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T1JE BLE: OMAHA. M.uM)A ,1AM -Jo. t'HH.
Enormous Shortage of July Wheat in
Chicago Causes a Little Anxiety.
Chnntrc In Cnh Mtuatloii Amoitsj
Importer Tiring 'nldn Ont of
Line uhh llraall thist They
Unit Hoped For.
. OMAHA. January IS. 1913.
There I mi enormous shortage In the
July wheat future at Chicago. It la be
lieved by well-posted men tn the trade
that tho longs In May wheat have taken
tlio opposite, end of July. In case the May
wHeHt Is boosted to higher level the
July output Is more than likely to
ympathizc. With a crop scare and the
Miitrt In the May uneasy and Inclined to
cover, there will bo enough Investment
Mtylng of July to maek all shorts uneasy
und to chatiKe their position In thstt par
tlrular future. Those who arc now carry
niS the May In Chlcngo, and who l.ave
'u July sold, have doubtless taken their
position 'with the Intention of delivering
wheat taken during May on July 'con
tracts. The wheat market ha for some
little time been tied up rather tightly
niul the controlling Interest Is the longs
In the May future. Recent price changes,
as woll as recent changes In sentiment,
Imvo been brought about by the forced
swinging of tho speculative pendulum,
with the May bulls at the lover. The
tlioo Is rapidly approaching when the
i rop promise will becomo mbre and more
uncertain. According to accredited
authorities the winter wheat plant Is do.
lng well In many localities. Messages
were received ftom scattering sections of
the southwest saying that while the top
growth of the plant Is brown and It
falls to present a lively appearance, tha
plant Is well rooted and that It will be
heard from later on with growing
weather. Circumstances and conditions
surrounding the wheat was both bullish
and bearish yesterday. The export trade
was again In evidence with reported tak.
ings In all positions of sixty-eight boat
loads. Otherwise the cash markets were
lull, with only 43,000 bushels changing
hands at Chicago. Cash wheat was un
changed to Wo lower.
The corn bulla wore somewhat disap
pointed because of a change In the cash
situation as exporters reported bids out
of line and the offerings on the Increase.
Growers In the Interior were freer sellers
of cash corn and with the car situation
naslor the movement to primary markets
will doubtless be much larger.
Cash corn. Hlc lower. The leading
caBh and elevator concerns were on the
selling side of oata in a liberal manner,
while the bujlng wan by commission
houses and shorts. Cash oats UtfW
Clearances were: Wheat and flour,
e'll.ooo bu. corn, 633,000 bu.; oats, 4W,C0o bu.
Liverpool close: "Wheat, d lower;
corn. M&W lower,
Primary wheat receipts were l,C8o,000 bu.
And shipment 4Z7.000 bu., against receipts
of 431,000 bu. and shipments of 210,000 bu,
last year. ., , ,
Primary corn receipts were 1,394,000 bu.
and shipments 1,052,000 bu.. against re
ceipts of 762.000 bu. and shipments of toS.'.OO
bu. last year. ... , .
Primary oats receipts were 73,000 bu.
and shipments 303,000 bu against reoelpta
of 337,000 tu. and shipments of 210,000 bu.
last year.
The following cash sales were reported
today: Wheat No. 2 hard winter: 2 cars,
F6c. No. 8 hard winter; 2 cars, 85Hc. JNo.
3 spring: 1 car, S4V4c; 1 car, 84c; 1 cat,
83Hc. No. 4 spring: 1 car, 81c. No. 2
durum: 1 cor, S5c. No. 2 northern: 1 car.
Mttc. On Standard: 1 car, 32r4c. No. 3
white: 8 Otrs, 32Hc; S cars, 3214c No. 4
white: 2 cars, 32,io; 2 cars, 32c. No grade:
1 car, Slttc. Corn-No. S white: 7 cars.
4iAc. No. 4 white: 1 car, 44V4C No. 3
color. 1 car. 45c. No. 2 yellow: 1 car, 4e;
1 car, 4310 ; 14 cars, 43c. No. 3 mixed:
l car, 43'4c; 4 cars. 43Hc No. 4 mixed: 2
i-ars, 43c; 2 cars, 42c; 10 cars, 42V4C. No
grade: 1 car, 42',4c; 1-car. 42c.
UuiB&a CU Pnw.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, S5ttS7Hc; No. 3
hard. 86&s6V4o: No. 4 hard; 7985c; No.
3 spring, S308tV4a; No. 1 spring, 80H681&
CORN No. 3 white, 45c;. No. 4 white,
AYrfHboi No. 3 color, 45c; No. 3 yellow,
!i'cH4c; No. 4 yellow. 42343Vic; No. 3,
W.iW-ic; No. 4. iZA&iZc; no grade, 42
12Mk. -
, OATS No. 2 white, 33c; standard, 324c:
No. 3 white, 32Vi32ttc; No. 4 white, 32
BAULKY Malting, 63H5c; No. 1 feed,
RYB-No. 2, 5506014c; No. 3, E94J0c.
Cnrlot Ilccelpte.
"Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Kansas City
St. Louis .
Winnipeg ,
.... 9S
10 stores of the Trad 1 lit Al Closing
' Prices an Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, Jan. 18. All board of trade
markets were dull and featureless today
the usual weekend rltuatlon. Prices de
clined slightly.
There was a report that one of the
most Influential traders was buying
wheat, and this was formally denied, but
not until It caused a slight upward flurry.
In general the pit followed any Important
buying or selling orders, and In the ab
ense of these did notldng at all. Pri
mary receipts for the week were larger
than a week ago, the grain coming from
the southwest. Northwest receipts de
creased a little.
"Weakness in corn was bailed on reports
that down state points were selling spot
at concessions whloh could not be met
here and to the evaporation of the ex
port demand, Cash corn declined '4c. Im
portant longs were best sellers, and white
those who took It checked the decline,
they found themselves well supplied when
the session closed.
The dullness in oats was profound, and
the tone heavy In sympathy with corn.
Provisions closed unchanged to 2c lower
a steady but dull market. Packers
-bought moderately from local traders.
The western hog run for the week was
480,300 head, as against 544,000 the previous
week, and 70s,ti0o a year ago.
Tho leading futures closed as follows; ,
Artlclel Open. High. I Low I Close.l Yes'y.
Corn. I
91V4 J0
son; yj?.
1954189 Vi if.
Slii Dlfi
53HI S3!i'
18 50
18 77M
Pork. I
t 18 50 I IS 50
j U 721i 18 721'
Jan.. is to
18 52HI 1 50
May. I IS 77H
L,ara. I
Jan.. I
10 00 9 9714
8 9714
9 66-7W
May. 18 12H
10 liVi 1U OT'fc.
10 10
10 10
10 10
9 9i
10 osy
10 0753
Ribs, f
, Jan.. I S 9fi I
May. 10ftVt
9 P5 i 9 90 I 9 TV.i
, 10 07m 10 10
lOOClii 10 (S
. riilcago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2
red. Jl.124fl.16; No. 3 red. J1.061.10: No.
2 hard, 92ft!Wc: No, 3 hard. 9g95c: No. 1
her ,J2r2,hNr0o. Vr&
spring, SSfiOOc; No. 3 spring. KffS854c;
velvet chaff, XWsftl&', durum, S6Q92c.
Corn: No. 3 yellow, 49!4ff50c; No. 3, 47i
LEAIj xoticks
Bids will be received by the Commis
sioner of Printing at the office of the Sec
retary' of State at Lincoln, Nebraska,
on or before 12 o'clock, noon, Wednes
day. January 29, 1913, for printing 3,600
'topics of Session Laws, lJU; mlscollan
nous printing, stationary supplies for
Nebraska Industrial Home; Soldiers and
-Sailors' Home, Burkett; Asylum, Lin-
'folu; State Treasurer. Auditor of
Public Accounts; Board of EqualUa-
tlon and Assessment; Nebraska Ortho
pedic Hospital.
Specifications for name can be fnonii
un file in the office of the Secretary of
All bids must be accompanied by a
bond equal In amount to the probable
rost of the work bid upon. The commis
sioner reserves the right to reject any
or till bids.
