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The Omaha
Drawn For The Bee
The best newspaper artists of tho
country contribute their belt
work for Bee readers.
VOL. XLltXO. 1U7.
3ig Quarrel Over Management of
State Colleges Will Open
This Week.
Alumni Are Prepared t oStorm the
Capitol Halls.
0-. i-i e rt i . tt t
w(.SicjjHnoa oi t-oiieges lias JJCen
Solon Do Not Want Croird or Col
lese. Ho. mid (ilrls WntcliliiK"
Thrlr Hvfrr Mow tliinu
Thin lil lie.
i I'rom a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS M01NKS. T'cb. 2.-(Speclal.i--The 1
legislative proceedings of the . coming I
" .v-i. s. Million lu yj .ll l l VII vl l .-.i, iw ,., .
by a formal opening of the b!s quurrei
over he 'management of the state colleges
by the State Board of Education. Tho
members of tile legislature are planning
to head off a contemplated bit; denion
i.lratlon on behalf of the Hluinnl and busi
ness Interests of the college towns, and
to that end It Is possible that the lobby
will be excluded from the hearings. If
this is done It Is likely to crente another
row and much criticism, but the member
are Insistent that they do not want tho
legislative halls rilled wltli paid lobbyists
and the crowds of college boys and others the charges, cltlns thai Creel has "no
making an appearance of great sentiment) fixed and definite policy for the organlsa
aialnst the colleges and the college board, itlon of the police department, the morals
The state Board of Kducatlon, which 'of which anil the efficiency of which
represents the collece Interest, has asked j have boen greatly reduced; that Mr.
to he'heard on the proposition before tho . Creel was causing dlsenslon In the. fire
leslslatlve committees. It will do no more I and police board, hy calling "names and
than make a plain statement of the sltux- i at-plylng epithets to fellow members."
tlon at the colleses and the necessity j Commissioner Creel. In a statement mn'do
for chanfies If duplication and waste Is to i puwic tonlBht. declared he would have
be avoided. ,lt will take the position that ..wtpelj out" tllt) underworld in another
the action df the. board In effecting co- ek,
..rdlnation Is In line with what the legls- j (:omml8!loner eKcaused a wave of
latute has desired and intended In the escltemf nl , Dcver. when he assumed
ei eatlon.of the board: I , nr,i.rinlr nu,. ,.ffi ...
As against this view it will be contended
that there should be two enslneerliiB
,cnoos ana 1 "Tllng In the segregated district,
and three colleges for higher education In
domestio science to prepare for teaching. !
It Nvi.I be urged that the action of the HOWfi ThrOWll Ollt DV
iKiard would mean almost ruin to each of i J-LU V u -- " vv ax y u.u ktj
ilie institutions by effecting an entire
change in the curriculum.
"Early In the week the details for the
hearings will be worked out.
Most ot the members desire to get tho
college nusKreJ' out' of .ilieway ''at once
so as no. to, Interfere with the legitimate
work of the legislature," as It is recog
nised that Until some action Is taken It
.till .be- a. disturbing factor,
oten for "Women (;! UoiihI.
! embers of the legislature wjio have
been looking tor some avenue of escape
from the apparent necessity of voting
this time to submit an amendment to tho.Davl(! over Ul qlIPston of g0einiis,n, the
constitution for votes for women, admit
that the referendum las week In the city
of Grlnnell has not ufforded them any
excuse for opposition. H ws started
i rally for tho purpose of- demonstrating
that If the "women had a chance to voto
on equal suffrage they probably would j
not manifest any Interest In the matter After appropriating Jl for the purchase
and probably would vote against it. Butf tobacco for hoboes In Jail here, the
the 'result was that 633 voted for a chance i convention adjourned to meet in the open
to vote and To opposed It In Grlnnell. Theair f,n the river front on Huijday after-
ictory for the equal miffragc was so i noon,
overwhelming that It has taken all the .
life out of the argument that women n -Jlo A c, Toil fri
don't want suffrage. It is now expected ' XuaiirOatiO X ail LO
the amendment w(ll come up soon inthe "D 1 A 4.
