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-'! nlntKVfnrnt of the Mate unl
'Mti tieifore, be H
I. iolv..i That II I the fviu of thl
ni. that thl important question iw
hHiittfil to the Kirtf tfctrtrr the refei-
fjniii to it mi( flier' hut th pplf
m)"fl'.r may deride It.
TIms 'inanition wmt overono day under
"pMnril I'mtrats,
. tillon ittn. tfewrH iirtintv rotet
t is 'vm 'ft unlvereilv temoval was !e-
I and i rat. a im aim an from
l-Ak unity protesting agalnet the pann
nsc r Talcotl' bridge bill, which makes.
n 1,1ml division of the bridge .fund
in tttxiti from South omana asminr '
it legfrkiture take m nrtlon to !
tipi-n ounRTPM.th Importune- of
, ' ,..;, nmriBt-tv In
nifT cltfccn. who lost property
t imliur?
tin- -t 11 ihnt.ctty h f year into w.ae
, . ,i 1 u.i upiHvfi one day under the
t Ks
T nwiiutloV Introduced lnt wppk by
5t.s fai .itul of DoiikIb MnkltiK Ihn.
ini tks of thu mtP turn Id be required
t. i j t' u amount due the etHte on in
H'e rmtlorir! met 'with om opoiltloo.
Ix! r) i.f S"emnhft Tfttijertinj; on the
K.tu id." that the oounMr hould be nWm
a 1 .nee to my name w Ithout a nlt if
t n K8irod to pay and would bo frlvpn
t rr.c to do o. TliP lrmtter ai retell rd
t tt f "idldorr eommlttee
lv, nrne M'nnni i-roor.
I.icek, !eoluten to InveMlcate tne
r Ii.ditjtrtnl school t Ktarney enme
ti ) ui-U . (innlderitjon of the sumo we.nt
ii c uiiQthcr day becii5P of the 'absence
o' tnanv jenntor., on motion of Iloftnlaiid
(f I.: if-oln rount .
K i immunlentloii was teeeUed from tn
t ,v0tty invltlnr the Homte to vllt the
i ,cn ical laboratory at that lntltitlon on
I b:u.Tij S
-iii.itr file No. I. Tabotfa brldce
bill o '., by KoHRlqiid, mncndliiR civil
udc ..ffcctlng tltlo to real estate; No. 41. i
by flinders of. DoukIhs. making It unlaw
f il to sell Jewelry not ufi to teire.enU
tior and No. 19. by HUshi;,' preventing
fraud In advertising --Yeaf "enlate" were
I assrd " " '.
oi;h nt vi)ui:d m:w mhahiiij
" point minimum wago bourd In each in-
l.nat ln for olon" llclng t'aol tuldutty when desired; such boards to con
Ibc Limit. Islst of throe employers, three employe
rrom a tMntf UotieBpondcnt ) ahd three outsider; whenever two-third
UM OUW Kcb. 3.-.HpMlal.)-The fol-iof such board agree on sen of "'I'd"'""
luwllic bllln wele fllnl 111 ttl' holll
lino t
II It Iiy Knudsou of Nance Pet
iV4lfu 'ul. nt tlsh fit unv fte.lfc.11l of Vent.
t( Ii &?.'. by KnhUson of Nance Pral- u t. a, hy Gate of Harpy-Appro-lie
hicken sensou to besld itVpteinbor lanrin...J ,-nr rni- relief of HurnV county
lustful or bepiembfr l; milpo seaHon to i
nd March 15; plover season In fall In- ,
t lam) nr sllirimer.
II It br by Knudsoi) .of Niince Hunt-'
us ilcinsc ot II ami llshlng license of t)
i nt '
II ft itl. by t'huppell of Drowii-Trutk
,lc I) be establlsned bj intltoads ut
i mwuv cvimmlsslon s ulscrctlon
II li D'i, by Jiavls of DoURias For con-
jlldatlon of Otnnha nnd r"outh Oniahu or
other contiguous cities whenever u ma
jorltv of clectots so declatB nt an election
Hilled putHUunt to iielltluun nigued by
PU crnt t the eluctois of uuclt city.
i ir Htloii not to bo submitted for five
caie 11 once defunted.
II It 076, by Uaten of Sarpy Provides
for building and maintenance of bridge
in public highways and ditches excavuicd
hy draluagn MIMiIcIn by agreement le
twecn county bo.irds nnd dnilunge Doarda.
