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i o ndjwj my i:pVAn nomcwATjE"
rr.r. BflLOlNG, FA UNA M AN'D ITTlt.
Altered 15mahA poetofflce as aeeoml-
an nfluter.
f ndav Bee. on vear 1'.)
Saturday Pee. cm year 1J
I'aih- Hw, without Kundar. one year. 4.W
t'eilj He, ami Guilds v. on year 6.0J
.-. tnlng and Sunday, per month s
':etilng without Sunday, per month.. He
1 )! llee, including Sunday, per mo. file
La"5 ne, wnhout Sunday, per mo... 4e
Address nit complaint or Irregularities
t delivery to Clt Clrculsllcn Dept.
Htmlt by draft, express or postal order,
ratable to The Bee Publishing company.
Onh 2-ent stamps received In payment
ft rnall accounts. Personal checks, ex
eept en-Omaha and eastern exchange, not
f"viah -The ne building.
" H.th Omaha-aiS N atrcet.
Council niuffs-14 North Main street
' roln-K Mttlo building.
i 'ago 1041 Marquette building.
Kansas City Ilellanre bulletin.
New Tork-S4 West Thirty-third.
m Louis 401 Frisco building
V sihlngton 7J6 Fourteenth St.. N. W
f ommunlcatlnna relating to newa and
ditorlal matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee. editorial department.
Fuie of Nebraska, County of Douglas. s
Uwight Williams, circulation manager
if The Ilea Publishing company, being
sworn, saya that th average dally
"Ircutallon for the month of December,
JJ12. was 49.041. DWIOHT WILLI A MB,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and aworn
to before ins this 31st day of December,
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Aobacrlbera leaving; the eltr
temporarily should linvs The lire
niNlled to them. Address will lie
rhansril na often na reinrs(ert.
Perhaps Mr. Itogjtefellcr mlRlit
wrlto It down, or wblspor It.
No use to arguo with a man who
calls tho railroad station a "doppoV"
Well, now that vo know there Is
a .Money trust, whal arc we going to
do about it?
That fino old season's pastime,
trying Claronca Darrow, is on again
at Los Angeles.
Old "Doc" Cook is probably loc
t tiring to tho Esquimaux till tho
vreathcr cools off.
Thoso dwellers In tho Ohio river
hottoma probably know by now that
ho annual floods occur.
Look out for an explosion, the De
partment of JtiBtico Is about to tako
a shot at, the Powder trust.
M. Polncalro "gotta do big in
sult," but as ho got tho election, he
laanaged to contain his wounded
(rtdo. . (
Domon Hum seems to bo doing
business at the fennio old stand In
nlte of all the Now Year resolu
tions. "How suffrage made me beauti
ful." is the title of an article by a
British adffragetto. Watch thorn
como a-runnlng. t
As proving tho progress made by
world poaco within tho last thirty
days, Zlon City hns had not inoro
than one war in that time.
Where havo our juvontlo court of
ficers been . In nil of this mesa of
young girls being recruited hero 'in
Omnha for a life of vice?
As showing that tho cost of living
Is steadily falling, assuranco Is
given that tho tariff on lemons will
he reduced' 1SA cents a pound.
Illinois Wlonss to tho people of tho
state, and. politicians have po ' mortguyo
on It Chicago bally Newa.
You can't make tho ' bath room
boys bolovo It.
A Lorf Angeles womun.of 10D win
ters Is to bo married. If they have.
all beep spoilt in sunny southern
California she may not bo more than
30 yenrs of age.
An exuhungo remarks that Cov
entor Osbom of Michigan never had
himself definitely .located during tho
campaign, and stll) seems to bo con
fused. Also there aro others, or
Congressman Norrls Is not ablo to
attend the session of the legislature
that will formally commission him
tp represent .Nebraska In tho senate,
but he will bo elected whether he la
present or not.
In recasting his Hoard of Control
appointments, Governor Morehead
seems to nave concluded finally that
discretion Is the better part of valor,
f-nd that ho can make more 'headway
by going slower. .
President-elect Wilson, like Presi
dent Taft, neemVt'o think that say
lug a thing In plain, dignified Kng
Mh counts just-as much as to pro
lalm It from the housetops in the
Jargon ofthe street.
