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"Made in Nebraska" Exhibition Con-1
tinges to Get Encouragement. '
Mninfnctnrrr Over Slnt I'lnnuliiu
to JJwvp l)n for Thrlr Pnrtlcii
litr LornlKIm Srt Anlilo
KaiiUutu ns. among tin.- li.t ii OnmliM.
lme ilecidcil that H15.V 11111st ukl in cveiy
y to make ,1 svueeM ut the show that J
features the imrctiHW hihI use of "Ne
Urnska mailt' cooiis
Indicative of the srent Interest felt 111
the forthcomliiR " Mado In Nebraska'
show, which wilt open a two week bps
flon In the Auditorium March 5. the
reception yesterday at the office of the
Federation of - Nebraska IJctallers of
prominent manufacturers throughout the
state, and the acceptance from qulto. a
number of local organizations for spccUU
nights, and from out-of-town commercial
clubs for special days and nights.
The Lincoln Commercial club and the
Manufacturers' association of Lincoln
have arranged 'for a special day on
Wednesday, March 12. O. V. Dai tier,
vice president of the Federation of Ne
braska Retailers, and of the Bhow, was
one of tho callers at headquarters .yes
terday, bringing In the requost from tho
Lincoln clubs for that date. Ho stated
that they proposed having quite r large
number of Lincoln pcoplo here on that
occasion. a
' L. A. Kinney, president of tho Hastings
Manufacturers' association, and vice
president of the Hastings. Commercial
club, was another caller, bringing with
him, In addition to those, named pre
vlously as exhibitors, the following man
ufacturing firms who will mako ex
hibits: .limit- In IlnxtliiK.
The Central Nebraska Mill Work com
pany, Seyboldt Manufacturing company,
.1. A. Koso & Son, Hastings Foundry
and Iron company. John H. Hart and
Kauf fc Rindcrspacher. Tills makes all
total about twenty exhibitors from Hast
ings who will have a special section In
the building for "Made In Hastings"
goods. Almost every line of manufac
tured products will be represented in
this division of the show.
Among' tho special committees ap
pointed to visit the "Made In Nebraska"
show headquarters and arrange tenta
tive programs for their days and nights
was S. Blmonson. president of tAc Blnglnir
society "Norden." Ho camo to tender the
service of that Swedish singing club,
and also suggested that they unite with
tho Danish singing society and other
Scandinavian organizations for a special
Scandinavian night. Committees from
these societies will meet with .Louis.
W. Buckley, ono of the managers of this
show, this week, -selecting a night and
arranging a complete program for tho
The Fraternal Order of Unfiles, at thlr
last meeting, appointed a committee in
connection wltn "linglcs' " night for this
Bhow. This committee together with the
entire lodgo will meet with Mr. nuckley
on Thursday night to arrange tho pro
gram of special features of entertain
ment. The Omaha Real Estate exchange nas
appointed a committee for a special
night; likewise the United Bohemian so
cieties of the city and so far fifteen or-
The wty of Omaha .annot ex- j Bq DAMAGE CASE $ ,
sci 1 lcu uu 1 ut- ouum
Many Want Work
in Omaha's Million-
Dollar New Hotel'
Hotel employes In sufficient numbeid
to do the work ut M tho hostelrlea In
Omaha have applied for Jobs ut tho nrw
H.OJO.OWI hotel. Inquiries about po.-ltloits
aro coming to A. I Reed, treasurer of
the company, from every comer of the
globe. The Douglas Hotel company's mall
is an large now ns If the place were In
full operation
In the mall this morning was a letter
from a woman In lMss Christian, Ml?.,
who wanted the position of housekeeper
With her application she sent enough
recommendations to fill u derby hat.
Treasurer Ueed lias written, advising
her to wait a year or so and then com
munlcuto with the lessee. If the mall con
tinues as large as It has and answer to
all the letters become necessary an extra
corps of stenographers may be required.
Most of tho communications, however,
are catalogues from hotel supply hoU3e3
and furniture concerns. Everything from
a monkey stove to a largo heating plant
has been offered for sale to the com
pany and all manner of things tho eoni
pany officials never thought necessarv
for a hotel beforo are being described to
them In letters, circulars and catalogue.
The officials are now negotiating for 11
lessee, who will probably bon. hotel man
of New York City. Applications from
other cities arc also being considered.
When the lessee Is decided upon, plans for
the hotel will be begun.
pect to
j dealing with a corporation any more
Members of City Commission State ,B" mrlT
. llevo this proposed settlement will secure
Their Position on the Matter. Int once dollar gas for the thousands ho
I pay the bill. lvlng them n osltle am!
