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he Omaha Daily Bee
Drawn For The Bee
Tho best newspaper Artists of tho
country contribute tbeir be?'
-vork for Bee readers.
Fair; Colder
Attack Which Starts at 7 O'clock
Monday Evening Renewed with
Greater Intensity.
Big Guns Are Dropping Shells in
Residence Section.
Foreigners Leave City Uupon Ad
vice of Their Consuls. ,
1 1 1 m rt expected to Itcncir t
tncks on Forts, of Teliitltjii a nil
mill Also tin In- Purl of
inllliolt. i
LONDON. Feb. 4.-A full division of
Hulsarlau Infantry ndvanccd to the at- 1
ta' k uf Adrlauuplc this inornliiK under '
ocr of a fierce boinbanlniont, iiccordlnv, !
news agency dispatch from Sofia. 1
Tin- iost.lt of the btilllb.ll 1 HU'lU
wl klioun.
is not
in i.i.i:ti..
Sofia, llulgarla. i"oii. t. -nine quartern
if Adrlauuple tire In flames ns the re
"lt of thr- bombardment hy the Hul-
KRilans niiil Servians, which was re
sinned with even mote Intensity today,
ao. oidliiK to advices received here fron'
the front.
LONDON. Feb? 4, A terrific bombard- j tMt """re of an understanding noif ex
nipnt of the fortn nroiinil Adrlnnople mi ,!,ts betwen tne Department of Justice
begjMt last evening by the Unitarians and !at Washington and the officials of the
Servians surrounding the cltv to n,,. j Harrlman lines.
number of over 100,000. Almost at th- ' l: s- I'"Vett' ehalrmau of thi Union
moment of the cpneluslon cf the armlstlc ! ''"rifle. ls authority for the statement
at T o'clock, siege guns and field guu. i Mvn ot "nil'oseil dlsiolutUm
'ioni various points commanding th ! ,mvp Pl to U" Wor,icI uut n' satis
forts opened fire. Not even the t eslden- 1 ru'',or' -nclu!oii. fntll that. time. he
tial por.tlon of tlie city was hpnred. !ad,K a" ,'H"',S "leallitp with the ultl
Thrre Is difference of opinion n t mnte ''"ntrol of central Pa-lile nr..
how long the forties, will be able to hoM ln,"rrly r""J'" t""'!'-
nd, One dispatch from Mustapha Push - j -p. . -. " n T
tTTday was reported that the heavy cat:- 1113 miTlfl.r. iSfl.VPJ HP
...... I
nmiHiIo continued t hroiichout the nlcht
o'lelMded wltli the prophesy made by th
Bulgarian staff that two week wou.d i
suffice for the besiegers to force the j
Turks to capitulate.
I. our nexlstnncc ICxpeclril. '
Military men. however, who know some- i
tlTlng about the several lines of forts ,
which form tho defenses of Adrianoptc- !
for the outnr rln I.I,., . I,- K...I , '
have been facInK since the war began IsiV
- - - -- 'ii"ii iroirAUip
connected with and supported by other'"0 7" "T
el.eles of forts. Just a. tronK-rlook for x i f,1,hl" :m" " ma.Ic by .Ma-mel
i.n.loiiirpd rtef..... iiv ih .-.i.;i oi : l'pio. formerly .Mexican ambassador to
on. which cotnprisos many , of thd best
if the Turkish reculnr troops.
,, whirl. .o,m..H.. -..on,. f .... .
,.r it,.. nr.ri.i.h r..i...
This oplntbii pievalls within Adrlanople ,
Itself. Otherwise the fore Inn conjuls
...... ....
lllcre WOUId not liavo COIlSldmrcd It nCCOS- '
sarv to ask their ninhnFiu.lr.ru in ,e... i
an escort for the forclcn residents of :
tho city who desire to pass thrftugh tlie. i
lines, or protection for those who remain
within the Kates.