legislature ami Tie passed. There are two' XteaCn Agreement
alternative measures which will now be
'aid aside both looking to permitting- the! WASHINGTON? Fab. :.-A conference
women .o vote on me ruojeci iwo years j
4.nnt rni'torn nnd the Itonil
It Is becoming getuvally rumoied about
the jtatc hpuse that a large bodv of th
contractors for bridges, cuhcity and sim
ilar highway necessities, are very much
interested in the road legislation pending,
and that a considerable number of con- i
tractors arc eiy desirous of having the j
...i.- ,.,,,1 .nirgii7.,i ti. 1
fa"t It is openly averted that some of the! '"en! that the railroads were further
,., a wii. ... u..,r i o, .apart today than they were a week ago,
II I S 'tl i wi'io UV .uilViUl ii, t i.b uniiuv.1-
nr. esneelolli llle lnr.ro firms fn.. Illevithey llH-Ve Hot abandoned hope Of At!
believe that -with state supervision and an
all-powerful Etate commi.iston It will bo
possible for a fw big flrm to monopo-
lire all thr business of bridge building
, ... ... ,, ,. . . .
and shut out the 3nial! contractors. The
contractors complain that much ot their
expense In preliminaries is In going fiom
place to place and seeing all the petty
offlclaN In order to get contracts. This
phase 'of the effort to get road legisla-
(Contlnude 011 Pase Two.)
The Weather
lr Nebraska-Fair.
Teiiitirrntnro -".t Omniin
Ti enlertlny. 1
il J." ui.....'.'.'.-.'.'.':.',a
1913. JS12. 1911. 1510. I
Hlghcfct yesterday...
l-owest yesterday.,..
Mean tfiiiperature-..
3S 11 32 i
-3 7 2
.1 4 20 20 I
00 .18 .
Temperature nnd precipitation depar-1
t res from the normal: 1 !
;.prma temperature.,,
Uelicioncy for tho day
since March'i."iM2 31"
IpiUtlon 63'lnoii
n eim-d n-e,ViSnc!, i
incJ March I 4 'S Inches
Total excera sin
Normal preelplt
ucnriency ior
Total rainfall
11ifirienev sine
Def clency for cor. period. 191I.13.S1 Inches
DefUlcn.-y for cor. period. 1910. 13.24 inches
T indicates trace of Areolpltatlon.
inuicaies oeiow tero.
i:XvEaii: Local Korast,r.
... t ; . y
( Jft i s m'
T 10 a. m'.
.,lftf Jirl 11 a. in.
nTR. TI lrn....
cr 1hS 1 p- m-
fi tJll P- m.
XQ 'J p. in.
Comparative l.oeitl i
.rr . " , j .... ., lout any vaiuanie t'onsiueration anu is ..... .i, ...t ..r ,m,,. i muinni umh.ih u
' ' D. m fi iU u I'll lu n umiH uii 111c itn-- men jiaiu I . . .. 1 ,i':"u- v.-.n.,n ... - ..on- t ... . . ,. . , . ...
. Ur zx! m S t,v cheeks therefore null and void. 1 cellor A vrr and the Board of Itejcnls ; "f H'" triilghton Ijcvi . ollege li ilu
J-iVi J-1, in .iiy ,n ut)animollBiy rocommendlm- to the , ChrUtnuu exatr.lr.atluns. The cla- i.l
. r p: j ,NVENT0R.s body found; ; courageous woman
atlTe Looril ItecorJ. ' . I AMI1n SKI PA It IM I All H'ow OUestlon w,e dotted linos. , ... .
House Committee
Aerrees tn "R.ftnnrt
" i
Compensation Act,
WASHINGTON. Feb. 2 A favorable
teport on the senate workmen 's compen
sation I'Ct. amended to make It apply
to employe of express companies n
well as those of railroads and tn give
state courts concurrent Jut Isdlctlon with
federal courts In Its enforcement, was
A tinni, AC .....I.... 1... tttn I'lllltlrt
Jcdlolary committee. The committee votedi
15 to 5 for the lepn'-t after a brief dis
cussion, closing a series of hearings.
The proposal law would prescribe sPe-
clflc amounts of compensation to bo paid
h, tallroads and express companies to
any employe, du-abied by an accident j
while on duty. Where death results the i
amounts to be paid for a period of eight !
years, range front 63 per cent of the !
monthly wages of tho deceased employe
In case there -1 a widow and one or
! more dependent children, to 10 per cent
!lu the event' there are only partially de-
pendent relatives.
