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,-,., iHf r
We Offer Another Big
Money Saving Event
for Saturday, Jan. 2
"Wo arc right up to inventory time, Excepting in u lew spot, our
stork is in ship-shape now. These few .spots are in our Men's Furnish
ings, Ladies 1 "Waist and Uirh' Garment Depts., where we have some
broken lots upon which we would rather taken heavy Iobk than to carry ,
over (he merchandise. These, we have divided into 8 lots with a price
so low on each as to seem absurd.
Just a Word About the Qualities of the Goods on Sale
ThiB fitoru was a pioneer In tho quality field. Ueford Its time, almost anything
that looked Hunt wan sold to Omaha iiuoplo. Tlio matter of backing up appear
Hncos was of hut little concern. So thlH More, realizing that good merchandise was
mole satisfactory to sell, and more satisfactory for customers to buy, began a buut
noes enrcer of unprecedented success. Hvcry year, thu excellence of It merchandlna i
Una produced a healthy growth. Ub eleven growing years havo been quality , yearn.
It preacher; quality and bncks its preaching with quality goo's. It abhora tho kind .
of mnrchandlsa which goes to make up most "Salon." Hell oxponontB of Qualify
and opponents of misleading statements, It feels that It Is justified In saylngthat -anything
It places on sale Is of tho same high standard that has built tho business,
and Its sale advertising just an truthful as Its regular advertising. In this Instance,
tho line arc broken and cannot be filled in. We'd rather movo them quickly at a
doeided 't than to hnvo broken lots In an unusually clean stock. Yo,u profit In
monoy- -wo profit In prestige.
For Women and Girls
that sold up to $8.00.
Black silk, wool taf
feta, fine linen and a few
chiffons, size to ,'!S.
Better come early as
they won't last long.
that sold up to $9.75.
Pauamns, serges and
imported plaids for girls
8 to 1-1 years. Our inost
beautiful models, and
the newest to date.
that sold up to $12.00.
All of our beautiful
coats in theso grades for
girls 2 to .14 years 107
in nil. Tho cirls coat op
portunity o u lifetime. J
that sold up to $5.00.
For children up to 0
years old. 1 Not a. great
many, but ovory ,one
rlght up to tho Btylo and
quality standard that made,
and maintains this store.
For the Men Folks
that sold up to $2.00.
In ncaf stripes, mad
ras and percales nixes
to Styles abso
lutely correct a great
many Cuf turns included. J
that sold up to $3.50.
Imported madras,
stiff attached or soft
Pre noli cuffs. Also
some mighty desirable
$1.00 UNDERWEAR, "
Light, medium, heavy.
Pure worsted and
Egyptian cotton, ribbed,
heavy or light, most un
usual bargains almost
every man can bo fitted.
that sold up to $3.00.
Medium weight wool;
perfect fitting, soft, pli
ablo and suro to satisfy
the most par t i c u 1 a r
Governor Will Appoint Staff to El
cort Him to Washington.
Oil Inapcctlnn IlnrVnu nml I'nro
food Ilf-itnrlmrnt Will II r Lnlteil
Ull Itmprctorft in He
foml Inaitecf or.
LINCOLN, Neb.. Jan. 2f.-(fcpeclal Tclf
rani.)Oovcrnor forehead has an
nounced, that ho ivjll appoint a MaflEot
colonels t6 accompany him to tho In
aUBUratlon of ' President-elect Wllfon.
The governor has also decided to con
solidate tho oil Inspector': office and the
pure food department. He will make oaoli
deputy oil Inspector atso a food Inspector.
C. K. Harman of Holilreicc. who was
democratic candldato for railroad com
missioner last fall, has been appointed
deputy ull Inspector for thu Fifth -.district
and W. f. Austin of jCentrnl City
has been appointed to a similar office in
the Third district.
The" 'governor nnnounccd the appoint
ment of the following under deputy came
wardens; H. A. Weaver' of Superior and
C. M. Hahn, Valentino, Hlxtfi district.
C. W.'I'ool of Tccuniseh was this morn
Ins Appointed labor commissioner by
Governor Mo6rhcad.