Qunrrels AiiinnB TilrU.
The fireat drawbacks to the success of i Pl-jsivnlt 1-T7-Hi.
Turks are the political quarrels j Uil U.I Oil rjUlU Ijy
hii'oiik ine uiiomau oiuccrb. wnicif must
1 "lid to Undermine the efficiency of the I
a my.
on the other side of the Balkan penin
sula. .Scutari, whero the Montenegrins I
are ucsteKltif' the fortress, ls reported 1
llienlltrll IllA rnrtcutiiiiirlonl tf a riiilril, .
beslesrlnu the fortress.
new.sn.uier r hive rlle. Ti.r i. .... !
oiif Irmat Ion of this rcpoit from any
other source.
llrltlsh and l.erinnu warships passed
tinoiiftli the Dardanelles yesterday fur
" ""1
the piotectlon of, forelBn residents o( j
constaiulnoplo and. a fleet ot "arshlps
P.u .
in Ucslka bay ready for any emersency. j
ritlier AttncUs I'rolinble.
The Unitarians ar3 tald to have K0.000
men in tho province of Thrace, with 43,000
Hirvlan soldlorp and perhaps a few dlvl-jat
slons of llreeks asslstlni; theim The
dealer part o( this force
r:i:;,ti XnltLua!
compelled to
and at Galllpoll In order to hold the
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The Weather
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair: colder.
Truiperiitiire at Oiuulin lrat-rday
Deg." !
1 U. Ill
h n m
'. a. 111
Ii) a. m
II R. Ill
i 111
I )' Ill
i . in
11. -ii
V- m s
P. m ;
K p. 111.... I, '
L ompnrn II e I.ochI llecord.
lun. mi. ijii. :&jo 1
Highest yesteniay 14 1. S..
lowest yesterday 4 3 1
j 1
....... i...i...,.inin i it
Pieclpltatlon 01 .(W .00 .V)
Temperature and preclullatlon don.tr. i
tnes 1 rom the normal: 1
J ormai rewperiuure ;i
Defleiency (or the day
V. ,
. .! inoh
. ".02 Inch
.35.01 Inches '
Total excess lnce March 1
Normal precipitation......
Dedclencv for the Jay
l'reclpltatlon slum March I
Deficiency slnca Marcli 1..
4.3k Inoiles
I) (iiiency (or cor. period, 19U..1I.J IhcIiok
Deficiency for cor. peilod. 1310.. 15 inches
llrpurlN f-o. Sttilon- i T r. M
Station and .State Tempera- High- Ttiihi.
of Wcalher.. ruie.
Chejcnne. cloudy .s
Davenport, clear 10
Denver, p-rt cloudy is
Drs Moines, clear s
Dodge Cltv. clsar 12-
Lander, clear ., 4
North Platte, cloudy 10
Omaha, cloudy ; 7
Pueblo, snowing to
'M l
Rapid Cltv. cloudy:
Salt Lake City. pt. cloudy 44
Santa Fe, cldr 30
Sheridan, snowing
Sioux ( iv. clear 4 K
Valentine cloild.v II
T IndlfHtea trace of prrclpltalion
niuicTies im-iow rero,
line-lien io iv rero, i
A WELSH. lAical Koree.slr
jLovettSays Plan
of Dissolution is
Still Incomplete
Ni:V YOP.KV Feb. 4 -The executive
committee of tlio Union Pacific held
nliotlicf session today, hut the meeting
was unproductive of nny news tegard-
' "K "lp '""solution of that road fu.m
Southern Pacific. From tln fact that
I tho mandate of the Hiipremr court order
IIiik the dissolution has been ordered back
to the lower federal court In Salt Lake
idly It Tins Inferred that something In
Lied to Americans
for Nearly a Year
K.vwr, ii'ev i i . ..' ....
vMR,CO ' - ' ""' t i'io
!;rl 'T'"". lC" mwm'
Yu"n tf!al ",; Mpxltn revj u.lon
W Ollld be OVCI" 111 six Weeks. I WBHfo OCd
'?WBt V' dlflm" ,1lllo a
",v -"!" "'l'. "linilK IIC IIISCILSSIOP.
of tlm loan meature In tho senuto lust .
nlBht. He continued:
The triilh Is the department of finsno.