II It 5i". by Mutphy of Saline Appro
imates t,uw) to purchase prospecting oitl
t t to bi tented out to prospoctora for
II It, B7S. by Davl ot Douglas Under
tnkiiB icqulicd. to notify comity clerk
whenever n war veteran I burled, giving
la t of war record.
II It. .".iO. by Korff and Fries ProKsed
i oil) tltutloiiHl amendment by which a ma
aotlt of th legal voter voting therein
shall determine tlio form of county gov
ernment II It 6M, by Palmer of Clay-Allows
fiutcrn.'il Insurancn companies to providti
tonus of settlement before death; allow
ann stnto fraternnl branch to withdraw
irom parent boly nnd form a new so
id tv Its members to be Included, regard
less uf age.
II. U. M. by Stephen of Merrick Pro
ldes a penalty for selling second-hand
machinery without jtroper label,
Ii It. M.t by liollen of Knox-Chiwiges
salaries to bo paid county superintendent
in countlen nf . to 15.W) iranulntlon
Horn (1 MH tn J:'.000; G.OoO-7W, (l.fiOO to
.11800 LOCO-COOi), 11.100 to J1.KW! ,SOO-4,001
Jl aw to i,v; i,QC0-z.ux), 11,10) to Jl.aoo;
i ooo-r.ooo. ji.cw to ii.Mo.
Jury Trial on Appeal.
il It skU by Smith of Douglas Provid
ing for Jury trial In district court on ap
peal from police court, on giving bond.
H It. M. by 'McCarthy of Cuming--Prohibiting
the giving of Iree transporta
tion by titrect riiUwayw or for passage
r ot s anv bridge.
II It .VA by McCarthy of Cumlng
I'ruhibltliig any Justice uf the, penco to
maintain tin office with an attorney-at-Kw
, II It 3SC by McCaithy of Cutnlng
Plohibltlng the employment hy a county
judge ol any attorney practicing In his
laurt I
II It. u87. by Cronln of Holt If foreign
to-tutor leuvcs no debt or personal proi
nU In Nebraska, udmlsalon of will to
probatn shall he final probate net.
II It. Wei. by Siot I of Hamilton-Prohibit)
the use of dining cam for any other
!ui pose
II It. T,V). liv fallMlMfftnt. .if BiiiintlMrii..
AiipiupilatPk li.'OO a K trust lund for lloy j
Diini ji . invcsira uy sinio nun piincipai
t-i 1m paid him when 21 years old.
1 1 It iW. by Ctmtarson of Saunder
Appropriates Nctt for statu tcfoiinaloiy
I State Hoard of Control.
II It t!l. by Oustaffon of Snmidera
M morlalltea congrc to put un expoit
utv on iK-troleum product In order to
I ni't the market for same
II It iw. by Lancitster County Delega
tion -Creates uu executive Imard to mn:i
H" tatc property lit Lincoln, excepting
a' turn, pciiltenllary and orthopedic ho
I 'tsl r rentes office of custodian at a ab
U'v of j;.i25 for lUeutilupt.
tf It KW. by JIcAlllster ttequlres un-Ui
linoiui opinion ot supreme court to de
ca a state law unconstitutional.
II K 4l. by McAllister- Ilequlrea com-
i carriers to give letters to employe.
Miatlng reasons for dlsmlisal; forbids uny
uther hlarkliit.
II H M. by Dulleu ot Knox-l'ientr,
officv of Inspector of supplies at Itl'M a
vear reiulre careful cheek, no supplies
10 be accepted for stato Initltutlons in
fmor to samples. v
II It jtsl, by Jerry of Lancaster Pro
tides that governor may suspend from
iflfcc after a hearing any official
ciinrgi-l with neglect of duty, pending
ivurlng by supreme .court: amending
liackett law.
It Ii. 'Jf7, by Richardson ot Lancaster--rrovidm
that district court bailiff shall
) paid (3 a day, except In Douglas
II It by Itcgun of Platte Provldus
mat no cigarette or cigarette paper shall
b- sold given away, purchased for or
i, H'.nfuctuifl for any persons under S
I ira of age
II 11 -Vi. by Dolleii of Knox-Provldus
that only per cent of wages shall be
.xi mpt from attachment for wages or
' -ssurb of life.
II II 600. by lUdsche Of Dawes-Author-'
any city of second-elsss or village to
!xe bonds for permanent crosslugu.
i It,. i.Dl, by Hojiif.Ue a! Dawes Author.
'n any county, piednet. township, oily
uf sotmd-claa or" village to Issue bonds
fv permanent roads.
