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Motor Cars Cause Forty-Five Per
Cent of Death Claims to Order.
lorra Trnvrltnn; Mm Ask for l.rl
Intlnn that Wilt Indrmnltr Thrtn
or Pro4rvt Tlirm CnrnnnttRli
Klnetl for Contempt.
Hundreds Marooned
on a Hilltop Near
Ashbyberg, Ky,
KltANKFOHT. Ky., Jan. 18,-Approx.
ImaUlv f iVlA nartnm it H vat f
on all Prsonl l'!!- ""c V?o '.' honieii In tho vicinity of Ashbyherfr. Ky .
SV n'ulte an" IdJll.on Wn..1"10 "y flood, nt the juncture of ,h Pond and
when lir ran t'ck of Jirr father who
was flitting iomo wood. Just n she
ran wiwed him, hr drew ku k the ax
ami struck her a Wow on the toil or
ihi. IimiI. Shn wan knockeil unconscious
to the ground and In In a serious ooti- i
llOONU At th meeting of the awe-
sors of Hoone county held yeeteroay. inrj
voted to ralfe the ameesinent on ail
farm lands of the county 20 per cent.
They also voted to ralfe the assessment
lBs? MOINES. la.. Jan. IS. (Special
TelpRrsun.) Tho alarming Increnso !n
the number of deaths and accidents duo
to automobiles was the occasion for an
urgent plea on the part of J. W. Hill,
president of the Iowa State Traveling
Men's association, for the members of
tuat body to take some action coverlnB
deaths and accidents caused In this man
i er. PractlcaJly the entire address de
livered by Mr. Hill was devoted to thn
automobile and the havoo It Is workltiK
with the association. Forty-five per
ent of all death claims, lie pointed out,
are due to automobiles and IS per cent
of alt Indemnity claims that have been
polds by the association In the last year
are duo to the same causes.
In the last -year the association paid
benefits to 679 persons Injured while
operating: and repairing machines, 49J
while passengers of machines and In?
members of the association who were
Innocent bystanders when Injurod by mo
tors. Kleven deaths were due to auto
mobile accidents.
IHTryr r Fined for Contempt.
In district court today Hart Cavanaugh,
prominent lawyer, was fined 150 for con
tempt because of having filed a petition
In court some time &fo In an estate case
which was token to reflect upon the
court. The petition was afterwards with
drawn and on Investigation ordered.
Derby Dank t.'nae Submitted.
The famous Derby bank robbery case
was submitted to Uie supreme court to
day. In this case tho bank of Derby,
Lucas county, was robbed about a year
ago and $1,900 taken. Two men, James
Burns and John Williams, were convicted
of tho robbery. They hnd been seen at
Osceola, thirty miles from Derby soon
after the robbery and later were arrested
In Omaha and taken bock to Charlton
for trial. It is claimed In their behalf
that thee waa no evldenco directly connecting-
them with the robbery and that
tho fact that they were so far away from
the robbery at a tlmo very soon after
the crime would lmllcato they were the
wrong persons.
To Appenl Ilnrlnn Mayor Cnnc.
Tho attorney general will nppoal the
Harlan mayor removal case to the su
preme court. An effort was made to effect
removal of the mayor under the state
laws. The court refused to order removal.
Hills to make the removal law apply
to all officials will probably bo adopted
by the legislature this winter. An effort
to enarge the scope of the law lost year
failed becauso of fenr It would bo an
Instrument of oppression.
Snloon Cnnr Decided.
The supreme court today made clear
one provision of the mulct law which the
statute ho befuddled. The court held,'
In a case Involving1 the legality of saloons
In Dcnlson. Crawfonl county, that In
c'tles of over S.W0 and under B.OQO In
habitants such cities may legalize saloons
eltliSr by scouring 80 jner cent of the
vctefa to sign or 'by securing OC per cont
pf tim county and a majority of town
and township. Either way can ,bo used.
