receive some assistance when
needed, a wa take less exercise, drink
l.s water and often rat more rich heavy
food, thereby forcing the kidneys to do
more work than Nature intended. Kvl
dence of kidney trouble, such as lame
back. Inability to hold urine, smarting or
burning, brick-dust or sediment, sallow
complexion, rheumatism, may be weak
or irregular heart action, warns you that
your kidneys require help immediately to
avow more serious trouble.
An herbal medicine containing no min
erals or opiate has the most healing in
fluence. An Ideal herbal compound that
ha had most remarkable success as a
kidney and bladder remedy Is Dr. KIU
mef Swamp-Hoot
Xxu may receive a sample bottle ot
SivuDip-Koot by mall, absolutely free.
Adilress Dn Kilmer & Co.. Ulngtwmton.
N. Y., and mention The Omaha Dally
making the congressional district the unit,
except nn to delrgiitea ut large.
The governor reported that during, the
last two years ho has grunted six par
dons, forty-seven paroles, twenty-six
commutations, suspended fifty-five Jail
sentences, remitted fifty-four fines nnd
two forfeitures, restored 232 to cltlicnshlp
nnd revoked six suspensions. The Hoard
of Parotn was much more liberal In the
oxerclso of clemency during the last bien
nial period than formerly. It ha paroled
3J7 from the penitentiary and reforma
tory and has paroled three before com
mitment, making a total or 340, aa against
2ZI during the three years preceding.
Atlantic Railroad
Is Ordered Resold;
Shaw Coin Forfeited
ATLANTIC, la.. Jan. H.-(SpccIal.)-
The Atlnntlo Northern fc Southern rail-
rr-ad has been ordered resold. Judge
Arthur In district court yesterday
declared forfeited nil the money that
fonncr Governor Leslie M. Shaw has put
Into tho road, since It wns bid In a
year ago last September by Colonel
Grorgo W. Adams of the Iowa & Omaha
Short Line, the predecessor of tho Shaw
This money, amounting In nil to S67.S40,
has been paid to the receiver from time
to tlmo In order to secure postponements
ot the payment of tho $402,000 originally
bid for tho road, when the syndicate
could not, for one reason or another, sue-
cctd In floating its bonus.
The definite date for the rcsnlo of the
road was nut set this afternoon, but it Is
expected ta bu held In about thirty days.
At the hearing January 4,' the Shaw In
terests offered to pay In $2.1,000 additional
'if a further extension could bo secured.
They only desired threo days- In which
to raise the money, presumable nt Donl-
con. Shaw's old home. Hut Judge Arthur.
at that tlmo Indicated that a payment
of tM.Oofl Would bo 1 1 nulled, and If that
Avere mud, he would feel Inclined to
grant it final rxtanslon until Mny I.
At the hearing today, not oven tho $23,
too was offered, ur.d the Denlson ntto
neys of the syndlcato did not appear In
court ut all. Thero wns no Intimation
given by Mr. Hess of any appeal from
tho action of Judge Arthur to tho su
premo court.
ItlNKi'nerftit Conduct
of liver nnd bowels, In refusing to not, Is
quickly remedied with Dr. King's Now
Life Pills. Easy, safe, sure, 25 cents. For
sale by Ueatou Drug Co. Advertisement.
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Mlsccllnooua Subjects Wolz. chairman:
Kemp. Bptrk, Ollls. Talcott.
Miscellaneous Corporations MiiiCfur-
land, chairman; Hoagland (Umcastcr),
Klcchel. Wols. Cox. Kohl. Smith.
Municipal Affairs Saunders, chairman:
Heasty. Wolz. Uartllng, Wink.
Privilege and Elections Dodge, chair
man! Honglnnd (Uncoln). Kemp. Mar
shall, Knunbach, Plncek. Sm'in.
Publio Charities Cox, chairman; Hum
mel. Iteynolds, llobcrtson. West.
