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Council Bluffs
Council is Willing to Allow It on
North Main Street.
City Rerrlvc Itlila from Two I'on
tratctors for.'l.a ylnw of Cement
SlilcrmlWn nt Order ot
t he Cnnni'll,
The city council Inst night agreed with
J Contractor K A. Wichltam that It would
' be unwlno to begin construction work on
the North Main street bridge nt the pres
ent time, which would Involve construc
tion work durlnu the period of .spring
floods and might cause serious darhage
tf the r.hnntMl nf H. .tMnlH ...... v,t.,i,
Pi Hn-wlth the tfcatfoldlmr necess.iiv !u snv.
tain the concrete covering. It was fur
ther shown that It the old bridge was torn
out at the present tlnio the street might
bo kept closed for six months or more.
At a recent meeting the council In
ntructed City Clerk Duffy to notify Mr.
Wickham to begin construction work at
once. Jlr. AVIcUham was present last
evening for the purposo of explaining
why ho had not been able to do so early
In the fall a"s. he contemplated.
He said ho placed his order for the steel
reinforcing Immediately after the con
tract was awnrded to him last summer,
and that despite his frequent appeals to
tho steel mills his order was not filled
until Dcoomber, and nil of the material
has but recently arrived. He polntca
out that while only responsible In a meas
ure for the delay ho was entitled to an
extension until next fall by the clause In
hln contract requiring the city to notify
him whenever It desired the work done.
This notification was given two weeks
City Engineer Stlmson agreed that It
would bo hazardous to begin work at the
present ttm'c, pointing out that the tim
bering necessary might create an ob
struction that could endanger the central
fire station adjoining. While no action
was taken It waB manifest that the ex
tension would be granted.
Bids for tho construction of S,000 worth
of cement sidewalks were opened, with
tho work divided Into three sections.
Only two bidders appeared E.. A. Wick
ham and Peter Nelson. Mr. Wickham'
bid was S cents per square foot for
sizes of walks and 2S cents a yard for
the required grading. Nelson's bid wai
the same for the cement work and CO
cents for the grading. Although it was
, ovldcnt that Wlckham's bid was tho
Mowr-st, the bids were referred to the
engineer for tabulation.
Protests Are Sfntle.
Several protests were made by prop
erty ownors against the assessment for
the Fifth avenue paving. The assess
ment of C. S. Hubbard was reduced
from $60Q to J300; that of Mrs. Margaret
Kinney from $1,000 to J700 and Dagmar
Ilasmussen from $1,000 to $800, although
It took the deciding vote of Mayor Ma
loney to produce the result In the last
Tho council meet on Friday evening
. for tho purpose of taking up the con
sideration of ;the- west' end sewer prob
lem and the question of-the." establishment
of a new flro'atatlon on West Broadway.
Follow the crowds to the Lefferts
SU0.0U0 Jewelry auction sale.
. Slxtr Dnya More
will bring ds close to spring. If you In
tend to build, why not buy your, .material
now and get It "on the ground while tho
roads are .good and the price Is down?
C. Hafcr dumber company.
ThM terrlbls E ar
ftbires have atopptd" ta
what hundreds of tetters
ara telllnc me. You re
member that on Nor. i7
What a, picture ot lntolrrabl
brim to mind Reader, It
jrou have Head r'jlws. I know nelltbat.no worda
of mine can describe the weary ralterr. nut you
are the one to appreciate tlie bteased relief In the
worda "My Head No I see have atoppeil," and the
are the words which every day'a mall hrlnta me.
The Joy and gratllude of the people who re.
celved the 300 free treatmenta offered In this paper
laat Koramber haa been ao great and their appeala
tot frlenda ao urgent that I am going to offer again
200 Treatments Free
Think what It would mean to no longer suffer
with thete Intolerable, roaring noltea the wht't
ling tho escaping rteam the hum of Inaecta the
bulling an the weary catalogue ot aousda, which
at time make you feel that tliey muft atop, or
you will go Insane, rerhaps, too, your hearing
la beginning to fall, bt)t whether It haa or not,
you know tn your heart ot hearts that 1t will go
and the vole ot science warna you In uftmli
takable terms, If you have Head Mlree, aooner
or later you will Ve dear.