Lincoln. Nebraska, January 18. uij.
Deputy Commissioner of Printing.
w-fi,c. No. white. 48lu;oe. No :i el on. .
4704Vc. No. 1. gi;W . No. 1 white. I
47S4W9C; No 4 nellow. 4tfl7e. Oat; No '
i white. 34MfS5c, No. .1 white. ;4JVV. t
No. 4. Sic. No. 4 whlto, 3KJc: standard, I
3mtc. Rye,: No. t. Tn Hurley: KT19r i
Seed Timothy. WOOtHtt. clover. J10 00J !
Bl'TTKR Firm; creimery. J4tfJ.Vc.
KGOB Basy; receipts. 4.709 cases; fresh
receipts, at mark, case included. avtjRc;
refrigerator firsts. ITVMTlSc; firsts, JTHc
POTATOI5i4-Stcadys receipts. 87 cars
Wisconsin. 4JVtf0c; Michigan. 4Sff0c; Min
nesota. 4im"i0c.
POULTRY-I.tve. steady; turkeys, lie;
fowls. 13c; spring, lie.
PROVISIONS- Mess pork. new. SM.Kjf
1S.62V,. Iard, J3.97H. Short ribs, sides,
Clearances of wheat equalled 624.000 bu.
Primary receipts. Wheat. l,08S,om) bti.,
against 431.000 a year ago. Kstlmatet
for tomorrow. Wheat. 61 cars, corn, $54
cars; oats, 192 cars; hogs. 46.000 head.
Prorln Mnrlcet.
PEORIA. 111., Jan. 1S.-CORN Market
iitrWc lower; No. 2 white. 4U4e; No. I
white. 4iC, No. 4 white. 4Vc; No. 3
yellow. 4l47c; No. 4 yellow, 46Vt6c;
No. 3 mixed, 4s4c; No. 4 mixed, 45'ic.
sample, 40tM4c,
DATSMarket 'it?Hc lower; No. 2
white, 34c; standard, !Kc:' No. S white,
MUc; No. 4 white. EUHKtc
NEW YOItK np,.tRtlAl, MAIllvKT
Quotations of the Day un
NEW YORK, Jan. 18 -KLOUR-Duil.
sprnlg patents, J4.40Q-I.6.1, winter straights.
Ji.rOJf4.60. winter patents, J4.7OHo.10;
spring clears, S4.20tf4.4; winter extras,
No. 1, Si.OOca4.15; winter extras, No. Z,
J2.P0ei.00; Kansas straights, JUMM.a.
Rye flour, steady, fair to good, U.WU
3.M, choice to fancy, J3.9Ofi4.00. Huck-
wiieat flour, quiet: J2.25 per 100 lbs.
CORNMKAL Steady; fine white
yellow, tl.30B1.33, coarse. J1.2J1.30
dried. J3.15.
RYK No. 2 western, V!Q&c. c.
I. f.
WlfflAT-Spot markel firm; No. 2 red,
J1.00, elevator, and J1.10, f. o. b. afloat,
nominal. No. 1 northern Dulutb, Sl.iU,
fob. afloat. Future market was
barely steady early, but rallied on cover
ing due to export sales, closing SWUc net
higher. May, 99 ll-16cJ1.00 1-16, closed at
90 l-10c; July closed at SV.lc; bonded
wheat, January, closed at J1.01i; May
closed at 97Hc, July closed at ftSSc ito
celpts. 287,000 bu.; shipments, 1S6.00O bu.
CORN -Spot market easy. Receipts, 55,
000 bu.; shipments, 07.000 bu.
OATS B pot market quiet; standard
white, S3Hc; Nn. 3, 3SHc, No. 4. 3Sc; natu
ral white, 37HS'39Hc; white clipped, 3SV41f
414c. Receipts, 49.000 bu.; shipments,
1,000 bu.
HOP& Steady, state, common to choice,
1912 crop. 204J23c; 1911 crop, 1215o; Pacific
Coast, 1912 crop. 1723c; 1911 crop, 1316;.
HLDBS-Btesdy: Central America, lie;
Bogota. 271MU'8!ic.
FEED Steady; western spring bran,
J23.5O4tfM.00; standard middling. J24.00&2I.W.
HAY Quiet; standard, J1.004H.06; No. 1,
Jl.07i44il.10: No. 2, 9oc(&1.00; No. 3, 8041900.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock firsts. &
29c; seconds, 37B28c; thirds, iWitloc; re
Jects, 194720c.
PROVISIONS - Pork, steady; mess,
J18.754J19.25; family, J21.tOit23.00; short
Clears. 321.G03123.00. Href, stendv: mess.
JSO-OOSSLOO; family, J24.0CKS25.00. Beef hams.
W.WUW..W. lut meats, steady, ptcklea
bellies, 10 to 14 lbs., 13c; pickled hams. 14c.
Lard, firm; middle west prime. 10.1.7u
10.25; refined, firm; continent, J10.70; South
America, J11.40; compound, jT.60lfJ7.76.
TALLOW Barnly steady, prime, city,
hhds.. 6Hc; special, 6Tlo; country, 5!H(Ic.
BUTTER Steady, receipts, 4,259 tubs;
creamery extras, J1H4J35C; creamery held
extras, S2V33c; state dairy finest, 31 if
E3o; factory current make firsts, 23T24o;
seconds, 22t?22ttc; held, 21JJC2c.
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 278
boxes; statu wholo milk, held, white or
colored, specials, 17lSc; state whole
milk, winter make, white or colored, spe
cials, 16flil7c; skims. 214He.
EGGS Hteady, receipts. T.199 cases;
fresh gathered extras, 2ftg27c; refrigerator
firsts, local storage, 2021c; nearby
hennory whites, 364jfl8c; western gathered
whites, 26030c; western gathered, colors,
POULTRY Live, quiet; western chick
ens, lSHc: fowls, HHc; turkeys, 18c.
Dressed, firm; fresh killed Wefctern chick
ens, 14J20c; fowls, 14Hjl"c; turkeys, U&
S(, I. out General Market.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18, WHEA-T-Cash. No.
2 red. J1.121.16; No. 2 hard, 92S"J7c.
CORN No. 2, 60c; No. 2 white, 52Vic.
OAXS No. 2, 34o; No. 2 white, 34?c.
Closing prices of futures:
WHEAT--May. 9114c: July. 891ffrS9!4c.
CORN May, 50J4c; July, 51HS3lHc
OATS May, 33T4c; July, 83ic.
RYE Higher, 63V4c
FLOUR Firm; red winter patents, JJ.00
3C.25; extra fancy and straight. Jl.OO
J4.80; hard winter clears, J3.4jj0.55.
SEED Timothy. J1C.O0.
BRAN Firm; sacked, east track, Jl.0ci
01.07. t
HAY' Firm; timothy, J13.00tjl7.00; prai
rie, J12.004T15.60.
TWINE Hemp, 8c.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; Job
bing, $16.75. Lard, unchanged; prime
steam, J10.3TkS10.4u. Dry salt meats, un
changed; boxed, extra shorts, JU.37H;
clear ribs, JU.37H: short clears, JU.62H.
Bacon, unchanged; boxed extra shorts,
J12.37W; clear ribs, J12.37HU short clears,
POULTRY-Weak; chickens, 11c;
springs, 12c; turkeys, 18c; ducks, 15c;
geese. 11c.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, 27(ifi3Gc.
EGGS-Hlgher; 22c.
Receipts. Shlpmcnst
Wheat, bu 173,CU
Corn, bu f,00i
Oats, bu 117,000
Minneapolis Grain Markel.
May, 8SHc; July. 90c. Cash: No. 1 hard,
S8c; No. 1 northern, 87088Hc; No. 2
northern, KWiEMic: No. 2 hard Montana,
8ie; No, 3. SS'3Mc.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 4SS4JHC
OATS No. 3 white, 31c.
RYE No. 2, 57960c.
