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The Omaha
Words Backed By Deeds
That's why The Heo has frlcntl
and enemies, nntl why It wields nn
Influence for public Rood.
V()l,. XI. 1 1 XO. ISIS.
fl C r fl M QTITIITI n M '
Mr 1 I I I ll 1 1 I I I I I I I i I II
Senator Brown's Amendment to Fun
damental Law is Ratified by
Thirty-Seven States.
. ..
Measure, is Kuslieu . Through aotn
Houses in Record Time.
,. , . TT I
News from Cheyenne. However, i
Reached Washington First.
jyf I
Art t'rohnhly AVIII Provide for Tax
All InniRir AbiiVe I-'Itc
Thousand Dollars n
WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. An Income tax
Is now one of the provlslons"of tho con
stitution. Wyoming's ratification today of the In
come tax amendment the sixteenth
change In' .lie constitution and the first
slnea the teconstructlon completed a list
of thlity-slx Htntes three-fourth of tin
.union, which have approved the provision
Congress will now enact a law to lev.
the tax nntl It probably will becomo ef
fective during te extraordinary session
to be called by President-elect Wilson In
March. Tho tax Itself. Its provisions and
Its limitations are, all left to congress.
Tho new law would supersede the cor
poration tax and provide for a tax on nil
Incomes above $5,000, although there has
been soma sen.lment In favor of making
the limit as low as $4,000. Congressional
leaders who have been preparing for tno
final ratification by the states, each year,
estimate an Income tax would brine !i
about $100,000,000 -a year to the government.
Now that tho tax Is provided by the
constitution the proposed excise tax,
flamed by the democratic leaders in 1912
to meet the supreme court's decision,
which held a former Income tax uncon
stitutional, and some of Its provisions
may be included in the new law.
West Virginia ratified the amendment
last week. One house In New Jersey and
one In New Mexico haye approved It.
Wyoming's ratification was wholly im
expected at this time.
Following Is the list of states wh'.ch
ratified the Income tax amendment:
Now York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina,
South Dakota
West Virginia
The following rejected:
Connecticut Rhode Island
New Hamnshtro Utah
No action or only partial action was
taken In Uio eight other states.
llCNolntlon It u shea Til rough I'liiler
Susiiennloii of Rule.
CUEYKNNK, Wyo., Feb. 3.-Not a dii
seutlng voto wan registered In either
houso of tile Wyoming legislature this
forenoon on the joint resolution ratifying
the Income tax amendment to the fed
eral constitution. The resolution of
ratification was Introduced In the senate
by Senator Kendrlck and was taking the
usual courso until tho legislatures
learned that only
one state was needed '
to make the amendment affective.
Thereupon, when tho senate met this
morning, Mr. Kendrlck moved the resolu
tion bo taken up under a suspension of
the rules and voted upon. Thla was done
and Immediately forwarded to the house
where Is was expedited through, the
voto being completed at 11:15 o'clock.
The resolution Is now on its way to the
governor for his signature
After passing the Income tax amend- '
ment the house then took up and passed i
thn resolution authorizing the direct elee. i
tlou ' of United States senators, also
unanimously. The senate has a similar
tesolutton before It.
I'lnril Action on Resolution
nt Ten Flfty-FI ve.
DOVER, Dol., Feb. 3.-UeHevlng tnat
Delawaro woutd make the thirty-sixth
state to .ratify the federal Income tax
amendment and thus make It effective
tho legislature rushed through' a joint
resolution ratifying the amendment.
According to the speaker of the house
of tho Delawaro legislature, final legis
lative action on the Joint resolution rati
fying the proponed amendment was taken
at 10:53 o'clock this morning. The senate
met at 10:30 a. in. and soon afterward
tiassod tho resolution. Within five minutes
after its receipt from tho senate the
house acted favorably upon the measure
The action of both houses was unanl-
There was no knowledge here of action
by Wyoming on the question sr.d 1'elai
waro Is claiming the bmv-- '
cast tho deciding vote In favor of tha
The Weather
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Jnsettled, with probably snow flurries;
UghUy colder.
Tcuipernture at
OmaliH Veaterdnr.
uuiira. jjck.