An attack' was mado on tho Denjson
satodns on the theory that In Addition to
63 per cent of tho voters of the county It
'should be required that 80 per cent of
voters In the city should sign up.
Court Derisions.
W. A. Theobald et at., appellants,
against Pot Kllnn. Crawfonl county,
saloon consent petition; affirmed.
in re Kimball estate. John llannlgan,
appellant, against Klllot Kimball, Du
buque county; reversed.
J. B. Iteove ngatnst Alberta FeUer, ap
pellant. Marlon county, action to recover
commission: affirmed.
lown N-ws Notes.
BK18TOW William Jaket, aged SI
icars. the son of Conrad Jakel, a farmer,
commuted suicide by hanging hlmsolf In
hla father's born lMday forenoon. No
cause Is known for "tho act.
fsrWCW-Vnutertlax- thn hoard of illreo-
trim nf the K. I-anor Mooru hospital
were given a check for X from the
entntn nf Mrs. Mary Burweli. the in
tercst from which Is to be. used for
charitable purposes, especially In the care
of old women.
HAMPTON The oiploslon of H reels
of moving picture films In the Vllea Film
exchange nore iasi nixni. causcu u iiro.
whteh destroyed the Mefflhlfer building.
th.. film nxchaneo and a meat market
and threatened to spread to adjoining
buildings, ino toss is hWi " '""J
BOONE Miss Agatha Barrett of
Luther, was nearly killed yesterday,
county quite
CI.AIUNDA - All enthusiastic mass
meeting of farmers In session here Tues
day, voted to -.rganUe thn county in
township units for general Improvement
purposes, and to employ an expert for
county advisor Originally the plan con
cerned only agricultural Improvement,
but the fanners enthuKiastlcally oteU
to Invito the eowns of tho county to
Join tho movement, and to Include econo
mic and social betterment
Thief is Inventor
of Burglar Alarm
NKW YOUIC. Jan. I -After serving
twenty-eight years In prison for various
burglaries, William Cornell hopes to put
an end to the burglary business for
others. In his cell In the Tombs, where
he Is awaiting trial on a now charge of
burglary, he rocelved a letter from Wash
ington yesterday notifying him that a
burglar alarm which ho had Invented had
been approved and he would receive a
patent shortly.
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areene rivers, now are marooned on n
hill near the town, according to an appeal
for aid received by Governor McCreary
yesterday. The governor has ordered
tents and blankets sent to tho refugees
and Instructed the adjutant general's
department to make on Investigation.
(Continued from Page One.)
senators would net unanimously when
tho time came for action, meaning that
a caucus would be held when tho senators
returned to town.
on Indian affairs.
Meanwhile seven Osagcs, members of
the tribal council, who were removed on
January 3 by Secretary' Klsher, because,
he said, It wns found thev hau nnen un
duly Influenced In making a lease to the
Uncle Sam company, went to the1 dis
trict supreme court and got a mandamus
calling on the secretary to show cause
next Tuesday why they should not be ro
Instated. Certain leases to the Uncle
Sam company have been thrown out by
the secretary and a hill is now pending
In the house to compel tho secretary to
validate them.
ChnrRN of (.rosa Favoritism.
Albert Wilson, representing the Undo
Sam Oil company, In a brief, declared
that "The Blandard on company Is en
deavoring to block tho efforts of the
Undo Sam Oil company to secure this
lease because the Uncle Hani Oil com
pany could then become a competitor of
tho Standard Oil company subsidiaries In
the field.
"Hut the Undo Sam Oil company," ho
continued, "has been harassed by every
device known to tho Oil trust and has
but they havo fought the fight to estab
lish their company s a genuine. Inde
pendent oil company and actual bona
fide competitor of the Oil trust."
Answer of Secretary Fisher.
Secretary Fisher replied to tho ohargns.