IlcpreneiitatUn Drcwiwlow of Douglas
' has ii bill which ho will Introduce pro
viding for the abolition of tho Omaha
water board and plachiK tho water
works under control of tho city com
mission. ,
Representative Hoff Introduced his
Omaha mciRcr bill this morning.
(Continued from I'afcp One.)
We don't want to scare you into buying, but we do want to
urge you to come early if these Bargains look good to you.
:; . . , ;
dW, with t'otts of Pawnee In the chair
II. It. I was parsed over because It had
not ben on general file for one Jay.
Then some onctutublcd that none of the
bills had been on tho fllo for a day, so
tho committee dissolved, tho houso eipt
and adjourned; not, however, until Frlti
secured a call of the house. Ho received
the 61 votes for adjournment, howover, a
moment later nnd tho call was raised The
university removal bill, II. It. 51, was re
ferred to the committee on university and
notmal schools after It had been reported
back from the revenue committee with
out recommendation. Flfteer,nieinbcrs of
tho Iioub9 were absent this aftrnon.
So Knr
(ConUnucdfrom Vn,e pur),
this arsumptlon tho directors outside this
Kroup must bo mcro dummies, with no
voice or opinion 6V thrlr own, Who, In
ttlmott every Distance, aro overruled by
t minority; finally, that this sum of Jii,
900,000,000 Is not actual cash or liquid as
sets susceptible of .manipulation or mis
use by the directors, the fact of course
bclnc that the great hulk of this enor
mous sum is, and for many years ha-i
been tied UP; In the form uf rlKhts-.U-way,
rails, "ties', equipment, factories,
plants, tools, manufactured goods and
,ilhr forms of corporate property neces
sary for carrying on railroad and Indus
trial business In the country. '
1'anlo Canard, hy Too Jinny lliink.
Ilc'fore resuming tho questioning' of SI?
Davison, Mr. Untermyer put Into the rec
ord a letter from Jacob H. Schlff to am
pllfy. his recent testimony before the com
mlttee. Tho letter read In part: ' -' 1
"If I had had the opportunity to make
proper answers to your questions I should
not have hesitated to state that the mul
tiplication of banks nnd tnlst companies
lias heretofore led to an over-extension
of credit, to overtrading and to Illegiti
mate conditions In general, and that
financial panic of 1W7 and other flnam-itl
depressions that have preceded It liu.-n
largely been brought on hy are too great
(multiplication of banks and trust cunt
I panics."
! Mr. rnterinyen brought out that on No
: vember 1, J. 1 Morgan & Co, hud de
posits of Jl,0),v00 nml had In varloifs
banks 116,000,000.
Hoy to the Bltuatlon Ilee Advertising.-
Iiik tho ballots from another precinct.
Tho commltteo examined tho book closely,
but 'could discover no evidences of
changes, and tho bqok was turned over
to Mr. Lcavlttvfor tho purpose of making
a copy of the narM that they might be
compared with the registration lists.
sldi ration. Prohibits dividends sve when
stock Is fully paid up.
II. It. 56. by Bua-arman of DouKlas-bs-tabllshlng
a state Industrial farm rolony
for tramps, vagrants, illpsomanlars. In
ebrlates and drug- U'snds; Inmates to -celvn
not over Vi monthly waK. one-halt
to ko to dependent relatives. If an.
II. It. 85", by Hutch and Ileuter Allows
rural residents llvlntt within one mil' of
a school liouse not In his own district
to bo transferred for purposes of slLhd'
ance and taxation by the county superintendent.
For IMkIiith- Comtnlanlwner.
II. It. SIS, by Anderson of Kearney
Kstabllshes a state board or deputy lush
way icowmlssloners, apiiolnted by the
governor, with no slry other than trav
eling expenses, to gather data and to ad
vise In construction of roads. Lovlet u
'i.-inlll tax to be expended for road on
structlon under direction of etnto com
mission, acting through the cpunty hoards
uf commissioners.
JI. It. SX, by O'Malley of Hall-Appropriates
J2.WX) for a survey of all real
estate used In connection with state In
stitutions. II. It. 360, by Pries of Howard iteqtiirrs
telephone companies, under direction of
Htatv Hallway commission, to build stub
party lines whenever twelve patrons Blgn
three-year contracts.