U 5 a. m ..15
a. in 15
7 a. in
a! m'.'.;"'."""" i
p 10 a. m
ZTrp 11 a. m
t P jinn..'
; p. m
I p. Ill
id. in
;w"ra,nd ,
MKhfiV A VP. Np.nvpr
By Oil Attorneys
WA8HINGTUN. Feb. .-Attorney Urh
""' Wlekru-bpm Is scored for hi Action
I,, ,,,,, np th(. Tea Indictments
Rgsll'st John I). Archbold and nthe
.Standard ct;t ofriclal. and Secretary
Fisher l again o.hursl xilth "subserv
iency to the oil trust1- In hi lf file I
toilnv with tlu house 1 till In n nffati cum.
inltte by attorncX-a for tho I'ncle Sa
011 company -In the 0.age lands contro
i ely.
Tho committer-a rrnrt on Its Invent!-
Batlon of-l.h(trB,s H'Rltlll,t Mr. Kir
growing out of the secretary'., dismissal
of the 0age councilors because they pr-
!,,!,t', 1-1 ' ' with the rm-ie
Sum ronipnn will not be made to this
congress. At d recent election the tribe
o. .im,
A i (solution calling on Attorney General
iWlcketsham to submit to the hoife a
statement concerning his action on the
Texas Indictments. wero Introduced
latei by Representative darner. The at
torney general recently ordered tho
t'nlted States attorney at New Yolk nbt
to serve bunch warrants against John D.
Atehbold. II. r. Folger. Jr.. and W. ('
Teogle. The case was taken back to '.h?
Texas grand jut-v. hut It has not been
acted on further. The oil officials were
Indicted on the charge that the Standard
Oil Company of New Jersey . the Standard
Oil company of New York and the Mag
nolia Petroleum company of Texas had
conspired to violate the antl-trtist law r
restricting and Interfering with the busi
ness of the Plerce-Fordyce Oil associa
tion. Wilson's Anti-Trust
Bills Before Jersey
Senate Committee
T RUN TON. N. J.. Feb. .1. The senate
committee on judiciary today began its
healing on Governor Wilson's seven anil
tiust bills, which were Introduced bv
Senator Davis, the democratic leader.
The advocates of the bills were Riven
thirty minutes and the Opponents nn-nour,
and a half, but no one spoke for the bill.
although several persons who
favored !
them were present. - i
U'lm,. m nnrnalllAn m nnlleri Wllltxm
i i .i 1 n.M..-,,t,r ....
7tz ;Vo h. wn. a whTc but tnei-!
to BUggest what he considered desirable
changes. Tho same attitude was taktn j
by Richard V. Undabury. counsel for i
the United States Steel corporation and
other concerns.
j Mr. Lewis f.ald he thought the bills
! would prohibit a manufacturer fiom sell
t Ink his entire output to a single customer.
IThis he thought should bfe changed. Mr.
hawls also thought the hills tended to
force cash, transactions. ,
Mr. Lewi criticised the so-called "price
bill" because it prohibited disci Imlnatl in
In prices between different section of
the stat except for the dlffercnce In fh?
cost of transportation.
Mr. l.lndabury thought Mr. Lewis nut
too strli t an' interpretation upon "pHee
bill." which he believed had been con
strued leasonably to carry Its expreis
i purpose of preventing monopoly.
! Governor Morehead
Names Fifty-Three
Colonels for Staff
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 3. (Special Telegram.
Governor Morehend hM appointed the
following staff of colonels: L. P. I'tter
back. Felix J. MoShane. Myer Klein.
T. J. O'Urlen. C. ii. Liver. P. C. Heafey.
A. D. Fcltcnnan, Thomas Qulnlan. Adolf
. ( T t oi..h ti,i...
G. Motehead. Dr. C. C. Allison. Kdwarcl
Gettcn, Arthur Metz. Kverett Bucking
ham. A. V. Dresher. Sophus Nebl.