BIG SAVING FOR CONSUMERS "rtnln reduction every month. If thi
1 legislature authorises a vote on the qus-
If l'riipimril rrnnitiMiir tit Is I'nrrlrri 1 Hon, tho other elements of the nRicenient ' offor was acciptnl
can bo thoroughly unesnpu om ociore
the voters at the proper tlino.
I "We may or may not win tho case
the lltj'a Income. ,10w m court, Vmt It Is bound to drag
turougn hovctiu years
(Hit It Will Mrnn Hrilnrtlon In
ll tins l"rr nnrt Inerenoe
.lust as the $iVtiO -isniitit damngi' suit
nf William F. Smith Mgnlixt Ihr NilliltiK
ton railroad was about to go to the tury
befoie Judge l'av li dlrtilet eouit I In
road otfrrcil to ettl for $T,,P0 ami the
Snuth, a brakeman, w. injured several
but She Changed It.
No, gcntlo reader, that Is not a print
er's blunder. Doubtless you weie Justi
fied In thinking tho ccmposltor huM run
amuck, but you were wrong. That's Just
tho mi mo of n. young woman of South
Omaha who was licensed to wed Friday
It Jiere is offered as a simple lesson In
Directions for pronouncing are as fol
lows: First, get tho asthma; second,
have home good surgeon perform a few
operations on, your tongue and your hard
and soft palates; third, pick out a warm
day and take a walk through the slush
until your shoos are soaked through and
your feet well dampened; fourth, get into
u' warm room, open a window and sit In
a draught. In about half an hour you
will bo able to pronounce it whether Sou
want to or not.
Tho marriage license record reads:
AnacetaH Lconovlcz. South Omaha 24
I Annie Czasznalavlcziutc, South Omuliu. i't
The youns woman was a bit bashful
and told the license clerk she hoped her
name wouldn't bo put In the paper. A
bystander remarked that It oughtn t to
bo allowed In the papers nor anywhere
else. Ono reporter broka a finger writing
the name, but he said ho was going to
wrlto the news If it killed him.
Members of the city commission have
Issued a statement to the public on their
position In tho matter of the compromise
effected between the clty-and the Ouinha
Gas company. A public meeting Is calico:
for Saturday afternoon. The statement
"The cltv council feels that the gas
consumers and citizens generally of
Omaha should know the real purport of
the com prom lee agreement with the
Omaha Otis company relative to rates to
bo charged fur gas and setting forth the
tax to be paid to the city on tho output
of the company.
"This ugl cement was reached only
after nn extended'" series of conferences
between a commlttci of the council and
representatives of the gas company. On
the part of tho council eommltteo the
contention all along wns that tho gas
consumers of Omaha wero entitled to a
reduction In price to It per 1,000 feet.
This proposed agreoment, If carried out.
will accomplish that purpose and will
mean a saving of at least $120,000 to tho
gas consumers In tho first year. This
saving must naturally Increase by a very
substantial sum In the aggregate with
every passing year. The Income to the
city treasury, under the agreement, will
also lncreaso by a definite scheme of
progression as the output of tho com
pany increases.
Tell tin- I.rulnlntora.
'If the citizens of Omaha me m
earnest In their desire for dollar gar,
they should let the members of the
Douglas county delegation In the state
legislature know their wishes, so '.hat
they bo given a chaucu to at least vote
on the provisions of the bill which ho
legislature Is asked to pais. A voto of
the people of tho city Is the only test
that can bo considered to have Riiy merit
at this time. There will be no chanco
record for or against the proposed com
for the citizens to put themselves on
promise unless tho legislature confers on
tho council the power to call nn election
on this mutter. If the slogan "Let the
people rule" has any merit here Is 11
chanco to test It. '
"Further. If the people of Omalnl have
11 real and abiding confidence in .ho
future growth of their city, they will
sco some merit In tile plan outlined for
an lncreaso of Incomo to tho city treas
ury ub tho business of the gas company
grows from year to year. Within ,cn
years the Income from that source should
be of sufficient magnitude to materially
reduce the sum of gcuoial taxation. At
tho same time, while this Income has
been growing tho consumer will have
been enjoying the benefit of tho reduced
cost of gas. This, after all, Is tho main
point to be kept In mind. ?
IIck the Uncut ton.