Here It your opportunity, Send for one of, nty
J'ree Treatments and sec, thy method 'w'hlch has'
cured .hundreds Jn Juat your 'rendition. Juit drop
me a notejqp a, poiUcard aiklng for a Treatment
for Heed (tojaes Kree. Vou will never regret tt.
Till offer and talk la for VOL rerhaps you
have tried. other things and' become discouraged.
Perhapj" yo have been paltl'lhere la no help. I er
iiapa ou arr careletsly neglecting )our tase from
day to day thinking It wllf get rll of itrelf.
Make jutt this kmall effort. Send for on ot my
Free treatment!. It won't coat you a penny. Pe
this auccessful -new treatment and the method
which ha cared many, many people wttli Ifead
Noises Juat Ilka yours.
Write tdsy for rree Hesd 'Noliea Trestment
193 Trade Hollaing-, Boston, Mast.
So uniformly successful has OmtlNp
keen In restoring the Yct(nn or the "Drink
llablt" Into sober and useful citizens, and
so strong Is our confidence In Its curative
powers, that we want to emphasize the
fact that OIIUINK la sold under this pos
ltlvo guarantee If, after a trial, you get
ao benefit, your money will be refunded.
ORRINE costs only il.uo per box. Ak
for Freo Booklet
Sherman Ai McConnell Drug Co.. lth
and Dodge. 307-09 No, 16th 2Uh and Far
nam; Owl Drug Co. 16th and Harney
I JT. ottered 50"
I J tar Head Ttnlaei. Free,
I H Oroaiia. nee readers
JL n this la the happy
bV Hrad Noises.!
WStS simerlns; thwo words
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Council Bluffs Office of
The Bee li at 14 HOSTS
Main Bt. Telephone 43.
Davit, drugs.
Vlctrola, 115. A. Itoipe Co.
H. Uorwlck for wall paper.
Corrlgans, undertakers. Phones Its.
Woodtlng Undertaking Co. Tel MS.
Blank book work. Morehouse . Co.
, j-wi uutler. funeral director. Phone r.
feftv'Uni?! "nRf Blyie" "way nt J'"f"
lews auction sale.
t,-n... .j . .u i - ...
i'f.vw jcweiry auction sale.
Secoild-hantl automobiles exchanged.
Automobile storaKe. Drudge Auto Oo.
TO Rave nn Ttt immimv kkk f it
(Mutual llldg, A: Loan Assii. 123 l'cnrl.
BUDWE13ER on draught-The GrantL
Budwelser In bottles nt all first-class
23 I'Ert CENT DISCOUNT on wall
paper and mouldings. 11. Uorwlck, 209-211
South Main St.
20 1'Ett CENT DISCOUNT on pictures
and picture framing. II. Uorwlck. 20U-211
South Main St.
The I.oval Onler nf M
i dance at the lodge hall Wednesday even-
iiik inBiead or the regular meeting.
Excellent rouiscn to prepare for govern
ment civil service positions can bo had at
the Hnmmlll college. 716 XV. Broadway.
On Thursday evening Mrs. Robert "Mill
lis will give a musical at the Young Worn
atfs Christian association building. A
bright program has been arranged.
The body of the unlndrntlfled man who
was killed by a Northwestern passenger
train on Saturday afternoon, was burled
yestciday. Nothing was discovered to
disclose his Identity.
St. Anns chapter of St. Paul's guild
will give a salad demonstration Wednes
day itfternoon at the home of Mrs. Don
ald Macrae. All members of the chapter
arc cordially Invited to be present.
Iowa council No. 3W, Knights and
l-adles of Security will meet Friday even
ing In Fraternity hall on I'earl street,
at which a clas of nliout 100 will lie
Initiated. All officers and members arc
requeued to be proset.t.
Mrs. B. A. Glbbs, 111 Washington ave
nue, lias returned from Chicago where
she went several weeks ago to undergo
a dangerous operation at the handB of
one of Chicago's greatest surgeons, Dr.
Weller Van Hook. Tho operation was
successful and Mrs. Glbbs has returned
greatly Improved.