Tlinmno Hyine. J. W. Wood rough. Her-
j brrt S. Daniel and J- S. Henderson,
i Omaha: W. If. Woods. Michael Murphy,
j Thoinur, Doctor. J. 11. Bulla. South
I Omaha; Robert S. Oberfelder. Sidney;
! William Reatty. Brady; John Morean.
caiioway; ur. n. v. uunr,,
O." Hrncs. Albion; John Wnk.
GranU Jdianu; msnop icccnci, ixcai.ie .
braska City; J. H. Kelly. Gothenburg
l Fred VoIpp. Scrlbner: Dr. A. P. Fltal-
IIOOll j rnpna) Tccumseh: George Glllftn, IJxlnB
ton; Jacob Kline, jr.. neatrlec: C. F
Tlerney. Broken Bow; K. J. Shlnn.
Beatrice; R. I Troyer, John G. Maher
W. E. traub. V. W. Brown. Jr.: C. J
Bills and Ed Weitervelt, Lincoln; George
A. Towle. Wabash.
Cattlemen Charged
I With Burning Outfit
1 of Sheep Herders
SHERIDAN. ,Wjo.. Feb. 3. (Spec-tar
i Telegram.)-Bheriff Hoop returned from
j Arvada last night with evidence of the
Identity of the
cattlemen who raided
tbe Falsner camp
In Powder tlver.
I burned the outfit's wagons and stampeded
i the sheep.
Failure of the herders to observe the
deadline"' dividing the sheep ana catno
rangfc precipitated tho trouble. Anton
.sieber. tne neraer 111 cnarge 01 Hie
Walsiter flocks, falling to move
enough to suit his assailants, was driven
off, at thepoint Of a gull. ''It's no use to
reach for our pun," he was told, "as
those fellows on thft hill have a bead on
Three prominent cattleman are said to
have been Implicated. The Walsner herd
of 2.300, sheep wua on the wrong side of
thfs "deadline" when stampeded. Several
hundred are missing and are believed to
! 1:aV b''- kn,ei'
ui ncc Mnkic6
UKS MOINHS. In., Feb. S. -Fire itsrt-
. ... .1.. U..I-.,,rn. f...,nl, u , ! tl..
IIIM HI loo r."- .w-.-w. ........j
tf 1 duttroytd trie Ilo retad Piibllsh!n''
21 i . Amiunv s four-stop . building here early
toila Fill: mte damage Is $i;3,oo0, cov i anawer to charges of buiclary and big-. window in local hospital and a. n
i)jered by Insurants. amy. j stantly killed.
t&.-. 'M Punctually a',
j -jek. When Armis
tice Ends.
Action at Outposts of Constantin ti
is Insignificant.
Germany and Great Britain Pal
Pressure on Bulgaria.
Mnn.i Officer nnil Soldiers Item!'
to Avrnnp the Rrnlli of nr.lnt
1'nshn, Their Knvovlle
(omiitn nder.
tit I.M'.TIN.
tilSht) It Is announced officially Unit hos
tilities began punctually at T o'clock to
night, both at Adrlanople and Tchatal.in.
At Adi'Innople the allies opened lb,
I bombardment. At Tchatnlla an Inslgnlf
j leant skirmish occurred.
J CONSTANT! NOPl.K. Feb. .I.-The out
j come of the representations made by the
Hrltlsli and German ministers at the
Bulgarian capital was nwalted here this
morning. Although the armistice was
scheduled to end at 7 o'clock In the oven
lug, the Ottoman officials had not yet
lost hope that a resumption of hostilities
would ho avoided.
The German communication to the
government of King Ferdinand of Hul
gaila was even more direct In Its terms
than was that of Great Hritaln In urging
a peaceful settlement. Germany declared
it considered the new Turkish proposals
nucinmi.-. wintf uoill urutll oillHlu unu
; Germany intimated that iniractimilty on
part of tha Balkan nations was., not
approved by the powers
j In the meanwhile Turkey has. not been
.rfMU.T :n,ft !"ov",,s 'c
" -
I of troops and war stores have been Inees
saut during the last week, while the bns-
nll.l. . t. . ..II 1 .., 1 '
(Jiicio n . mc iiuui iia, 1.11 urvll uicaien
and their patients removejlVto tho in
firmaries in this citySr.,"' v
Alllea In ?y.lliirrj.