II. n. 501. by Stephen of Merrick Pro
viding a board of nonmedtral healing,
requiring all nonmedical healers tq be
registered, examined and licensed. Ex
empts heaters who have been In tictlve
practlco one year or more.
II. It. M2, by Ilraln, Druesdow, Han
agan, Yntes, Sugerman. Foster. Hoff,
Anderson of Douglas Provides doublu
shift fireman service In Kouth Omaha.
A(lrnr)' for A. C. . Pnunmst (ilvrii
More Time In Conical.
(From a" ftaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 21. - (Bpeclal.) - Tho
hearing In the Paqcoast-Urossman con
test for the sent now held by J. II. Gross
man of Douglas county was continued
this afternoon, the attorney for Mr. Poji
coast asking for more time In which to
abstract the evidence.
Tho committee finally concluded to
grant Mm request and will meet again
Tuesday,. January 2S. n't S o'clock for a
final .hearing.
Just before adjournment Mr.. 1-en vltt,
attorney for Paucoast, asked for tho priv
ilege of making a copy of the poll book
used In tho Second precinct of tho Third
ward of Omaha, the precinct where the
fraud was alleged to havo existed, and
after much search, n which everything
was discovered In tho boxes opened ex
cept tho much wanted txdl book, and
afer the committee hd toted b'oxrs up
and down tho stairs from the office of
the secretary or state, the right book was
discovered with others In a box contain-
Dodlte Files 11 1 1 1 (iorrriilnic Penl
teutlnrr (lovernment.
(From, a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 2l.-(.Speclat.)-The fol
lowing nqw bills were Introduced In tho
8. F. 151, by Dodge of Douglas-Provld-LliK.i'itnat
,cnvlcts of Mate penitentiary
shall make clothing and furniture for
other statu Institutions, and that trusties
HVl b.1 ',ct ."t to counties of the state
W"ttJ Institutions for work thereat.
Prohibiting the Uuancn or transference
by any iierson, other than a warehouse
man or person controlling a place .for the
storing ot goods, of nny paper In simili
tude of a warehouse receipt.
,.i i by Usty or Jefferson-Pro-
lues that coons for shipment of mmltn.
s ui be provided with a solid base and
toUbase? te"n lnChe8 rr0,',
8. F. 151. by Grossman of Douglas-Pro.
vldes penalty for obtaining or having In
possession of fraudulently Issued receipt
c?eiy Insurance dues In any so-
i iku'- l'y "easty "t Jefferson-Pro-!
. ts, nmnufacturers from placing other
tacturcd by tlicusetvcs.
:,. "y "j irj-iioms oi Liawes liaises
III " : "T"H aS sA
HI In'n. HarolHoa & lovoy 4 tH
III store. Wt BtsJ you 51j " KH iLHl LB
III 10 ls BUitt aaA ovor- A lmi sB sH
III ro3ts for V0 beciuao tvo r
H 1 1 mace them )c ou own HH LE
1 1 1 factory d sell them di- jH R U
mmm reci to you. saline you BM MM 1 1 1
III i5ttto"8d,emi'8 proUlof M III
mads from Iictory rem- mm mm III
"ant, $2.00. W W III
iii m "mrnW 111
III . . - 111
mum m msva u.mF m r mjj rnjtw w mmm
1015 Faroam fi rrct, O. t'. WlIiLB, Meiiager J1JL
H F. 1J7. by Keynolds of Dawes-n
SS Sllea Of Pllv elH:a I., nl.l.. .. -
class from to Jbob per year """"
ni fl' 1.M;.by Q,'ce .of "nrlan-Provldcs
a l.fo lirjUrance system to be operated
n l li?. by Tnloott of Cedar-Provides
aand"w,oyrko,n1sCUOnS f'' "orle'
i.!?.J'fiWJ J,y Uul'-c of lvlmball-Prc-Ji'..