And- now lh( Omaha Woman's
lub ; flndtf that ftcjlon takefe at a
tpoofal Qf3etCug .for holding a.house
hoM expiation nndertciub, auspices
t uuli and;' void because not (n con
formity with the constitution 4nd
'O lave, and wj)l have to be done
over again. Our club women have
apparent!- not reached tho polut lu-Ct-ated
by tho roraark of that fa
. o' i tfitesrnnn why taid iti,n's
uistft.ittion; Wtweeu friend?'' i
' Blue Sky Varieties., i
No little public spiitliuoiit Iihh been
.crystallhred bohlntl n dr-tunnd for thr
onactraont by tho NBlintska li'Kisla-
lure of wliat la known hr h liluo
skr" law. Tlio miRKMllon tonic
originally from Kansas, wllnri1 en
dort. of stuck, bdhds, and other
paper sflcurltlwi aro compelled be
forc offprlnj; ihom for snlo to get
tho approval of the state authorities
afi n safeguard agnlhRt the coining
of tholr "hlun-sky" into good ur
rtmcy of thn realm.
That outrageous imposition has
buon practiced, untold hardship Im
posed on iiiiAUHprctlng victims, and
much money poured Into distant
rat-holes which could, and should,
ho used for lpgltluiato enterprises at
home can he easily established, and
the argument In favor of a "blue
sky" law Is incontrovertible.
Hut thorn aro numerous varieties
of "blue-sky" palmed off hp tho
genuine nrtlclo In other lines be
sides tho salo of stocks and bonds.
The essence of "bluo-sky" Is also
there when a real estate dealer
works off a section of the sand hills
by representing it to be fertile loam
or unloads a bottomless pit for a
valuable city building lot. Thn es
sence of "blue-sky" Is likewise there
In greater or lessor degree when a
merchant dumps shoddy coods on
Ignorant customers at watered-stock
prices or fills an order for a custom
mndo suit of clothes with n ready
made factory garlmont.
"Hlue-sky" Is a very oxpanslve
and olastlc conception, and after we
tako tho "bluo-sky" out of stocks
and bands, there will still be plenty
of It left.
That Telephone Puzzle.
The Department of Justice has
turned over to the Interstate Com
merce commission tho working-out
of tho telephono riddle, to determine
whether It is a trust, combine or
morcly a great corporation Ignoring
tho, law with comparative impunity.
It Is said thnt the government's,
agents have discovered cases whero
tho alleged trust has mistreated
smaller and so-callod independent
companies, rofuslng to form connec
tions and In other ways imposing
upon them. Wonder If tho govern
ment has found instances whero
these so-called "Independents" have
been established by a hand of stock
watorlng promoters purely for tho
purpono of forcing tho alleged com
bine to buy tliom out at a fancy
price. Thoro Is room for lots of In
teresting dovolopmont looking both
ways in an Investigation of tho tele
phone sltuntlon.
Div6r6e Blight on Children.
If from Rftino form of accidental
violence 70,000 children, mostly"
utider 1 years of ago, woro annually
deprived of ono or both pnronts, what
would not bo dono to avert the dis
aster. According to figures compllod
by tho New York Btnto marriage and
divorce commission, these blighting
results ensue every year from nn evil
moro Insidious and far-reaching thnn
tho ordinary casualty divorce
The.fracturo of matrimonial bonds,
tho wrecking of family altars, de
stroying and blighting tho. young, as
well nn adult lives, and all tho train
of troubles following In tho wnko of
djvorcc, uro not to bo compared In
their5 withering- Influences with com
mon physical disaster, ovo:i to loss of
life. If ovory yenr, as this commission
shows; 100,000 divorces aro being
granted In tho United Htntos, the
total of disjointed famtllAt must di
rectly run Into the million.
So callous havo people become that,
It Is said, 00 ner "cant of tho divorce
cases go by default, tho second party
fooling not oven sufficiently exer
cised tot appear In defense, Tho sig
nificance Is cortalnly alarming for
thoso who regard tho consequences to
the unfortunate, children of tho mis
mated cquplcs and challenges re
doubled effort to dovlso proventlve
Trensuror Uro is praised by tho
Bchool board for crediting liquor
license receipts ahead of time, al
though In doing so ho was violating
an order of a provloun school board.