Denver Police Head
Removed by Mayor
li;N'Kli. Coo Pel,
2 roller Com-1
mission?!' Go;ge Creel, newly wed bus
band of B!!ulie Hates, actress, who Is
newspaper man and the aorlale of
Judge Pen B. Llndsey In murlclpal te
forms, was suspended toda pending hear
ing on charges preferred by .Mayor Henry
J. Arno'd. Fire Commissioner-- Thomas
r. McOrew resigned as the result of
a wordy controversy with Commissioner
Creel todaj, which terminated In a per
sonal encounter until Chief or Police
O'Neill and Fire Chief John Healy In
terfered. Mayor Arnold tiday asked Commis
sioner Creel to reilgn. The commissioner
refused. Ma'or Arnold then preferred
give up their clubs and night sticks and
issued an order forbidding liquor sell-
Hoboes' Convention
NEW ORLEANS. I., Feb. 2-James
Kads Howe, the self sityled "millionaire
hobf leader." who first organised the'
"Casual,. Unskilled and Migratory-"Workers
of the World," and called t(ie first
national hobo convention, was repudiated
las a leader by the hoboes In convention
i yesterday.' Howe tried to Inject social
ism Into' the proceedlnss and today the
former leader was told to get out.
Tired of Howe and the monotonous
i flchl between bltn nnd President Jeff
hoboes broke up the convention, threw
Howe and his , principles out and or
ganized' a "hobo niaf-s meeting."
"Down with Howe and bis postage
stamp philanthropy; he has. never given
us any of his mythical millions," shouted
Davis and the hoboes yelled
betwf cn Attornev Gcnerai wicUersham
' and representatives oNthe Cnlon Pa;lflc
land Southern Pacific "railroads, to formu
late a plan for dissolving the merger of
those roads nas held yesterday without
definite result.
The railroads themselves. it wns
learned, so far have failed to resell an ;
greement for dissolution to meet the
decision of the supreme court. Although
It appeared to officials ot the govern-
The bone of conten
tion still seems to be the disposition of
; the Central Pacific, now owned by the
tu the I nlon Paelflc Involves vast com-
. Pratlons.
Publishers' Fines
Paid with Pennies
HOI8K, Idaha. Feb. ."-With approxl -
inately loC.Mo jiennles contributed, Cap -
aln ri S Sheridan. C. O. Brnxon and A.
.am . ... oiir.i 1....H. w
P.. (ruren lesterday paid flues of S500
each, assessed by t're Idaho supreme cour;
In contempt case resulting from publics
flntw In ih Knlsn Can!ta!-News of r.rlt-
' ,cJ,n b' Colonel Itoosevrlt of a decision
f, y joy me supremo couri. uhiiimk urosrrssn u
..,....10"jrelectorr from the ballot.
S t Contributions came from every state In
"""Jj I the union and Canada. Missouri sent
"'..l.iit the largest number of contributions, with
.......28 ' Paunsylvanla second. The pennies were
'taken in a dray from the newspaper
JfKW YORK, Feb. 2.-A troop, of Boy
! Scouts, out for ix tramp, found a dead
man In a clump of woods not far from
. Jamaica, I 1., uu onoiiiuuu, 4 i""""'
1- . . , ...i.. . ,
I revolver, cfenuhed tightly In his light
I hand and a bullet wound In his head told
; llje manner of his end. He was Fri-
jnand It. Cook, an Inventor. inlssUit; from
h' ,,ol"e h,re flnC' Januar' 3' for u""gs
of whom, dsad or alive, a reward or Jl.&v
was outstanding. Artrur M. Miller, a
Brooklyn boy or 14, round the bod .iw
Viot-tWi will Kl l,e rrward
du 1 vvii-u uti nutiHiiu; 1
nil nimnnrn iti iniiu
i - -
Reorganization by General Lsona.r
Wood Said to Mean Mj)t
f. Tin,. a Unio, A1! . JiS
Fort Omaha Will
an In
fantry Station.
-r. . i j
Neither Fort Will Be Abandoned 111
tllC Change,
Senntoe Drelnrrs Ho llns I'leiluc of
Officers tlint .Netiriinl.it .Metropo
lis "Will Inerense In linitnr
lniiccli lleorunnlrnt Inn.
(From a suf Correspondent.')