.?r . of any township In
the itatc upon demand of a majority of
;o,rr" of "M township. y 1
R I" 1l. by Haunders of Douglas-Pro-yldcs
for B .constitutional amendment giv
ing the leslslature authority to vest cor.
l-ornte aulliorltles of cities, towns and
Mlaget with lxiwer to moke local Irn
rrovements by special assessment or tax
ation of property benefited.
P. F. 1C. by Kemn of Nance-Countv
attorneys' salary bill
..a . '' hy w,nk of Buffalo-Provides
that real estate encumbered by public
it .J?m'.liu-Ii,d Yh.lch 'S""M L-onV tax
ntion. shall bo iteilucted as far as acreage
is courerneil from tram .......
shall not bu taken Into account In the
8 F 1(4, by Grossman ot Douglas -Italics
amount that mav t, levlfnl fir
various municipal funds In South Omaha,
that cu?- v,rlou, lepartments of
Compllrr of Stalules File. Humor-
uua Document nt Capitol.
iliYom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 34.-(Rpcnlat.)-H.
It Wheeler of lJnooln, who usually has
considerable Interest In the lerUlaturp.
, has filed this year as a legislative coUu-
, ! In his statement he s.iys:
The underalicned herehv ivH.i.r.
f" S..a lflltve counsel with respect
to a. tlll or resolution to bo Introdu-ed
fur the I'onslderatlon of tli imn,mi.i.
'senate and house during Its thlrtj. third
.session, the object of which Is to do good
for everybody, especially myself: that is
to say. to help everybody to all the can
get. provldad always they he she or it
I gets nothing out of me.
Kxecutlvs Head of tbs Grafters' League.
Innilred Slxt)-'l'o
Are liiiroilui'cit.
(Ft am a Htaff Correspondent. )
LINCOLN, Neb.. Jan. 2l.-(Speclal.)
The following bills were Introduced In
the house:
II. It. 327. by ox of Plerce-Allows noli
tax to be worked out at the rate of 11
per day lor a man nnd VI a day for a
II. IL 3S, by StebbhiN Fixes a
minimum telegraph rate of W-cents be
tween any two points In Nebraska for
ten-word message.
H. It. ret, by' Htebblns-Incroases limit
of bonded Indebtedness for school dis
tricts. . x
It. It. &. by Orr of TJurt CW-ateS a
couiltyJliJard iif Appralsors, cbnolstlng of
tho county Ussossor nnd iwo others se
lected by the county board to make the
real, estate. assessment every four years
ivnd takes this' 'authority, from the local
ii. j. -ifii, m rsicuois ot, laaison t-iua
axpress compHnles' .Under Jurisdiction of
the State Banklpg board as, to their fix
clinligc, money o'rdel' " Wid travelers
cnoctiio uusincss.
TI. It. 333. by Palmer of giay Salary
bill for county attorneys. Raises pay as
follows. In counties of 5,000 to ",."00, $100;
7.C0O to 10,000, $200; 10,000 to 15.000, $400;
1E.0OO to 20,000, JCJ"0; 20,000 to 25,000. 300;
'ji,w) to rc.,000. $400; u,ooo to co.ooo, $100;
Lancaster. $CO0: Douglas, no change.
IT. It. 333. by Foulon of Fillmore County
boards authorized to appropriate $200 for
poultry associations.
ii. it. W4, uy I'ouion ot i inmore iie
qulrlng dead animals' carcasses to burned
within forty-eight hours.
II. II. W, by Smith of oDuglas-Au-thortzes
the organization ot employment
Insurance tompnnlcs.
' fins Frnnclilir HI II.
it. r. 330, by Anderson of Douglas
Gives the city of Omaha the right to
grant franchises to gas companies, the
prlco to bo limited to $1 per 1,000 cubic
feet. Fixes seals of ropaltles to be col
lected by tho city. ,
H. IL 337, by Davis of Douglas-Prohibits
municipal and county. officers from
making Junketing trips at expense of
taxpayer. Does not apply to pollco of
ficers, sheriffs dr county nttorneys.
.11. It, 33$, by Hrett of Cheyenne-Prohibits
combinations among live stock
dealers to prevent growers from finding
a market.