Presumably, It Is results that count
Just 88 when the late democratic
Htato convention endorsed Mr.
Aryan's repudiation d( tho popular
Instructions put on him as delegate
to the Baltimore convention.
Tho question of paid or unpaid
members of the charter commission
Is hardly; a llvo ono because, the
home rule amendment to the consti
tution under whloh the commission
In to act makes no provision for pay
ment. Tho Reo ventures a guess,
however, that thoro will be no
dearth of candidates for tho places
on that account.
South Omaha Is threatened with
another governor-appointed police
board fathered In tho legislature by
factors opposed to municipal home
rule altogethor. Tho easiest way
out is for South Omaha to come In
with Omaha and have an equal v.olco
in constituting tho police authorities
fpr jho whole of J.he greater, city.
The Wyoming legislators who
While away a day In fisticuffs on the
floor of the house, perhaps took that
means of resenting the imputation
flip i the old frontier dnya of the,
,vwU uru a, thing of tb past.
okin Backward
- .TAX.
Thirty Yenrs Aco
Tho flalle bout between the clebrAtnl j ViXr of th turtle shall be heard In the
shiKKers. Maco and SMnde. proved de- lai l." Not noting that the margin read
eldedly disappointing. Max-o la described ! "turtle dove." he proceeded In this man
As rather heavily built, bald on top of ! ner:
his lieml and wearing a heAvy black
musiHOtto. Blade Is referred to as "tho
alleged Australian," In all probability
Cockney Kngllslt Imported fpr tho pur
!oso of putting nioney In his own and
Mnee'a pocket. "Thn two thumpers
walked gaily on the stngc and nftcr a
few subterfuge bngan to paste one' an
other on the head and breast In royal
style. Slndo called out. 'I havo got
oliough.' and It wan all over."
A nucce-eful test was made of the elec
tric lighting plant put In by A. L. Strang.
"Twenty lights burned at once, glittering
llko so ninny stars."
Invitations aro out for the marriage of
Miss Flora ItosenthaJ, sister of Mrs.
Charles Schlank, to Mr. Pol Prince of
tho firm of Schlank & I'rlnce, to tako
place February 6.
Tho weather has moderated llghUy
and the aleUshlng Is bettr than cvor.
The German fair at Masonic hull opened
tonight, with good attendance and flno
The London bell ringers held forth at
the opera house.
Major D. If. Wheeler, secretary of the
Btate Hoard of Agriculture, came In from
Tmnity year
About midnight news reached the city
front Lincoln of the wrecking of the
Capitol National bank Involving the sum
of 2fl0,P0o. Thn stato lost heavily, a It
had funds on deposit with this bank.
Tho appearand In Uncoln of National
Hank Kxamlner J. M. Orlfflth of Wahoo.
wns responsible for tho closing of the
bank, aa he had found enough from a
brief Investigation to .-ntlsfy him of con
ditions. .lohn (!. Malier, a rising young democrat
from Chadron, was In the city.
Henry C. Stuart left f,)r Denver,
whence, hn was going to Ouatamala to
see about a coffee plantation, in which he
W'as Intorestcd.
Mrs. mcnar(5 c Patterson and three
children left for tho south to spend the
remainder of the winter, ehl.riv in
Houston, Tex-. .Mr. and Mrs. Tunnlcllffe
arranged to occupy their home In the
Interim, '
-Miss K. Lelghton. 7S years old. died nt
her home, Capitol avenue, at 6:K
p. m.
Ucneral C. II. Van Wyck passed through
Omaha enroute to Washington to resum.)
his aetiatorlnl duties. He was told by
reportera that he waa quoted from Wash
ington na favorlnK tho election of John
M. Thurston to the senate' from Ne
braska. He' denied emphatically thnt ho
".n nono so and said ho had not talked
of tho matter to any correspondent ex
cept Perry Heath of The Heo and didn't
mnko such a statcmont even to him.