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1.-(8peclal Tele
gram.) pTo general teorganlzatlon of the
tinny, which has been the subject of
lone and painstaking consideration f.v
months, will It was stated today In ml I- ,
tary circles, be an accomplished fact In
.the near future through a general order
putting Into effect the reorgatilratt.vi '
plans of Qeueral Leonard Wood, chief of
staff, nnd his advisers, that will be is- .
sued tomorrow. . !
"The contemplated leorganlzatlnn eon- ,
ccntratlng troops In and nbout Important j
railroad centers for speedy movement In
time of war will niatcllally tedouud to
Omaha's advantage," said S-eualor Brown, j
who. as n member of the military affairs j
committee, has taken a most active In
terest In the camnalgn that proposes that
justice be done his home city nnd that
both Koit O in nh n and Fort Ciook be
made von nioie Important centeis of mil
itary activity than at present.
General WSod when seen today cor
roborated Senator Brown's assertions
that Omaha would be very greatly fa
vored In the scheme of reorganization,
but tefused to particularize 41s to the
number of troops to be stationed at
Fort Omaha and Fort Ciook. General
Wood, however, does not lpok with favor
upon continuing Fort Ouuha as a signal
corps post, characterizing It as the home
of a "busted balloon," nnd an 'expensive
Crook In lie Kiilnrieil.
fn view, however, of his general state
ment that Forts Croo kand Omaha nre to
garrison more troops. It Is 'believed that
Fort Omaha will bo converted Into an In
fantry post, as Its original purjKise ln -
tended, and that Fort Crook will be
greatly enlarged.
"i bcl'eve It In the. plan of General Wood
to make Omaha a brigade city," said
Senator Brown, "and to do that the en
largement of Fort Crook Is essentially
necessary, vljtle Fort Omalm may liove to
be taken for purposes -othei' than . two
compaiiy slgiial corps, .lii'.aiiy' event,. Oie
metropolis or Nebraska will be'the center
or great military activity, which' ciilind't
hlp hut greatly beuent all branches of
It has long been a dream or General
Wobd to. nut. the aimv of the I'nlted
States on the most up-to-date footing, tu
concentrate troops Into htlgades, aban
doning forts wherever necessary lor the
general good of the service, nnd be Is now
prepared to put the results of earnest
thought looking to the accompuuhment
of h scientific reorganization Into exeeu -
Robs Police Station;
CJ1 nnn TTvkHcif nnl-orl
CHICAGO. Feb. 2 Chief ot Police Mc-
vvtc-ji. nua it aiuimrru unit lui reiciUHj
when he listened to the testimony of Alex
ander. W. Davidson, given lu tho course
of an Investigation Into the working 'j?
the I'nlted Police, an organization re
cently dissolved.
. Davidson said that while working for
the Ch'cago Law and Orde- league re
Sentlj- he walked into a north sldo po
lice station and appropriated' the books
and lecords of the office without being
deterred. He kept them over night and
returned them the next day. also without
! detection.
It U said that the chief blushed whe.i
this test'mon wan given, but vuM noth
Inj:. j j lujTMPRQ' IIMIHM
LKA I . S. D. Feb. 2.-(Sneclul.)- n
echo of the trouble threo years ago. whe.n
the miners nnd the Ilomcstake Mining
company.got into a Irngthty and rx -
pensive dispute over the methods adopted
to completely unionize the mine, has
ILomo In the suit Just Instituted by the
Lead City Miners union against ChaKcs
It. Moj efand other offlcrrn ot the West-
tern Federation of Miners, for possession
!of the local miner's union building.
! When the troublr began, the lotal
i miners' union wished ready funds to
' carry on the f8iit agnlnst the company
.. ..
ana tnortgagea us property to the nutte
jiliners union, as secuntv ior a loan or
fcS.OOJ. The Butte union later needing
Iff. MM. -
funds, transferred that mortRage to the tq ncconipllsn this, the ehamellor and j thorlr.lnz countlon to nnlp tuv levins fin.
Western Federation of Miner, wllh an the eaenH hv nsked the support of ,f dcmomitratlon (firms and piovldlng n eat
asrecmcnt that If at any tlm' the Lead ; the loyal nlunin'. , 1 tie feeding experiment station In Butte
union wl-hed to buy back the building. ! rr'Cat one"1 S3tl cii'M "lmla, "ml cm-nty.
or Hie Butte union doslreil to soil it. the
f mlnra f l,n W.111M Hprl Itnck H10 tirnnrtv .