'lias noi na.niea tne siriintiitn uh it i'Auik
, ... t, ,
" " " ....... imuukii 11
; ... .....o i- 1. .,. mm SIIIUI-
110,1 " 'KwiHTate.- 1
lOrnesto Madero. minister of finance, ;
repi.cn, taiuiiK 1 aiero nil Indiscreet an
i bossador and
bad flnancicr.Y
Sheriff to Pay
Pastor's Salary
PH1LADULPII1A. Feb. 4.-TI10 Dillon
Prcbytrlan church In West Philadelphia
was sold at .sheriffs kaIo yesteiday to
satisfy a Judgment ohtnlued by Itev.
Alexander Wuddell. n former pastor, for '
back salsiy amountlnii to $6,Si. The
property after a lively blddlnc was mUl I " Atni I.M.ITON, Feb. 4.-T uee women
' bjeet o mX Viount lmttn parte" """essfully ran th,
at . the White
ot '" Z u ornej 1s X:l,?i,(, ,oda- a" "fronted Pres.do.rt
h Zt with their request for a
to be a member of the 'church, who wllTJa" lnclr request ror a suard of) " "" i"r""'
(arrange for tho congrsuatlon to continue '""''Hers, sallms nnd marines for their l.i-r j a" "5 'nan was exam ncd In the pre,
Un nos-ession. parade here March 3 and the granting -.renr'" of JToseontor Cunter and Colon ,1
The edifice was erected five years aso
an expenditure of $31,000.
Burglar Gets Drunk
on Job at Chicago
: 1 CHICAGO. Feb. 4.-A11 irresistible (ond
ness for whiskey resulted In the capture 1
I by the pollco of William IJttner. a bur-
slar. early today, l.lttner whs ,r.hl,iP
a suloon In west Madison street, and
during his operations Indulged frequently
In limior from n bottle found on the back
bar. Finally lie lay down In a chair, with
11 basket filled with
swag" by his side,
1 I C ivuu aiu..lin...j
and fell fast asleep.
...... j-t .,1 ...id nnnnr IICII
j, j by the jolting of the patrol wagon cu
ll route to tho station.
viu .iwtiii uniirj urn ih humip riiTillnr '
ain't her
uoinc oscorted to a ceil.
Advance in Crude
-til Ci ..'
' I
i-m.-nfuimu. ra imju. 1.-.THC ad-.
,.A 1.. AMa,.,A .... ... , . , 1
, ,., ... ...,. Uii lesumen louay
11 11.T.1 mi ru.iiiii run n 1 1 i rw.n,t.i ...i ..
, .. .,,.. un-
noull!"1 Pennsylvania crude at l.4
u",er sraues wero quoted as follows.
.Mercer blank. New f'omU ..... c.r
Inf. iit I'al.All t?nr ...t. - ... .
cents a barrel
' . - ... . -, . . . bi 1 1 mi 1 1. 1 1 1 r u 1
fc8fe-W ,-;
vanee of t rent
In rtsclaiiil. . 'v
The new price established ror reuiuyl
vanla crude brings it within 3 cents of
tho goal for which oil p.oducers have
ltnff sought. i.50. and piedlctlons were
(rely mMiltf that t.ns mark would ln
this week.
modoic oncccc nil i
nine-A Tnp ortls-rr-
r'bbtb IHb SENATE
wmWTnvTTi v u . i
WASHIM.TO.V KeU 4.-Authorlly for
federal. seizure of merchandise Imported I
trusts or uuderpiUgal contracts war :
provided In the Norrls bill, whleh nieed !
tne -uwir iuu) 11 airvuny nas pasie.l
the hojise iiikI was recommended ) t.
torney Geneial AVickersham to give (ed-
oral officials power to seise coffee held
j In storage at New York by tin. Dr-zllijin
coKee ruonoK)ly
; Mysteries Long Puz;lc to New York
1 Police Made Clear by Jani
! tor's Confession.