Itefomiatorr for Women. ,
II It Cd. by SUKdrmau of DoubIhd
r ovidwi fur a iktate reformatory fur
Kytnt-ii .'onvlcUnl of inlsdemoanor, be
tween ge of It and 30. and for their m
u ist i till Cducatltm.; .
IL. ft. sm. by Flaher of Boone lloqulre
,11 dmn to bo equipped w(h fJfh latohoi
vt elnltes.
II .It PM, by (julgglenf Lancaster Pro.
idea for saly-of gakollne of a speciDe
gravity of ts Jegri-ea; iresent la,w, CO de
greir. It 11. 03, by -Fisher ot Boone-Provides
for relief of pcinoni erroneously con,
i ted of uny crime.
U 11. W, by Mallory of Box Butte
lines trial judgo the right to reduce
r-1 milium Imprisonment of Indeterminate
il It COT, by Stevens of Llncoln-l'ro-dis
Mat debts du to threshing irin
all 1e regarded as labor debt.
I' It. . by Stevens of Lincoln Ro
. res tn. k train on brunch roads to
elghtenn miles an hour and n.-
nt paoalty.
l, vft. -uy itegiti o natte jjokim
llil'tlinr nirtnhi i.f M1ll'l ItetHtall '
ioarri and X'intt from .mi'lrttt..n
MalMon over yean- old that have ken
examined tnlee atxt found sound.
II It 10. by Pruwedow of PuunUs
lroldi lOr ntntc lrine'lr of weight.
NHlitrx nf ll.iw. itil tiled In orrnoi
II. it. fill, by Huch and Itcul. r of Otoe -.
Ttt iilrex all tank recehlns; sight drafts.
! . 1 1 1 . ..it, i ....... i ........ ......
"III! uiii oi inmMK Hllnn-.i. "VI-
slcnments to persons within tl)- state, to
hold pollution on tmw for thtrf dn
after delivery of bill of lading. Imiikx
otherwise responsible to ronslKMee for
11 It. 11. by !fc-ott of Hamllton-Aprim- I
priHtr HJUOi for relist ot .Mr Annie
NIoKels. Hhorr son riled while Ht National I
Iftitard encampment. !
I'll Tl KM ht- i.f Illcll.U'lltVilll - I
Appropriate 1712 for the icllrf or i
flncliolx. who to foui horse
" '' h.V MnffmelStei of (ha
rnvMifi for estHbllsment of gem
general !
I horrltal at Onmlm .Mefllrnl wliool.
' II. It. iv. by Hoffinelfter of rim- '
, flood of anatomy deportment xnd mif- i
er depnrtnient of medlnil and dental
. CTdleKe of t.ite iinlverll' to conntltllte
l.-l boatd for dlslrlbullon nnd delivery of
ilticlalmed dead htimnn bodies to inedlral
j lntItiitloii of the Mate 1
It. It. 019. by lloffinelfter of :iiue ,
PtoMdcH for np of nil echool latid. not
more than 0(0 arre to n ltiKle purrbasr.
and price not lea than tl per arre. '
It. It. 0.1). by I'alntPHd of Hlrhardson -Make
It a nilfdeinoHiior for nny railroad I
employe lo think , Intoxicant while on
duty or ten hourii pn-vloiinly. utid ii
felonv If an accident retilts from viola
tion of this law, cauln los ot llf" or
Deronnl Injuria.
ii u. )y i,SPy 0f
Dodge Appro
priate 175,00) for general hospital pro.
vlded bv H. n. il".
11. IX. 02?, hy Anderson of Kearney
Provide that school board may lsue
watrnnt ngalnst per cent of special
lu-hool dlntrlct fund before such levy is
free on School (fronniU.
II. It. 69, by Stebblnn of Dawson-Ue-quire
echool boatd to plant shade tree
on school bouse giollnd nnd to cure for
u me.
II. ft. Ul, hi Flanagan of Douglas
Oovernor may appoint nn agent to return
fnglllvpg from Justlco from other states, I
state to advance )tpcne money.
11. It. IBS, by ninltJ of Douglas-He- i
quins DouglitH county commissioners to I
devote entire time to office; raises siilarv j
from 12,100 to IS.OnO.
II. It. !. ny urain oi uougi is uuu .
lUifcy of Dodge Ustabllshe a minimum
w-ogc t'omnilstlon. with iower to ap-
.. . .,. rtilnlmlltii iip.nlr
and nhiill
publish In newspapern name of employer
which do not ugroe to llvo up to It; no
other method ot enforcement.
f peoscution of Ilriggn and Ilyers
rn, , of Mltri!b convict chase.