.... r ., '
io me ..vT.
The present suit i based on the nllega-
tion mat me mongage was grven wim-
I Warren Hanley. tald by the poller, to be
1 a notorious oucaK uuei. iook one look at
! Mib. Albert Steck, 100S North Sixteenth
... i.,, , .a.ini..
1 ' - . -
i,infnuiul rrsoeet for her muscular nrm
f .
1 ,tj i,.,...,, nmiintr nin nim,.,i 1.. 1,
! lia,, ,.Don.t hu he begged. 1
: while Mr. SlecK menaced him wllh tho
rontns p,. ,leig,b9;8 called thq police.
and soon he was in the city Jail with a',
chare of larceny asa'.im him. He wm
atleimt'iiK to tteal a hall minor am! a
. fw f ,r i0at from th' Sleek home when
1 ai.l.t b the iciuiaj, uus bou'cwife.
l-Youi the St. Uniln ldbe-Oeniocrat.
j - n - .i - i cj tjii tjJ ln Ann f,.
i Fostal Card Po11 FlVe to 0nC fo1
Niinirrons HepUm Heorlvril Jrom
Ciipllal Cltr o qn'erlrs Hcnf Out '
5 how" StrOilB .?rntlIH'H J"
'I'lirrr foh Oh'tir.
Alumni of the l'n!Vcrtty of Nebraska
irr.ualv In favor of iemo IllC the
campin from ln'iilvvejit ftfi' letn acre po- i
Bltlon In down town Lincoln to -the KB
neres nf spacious EioumlE at tho state
acres of spacious g
farm. Jun upon the border of the clly
cr Lincoln. A
nlumnl of the
lioll which the Omaha
State school are taking J
, ,owg tj,at the graduates of NebiatUit are
l niore than to 1 In nslfiig, ror the re-
1 jenioval to the farm. Many' replies com -
Ing from nlumnl living In Lincoln" nre
, fcr lemmal am! a majo Ity of the Corn-1
1 hpskers of that city ivay favor lemoval '
when thu flr.nl
returrs are In, for the
1 vote ot Llm olu Is now pr
actlcally even.
Some ot the answers which have conic
! to the local aJcociatloi from Lincoln Irdi-
cate that a gieat many of the non-prop.
I CI ly HOIUTS llij.l-'a I lir.uii jri'muiir ,
want to hark up the resents and chancel-
lor and lake the school out to the farm. !
where It mail glow Into a really cieat! "raslia Brotherhood of Thresh-
university. Several of the Lincoln gradu- i w'- wl" ""' ""-tl annual meet-
ntcs have declared that the very future I1" 1,1 Lincoln, Februao IM2. There
prosperity of the FnlverMty of Nebraska, i "rc about 4.000 owners of llP'oshlng rlgr,
depends Upon removal. Without It wo I tho statu and an effort Is being in win
shn-ll have a little school in yeais tol' Kct the inajurltj of thnm in the state
. . .. . . .11.. ,1... .....,nnll.,.. .11.1.. .!....
come, and I.'nco In -wi then aWnKen to
the fallacious cnuiNie which It his pr. - -
mltted a few men Xi drive It Inlo,
, " f''r
in Omaaa the alumni of .he s ate
S'-nopi, many oi wnom were mini 111 i.ui- (
; ,r . r . ;r w ,;;!ti,iiior"',,,a'r:'",i,u' a- nnracuvo'HH me fan,..y a .,rcuh i.Won.
' Omaha will be benefited in tho least,
i (where would OniiUiii gain by lemoval
to the slate farm, where a bigger unl- ;
erBlty that would make Lincoln greater r
might grow), but because their, alma j
matrr would h petrnJtlxd lo keep Itself,
.. ,,.u . ....... mi Tin. f
I , otllP1. pstP1.n ,ntltuUoilI.
j , franllis ,hr postal card for the vote.
, ......!. 1 ., ,.,,.i,.i..
effoIt to give each Rtde a fair chance
j d , , . .. v ..... . i11ri..-.ico
' 10 voto j.-aCn nlumnus was trailed a,,HJ 'Uhmlttcd to tho legislature Its extl-
rostii aid with attached return slip. On t mRte of l,rrolmnt revxnui-s of the state
! . n ... lti KJ, i.Hpted the ' f'"' l110 "vl tw" cr ?I.W0,O(K). from
,,,.-,,- ir,1u..