Ten Ycnt-H Ago-
Tho street railway company, through
tho Ilyron Iteed company bought a slto
for a new nowor plant for Jia.UW, near
" JHCKSon street. It was an
nounced the new house would bo started
.w,k.a .cPclty of 6,000-horso power.
J . "'"'""'pners convened In stato
coriVeiiUoit endorsed tho Sloan bill pro
vldlng for longer terms of service.
Mrs. Hannah Stein, wlfo of Robert K
oiuw, ins j-amam atreot, died
paralysis at tlio age of 49.
. v. juorsmnn conducted
nmlnatlon of W. n. Donnet.
tho ex-
ns to the
failure o, the nennctt company before
Rcfcreo In llanliruptcy Clapp. Tho ox
am naUon developed this information as
to tho holder, of atoclc: W. n. Hennett.
8.K03 shares; S. F, Ilcnnett. 2,000; F. W
Ilrown. IfiO; Irving Allison. ,. These
sharoa had nover been paid for and an
arrangement waa mado between W R
Ronnett and J. K. itaum whereby the
inttcr could iksscbs them In case Jie woa
able to form ii company to take over
nd jninnago tho store.
oran,rBe, C'"k' Braml 'xlled
r, i , . . ' lvn" nrcu"rtnB for an of
flclal trip south, attending a three days'
Klks reunion nt Dallas and making other
tolls n,n lodges.
People Talked About
A Lelpxlo genealogist throws another
"scaro" into England by showing- that
tho reigning duko of Anhalt. a German,
Is a direct descendant of Brian Roru,vml
therefore the rightful heir to the kingship
of Ireland. Wiiat do you know hi,f
Hint? Nabockllshl
M. J. Rookafeller, cousin of the. oil king,
manipulates the "Juice" on a iret rvie
In St. Louis.
Mla Kvh Ixiwry unveiled a bronze tab
let In Ban Francisco last week which was
placed In memory of the fiftieth annlver
iry of the first breaking of ground for
the Central Pacific railway. It waa the
twglnntiur of the first transcontinental
lino and the marker was given by retired!
milway employes.
Dr. Hamilton Wright Mabla of the Out
look, In Japan on the Carnegie Founda
tion for International Peace, has found
the Japanese so cordial that he has had
to flco Into the country for a fortnight's
Rrnest Thompson Hetoti, chief scout of
the Uoy Scouts of America, when among
white boys teuches them Indian tricks.
When lie visits tho Indian boys lie teaches
them tricks und stunts of tho white hoys.
Recently when out among the Sioux In
diana he taught the boys and girls the
Virginia reel.
Daniel Chester French the sculptor. Is
working on a model for the memorial
fountain for Major Archibald llutt. mili
tary aide to President Taft. and Frank D.
Millet, the painter, who lost their lives
w4iea the Titanic foundered. The founi
tain will be placed in the park outside
tho White House grounds.
nw He Good,
Chicago Record-Herald.
Just to dispel any suspicion of unfair
discrimination the United States publlo
health service has put the finger bowl in
the same clas with the common drinking
eup and the roller tow el. vWnn we think
of the perils that environ our dally life
w have less Admiration forjlie hemes of
the Light Brigade.
Teaeher's Ft rut Tuak.
Washington Post.
Governor Wilson seems to be laboring
under the old-fashioned impression that
the first duty of the new schoolmaster Is
to lie K the bis bullv who terrorized all e
me pupi u..ur, me diu ttscner
Twice Told Tales
liDrrprrlliisr the Teal.
In the Tennessee mountains a motin
taineer pn-aclicr. who hail declared c!
leBea "the; works at the devil," was
prettchlnc without previous meiUtatlon an
'iixnlratluMal serimm fremi the text. "Vh
"This text, my heareis. strikes me an
one of the most peculiar texts In the
whole liook, because we all know tnat
a turtle ain't got no voice, llut by the
Inward enlightenment I begin to see the
meaning and will exose It to oil. D(.wn
ill the hollwa by the streams and ponds
you have gone In the springtime, my
brethren, and observed the little turtles,
a-sleepliig on the logs, tint at the sound
of the approach of a human being they
went kcrriop-kerpluhk. down Into tao
water. This, I say. then. Is the meaning
of the prophet; he. speaking flggerntlveiy,
referred to the kerflop of the turtle us
the voice of the turtle and hence we sto
that In those early times the prophet,
looking down at the ages to come dourly
tP light and prophesied the doctrine I h.tve
always preached to this congregation
thnt immersion Is the only form cf
baptism." Hverybod.Va Magazine.