II. It, ra, by flute of Barpy-(..reaie
boat d of ccJior for motion picture
film; salaries, It.WK) each for three mem
ber; V",ou0 for secretary'-
II. n. itS), by npgnti of Platte Fee scale
for register of deeds.
II. It. n, by lec of Douglas- Prohibits
officers to lobby Tor nn Incteasc of sal
ary. I. It. 631. by AlideiKon of Uouglus
Make It a mldemennor to Joyrlde. In
ahj' county or municipal automobile.
II. ft. fit!, by Megan of Platte-CVcnte
a state board of archltuctere composed
of governor, nltoruey general and atato
superintendent; board to appoint five sec
retaries, who shall license architects to
practice profession.
II. II. m. by dates of 8nrpy Drainage
district need not keep In repair bridges,
culvert or closslngs over right-of-way.
'rvr flrnnfc Flic.
8. F. 2Tb. by Jlacfnrland of Dougla
Provides for probation officer' duties In
counties nf TiO.OOO population nnd upward,
P. F. 776, by Mncfarland of Douglas
Provide chief deputy of district court ot
Dougla county, with alary of $2.50o per
8," Ft- 27T, by Mncfarland of Douglas
Provide for register of deeds' duties In
counties of morn than ro.OOi) population,
S. F. ITS. by Mncfarland of Douglas
Provide that Judge nnd not Jury shall
fix penalty of forfeiture of charter In
cases tiled under the Junkln nntt-trust
8. F. '."71). by Maofarland of Douglas
Provide for private hearings In Juunllo
com t proceeding.
S. F. !S0, by Hnundcr of Douglas-Provides
that property aaesscd for taxation
shall be. entered nt full valuation nnd
one-fifth for tax.
fl, F. Ml. by Rhumway ot Dixon Pro
hibit Justice of peace, from occupying
office with nttornoy-ot-luw.
8. F. MS. by Hhumway of Dlxon-Pro-lilblt
county Judge frpm employing at
torney practicing In their court from
uHHlMlug In making up docket.
S. F. m by Mummell of AVebster
Worklngmnn'n meaaurn relating to hours
of employment.
3. F, Ml, by Cordeal ot Red Willow
Compel Insurance, companies to deposit
The best kind of a
Good Morning
' v ' , A
starts at the breakfast table.
Good Humor Follows
(if the nicnl is right.)
i . , . -
There's a new Hot Porridge which is making new friends n'ow-a-days
because it combines the things desirable in a good breakfast: dish:
Warmth, delicious flavor, substantial nourishment and easy preparation.
Post Tavern
f is a skillful blend of wheat, corn and rice to be cooked and served
hot with cream and sugar like old-fashioned porridge.
A try -tells why you'll like it for
Tomorrow's Breakfast
At Grocers everywhere Packages 10c and 15c, except
in extreme West.
I'oatum Cereal
nrfi BEE:
Home Treatment
for Epilepsy or Fits
i lioe who inffer from this nerv
oim dleae, a in mi pan led hy It sud
den attarkn uf iitu onarlouene and
convulsion, tvill be tnlerected In
knowing that we have BUlliorled the
le of Koslne treatment for l!pllepy
by lleaton Drug t.'o
Thl well-known atore ha our ao
thnrlt to ell ihe Koslnn treatment
for lpllepy on iho followhiK fruar
antee. flu v a holtlr of Koslne for
Jl If after inlnic yon aie not en
tirely allfled, N"iir mone will lie
Wr want the moot kepMil to trv
the Kolne treatltlent on till) guar
antee, for the itcce of tlin trent
tnenl durlnK the pant ten year, both
bv Ihe hilt .unl pfoleilon, haj
proved the merit of the urtlt-le.
A valuable booklet on Kpllcpxy.
nutiiliil'icr a intnplete diet, given flee
by the lleaton Drug 'o. IBth nnd
r'nniaiii St. Omaha
The Koiln Co., Waihlncrton, D. C.
s '
j seeutltle lo amount of 100, with Mate
, S. 2Vi, by ('ordeal of lied Willow
1 teferendum for fraternnl lnsurnnce or
i ngnlzntlon whero talc rles nre In
! olved.
S. W;. by Conical oS llerl Wlllow
1'rovlden method whereby mutual level
premium legal reserve Insurance com
panies may be reorganized a Mock com
panle. 8. T. 257. by ('ordeal of fted Willow
1'iovldcs for dlssoliithm nnd liquidation
. of Insurance eompanle.
I 8. K. M. by f'ordeal of lied Willow
iT'tovlde for automatic extension of life
'Insurance policies.