'.'Pimply to assert or contend that this
agreement Is one sided, and too favorable
to tho Omaha Gas company. Is to beg the
"All citizens should tnko a lively In
tel est In this question, because It ef
fects their personal pookotbook mu.h
more Itally than It does the city treasury,
and they should post themselves befn'O
forming nti opinion. In this connection
the public should take notice that a Joint
meeting of the city commissioners ami
the Douglas county legislature delegation
Is to be held Saturday afternoon, January
IS. at 2 p. ni.. In the council chamber.
"A. Kl'GEL.
".1. B. HFMMEL,
"J. J. RYDER."
i .W .l. !! ' 1.1 I 11 p.lt to HOI I, 'ill
a run that h,hki' to him and Hd
not know tlml ut 11 itlaln point a pole
pititrmled fmm the side ot the ilght-of-way
to within k font of the ears. Smith
vh hanging nn to the side of car when
the protection hit him. He alleged the
liiltn-v mailo him a victim for life of
iviiii' tlU.ne of the snlne The defense1 The
.... ti, . 1 viwr.il imm mini to this in - I Neusi'iipcr
cl.leut tl.e t.raUeman u . Met illv was I I'.uslliess Success
1 ut ,Uid th. ' . a I 111 1 . 1 h - p 1 1 1 t
mlun w.ik tin b'llh I wtil' 11 liud hetn
pel milled to remain Imbedded In his back.
Testimony ot pluslclans tended to sup
imit the contention of the plaintiff.
Thorwlny nUl.t Smith refuted nn offet
to -ttle for fTttO.
Persistent n(v Judicious Use ot
Advcitlsiig Is tho Iloacl a
I r-
Kills Coyote West
of the City Limits
Ten years ago George Iloagland pre
sented to Joe Shouse an old style forty
five Winchester rifle ns a keepsake of
days gone by. The gun had gotteu too
big for use In this part of the country
and Joe hung It up ns a memento. As
driver for Beaton & Later he makes fre
quent trips west of town and some ono
told him lately that thoro was a pack ot
five coyotes right In the neighborhood ,
through which ho was passing. Tho old I
gun came back Into use and josterday I
at n distance of iXM yards he stopped
with It the career ot what has likely
been the mother of tho whole pack. She
wns a good sized animal and. tin doubt,
has many a chicken to her credit.
For Saturday
January 18th
ony, and for
cash only.
S3at0s..$2.00 , i1hfr?s 85c
Shop No. 1
1618 Farnam St
. N. B. If you can't get served at Shop Number
Ono you'll find same goods and same prices at
Shop No. 21901 Farnam St.
Regular Stock- Not Purchaitd for the Sale.
County Dads Want
.01$ Building Down
The Hoard of County Commissioners n i a
decided to get after F. O. Johnson, court
house wrecker, with u shaip stick be
cause he has fulled to wreck the building
In contract time. Tho ground should have
been cleared by January IS. Tho board
ordered Johnson to appear January ZZ im.l
show why the county should not tut:
charge of the wotk and complete it
Johnson probably will bo given u short
extension of time If he shows a detenu
nation to ruh the work.
At linuost Prlrtt. hi City.
dOe I'ompclan MtiNsiigo
f. ...,. fit. oan
60i Hind's Honey and
Almond rreuin for 39c
25o Sanltol Tooth Paste
for 10o
Rexall T o o t li l'ato
for ... .... 10o
$1 HO Uournud's Oriental
'renin for 89c
2..c FroHtllln for . . . .140
Sue flicker's Tar Soup
for 140
lt.l.i lltA 1 ..,' 1 , foe 1 3,1
o tho genuine llourjeols)
rles Flesh Food for... 190
BOc French
(The abov
B0o Dr Clin
1 0c Hhiiiola if
Fnlrlmuk'H Fairy Soup, per
oalto ils'
20-Mule Tcnm Itornx nt... c
a cuUea Ivory or Wool Soup. ..He
ItctllllOll lit WIloll'NIllo VliCCR.
SmoUors nro mom cordially in
vited to cull nt our iRiir caso mid
Inspect our stock. Aak for prlco
or Assured Quality.
We personally guarantee everi
piece of Rubber Clouds we sell
Hood Hulh Hyrlngo 39o
Household ltubbor Cllovcn 39o
S.iit. Fountain Syrlngo o
3-cit. Fountain Syringe ..... 890
Nipples, best kind, each Bo
Until Taps . ,16o to 600
Infants' Syringe, several kinds.
at 33o
AloniUors 38o to $1.83
Ituliber Ico llUrfH . 3Go to 81.33
S-qt. Water lings . Oo
John A. I.ee, employed by the city In
the department of streets, lost his t.'iO.OOO
libel suit against the Omaha Dally News
when Judge Abraham Button sustained
a motion of tho newspaper to direct a
verdict In Its favor. Leo will not appeal.
