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soon as be showed It to the two race
track men.
After a few days CUslcr consented and
gave Jamleson the money, going with
h'm to the adjoining room.
Jamleon showed the bills, which were
wrapped up In a mwspapr, to the book
Hgents. Leaving the room, he hastily ex
changed the package of bills for one of
old newspaper clippings. Returning he
handed the package to Cutter, who be
leaving It contained h'a money, put It In
the grip. He' says ho did not discover the
switch until ho reached Omaha,
Jamleson and his partner told Custer
they would receive tholr wlnnngs on tho
race the following morning. Custer pa
tlMitty waited at tho hotel all the next
day for tho two men nnd when they did
not return the following morning left for
t'pon arriving here he went directly to
tho t'fillce and said ha was robbed of tho
money whlln on the train. lie has con
fcsscl tt the police that the story was un
true. He suld ho was ashamed to go back
home and let his friends know that ho
had been beaten out of the money by two
clever confidence men.
posed b the governor tame from te
senators of Omaha It Is sup-cted by some
near a light m the back of th theater.
Hastily he drew back Into a dark corner
and hugged the wall.
Hearing no more shots and knowing
thnt he should rush out and arrest the
Person who was shooting, he plucked up
courage enough to stick his head out of
I Lesl'.e .1 Pal . former dhector of school
'district No 3. Douglas county, who
I pleaded guilty to a grand larceny charge
a week ago, was paroled to his brother.
I Arthur Daly, a South Omaha commission
i merchant, by Judgt Sutton In criminal
1 court. Daly wont to St. Louis to Join
'his wife and children and go to work.
Iowa Man Then Invents Story of Be
ing Bobbed on the Train.
finm Old Slorr f KxpecMiiK to
Donblr 111k Moncr. lint lie
Soon I'lnili thnt llr
l,om It All.
It Jamelson, who said he was a real es
tate dealer. Custer wan Interested In real
estate and had contemplated bulng prop
erty near the Colorado city.
.Nruotliitlona for I'uriii.
In the course .o' a few days Jamelon
Introduced him to his business partner.
Iloth set about mnkm negotiation for
a farm hear Denver for Custer. The
learned that he had $1,000 In a Imnk in
Hushing Into Cutter's room at the hotel
one morning Jamleson told him he had
run across twp book agents In an adjoin
ing room and could win n fortune by bet
ting on a certain horse. It took some
time to Interest Custer In races, but fin
ally he fell for the "get-rlch-quick"
.Jamelson said he was broke, but If
Custer would draw the inonoy out of the
bank and let him take It to the book
agents to show that he. coul'd cover a bet
he would make double that amount for
the Iowa farmer. lie assured Custer thnt
he would glvo him his money back as
that the. governor's turning to Omaha 10
find a man to put on the board Is done
with a view to securing the support ,if
tho Douglas county senatorial delegation
In ratifying the appointments.
Flynn May Land Job
on Board of Control
There Is a rumor out In Omaha that
Tom Flynn Is now being seriously consid
ered by Governor Morehead for the plate
on the State Hoard of Control, which :
Governor Bhallenberger declined to ac
cept. Since the governor announced h's
three appointees to this board and dre
forth some criticism from the republicans
of the senate, and especially since Bhal
lenberger declined to accept tho place, the
governor Is fsclng the problem of elthsr
substituting for Shallcnberger a man
whose presence on the board will make
the entire board acceptable to the senate,
1 the door. Seeing no one In sight he
' walked out on the sidewalk and, throw
Special Officer
Fined for Fighting
ing back his coat, he Inquired of a crowd
of children who had been killed.
At this moment Joe Coma sauntered
out of a pool room across the street.
Rushing up to him Sam placed Joe under
arrest. Joe accused 8am of doing the
shooting and the two engaged In a fistic
The police wagon, which happened to
be In ninrlng order, carted the tw"o men
He became a victim of tho morphine habit
as a result of taking an asthma medicine
containing the drug. While under the
Influence he stole some ohnmctera from
the Northwestern railroad. Deprived of
the drug In Jail, he says he ii strong
enough not to resume the habit. Judge
Sutton believed him.
8am Countino has for some months
proudly marched about among his com
rades with one hand In his pocket nnd
his coat drawn back Just far enough to
exhibit a badge marked special police of
ficer. Countino runs a moving picture
theater at Thirteenth and Bnclflc streets,
and upon request was made a special of
ficer. Bang! Dang! The bark of a revolver
penetrated the thick walls of tho moving
picture house and Bam shuddered with
fear. At the time Sam was standing
Instead of belnK robbfd out of K.WO
Nvhlle on his way from Denver to
liome in Tlconte, la., II. C. Cutter wan
relieved of his roll by a gang of confl
uence men In a Denver hotel and he
manufactured the story of bclnc robbed
Sn order to deceive his relatives and
Ouster vent to Denver to visit his wife,
ho was there for her health. While stop
ping at a hotel he became acquainted
with a young man by tho name of It.
I to the Jail. Sam was fined $10"and costs.
I The Judge advised the chief to take Sam's
I star. Coma was discharged.
j A Cruel M intake
' Is to neglect n cold or cough. Dr.