; H I'. JSS. by ('ordeal of Dod Willow
I Prohibit Issuance of unautliorlied etl
! mate on futuie business by Insurance
H. P. 0, by ('ordeal of Red Willow
lliipcaln law relating to keeping of nc
l,.ntB Wnn county treasurer by county
. ail. by 'onienl of Rod Wlllor
uCiphIh law ptovldlng for Issuance of
duplicate receipts by county treaaurers,
s. F. 29.'. by Cordeal of Ited Willow
Piovlde for relnauraneo of rlaks.
Men t nnn Stiile.
H K SB. by CoiJeill of fted Willow.
To secure payment for materia I furnished
and work done, on state buildings where
merlin tiles' Hen do not apply.
S. F. 2l. by Cordeal ot Red Willow
Provides for deposit of securities by
newly organized Insurance compnnlc.
S. F. 29.1. by Mncfarland of Dougla
Provlies for the legulatlon of public
S. F. IK!, by Hartllng Provide for a
constitutional amendment raising pay of
state official.
S, F. 29T. by Keicicl of Noniahn Abol
Ishcs drinking cups In public places.
S. F. 2ns, by Placek of Saunders Re
lates to Institution of actions on prom
issory note.
S. F. 2!! bv llushcc of Kimball Relate
to the sain of school land In the state.
s F. sod. by liushee or Kiinnun rro-
vhlcs that wages of heads of families to
amount of Ufi per cent thereof can be
Kin nlslicd.
S F. 3if. by Kelchcl of Nemaha Pro
hibit buslnesH college and simitar Insti
tutions from Helling scholarship! In ad
vance without first receiving permission
from tnte superintendent.
S. F. :W, by Kelehel of Nemaha Sec
ond Sunday In June to he pioneers'
memorial day.
8. F. .108. by llushce of Kimball Pro
vides for lu-mlll levy for use of road
districts of state after question has been
submitted to people of tho road district.
S. F. .104, by Cox of Yorl--Relates' to
numbers on motorcycle,
S. F. Mr., by Ollls of Valley Provides
penalties for unintentional discrimination
between corporations of tlin state.
a. F. aw, by oiu or vniioy iicquuuig
the attorney general to Investigate dlh
crimination at request and relieve secre
tary of state of iwrt of hi duties.
H. F. 30T. by OIll of Valley-Create a
commlslon to Investigate revenue and
taxation. 1
8. F. SCS. by Dodge ot Douglas. Relates)
to penalties for conviction ot first and
second degree murder " -
S. F. vn. by Dodge of Douglas Provide
discharged convict may obtain clothing
and $10 when leaving the penltenttury.
S. F. 310, by Dodge of Douglas Pi oi
vide a consulting physician may not
divide fees with phylclan who sends ih
tho case.
S. F. 311, -by Dodge of Douglas Pro
vides that county cpmmlloneiii shall
SeeUs to HeavU Those Who Would
luflneiicr Legislators,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 3. (Bpeclal.)-Tlio
pathway of tho lobbyist will not bo strewn
with rose If a bill which wn Introduced
by lloagland of Lincoln county thla
ufternoon becomes a law. He received a
petition this morning calling hi uttentlon
Co., Ltd., Pure Pood Factorliis, Battle
tn the tact that the t nlon Pa' tfb ftall
road i ompan; was vin-ulatlnc etltlii j
among the people of the senator's dis
trict to be used against the passage . f
the bill limiting freight train to flft.
ears. Accompanying tin; petition was
bill which It wn desired should be In
trodtired which make It a felonv 'n
anyway to Influence or eek to InfluerHp
a member of the legislature on any
measure within the oUy of I.lm oln w hll.
the legislature is In session.
Any peron found guilty or lohhyina.
log rolling or In any way seeking to In-
fliwince a member of the legislature iii.i.1
i hn fined hot Its than I10.W ami In addi
. , i
tat 1
tion shall he Incarcerated in the
! petilteiiltary not less than one enr nor
more than five. If he Is caught th
second time he shall be deprived -if
citizenship and the right to hold offlc .
Nothing In the bill, however, deprive
the member of the legislature from lead
ing the newspaper, something which was
probably forgotten bv the petitioners,
neither doe it prevent those who desire
to Influence the member from taking
them outside the cltv limits and gettOig
In their work. As long a the Influencing
is not within the city there will be .10
l.ontlV I
AllecntlDn Jtiidr Aih erllslnB Used
to Infltirtirc eirspRper.
