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Another batch
of Bona-fide
Bargains will
be put on sale
Saturday, January 25th
The .windows will be filled
with them and Friday Even
ing's "ad" will tell about them.
4 Lota of 1 Lot of 3 Lots of
Men's Ladies' Girls'
Furnishings. Waists. Garments.
the institutions. The board names the
iiperintendcnts, the .towards and physi
cians nnd the superintendents name the
other employe. Any member of the
board may bo removed by the governor
and senate and when the latter Is not In
tosslon the governor may suspend a mem
ber for continuous nonattendance at board
meeting, or other cause.
The bill goes Into the details of the
TariouB reports the board must moke and
gives It control over th finances of tho
various Institutions and the oonutrucUon
of now building.
morb ihlls dig iconic housk
.VnmrrMi Jlejnre Introdncod for
(Prom a Staff Correspondent)
lilNOOLK, Jan. 2X 0Dcial.-Th fol
lowing WHs were Introduced In ttu house
L It 237, by Btnarns of Scott's Bluff
Appropriating ,000 for miration In the
federal courts to establish prior rights or
water users on Interstate streams, re
gardleea of state llwxi.
II, It 23S. by Btehblna of Dawson Cre
nting an lnipectorshlp of apiaries, making
the state entomologist live Inspector and
giving him assistant at 3 per day ACh
and expenses. Approprlatrji U.C0O.
II. It 2. by Ilaalk of Butler Require
county officers to pay annually to the
county treasurer all fees collected In ex
cess of what the law allows them to ro-
UIt It abu, by Mather of Valley IU
ulrlng tbwnshlp treasurers to publish
condensed financial atatomenU for two
weeks In newspapers.
II, It 3. by Kelley of Hall Appro
priate. UftCOO tor an lnmjedlaU re
formatory on part of Boldlrs homo
grounds at Grand Island.
II. It 303, by Flanagan of DougUB Lim
its delay in wage recovery suits to Jus
tice court, through continuance or trial.
t0lf.' Ranby Ftanagan-ProhlbtUng tho
making, uttorlng or delivery of any check,
draft or order, with Intent to defraud;
Salty, fine not exceeding 00 or pen
itentiary Imprisonment not exceeding one
' .C It WM, by" Yates of rouj?laA-UQulres
motor vehicles to bo equipped with safety
1 Jtbuckson of Nuckolls-Ilc-..ulrra
county boards. Instead of school
Htrlctari. to make provision lor t ie
ViavmiTOtoftulUon ot nonresident pupils.
J ii n 2Mi by Potts of rawneo-Author-IxeL'salo
o bonUs now owned by state at
leas' than W Sot not less U.an what wn.
paid for them. . noimt-lU-
" H,UIt' M. by Snyder and Hnbbwd-Ap-,l,J
t'lttti for 109 acres of anui
proprtatlng Jftng. Insano asylum.
'"ii'-n. in. to BftjKJSS"' a"""U
at sssginsssxtrtt
lUlLIt 31& by le of DouKlaa-Iyldes
1 orSbe wmlngton and elecUon of com
jnllonerB lit Douglas county by tne cn
"it B?bjr rcn of Frontier-Pro-vl&WeSunty
clerks , .hall : Jdwi
ccnU for each non-resident fUUirtg
yWSi of Harlan-ConsU.
tutlonalnedment authorising Inferior
roi?,CRPMHyt9Mnccirthy of Cumlng-
a. follows. From 00 to m from 000
to 11.030. and from J1.000 to lw-
It. It S. by lUchardson of LAncttster
Appropriating tli.OOO to erect a tnonu
enTto John SlT Thayer In national pari
it Vlcksburg. Miss. AuUtorttes the gov.
trnor to appoint a commission of three
"Son veteran, to have charge of the
work and report to next legislature.
II, It St. by Morrl. of Cherry-Create,
a live stock sanitary board of five mem
bers, to Tb appointed by tho Svernor,
who shall receive expenses only: also pro
vide, for assistant state veterinarian.
H. It S2, by Jeao Yixt salaries pr
probation officers, specifies procedure In
misdemeanor and Juvenile cases and pro
vides for paroling first offenders.