' ,fo Ul( aUltMll 0f the I'lilveisity of
Nebraska: 'The state legislature has 'been
! ahkul by 'he Hoard of Itegents wncl
ChnmMii Avail. Iiv linull innim 1'oaoll
, "V,-,..,id" ' the neressiiry tiiui io
: build a .Teat and unlt'd t nlieraltv of
; Nebrsrkr. on the rtate farm c.impu, In
' Omaha Alumni As0':lHtlou of
tll III'
verslty of Nebrasl.a.
I Q .B re,,,v ol tll(. relurn 1)0Bta, 1
thn foi.QV,:.., ,vas printed
for an answer and for the
address of he alumnus.
At the bottom of this side of the card
art rctiuesteci to ii vp your potsoiial
injpfiuri iu nun 1 ivm 1 11111.
A letter lo
tlw. rr-venrntuilvr fiom
i our district I
in 1
would b a good way to hnlu
8""e Mncoln alumni acratched 1
oul W0Itl "town," which wan placed'
on each card ul tho , beginning of the.
dotted line on which the address was to
bi written, and eubitltuted therefore th
word "uUy," the Idea evidently being to
1 Indicate to Mm Omalm alum.il that Liu.
jfoln is a c.iy
"No Pay, No Play!"
Immigration Bill
Goes to President
WASHINGTON. Feb. U.-Tho Imnilgia
t loi bill In controversy between the
house mid senate for several weeks, flu
ally was ailbpted by the senate yesterday
In the form agreed on by the confer
ence committee. Mt ncKr'noVs'to'thr ptrsl
dent for bis signature. Thr -"eertlflcn
t)f aharactor'1 provision.
I there was .much protest.
a?alnt wli
was eliminated
! " wa a I'rovislon whli h would have
I "'"" " i"'"f"" w..i.i....r.
j AT5 11 cX mifj Tlfllf
ATJ'-lAJ'J-uiJ i.S.Uti.1.
T.nQQ af SllVnilTloll PHSniB.r Hit which In
UUbb Cjb rJCtVtlllllctlli,,,, a iioneymoon
1 SAVANNAH, t.'a.. Feb.
Deet ruction
: hy fire early today of the wharves of
j the Merchants' nnd Miners' Transportu-
Uon compnnr' and the p'anlers' nice mill
on the water front, entailed a loss estl-
mated at JI.MaJ.CM. The fin- started at
) 1:45 o'clock and raged for four hours
; nerore It fpally was brought under eon-
. trnl. No lives were lost
1 T i IllAnl r i 1 1 put lilr-r-i
,"'"' " oihhiiihuui
! - " credit for the pn.-siiRe ot the
'"""Ci"" ornmr uiw. wuii-u v,.it.
i fathered by Itcprescntatlve C. H. Ous-
iutt0H of Saunders county at the Inst
(f Uitl(,, Jr
uogrum has been lsmd bearing on the
leovrr nu original pli'tuir of i-Tidllloni with her family, did pot wait In get her
(before "and after llv paswaae of thoUbwn on the muttur. He mil out and
"tw enty-tpn Urldge law." Th's sketch
Is the work of Mr. (Juutaf-on.
i IKTl'H- -15' 1l)' 2--'Speclal Tele -
'raiu-)- Thr npproorlatlon eomiiHttee to-
'and n geiicurT levy of 2 tnl'la on an up-
' I"0"1'""'' vHlualloii of a Utile over
i a00.0CO,0ffl, which Is to ! a basis on
, wlih li to limit nppropr'ntlons.
, ....
: '' "r" nPW u'"nll,"r"1 ""
iiouucru, oik rpuronr hiiiik .wu au-i;
. tiually for fanners Inktltutus, another u'l-
1 fIDnn7IMQPY I Pil 5PMinR
uilvuuinvnu 1 bbi wbiuvn
he juril'T i':,nn
Junior class, nights. Jrosle 11. .'ncot'!!.!!
i soiihoniore .'lass, nights, Claude 11. Mat
! thai: fitshmeii rluns. days. 1'Mwin u
I Mltehrll; freshmen claxs. nights. Mtik J
1 ..
i an.
J, n . 1101 ixr
Bl'ltLlNGTON. Vt..