Farrell Held for Murder of Mrs.
Bernard Herrcra.
Says She Was His Daughter, Then
Denies It.
Mini Moiitnll) I iilmtiincril Possesses
Alillll? (it MnUr lloinlis mill
Settles All Ills (irlennces
Ii? .Morilrr.
Ni:V YOUK. Keli. I.-John Paul V'ur
rc 11. a discharged apartment houeo lan
Itor. coufuesnl today that he had killed
I.Mid. Ileinard llerreia Hunday nlKt bv
menus of a bomb tint he had made and .
j that by shulliu' rnus he had caus.'il tli.
death of SIiii. Helen Taylor a year HKo
and attempted the life of .Indue Otto A. '
Itosalsky of the cotnt of general sessions 1
last March.
Farrell was held timlBlu on a ehaice of
niuider for the kllllnu ot Mrs. tlrriti.
AlthuiiRh th epollce ale coinlnccd the
man Is mentally unbalanced. Depats
Commissioner liniishctty said tonlKht de- '
lecllvos he had sent out In numbers to 1
Imestlnato the case Inve elnmed enotiph '
to lead them to believe I'ariell'a staitllur i
Hlory Is Irinyin tht ees'eullals, though
false In many detail"'. !
Ucr time Farrell had a Kilcxaneo he
suns to have settli'd'the business III 1 1; AIKK.V. S. C, Feb. I. TaMllK of tesll
a bomb. The trouble with Mrs. Ilcrrcr-i, mony In the trial ot 1'redcilcU .O. Ilciicu.
ho said, was tltat -he 'fired" hltn i'ioim ,x York nillllon.ilie. charKed with lip
ids Job as Janitor and Idled a negro l:i Isunlt on his wife wUh Intent to kill, was
Ids place, lie. wanted to Kct .ludso Ito 'atatted this mornlnn In the Aiken county
milsky out of th oWa because tho Jurist Jcourt of Ken'erul session. The Jury w.n
had sentenc-d o.lseph llartey. a "pal." jyecured In twenl-two minute", only u
to serve thirty-blue .years In KIiir .tint: few of the menihers of the weallh.v w lilt t
for stealiiiK: 511 worth of Jewelry. I'nr,e!l i colony nppearid In the court room.
told the police he helped Harvey tub
I Peter .lohnson's heme In the Hronx In law.
but easily escaped. j heard the prosecutlni; utloinej; nttempl
.ii Motile for One tinnier. i1" "ovo " J"rv of eountryniqjl that th-
WhylFaiiell wanted to kill the 'tuv-Yo,k -'"I'ty man hnd made n mur
lor woman-somellmcs known as Urace ,s "ttack on his wife with a penknife
Walker-was more than the imjIIcc could I1" Alkp" ,H'"1 winter.
.... .. .1 Klevcll wlfnesscs w nrn cutleil Iiv I In.
ijiiiiuoni. c.ariy in ins siory I'arrcii sa.ii ;
she was his daiiRhler and he slew ner
because ho had Rone wronfe-. Later he
denied this and said she was an Intlm.ito
ftlend. hut Bae no resson for klllin
her. lie also told DoiiBherty why end
by whom Kid" Walker was shot In 17
on tbo Howery. He said Walker betrayed
the Tuylor woman and a man named
II.MtianKC'Isllld him In, fovnnno. ,,
11.11 .Hank ..I I 1. ... .... & I
huvlnc nernernileil n 'uerlex nt inlihrlea
i,o0kl.vn ,md the-robbery of the. John-
tUM home Harvey rtnd tliirry llurtman. !
ii.i.. ... ...