FLOUR Strong," first patents, J4.104.7S;
second patents, J4.254.ti0; first clears, J3.20
Q3.50; second clears, J2.4042."0.
Kniiiat City Grain nml Provisions.
Cash, unchanged: No. 2 hard, S99Sc; No.
3, 874J97C; No. 2 red. Jl.06ffl.ll; No. 3,
CORN Unchanged; No. 2 white, 34140
36c; No. 3 mixed, 34Vi34ic.
RYE Unchanged.
HAY' Unchanged.
Closing prices of futures:
WHEAT May, SSc; July. 85c.
CORN May. &0iS50Vlq; July, 50T4ft6lc.
OATS May, 35(4335Uc.
BUTTEH-Creamery. 3254c; firsts. 3d4c,
firsts. 3014c; seconds. 2Hc; packing, 2114c
EGGS Extras. 24c; firsts, 2214c; sec
onds, 15c
POULTRY Hens, 1114W12c; rosters. 8c,
young turkeys, lie; ottcus, J3jrnc.
Becelpts. Shipments.
9S.0OO R1.0C0
50,000 S7.V
9.000 15.000
Wheat, bu.
Corn, bu. .
Oats, bu. ..
Milwaukee Grain Slnrket.
1 northern, 91i91'4c No. 2 northern,
I S!? ? hard winter, 9iQ6to; May.
3 white, 4944954c; No. 3, 4754c; May, 5154c;
July, B2'ic.
OATS-Standard. 33c; No. 3 white,
33c; No. 4 white, S2g82',c; May, 33e.
RYE No. 1, 66c.
BARLEY' Malting, 537ic. feed, h0
53c; Wisconsin, 53ff70c.
Liverpool Grnln .Market,
steady; No. 1 Manitoba. 7s V4d; No. 2,
7s 7d: futures, dull; May, 7s 3V4d; July,
7s 3'id.
CORN Spot, quiet; American mixed,
new, 6s 6d; American mixed, old, 6s 6V1.
American mlxil, old. via Galveston. 6s ad;
futures easier; January, 5s 2Hd; Febru
ary. 4s HUd-
W001 Market.
LONDON, Jan. 18 WOOL-Offorings at
the auction sales consisted of a superior
selection of 10.5SO bales, which sold read
ily at hardening rates. The continent
and the home trade were spirited bid
ders for the various requirements and
Americans paid high prices for suitable
parcels of crossbreds and Merinos. Next
week 66.3U0 bales will be offered.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 18. WOOL Steady ;
medium grades, combing and clothing,
234acc; light fin. lMWlc; heavy fine,
1361k' tab washed, 2736c
Movement Uncertain, but Tone of
Trading is Better.
Larue .Snlr of Topper re llepurleri
a ml Cnt In Prlee nf Metnt Tem
pnrnrlly Stlntiilnle the
NKW YOItK. Jan IS - UtlHiuKli
. ,
tllo Pinellt of Rtork IndMi nn tllu-prtmil
the tone of .the market 'was better ami
there was no recurrence nf the netlods
of acute weakness which depressed prices
uuring me weeK to tne ionet level sii.ee
the fall of 1911 Prices movetl upward
after tho opening, but the advance s
Interrupted by a renewal of besr sellWg
The general movement was narrow.
Further shifting of loans from otit-f-town
banks to local Institutions, which
was chiefly responsible for the Increase
of more than jw.coo.ono In loans last week,
was reflected In today's bank statement.
The actual table showed a loan Increase
of J33,(W.U0O Tho cash gain of J16.0H0.'J"
was lu line with expectation.
Although satisfactory gains In business
over the corresponding period of lost ye.r
were reported by the mercantile agencle.
It was noted that the coming revision of
the tariff was responsible for a feeling
of conservatism. large sales of ruppei
were reported today and it was said that
the cut in the price of the metnt had
stimulated the market, at least tem
porarily. Engagement of a small amount of gold
for exportation to South America va
without effect upon the money market
In Its present condition. Shipments to
.South America In connection with fettle
mont of European obligations are not
unusual at this period of the year.
The bond market was quiet and Irregu
lar. Total sales, par value, J930.W0.
United States 3s declined l' per cent slid
the 4s V per cent on call for the wen;
Panama 3s advanced 1 per cent.
Number of sales ano leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
suit. Mllh. Ixiw. CUmi-
Amiicimiied coppr
Amarlnn Airlcultunl .
Amirirsn hr-ti Sunr
AmMlcn Ca
Amorlfin On pM .
American t F
Amrlen Cotton Oil
Am. I 8irltlM...
Amartran Llntvad ....
American taromotft .
Anwlcn ft St It
Am. B. It. tti .,
Am. Sugar JUflnlni
American T AT. ..
American Tobacco . .
Anafonda Mlnlna; Co .
AtcMnon pM
Attuntle Coait I.lna
Italtlmoie Sc Ohio
Drthteham 8trl
DrooalTn Ilaptil Tr
Canadian I'sclric . . .
Cantral lathtr
Cheaajwako It Ohio. .
Chicago O. W
Chicago. M. A St. 1'
Chicago & N' w . .,
Colorado P. I
Conaolldstfil (las . .
Com Producta
Delaware & Iliulion
Danrrr A llio (JranJn
Penrar A U. O. ptd. .
Distillers' SecurltlM
Erla 1st pt.l.. . ......
Krlo Sd pfd
General Klectrlc
Oreat Northern pld
(treat Northern Ore ctfa,
llllnola Central
Interborouch Met
Inter. Met. pfd
International Harvester.
Inter-Marina pfd . ...
International raper
International Pump ....
Kansas Cltjr Southern...
Laclede (las
Lehteh Valley
LouIstIII It Kashellle.
M , St. P. & S. R. M.
Mluourl, K. T
Missouri I'atltln
National Dlseult .
National Lead
New York Central
N. Y . O. A W
Norfolk A Western
t soo US "Ss '1s !
ifo Cl 31 11 ,
:) 3'i )t ts't
l.ioo :itt ?m !
. . n .
100 tZK m
xa n n tin
Lite 2 sn; :it
100 10', 10L 11
too mi si1,
i.kki ::4 us lis
1.400 IJJ'i HIS 111
coo u :, m
x SIS 3I'4 its
: totk iot. ifMS
I&) 1!9H nm 1JS
;od i j;s Mit
oo :c, ia :i!U
W0 11 S7 17
lirt 7(1, 1l, T
300 H, t U
lO.COO Ulli 112 lit
ipo 1.1514 mu
200 117 17 111
HKl Htn icS 145
100 19, ll4 in,
m sou o, so1,
100 47 47 . 4Sk
100 127U 12IS ir
1.100 3SU 35 SS'i
200 17S ITS ITS
200 40 k 60S to?,
I. soo ito; ins isti,
30) 140 131V IJJ'i
!,!0) 441, 4S 40H
100 11IS ltS IIS',
30O 4I'4 4$, 41
100 WU 107'A 107
100 10 to
x ins ni'i my,
h ink i:ju mv4
100 113i nsi 11s
100 II I) 33 k
14. KM 162'i Hit H.'iJ
100 24 21Vi 23S
300 M ill, I2S
1.100 J2 22Vi 22S
IO0 314 SIS 3IS
-100 2l, JJ
' 114
i.lOO 10314 IMS 10S
W 2'i UK 244
100 JMi 7IS 71
100 I4T4 I4H tl
4M 21S 21 :t
II, 100 IIS 156 151(4
1,400 t!i 6 V,, M.
33.100 3S US 3
(00 IMS IMH 10IU
I.iOO US It (3
1.404 111, 17 371,
100 41S 41S 4 Hi
North American
Northern Pacific
Pacific Mall
People's Gas
p., a., c. a st. r.
Pittsburgh Oial
Pressed Hleel Car . ...
rullruan Palace Car.
ltepubllo I. A 3
RepuMIe 1. A S. prd .
Jlock Island Co. .. .
Hock Island Co. prd...
St. L A S. F. id pfd .
Seaboard Air Line...