H. It. 339, by Jackson of Nuckolls and
Hanks of Knox-Spcrlfles partition fences
to be constructed of woven wire thirty-
' six Inches high, with posts not more than
one rod apart, nnd two barb wires at the
H. It. 340, by Jackson Provides for a
record of regiKtratton in cancellation or
bonds of nil public dlvlshlous to be filed
In the county clerk's offl?e and by him
certified to the state auditor.
11. It, 341. hy llelschc of Dawes Appro
priates money In Chadron Normal library
fund for purchase of books.
Convict Puranlt Kxprnar.
H. R. S42. bv Jeary of Lancaster Appro
priates $IOS.ta for relief of ljincaster
county on account of pursuit of state con
victs In March, 1912.
H. n. 343. by Onstln Deficiency appro
priation of $4.20) for the State School for
Deaf, Omaha-
II. R. 311. by McKlssIck of Gage-Provides
that the secretary Of state shall re
celve a, fee of $3 for attaching state seal
to a notarial commission, and the county
clerk to whom It Is forwarded shall rq
calve $3 from tho applicant.
II. It. S45. by McKls!ci Maurer, Helllger
and Uaker Appropriates levy of V4 mill
tor six years as a special ftind to extend
state university cumpus and erect build
ings thereon.
II. R. 3IS. by llaggerty of Custer Au
thorizes the governoi, state superin
tendent nnd chancellor of tho ntste uni
versity to appoint two delegates to vlit
Kurops and Investigate systems of rural
credits in vogue there, during the summt-r
of Mix. Approprlstes $2,400 for expenses.
11. It J47. bv Norton and Potts Pro
vidlng for working penitentiary or re-
II. It. SIR. bv Hoff of Douglas-Provides
for mandatory conolldatlon of Omaha
and alt contiguous rltles and villages Jan
ury I. 191, without referendum vote of
any dtvLion. i
5chonl Levy Increased.
II. R. 34f. by Greenwatt of Custer-ln-iTeaalng
the maximum achool levy from
35 to Ii mill.
II. R. 3M. b Scott of Hamilton Appro,
prlallng $te.OX for a board of ogrlcul.
tural statistics and publicity, under the
direction of the Hoard of Agriculture.
II. 11. 351. by Scott of lUmllton-Ex-uludea
farmers from making reiorls t.i
the statu Ubor bureau.
II. U. by Fallssond of Rlchartlson
Jlequlies vtato enctueer to be a hydraulic
oiiglneur, appolntd by governor Instead
uf b Hoard of Irrigation: raises kulary
to $1,000 a year and assistant's from .JO
to JI.SOo.
H. H. 353, by lleagsu of PUlt-.p.
proprlatlng fo.oou for the current state
penitentiary deficit.
if. H 351. by Hants .of ltuffjlo-Provld-lug
that uttornes' tiv shall be paid by
unsuccessful appellat.ts In cases uppeHlvf
from .lustics or county c)urts.
II IS- S3, by Sugunnan of Douguts
Forbidding the Issue of t-orjortttkHi stock
except, for property, money or labor con-
Srterul 111 I1m Pnmed nnd More Art
Introduced. (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan, 24. (Special.) -After
tho llttlo tilt of yesterday between tho
republican majority and the dOrnocratto
minority the senato conducted business
In a very tame manner this morning. A
few now bills were Introduced, several
went to second reading und three reached
final passage.
Senate flic No. 12, by Utishco of Kim
ball, was passed without a vote against
it. The bill provides that taxable prop
erty of Joint school districts shall be as
sessed between districts according to pro
portionate amount of property.
Senato file No. 13, by Bushcc of Kim
ball, nlthough bearing tho hoodoo num
ber, went through without a kick. This
bill provides that In counties having an
assessed valuation of less than $700,000
compensation of the county assessor shall
not be more than $3 per day for tlmo ac
tually employed, nnd deputy assessors
shall he allowed but $3 per day for tho
time, they actually "work.
Scliato file No. 20, by Kiel ot Gage.
provides that In counties of between 30,000
nnd GO.0O0 the inheritance tax shall be
given to tho road fund to be used In
keeping the roads In good condition. This
bill also passed without opposition.