Altha Walker, aged 2S years, daughter
of riilllp Walker, died at 2:30 a. m. yes
terday at the family home, 1317 West
Broadway, from heart trouble, after an
illness extending over a period Of two
years. She is survived by her parents,
one brother and four sisters. She was
a member of the Tabernacle Baptist
The sacred concert given on Sunday
evening nt tho First Congregational
church attracted tho largest crowd evur
seen In the building. Tho auditorium,
the school room and the balcpny were
completely filled. Many people were
turned away owing to lack of accommo
dation. It was an excellent program and
was greatly enjoyed by the largo audi
enco. Dr. .lonen made a fervent appeal
on behalf of China and Africa and the
congregation responded with a liberal ot
tering. First Congregational Church Notes
Ctrclo No. 2, Mrs. I-euls, chairman, will
meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Lewis,
34 Sherman avenue. The Young 1'eo
ple's union will hold n meeting Tuesday
evening In the chutes auditorium, .tov.
J. K. llastle will givu an Illustrated lec
ture on New Zealand; everybody invited.
Prayer meetlntr Wednesday evening at
7:30; subject, "The Flood, or the Survival
of the Fittest." Circle No. 6, Mrs. Hollls,
chairman, will have, home cooking for
sale--at Benos' store Thursday! January!
uv, lu urKlll ill 11. ) It. in. 1110 DUU-
da" School union of Council Blufts will
hold Its quarterly meeting with us next
Friday evening. All teachers and Sunuuv
school workers arc earnestly Invited to
be present. Circle No. i, Mrs. Richards,
chairman, will meet next Saturday attor.
noon with Mrs. Willis Kimball, SH Sixth
avenue. All members are urged to lie
present. The B. K. H. Flower mission
will meet Saturday afternoon with Miss
Gertrude Clark.
Miss Ada Alnsworth, one of tho veteran
public school teachers of tho city, died
4eany yesicraay morning at tlie Nicholas
surgical opeiation for Intestinal obstruc
tion. Miss Alnsworth was 44 years old.
Sho was born In Council Bluffs and had
spent all of her life hero. After securing
her education In the public schools she
I devoted her life to teaching. She taught
in the city schools ror many years, but
for the last year. In the hope of securing
lighter work, she had been teaching In the
country near Weston. She Is survived
by her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. F. Alns
worth, 037 Franklin avenue, one sister
and two brothers. Onn brother. Frank
.1. Alnsworth, and the sister, Mrs. Ncttlo
Black, reside here nnd tlie Other brother.
Howard, lives In San Francisco. Tho
funeral will be held this afternoon nt 4
o'clock at the Second Presbyterian church,
the pastor. Row Dr. Ray, officiating.
Burial will be In Falrvlew.
Believing that he had been taking
money from the Silver City postoffico, a
trap was set for Henry J. Rommel, a
rural mall carrier, and he fell Into tt.
He was brought before 1'nltcd States
Commissioner Sapp yesterday and en
tered a pica of guilty. He win held to
the federal grand Jury at the March term
under 300 bond. Failure to provide the
.bond caused him to be locked up In tno
county Jail. There had been pilfering
from tho money order drawer at ihe
postoffico and the postmaster finally
came to suspect Rommel. His suspicions
were communicated to the federal pust
offlce Inspectors and a trap was set- A
marked tl bill was placed in the money
drawer and Rommel Klvcn the usual
chance. He was watched and was ar JU
to go to tho drawer and slip the bill, to
gether with a few pennies, Into his pocket.
He was immediately placed under airct
and the marked bill was found In hid
possession. Tho Silver City postmaster
says about J"0 has been taken.
A change has been made In the mid
week services at the Broadway Methodist
church. Instead of the usual prujer
meeting on Wednesday evening, a hort
nraver Her Ice will be held at 7.3') sharp.
L followed bv a Bible students' and teach
ers training session, nils meeting wni
be divided into two parts: 1. "A Teacn
ers' nnd Workers' Study of tho Bible".