Ho said:
"I regard an attack from the Uncle Sam
Oil company as a badge of honor," de
clared tho secretary. "It Is conclusive
recognition of tho fact that I havo ef
fectively checked the attempt of this
concern to acquire an Immense oil field
belonging to the Osago Indians under
circumstances which have been Investi
gated by a special agent of the Indian
Office. As a result of this reportI re
moved tho entire tribal council and re
ferred tho report to the attorney general,
who will take appropriate action Just aa
sson as ho can decide 'what tho action
should be.
"Tho Uncle Bam Oil company, having
been turned down all along the line, from
the superintendent of tho Osago agency
through the commissioner of Indian af
fairs, the assistant secretary of the in
terior, myself and President Toft, ore now
resorting to extreme measures to try to
bring about their purpose of getting the
oil lands by fair means or foul. Their
ovldent purpose In coming here now and
presenting this petition to congress Is to
Influence tho election of a new trlbil
council which has boon ordered for next
Wednesday, January 22."
As to the chargo that he hnd been aid
ing tho Standard Oil company In trying
to secura for that corporation Osage VI
land leases, Secretary Fisher declarod
the reverse was the caso. All pipe lines,
ho said, had been prohibited from bidding
In the competition for those lands. Fur.
thermore. the regulations, provided that
no company or person could obtain more
than 33,000 acres, whereas the Uncle Bam
Oil company wanted 300.000 acres, and
three Individuals supposed to be affiliated,
he said, .with the company had each ap
plied for a like amount.
Members Melse Time lir Forelock on
Important mils.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 18. (Special.) Members
of the houso are getting their appro
priation bills In early, the total amount
of money asked for at this time being
J707.605.93 In addition to tho 1-mlll levy
for tho state university and a 1-mlll levy
for permanent university buildings at tho
stato farm. This levy Is to be mado for
six years, tho total amount expected from
it being t?.COO,000.
Of the big appropriation bills Introduced
there Is ono for JHO.000 to buy the Fre
mont Normal school; $100,000 for building
at tho stato fair; ys.WO for an addition
to the Kearney Normal school, K&.OilO for
an Industrial building at the Peru nor
mal; $75,000 for a building at tho Chadrnn
normal; $85,000 for a new building at the
Wayne normal; $20,000 for legislative In
cldsntnl expenses nnd $13),000 for the pny
of members and employes of the legisla
ture; $15,000 efficiency at the Orthopedic
eeretnry of Sennte Pussleil Over
I'nr of Official.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jnp, 18. (Speclal.)-Clyde
Barnard, secretary of tho sonate, has re
quested the attorney general to help him
make up the payroll Insofar as relates to
the lieutenant governor. As the amend
ment to the constitution reads and as In
terpreted by Barnard this officer will
receive $1,200 for serving during the scs-
lon. Tho members receive $000 for the
session nnd the lieutenant governor Is to
receive twice the salory of a member of
the senate.
Visitor nt Ksectitlvr Office Thinks
She lCnnrra It.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan .18. (Spcclal.)-Andrew
Morrissiy, secretary to Governor More
heart, having some e'xfqrjencs. A
woman came Into tho offlco Friday, Just
as Morrlssey stepped out oft tho vault
oft from the recoption room.
I want to see tno governor," said the
woman, starting Into the vault.
Tho governor Is In his private office,"
replied tho secretary. "He Is not In tho
"I know he Is In there. oTu are hiding
him," retortod the woman.
Morrlssey faded away.
Will Not Delay l.nng Abont Mem
bers' Salaries.
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN, Nob., Jan. 18.-(8pcdal.)-
Audltor Howard probably will gtvo a de
cision whether he will Issue warrants to
legislators at the rate of $10 a day, to
conform with the constitutional amend
ment, the first of tho week. Several of
the members are getting on tho anxious
seat, and very shortly he will receive an
official communication asking for a rul
ing. The attorney general held that tho
members are entitled to the Increased
Persistent Advertising la the Road to
Big Returns.