Publio Iinds und Ilulldlngs HartUng,
chairman: Hushee, Hoagland (Lincoln),
Hummel, Marshnll, Splrk, Urooklcy, Hale,
Publio Printing Smith. ohatrmanj
Hushee. Heasty, Shumway. Wink,
llallroads Heasty, chairman; Uartllng,
Cordeal. Hoagland (Lincoln), Klcchel.
Kohl. Talcott, West.
Reform Schools, Asylum for Feeble.
Minded and Home for Friendless Klein,
chairman; Hoagland (Lancaster), Splrk,
Krumbach, Wink.
rtovenue Spirit, chairman; uarucai,
Huarmnnn, Saunders, Grace. Smith,
Tintnii and Commerce Urooklcy. chair
man; Uartllng. Haarmann, Klein.
School Ijinds and Funds Hummel,
chairman: Heynolds, Shumway. arace,
Robertson. . .
Soldiers noraea uoagiana inuicaaiori,
chairman; Hummel, Wolz, Krumoacn,
West. ...
Stato Prison Krumbach. chairman;
Dodge, llougland (Lancaster), Reynolds,
University and Normal Schools
Klechel, chairman: Cordeal. Dodge.
Hoagland (Lancaster), Shumway, Gross
man. Wink.
Vour druggist will .refund money It
lAZO OINTMENT fall to cure any case
ot Itching, Ullnd, Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In 6 to It days, ttc. Advertisement
Representative Uraln of Omaha "Ought
to be a mighty smart man," says Ulxby.
Luther McCarthy, the Nebraska cow
boy pugilist champion. Is coming back
home on the moving picture films. In
olden times we would have strewn roses
In his path.
Henry McDonald, chosen to. preside
over meetings of the county board the
coming year, was a county commissioner
once before. He Is a brother of the late
John McDonald, three times sheriff ot
Douglas county
Whatever dlftcieiice of opinion thr
may be about the legal attainments ot
Henry C. Murphy, South Omaha's mill,
taut city attorney, no one Question i.i.
fistic abilities under proper provocation.
C F. McGrew used to be a federal
bonk examiner.
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names of defendants aro unknown. lYo
MJ(S service by publication Is proper.
, I.lrctlnn Hoard I'ny.
H ,K..So-Ji' '' UHnhoe. of Klmball-For
punishing for theft from and Interference
with and Injury to Inigntlon ditches.
H. I". No. 12. by Ilusheo of Klmball-Pro-
t Ides that taxable property of Joint school
I districts shall he assessed between dls-
iriciu accoroing 10 proportionate amount
of property.
H P No. 13, by Busliee of Klmball-Pro-vldes
that In counties having an assessed
valuation of less thnn rrooom mmnmg.
Ion of -assessors shall not bo lese than
J. per day for tho time employed In the
work, precinct assessors to receive 3 per
H J No, H, by Hoagland of Uncoln
Provides for an assistant stato engineer
to devote tlmo to Irrigation work.
fj F No. 15. by Ilusheo of Kimball-Pro-vlden
Hint thn $500 exemption shall not
apply to wages.
8, P No. IB, by Hushee of Klmball-Ite-atea
to organization of Irrigation dis
tricts 8. K No, 17. by Saunders of Douglas
To extend water district ot Omaha to in
clude territory outsldo city limits.
. S 1 ,.,No,.il' h "axtllng or Otoe "Vote
by mall" bill.
S. P No. 19. by Dodge of Douglas Pro
vides for posting of notices of special
elections for voting of sewer bonds wlicre
there aro no newspapers within Jurisdic
tion 8, P. No. 20, by Klein of Gago-Provld-In?L.w,iy,".wJlcroby
counties of between
.4.000 and W),000 population mav have bene
fit of Inheritance tax for road funds.
8. P. No. 21, by Krumbnck of Polk Bill
prcpured for stato codification commls
slon tor tho licensing of Installment In
vestment companies.