BKLGRADB, Feb. Tho Ralkan allies
do not appear In a particular hurry to
resume the ,war against Tut key. Two of
tho Servian delegates who arrived here
from London today said that hORtl'litl'ei
would not Vpgln "befo.-e tomorrow,''
Indicating, that there may , be a consul-
AI1. Vr. I' I i f .. , l'. - . k I . j
lh' qirijest. Kurope, they declare, dekc i j
The delegate did not Intimate the Hon- j
slblllty of concessions on the part of the
allies, but suggested that Turkey might i
at Ml !flt moment arcrnt Hm a.fflnn
I ,x "
Plvon Yi- rln nntvai'Li T it ...
tho opinion that the peace negotiations I
had railed because conditions of armls- i
tlce weie drafted by Inexperienced mill.
tary officers.
Revolt In Turkish Arm Spreniln.
BRRLLV Feb. 3. Some Indication of
the trouble which the young Turks are
haUng with the Turkish
army f found
ere' today. The
In dispatches received her
army appears to be seething with the
germs of revolt because of the assassina
tion of Nazim Pasha, Us beloved commander-in-chief.
Enver Bey, the young Turk leader, who
took such a prominent pait In recent
events In the capital, today went In an
automobile to the headquarters of the
army at Hademkou! in order to win the
support of the, troops, btjt the soldiery
forcibly prevented him from alighting.
It Is regarded now as too late to stop
the Insurrection In the ranks. The Kurd.
1 if 4
Uh cavalry stationed in the Asiatic sec- i Th, government appealed to the Bu
tton of Constantinople and In the great I Preme court by virtue of the criminal ap
Sellmye barracks, today made a formal i P'1 act of 19"7' on lho BrounA that It did
demand for the execution of the mur- ; stale rii offense.
deieiB of Nazim Pasha. The men refused The government, In the Indlctinont. nl
t.i obey the war minister s command to ' leged that Sidney W. Wlnslow. Edward P
return to their homes. ' Hurd. George W. Hiown. Wllllnm Ba:--
.mniVri'i Pn.hn Hi. TnrWi.i, Mnn.,j..
be made Into the circumstances of N
zlm s death and has announced wis inter
tlon of going to Constantinople after ihe
conclusion of the war to avenge the mur-
der of his friend. He has also gathere-i
information about a largo number of
officers whom he exppcls to punish for
the. murder of Nazlm.
J, J. Gallagher, Man
Who Shot Gaynor,
is Dead of Paresis
I CJ 7
TRENTON. N J Feb. 2.-James J.
Gallagher, the man who shot Major
Gaynor of New York nearly two years
agd it llobokeu N. J.. died today at the
New Jersey-state hospital for the Insan!
in nun euj-. irawi was uue to paresis,
Ho .had been at the state hospital since
January IS, 1912. having been transferred
lh.r. frnm Dm New .Ir..v ... ......
" '- I'lieun
n-lmre lie. hml been Henfuti. , .
venr, nn a ,.harKC of assault on Street
j CommrSloner William Edward of New
Vork ,.i,.. wllo w,i, m.., n-,...
at the time.
Gallagher Vi'as never prosecuted for i cause the etlmlnHl ajipeals act was ie
shooting the mayor. This was at Mayor i pealed by tot being Included In the Juili
Oaynor'a request. ;0al code of 1V12. and also i-Ulined Uwt
dallagher's act was prompted by dttap- j
lolntment from having been discharged ;
polntment from having been discharged
rrom a municipal position in New York'ther urged that thn groups consolidated
City. Ilnlo the corporstlon were iionrompttlnK
i . . ,. , ,. . . ,
and that the leus'ng r5.-tem was Justified
HAS TEETH DRAWN by the patent Ias.
..ill, wn 4 .ll.,.l.,w ,
his Identity AColph Fisher had eighteen!
a bis tcith extracted and replaced b
. .,.. I... ol.,l L.v.l ,.n.ll
mustache, but he was recognized In Voiv atory to an operation on n iyes. j. r
I York and brought back here today tolRelcbal. agd 'ii year, jumped fiom
One of the Drawbacks of Being a Dome
f I
r ' oft' oil.' f .'