(From a Htaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Fob. 3.-f.Speclal felegtam )
The houso ha an opportunity to Investl
gr.to tho telephone lobby. Shipley ot
Dodgn Introduced a resolution this after
noon asking for a commlttco to be ap
pointed by th espeaker to confer with
tho governor nnd attorhey general to see
If tho telephono "combine" Is not violat
ing the anti-lobby law.
In hi resolution, which went over until
tomorrow. Shipley et out that the Ne
braska telephone combine Is spenil'ng
laigo sums of money for advertising mat
ter published fn th cnewspaper for the
purpose of deefatlpg bill affecting tele
phone business and this la done to sub
sidize the press Improperly to influence
public opinion.
He ask that th ccommlttce be given
authority to summon publtBhera of paper
to testify Just how much money tnc
telephone people nre spending with fhetr
paper. This Information I to be given
the State Railway commission to be
used In determ'nl'iB case now pending
before that body.
TV-' telephone, companies are also
charged with using their long distance
lines to reach member of the legislature,
those doing thl not being registered' lob
bylsts. II. R. 73. by Anderson ot Bojd. to per
mit counties to levy a tax to erect a
monument to soldiers and armories wa
indefinitely postponed after a. longthy de
bate. The Joint resolution to ratify the pro
nosed constitutional amendment provid
ing for the popular election of United
States senators was recommended for
paaage by the committee of the whole ot
the house.
UullTtny Hmployea Seek Protection
from Collisions.
(From a Staff Correspondent.).
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 3.-(SpecIal.)-M.
II. Douglas, engineer, representing tU
way employes. Is' here pushing a bill bv
Hoaglahd .of Lincoln providing that upsa
approaching ft railroad crossing drivers
of aufimolMlcs musjt stop their machines.
Mr. DoUglifB 'ria's Wlth'hlrn pen rilcturea
of several nccldents which have occurred
by' reason of an engine hitting machines.
Take LAXAT1VK BROMO Quinine Tab
lets. Druggists refund money It It falls
to cure. . W. GROVE'S signature It on
each box. 35c. Advertisement.
FHK.MONT. Neb,. Feb. S.(8peclal.)
Tho city council at a special meeting
Saturday evening passed, under suspen
sion ot the rules, an ordinance forbidding
Sundny theater and Sunday moving
picture shows. The city council alto took
Creek, Mich.
Nol Salts and
Pills, "Cascarets
Mcilducliy, j
If lonMfiMitcll. llllloll.s
Htomnch Sour, get n 10 tent box of
LuHcnrct uikc one tonight.
Vim men and women who unl Kt
feeling right who have headache,
coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath, dizziness, can't slcer, are bil
ious, nervous and upset, bothered with
a sick, gassy, disordered xtou.ach. oi
have back-ache and feel worn out.
, ..... ,. ... ... .
yo" ncepiug your uoweis clean
with Ca.sc.aret. or merely fotclnc a
passageway every few days with salts
cathartic pills or castor oil? This Is
Cascaret work while youV sleep;
cleanse and regulate the stomach, re
move the sour, undigested and ferment
ing food and foul gaaee: take the excess
bile from the liver and carry out of the
system all the constipated waste matter
and poisons In the Intestine and bowels.
A Cascaret tonight will straighten
you out by morning a 10-cent box from
ny drug ntore will keep your ntomach
weet: liver and bowels regular and
head clear for month. Don't forcet the
cnnnren. They love Caacaret because
they taste good do good never gripe
or sicken. Advertisement.
up an ordinance for Inspection of scale,
weights and measures, which, owing lo
some objections went over to the next
meeting. All but one or two of the
council are said to be In favor of such
an ordinance and It also will probably
pas under suspension of the rule.
.lira. Samuel S. flecker.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. Feb. 2.-(Speolal
Mrs. Carrie Becker, wife of Samuel S.
Becker, who lived some three mile north
east of here, where they have made their
home since 1SU9. died in a hospital at St.
Joseph. .Mo.. Saturday. The body was
brought to Pawnee City for interment,
and the funeral services were held at the
residence of her son, G. K. Becker at
3 p. in. Sunday. She leaves a hUHband and
two children. G. K. Becker of Pawnee
City, president of the Pawnee Telephono
company, and Mrs. May Bcdea of Table
Rock. She was 6T years of age.
FAIRBURT. Neb.. Feb. t-(Speclal.)
Mr. Melra Brown nnd Miss Grace Garber,
BED SETS, Etc., from our wholesale and re
tail stocks will be placed on sale
Wednesday i Morning
,AU goods are in first class shape and of supe
rior quality. Greater portion of our main floor
wijl be devoted to this extraordinary sale.