A New "Baby Powder"
Soothing and Refreshing. Will not wash
off Hheds water. l.irge can for 30o
Hox of Hnrr'n
Wo nro exclusive agent.! fo
auth's I'elehrated linn of f'onfet
tlons, selling from lOo to 93.00.
at our two downstair lunch and
soda rooms. Uxcellent scrvllco and
moderate prices
Downstatrn nt 10th and Dodeo Bts.
Downstairs nt tho Owl
16th and Harney Street".
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
,.n tr MeConnall Druir Co., Corner 10th and Doaje. Owl Drug" Co,, Oorn.r 10th and Haxney.
Loyal Pharmacy, Uotol Loyal, n lock.
Tho Harvard Phanuacy, Oornir 34th and rarnam.
Pure, Fine CANDIES
ClthA.MS, assorted pound boyes, nr.
'50c "values, at ... &0C
rancy Fluffetas.luschlno, chocolate
reguarly sell at dipped, special
Z irm-. 29c,rund 69c
Orkln Broi, Basement.
Children s Uuuntlcts. black, - tan and ray,
big OOu and eric values, extra sjiculal
Kuturday, pair
Wotncn'f Gloves, gluce kid, 16-U- White,
black, tan, brown or light evening JO MQ
shades, $3.50 values, Saturduy .. ti
women's Gloves, suede, full silk lined, gray.
brown, tan and black, regular ?l.ny
quality, pair
Orldu Bros. Main Ploor.
Clir Great Sales
StartJIonday, January 20
Tli oho Huloa Mill Involve all sectloHA and
thnro aro noma blR surprlHoa In value giv
ing In Btoro for yon,
Colgate's, regulur
POWDUU - Ivoar-
lols Java rice, sue
ZOIN & al
mond lotion
S 8c
WIUlmnH' mid On
10c size, b.il' JU
7fiU value.
A fii' i li I N TAU
I.KTH. five- QCn
grain, 2 dnz. fcOU
-Main rloor.
Saturday, We Will Offer Your Unrestricted Choice of
1,000 Women's and Misses' COATS at $10
Whether the
price was
$25.00, $30.00,
$35 00 or even
$39.50, choose
now at the one
ft i r rr
price lU.UU.
Coats in every
material and for
every occasion
are included in
this great offer
NEVER to our knowledge lias there been a coat sale in the eity of Omaha that will
compare with this one in point of variety of assortment and real value giving. It
is a sale that comes but once in a long time and Saturday is the time; a lime when
wo give you choice from over 1,000 women's and misses' coats, no matter whether Iho
price was $25.00, $30.00, $35.00 or even $39.50, for $10.00. Yes, there's a reason we're
clearing stock and willingly accept the loss, the coats aro all now, taken from our regular
stock and represent the season's most favored styles, and include such splendid gar
ments as
Broadcloth Coats
Caracul Coats
Novelty Coats
White Blanket Cloth Coats Zibeline Coats
Mixture Coats
Fine Chinchilla Coats
Diagonal Cloth Coats
Double Faced Coats
J m li w
If you need a coat this is your ono great saving opportunity; come and take advantage of
it. Sale begins Saturduy morning at 8 o'clock. The best selections will be snapped quick.
Our High Grade Genuine Sealette PLUSH COATS Saturday, $15
The Values Range From $35.00, $39.50, $42.50, $45.00 and Even up to $50.00
FlfTTJA' SPFfTAT es' nceec' tns s an extra special and hundreds of
AVt. -l- sm.m.Mj women who have longed to have a plush coat, but hesitated on account
of the price, will herald this announcement with delight. It's clearing time for us that's tho reason of such a tremendous sacrifice.
The coats are all new and from our regular stock not coats bought from some maker who made a mistake, or made for said purposes
thoy are tho cream of tho seaaon'B productions, and represent the acme of workmanship and style. Tho offering Includes genuine sealetto plushes, plain or
fancy trlpimed, moro than fifty Individual styles from which to mako selection, all heautlfully tailored and finished throughout and lined with plain Skinner
satin or rich brocaded silk; garments that represent big values at tho regular prices $35.00 to jBO.OO; all In this clearing movement, Saturday, choice, at
Orkiu Ilrothers Second Floor.

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