From the Chicago Inter Oc-nn.
Supreme Court Holds that Company 1
is Not Trust.
Met li oil li.v Which Independent
chine Are Kent Out- of I'ni'
lorle ! nefore Court In
This Cwr,
n L l.l.l i I I. V.
uaauiiMiiuA. ceo. i hp kiucui- ,
mcirit tvlll nrnnpllti nffipiutfl nf thn ITnltnili
ahor Machinery company under the one!
remaining indictment. It wns announced I
nt tlle Department of Justice todio. Thai
... . .
inuicimeiit ennrses monopoly ana uuiuir ,
competitive methods and Is declared by
offl,.laB . oe the most important and
MronBett of t,,. Indictments returned (
RCaln5l the company,
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 -The guvrn
iiH nt today suffered Its first big defea
in the itcent anti-trust campaign when
tl", ""'
i of thP 1
erne court held that the officials
nlted Shoe Muchlnery company
had not vlolot-d the Sherman anti-trust j
law by organizing that company. The
couit. however, did not pass ujmn Urn j
legality of tne sstem by which thn com- ,
pany leases machines on terms that no
"Indepcndenl" machinery bo used. I
The nctlon of the supreme court today j
grew out of the .iiassaonuseiis leoerni
couit's annulling one of two Indictments
brought ngalnst the Shoe Machinery com
pany offllcals. The Massachusetts court
I took the position that the indictment did
not state an offense under the Sherman
, hour and p;lnier l". liowe violated tp
law. first by organizing tha United Shoe
Machinery company, and, second, by n
system of leasing tliclr machines whereby
' patrons were compelled to promise nut
to use any machinery maao ny tnue-
I pendents and to use only that mado by
' the alleged combine.
i Monopoly ( nmnlrtr.
j Te char(f() WH3 tnat tho Shoe Machin
ery corporation took over the business of
the Consolidated and McKay Lasting Ma-
chine 3mnpany, manufacturing CO per cent
of all lasting machines; tho McKuy-Shj..
Machinery company, manufactuilug 70
per cent of all heeling machines ami W
per rent of all metallic fastening mi
dlines, and of the Goodyear Shoo Mn-
hlneiy company, manufacturing W pr
cent of all the welt-sewing and out-sole-atltcb'ng
The government claimed this put about
P"' tent of the shoe machinery
net1- miu out? tuinn n, unu uini iui nr
ihtg an "undue proportion" of tho trado
' wux a violation of the law. It old nut
...,. thai there Ini.l l.eeli unfair enmn...
-- -
:tltlnn uw In thn Sttnnflneil OH nurl T.,
bfej rsser.
The .-hoe Maehinei j officials ilc luied
tlii. ..nri,m court rnuhl not teview Hie
.action of the MavwflrhusrttM courts u-
the nrs-anlKHtion of tb rnrr.oratlnM wns
! abnormal trado development. They fur-
- -- r
la . Feb J. O.ucil . I
l,ln t a .lfo.r l.n ,.rn,.J r.
, ; r. w. o. r, . -
"S8"?8 AT
Nelson Contempt Case
Sent Direct to the
State Supreme Court
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 3. -The application
foi; a wrlto of habeas corpus, asked Sat
urday by Colonel W. R, Nelson, editor
and owner of thn Kansas City Star, fol
lowing his sentence Iry Judge Joseph A.
Guthrie to quo day In Jail for allrced.
contempt, was this afternoon referred di
rect to tho. Missouri supreme court. This
will act hh an arrest of Judgment and
Colonel Nelson will remain at liberty
until the supremo court in I.
DENVER. Feb 3 - The Colorado senate
. I
I - "
toOiiy refusf d to go on record In fnvor ofl'inanent home. At the time uf Mr. Chirku'a
giving- I'liclo Sam's flglillng man tho
prlvllcgOM el)Jiiiil b the civilian. On a
tie vote the upper branch nf tho legisla
ture killed R Mil making It a misdemeanor
to bar from any theater, reMtuuiant,
hotel or moving picture house unlformei'
private of either the regular army ur the
national gimid.