It It S3, by Norton of Iolk Allow,
owner, of land to cultivate unused por
tlons of public highway, by sowing grass
or grain crops; permit, leasing where
owner doe. not use this right, and allows
road overseers. In emergencies, to take
caro of road border, and charge cost to
adjacent land.
If. It SU. by Norton Allowing coonty
commissioner, to divide county road fund
tcpially between districts, according to
needs. Does away with provision requir
ing payment In cash.
Jf it. as. by Norton Increase, poll tax
to n and allow, two day. work In lieu
of cash.
II. It by Mockett of Lancaster
Jrants additional powers to cities ot
ess than t,M Inhabitants.
Wants to Know About Lavr of He-
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan 3S.-(Speclal.)-Mr. HI
llott of Denver, is very much Interested
in the Nebraska marriage taw., so much
so th he wired the speaker of the holse
for Information. Ills telegram to Speaker
Ktlley was as follows:
"Ha. bill been Introduced prohibiting
divorced peop.le from, other state, mar
rying In Nebraska? If so, has It be
cunie a law?. Answer at one at my ex
nense." Blgned) VT. It BLMOTT.
The .peaker answered "No."
f t hit
lluusr Adopts XfW Itule (a. Kxpr
dll- UutlneM,
From a Staff Co-respondent)
LINCOLN. Jan 2S. - (Special.) TH
tixse adopted the rules reported bylU;
rule committee. A new provision per
mits a roll call In the commUteo of the
whole on motion of ten membors. There
was no objection to this. Only three com
mittees were allowed clerk, as follows:
Judiciary, finance and claims. The mo
tion of McKlssick that the committee on
fish and Kama bo allowed a clerk was re
ferred to the committee on omploycs.
Prison Committed! Will Look Into
Affairs of Penltenllary
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOIN, Jan. 23. (Bpeolal,)-Tho sen
ate indulged' in its first real scrap of
the session this forenoon, when Plaoek
of Saunders miulo a motion that a com
mittee ot thrao bo appointed to Inwitl-
fUe the penitentiary. Kemp of Nanco.
floor IcfuW for the republicans, moved
a substitute motion that ttva commltteo
consist of the regular prison committee
composed of Krumbach of Polk, chair
man, a democrat! Dodge of Douglas, re
publican; Itoagland of Lancaator, repub
lican; Reynolds of Dawes, republican,
and I'laock of Saunders, democrat. After
a general discussion In which the re
publican, favored tho Kemp substitute
and tho democrat, lined up behind tho
rtooek motion, a standing vote was taken
which resulted In the substitute of Kemp
winning by a vote ot 10 to 11, "Wink of
Buffalo voting with tho republicans.
When called to task by eomo of his
colleagues for voting with tho republican
majority, Wink said he had got mixed
on the proposition and voted tho wrong
The session opened this morning with
prayor by Rev. O. fl. Harrison of York,
a preacher who ha. been a pastor for
forty-two year, in Nebraska.
A memorial was read from a camp of
tho Modern Woodmen of Garrison") In
Torlc county, asking that tho senate use
all efforts to defeat the so-called Mobile
bill, which would bo Introduced at some
time during the session. The Mobile bill
Increases rates in Insurance In the Wood
men organlxatlon. f
Memorial Postponed.
Dodgo of Douglas asked that his ijcboIu
Uon of yesterday, referring to the pas-
sace of a memorial to congress asking
tho members from Nebraska to opposo the
passago of a certain Immigration wn
which featured a certificate ot monu
character Cor every Immigrant coming to
this country, be inaonniteiy posipuueu.
because ho had read In tho paper, this
morning that tho ciar ot Iluiwla would
not be roaulred to sign certificates of
that nature on his subjects coming to.
tho United States.
The general appropriation bill, from tno
houso wor passed very quickly by a un
animous vote. Bu.he of Kimball caused
considerable merriment by coming In Just
as his nam was called and hearing tho
familiar name aaked what they wero vot
ing on. Vtn told that It was the ap
propriation bill he dove down Into his
pockot fished Kp a wiry flat looking
pocket book and giving in a giancc
Bhoutod "Aye." Tliese bills call for nn
appropriation of ,000 for Incidental ex
penses and 1120.W0 for payment of salaries.