H.w Yu Rheumatism, Kidnsy, Liver or Blad
der iroupier
Pain or dull ache in the back Is evi
dence of kidney trouble. It is Nature's
timely warning to show you that the
track of health Is not clear.
Danger Signals
If these danger signals are unheeded
more serious results follow; Ilrlght'a dis
ease, which is tho worst form of kidney
trouble, may steal upon you.
The mild and Immediate effect of
Swamp-Root the groat kidney, liver and
bladder remedy Is soon realised. It stands
tho highest for Its remarkable curative
effect In the moat distressing cases. If
you need a medicine, you should have the
La mo Back
Lame back la only one of many symp
toms of kidney trouble. Other symptoms
showing that you need Bwamp-Root are,
being obliged to pass water often d urine
the day and to get up many times during
the night.
Inability to hold urine, smarting In
la?ing, uric acid, headache, dltslness,
indigestion, sleeplessness, nervousness,
sometjmea the heart acts badly, rheuma
tism, bloating, lack of ambition, may be
loss of flesh, sallow complexion.
PrcraJcncj of Kidney Disease
Most people do not realize the alarming
lncreaso and remarkable prevalenoy of
Ullney disease. While kidney disorders
lire the most common diseases that pre
vail, they are almost the last recognlied
by patient and physician, who usually
f-'ontint themselves with doctoring the et
fectt. while the original disease con
stantly underlines the system.
IsTXaB '"''T S 'nnxi'iiiniMii
Sample Hottlo Sent Free
Regular fifty-cent and one-dollar sUo
bottles at all drug stores.
Don't make any mistake, but remember
the name. Dr. Kilmer's Bwamp-Root, and
the address, Blnghamton. N- Y., which
you will find on every bottle.
XDXTOmXA SOTICX To prove the wonderful merits of Bwamp-ltoot you
may have a saniplo bottle and a book of valuable Information, botn sent absolutely
free by nvalL The book, contains many of the thousands of letters received from
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value and success of Swamp-Root Is so well known that our readers are ad v lied
to send for a sample bottle. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N Y . be
urc io -say you. read this generous offer In The Omaha Sunday IK 'u- ?n
u.iieness or in is offer is guarantee''
'Continued From Page One.)
the agreement was that It gave the coun
cil authority to fix he price of gas for a
period of years, which waa a concession
to the gas company. However, It guar
anteed dollar gas to the consumer, mak
ing that price the maximum.
He said the expert hired by the city to
appraise the gas company"s property and
determine what gas could be furnished
consumers for had reported that 97 cents
per 1.000 cublo feet would, Instead of be
ing confiscatory, as claimed by the com
pany, glvo tho company a profit on Its
original Investment of C per cent.
"We do not hopo to get a lower figure
declared profitable than what our ex
pert reported," ho said. "We baso our
ensn on the flgurcB of this expert and tho
accountants wo had."
W. H. Orecn wanted to know If tho
council could not fix rates unalterable
for a period of years under .existing laws.
Lambert answered In the negative.
Hydrr for AVorklioiior.
Mr. Ryder said Omaha, situated In tho
center of tho continent, was becoming
tho dumping ground for all tho wandering
Willies and promiscuous travelers in tho
country. Tho reason that there are now
In the city Jail from 300 to 300 prisoners
is that they know they do not have to
work and so ore not loth to being Incar
cerated there.
A workhouse, ho believed, would solve
the problem, and while the Initial cost
would be great It would really bo an In
vestment which would ultimately return
a urofit-
Ho said the police force was too small
and thero ought to be other pollco sta
tions to keep certain groups of mischiev
ous persons under control.
"No city in the United States the size of
Omaha," he declared, "has so low a rate
of taxation, If you arc going to do busi
ness do It In a buslnessllko manner. Olvo
your hired men hero power to do tho
things you want donu and tho things that
ought to bo done."
Ho gave the figures showing how much
It cost to maintain certain departments of
city government, proving his statements
regnrdlng tho low nxatlon to be rue.