The National Capital
.Mouiln , I'rlirunrj II, llll'l.
The Semite.
Convened nt noon. 4
Wllllum R. Webb of Tennessee suc
ceeding Senitor Sutidei s, mid Morris Shep-
'""I Ol "'- ? e.iiiK Beiiaior .IUI1II-
istnn, were sworn in.
Senator O Uiiiiiihii liitroilticed Hliiend
meut to rivers and IiuiIhiim aipioiiiatloii
bill for l0,tJi to stralghlen Hurleni
river ship canal.
Postofflce couillllttee begun cotisldeia
tlou of iKistoffien app. nprlHtinu bill dle
xalliig lo 'i stihcominltlei an ameiidmeiit
to .provide selection of pnHmflHlerM by
Paseil bill providing for new sjsleiu of
,ariiy cnlirls-lliartllil.
i .1 1 nl ti
, 0Ug i,ll giving court nf claims jurls-
r...1il...... ..,m,.lll..A r......,i.l .....
! diction over southern Htatea cotton claims.
l'"nla ""nmlltee recommended pen-
:lon of monthly to widow or Linuten-
, t u , Artllllr MeArthui.
Tin llonne.
CnllMHIil Ml niMtn.
Ways Mini ineHti eoiiimlttee in execu
tive war'on Ii.-;iii voll. of drafting of
..... .....lr i.i tl
IVd";.-..IIIv.. C..t-er lnir,.,tHi .cm-
liltloli i-hMIiik on Att.-ll-ev (ieiieil Wick
' "T:""'"
, ..... huB ,., , u TuXHM lilt Ot-
i mwiit .igclnst .ion. i it ArchlHiId and
a other siamlrti'1 on nlf i lnl.
I'.ix d (lirmi li.u i in to liiail
I'V acre of Foil Uruvin military re-net u
tloa I
sticated Lion!
Pioneer Ncbrasknn Passes Away at
Excelsior Springs Sunday.
Mr. ClarLr Hurt I.oiiK Hern Iiuer-
eleil In I lie L'lili; liiiiro-fiiifiit
of ThU Clt) Promlnciit In
Coniinei-clnl Club.
llenrj T. Chirko, olio of Omulia's
earliest pioneers and well known nil over
tho west, died Sunday nt Tho Elms, Ex
celsior Springs. Mo., surrounded by nil
the -meinberH of his family except bin
son. Hnrry Clarke of Ucllevue, who was
kept away from tho hcdsldo by tho leccil
loss or IiIh wife. TIioho with him nt his
dentil were, John 'I. of New York. Mra
Mathpw j. Wliltnll of Worcester, Muss.:
1 1 1 1 1 1 T. of Lincoln and Gordon )f
Okomogue, Old.
Mr Chirko hux been qulto sick for tho
lust two years, during which tlmo ho linn
been at tho Her Grand under tho earn if
a trained nurse. The lust time he ap
peared In public In Omaha was the occu
hIiim of the visit of Senator Burton of
Ohio lust October.
Horn In Nciv York,
Mr. Clarko wus born at Greenwich.
N. Y April y, 1MI. Tho rudlineiitH of his
education wero ucqulrod In a llttlo yellow
school Iioiiso on his grnndfuthnr's
fnrni nt Greenwich, whom President
Chester A. Aitliur wus lila fellow pupil.
Ho finished his education nt tha vlllago
academy built by his father on tho lot
adjoining the family home.
At the ugo of 13 Mr. Clarko left home
and entered store at Erie, Pa., ns :i
clerk. In tho spring of ISM he secured n.
position at Cleveland, O. In 15 ho de
cided to go west and choso Lawrence,
Kan., as IiIm objective point. On April 10
ho Irft Chicago and drove west. En
toutn to Lawrence he punned thriVign
Omaha and Bellevtie. On reaching Law
i once he found but ona white person liv
ing there and decided to come iwck o
With tho assistance of two Hiirvcyon,
Mr. Clarke located on a spot near Bull-
ne. wnero no ueuiuc.i w iiihuh hi i..-
arrival nt Bellovue, tho agencies of the
Omaha, Otoe and Pawnro Indians weie
located thero and aUo tho btaclismltliH
Tor' the three tribes, respectively, Messru.