Seaboard A. L. pfd
Blon-Shef field 3. A I.
Southern Taclflo . .
Southern Hallway
So. Hallway pfd
Tenoeeaee Copper
Teiaa A Pacific
Union Paclfle
Vnlen Paclfle pfd
Italtad SULtee Healty. .
Unite,! States Itubber .
United States Steel
U. 8. Steel pM
Utah Copper ..
Va. Carolina Chemical .
Wabash prd
Weatern Maryland .
western Union
wettlnahouiw Electric .
Wheeling A I.. E
.re Vorlc .Money Market.
call, nominal; no loans. Time loans weak;
sixty and ninety days, 4 per cent; six
months, 4U per cent.
tU per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at Jl.r.250
for sixty-day bills and at 3)4.8736 for de
mand; commercial bills, J4.S2U.
H1LVKR Bar, 3c; Mexican dollars, 45c.
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Cluslntc quotations on bonds today were
art follows:
U. S. ret. is, ret-. .101 K. C. 80. ret. Is 17(4
40 coupe." 101 Ia 8, deb. 4a 1111... JH.
U. I, la. re Ultil,. Sc h. unl. 4s. . IK'l
do toupo" 10(4M. K tz T. 1st la. 14
U. I. 4s, rei lll'n do ren. 4'4e I4
do coupon lAdvaein. 1'ciric 4s.. . . 70
' iiu
Panama, ta coupon.. toj ao conr. la.
A.-C. 1st s ctts.... HUN1. It. R. of M Mt tV,
Amer. As- Jr,. T. V. ( . Hs. .. I4?J
A T. & T. tr 4s..lt4i 'do dab. 4a tl
Am. Tobeuteo l. ..110 S T. N. II. h.
Armour Co. 4Hs. Ms SH,
Atchlen sen. 4a. ..11 Js. A W. 1st e. 4s . l
do cr. s iei. . u cr. i ijji
do cr. e -,0- imne is..
i n. i. let 4s. .. . Il'i do 3s
... ,
Dai. t Ohio 4.. .. 7MO. . I., rfdt. 4. ... n'i
do sift JlUPenn. er. ma iu. iij
Hrooic. Tr. ct. 4...IH 'do ton. a ttl
Cen. of Os. I 107ne41ni (en. u.. .. 17
Cen, leather fe. . MHS, L. u. p. fg u Wi
Chea. & OHIO 4Vs..iv sen. is. u
do conr. 4H" M'ijt I . W. c 4s . so
Chlcizo A. H . A. I dj 4s. 7U
C II. A Q 1 " "H rse. eel,
do en. 4s . M'.i 00 tr. 4s ...
C M S I' ct 4HS"IM4 do 1st ref. 4s.
C. It. I. & r- 4, B nllar ts.
do rfz. 4 M ao en. 4s,. .
C. & ' r t 4H 4 Union rarltle 4
n jl, 11. ct. 4s 1!4 ia cr. U
: is'4
. 11
. 71
n. n- a. ret. u. uu 1st & rer. u..
I(lstlller Is M o- Jvubber 4....l0j?i
Efle P. I- "HH' B, SU" M - lOlij
4a 1 en. Gs 74 Vs. -Car. Chera. a.. ST
do cr. la. eer. B.. 7IUwabuh 1st & ei. 4a (4
Inter ilei. 4s'.. .10 West. Else, tv L, m,?
inten M. M 4H Wis. Central (. .. ,j '
JiDsn 4'4a
B!4. 0Kered.
rtiistun Slock Mnrket.
BOSTON. Jan. 18. Closing quotations
on mining stocks were as follows:
Allouei Mohawk H
Amsl. Copper TlfeNerssa Con ji
A. 7.. U. 4t 3 27SMplaslnt Mtoes .... t
Artions Com JliMirtti Butte jo:
B. , C. C. tr 8. M. IHVorth Ike . . 4. . :2
Cal Sc Arltona ((Hold Dominion .,
Cal. Heels .. . HW Osteola m
Cetitesslal JJ Qnleey tjii
Oop. fUnze C. 4.' . 411ishnnon d
Ket Butte C. M... llBuperlbr tJW
rranklln TJ, Superior St. B. ... j!4
Olroux Con IJiTaroartck .. , tl
OrMbr Coo HU. 8. t. R. .. 4
Greene Caninea .. IS do pfd 41
lite norale CJopper. :i'tJtili Cob. ... . . . 15
Kerr LaU 2HUteh Oetper Co. ... sU
lAke Copper . . MliWInoot j
Un Salle Chpper. ... I'iwolTerlne 15
Miami Copper ..... 11 H
Hank Clrnrlnics.
OMAHA. Jan. 1. Bank clearings for
today were J2.64.771. and J2,H,Bl,6g for
the coiTcsrondIng day last year For the
week endtnr today the clearings are
Jl' 7'S.0IO.J0 and for the t rirs(HntHiig
week last lear were JH,13.1;3.U '
London Muck Tlni'kcl.
iii 1 C - Tli m tnfiiih .f
money was re
trictcd todnf hf.oimt
rates were firm. The slock market was
quiet and iiin-eitalti pending tl.e fortes
repl to the note of the powers and pnce
fluctuated iinrlonly t'nnadlan I'silflc
Improved on teiwrts of Increased earn
Itigs and shipping and oil shares wete
fnlt Iv steady, ttio Tlnlos drcllnrd de
spllo better reports from American cop
per marker.
American securllllrs opened steady and
later advanced under the lead of Can
adian Pacific The closing was strndj
with alites from ' to l" above pnrll.
1 omul. pimiTj ti 1 lAjuiavme .17-4
n4 i
no I
Amal. Copper . ft'N t. I'entrsl
Atchison 19?i Norfolk A VV..
Rslttmore A Ohio.. IMH Ontario A W ..
Cansdlan - t'aeltic SIT 1'rnn.jl'anli
Chesapeake A O.... tmltesdlrig
Chicago O.W .. 14 Southern K
St Pent imuaeuthern Psrlflc.
Denier A Ilia tl . :J Union Psiltlr ...
Erie tHV S Steel..
do lit pfd . UU Wabash
Grand Trunk . iiSDelleere
llllnola Central . . Ill Hand Mines ...
. J4
HU.VKIl ll.-ir. unlet nt Mil ner ntinre. I
MUNHV-8WM per rent.
The rato of dtscdtiut lu the open market
for short bills Is 4.IM 11-16 per cent; for
three, months' bills, 4S per cent.
Clenrlnu llouae Hi; nk Statement.
NF.W TOHK. Jan. IS. The statement
or the actual condition of cle.iing house
banks and trust companies for the week
shows they hold 2l,104,3ro reserve In ex
cess of legal requirement This an c
crease of J5,lVi,0 from last week.
Tho statmcnt follows;
Amount. lncrens'a.
Loans JI,1!W,7&3.t0 J.IJ.artS.COO
Specie 3at.rcw.0fl
I.t'Bftl tender Sr..37,OVt
Net deposits 1,SI0.39:.(00
Circulation irt.ew.ocn
Kx. lawful reserve.. Sl.10l.3f0
Hanks cash reserve In vault
Trust companies rash reserve
AKKrpKiito cash icserve . . . .3)436,41030
Trust companies reserve with clrnritiR
house members carrying !S per cent cash
reserve. JI7.tJ.OoO.
nummary of state lint.ks a'd trust
companies In greater New York, hot In-
c. titled in ciearlnK house statement
Legal tenders ..
Total deposits ..
.. f0.W5.40i)
.. 7,S'Jl.f"W
C'nmlKlon nf Trcnmr).
WA8IMNGTON. .Ian. tS. The condition
of the United Htatcs treusitrj at the be
ginning of business today was as follows:
WorkltiR balance J83,tr7S..'3C: In batiks and
Philippine, trcosury. ja',t(21.2l7; total of
rcneral fund. JlStUW.tMS; tecolpts yester
dav. ta.vn,W, disbursements, I.UI.zn.
The deficit this fiscal year Is J7,llis,ki'j,
as against a deficit of jasWO.SIS lnt e.r.