H. K, No, 22. by Krumbaclc of Polk-Ite-nu
ring the State linnrri nf li,rnno
glvo notice to county attorneys and Jud 1
of district court ot hearings on applU. -tions.
i ?; hy Krumback of Polk-Ilc-
Intlng to flro insurance.
v.K2V- ,bj; ,1Ion,RI""l of Lancaster
Providing tlmt Lincoln firemen shall not
be on duty for tnoro than twelve hottrn
In one day.
nSlunu0' -Abolishing tho defense of
employes relating to railroad
tv?,.??.?' f8' y I,oaB'anl or Lnncaatcr
ro require land owners to destroy prairie
?9)38 or "cket Bophers by Novemhor I,
,K' .No uy Shumway of Dixon
For stato aid for hln, ,hJ. .l.T1. ,.
ugrlculturc '
Fin st hay Fon snw iiills
Nlnetr-Ktirht Are Dropped In Hop.
per on the First Day,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nob.. Jan. 14 mn.Mni
The following bills were introduced in the
H. R. 1 Ilnrilln nf llnrlnn t, u
tho adoption of the report of tho statute
revision commission as the revised stat
utes of Nebraska.
II. It 2-Norton of Polk and Hardin of
Harlan. Mnlf, ii n w.t.,.... , ...
Ject to a fine of $100 to $.100 and lmnrlson-
ui. iu oxeneu six months with 1m
Ponphment or removal from office to "log
it1 T,0.tl2d.,! for th0 Passage of a bill.
H. R, 3-Fuller of Seward. Counties may
levy tax not to exceed two mills or Issue
bonds not In execs of 2V4 per cent of total
assessed valuation for the purpose of
erecting or purchasing and operating telo-
tinnriA iviiinms
H. 11. 4 Hrott of Cheyenne. Gives con
trol of the taxes of any school district
located in two counties to the county in
which the school house is located,
H. R. 6-Brott ot Cheyenne. I'rovides
that, ronntv t . n n v wv. , -
, , , . i it. , i in
habitants may IncorporAto a villages.
,i . 1U " "r? ol unoyenno. Provides
that counties having an assessed valua
tion of less thnn $100,000, shall pay their
county asressors $5 per day, whllo at
H. R. 7 Sugarman of Douglas. Pro
vides for. the election of two Instead of
six Justlcu of the peace in metropoli
tan cities.
.SrJ"? of iwnoc. Appropri
ates $20,000 for the Incidental expenses of
the legislature.
i"' I'.?:Po.tt8 of Pawnee. Appropri
ates $120,000 for members, officers and
employe of tho thlrty-thlrd session of the
1. R. 10 Fries of Howard. Divides
county road funds so as to give the road
districts twlco ns much ns they now get
and giving the county authorities one half
as much as they now get.
Penalty for Witter Theft.
It. R. 11-JFrlPs of Howard. Fixes the
compensation for Judges and clerks of
election outside of cltlca of the first-class
at 33 cents per hour in place ot $2 per
H. R. 12-FrIes of Howard. Defines pow
ers, duties and fees of county surveyors
and- prescribes method ofostnbllshlng nnd
restoring lost or obliterated corners.
H. R. 13 Fries ot Howard. In boundary
When The Snow Blows
and outside cold demands an 'inside 9
warmth to make folks cheery
For breakfast, there's nothing quite so comforting
as a dish of good hot porridge.
i Post Tavern
r makes a delicious dish
for the morning meal
The new food is a skillful blend of the flavours and
rich nourishment of . wheat, corn and rice.
It costs about l-2c the dish and brings pleasure to
many a breakfast table. , v .... V;
Sold by Grocers everywhere Packages 10c and
15c, except in extreme est.
Tlostum Cereal Co.,
disputes, givci state surveyor power to
summon witness, ndmlnstcr oath nnd
compol testimony.
II. R. 14-Frics of Howard. Provide for
the marking of county road on both
boundaries and provides for monuments
ot concrete, Iron or stone on survey
II. R. 15-Frles of Howard. Make it
unlawful for any person to establish cor
ners In Imitation of corners established
by thn United States government.
H. R. 16 Hoff of Douglas. Appropriates
$,S00 for the paving ot streets adjacent
to deaf and dumb asylum.
II. It 17 Busoh of Otoe. Makes It a
felony to destroy property valuted at
over $S.