I King's New Discovery cures them nnd
may prevent consumption. BOc and $1.00.
Kor sale by Ueaton Drug Co. Advertlse-
I or of reappointing a new board entirely.
The rersistcnt and Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Koad to
Business Success.
In vjew or tho ract that the nrst crm
clsm of the personnel of the board pro-
Fucy Trimming Laces & Bands
Immense lot or shadow, llohomlan
and net top Oriental effects, llnon
cluny, Vonlse, crochet and filet ef
fects also flaa Bl,k ,nn(,B
actually worth up to
36c a yard, final 1 OC
clearance, at yd. .
$5 Silk ScChiifon Waists, $1.98
Odd lots and broken lines of waists
ot all Rlzes--co!ors and styles jUBt
ns good as if you paid double
stunning evening
and dress
models at. .......
Wc will invoice our entire stock on February 1st. In one short week we will force otct of stock all smalt and broken lots, all odds and ends, and all cut bslts and
'pieces of merchandise. We have reduced prices down to just a fraction of the actual value.. We positively zvill not carry over one ard or piece of V inter merchan
dise into next season. Seasonable goods will be sold at figures far below tlie. marked prices of a few days ago. A'. 110 other time tUs year mill such remarkable bargains be possible.
Remarkable Sale of Linens - -New section -Main Floor
To acquaint you with our perfectly equipped, new daylight linen department on the mum
west end, and to demonstrate tho Kind ot uargams you inuy uajwci iu iiuu t.u ,c ..-y-
we offer these specials for Monday. Positively Uie Diggesi linen imrgmua ui uiu u4mu
January Sale.
Monday Only, $1.50 Table Damask Will be Sold at, Yd. O C 1
An unheard of opportunity to buy genuine 72-inch full bleached table damask,
that we sell regularly for $1.50; Monday at, yi
22-inch dew bleached Irish lncn,
splendid quality; Monday at, per
l.UW oeautnui diuo oea gpreaan;
linen, nisle, main floor; at, each.
50c TABLE PADDING at....
54-inch, heavy weight always sell f 21
at 50o a yard; at, yard. -w..wv
Largo size, pure linen, absorbent
quality, any initial woven in bor
der; one dozen to customer, each
Fino weave, good size always 10c;
Monday at, each
Extra heavy, full bleached linen.
crash doweling, yard ....
1 1 1 1 h 1 .
Women's Suits
TO $17.30. at $ tl ,yO
Your choice of 116 up-to-date
tailored suits in every cor
rect stylo and favorite ma
terial of tho season well as
sorted colors and sizes. Suits
that have been selling regu
larly at $12.50, $15 and
$17.50, final cloarance, at
20c Embroideries at 16c
17-lnch fine embroidered cam
bric and muslin flounclngs
and corset coverings, also me
dium and wide edgings eye
lot, floral and blind j g
effects 20c values,
at, yard .,.vv
Monday We Offer You the Choice of 800 Women's High Class
Plush Coats, Caracul
Coats, Chinchilla Coats
Persianas, Heavy Mixtures,
Plaid Back Novelties, Etc.
Every style that has found fashionable
favor is included in this assortment for a
final clearance. Clever novelties and splen
did practical garments 01 every desirable
These coats have been
selling regularly at
$17.50, $19, $22.50
and $25.00; your
choice at
Sample Bolts oi 40c and 50c White Pique, at, Yard -7 C
Cora", imivf b-viii ;--.r-' .:, n, ,i ;,,, t hnnrnln at vd.
children a wear, etc., a ana jo jnB. wiuu nuuiyiu uuno -T c-
iiiti-incn wnuo iinon uamuric, ngnt
wttlstn. etc., t.l0 value, QQq
4K irirh Irish linen ffrnss bleached 1 10 bolts left of that fine quality o-incn
5-lncn irisn linen, grass ",uuV"r,t whim Irlnh L, non: can to used for
and snowy white splendid weight
for dresses, waists ouo values,
at yard 39
3 G-inch natural color Dress Linen,
Monday, yard 10i
$10 WolSergeDresse$5
Many stylos, exactly tho same
as tho 1913 models doublo
advantage of a now spring
stylo at A price
all colors and
sizes, at, each. . . .
Your Choice any Fur Coat in Our Stock Price
Women's Silk
Messaline Petticoats
Your choice Monday ot several stylos
of skirts In all dostrable colorB a
brand new lot of pretty tl QC
garments at P A 50
Biritins in Nainsook and Long Cloth
B5-incli Imporial ong Cloth, 12-yard bolts $2.65
12-inch Imperial Long Cloth, 12-yord bolts $2.05.
B6-inch Imperial Long Cloth, 12-yard bolts $1.79
B6-inch Imperial Long Cloth, 12-yard bolts $1.60
S36-inch Imperial Long Cloth, 12-yard bolts $1.45
fc5-inch Imperial Nainsook, 12-yard bolts $2.49
liO-inoh Imperial Nainsook, 12-jyard bolts $1.98
fcO-inch Knickerbocker Nainsook, box of 10 yards $1.35
B6-inch Orange Blossom Nainsook, box of 10 yards 89c
75c & $1 Embroideries, 59c Yd-
91-inch fine Swiss and batiste embroidered flounoings; ele
gant 4f feats in English eyelet, floral, blind work and new
combinations, etlsos dainty baby flouncin g Hem
stitched 9T scalloped borders, many worth $1
a yard, at yard . . .