To Tnx KxpreM Companies.
Benato File No. 1 Smith's bill to com
pel express companlos to pay a 3 per
cent ocouputlon tax, was the first bill
called for final passage. Bplrk of Saline
announced that he had been approached
by a gentleman yesterday who wished
him to ask for more time In which to con
sider tho bill. 8mlth opposed any post
ponement of the measure saying that tho
bill had been introduced tho first day,
had been printed In full by several of
the dally paper, and Jiad been quite
generally printed In many other papers
and he thought everybody hnd had suf
ficient notice. The bill passed unani
mously. Senate File No. 11, nushee's Irrigation
bill which prohibits the stealing of water
from irrigation ditches alio passed by a
unanimous vote.
The senate then went Into a commltteo
ot tho whole with Talcott of Cedar In
tho chair for the consideration ot Son
ate File. IS and 30, which were advanced
for third reading and passage.
'! 1 .1 n Hn , ln.lll..ln...
mil. v. r .vil. iniM.in.ut h -' 1 . . 1 I
calling for tho appointment of a ofimmlt
teo of thrco to visit each state Institution
and make a thorough investl.ation n
the books and the buildings, also methods
uy wnicn tno institutions naa been con
ducted and managed and renort to h
senate before any appropriation bills wero
considered. In explanation of his reao
lutton tho senator said that while he hart
no objection, to tho regular committees
of the senate taking trios to tiamina in
stttutlons It was his experience that nn
account of the .lie of tho commln,.
visiting an Institution and the short time'
given to the visit very little real Infor
mation of value was ever gven to thi
senate. He thought that a small com
mlttoe would do better service than tho
regular committee. He said that he had
heard that the Joint committee on mih
lie land, and building, were going to
make a trip next week and had hired
Tullman car for tho purpose. He did
not particularly object to that If the
state tnougnt it could stand the expense
Dodge of Douglas agreed with what Uie
senator rrom vaney had aald. but be.
llevcd that a mistake was made in the
legislature not meetlnr even- vnr.
fwas a member of the house ux vur.
ago. said lie. "and am far as T am atil
j to discover tho state Institutions, have
i not made very muoh progress since that
I time Id, (act, the institution which our
i committee visited a few dnva ago has
made very little If no progress. Down
there at that pen there Is a deplorable
condition. Half of tho Inmate, ore loys
and there should lie some means to. keep
those boys away from tho demoralising
conflict with tho hardened and vicious
convlrts." The motion was passed.
.mr Prison Prolip.
The real Interest In the morning sea
slon began when Placek of (founders In
troduced his motion to appoint a com
mltteo of three to investigate the statu
penitentiary, with power to employ nn
expert bookkeeper and call witnesses to
testify. He said that tho regular com
mittee was so large tliot lb could not do
effective work, and ho desired to sco a
committee appointed who would get busy
and accomplish something.
Dodge of Douglas was in favor of an
Investigation, but thought that tho regu
lar committee of five on st'ato prison
could do that work very effectively. "If
we cannot alt work at the Investigation,
I think wo have the power to appoint n
committee from our own members who
could look after tho matter Just as well
as could any special committee appointed
by tho motion made by the senator from
Saunders," said the. Douglax county mem
ber. Opposing; Junkets.
Hoagiand of Lancaster was in favor ot
the regular committee taking charge of
the Investigation. Ho thought that pos
slbly the motion of Ollls may have done
away with tho standing committees, but
In this case he thought the regular com
mittee should do tie work. IIo bollcved
the Junkotlng trips should be cut out,
as thoy wero a useless expanse to the
Reynolds and Cortical favored tho In
vestigation, the latter contending that
any commltteo which visited a state In
stitution should give It a thorough In
Kemp of Nance moved a substitute mo
tion to that of ths senator from Saunders
that the regular commltteo on state
prison be made tho committee to Investi
gate the Institution. He did not bellcvn
In burdening the senate with no many
special committees whon any commltteo
had the power to do the work that a spe
cial commltteo was asked Ho do. "The
senator who made tho original motion Is
a membor of tho prison committee," said
he, "and therefore I make the motion
that his committee do the Investigating."
Voir an Pnrty Lines.