The flrures for receipts, dlshursctnent
and deficit exclude Panama canal itt
public debt transactions.
New Vork Ml 11 1 oh: sincka.
NliW TOIIK, Jan. IS.' Closing; quota
tions on nilnlhc stocks were:
Coin. Tunnel stock . I Mexican .. ... II
do bonds
.. UHODlsrlo SO
Cull. Cul. t Va
Iron Pllver ....
lsdillle Con.
Little Ctr
11 Ophlr Id
..ISO Small Hopes II
. t FtandarJ 100
.. i Yellow Jacket II
UL'TTKR-No. 1, 1-lb. carton, 35c
I, oo-lb. tubs, 3tio; NO. a, 83C.
CHKHSE-Imported Swiss, 32c; Amerl-
can Swiss, L60; block Snlss, Z4c; twins,
19c; daisies. 19c; triplets, 19c; Young
Americas, lc; blue label brick. 19c; Urn
berger, V-lU., He, 1-lb., I2c; New York
white, 216.
mute, was.
UB13F OUT PRIUES'-Wholesklo prices
of beef cuts effective January W. aro
ns follows: N. 1 ribs, Uo; No, 2. llv;
No. 3, 1IC No. I loins, 22c; No. 2, 17c;
No. 3, 13c. No. 1 chucks, !',4c; No. 2,
S&c; No. 3, Slic. No. 1 rounds, 13o; No.
3. ll'ic; No. :t, lOMc. No. plates, 8!c;
No. 2. ''4c; No. 3, 7c
POULTIIY Broilers, J5.O&S.0O per dor..,
hens, 10c; cocks, 11c; ducks, 20c: geese, 18c;
turkeys, 2Cc; pigeons, per dor., 11.20. Alive,
broilers, 17c; hens, 11c; old roosters, tiV&c;
ducks, full- feathered, 12c; geese, full
feathored, 16c; turkeys, Sc: pigeons, per
doe., 00c; honicm, J2.C0. squabs. No. ,
JL50: No. 2, noc.
FISH (Fresh) Pickerel, 11c. froien;
white, 14c, frorn; trout, 14c, froren;
large crapples, 12c;, Iioten. apamali
mnckerel, 16c; eel, lCc; haddock, 13c;
flounders, 13c; grcon catfish, lie; shad
roc, per pair, 4t)c; salmon, ISc; halibut,
20c; frozen, 13o; buffalo, 9c; bullheads, 13c.
Oysters, bay standards, Jl.to; iiorthorn,
II. GO; selects, J1.80; counts, 12.00.
FRUITS Oranges: California navels,
Cully colored, 10 size, 12.00; shi vUe, J2.2i
126 slzo, J2.60', ISO, 176, 200 and 216 size,
13.00. Grape fruit: extra fanoy Flortdu,
tc, CI, G4 and Hi, per oox, W.D0. Ctanber
rles: Wisconsin long keeping, extra fancy
Howes', Jumbo, per bbl., J9.6o; extra fancy
Jersey, per bbl., JIM?; extra tancy, Bella
and Cherry, per box, 3.00. Lemons: Air
Ship brand, 300 or 360 size, Jti.76. Cocosnuts;
In sacks, per sack, JO. 70; per dozen, 80c,
Honey; new Colorado, twenty-four
frames, per case, 53. 75. fates. Ford, 15
lb. box, tier lb., 12c, New Hall, bulk, per
lb 7c; new Anchor Pktr. iW :arton), per
box, J2.26; new Dromedary (30 cartons;,
per box, J2.7&. Figs: new 12 12, per box.
Uc; nsw S crown (Turkey), lie; new 6
crown, (Turkey), 16c; new 7 crown (Tur
key), 17c. Apples; extra fnnoy Washing
ton Jonathans, 111. 123. 133, IsO, 165, box,
JL.8&; extra lanoy Washington Qrlmes'
oldens, 113, 124, 138, 150, box, 11.75; extra
fancy Washington Roman Beauties, 72, SO,
88, M, 1U3, 126, box, J1.76; extra tancy
Washington. Black Uen Uavls, 72, 80, tm,
96, 104, 125 count, box, J1.76; extra fancy
Washlnutan Red Wlno Saps, lot, 112, 124,
188, box, J2.00; extra fancy l'lnk Cheek
Waxen and White Winter Pearmalns, S6,
104, 113. 126. 138, IW, 163 count, box, 12.00;
extra tancy Colorado, unwrapped, White
Winter Pearmalns, 1W. 166, U0, 200 count,
box, J1.C5; extra fancy New York Bald
wins, per bbl., J2.V0; extra fancy New
York It. I. Oreenlncs, pur bbl,, 33.25; ex
tra fancy New York Btate Russets, per
bbl., e3.u0; extra fancy A'Usourl Jona
thans and Qrlmes Qoldent tier Obi.. t.W,
5 bbl. lota or more, assorted, ISo per bbl.
off; extra fancy Mtitourl Ben Davis, per
bbl., J2.W; extra fanoy Missouri Wtnu
Pippins, per bbl., 12.75! extra fancy Mis
souri Willow Twig, Black Twigs. York
Imperials and other tin vaueiltt, per
bbl., 13.25.
Cotton Market.
tures closed steady. Closing bids: Jan
uary. 12.63c; February, 12.00c; March,
12.060; April, 11.90c; May, 11.94o; June,
11.83c, July. 11.85c; August. 11.78c; Sep-
i 1- a 41. n.,lAre. II ltrtl t I - ....
ber, U.29C Spot cluaeU quiet; middling up.
Inttd.f. 12.f0c; mlddllnc KUt, 13.16c. No
. . -
I ttutea.
quiet; prices steady. American middling
fair, T.36d; good middling, 7.Wd; mld-
duns', .S2dl low middling, 6.6ld; good
1 ordinary. 0.24dl ordltian'. 6.90d. Halfs eLOOl)
I -
I Coffer Slnrket.
I vciu vritlK. Jan. IS.-COFPrtK-F-ii.
tutes mantel openeu sieauy bi uncnangcu
prices to an advanco of 7 points In re
sponse to steady European cables. Prices
Improved on covering by local shorts
and bull support, with the close firm at
a nt advance of 4 to 12 points. Sales,
43,750 bags. Januar) . IS.20o! February,
13.30o; March, 13.4Jc, April, 13.66c; May,
13.G9C, June, 13.76c; July, l3.S4e; August,
13.90c; September, 13.9o; October, is.Hic;
November, 13.92c i December, 13.Mc. Spot
coffee, steady; Rio 7s, iV.ic: flantos 4s,
15c. Mild coffee, quiet; Coldova, 131k
' - " , m
t twrr iiiiuui jian ru rii
T4ie cotton goods markets were stead
ier for the day. Prices will be named on
flannellettes for fall on Monday. Pur
chases of blankets for fall has been
large. Inquiries: for gingham aro In
creasing, Jobbers report a steady trude
of better proportions than a vear ago.
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fruits
APPLKS-Qulef. fancy, 75QSic; choice,
6H&7o; prime, 6US6c.
DRIBI) FRnTS-Prilnes, steady; Ap
ricots, quiet; peaches, steady; raisins,
No cut- Harkel,
steady; muscovado, S) lest, 2.&c; cen
trifugal, 96 test, 3.4?o; molasses sugar,
69 test, 2.73c. Refined, steady; crushed,
t.eoc; granulated, fine, 4.00c; powdered,
Th Persistent and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising: Is tho Road to
Dullness Success
ti f m t
CCCI reel's ien 10 vuancr lowci j
for Week I
ivi "lift. .
I'eeders Strontc Ml Week lint
Slendy 'foils , Fifteen lllnher
for Week vtieeii Jttemly In
liiiner fur the 'eek.
St)l HI OMAHA Jan n II3
KecelPts ueie
Cnli'a. tloss. Sheep.
.. H.fllS B0.044
.. J,R)S 11.916
...4.1SS 11.S1I Wl'
.. 3.549 lS.flS S,l)
. . i.ist s,;; ! m
10S !MW
OrtlclKl Montlsj
Official Ttlerday.. .