$93,700 STOCK
of F. H. ORCUTT & SON CO Farnain St., OMAHA
This was One-Third of the Entire Orcutt Stock Which was our Share of the Purchase
Rugs, Curtains, Linoleums, Drapery Goods
0nTifcrre Week Beginning Monday, February 3
The Bargains Will be The Most Sensational in Omaha's History
The Stocks are so Gigantic that Separate Days Must be DeToted to the Various Lines as Follows:
MONDAY nnd TUESDAY, Feb. 8 and 4 All the Rugs and Carpets from the Orcutt Stock.
WEDNESDAY. Feb. 5 -All the Lace Curtains and Drapery Goods from the Orcutt Stock.
THURSDAY, Fob. fl AH the Oriental Rugs from the Orcutt Stock.
MONDAY, F?b. 10 All the Llnoloum from tho Orcutt Stock will go on sale.
Choice of Any Girls' or Juniors'
Winter Cloak
in our entire stock, whether the for
mer selling price was
$10.00, $12.50, $15.00
or even $17.00; Mon
day final clearance,
Girls' Wash Dresses
These dresses are In nil ages cleverest
new styles for 1913. Made to sell regit-
larly nt $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00,
Special Sale of
Women's and Men's All Pure Linen
Handkerchiefs with plain hem
stitched or hand embroidered cor
ners, also odd lots of initial hand
kerchiefs some slightly mussed
and soiled 15c to 25c values, in
n final clearance, q 1
on main floor, f5 .of
at each w '
special Showing and Sale
Wash Dresses
For Spring 1913
Voiles, nets and lingerie
frocks for women and
misses extremely at
tractive models.
$12.50, $15, $17.50, $19
18 and 27-inch Fine Embroidered Swiss and
Hualin Oorset Coverings, Skirtings and
Tlouncings, also allover emhroid- JEty
eries, worth up to 50c; at, yard &
Fine French and German Val. Laces and In
sertions pure linen torchous, French cotton
torchons, clunji ourtnin laces, etc.
worth up to 10c; at, yard vl
Doran Pins
These are the most heauti-
fnl and practical pins over
devised for 'women's veils,
waists, collars, cuffs and in
fanta' wear for they do not
tenr the fabric. They aro all
hand' engraved, beautifully
finished and come in dozens
of unique and attractive
Beautiful pins that will
give the best of service are
hero at, the set
35c to $1.25
Special-New Spring Cotton Fabrics
40-inoh Bordered Voiles and Marquise, Katines, French
Dress Liuons, Embroidered, Silk Stripe and Novelty Voiles,
English and French Novelties, etc.; sell gu-Art Op
larly at 59c lo $1.00 a yard; at, tho yard rfmOi4
85c Spotproof Foulards 59c Yard
Wo have just received a special purchase of tho soasou's new
est Spotproof Foulards bought from tho maker at about half
tho regular wholesale cost. They come in scores of beautiful
geometrical, Jardiniere, scroll and Jouy designs in rioh
shades of navy, Copenhagen, natural brown, tans, grey,
white, black, etc. -the most exquisite foulards ever P1 A
offered so early in the season at such a modest price
regular 85c to $1 values, special Monday, at yd,
Final Clearance in Basement
Fruit of the Loom la undoubt
edly the best known uUeetlng.
The quality Is always tho
same high standard. House
keepers prefer this brand be
cause it has Buch eplondld
wearing qualities, and Is full
two and one-quarter yards
wide. The value
1b well known
avo money, at,
Thousands of 42x36-1 n c h
and 45x3G-lnch Pillow Cases,
made from genuine Fruit of
the Loom muslin,
at, each
The famous Berkley No. 60,
yard wide white cambric, will
make the finest un-
dermusllnB, at yaTd, . 1UC
10,000 yards 36 and 38-inch
Unbleached Muslin desir
able lengths'. In fine ll
or noayy grades, yd, . TtgC
Victrola II, $100
Free Instructions in Knitting and Crocheting
Hundreds of women are learning this delightful pastime through the
helpful and practical suggestions of Miss B. Strange who is here direct
from the Flelsher Yarn Mills.
A Crowning Touch of Comfort and
Luxury in Your Home
A Victor Victrola
We wish our customers to realize that we have the best
and most complete Victrola department in Omaha. The moat
satisfactory place to soleot your instrument and by far. the best
place to hear the records demonstrated under perfect condi
tions. This Genuine Victor Victrola
Same high quality found in all Vic- 1
tor products and equipped with all
the exclusive Victor PATENTED fea
tures. In the Victrola II, you have an
opportunity to purchase this wonder
ful instrument of perfect tone produc
tion, n't
Largest and most complete stock of Victor machines in Omaha. Vic
tors of every design, in'ieed as low as $15.00

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