"There Is no reason why tho commis
sion here should not havo tho power that
other commissions over other cities have
the power to Issuo bonds to enrry out mu
nicipal Improvements," ho Bald.
F. W. Fitch moved at the conclusion of
thn talks that tho city legal department
be Instructed to draft Into proper form
the recommendations of the coundl and
submit them to tho Douglas county dele
gation for submission to the legislature.
Senators present Dodge and Grossman
askod questions, but made no promises.
Representatives Foster and Yates sold
they were In sympathy with the things
proposed and would work for Omaha nil
tho time. Senator Saunders came In lato
and heard a part of tho discussion.
Brandt ip Released
and Starts for West
NEW. YOUIC, Jan. 18. After serving
six of the thirty years, to which ho was
sentcn$6d, or burglary- at the home?'' of'
Mortlmor I Schlff, whero ho was a
serant, Foulke 10. Brandt left for the
west on an ,oarly morning trnln today
to enjoy tl' freedom granted him yesto
day by Oovornor Sulzer, becauso tho
sentence wns excessive.
Brandt wuh accompanied by United
States Senator Nelson of Minnesota and
ha will stop first In Washington beforo
going to Minnesota to begin Ufa anew.
A largo number of memborH of Swedish
societies were at tho Pennsylvania sta
tion to ' shako his hand nnd wish him
Brandt followed the instructions of
Governor Sulzer that ho should not dis
cuss his case. He has been warned that
It ho does discuss tho slanderous state
ments provlouiily made, which he re
tracted publicly yesterday or seek to
gain notoriety by writing of his caso or
appearing on the stage, the pardon will
bo revoked.
Fire Commissioner Oecomes
"Fired" Commissioner.
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINOOI.N. Neb.. Jan. 18. (Spcolal.)-
K. B. F&lrflold Is responsible for this one:
A stranger walked Into the crowd In thn
office of the governor and Inquired for
tho fire commissioner. Fairfield, who
was In tho room, pointed out CharleH
Randall and sold, "Thero Is the 'fired'
oommlaloner, I don't know the new
commissioner." But the stranger was
looking for the now appointee.
(Continued from Page One.)
leges, such as agriculture, thrown In dl
rect and dally contact with the students
that are specialising In other linos. Not
only Is It highly desirable for this con
tact to occur In an Intellectual way, but
socially it Is of distinct advantage for
this mingling of the student body.
I'nlnit Strengthens Work.
"Third, from our experience at Wiscon
sin I feel very strongly that tho quality
and character of our work Is deepened
and strengthened by the fact that we are
In such close physical union with the de
partments of pure science. Conversely,
the example and results of applied science
influence in no small measure tho de
partments of the theoretical and pure
sciences. Agriculture Is more and more
rapidly being reduced to the status of
highly specialized sciences and should
receive ns much benefit from the closer
association with the rudlmental sciences
on which it rests.
"The argument that you refer to, that
It will Injure the school or agriculture, In
my Judgment Is entirely fallacious. It
Is entirely true that there should be types
of agricultural Instruction given other
than those to students that are matrlcu
lated on an equivalent basis with the
liberal, arts colleges, but even this sub.
matrloulate work, which is an Important
part of the activities of an agricultural
oollege, ts materially Improved by virtue
of the close union which hero exists. If
audi work were established independent
of your regular collegiate work In agri
culture, It would necessitate a duplication
of faculty and plant which would se
riously handicap the development of agri
cultural education. Yours truly,
Winter Only Hiding;
Sure to Show Up Yet,
Says Weather Man
WASHINGTON, Jan. lS.-Balmy breezes
and sunny days which are making folks
think It is spring, are to continue for
some time, but CliteT Willis L. Moore of
tho weather bureau Is out with a warn
ing thut winter Is hiding somewhere nnd
Is sure to come. Reports of most unusual
weather conditions, telling of flowers In
bloom, trees n-buddlng and birds rtnd
animals venturing out from winter quar
ters, aro coming Into tho weather bureau.