2. Symposium. "How I Prepare to Teacn."
The first psrt will be under tho direction
of tho pastor, and l'rof. Marshall, tho
new superintendent, will lead the sccoiia
part. Teachers are expected to attend
and all others urged. Those not mem
bers of Broadway church will be mo.it
cordially welcomed. This arrangement
will bo the plan until April 1, tho pihtor
taking the Bltilo training work and riot
Marshall the school ot methods and .Sun
day fcchool problems. Uari'lay's First
Standard Manual of Teachers' Training
will be used as a text- A qupply will liu
on hand Wednesday evening Wheel No,
4 will meet with Mrs. F. C, 'Iougee on
Thursday afternoon. 4 Oakland avenJ.
City Sunday School union will meet ut
the Christian church on Friday evening.
See announcement" during week. Tho
new plan for morning servicer! and nun
day school Is working splendidly. An in
crease nf 102 last Sunday over the week
preceding. The Increase, had been beyond
expectations. Iet us have 400 next Sun
day. The King h Heralds win meet Satur
day afternoon with Marjory Hristow, 3Ij
Uiluyeilo avenue.
Henl I'lstnte Trnnsfrm, '
The following Veal estate transfers were
reported to Tho Bee Mondjy by the 1'ot -
tawattamle County Abstract company:
II. A. Olson to K. .1. Tlldeji. swU.
neU of 8-TB-tt, w. d fl,u)
F J- Tllden to Charlva It. Kennedy.
nwV. ne'i of S-7C-H, w. d 4.t)
josepn Mjigiii nno w ire to U. r .
Holding, nwU, . and nej,, mvU.
li-77-43, w d l
A t HIverH and wife to John Mpt-
rls, lot i. block S. towii of Canon. -I
la ' d vu
Follow the crowds .to ,jim kefferts
;iW.0 jewelry auctbn aule.
Council Bluffs
General Dodge
May Give Relief
to Old War Hero
Prompted by a friendship that begun
during the hnrdest campaigns of the
civil war, Cleneral Grenvllle M. Dodge
Is now anxious to.-eotne to the relief ot
Ills close personal frlen 1 and comrade
General Daniel pickles, who Is fncln
the charge of misappropriating funds en-
ttiiutrwl 1.1a ttatn i t.ii.ll t f I w In i..n
tllall j-jjoo,
I Tho' situation In which the veteran ot
!,, ,. , , , , ,
luo civil war now finds himself bus
j deeply stirred his friend, tleiiernl Dodge.
"I do not understand the nature of tho
charges agnlnst General Sickles, but I ntn
sure they are not really criminal, for
General Sickles Is Incapable of doing it
criminal act," said Gehetal Dodge yes
terday. "I would bo glad to do anything
In my power to assist In the relief of
General Sickles if tho opportunity Is
offered to me. It would bo an outrage
to place him In Jail for debt.
"General Sickles was very dose to
me timing tho civil war. nnd I have
always found him to be the most high
minded and honorable gentleman. Thoie
must bo sumo mistake In those serious
ehnrges that nre brought against the
aged veteran. Military geniuses, such
as he has demonstrated himself to bo,
know little about the mazes of business,
nnd he would naturally have to Intrust
much of his business affairs to men
in whom he had plnced Implicit con
fidence. If they betrayed that confidence
It Is his misfortune.
"The world remembers tho humiliation
that was brought upon General Grant
through similarly misplaced confidence,
and 1 am confident General Sickles' mis
fortune Is another example of the samo
character. I believe ho Is to bo pitied,
not blamed."
Show New Zealand
Poor Man's Paradise
Dr. W. J. Hastle, who spent more than
hnlf a dozen years studying the nodal
and economic conditions of New Zealand,
will give a lecture at the First Congre
gational church this evening Illustrated
by more than 100 stereoptlcon views. New
Zealand has been called, and Dr. llastle
thinks rightfully, "the laboring man's
paradise," for it Is there where the
greatest effort has been made by the
government, with tlie co-oporntlon of all
the people, to bring, about Conditions
where every man receives the fullest
benefit of his toll, no matter what Its
character, nnd wttlch' lias produced an
economic condition that hns eliminated
tho poor man. It Is. said that there Is
not a poor man In all New Zealand, 'and
that mendicancy or any form of depen
dence upon public charities arc unknown.
All of the photogrnphs, showing actual
conditions, havo been furnished Dr. llas
tle bv tho New Zealand government.