2. John
Dunre. aged IOC. died at a local hospital
toCay. Ho would hive be-n IN yeara old
m Mm He leaves one daughter, 8') years
I old
For Listen iff (r 7& ifi
Nebraska Couple Wed in New York
and Take Sea Trip.
Formerly of Loilitrpolr, i'l'liry Wore
. tfeiinjnitrd for Vrnrs, )iut Unrh
I'niri'i iJonsttinry 'l)nr
liitt liitrrviil.
SKW YOltK. Feb. 2.-(Speclal Telu
grnm. ) The Hamburg-American liner
Cincinnati, with Cliuld perched aloft t't
pilot the newlyweds, sailed yesterday for
the West IndlcN citllse with the largest
has ever been known
oyage. lloiniinci!
alwaj s holds away on th!s trip to tho
M est Indies. The trdplral Isles aru the
; bourne for the billing nnd cooing of the
1 Todny on the fliic.nbull. Ul'cemhui
went hnnd In hand 'with December ami
( tormlnated a romance of the No
plains of thlrty-flvo yeurs ago. Al
frrd T.
' Stitphen. CI years of u
was the groom.
Hinl the bride of U'l hail been Miss Mury
Ulchnrds of lAdgcpole, Neb.
Tim two wore swepthcarts thlrty-flvo
yearn ugo. Their families lived on ad
Jolnlngranclies and ridgepole, with Us
scattered and struggling huuses, a nieet
lug hoilsp nnd uoslofflro whm the "town,"
lie was 2f! and she wna Id. They rode
the plulns together and went to meeting
I'luhts SieellieiirCn llrothrr.
Then came a family dispute ovct Mi.
bcumlaiy line of the two ranches. One
day Alfred and George Itlchauls, hl
sweetheart's brother, mot on the plains
iipd, jismonntlng from their horses, went
at each other, and a lively fight entule.
liej(5cor-e was worsted nnd then. Indent.
! pair. Alfred, thinking that the girl xlded
j went to California.
j Two 5 earn In the gold minus1 of the
I new I'.ldorado wllh inotc orless jo.l
j fortune .unl Alfrvd KU'lml for Austlullu.
, 0K" !" '' ol.a '" lrnm11''"""
lioip ratigos tbero and .,tUrnl to
lAmotlca. He reAolved to. call upon Ills
' old rwrrllirRit, and calculated .upon
showoi Ing ptcKcnts upon her eltildrnii mvl
granilf hlldren, but there were no children
at all. Mury had not, vol a husband,
Hhu had te'.inlned tnu- to tho Ideal of hoi
youth. So Altied und Alary, utter a few
( duytt' courtship, went to the iiimii'
; house and weu mai rlrd
. 'Wu'ru going to make up for wl.st w
'. .. .. .. ...... . .
i " Rl ",,r "'" iu sei. out
iu.ii.i , piiiiinrn uiuai 00101c nulling
' "Wesurel) are." add'-d bis bride.
WASIIINGTtJN. Feb. 2. The kldnap-
Irg anil holdlnguf Americans for ran
xoin rontlnues 11 favorite meaiiM for rais
ing Mnxliiiii icbel War fund. Tho lat
et ilEtlm Is Hobert Ward, now a pris
oner In a camp about eighteen inlles from
( hlliuiihua City. ConsUI f .etcher pays Mr.
Ward was telzrd by eight armed men
, at I'a rial last night and hurried into
the mountains. A laimoin of tV.tK) Mcxl
.an Is demanded for his release.
NKW YullK, Feb. 2.-Mrn. Charles
tlocker. wife of the fo.'iur police lieu,
tenant now in the death liuuse at Sliur
Slug uwa'tlug electrocution for tho
1 murder of Herman llouenthal, gavu birth
to a baby girl today. She bus been in
tho hospital for nearly a mouth. News
of the arrival whm carried to Becker at
Sing Sing this artci'iiuon.
i - . -
, Douglas County Senator Will Intro
I ducc Bill at Lincoln to
i Prohibit Practice.
Thinks Nebraska Should Take Lead
in the Move.
Senator to Introduce Measure Pro
j viding for Steward.
tins In Mlnil rv Itnllnny loiumls
Inn lensure Hint AVIII llrlnK
Ntrret Cnr l.lnr Unilrr IMost
rnl VnltinHon Act.
iFioni a Staff t'otrcspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 2. -(Spcclul )
Hodge of Dougtns will Introduce bills for
important legislation In tho senate the
first of the week. Ho Is going after the
lt doctor who gets his patients from
the country by splitting the fee with ,th
country practitioner. He Is also going
to try to put a stop to the Jail feeding
contract In Douglas county.