"Atmospheric conditions of the American
continent may bo likened to nothing so
aptly an a bubbling caldron, which soon
Is to boll over," Is the wny Henry E.
Williams, assistant dilef of tho weather
puts It, "and when It does, It will mean
a chungo in weather conditions In every
part of tho country. Tho troubla Is that
no ono can tell Just at what point the
caldron will boll over."
Harry C. Frankenfleld, chief forecaster,
explained that there was n conflict be
tween tho cold winds from tho northwest
and tho warm winds from the southeast,
with tho odviuitago to tho latter. Colder
weathor Is on the way, he said, but when
It Is coming he could not foretell. The
movement Is apparent, but seemingly
moro apparent than real, he added.
Several times this month disturbances
have attempted to make their way out
of tho northwest toward the Atlantic
coast, but always the resultant cold
weather has been of short duration. So
fur this month, two weather records have
been broken. One was tho low tempera
ture record of California and the other
the low pressure record of the southeast
ern states,
The Pacific coast generally has been
about normal most of the winter.
Vengeance of Woman
Causes Downfall of
Auto Bandit
CHICAGO, Jan. 18. Vengtance of a
woman scorned is sold to havo been re
sponsible for tho betrayal and arrest of
James B. Perry, confessed leader of tho
automobile bandits and his companion,
Walter Scott
A woman with whom Perry had been on
friendly terms for several years and with
whom ho had quarreled a few days ago,
before the visit of the police to the South
side flat building whero tho trio lived, Is
said to have betrayed tho alleged auto
mobile bandits. She is said to havo
telephoned tho police the tip which led
to the capture of the young men. Tho
woman Is said to havo quarreled with
Perry over money matters.
Walter Scott, the youth who was ar
rested with Perry showed signs of weak
ening under police questioning, but de
nied having been associated with Perry
in any robberies.
Tho pollco bollovo that Scott was chauf
four for the bandits.
NOME. Alaska, Jan. 18. The Solomon
"Derby, the first of the winter dog races
and second In Interest only to tho great
all-Alaska sweepstake, was postponed
from today until January 25, because of
the heavy snow storms of tho last few
days. The distance Is slxty-fivo miles
from Solomon and return.
Water Wagon Goes
on Duty m Chicago
CHICAGO, Jan. 18. Owing to the warm
weather, street sprinklers were brought
into uso In the downtown district last
night for the first time during the month
of January, it was sold. In thirty years.
Tho unusual sight drew forth comment
fiom hundreds of persons In the street.
who seemed to regard It as an omen of
the near npproach of spring. Recent
thaws had caused a great accumulation
of mud nnd slush on tho pavements. The
maximum tempernturo yesterday was b5.
NEW YORK, Jan. lS.-Miss Mario
Dobbs dropped a nickel by mistake Into a
ticket chopper's box of tho Interborough
Rapid Transit company a year ago and
Is $3,&00 richer as a result. Today she
was awarded that sum as damages for
fnlso prosecution when upon tho refusal
of the ticket agent to return her tho
coin she took another nickel from hts
window. Haled Into court the young
woman was honorably discharged. Then
she sued the company.
If Your Child
Needs a Physic
If CrosB, Feverish, Tongue
Coatod, Give "Syrup of
Figs" to Clean tho
Stomach, Liver
and Bowels.
Look at the tongue, Mother! If coated,
it Is a sure sign that your little otje's In
sides, the stomach, liver and 30 feet of
bowels are dogged up with putrifylng
waste matter and need a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once.
When your child is listless, drooping,
pale, doesn't sleep soundly or nit heart
ily or Is cross, Irritable, feverish, stom
ach sour, breath bad; has stomach acho,
diarrhoea, soro throat, or Is full of cold,
give a teaspoonful of Syrup of Figs, and
In a few hours all the foul, constipated
waste, undigested food and sour bile will
gently move on and out of- Its little bow
els without nausea, griping or weakness,
and you surely will havo a well, happy
and smiling child again shortly.