Here you Tvill find an almost unlimited line of
Former prices have been disregarded and the
fine draperies from which to make selections,
special prices made extremely low.
See Tuesday evening papers for further par
ticulars. Orchard & Wilhelm
Carpet Company
YOUR VALUABLES cannot he stolen or burned
if kept in a box in the Safe Deposit Vaults of the
Tiist National
iBanitof Omaha
The JlJ.gO .year ize Is
large enough for nasu
porsortB. ,
Instantly Clears Air Piuwages; You
itrcnthe I'Yeely; Dull Headache
Goes; Xnsty Catarrhal Discharge
Try "Kb 'a Cream Balm."
Oft a small bottle anyway. Just to try
It Apply a little in the nostrils and In
stantly your clogged noe and' stopped-up
air pasfaees of the heart will open; you
will breathe freely, dullness and head
ache disappear. By morning! the catarrh,
cold-ln-head or catarrhal sore throat will
be gone.
End sucli misery now! Uct the small
bottle of "Bly's Cream Balm" at any
iiles Fistula Cured
My mild treatment ulU cure Piles,-Fistula and other Rectal diseases ,
in a. short time, wisboul a surgical operation. I do not use Chloroform,
Ether or other general anaesthetic. I guarantee a cure of every ch.o
accepted. No pay until euro is
diseases nnd testimonials. DR.
two popular member of the untn.
set of this city . were tnartled at tic
bride's home In tnis cltv HUmlay vn.
ing. itev. M. R Cllhert of the MrthodI-'
ihi'icli officiated .Miss Aibte lrelan ' I
ilaved the wedding march. Mr. and Mm
.... ..... ttm , .,,,.i(P,.,in. on a faun :
near I''alrbui at oii"p
Convict Milk Firm
of Conspiracy; Price
at Once Goes Down
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Feb. 3.-A n-
diet of guilty was returned tonight in
district court against the Minneapolis
Milk company and A. R. Ituhnke. presi
dent of the corporation, charged with
conspiracy to raise the price of milk.
The enpe. which ho been on trial loi
tevernl das., )as prosecuted under a
state law prohibiting combines for the
put pose of controlling the price of com
modities. .
Attorneys for tlie-dcfense .said the case
would be appealed to the supreme court.
Shortly, before the Jury rotlrpd.. of fleers
of, the company and othcrdealers an
nounced a reduction In the price ot mill',
of, 1 cent a quart.
Indictments, have been returned against
six other mllK,, companies . on- similar
Revised Enoch Arden
' Story from Kansas
WICHITA. Kan.. Feb. 3.-For fort
yenta.Mr.. A.llce JMdy thought her flrt
husband, Newton 8. Clothier, dead. Today j
she received, a' letter frpm Stafford, Kan . I
saying Clothier was there. and would visit '
her here- Mrs. Kddy, married Clotlur Hi ;
Norm r.ngusn, ja.. in uk. J.ignt years 1
after Clothier disappeared she married
Qeorgn P. Kddy, who died at Hutchln- ,
sort. Kan. Mrs. Kddy later moved to
Stafford and two years ago came to
SPIUNOFI1SLD. 111.. Feb.. 3. Brlward
F. Dunne, the first democrat to hold the
office since tho close of the term of
John P. Altgeld In 1S97, was today inaitg
urated governor of Illinois, Tho Inaugu
ration wa delayed for a month by the
speakership deadlock which was broken
last week. Perfunctory sessions of the
legislature will continue through tho
week. The balloting on the United States
senatorshlps Is expected to begin Feb
ruary 11.
Farnam, at Thirteenth St.
drug store. This sweet, fragrant balm
dissolves by the heat of the nostrils; pen
etrates und heals the Inflamed, nwollen
membrane which lines the nose, head and
throat; clears the air passages; stops
nasty discharges and a feeling f cleans
ing, soothing relief eomea Immediately.
" Don't lay awake tonight struggling for
breath, with head stuffed; nostril closed, I
hawking and blowing. Catarrh or a cold.
With It's running nose, foul mucous drop
ping Into the throat, and raw dryness Is
distressing but truly needless.
Put your faith Just once In "Kty'a
Creant Balm" and your oold or caturrh
will surely disappear.
effected Write lor a boost on ueciai
C R. TARRY, 240 Bee Bld;.,-Omah
Terrible Itching and Burning.
Hair Came Out by the Combtul.