Dr! Ilastie. who happens to be ' In this
vicinity, says ho has a message for the
worklngmon of Council Bluffs and ho Is
anxious for them to receive It. A small
admission fee. Just enough to cover ac
tual expenses, .will bo charged, .but, Jt
will not exceed 13 cents, and will be used
only to pay fcr tho uso of the alurcop
tlcon. Diamond rings given
ferts' auction sale.
away at .l.ef-
Three and Five Tons
White Trucks for heavy service have proved to be
more economical in the consumption of gasoline and oil than
any truck of equal capacity.
Large steel wheels, and a perfect load distribution,
make White Heavy Service Trucks the easiest to operate
and the most economical in tire wear. . ;.
The name of Whke on a motor truck insures the
lowest possible cost of upkeep, and the longest and
most continuous service.
White TruckVare also built in capacities of ', and V, tons, for lighter service,
Detailed Information Furnished on Request
The White
' tjj
Recommends State Regulation
New York Stock Exchange.
liiitrrmir Think Time .1 IHpe
Hint I'lnuritnt Aliuat'M nml Xlilftj
Sottrnicai tti t'nteh t nnnry
nml Mlnlrtl Public
ALBANY, N Y.. Jan. 2S. State Super
vision kiiiI "regulation of the New Yotk
Stock evchango and other stock ex
changes are advocated by Governor Sulgcr
In a message sent by him to the legisla
ture tonight.
The time Is ripe In the governor
opinion for tho state "to step In and end
flagrant abuses, shitty schemes and
clever combinations to catch the unwary
and mislead the public."
To effect this ho recommends the enact
ment of a group of laws, at least one
of which shall provldo Imprisonment as
a penalty for Its violation. These laws.
tho governor said, should apply to cer
tain practices which havo been shown t.i
exist by the I'njo committee of thn house
of representatives and other Investigators.
'The testimony of some ot the govern
ors of some of tho exchanges," Governor
SuUcr says, "leaves no doubt in tho
minds of men of Judgment '111111 the cx
chnngrM lmvo been oitllor tncnpnblo or
unwilling to devise measure. that .will
effectively eradicate the cvlut. If now
is the obvious duty of the Stale. It seems
to me, to devise tho remedies. If the
stale neglects to tlo Its plain duty the
state should find no fntilt ir Ihe federal
government acts in the premises,"
I, a we. snitKealetl.
Among the mensures which Governor
Sulr.er would have enacted Into law are:
A law to distinguish proper tratsnc
tlons of purchnso and salo from what
are the- result of combinations to raise
or depress tho price of securities without
tegnrd to their true value dr legitimate
supply and demand.
A law to prohibit brokersfrgiii selling
backward nnd forward among themselves
blocka of. particular stock, with Intent to
deceive or mWlend outsiders;
A law to prohibit brokers from selling
for their own account the sn pie .stocks,
thoy havo-been ordered to buy for their
customers at the time the customers',
orders are .executed.
A law clearly . prohibiting Inso-lvcnl
brokers, from continuing to bdy Biid sell
utter they become Insolvent. r
A law -pinking '-It a ' crlmlnal'-offense
to "Issue any statement or publish unv
advertisement as to the V.Mue of" (lin
stock or any security or 'it's to'the,
financial condition of any corpora'tloit
or company Issuing or nbout to Iikuo
stock or securities. where any promise
or prediction contained ln which state
ment or advertisement Is) known- to bo
false- or to bo not fairly Justified by
existing conditions." '
Governor SUlzer also 'recommends, t hut
leaves to tho legislature for decision,
changes In existing laws and the ..enact
ment of new lnwa governing short miles,
tho hypothecation of securities, bucket
shops, usury (under which bead , be
classes tho raising of call money rates
to more than 6 per cent), tho relations
between exchanges and tho .consolidation
of exchanegs.
AIiBANY, N. V.. .Ian. 2$ -The senate
resolution proposing a constitutional
amendment for the enfranchisement of
women, was adopted by the assembly to-
r saaaaVBSjbU I mVttVJZXtttB.t&&. aMasssBsSaasSaSasSJ " .1 Hal
night If It passes the legishttiu r uf
115 the question will tx- niilimltti-d lu
the voteis of the state for approval at
the general election nf that year The
revolution I'liutitlns ,i provision fur the
mitui nllJHtlon .if ullrn woinin who be
come eltlsens b mnrrlaRo. but requiting
a flve-vear residence In the Fulled Slate.