On tho motion on the substitute ot Sen
ator Kemp tho chair was undocldcd and
called far a standing vote. The voto
was a strict party vote, with one excep
tion. Wink ot Buffalo voting with tho re
publicans, and the substitute motion pre
vailed by a voto of 15 to U.
Honate fits No. 145, by Splrk of Saline,
was Introduced by request of some of
his constituents. This bill would repeal
the Jaw which prohibits county treasurers
from hpldlng office more than two terms.
"Under the new law we now have county
treasurer examiners," wild Senator Hptrk,
''and therefore It a man has made a
good official thero Is no reason why he
should not continue to serve the people
If they want him."
Nine licrr Measnres Only Produced
hr (fan Senators.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Jan. 3. (Special.) The fol
lowing bills were Introduced In the. sen
ate tojSayf a.
. a F. lit, htf Ollls qf. yaney-i,'roDuiis
Issuance "Of -marrlago licenses to, people
who nre tinphyslcaliy unfit and fixes re
nulrements to assist county Judges in
determining who aro .barred from cm-
barking on the matrimonial sea.
S. F. 13, by Grossman of Douglas
Amendment to state oil laws providing
for slight changes in methods of testing
kerosene ami gasoline.
B. F. HI, by Klein of Gage Provides
that county treasurers shall keep account
of amounts of warrant, paid, each In
separate columns.
S. F. 115, by Bplrk of Saline Abolishes
the Ineligibility of county treasurer, for
more lliun IWU vuiinnuuiivo imuip.
B. F. U6. by Reynolds of Dawes
Changes amount ot school levy from X
to 35 mills.
S. F. 147 Held for correction.
8. F. Its. by Reynolds of Dawes Pro
vides that examlnaton ot books of
county treasurers shall be mado once
every year Instead of every two years as
at present.
S. F. 119. by Heasty of Jefferson Pro-
posed constitutional amendmrat providing
that right to bo heard in nil civil cases
in the court of last resort shall be regu
lated by general law.
B. r. wo. Dy uoraeat or ilea willow
Provides that state superintendents shall
approve plana for construction of all
school houses in tno state.
Xevr Meiuher Oets Fine Assign
ments Wttbont tho Asking.
(From a Special Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 2J.-(Special.)-IludlsUl
of Hitchcock, who has Just become a
member of the "house, landed well on com
mittees and did not have to go through
the scramble for places either.
The energrtlo members who a the or
ganisation wanted to be on all commit
tees have come to the conclusion that
working on a committee is worse thsu
plowing corn. So when it became no'sed
around that the new member woul dnot
be adverse to having his name mentioned
In connection with some big committees
there was a grand rush to accommodate
Hoffmelster got off the public lands and
building, committee; Jeary resigned from
the deficiency; Gates from the university
and normal schools; Bollen from public
schools; Buckner from manufactures and
Rudlsell was given all these places.
Mockett tried to unload the chairmanship
of the commltee on mtnes and minerals
on Rudlsell, but he refused to stand for
that and also declined a chairmanship of
fered him by Gustafson,
Measare Introduced In Senate Pre
ertMnsr Certain Limitations,
LINCOLN. Jan. 21.-A bill to prevent
the marriage ot persons not tree from
certain diseases was Introduced In the
state senate today by Senator Ollls. Either
of the parties would be subject to pun
ishment on violation and a willful viola
tion of the law by the county Judge would
also lay him liable.
The economy program of the houso was
adopted this morning. An attempt io
make allowance, for clerk, ot several
committees met with failure and the re
vised rules were passed a. submitted.
Foster Seeks to Chaugr Committees
on I.er'n Mrainrf,
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 3t-(8pec!al.)-Thr
Douglas delegation, which has been on
speaking term for several days, broke
out again this morning when Foster
wanted to get Iee's merger bill trans
ferred from the committee on Judiciary to
tho committee on cities and town., of
wtcn' & ztz::. raU'
with the result the seaker has not yet
made the transfer.
UltAM) lW,A.M) HIiroltMVTOm
Speaker. KHIrv Una It 1 1 1 Making
Provision Tllrrrfor.