Shumway's rural agricultural high
school bill came up heforo the committee
of the whqlo with Smith of Howard In
the chair. Tho bill provides for an ogrl
cultural department for rural high sclnQbls
which shall bo under tho supervision of
the state superintendent, and provides for
Instruction In' agriculture, manual train
ing nnd naturul science for the boys and'
domestic science and manual training for
tho girls. The school taking on this de
partment must be provided with suitable
rooms nnd a tract of land ot not less than
five acres which must be furnished 'by
tho school providing tho training.
Instruction shall be free, to ull pupils
within the district and nonresidents shall
be admitted under tho regular high school
law. Kach school shall receive state aid
In an amount not oxceedlng $1,250 for all
schools which meet tho full requirements.
Schools which give Instruction In agri
culture, manual training and hotm? t?o
nomlcs may become attached to a .rural
high school and receive $30 a, year from
;tho state ns aid. There can be but ono
hlqh school In a county accredited to tho
state untverslty and two consolidated
rural' high schools, rural high schools or
county high schools In nny county como
under the provisions of the law and re
ceive aid, In any blennlum. Not more
than thirty schools shall receive aid dur
ing tho years 1913-14,
No person shall be employed as an
Instructor In a school of this kind unless
such person shall show proper certificate
oi graduation from 'some agricultural col
lege approved by the chancellor of the
University of Nebraska or certified to bo
the dean of the state agricultural school,
oi has had a four years' course In agri
culture In a standard stato normal school.
Until such consolidated high school,
rural high school or county, high school
shall fully comply with all of the pro
visions of tho law It shall only receive
$62.". Tho state superintendent of agricul
ture shall appoint an Inspector of agri
cultural training, approved by the chan
cellor of the University of Nebraska, who
shall look after the welfare of tho schools
and see that they are living up to the .e
qulremonts. UmlK Prison Hill.
nn,tB of DouKlas Introduced a bill this
morning, which, If passed, will revoju
tlonlze the. condition of things at the state
penitentiary as regards the empiojmeni
Men's Suits and Over
coats at Greater Reduc
tions Than Ever.
Boys' double breasted
Knickerbocker Suits
sizes 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 1G
nnd 17 years, worth to
$8.50 BQ PTff
now JPO. U
All Men's $1.50 Colored Shirts (except
Manhattans), at 75c
All men's $2, $2.50, $3 aud $3.50 Col
ored Shirts (except Manhattans),
at $1.25
All 50o Fancy Neckwear 25c
All $1.00 Fancy Neckwear 50c
Walk 'round our windows and sec the
great valnes there offered.
Browning, King & Co.
Geo. T. Wilson, Kit. Dowlas, at 15th St.
rl IT I
II I' lli liiiWIMI I I
j. V. 1-olSx.V, Srtao. and Mgr.
of tho convicts. Thu men In that Insti
tution shall bo kept busy manufacturing
clothing, shoes and furniture used In the
different Institutions of the stato and can
ln'nnufacture any article which will not
como In competition with nny artlclo mnn-
pfaocturcd In tho state. Tho prisoners
may be lot out to .Individuals or counties
or to 'other .stato institutions, provided
that only those Who have proven .them
selves trustworthy 'can-bo 'used in this
manner. They shall receive not less than
75 cepts. per day nnd "board and not less
than one-third of tho amount shall bu
placed to tho credit of such prisoner In
tho prisoners"! fund and paid out In the
samo manner us Is done at the present
time. All labor for the erection of new
buildings at tho btato Institutions or for
repairs of old bulldlngB shall be done by
convict labor competent and qualified to
perform tho work und shall bo undor the
direction of a skilled foreman. Any county
can contract for tho use of prisoners tor
toad work under the same provisions as
stated above.
The senate took adjournment until 2
o'clock Monday nftcrnoon.
Only Use "llllt; firiNINfi.'
Look for tho signature of 13. W. GROVR.
Cures a Cold In Ono Day. Cures Grip In
Two Days. 23c Advertisement.
MrKii Snlln for Kjrypt.