Objects to Locking
Up Women Jurors
in Room with Men
DKNKIt. Coin, Jitu 2S.-Senstoi- Helen
It. Robinson's bill to amend the consti
tution to permit the legislating to pass a
bill to admit women to Jur duty precipi
tated u heated quarrel nf an hour In Uio
senate today.
Senator Williams attacked tho bill on J
th" ground of morality.
"I should hate to see the time coine."
said he, "when my wife or my daughter
would bo chosen for Jury service nnd bo
locked In a room with scleral men Juiors
ovr night or for several nights. I
should hate to see the time come ihrn I
mv wife or daughter were forced to ap
pear In court and show cause why thev
should not serve on a Jury. And there
nrn many criminal cases In the trial of
which it is an Insult to ask a woman to
listen to the evidence brought out."
Senator John llecker of Denver icplled
lu defense:
"Women have oqual suffrage. If they
tvnnt to sit on Juries 1 can't see why they
should not. AVhen tho liquor question
iVns biotight Up In Denver It was .ho
women who voted the town wet. The
women of this tow n think more highballs
and cocktnlls than the men do anyhow,
and they smoke mote clgatettos a day
than the men do "
Thn bill passed on second leading.
Key to the Situation- Bee Advertising
This Will Stop your
( Cough In a Hurry
Sare 92 by Mnklne; This) Coogh
Syrnp sit Home.
rxi reeipe makes a pint of belter
cough syrup tlian yau could huy ready
'matlo for 2.60. A few doses usually
conquer tlie- most obstlnnto cotictli
stops even whooninff coiili quickly. Sim.
pin its it is, no better remedy can bo had
nt Htiy price.
JHx ono pint of granulated Btijrar with
Vi pint of warm water, and stir for 2
mi-utes. Put 214 ounces of Pinex (fifty
cents' worth) in a pint lottlci then add
thn Snjar Syrup. It has a pleasant
tasto and lasts a family a long time.
Tnko a tenspoonful every one, two or
three, hours.
Vnn .on f1 tl,!., 4nl- I.M.I f . t.
in a way that means business. Has a
fot)d tonio effect, braces up the appetite,
and is slightly laxative, too, which is
helpful. A handy remedy for hoarse
ness, croup, bronchitis, astjinia nnd all
throat and lunj,' troubles.
The effect of nine on the membranes
is well known. Pinex is thn most valu
able concentrated compound of Norwe
gian wliito pine extract, and is rich in
guaiacol nnd ail tho natural liealinij
,'plno elements. Other preparations will
not work in this formula.
This .Pinex nnd Shear Bvrtm reelnnhtts
I attained creat popularity throughout tho
jui. iiea rumen nna innatia. u nqs Ptt-en
bepn imitated, though never successfully.
A guaranty of abioltite satisfaction, or
nfney promptly refunded, goes with this
recipe. Your drug'tt has Pinex, or will
treti It for vou. If not, Rend to The
I'Jncx Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
2418 Farnam St.
Motor Cars,
Girls! Girls! Surely Try This!
Doubles Beauty of Your.. Hair
I I I! J I I 4
All you lit't'd is n l'5 po.nl botllo of " Dniitlorini'" IJuir sji'ls
lustrous, fluff.N nml nbundnnl nl once.' ..
Immediate? Yes: tvitaln that's Ihe
Joj of It. Your hair becomes light wavy, j
fluffi, abundant and appeals ai soft, las- ,
trmn nnd beautiful as a voiing girl's after
a iMndorlne hair cleanse.''. Just tiv this'
moisten a cloth with n little D.unlriiiie ,
ahd carefully draw It through your luilr,
tiVklug one small strand nt n time. This
will demise the hair of dust, dirt or ex-:
cesslve oil and In lust n few momenta'
yon' have doubled the beaut) of voiir hair
A delightful surprise awnlts, parttc
ulati those who have been careless,
Whose hair bus been neglected or Is .