(From a Btaff Correspondent i
LINCOLN. Jan. a.-(8pwlal )-Kelley of
Hall has tnfcen the siiKgpstlon of ox
Governor Aldrlch to establish a rnorina
tory nt Grand Inland very seriously, and 1
to carry out the recommendation he lias )
Introduced a bill to .ipproprlate W.tioi for '
that purpose, using all hut rights acres
of ground belonging to the Soldlcr.s home !
(Continued from Pago One.)
tided that ho negotiated the purchase ol
the stock In the Guaranty Trust company
for the organizers of tho voting trust, Tor
the trust company. George F Huker, he
said, had nothing to do with tho negotia
tions. Mr. Haker was nt that tlmo con
nected with both the Mutual and Guar
anty trust. Purchase, of 6,000 shares from
Mrs. K. II. llarrlmuu ami 6,000 from tho
Mutunt IJfe Insurance company, Mr
Davison said, gavo tho organizers control
of 12,000 out of the 30,000 shares of the
Mr. Davison said that the Guaranty
Trust company was acquired by himself
and his associates with the Idea that it
would be mfcrged into the Hankers Tins'.
company. He made this statement as to
the voting trust agreement.
"Wo younger men organized tho Hauli
ers' Trust company In 1W3, and nt that
tlmo we organized the voting trust. The
purpose of this voting trust wan to pro-
elude the possibility of the purchase of
control of tho stoek by men active 'it
New York nt that time whose credit nnd
responsibility was questioned. When we
came to plan to take In the Guaranty
company the voting trust hnd worked so
well in the Bankers' Trust wo organized
the Guaranty under the same plan,' ho
that It might easily be taken over.
.Might , tie DlosolVril.
"On this question of voting trusts,
said Mr. Davison, I am perfectly willing
to recommend that these voting trusts be
dissolved. The voting trust, as such, has
had no more to do with tho real manage
ment of tho business thnn tho Pujo com
mittee," i
Mr. Unterinyer nnd the witness Indulged
In an argnment over tho usefulness of.
voting trust arrangements for tho control
of financial Institutions.
"Well, said Mr. I'ntcrmyer, "wo will
be well satisfied with your statement that
i n it minim xmsr rwAK-g&viaasiijmmz&Mmiw
j I ii if fill mmmwrrSaiMmwm ttsmm
T i JM
: uur ureal
will begin next Saturday, Jan. 25
We will offer your unrestricted choice of all our
Tailored Suits Evening Dresses
Evening Wraps Coats, etc., etc.
No matter whether the former price was $25
Your unrestricted choice
I Saturday,
Make your plans so that you will be one of the first o.nes here when
J this great sale opens. Watch Friday night's papers for more details.
JULIUS ORKIN-1510 Douglas St.
you will use your Influence to dissolve
these voting trusts.
"1111,1 I didn't say that." objected Mr.
Davison. "I said that I now see no uso
for the purpose to bo served by theJo
voting trusts, and on mature considera
tion I would probably recommend, so far
as my vote Is concerned, that they be
Mr. Untemiyer brought out that Mie
votes of two of the three trustee of the
'Bankers and Guaranty companies could
dissolve the trusts and that Mr. Davison
was a trustee of each company.
About Minority IntoreHln.
When Mr. Davison resumed the stand
after the noon recess, Mr. Untermeyer
placed In tho record documents from tho
flics of J. I. Morgan & Co. and tho Now
York -Stock exchanga to show thut in
1WVJ, when the voting trust over the
Southern railway was extended, 174,000
shares of the former voting trust certi
ficates that failed to agree to the ex
tension wero stricken from the stock
For 55 years Uncle Sam
has upheld our methods
of making pure whiskey.
In all these years he has passed
no law that necessitated any
change in our whiskey, our meth
ods or our label.
The Best Rye in the Field
is the same today as it was in 1857
absolutely pure, finely flavored,
rich, ripe, delightful
m Gtod
l Tr i - ITT r
ill i Minim KnA zr xrJmrwzmmkwm
. . m
M. ITS 1 H .O I X
t mai uearauw aaie :
exchange Mr Davison said ho was suro
nothing was Mono to the minority holders.