Job for tlie Princess.
The crown princess of Germany takes
the greatest Interest In women and their
work. Apropos of which there Is a story
that sho once applied In person on behalf
of a protege of hera to a leading firm of
dressmakers for tho post of a model.
"I came." sho said, "because I saw
jour advertisement and I thought "
The manager laid his hand on her
"My dear girl." he said, "I am sorry,
but it Is no use. You are not quite joort
looking enough. Still, you havo a pleasant
face, utld I'll tell you what I'll do. Come
again in a month's time and then I will
seo If I can fix yon out as a Junior salts
woman. "
His consternation was only equaled, by
tho tact of the crown princess in making
him forget his discomfiture when he dis
covered hr -Identity." London Globe.
Turned Down.
"An apt retort." said Senator Dupont
in a tariff argument. "Aa apt a retort-ao
the pert young girl's.
'Thla young girl repulsed very haught
ily the proffered attentions of A yming
man. He, wounded to the quick, ex
claimed: " 'Ah, well., you're as full of airs as a
hand organ. t
"fho tossed her bend.
" 'Maybe I am," she said, 'but all the
same, I don't, go with a crank.' "Wash
ington Star. '
Curiosities of Life
A St. iMXiia man has amassed a fortuno
picking rags but not a piano.
Ry a Swiss tribunal it has been decided
that In Switzerland It Is not against the
law to call a man an ass.
A chicken thief In Follslngton. Pa.,
kicked over a bee hive, and ho was
found stung halt to death and shrieking
to be arrested. J
.Ai writer In Good Housekeeping tells
Itowr ho reduced the high cost of living
In his own household. ' Ho began flr.it
whero a man would usually begin last
on his cigars, saving 178 a year on this
Rem. ,
When a highly bred and prized bull dog
Jumped from a baggage car on n ex
press train near Sunbury, Pa., after It
had chewed Itself loose froni Its leash, the
train was stopped whllo the crew chased
It over snow-co.vored farm lands for half
an hour. Thn animal waa finally cap
tured. Tho train arrived nearly an hour
late, Kxpress employes said the dog waa
insured fop $1,000.
Oscar F. Shaw, of East Canterbury,
N, II., boasts that since April 1 ho hns
fitted fifty cords of stove wood, out
twenty tons of hay and oat fodder, raised
340 bushels of potatoes and 173 bushels of
corn, pinked fifty barrels of -Baldwin
und 450 buHhels of elder apples, mado
twenty-one casks of cider, raised five
tons of pumpkins and a large quanttty
of garden vegetables, gathered 3,000 bush
els of leaves for bedding and raised 130
chickens and ROO pounds of pork.
Home Ties
Because Frank Patrick Henry of Pitts
burgh, shied at a bill for tltiM for a
pnlr of pink satn corsets, Mrs, Henry
talked back, bade him "good night" and
went home to mother. She refused to
come buck and Henry carried his" tale
of woe to the divorce court.
When Fred Thompson and Miss Lldu
Evans called at the home of Rev. F. W.
Hart at Chardon, O., Jo be married they
found a ministers' meeting In session
there. Rev. Mr. Hart called upon two
of his gursta to assist In the ceremony,
so thr young poopla were married by three
The police Judge of Tonkers, N. V. Is
trvln - . .rnltrfl,R ,, trnM' , ,
Margaret Kelly and her daughter Norah
aged . Mtss Norah Is quite a charmer
and having a surplus of suitors Mainmi
Kelly tried to help out, becoming o
expert In the line that Norah's favorites
Switched to mother. Tho rnurt I I
in r,ri .,u..,i , i
give the daughter a show. I
Three courtships have beep going n
simultaneously In the home of John Kron
holm of New Britain, Conn. Now a trlpln
engagement has been announced; Ms
three daughters' are to be the brides of
local younp men.