Official Vedneda .
Official Thursday...
Official I'ltdav
Krtlmsle Sntu'rda
Hlx days this week. .;M,212 W.Hf IJ.W
Hntne days last week..l!.7( M.SIS M.717
Same days 2 weeks am 17,477 S7,ft1 M.J
Same days 3 weeks ivko 1S.T7 7I
Same days last yeat . .21.49s SV7t iB.WW
Tho followtnt; tntiie b!;ows the icoelpts
of cattle, hugs and slit vp at South On aha
for th year to dnte as coiutiared utth
last yeai m. Wt. Inc. Dec.
I'attlu 45.747 5-.u7 .. Il 4
IIoks U'.OsS ISI.3I2 41.444
Sheep na.sra io.i$ i2.ovi
The following timle shows th( lango of
prices tor hogs M Smith Oiiuihu ioi the
lastfeW days, with coiupntlsuns:
Uatu.'l" liu.J19il.lluTllill0.ll!VJ.liw.ll07.
Jh:i !.. I is i i toj ' W " i u"s-i 4 ' M
Jan. 10. 7 Wit 6 V4 7 Wt S3 I 4 22 0 39
Jan. ll. 7 11SI Ul 7 75' 8 IV fi 741 4 16l 6 R
Jan. 12 I i Hi 7 7k 8 2S 5 82 I 6 30
Jun. 13. i 7 021 i oi) i ; 7:-t, i m u mi i o$i
Jail. 14. 7 OS'm I 7 til, 8 t,tj 5 8C 4 201 S 2S
.tan. In. i 7 10), i U 15, IS 42 5 7 4 29 0 35
Jail. 10. j 7 UU ! 13 7 63 5 9.1; 4 38 6 42
Jan. IJ. 7 26ii t l f '.a; 8 41 , , i ai h I.'
Jan. is. i rt tn I 7ft, s c otn 4 at &i
Receliitn and disposition of live stovk at
the t'nion stock yards, t-outh Omaha, lur
twenty-lour bonis enaltiR- at 3 o'clock p.
m.. January 19, 1913;
Cuttle. Hogs. U ses
t'.. M. & St. P.
Union Pacific
.. &. N. W. Ry cast
O rt N. AV. R.V.. west
(.'., St. P., M, A O
C, II. A Q., east
C, II. & Q.. west 2
c. it. i. At f.. east
Illinois Central
Chicago Great Western... ..
Total receipts 3
Cattle. Hogs.
l!l .,K.'d
:,!. i
I, Mi
.. 2.t
Kli 11.041
Atotrls & Co
Swllt Co
cudahy Packing company.
Atmour a. t o
HchWHItS .v. i'o
J. s . .turphy
L. F. Hithr.
Wertheuner & Deen
Olhtir bujurs
CATTLE Tlieto were no cnttlo of any
Importunco In the yards toiin, only lwt
head being reportmt In For tim week
receipts loot up .M,212 head, being the
largest of u n week pjiicc the seconu
woeK 111 Deccinbei. hut stilt about 1,200
head Hiutiicr iliati foi the currotputidinK
week of lost jcHr.
The market on beef steers, owing to
the liberal tncnipts at all market points,
oecUueit more or lees everywhere, ana
tills mantel furnlsiicd no exception to
the rule Pi Ices tt'To are aiound Hrrjlic
lower on the nghi unit medium weignt
cattle, the cheapest cuttle showing tno
leuit declltie. un the otnef linntl, tho
heavy out 1 10 aro right mound 24c lower
than last week's close.
Cow a and heifers lmie been good sell
ers all tho week and the best Hellers' and
common canning cows nasu continued
ubout steady, un ttio other hand, the In
between kinds have cased ott and lire
rlgnt around lolod lower thun last week.
Desirable klnos of teettlng cuttle linvo
been in brink demand every tiny this
week and tho mnrket tins been very
sttong, Ul tact. 4is high as It ever whb.
Tho inferior und rougn Kinds 01 .Hock
cattle have been a little bit, sto.w W
still stcHdy prices have been inuttilalned,.
Quotations 011 cattle, line! klccrx, eW ju,
to choice. J7.OJ1(.oo; beer steers, lair to
uoou, ..WHiti.w, beef steem, cof.ltnoit 10
lair. J0.OVU.iK); good l choice) netrers,
Vo.ioatt.u; goou to cnoice cors, 3.4v4jt(.lo;
cows, lair 10 good grades, JM0.40; com
iiiou to fair siradtn, jJ.oOnf4.4o; uuod to
choice stccKeris and teeduis, Jd.oow8.0u,
talr to good stockttrs and teedsis, o8Vii
(.60; common tu fair aiocKsru anil fcea.
em, J5.0OUft.8O; mock cows and netters, jlii
e4,21; Veal calves, (o.tW)."-. Uitus, elaje.
etc, tt.4Vu-40.
HOOS-lt being the last da of the
week and thcte being a liberal run here
tor a saturaai truttu in nogs wan vcy
ratlsfartury rroin a sellers' viewpoint.
While sliliipeiM unii specillatoi's lnxniiii
very moderately s coinpuieft with tncir
operatioiiu ntiring tho 111st icw duys tno
ntiyers repl esenting tne pacHing uuerueis
were on ine rnurhet coniparuti.ciy eurij,
their very tlrst bias being at steudy fig
ures, ine opening truut whs aomuwiml
uneven, u pricos rangtd uny wluio 1 10m
mcHilj to sirniii;, aim 111 spots tut muou
as a nickel higher as compaleu with yce
ivrouy H gencful inarKet. A lnrt'e puiti-in
or the tecelpts clmngcu handn quitu curly
in tliu forunoon, hut us tl.e nioMint.' wore
away truoe, it anytmng, got .'oiso in
stcau of better, the Closing tranxuciloiis
being at the low ixjint 01 uie duy. A
range. 01 prlcea arnunu 7,.vui.J. ittciuduu
the bulk of the snlen and u top 01 e,.4o
was paid for several lourtK 01 prlmo 01
tenngs While tho tup pneu Is the sume
us ymterrtuy the lowel figure 01 the ruiitfl)
01 prices lor the majority 01 tne traiua -uons
is n nttie higner, thus making thu
general troite mostly steaity to Mrotih'. it
migtil he aaiieii tnut wnulevvr impiovt"
ment took place was largely 011 win nicu
initcner grunes iinu punxuij u.t some nt
the Hutu otieritigs. l.lgnt nogs suiu
mrgely at li.-u unu down, while mom it
tne heavy pacKeik cliulelcd nanus ntuuud
..2&u',.,J, with it. XiW. tv taking iuiytiiin
on tnn prlmo oruer. Un tn ivnoie tiiu
movement was brink, as 11 very genrruUN
uiippiy was oispoheu 01 at uli mny uour.
About I.12 cars, or JJ, M head, were ui
tereil, as tigatnst 8,ui4 iifiiil u week aco
aim v,lt heutl two weeks ugo.
lu comparmon with a weuK ugo and two
weeks ago tno week's receipts have been
liberal, nut weru uimut 2o,ioo heud stiori
nt thi amt week u year ugo. Prices ut
the close of tne WeeK nie around
Higher tliun last Haturda.
iteprctetiiutlve suit:
l. At. 8b. rr u
10 10 01 i
A 1. l'r.
.141 .. 7 14
tu iii la
..21 120 T 3i
. .211 120 7 U
..241 120 T 35
..IU . . 1 fib,
. .its ko 7 :i',
..111 . 7 10
..241 10 T to
..211 in 7 u
..111 40 7 10
..XI . Tin
. 230 40 T M
..Ul ... T tu
3t 170 . 7 00 11.
....1IT 200 T 06
17. .
M .
71. .
11 ..