Anderson, Mitchell and Lang.
Returns llonii- to -llurr.
A llttlo oer three yours after lie had
settled ill Nebraska. Mr. Clarko returned
In Ii!h native town, whom ha wnn iimrrltKi
to Martha A. Fielding, a foiiner school
Ill 1M Henry T. Clarke was a member
of tho Nebraska house of representatives.
In 18D1 ho wan elected to tho council (now
the state senate), being the flisl or thre
nieiiibon of hit Immediate family to
occupy sciitH In Hint body. He was a
prominent camliduto for tho gubernntoilal
nomination In 1M. Ho was a menilwr of
the Board of Kdiicutlnn of Omaha for
three years anil provident of tha board
for two eats of that time.
Mr. Clarke was the first niuti to bo
inadn u master Muvou ill Niibrusku lodgu
No. 1 at Bellovue. He wan ono uf tha
organizers of the Veteran Masons In
Omaha und was Its president. Ilo Iihh
for many yt-uis been a piouiliiont mom
her of tho Omaha club, Commercial club
and the Omaha Board of Trade. In 1S8I
he win appaonted receiver of the Union
Trust company, n large financial Institu
tion of Omuhu He was one of tho In
cotporatoiH of the Noithwestarn Klvatlto
Ught company which flrnt fumlahel
e'e trie light for Omaha.
! "
11 "r '''e leewlvol large tratta of
" """'
' atuto. mill I,
I at iiimiiv thousand aires
iim'.rr i ultliutloii. ghing hi pfi-sniial at
tention lo ralliiK nraln and stock In
H'oui'uued on Page Ten J
Mike Lcc Introduces Bill that
Would Head Off Efforts to
Boost Stipends.
Returns from Sunday Visit Home
with the Measure.
Chnsc County Member Seeks to
Provide the Means.
llouitliiN Comity , Itcprcaeutntlxo
SecU. to lrovltle Hint Ml Pub
licly Untied Autos llo 1 seil
for I'ulillu Hern Ice.
(From a Stuff Correapoiiili nt i
LINCOLN, Feb. 3.-(Speclnl T. . (,. . c .
Mtka Leo wont to Omaha for buudn
and evidently Kut no irsl from cm 1.
offlrein demanding IncrcHHe In sal.uir -.
fur he ciinio bnc today Vnd luiroduc a .
bill In tho houso making It unlrwfui f.
any intinlclial or county officer to i lib
with a legislator for an Increase l"h
penalty In a flno and forfeiture of 01
flee. Roth tho houso and Hcnatc. v. n
still two days In which to Introduce mil"
got busy and filled their hoppera. tn
lioiisn with alxty-Hlx mcasui-eH und ih
sonaen with thhiy-nlx.
YntoM of DougtaK iiitroddcrd a uic.in.
to iroldo for u HUptnmu couit vim
mission of nine nieiiibors, to be 1 n j
JI.CiOO a year each, and do nppioin iat
J1U.COI to iay for tho connnlsflon and it
stenoginphers. Tho supremo cuurt i to
do tho appointing.
Mcillcnl t'olleue llospllnl.
Hoffmelster of Chaso Introduced .1
to provhlo n geiieial hospital at
b tl
U -
Oinahii Medical collego and lxi-u-v 01
Dodgo n meuHttro to uipiotirlatc J73.frl t
puy for It. Brain wnntH the county com
mlsslunot'H of Doughix county to dc-.ot
their ontlro tlimi to their duties nntl In
crenso their pay to Jj.OW per year So
Introduced ti bill to that effect Uriilii
and oLany also Introduced u bill to cie
nto a tulnlmttiii wage board.
Anderson of Douglas wants no joy
riding In an automobile, bought 'by thn
taxpayers of any city or county, so ho
has n bill to prohibit that.