Used Cuticara Soap and Ointment
Entirely Cured in Three Weeks,
1342 N Illinois St., IndtanapoMs, lod
" gpota of dandruff about tho site of a quar
ter came, all over my hrd Thorn m a
terrible ttclaog and baratag
under tbo dandraff and tf I
attempted to comb it off my
head would bkwd and get
sore. TIkiw were small phn
r4en coder the daodrnS that
bleed when I combed ray
hair. The dandraff -would
show whoa I oaoibed it
loane. My hair came out by tho combful
I had suffered between two and three year
and triad everything I heard of bat nothing
did any good until I read one of tho adTW
tfaamenUi for Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
I bought a box of Ctxticura Ointment and
Cuticnra Soap aad shampooed my bend and
rubbsd error spot with Cntlcnra Ointment.
At tbo end of three weeks I wae roUrdy
cured. Now I haro more and nicer hair
than I erar had In ray Ufa. CuUcnra Botnv
and Otetonent IiermftnnccUy reUore4 my
trouble. (Signed) Mrs. W. K. Uboads.
May 11, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do o much
forplmptes. Maekbead. red. rough sWns.
Itching, scaly scalps, daadrsS. dry, torn and
falling hair, chapped hands and nkaprtnw
naljs. that, It Is almost criminal not to
uso them. SoW by drucfrUts and dealers
throughout the world. Liberal sample of
acn mailed free, with 33-p- SWn BooK. A4-cr)-canl''CiticinIipt.T,I5)ton."
WTondjor-fnced mm should xinn Oniicwa
Soap Bha ring Stick. 25c. SamiAa froo.
Make breathlnt- catv. liet u 25c rr?
tube ol London's, the nr ..lr.nl and trcmi i
CatArrhAIJellT.froinnlir riruif t. hn ullirentlr)
up tbo nbntrllit slid trolinw quit Iftysml tlea,intly
It sets. Boorhfs and liralvi ptuo abnorm&t dt
cburgesandreinoTestliflCAureof CAtarth. hplendld J
lor eoldt, caurrnai nmrn', riarrnoj i-ora
throat, eatarrh of tho Momarb, l-.ay fcTC-,
aiinixta, tie. uampiaxree.
John Says:
"All bend low to
Rla Royal Nibs The
Duke De a Fnlozia
of Dan Ziuello Pro.
vinla Del Xiovera. He
used to be a nobleman
but has since become
n hotel waiter and
now smoVes TRUST
like a little man."
John's Cigar Store
16th and Harney Sts.
A Mt'SHM ll.VTX,
.Tonight, Wed. Mat. and Night
ICUw A Erlang-er's
New York and London Qucceia
Curtain, Might!, 8 P. M. ; Mat. 1 P. M.
ThnriM 3 Day. MrU. Saturday
David Belaico Presents
Meat San., 4 Days, Mat. Wed.
Kitty Gordon in The Enchantress
Maeterlinck's The
Ifew Theater Production
Cast of 100
Prices: SOc to $2.00
Stat Sale Tomorrow, 9 A. VL.
EVA LANG and Company
Next Week
l2rt I Ltlt. Dally Mat., 15-25-500
jffAifT&Agt Evgs., 15-25-50-7CC
The Famous Laughing Hobo,
Johnston ti Buckley Jack StroiiHu.
Arlington & C'ochrun, (.'Uy t'oniedy 1 ami
the Imperial IIukhU)) Ballet of ;iu.
Ladles' Dime Matlnas Dally
'Worth Climbing the Bill"
XiMwdAVinz E
On Douglas St. at 18th Kytone Vaud
vllls Includes llowurd't. Hounds nnd
Tedoy uears nuncan
Wlntor, Zara Carmen
Troupe. I'urtla &
WDKht. Valto Done-
Not Cheapest
But the
Idc Duo Don Gordon IllpDui'ona i'lctuin.
Prom 2 to 5; at 7 and 8 P, M. Daily.
Douu. 404.
Mat. Ersry Day, 3:15. Evsry Night, BUS
TWi Vek-Jf U LFkv'i 'f AUKOn-NIA";
Cbirl & Kanny Van t IV , lltrrr O, Laster,
MtiVlTD-PcVnt'i The Window of Apprl
tlofi". Ball t WtH. Th Thrt Brement. !(
lisdow Brot. , I'athe't Week If Tterlew.
Prtcnr-Mtlln Oalltrr . JOc. bt Mti stt,
iLtpt Silurdtr i Sunfr Nljht-lc. Sic,
iOo. "ic
Krug Theater
Matins Today, 2:30; Night, 8i3o
7 LAB ADO 87
Ladles' Dally Dims Matins
Prfllay Tb Country Stor

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