Down at CJreensburg. Pa., the wife of I
a man condemned to death for murder
.... oiuiucr.
applied for a certificate of death in ad
vance of the execution. What's tho use
or waiting?' said tho woman, when re
proached ou her haste to marry. "1 may
not have the chance If I wait longer."
Chicago n 19Z collected ri9.K4 In de
llnquent taxes,
Qver 1000 auto licenses have been Issued
In Cleveland.
A seat on the stook exchange Is still
worth fJ3,CO0.
Arlxona In 1912 produced 360,000,000
pounds of copper.
Commerce of Hawaii In 1912 was 111,000,
Off greater than In 1911.
Vnlted States J913 domestic consump
tion of copper exceeded 836,000,000 pounds.
Canada Is the great consumer for
Fnlted Statea coal, taking all except
66.571 tons of the i 9:9.102 tons of anthra-jof
exported In Mil and 10.S71.SSJ of the 1 1
l.iW.SU tons of WtHKUjuius coul I
Hie Bce?i Letter Box
Annlnst InLhrrs Pension.
OMAHA. Jan. 2l.-To the Editor of The
re. nen men nee women who liave
the knack or making things look coy
and tasteful, with heir wonderful Iw-aut.v
anil loveliness knwvn her rare Instinct anil
tenderness and unalterable faithfulness,
h thinks she Is not only worthy of his
protection and wjport. but she would
have the best oX everything.
And when he knows Just one woman,
who In his whole world, who fills him
with a blessed Inspiration and a strange
force. And he sees tho answer to his love
deep In her wonderful eyes, he thinks
If any thing should happen to her but
let us not think of It. but rather of the
thousands of women. Just like her, who
are living in privation and lonllnes on
the meager boarding house fare, mend
ing and amending, pinching nnd con
triving in order to look well on her few
dollars a Week.
Think of the many women, young, mid- j
die aged, and some elderly, who are re
duced to such meager circumstances that
they advertise In newspapers for a bus.
band; of women who are utterlv hone.
less of the future they will promise to
marry a man they haw never seen or
ocr before heard of. Think of all these)
women, und should we sacrifice them
all by giving tho one woman who Is a
mother a pension?
Why are somo women reduced to bucIi '
poor clrcustuncts? Why are come women
so utterly hopuloss? Why does the mother
need a pension? Is it not because we as- I
sutne that women aro weak and have I
not given them a squuro deal? j
Throttling Improvement Kntrrprlnc.
OMAHA. Jan. ai.To tho Editor of The
Ile. This is an opportune time for the
citizens of Nebraska to jw that provi
sions are made in our laws that will bring
iiue.rnai Impi ovementa In tho shape of
ulectrio railways to our state and nut Us
ou an equality with othot state in cheap.
irequent and rapid transportation. Our
laws will not permit thla class of Internal
Improvements and our money 1m now
going to buy cheap Canadian lands where
the Investor has a chanco to take ad
vantage of tho Increased valuation.
It Is a known fact that the interstate
and state railway commission came into
existence on account of the ' grasping
methods and high flnanco of our present
railroad systems and the Irresponsible
promoters endeavoring to float large
stock issues to construct steam as well
as electric railways, whero 40 xa- rent of
tho money raised was used for advertis
ing, 40 per cent for salaries and com
missions and only 20 per cant actually
wont Into tho construction. This class of
finance and construction, should be
stopped, but the commissioners of this
state havo drawn the lines so tight that
all legitimate and honest Internal im
provements are throttled by declaring
that 6 per cent Interest Is aJl publlo serv
ice corporations should Ui entitled to
earn on their physical valuation, the com
missioners to determine tbe valuation.
It docs look to an outside observer that
the state railway commlcwioners aro work
ing In thu Interest of our now present
railroad systema tnsterd of assisting In
getting Internal improvements that will
benefit tho local und 'short haul traffic.
as the proaent rajlroiid sytems arc devot
ing their best talent and energies for tho
long haul and through traffic to the det
riment of the local and short haul.