"Oh," observed Mr. t'ntermycr. "you
take it that J. P. Morgan could do no
"I think," replied Mr. Davison, "that
J. P. Morgan & Co." could do no wrong
If the circumstances permitted them to
do what they wanted to d6. It Is a
policy of tho house to protect minority
Tho Paris Medlclno Co., 2624 Pine street,
St. Louis, Mo., manufactures of Laxa
tive Bromo Quinine, have a new and won
derful discovery. GROVE'S SA-NARE
CUTIS, which they guarantee to cure
any case of ECZEMA, no matter of how
long standing, In 10 to 30 days, and will
refund money If It falls. GROVE'S SA
NARE CUTIS Is perfectly clean and does
not stain. If your duruggtat hasn't It,
send us COc In postago stamps and It will
bo sent by mall. Advertisement.
$29.75, $35 or $39.50
I v w w w p W W W W
"m sdsauH "OO "OiVl NOONOM
Mi) oidtnufl miSJiupooo'cs ft 'nlJln
009 pa (mjj u jCiuo nofi mi 'BMajvap 'it."wpn
MM ivqxiviva )oiit) lorn qjivi3 'pto9 uaitj jCvq
H joj Sum (t 'Dot eiaipl iVnb
loijJc)oo oatino3 pus toa3jo em 's.nop
MHMirPS lopaaous,iiiijJ
Sage Tea Was
Used By Our
It Is easier to preserve the color of the
hair than to restore It, although It Is
possible to do both. Our grandmothers
understood the secret. They made a "sage
tea," and their dark, glossy hair long
after middle life was due to this fact.
Our mothers have gray bairn before they'
are fifty, but they are beginning to ap
preciate the wisdom of our graridmothcrs
In using ' "sage tea" for their Hair and
are fast following suit. ' ',:
The present generation has Vhe advan
tage of 'the past In that it dan get a
ready-to-use preparation called Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Hnir Remedy. As a
scalp tonic' and color restorer this prepa
ration Is vastly superior to tho ordinary
"sago tea" made by our grandmothers.
The growth and beauty ot tho hair de
ponds on a healthy condition of tho scalp.
Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy
quickly kills the dandruff germs which
rob the hair of Its life, color and luster,
makes the scalp clean and healthy, gives
the hair strength, color and beauty, and
makes It grow.
Oct a 6u cent bottle from your druggist
today. Ho will give your money back
If you are not satisfied nfter a fair trial.
are "too much." So Is a gor
gcotis spread when you want a
wee hlte. You enn control the
menu whon you lunch at tho
14th anil Farnam Sts.
"Omaha's rrra cekteb."
Sally Xat., 15-35-SOo
Evgs., 10-33-50-750
Nn Engelton; Kittla Mltcbrll and a Oret
Cast. Soma Olrllaa lu That Dear Beauty Choru.
RMular Oayetjr Show; Thai Mcana QUAUTV
IadUa' Dime Matinee Dalljr,
"WcxtOi 'ciimbing tho Hill."
llrtone Vaudrrllle Includra Tha Qreat Ilapoll
njrpir wuuoi uuror &
CorrUIl: Doudaa & Oouf
Ui, lUrr Karl: 8baw A
Wllaon: Itlppoacop Del-
We're Of Aget
31st Consacu
tlva W.ek
urea. Krom 3 to S; at 7 and I. II. Pally.
Toalght, Bat. Mat. and Night
ais.iT. Bhubert and Xwl. Waller
Present the Dramatic Sensation
300 Nights la Xfw fork, 300
Son. Mat., Night, 3 Say.
BOYD'S 1,000 Seats, 25c
Tonight, Sat. Mat. and Zivt.
The Pour-Act Drama
Nat Waaki Hons, of lTooTcanaleT"
Ust- Every Day, 3U3. Evary night. BllO
Thla Wek-8AU MANN AND Ills rLAYERs
K.llla NlchoUi Both ITelU and tha Barri Glrl7
Cbarlea Otcotti lahikawa Brothera: Le, mw
Dalllt Frd Orltnth. P.lhfi WaaklV n.rlaw
Prlce-Mallnae Oallary, joc, beat ata is,
xcpt Saturday and Sunday. Nlht 10c
10c. 15c.
Krug Theater
Matins Today, 3:30 Might, &I30
Pat White and Mile Marcia
Friday Night Country Store
Xadls' Sally Sim Matint

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