I Will Stake This Medicine
Against Your Time
A Few Days Will Be Sufficient to Prove That
You Arc Curable.
A fow minutes of your time for n I
few dnys nnd I will deiuoiiBtrnto to j
you, without cxpniiRp to yottrBolf,
thnt I have a niedieino that tlrlvoB
Uric Acid poison from tho ayatom
nnd by bo doltiR euros kidney trouble,
bladder trouble ami rliounmtlsni, 1
don't nsk you to tnko my word for It,
hut simply want you to lei mo Bond
you Bomn of thlB medicine bo that
you can ubo It personally.
I nni tryliiK to eonvlnoo Miffcrei from
these dint-lino thot I hne xomethlliR fur
beter tliim the uaii.il run of remedies,
treatmenta nnd such thliiK. nnd the only
wity 1 enn deinonnlrnte Hint faet In to ito
to the expense of eninpotiiidliiK the me.l
lelne nnd sendlni; It out flee ot ohiit'tto.
This I am Kind to do for nny suffeier
who will tnke s,e tltno to write tne l"n
doi'stnntl. 1 wll, not fund you n so-culled
"siuniile" proof or test "treatment." nor
will I send you a pntitnRn of medicine and
any that Vou can use Mime of It and luy
toi the rest, but I will send you n supply
free of ehnisjp nnd vou will not be nslted
to pay for this sift nor will you be under
nny obllKiitlons.
All I want to Know Is thnt you buve a
disease for which nty medicine Is In
tended, ns It Is not n "euro-all," and I
give herewith some of the leading nylnp
tnnis of kidney, bladder and rheumatic
tumbles. If yon notice ono or more of
iIiaha RVnmlnmi vnll iifwttl thin mnnlHliiv
and I will be Kind to send you some of It
If you will write tne the numbers of the
symptoms yon have. Rive, your ne, ami
your name and address. My nddress Is
Dr T FrnuK l.vnott. ihw ueuann Jiuini-
ItiK. Chlciuro, 111. Vou promlso mo noth.
Inn, you pay me nothing for It. All 1
ask. so there shall be no mistake. Is that
you send me the numbers of your aynu
totns or a description In your own words,
and that you take the medicine aeeordltiK
to tho directions i send you. it is my
wav of Ketlnc publicity for my medicine
so that It will become widely known.
you will OKfce wh'n you havo used It
that It dissolves and drives out uric acid
poison. It tones tho kidneys so that they
work In harmony with the bladder. It
strengthens tho bladder so that freuuent
deslro to urinate nnd other urinary dis
orders are banished. It stops rheumatic
nehes and pains Immediately. It ills
solves utlc arid crystals so thnt imek and
muscles no lunarer ache and crooked Joints
oulckly strnlKlitcn out. It reconstructs
the blood and nerves so that you soon feel
healthier nnd more vigorous, sleep better
and eat better and havo energy throMRh
out tho day. It does all this, and yet
contains nnthltiR Injurious and Is, .abso
lutely vouched for according to law.
Sufferers from these dreadful and dnit
serolis diseases can surely nfrord to
spend a few minutes each day for a few
days to demonstrate to their own satis
faction If they are tureiible, especially
New Train to
Dayton and Columbus
via Richmond, is now in operation daily.
Composed of Cafe Car, Diniiifr Car and
Coaches, Chicago to Columbus; New York
Sleeping Car going forward fromColumbus
in 24-Hour New Yorker, all-steel train with
limited train features; also Parlor Car,
Chicago to Springfield, providing first-class
service, leaving and arriving at convenient,
hours via
Leaves Chicago 12.20 p. m.
Arrives Dayton 8.00 p. m Arrives Columbus 10.00
p. in. Arrives Springfield, via Xenla, 0,15 p.m.
For tickets and
W. H. ROWLAND, Traveling Passenger Ajrent
319 City Nstlo.ul Dank Dullding, OMAHA, NF.I1,
The Beat Advertising Mediums in Their Territory.