Instead of tho mo (bod now adopted and
being enforced by the commissioners they
should auhorliw a stock issue equal to
the bond Issue, the bond Issue to be deter
mined by the actual cost of construction,
including tho commissions, discounts and
.contractors' profits, .
For further protection of the purchasers
a clause should be Incorporated In the
trust doed that a certain percent of the
earnings shall be set astdo each year for
maintenance and at the expiration of the
first ten yeurs another percentage shall
be set ankle to rettro the bonds at the
end of tho term of years the bonds are to
run, before any dividends can be declared
on the common stock.
It tho promoters of a system of rail
roads would start out on the'so linen and
carry It through successfully no reasoti
ablo man should begrudge tho promoter
the right to hold and keep his stock aa
fully paid and entitled to any dividend
accruing. He hns certainly earned It and
tho community where located haa had
full benefit for the Increased facilities
he has enjoyed. GEORGE L. CAM PEN.
Wooler SnrnU am n Farmer.
SILVER. CREBIC, Neb., Jan. 19. To
tho Editor of The Bee: While lawyers.
doctors, merchants, bankers and tho men
of scores of other professions and call
ings, ore organized for their own pro
tection. It Is a well known fact often
commented on, that the farmers are not j
organized and have at hand no means j
or acting togetner, eitner orransivciy or
defensively. It Is true that there are
Various organizations among them, aoine
twenty of them will meet In Lincoln this
week, but not one of them, or all of them
together, can speak authoritatively for
the great -mass of the faimers of Ne
braska. The farmers are more numerous
than all these .other classes of people,
they are the Folld foundation on which
all the Institutions and Industries of tho
state rest; paraphrasing a saying attri
buted to Louis Napoleon. "They are the
state." And yet they are exploited and
preyed on: preached to and doctored;
boosted and boomed, and even reviled
imd abused as a lot
of addlr-pated
chumps who do not know enough to
throw uirt in a muonoie.
Usually the farmer takes It all meckty
like a lutub going to the slaughter, and
answers back not a word. But there Is
a limit to human endurance, and If our
legislature now tn session docs not sit
down on a lot of Ill-advised schemes for
puu,nK .,nrB , " j
,.,.!. ,h nlrenriv nver.hlirilened farm.
'ers, something Is going to happen. While I
I hold no commission to spenk for the
farmers, having with my own hands tilled '
Nebraska soil for more than forty years, J
I think I come pretty near to knowing
what they want and what they do not
want. They do not want to bo taxed lu
the sum of fl40,000 or In any other sum
to buy Mr. C(emmon's school at Freriiont.
they do not want to be taxed In the
sum of fft00,00i) or In any ottver sum, for
a building for the historical society; they
do not want to be taxed In the sum of
13,000.000, or In any other turn, for the
removal of the State university, and,
above All, they do not vant the legis
lature to make any law fcr a state high
way commission and a scheme of state
road building which would eventually
coat us untold millions, and be a pseless
burden on the farmers forever.
In my own behalf, and In the behalf
the farmers, nine cart of ten of whom
know would agree with ine in ad I
have said, 1 pppcs! to tie legislature.
ami partlcHlrly to the farmer members,
for protection. We wish yotl tO provide
well for the legitimate oxwns of the
state government, for the wards of the
state, and for the education et the chtl-
Itmi Of the state by making uur shwIs
twltcr Instead of mnklHg more of them.
tf farmern would write their members
! of the leclalftture aa to what thev want.
! and what they do not want. It would
have a very great effect.
"Word are queer things anyhow, ain't
"How do you mean?"
"A mobile face Is a changing one. Isn't
"s; what of it?"
"And an automobile face Is a fixed
stare." Baltimore American
"Tho postmaster at Plunkvllle says that
If he doesn't handle more mall they'll
close the office."
"Tell him to put an ad In the local
paper stating rich widow wants hus
band." Louisville Courier-Journal.
"When you went to the front to help
fight the Turks did you take a prominent
"Well, all I can say is. If you had been
there, you would have seen me still In
th runtUng."-Haltlmore American.
"Here's a dispatch about a man bound
over for stealing a load of pumpkin's;
case never came to trial."