. T li
19 T U
Til U0 7 II
.110 40 1 II
17 !37 40 7 I'J
II Ill 120 T 91
111 ... 7 X)
ltd 7
..211 10 T
..291 10 IH
..240 40 7 20
..212 ... T Ju
. 220 W T 31
..141 110 T 20
..111 . 7 14
..Ml ... 7 10
...V)0 110 Till
..211 120 JM
..211 ... 7 10
..241 . . 7 10
..271 ... 7 St
..m . . 7 10
. Ml . . 7 10
..:i ieo 1 to
..21s . TIO
..tl . . 7 to
..214 10 T SO
1 w
.. .Ill
. ..UT
... T 10
... T ID
40 T til
... T
... 7 li)
... 7 20
40 7 TO
... 7 0
... 7 10
... 7 to
... 7 to
7 ttU M
7 21 70.
IT. ..
70. .
77 237
10 T ti
11.. .
11 ..
74 ...
II. ..
10. .1.
M ...
.211 110 T l
til ... TH
.lit II IS
. HI
M T 31ft
40 7 121,
7 ati,
; at,
... T 14
2(2 VM T 15
. .241
. Ml
7 ti
1 24
7 K
T J4
7 24
T li
u Ill 1.0 7 ti
Ml ... 7
...mi uo t at
...241 10 7 24
..114 7 14
...111 .. 7H
..211 ... 7
...Ml ... 7 2
. .211 40 7 M
...:i 200 T M
...242 . . 7 14
..24S W TV
..til . . 7 It
...111 40 T M
:t i u
i:t in t i
II ..
(I, ..
...l 10 7.1s
...III ... 7.1
...03 40 7 it
...271 KO T II
...M4 ... TM
...241 ... ,-u
...2M ... 7 It
...til 10 I M
..124 100 7 21
. 214 110 7 li
. 2)0 240 7 M
2M T U
'.' . Is
1M 110 V J.V,
. M lev 70
tt . 7 M tl M "I
m ; e ft i : i to .
siiickp-As .p . vpet.,t nothiug i
""v "' vmvki tnia morniiiK,
t'onstiiuetult vnltir iMtnalriHI tlnrhatigd
i ftotn jestrrda.v .
Increased receipts 'or two weelcs sco
iiihI one cai ago have been absorbed
durlliK the tet wettk at prl, es showing
a little reduction on Intnbs. but It .my
thing a Utile better than steady for the
majority nf hkciI sheep offerings The
bulk of the iHtnbs at the close of the
week ate ollltic around n ipiarter loner
Ihsti a week ago, the most ilty'llne being
on the In-between grades. Right choice
lambs of hand weights m e reiilb ver
little tower and romparatlv ely few of
them hne been lomlng. especially dur
ing the latter part of the week, tin the
other hand sheep offerings IiiHuiIcmI
, yearllnRs wethers and ewes hcixe been
in er rati supply anil closing prices
for the wiek are full s good as last
Ftldav Yesterdn n good bilnrh of
ewes landed nt J.V10. the ssiue prke hh
was paid for rholre ones n week ago. The
highest point reached by Mexican ear
rings was on Wednesday, ns com
pared with JSC at th end of the pre
vious tieek. On .xesterda)'s market some
Mexican wethers sold up to J3.15. Rela
tively few fed wethers have been In evi
dence, but what wete hero sold fairly
woll, rotisldeilng more or less depres
sion 111 the trade this week. Some fed
wethets brought $S TS on Wednesday
Trade lu gcnernl on both lambs and
sheep has not had the snap and bmn -biic
th.it dlstttilKUlshed the market last
weik. the demand apparently being not
neat In so broad. The break In Innibs
was due pnrll to tho ery weak con
dition of the eastern tradii In dres'ed
sninll ments and partly to the high prices
nt which lambs have been selling In
comparison with matured muttons. Tliti
slump wns not onl felt locnllv. but at
all the oiher leading live stock centers
Quotation on sheep and lambs. Lambs,
good to choice. tS.rtfS.90. lambs. Tnlr to
good, J.OOfiHM; yearlings, good to choice.
17.iwtrS.15; yearlings, fnlr to good. VMt
TAX- noltinra mnA tn ellnlpe. ITi.7Mr6.2ri'.
' withers, fair to good, j.,'5yu.75. ewes.
gootl to cnoice. 4.,w&.l; ewes tsir 10
good, J4.50fJ4 75, vulla. shvep and bucks,
411 II-4il l,lH STOi'U MillHI'lT
nml Sheep Sleml) Hums
5trnar t lllnher.
1 celpts. 600 bend, market steady; beeves.
J3.8Mtf.20; Texas steers, J4.70nffi.7O. western
steers. JX.tOitfl. 15; stocKers and feeders.
J4.WVfl7.iiO; cows and helrers, J3.7Mr7.40.
calves. J7.00tril.00.
IIOUS Receipts, 12.IVM heud. nmrket
sttong to 6c higher, light. J7.30ir".67lK.
mixed. J7.'.)OV7.0; heavy, JM01C7.(V); rough.
7.1ta7.2fi; pigs 16.WVfl7.45; hulk of sales.
Slli:i:P AND IAMS-RecelPts. 1,600
head; market steady: native, J4.6T.tifl.2a;
western. J4.7Mfi.2ri; yearlings, e.4iu.15;
himlis, natle. J6.709.tiO; western, J6.7B
91, I, mils Live NtoeU VlnrUel.
ST. I.OtMP. Jim 18. CATTLK lie
celtits. l.M, Including W Texans; markel
steudj ; choice to fine steers. JS,751K'.W.
gooil to i hole, J7.avUK.73; Blockers null
feeder, J..2,Vff7.M); cows and heifers.
J3.KiifS.00; calves, J4.00irw.76; Texas and
Oklahoma steers, J5.6offr7.90; cows and
heifers, j:i.rV.ft.O0
IIOUS Receipts!, 5.000 head; murknt
steady : pigs and lights, Jfl.7Btr7.Hi; mixed
und butchers, J7.4t.6J. good heavy.
HHIIKl' AND LAMBB- Receipts. 2.000
head; market sleudj . muttons. J5.ooti
1 fi.Hl; jetitiliiK'. J7.(fS.!; lambs, Jo.ni
Kniiea L'lly Die MiteL. llnrUet.
ceipt. '00 hend, no soulhnrns; tnorltet
atead; native steers. Jrt southern
steers, ja.Wi.&O; southern cows and belt
err. .l.75pti.2f: native cows and helferr,
J3.70O7.60, stoekits and feeders,, J5.7Mf7.7S
hulls, J5.001iEO; calves, JC.iVflO.So; western
steers. i..ishf8.40; Western cows. J.1."1lifi.W.
HOUS-Rccelpts, 3.000 head; mniket
steady to 6n lower, bulk of sales, t'.ifn
7.40; bevv. l7.jSW.42V4; twtrn and
S'Ate '71w7(0i llm'
No sheep.
it. .Inseiib Live Slook lnrUel.
ST. JOHKl'H, Jan. 18.-CATTLK-lte-celpts,
100 head: Hteerf, J0.6u4ffi.65l cows
and heifers. J3.7r.tf7.75; calves. J5.6WIO.W.
..,110(18 Receipts, 3,1'W head; market
nv llll , KIP. ei.riUiUlllK (,l nuiru, ei.-U
HI1I0KI' AND LAMBS-Recolpts. 200
head; market steady, lambs, J7.n0OS,75
Ittocli In SIkIh.
Receipts of live stock at the five prin
cipal wFslcrtt markets yesterday:
caiiie. nogs, sueep.
Hoitllt Omahtt 100
100 H.4O0
100 3,000 2t)
200 2,000 .!..
4.noo n.000 :,oX)
roo 12,000 1.6O0
6.700 Hl.400 3,700
St. Joseph .
Kansas City
St. Iioul ..
Chicago ...
Totals ...