H. R. lS-Hraln of Douglas, rermlts the
voting of bonds for sewer construction In
villages, where no newspaper I published.
H. R, 1-Busch of Otoe. Makes It
felony to destroy property valued at more
thaiitij and leave It to discretion of the
Judge, whether Jail sentence or fine Is Im
pose. tr T on MtnUnrAwnn nf T.Anrnatpr. Al-
ilows railroad to transport property and
household goods of their employes or
experss employes free of charge.
H. It. No. 41. by Mockett of Lancaster
Permitting the county boards of counties
wherein are cities of 2G.O0O to 1C0,X) to Im
prove roads within the corporato limits
when such roads ere extensions of Im
proved county highways.
II. R. No. 42. by Hardin of Harlan
Permits tho owner of a bull, stallion or
Jack to hold a lien upon the dam as well
an the offspring for services rendered.
II. R. No. 43. by Knuffman of Nemshn
Appropriating $75,000 for an Industrial
training building nt Peru State not mill.
H, R. No, 44. by Lee of Douglas Pro
viding that the city of Omaha mny Issue
bonds for tho purchase of the cltv Audi
torium If authorized by two-thirds vote;
firovldra for $100,000 Issue ot park bonds
f desired by city council as follows'
"When Improvements aro made upon or
In streets or sidewalk adjacent to or
abutting upon parks, parkways, boule
vard or playgrounds, t.ho,cont ot cxpenso
of which will be chargeable to the city,
the same shall be paid from the park
fund herein provided."
II, R. No. 45, by Bchaupp of Gage
Making It unlawful for telephone com
panies operating In the same city or
county to merge.
II. R. No. 4fi. bv Bollen of Knox-A
Joint resolution for a constitutional
amendment permitting a verdict of five
sixth of a Jury In all civil casen or In
criminal cases not felonies.
Increase Firemen' Pension.
H. R. No. 47, by Druesdow ot Douglas
Providing that the pension for police and
firemen bo Increased from $10 to $50 a
H. R. No. 4S, by Druesdow of Douglas
Permitting the clerk of the police coilrt
to accept cash, bonds.
u. it no. . by McAllister or Dakota
Removing tho assumption of risk and the
fellow servant rule from tho employers'
defenso In personal Injury damage suits.
H. R. No. CO, by McAllister of Dakota
A Joint resolution to amend the constitu
tion to Drovlde an Income tax on Income
of over $2,000 per year.
11. it No. 61, oy lllchardson of Lancas
ter Making it a felony to give or sell
"dopo" to penitentiary or asylum In
mates. H. R. No. B2, by McAllister of Dakota
Making eight hours a legal working day
except on farm work.
H. R. No. 53, by Chappell ot Brown A
judicial apportionment bill.
II. n. No. 61, by McAllister of Dakota
Providing a l-mtll levy for six years for
the permanent Improvement of tho stato
university at tho state farm site.
Road Tax In Cnalt,
H, R, No. K. by Schucth of Platte Pro
viding that all road tax shall be paid In
cash, one-half to be used ns a county
road fund and one-half equally between
the soveral commissioner districts. County
board may levy the samo tax In cities
nnd villages a tn tho several road dis
tricts, to bo divided between county road
fund and districts where levied, said
money to bo spent under direction of park
board In metropolitan cities.
H. R. ,No. 6C. by Harris of Buffalo-Appropriating
money In the State Normal
library fund for books for tho Kearney
H. R. No. 57, by Regan of Platte Ro
quiring that all' "light" locomotives bo
manned by nn englnoer, fireman and con
ductor. H. R. No. 58. by Regan of Platte Pro
viding for a'tollector of fares on all muln
line trains In addition to, the present Pas
senger crow.
H. R. No. 53. by iCeckley of York Pro
viding for a , civil sorvlce iu nil, .state." !n-
stitutlons,. under th'o direction ot the
State Hoard of Control.
H. R. GO By Anderson of Kearney, re
quiring applicants for a marriage license
to answer questions as to 'age, color and
former marriage under oath.