I have a certain cura for rupture with
out resorting to a painful and uncertain
nurKlcal operation. I am the only rep
utable physician In thla line of worn
who will take such cases for treatment
upon a guarantee to cure, or make no
charge. Vou may deposit tho money in
a bank, In your own name, and when
you are satisfied a cure has been made
you then Instruct the bank to pay th.o
money to me. Uy doing thla you are
absolutely certain of a cure, or It will
cost on nothing. If 1 was not perfectly
sure of "my work I could not do bust
nes In thin way very long, but Instead,
have been doing business so for 20 years,
and adopted this plan because ao many
have been swindled by ounckM and fak
ers. Not one of them will permU a pa
tient to deposit his money until a cure
has been made.
Whn taking my treatment, patient
most come to my offlee once each week
fnr four weeks, and If they live nearby
ran return home and work during the Interval. X do not ua the Faraflna Warn
treatment, aa it la dangerona. Call or write for literature.
A P. Horn. Norfolk, Neb.; XV. II. Nolte, postmaster, Ilolsteln, la.; Dan Murphy,
I0B6 No. ISlh 8t.. Omaha- C fi. Judd, Idoorhead, la.. John II. Deaver, Blair, Neb..
Orrln Heed, Ogallala, Neb. Hcv, .! o. Htanard, Heaver Crossing, Neb.; John I.
lloebne. Wlsner, Nob,, William Iloss. .sr., Lawrence, Neb,. II. K Itelge. Dorcheatar.
Neb.: John Coe, Hloux City. la.. J. I Hitch, 412 Ho, 24th Bt , til Joseph. Ma; J. .
Btcnnett, Vllllsea. la. HlNDIlKDS of otbera could be added to this Hat.
THANK it. WBAV, H.-D,. Suite 308 Baa Bldg.. Omaha. Hab.
Scraggy, ftided. ilr.v . brittle or thin lb -sides
beniitlfuMng the hair Dnttdrrlne
dissolves- every particle ot dandruff
demises, purifies and Invigorates tl
sralp. forever stopping Itching nnd falling
hair, but what will please you most wi
bo after n few" weeks' use of Dnmlertm
when ou will actually see new lmtr-fli
and downi at flrpl -yes but really new
bnlr growing all over tho sculp. If nn
raie for Jiretty. soft IihIi, and lots of It
Mitolt get n Si t eilt bnttte of Knowitun
Dnnderlne from any drug store, or toi
counter and Just tr. tt -Advertisement
1)11. T. Kit AX K ian on:
who will sand medicine to ftnyo
fraa of oil org,
when ou consider no expense Is Involved,
nnd I wllltiik-ly Klvo vou my tlmo and mv
medicine. All any fair-minded nffllcted
person wants to know Is If a certain
thing "HI euro UIM or Him. and hern Is
nn opportunity to find out without costi
obllKotlou or Important hws- of lime
Tl IKSM FBW DA YH may bo the turning
point In your life.
All who are Interested cnouuli to write
me for tho frc medicine will also re
oolve. a copy of my lurne Illustrated med
ical book- which describes these diseases
thoroughly. It is tho largest Imok of thn
kind ever written for freo dUitrlbut on.
and a new edition Is Just twine printed
I will nlso write you a letter of diag
nosis and medical advice that should b
of Brent help to you; but In order to tlo
tblM I must know that you need my medi
cine. Write mp tho numbers of the symp
toms that trouble you, and your age. and
I will promptly carry out my promises
Know an Inclination to bo cured and you
will be.
These Are the SymRtoVhs:
1 Pain In tho back.
3 Too frtqusnt deslra to uilnatt.
U Uurnlng- or obstruction of ttrlu.
A Fain or orcnia In the bladdar.
ft Froetratlo trouble.
0 Oo or psvln In the Stomach.
7 aanarnl dablllty, weakngai, dlrsi
naaa. 0 Palti or soreness undsr right rib,
0 Swalllng In any part of th body.
to Constipation or liver trouble.
II Palpitation or pain under the
IS Fain In the hip Joint.
13 Fln in the neek or head.
14 Fain or soreness lu the kldnoys.
15 Fain or welling' of the Joints.
10 Flu or swelling- of the inuacles.
17 Fain or aoreneaa in nerves-.
10 Aoute or ohronlo "rheumatism.
N i
further information call at

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