Council Bluffs
Meeting to Be Held
in Interest of China
There will be a series of meetings this
week at tho First Presbyterian church
In connection with the nation-wide .p.
clal campaign lu behalf of China, due
to the extraordinary emergency and un
usual opportunities confronting the
Christian church In that new repulic,
All branches of the church at work In
China recognize the situation and all are
working to meet the conditions, The
Presbyterian church Is now engaged In
this campaign and leaders In the foreign
work of the churcn are visiting differ
ent cities In the Interest of the pro,
puganda. The program for the local Presbyterian
churches Includes a luncheon for men
nt 12:30 o'clock Thutsduy. Or. A. Woodruff
Halsey or New York, will speak. Tills
will occupy the usual noon hour. At
2:30 o'clock In the afternoon there will
be a conference for women -xV-1 1 1 1 the
Rev. F M. Illhlei of Hung Chow, China,
the speaker. Mr. Rlble Is tt prominent
worker abroad and Is a formCul and
effective speaer. rue Hieui .11111 oi- --------
ment of tl.e day w.U be a rally kt S I '" Pe'S the even ns Hi
o'clock lit the evening, when Dr. Robert .WcniM and had been absent about two
K. Kpeer will be the speaker. 'hours. Bxamlnatlon disclosed the 'lb-
Dr. Speer. for over twenty years secre- lnce of twp pocketbooks containing be
tary of the Board of Foreign missions, j teen J15 and J20, a gold necklace and
Is greatly In dmnaud. He has during locket belonging to Mrs. Dawson, valued
these years been one of the great leaders "t J; a .3S-caIlber Smith & Wesson re
in Young Men's Christian association .volver und a street car book. A number
work, most prominent in Christian work of minor urtlcl'es of Jewelry were nUi
among the colleges and universities. taken. The thief had gut Into the honsa
closely identified with all the great lay-'by removing a storm window from th
men movements In the churches, and , pantry and then smashing the Inner wl 1
Cotincll Bluffs people, are much pleased I do with an axe. After ransacking: tin
that they ate- to have him for the even- , house he left by way of the kitchen doo
Inr. These appointments are to lie ill
the First rresnyteriati cnurcn tne
Federal Council of Churuhns lu America
has written urging the wider Interests
of Thursday's program and endorsing
the invitation extended by the I'reuby-
terlans to people of all churches to unite
In the day's prlvlleses. The Ministerial
association at its meeting last Monday
Instructed its secretary tu advise all the
churches of the Importance of the plans
for the day and to recommend their ao
ceptlng the invitation extended.
lloif to Iliuikruiil the nocture.
A ptomlnent New York physician says.
"If It were not for the thin stockings and
thin soled shoes worn by women the doc
tors would probably be bankrupt." When
you contract a cold do not wait for It to
develop Into pneumonia, but treat It at
once. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
Intended especially for coughs and colds,
and has W'Jtt ft wide reputation by Its
rures of these diseases. It Is most effect-
tial and Is pleaant and safe to take. Fori
sale b all dealers. -Advertisement. j
Council Bluffs
Large Staff of Instructors Coming
for the Work.
l.eelures VIII lie tilten In Mnny
llrnnclie nml City Mnn nml
Wont no Will lleiieflt lis
4 tlenlltiiii.
The Ames college short course will he
glu ut the Auditorium tomlirrow morning'
and will continue untlt fiiturdit.x . with s
i-nutlniintis course of Instruction from the
opening hour until the closing In thcern
lng of each tlu'y. It will be n sehool not
11 show, with ft,botimlunl opportunlH tn
receive valuable Instructions front tho
men In agriculture and the women In do
mestic science.
The course Is deniorhcd firf the fartnets
of the county, especially, and the course
of Instruction should bo worth thousands
of dollars to nil who do the work re
itulred bv tt.o Instructors. Instructions will
Include scientific knowledge til corn grow
ing, development und Judging, the breed
lng and care of farm stock for the purpose
of securing Hie beet results to llio farmer
Judging of stock, the Instructions that
Impart the knowledge nccessnr.v to ill
tlngulsh the best of tho varloua grades,
will be of great value. Tho prlic list
shows there will be nearly J2M in.-li
prlr.es nml trophies tr. bo awarded at
the close of the school. For tho best ten
e.irx of any vurlety of corn Brown In the
county. Ueorge F. Hamilton, the sho
dealer, will ge n J2S' sliver cup, and
there wilt he iiumetois prizes of V
nnd $10.
Tho domestic science department will 1
of spoeol value nnd Interest to the women
nf tho cltj ns well us the country, for
H will Include Instruction, of the Kteat
chi value to the women who desire to
make Ihelr homes morn, wholesome and
atlt active. One if the prizes to be
awarded to the women will be $10 for
the best loaf of broitl
W. E, Baker Is Dead
After Long Illuess
After suffering Intensely for nlore than
six weeks. Walter li. Baker, secretary
of tha Holler Mercantile company, died
late yesterday afternoon at his home on
the corner of Washington avenue- ami
Iienton street. Council muffs. Death
was due to a complication of disorder.-!
that preceded and followrd nn operation
for mnstold abeess more than stx weeks
ago, developing finally Into blood poison
ing which quickly caused his death.
Speedy recovery was promised after tho
operation, but Mr. llakcr unfortunately
wont to the) store two days before Christ
mas to assist In the holiday rush. Hh
took cold and suffered front tho ex
haustion occasioned by his hard work
nrd a severe, relapse of his malady 01-
1 0Uim, This was followed by la irrlppe.
.,, cmo.,la and inflammation of the
.Mr. linker was only 35 years old and
was In the prlmo of a successful and actlvo
business life, He had been a resident of
Council Uluffs for seven or eight years.
I'rlor to that time he was one of tha
stockholders and nctlvo managers Of tho
Waterloo Creamery company lit On-"ha
On' June 19, 1907, he was united In
Huge to Miss Sadie Zoller, youiiN
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Roller.
I'rlor to his marriage he had become con
nected with the firm and had brought
about the enlargemont and reorganiza
tion of the business and Its Incorporation
tinder the name of the Holler Mercantile)
company, acting as Its secretary and
principal executive officer, He was also
one of tho officers of the Orocera and
Hutchers' association of Council Bluffn
and one of Its most active promoters.
The only fraternal organizations with
which he was nfflltated were the Masons
anil Moose. He was a member of 8t.
1'uul's Kplscopal church,
Mr. Haker Is survived by his widow
and his aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Haker. Less than three months ago they
came to Council Hlttffa from the old
, Umlly home at Carbondale. ra with
I the Intention of making their home dur
ing the remainder 01 meir uvrn mm
their only soif: They were thus con
stantly nt his bedside throughout hi
long and falnl Illness.
Tho funeral will bo lipid on Monday
afternoon at 3 o'clock from the residence,
Hluff City lodge, Masonic, will havo
charge or the services. Burial will bo
In Walnut Hill cemetery,
Protected Window
When W K. Dawson, manager of th
Sandwich Manufacturing company, re
turned to his home. SB Seventh avenu.
nt 10 o'clock Friday evening the fact tht
a burglar had been In the house was soon
nfter discovered. Mr. and Mrs. Dawson
, Apparently irunui wim 111c uniirrm mi i
he detained, the burglar thoughtfully re
placed tho storm window over the brokivi
glass to prevent urtlclea In the pan'-
being damaged by freeilng-.
j The residence of W. A. .Ward, 118 Nort'i
' Ninth street, was entered between tl e
same hours In pretty nearly the sail
manner While all of tho members of I'm
family were abumit. Two rings and other
urtlcles of Jewelry were, taken.
Mnrrlnue Licenses.
Marriage licenses were. Issued yester
day Ui the following named persons
Name and Address, Age.
John R. Wolff. Underwood, la. . , . jt
Km ma M. Tjardes, Underwood, la .
Thomas L. Wilson, Florence. Neb. m
Laura W. Barkham, Florence, Nch. . 1,
Jens C. SteKerson, Council Bluffs... ai
Hedevlg Harrcgaard, Council Bluffs S4
Csrl C, Custer, Omahn , ,.
KIe. A- Markham. Omalir, r:
William II. Ler Council Rltiffs . .. it
Anna. A. Doner, CounoJI Bluffs . 29
Follow the crowds to the Lefferts
JtlO.ftiO Jewelry auctlin sale.

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