It. R. 01 By Hosteller of Buffalo, a
"blue sky" law.
H. R. KS By Mockett of Lancaster, pro
vldlng that telegraph and telephone com
panies may establish lines on railroad
right-of-way. conferring power of emi
nent domain.
H. It R3 By Hostetler of Buffalo, ap
propriating $5,009 for an nnncx to the
Kearney Normal.
For Blue Skr Lnw.
H. R. 64-By McAllister of Dakota, a
"blue sky". law modeled after the Wyo
ming statute.
H. R. tXV-Hv McKlssIck and Schaupp of
Gage, providing that In counties of 50,000
population or under the county board Is
not compelled to let tho contract for the
Ltd., Pure tfood Factories,
Improvement of roads by the Inheritance
tax by competitive bids.
11. It t-Uy Schueth ot Platte, pro
viding that treasurers of cities or villages
may deposit the public money in thlr
care In whatever bank offers the bost in
terest rate.
If. It 7 Hy Brott of Cheyenne, a ju
dlclal apportionment bill.
11. R. CS Uy Wood of Dixon, permitting
a school levy of afi mill on the dollar.
II. R. 00 By Hoffmelster or Chaje,
changing tho number of petitioners neces
sary to establish a county high school
from twenty-flvo to one-third ot the free
holders resident In each district.
H. It 70 By Hoffmelster of Chase, ap
propriating $Jt,41S for the relief ot Chaso
county tor money spent in a murder
II. R. 71 Bv Recan of Platte, requiring
Insurance companies to pay attorney feeti
or policyholders who securo juagmcni on
II. R. 72 By Regan of Platte, providing
for the drainage of land Into natural de
pressions not having a continuous outlft.
II. It 75 By Anderson of Kearney, ior
mlttlng a county tax levy to erect sol
diers' monuments or National guard
II. It 74 By Anderson of Kearney, pro
vides that the railway commission can
compel railroads to ntop trains doing uu
Intrastate business at county sents.
II. It 75 iiy Anderson of Kearney, fix
ing tho compensation of town treasure
at $15 per annum.
Mixed Mnrrlairra Prohibited,
II. It "ft-liy Anderson nt Kearney, pro
hibiting marriage of whites to Indians,
Chinese or Japanese.
II. R. 77 By McAlliMtcr of Dakota, lim
iting the speed of automobiles In tho
country to fifteen miles per hour, :n
rlH nr villa l'cm tn five miles Per hour.
and proscribing a state license fee of $l.o0
for chauffeurs, who must bo over IS
years ot age. Other roud regulations.
II. It 7& liy McAllister or unKoiuu, c
peallng statute which enforces restitution
of premises during appeal In cases of
forcible entry.
H. It. 70 Uv Gruobor of Thayer, strik
ing out tho word "Intentionally" In anti
discrimination statute.
H. R. SO Hy Ayres or wenaruson, per
mitting seining with two-lnch-mesh nets
by holders of only a general fishing
(Continued from Pago One.)
humiliated. If you will remember, the
tactics pursued by Governor Morchend in
this regard aro exactly the same as thoo
used by Governor Sheldon, which mado
him so much trouble, and I feel Buro that
in this Instance Governor Morehead will
Losing: Fnlth Steadily.
"Personally It Is' nothing to me what
the governor docs. I don't want anything,
neither do I want anything for any of
fy friends. The thing which 1 am Inter
ested In Is seeing the legislature and the
administration mako a record which will
help tho democratic pnrty In tho future.
Wo have got n democratlo president, or
at least will have soon; n democratic con
gress, a democratic governor nnd one
branch of our legislature democratic,
with a democratic majority on joint bal
lot, and It is up to those who represent
tho party to make a record which will
live In the future and mean something.
I had lots of faith in Governor Morc
hend boforo his election, and that ho
would bo a power In tho governor's chair,
but trom what I have seen sinco I camo
up hero I fear for tho future of tho dem
ocratic party because of the mistakes
which Governor Morehead Is making and
which ho will make If ho continues his
present policy.
Silent nn Sphinx.