With Syrup of Figs you are not drug
ging your children, being composed en
tlrdy of luscious figs, senna and aro
mutlcs iti cannot be harmful, besides they
dearly lovo its delicious taste.
Mothers should always keep Syrup of
Figs handy. It Is the only stomach, liver
and bowel cleanser and regulator needed.
A llttlo given today will save a sick child
Full directions for children of all ages
and for grown-ups plainly printed on the
Ask your druggist for tho full name,
"Syrup of Figs and EUxer of Senna,"
prepared by the California Fig Syrup Co.
This Is tho delicious tasting, genuine old
reliable. Refuse anything elso offered
Time is Money
To Yoti ISIow
If You Want to Take Advantage of Our Piano Club Plan
Features of Orkia Brothers Piano Club Plan in Detail
1 Tho club is to be composed of BOO members.
O "" 1 . - A
vimy a iow more memoera can he accepted.
3 Tho value of tho Orkin Brothers Club Piano is $350.00.
" The price to Orkin Brothers club members is $257.50.
5 The terms are ?5.00 cabIi when you Join, then $1.25 ner
week for 202 weeks.
6 Tho piano will be delivered when you Join, or later as you
7 Tho weokly payments of $1.25 begin when the piano is
-Every instrument is guaranteed without reserve for five
VGam in a crtinrnntPA an otrnriir na wn tmn, v..n. i--
in writing.
9 If, aftor 30 days' trial, thoTlano is not satisfactory we will
give you your money back.
10 If the piano1 is satisfactory after 30 days' use, the club member
has eleven more months In which to 'satisfy himself as to the
character of the piano. If it does not thon prove to be everything
that he expects; ho has tho privilege of exchanging it without one
penny s loss for any other Instrument of onUal or greater value
that we sell (and wo sell a dozen different representative makes.)
11 If a club member dies during the life of his contract we will Im
mediately Bend a receipt In full to his family for tho instrument.
lz A beautiful stool and scarf to match tho piano aro Included with
out extra cost
13 The l'lano will bo tuned twice without charge.
14 There Is positively no Interest ndded.
uraiu uroiners Talra Floor.
Burglars Steal...
stracts, Insurance Policies and Receipts, should bo kept in
A Safe Deposit Box
in our absolutely burglar and firo proof vault. Our vault
is the most convenient in Omaha, being on tho ground floor
of tho Bee Building. No stairs to climb. Boxes rent $3.00
American Safe Deposit Vaults
ii!8 South 17th St. Reo IJtilldinK.
MONEY TO LOAN ON RHAIi ESTATE nt 5, .-2 nnd 0.
Did you
draw a mouth?
You will have another chance
to show your skill beginning
Watch for it
No. 2 Anthracite Nut Goal per ton. $10.50
A very good quality for the money.
Everburn (nut, egg, lump) per ton, S7.00
The ideal furnace coal clean, hot, lasting.
McCaffrey bros. go.
Kev to the SUuutloii-lieo .Advertising:
Faultless Finish on Collars
No saw edges, no collars laundered so
stiff that they crack in putting them on.
Every new Collar and Shirt in your
bundle is dated when received by us so
that you know how long they wear. We
want you to judge us, not by promises but
by our work.
All we ask is a fair trial.
Omaha's Quality Laundry
Successors to Ballsy as Ifscb
Tlie largest and best equipped dental
office In Omaha. Experts la cliarco of
all work, moderate prices. Porcelain
fillings ust like the tooth. All instru
ment sterilized after using.
Si rioor Faxton Blot. Omaha, 3Teb.
Douglas 2560
You Have Laughed at the Pictures
Now See Them in Real Life
and Laugh Some More
If you want to read a
During the next twelve months you will have to read
The Semi-Monthly Magazine Section
WItti your Sunday Bee
Next Sunday

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