NAPLES, Italy. Jan. 24. J, Pierpont
Morgan sailed last night for Alexandria,
of Merit
Backed by
Beaton's Guarantee
Those desiring to purchase rub
ber goods of whatever character
are urgently requested to inspect
our line. We havo devoted an en
tire room to this department and
havo a lady attendant who will be
pleased to give you tho benefit of
her knowledge. If for uny reason
u purchasa is unsatisfactory the
goods may be returned whether
bought ut a sale or In the regular
Special for Satarday
tl 2-qt. Lion fountain syrlngo 75c
1 2-qt. Homestead fountain
syringe 7 So
31 2-qt. Merit fountain syrlngo 66o
ill. 60 2-qt. Seal fountain syringe
at 91.00
f 1.75 2-qt.-No. S00 combination hut
water bottle and fountain
syringe , 91.85
$2.00 2-qt. Premium con.-blnutlon
hot water bottle and fountain
syringe ....... 31.40
$1.00 2-qt. Homestead, hot water
bottle, maroon color , ,.76o
J1.00 2-qt. No. 500 hot water bot
tle , , .65c
SSc 2-qt. Merit hot water bottlr SOo
13 Do Mar's Whirling Spray S3.00
Htar Ball Top Nipple, dosen . 40c
15.00 Abdominal Supporters $3.50
IS. 00 Abdominal Supporters W2.23
2.2C Abdominal Supporters 91.50
75c Itubbcr Gloves .31c.
Chest Protectors, all makes at H
"Follaio (Ac Biaton Path"
Beaton Drug Co.
Farnam and 16th Sts.
imimwTiimiI m Hi
Every Man's oi
Woman's Gar
ment in the Store at
Winter Tourist
Bounds Trip Tickets
Go One Route
Return Another
Stopovers '
Also to
Havana, Cuba
, Now ou Sale Dally
I'or tickets, reservations and
full Information
Address W. II. ROWIiATfl),
Traveling I'nssengcr Agent,
319 City National Bank BIdg.,
Takes Any
Mild. W1NSU)W'S BOOrill.NU STltti- tll
bMu id lor avtr SIXTY YKAHs b MI1AJO.V
ol HOTIIEH3 (or ' their CltlLDltlSN' WiiJC.M
tEIiTilJNU, with I'liltFECT SUCCESS. It
til 1'AIN; CUltES WINU COUC. ana i
tbt bit icrncdr tot DIAIUMIOEA. It !
Imclr Iiirmltis. n sur and U lor "tin.
Wlatlow' Soothing 8rrup," and taka ua vluw
Urn. Twaanr-Jlta cent! a hottla.
A Great Farm Journal
The Ilenl In llio AVral.
Sally Mat., 15-2S-50C
EvTS 1C-2I-EO-75C
llere'i Another lirand Mew Ehuw
Kan Ensaltoni Kittle JliUb.II and a 0
tatt. Soma airllta la Tliat Bair Eeautr Chorui
IUiuUr Oaratr ahow; That Mtiat QUALjSv'
Ladlea' Dime Matinee Dally. '
"Worth Climbing- tho UllV
Mat., lOo
II) ton VaulTllIe IncluAaa Tha orrat n&potl:
vjpt nnwn, uuror ci
(Vrrlil) Doudaa & tu(.
laa. Harr Karl; Sbaw a
Wllion; Hlpsoeoop net-1
Urea. Vrom S to (: at 7 anj P. M, Dally
We'ra Of Aral
Slat Consou
Ht Week
Then Pay $1 a Week
mmmwmmWti '
Credit Glethinc Co.
1417 Douglas St.
Tha Sramatlo Samaatlon
Mat- Hls-ht. 3 Siti
Jan. 30 3 Saya Louisiana lou
BOYD'S1,000 Seats, 25c
Tha jTour Act Play
Waxt Waelci Houac of 1,000 Casai.e
llouj:. -1UJ.
Advanced Vaudeville
Mote Early Curtain Saturday
XTlaTht, 8115 ShArp.
joasFK JxrrEKSow stast wnki
Krug Theater
Matin Today, 3:30 SlpJit, 8:30
Pat White and Mile Marcia
Prlflay JTliht Country 3to
UtdUs Sally Dim Uattnte

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