"It Is due tho men who have tolled early
and late for democratic success and who
now ask for favors at tho hands of tho
governor, that they should know what
awaits them, be It success or failure to
land. Many of them havo been waiting
hero in LIricoln for two weeks, paying
hotel bills and being nt other expense,
in an effort to get the1 cac ot tho gov
ernor, and their friends have alsoispcnt
time and money trying to get somo kind
ot an Idea of what the governor wishes
to do, but as far as getting any lino on
what they may cxpoct tlicy might Just
ns well talk with Govornor Aldrlch and
expect him to appoint them to what they
want as to expect anytTTlng in tho way
of Information out of Governor More
head. "I am not kicking," said Mr. Parry In
conclusion, "because I like to criticize
Governor Morehead. I don't llko to take
a position of this kind, but no man Is
bigger thnn his party, and when that
party has placed him In a position where
he can mako or mar its future lie should
be criticized .when ho takes the stand
Battle Crook Mich.
t uw being taken by tho governor. Ur U
means trouble for the party In the future."
Workmen' Compensation pleasure
Lend Sennte List.
(From a Staff
LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. 14. (Speolal.)-
jioagiana or Lincoln county had the
honor of getting In on senate tile No.
1 In the senato at tho opening this after
noon wltji his workmen's compensation
act. while Smith of Seward was a close
second with a bill to levy an occupation,
lax for the benefit ot the state on nil
express companies. Ollls of Valley Intro
duced tho third bill prescribing tho duties
of the Board of Control. Other bills of
more than usual Interest were one by
Hoagland of Lancaster for a double shift
for firemen and one hv nnrtiinr- e ,-,.
giving railway employes rhsnu
while away from their legal residence .
Diiumway or Dixon, in behalf of the
Btate university. Dresnnt,i t.i, ,
Oovornor McKelvey with a gavel manu-
iHtiureu ai tno industrial department rf
the university. The
responded In the following speech:
hiii . v SfJ. ie'Vi e ;H!?n??t
stand"!0 and the thlnSS for wh,"h
The University of Nebraska in the
greatest Institution in our state-greatest
whvlUnnV?rolBh eon (the Sowing
mLn?1..,?w) ,c"?fs " thlnP f a per-
hm i uovu i u uiiaracter,
1 II 1 8 CQ. V P I XV T n Wrilln-tit M -
,,n department of education
Which trntnu VaKm. .1,.. I A . ,T.
iw.i- i r J """" wyo 10 worK wun
their hands-aye, more; It teaches them
"r"T 'vaiior inai department of
pur material wolfaro known aa manual
laOOr. Anil MM. A nnn. Dlm.tnMn. , .
i.. ii i . , okiiiuiuuko ib seen
in this finished product-tho edification
...a nmnjiiiuiLo oi prouueuon. in this
Plcco of wood I sco an aptness of com
parison between the small but vital seed
from which It rrmw nrl .,,,..1.. -1
oncers who first settled on these fair
iMmuuB, struggling valiantly for exist
ence, the very thing which contributed
litp and prosperity was fertility of the
so . Likewise from the fertility of tho
soil and through tho indotnltablo In
dustry of her people, Nebraska has
grown llko a giant tree deep-rooted In
tho fortllo soli of good government, mon
strous in Its trunk of woalth und In
dustry, spacious In branches of educa
tion and social equality, and amplo In tho
follago of prosperity and happiness for
all Its people.
This gavel. In Its relation to our par
liamentary affairs, Is not an emblem of
Kldcration and fairness In decorum and
debate. Within Itself It knows no man
or measure, no foe or favorite, no party,
sect or religion, and so I trust It may be
In my hands.
Gentlemen, I court your friendly co
operation tpwnd that end, and I thnnlc
tho donors for their timely and practical
LONDON, Jan. 14. A decree of divorce
was granted here today against tho
American actress, Fanny Ward of St
Louis, on the petition of her husband,
Joseph Lowls, tho South African mil
lionaire. Tho suit, which was undefended,
was brought on statutory grounds.
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very ugly looking, so I doctored It myself
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