)'" "U -nniuiin III Hie inner e.NUIOIl, wee
tciuence.i to !ln Klnc for thlrt.v-nliv '
MCMIS mill nl:if veues rnaneel I i-nl. I.'..'.
1 ell neve,- had been suspected of com
piCuy In the eiimes.
Air. D.iui-lierl v h.1.1 l.-.-.i i-..ll uo,-v..,l :
Ucn yeat;s In the New .lersev peiiltci.tlatv
for huiRlnry und other crimes. As John
.Mcnermott, ullac "Liverpool Jnek," Far-j
tell's picture Is In the rosucs' callery in i
iJeisey Cltj, accoidfnp: to tnformutlon
broilKbt to DoUKherty.
Women Ask Taft
for Guards and
Half Holiday!
WAtlll INtlTON, Feb. 4.-Tluee women
... ..
..... Mh .a,.v.ul. . ,c uuuiu n,n,c..c".j.n.." . .....on... . ,.,c., ..i.h ,,.,,. n oxpputu-e session. Ueniirpi.ts
I'ai roll .confessed, the police ss-iert. Ut-rliMCh s Wourcl noon Hftei lie was cu:. .;.... , .. i..i.'TTin7i
a hal( holiday to women employe.-, of tne counsel ror the deren.se.
government departments who may wish (Continued on Page Three.)
to make tho march to the capltol. j
The president praised lo discuss th!Wrtvv T,,-.;i
Iquestlon with his cabinet. The suffrage!
1 . . . 1
1lvnn Rn4rif CutHnrlo rt.l 1TiI. I---. J
j . ... iiu.u. ni.iiiu..niiu ... UIUI1 iniru- j
nuceo uieni 10 tne presinent.
Hjno T iflW flflTTnnt
-Y 1 . -11 "nn
Used to Jbivade Bills
ST. LOI IS. Feb. 4. The St. Louis court
iM(w iouay rniuserj 10 apply no
Missouri "Vine law" to save u local me- i
chant from paying for an advertisement I
111 Ilia Siinil.i. -kl.nn..l.
- "--""i'..ii.
T h snnni.r. .1 - .
. me 1 naui rvuiiAiii cxcinutiiwi i rom
. " -
,f novljpilI,or Sun(lay wus a yll)Ui. ,
tlon of the Sunday law.
Til.. e..ir. ..t unn..,lu ...l.. ...... ...
...,'ei,,T. .. , , J, . .1 . n.e
,rtii 7 ,
.... w...., iiiivau iii ouuuay m'V
to secure release from payment.
A slinUar cao Itefoio tho Kaiifcas Ci
icouit ot appeals vvas decided In n similar !
. .... , .. .
itiftuur au me mailer now will be taken '
to the tlale supreme court for detr
RPniAnrin r.Rumn iiidv
..-.-owvw ui.nnu juii i
,h. " 'llf,.,' "
i ,,7. '. "7'.. 7 "'"r',u
. , n. jury vomrf, ,
" ouwi
yestcrdav. placed at least six women on !
the grind Jury. Only thirteen men wor0 '
nameil and Hit. nian.hpr.hlr. nt
. . .. . ' ,
iJur'H ml,1 10 nineteen. This will be ,
.1 ln'an0e l,h, ,at0 of wome"
serving on h grand Jury.
Judge lluvk accepted married women
most of who appear us "housewives" on
the voting- register.
I've always wanted lo get a Jury that
would not . Kos.lp." said Judge Uuok. j
There never has been a grand Jury In )
Bail Maeto county that could keep a ,
secret and now well give the wonivn a
Now that thegfflpP
1'ioni the I'leviland Plum Iienlei
New York Millionaire Charged with
Stabbing Wife.