"Head It: "Indictment Squashed'"
Chicago Tribune
"I'p again, eh. for evading the law""
are quickly relieved by an application of
Sloan's Liniment. It's very penetrating, goes
straight to the sore spot
3Ils Elsib Maxthev. 4229 Talman
Ave., Chicago, III., writes: "About
two years ago my mother broke down
with rheumatism. The doctors didn't
do any good. My mother was per
suaded to try Sloan's Llulment, and
In threo wooks was entirely well-
and I bollevo she is cured forever."
Mrs. A. WnrDHAV.of 403 E.Thomp
son St., Maryrllle, Mo., writes: "Tho
nerve In my leg was destroyed flro
years ago, and left me with a jorklng
nn uik"i wiai a count nos sleep.
A friend told mo to try yonr liniment
and now I could not do without It.
I llnd after its uio I can go to sleep."
is an excellent remedy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma,
neuralgia, lumbago, lame muscles and stiff joints.
At all dealr. Price 25c., 50c. and $1,00.
New Orleans, February 3-4, 1913 I
joest reacned by the
Leayintr Chicago at 5.00 p.m., St.Loui$ at 8.30 p.m., daily
Electric-lighted, observation car, sleeping- car, dlnlntr car and coarh
a jSiS , ch'cgo-San Antonio, Tex., sleeping csr via New Orleans!
Adaltlonal daily service to New Orleans out of Cbilago leavesTe ,lolm
and at 6.35 p,m put of St. Louis at 1.30 p.m. and at 11.30 p.m. 9 l0aAa'
deiS,iuCarV,"7th0 "wintM Capital "-charrnlne; to visit account or its
deUghtful clitnste,interestlng historical French Quarter, beautiful semi-tropical
American section, .nd Its characteristic manners and customs. Mwdi Oral
Pan?nt74;d9r3-. t'? 0te hc Prt through which to reh: Colon!
It" m ,f ruIt. Company; Havana, Cuba, by weekly sailings or the
lmZtZXJ,lp'', thC, Hamburg-American Kronprinzessin
CecUie two weeks cruises to Jamaica, Panama and Havana, leaving New
Orleans January 33 nd February to, xgt3. ' ,cav,nB W5VV
Ask forMardi Gras folder, also for free literature and specific information
$VDe 10 an2 f thJ !lboVe' and 10 the National Military Part vKKr
Tickets, reservations and general Information by addressing v'cDl,rff'
S. NORTH, District Passenger Agent, ILLINOIS CENTRAL R.R.
u so. sixteenth
ntAHX CASEY la still cutting- prices
at lath & Howard. Carey Hotel Uldr.
Indies & lien's aulta or o'coaCi
cleaned, preased 11.00, WaUta
laundered lu- Flat work lSi- doz
iiO roomy, tfor nieti.i ji.ju per week
"Have you hot ami cold water In oir
"Too much of Iwth. '
, ..M). Wlfe la alwHs nortn noM
water on mj' planr or kcpiig me i '.
hot water.' iigitlmore American.
S. li Kler tn Ileeord-lleildi
HhcIi morning 1 aw wakened hy a smil
ing little tot.
And while I do my best ail .nay he fills
my gladdest thought '',
I plan for him ami strive for him and
have no time to fret
About tho way that Wllsotelvmy construct
his cabinet. , .
Because of htm mv-tk Is light an'l
gladly all day Ion.
rfuove me roar oi name, i can qcar iii
baby song;
And when I've hurried home at night he
meets me on the stairs
To cause me to foget about the world and
Its affairs.
Obedient to his eager pleas, nor craMtig
what I lack,
I gallop on my hMtids and knees, whll"
he bestrides my back.
And. while he rides through Babylaild
and bravely shouts hi glee.
No thought of publlr office comes lo
haunt qr trouble me.
At Inst, before 1 seek my couch, I
stand nnd gladly gaze
Down at the smile that, while he sleep.'-,
around his foatures plays.
I plan for him niid dream for him, ami
have no time to fret
Because t shall not get a seat In Wood
row's cabinet
st Omaha, Neb.
"Hut I dUIn t evade It. jour
Her IV. --Washington IteVitld

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