Another nieasuro was introduced In thn
houso to create n Htato board of archi
tecture, with tho governor ns Its chair
man. ThlH board Is to appoint n board
of flyo secretaries to examine and license
Bollen has a meiiauro to exempt T5 per
cent of wages fiom attachment.
. For liicreiiseil Salaries,
Mlnrtllng of otou lutiodticcd u imiiHtire
In tho snniito to 'amend lho constitution
and pay tho following sulurlei to state
officers: Governor, $7,500; auditor, attor
ney general and treasurer, I,WJ, others,
W,r.00 each.
Sauudcis had a iiicusuro to liac n'l
pioporty iut on tho tux rolls listed at it
full value, though asseHKed uh now at
ouo-flfth of It.i 'value.
Somo houso uini neiialo niciuhcrs art
not going on record In the unlvcr.sltv r -inovnl
fight If thoy can get their cot
stltttmitH to sulllo this for tliem. In butt
braiichcH today rosoluthniH wcii intro
duced to leave this lo the votets uudt r
tho referendum law. No at Hon will be
taken on tho roHolulloim until tomorrow
To ('rent Insoiiince Hoard.
Tho bill lo reorganize tho Insurance de
pnrtmout of tho state ami to change I
many particulars the liiMiimiico Ian 3 will
bo Introduced in tho housajiy the com
tnlttco which passed on lho invlKcil codt
Tho new measure will create nil ln.tiriiu
board, consisting of tho governor utlor.
hoy gciioral and auditor, who aro author
Ized lo solect a secretary who will do tli
detail work of tho department. TI1I3 will
take tho Insiiiaucc department from under
the Jurlwllctlo'i of tho stnto auditor
Tho ehnngos In tho present Insarar
laws will bo along line wiggestcd by t
committee of the National Association if
Inauraucd CoinmltMilouerx, but it I 1 .ml
will not affect the iirose.ut fratenui
ltnlsc Cnpilnl Slock,
Under tlio new bill tho capltnl ctof
of compaulea will be raised its follow n
Fidullty credit and title conipanlfi--, W.
Ono; Hf, fire, buiglary. aiiinial and jr.;-
ctillaneoliB. $100.00): inlichlne, $50,000
hollor. plato glasn, accident, $."i0,000. Tlir r
will bo nn more compauleM organized -with
a capital stock as low hh $10,000 under tl"
hill. The new inonaiiro will prohibit rou.
ponies from taking a nolo before the Is
anco of tho policy. A yearly nrcounlln-
must be made, to every iMillcylioldcr show
ing the amount due htui under n, part!'
paling policy, liiaurancn companh ir
Tcqulroil to adjust theuiselveR to llic n-
law by July 1, 1915.
'iiiii 1 1 in r tin 11 re lllHulnif,
Old-tliimiM hero 111 Us a familiar f.c.
around the leglttlatlvo halls. For tii.i 1
yoarw an uldorly woman, tlressed in h1 o
and weurln en gray cii). and wlio wallto.i
on crutnliea, win a coiiMtunt utti mint it
the deliberation of y the h-glslutoii'
was very vlgorouitly opIKmed to capit.i'
plintahtnent, and for two or more .
slops hor eiial hobby w'Ha Colon' t To
Major, whom shu didlghlod In ' roai
In;" svery day, tir whenever he iun .1
optHirtuuity to get liln oat'. Shu Ihrs n,
Luucastor oouuty, hut so far h.1.1 nut
shown up thl yeor, and those who l.mr
her well In other years are of tbe opini.-n
alio is too feeble now to get out
movi: I'oit pi:oilk to aotf.
Si'iiuti Will Conlsiler Resolution on
Ciilverslty Reiuoinl.
(Fro'm h Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Feb. .-lSulaU-Tlic fu .
bill lo retic-h the kotuito from tho hou.-
uuUUle uf 'be appmpiiittiun bill canv '
tlil ji .ificniouii. Mils; Iioum- toll N- -ciimilim
the i-wdiricuUori of (he t-tatut,
4i piL-purtHl by .1m eummlttee.
lira i- of Ilurlan subuiltted the follow,
lug n ollltlull .
hi re im There ih griiti.il d v, nniuii
and inijci. ,llvtil ol opinion

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