Of fciiiln lit null Wife lleli ( lilirm
nml Si I'rline Was Coinnill tell
li Xrer" Witnesses
lleiir Jeren ms. '
i .Mr. and Mrs. Hench sat tonether todiV
; 1 1 1 the Aiken county couit'houi-e ami
jn'", ,,,m " rl,ul "
j 'ul!itlon. Pios,cutor fJunter directed
! ,lls ffoU,, to H told bv
: 't 1 uhslnnllated hy his wife. f.
lbo rrfr,,t that Mv- n,'m'h llrr-' '""
ncl1 ''' " when sho left tho housd
jto B'v" ''"8H n nlr!nK.
! Tti Doelors Test If jr.
Vr. HaatliiKe Wjnian und, h sijn. Ir.
tlill-lnll l'.'l.. .1.4.1 t
lexnres'ed Urn onlnlon thnt Ibe iiluli
;lMflleed from behind. Tho theory of the
prosecution is that Hench .attacked his j
i.irA ...i.tt. ..1.. 1 r
.vi..- ...in.- anr'ivtir iiiiiiiiiis mvny tiiMii
When court reconvened nt :V, o'clock
10 two physlelans were the only wit-
nesses who hnd been oMimliied. Colo.iel
llemler.soii of defense i .iiiimi. Inillenti-.l
jthat he would nsk lalur to bavo tho jurv
'Inspect tbo premises of the P.ench home.
Mrs. Ileaeh took 11 keen interest In Hi.
examination and (reiiiently Jotted dovv 1
notes with a gold pencil. Once she Joln-d
1 I.. II.. I I.I.. II...1 ..1t I ..I
........ . H.uK.nc. umi iimunni "
subtle compliment offered her by tbo
j elder Dr. Wyman. Colonel Henderson had
Rskcd him how Mrs. Heneh lookrd when
he saw her Just after she had been at
, tar kci?.
"Not as well as she Is looklncMhls mill-
lute," replied Dr. 'Wyman, bowlnir k'al-
lantly to Mrs. Hcach. J
Prncrelltn.' Crttntn. i.nAm.il l.lu ulili. I.e I
... i ., .... i
,.." - ...r uuuiiinuniT 1 vim 1111- iCT'i-
mony of Miss Lallah Wyman. who I, I.'.
Tliu testimony was taken .veslerday.
(Irl llenrs Verrnms.
Death in Trying to
Save Her Baby Son
HASTINGS. Neb. Feb. ..-(ripaclal
it-iui.j .ui. ii'iiuu iMy wus jaiaiiy
!b,"ned thls n,r"i,,s w,,en to-mcno res.
1 .-.."i.e. ii-iuumiir-oui M.11 worn uro 11.
ucr Mpaiimriiis in a rooming house. AT- 1
ter being forced back several times by ;
flames, she ran through tho flic anil
t.leke.1 .... the H.a..l r-,,.-l., ..r .h-
ho fiom the blasi'm? bed. und herself
....i . , . .
inure irum ncaa 10 loor. went Willi It to
nil mi ini n inc trinm vvhrno fail hm
... . . .
- - - - r, ' - "
l)U,k lMy r(ioue., n-year-old Florence
iiy, nrr uaug iter, arm Jumiied with :
. .... . . . .
;'"m eco,m i.oor. noui escaping
ir . ' .. . '"''
..n nniuai-nr. I lit iHiy was UCUU w nll
'picked up by the mother.
Two Trainmen Are
KlllPn m Mvnnr
Ai.ii.uu fix WW-V .
SICDALlA. .Mo.. Fell. 4 Joseph C. Alio.
m"8llcr- r"xm?r. and iMtnck cui an,
conuucior, were killed when R oull
hen a south I
bound mixed train on the Missouri Pa el fie
tt ourvM
l" .; . . "me" "uw ui !