There Is crying need all over the coun
try to 7brce physicians to cease the
practice of maintaining a staff of coun
try doctors, whore, main tmslnrss Is to
send patients to the city doctor for opera
tions, receiving a portion of tho fee for
his interest In tho matter. That this
custom prevail there Is no doubt and to
such an extent that the slate Is very
much Interested in the legislation, It
Is said to prevail not only In Nebraska,
but lu other states and If Nebraska
tnkes the lead In protecting its sick frm
such methods, It Is tho belief that the
wave of reform will sweep over the
Ilctlrr Food In .lulls.
Senator Dodge Is also after better food
for tho Douglas county prisoners. He
Is satisfied that at 0 conts h day the
prisoners cannot get good, wholesome food
and there, bo enough money left over to
net the contractor good pay as at present.
Mr. Dodgo would have the county soni
mlssloncrs hire a steward nnd have the
counly do the feeding nnd thus prevent
any contract making money nt the ex-
pnnso of the prisoners. Kx-Wurden
Codtltng of the Knnsax penitentiary says
the quickest way to build up the diseased
mind of a prisoner Is to feed him good,
wholesonle food ami that cannot bn done
at less than 2 cents per day.
Senator N. 1'. Dodge will also Introduce
bororo tile timer llthtt "tixptrcs fy the In
troduction Of bills n Pleasure which Will
entirely' reconstruct the rnllwny commis
sion law. Among other things It will
provide that upon u petition ot 5 per
cent of the voterH of a city or town the
railway commission shall make n physl
cul valuation of any street railway, gas
or electric light company or nny other
corporation doing business In that city
He Hiiys tho Omaha Streot rtnllway com
pany linlsts that It la outside tho Juris
diction of the Nebruska coiruqlsBlon as
fnr us making an Investigations for the
purpose of securing the physical valua
tion of tho company nnd this bill will glvo
tlfr city of Omalm a right to demand
tha u physical valuation bo mud.
Iteiinrstn Tor Slorr Money .lnilr of
thr liinTinakrra,
ilVom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 2. (SpecialThe legl.
laturr will be asked to appropriate funds
for additional buildings and equipment
nt the soldier homes nt Mllford and Grand
Island. It has been said that opposition
to tho same will be made because It will
b hut a short time berore the member
ship nt these Institutions will begin to
decrease Iroui natural causes and that
no more expense to the -stnto should bo
made. According to statistical com
parison furnished by Genoral Culver, tlf
membership of these homes will Increase
for the next five years and that the de
mand will Increase for more room by
reason of thu fact that as the sick In
crease It will bo necessary to give each
a room by himself. The commanda.it
of the Grand Island home reports tint
thfiu 11 10 many applications on hand fir
admittance and no place for them to go,
About sixty of the veterans at tho latter
homes are roomed In an unsanitary top
floor of thr building, where lu case if
fire tho loss of life might be conside
able. Tho state architect has advised
that this itory bo renioved and another
built of a more modern type on top of
the second story.
At Mllford about the same conditions
exlrt, about thirty of the Inmates sleep
ing on cots In thn nttlc which makes it
dangerous In case ot lire. It Is said that
the health conditions at the Mllford home
sra considerably better than nt thu
'Grand Island home.
The government pays Into tho state
fund' for tho support of all veterans In
the homes JIM per annum, which con
tribute considerably tu the expense of
running tho Jnstltut'ons.
liiKjirel Oinnlin Irdlrnl School and
.Sellout for Denf.
j (From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Feb. 2-MSpeclalA-Senator
I Reynolds letunud frcm Omaha lat nliht
I where he went to Investigate conditions
, at the medical school. In the arrange
I menu of comnilttees to visit the different
1 Institutions this Institution was omitted
I by mistake. nndjohe concluded he would
1 take the time to go up and look It over,
j He la enthusiastic over the conditions as
1 he found them and thinks that the school
l)s doing fino and In good condition.
- lie loon nine utau 10 1 isii me uea ana
dumb schools In the same city and was
much Interested In the work being done
there In educating the unfortunates who
have not the use -ot hearing or speaking
iContinude on Page Two.)-""

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