. me eiiKine ami iwo cars roll-m
riuu.uninriii i ue iraui carried
"ne coach and several freight cars. The '
coach did not Jeave the track. !
rnnM urnn 01 a uc-rr n it
n.vm.M. iy.i. I'm. i.-i-rel(li nt
Taft's collection of gifts was lnereted
(today when he reeehed a red, while and
blue quilt fiom 8. P. Head of Morna
Ne... u civil war veteran. Ml vears of
age. who wrote that the quilt had hec,
. made entiieh Uv hand and contained
J5.93S Kcparate piccea.
tion Season is on, Why Not Try This?
j The National Capital
Tuesdn.i, Felirunrj I. Itllit.
The SciihIc.
Convened at noon
l''oi tlfli'iitloiis Hiiiiirlatliiii bill cnir
Inc td.l'iri,'.', was lepoited.
WashliiRlou woman workers nhjci led
befoie labor cominlltre to m l''ollelte
elKht hour hill for women workers.
All effort to luixe funnel .Senator Hull
ex's farewell address primed as a public
document v.lis drfrateil by objection of
'"Ylous'e burto Hut Ip Bovernment to
xlero liupoi'li'il rihiim liiiiiiuhl In by trust
or under Menu! conliaut.s wns passed.
Senator O i;ormn ottered ijmoiitlnjent
to river and liai-lmr appiopi IhIIoii bill,
Iiriiposliiif $ia:uOii (or I'ltislilnp I lay clinn-
II el Imiilov emeiit.
e.n'i-imim i-uiinuiiiep nit eaiiKitiion in
flection of Senators Waln'ili and I'hlltlili
was halted bj wllhdlawiil of Elntemonts
made In chaiKes.
Kleelluns coinmltlee lin estlsatlon of
The Mouse.
('omened nl IU'vii n in.
Kesumeii uriiaie on iMMiict or ( oium
"lila hiii opi In t Inti bill
liiter.stale i iiniuiriri conuuls'-loii ciiu
cel'ed all reciuesis for session owliuc to
Pleasure nf business In house.
Democrats in Senate
Break Quorum in
Executive Session
WAKI I INC.TON. Keh. 4 -After aewrf!
inetfeetu.il attempts to secure consldcrn.
Hon of President Taffs nniiolntmenU the
senate teiiu)Uleijiis Hitepvedei) (ii,lly totay
I .. 1 . . .
j ?r ti.,n',t.l tio till
Pile democ.ntle tillbilMcr to pieeut nnv
jattlon was resum'-d as Huun uti the doom
j v.rro vlu,,,.,!
With nppgllilineuts sent to
the senate iluiilii; the last two weeks tl'O
.ln,,l.r . p,.,,,!!,,. Is
j .W(,,IIK 1)r..10t,cally all a
nearly I, 'I').
practically all appointments
made hy President Tuft since Hie bt?ln
11I11K pf the session In December. The
flKlit came to a halt at 2:11 p. in. when
deinorratH succeeih'd In forcliiK the senate
adjourn. Demoeials absented them
selves f 1 mil the chjiubor as soon as the
executive sisslon beKnn. It was found
. .
Impossible to Kel n uumuni.
i.TA" T5i fnn
lYllbi JjCllJLi XUllb
of Asking Husband
. k fit.. 1
to Accept Jtsrioe
i.un ,i,ui',i.w 1 l.-iw uni-ti ".v
, ,. ...
I , , ,," " - "
low Is accused of having bribed, was inn-
eluded tijd.iy when the attorney's trial
was resumed. Mjs. Ilalu was so over
come by emotion that a short recess was
called to permit her to regain hnr t'uiil.
1 posure. Artorwards she loU or having
' Uhed her Influence on her hUMband to in-
Uluco him to accept bribe money fi 01:1
I Pert II. Franklin, a detective employed
' by Dan ow when he was chief counsel for
.the McNam.iia biothern.
Supreme Court is
Asked to Define Beer
WASHINGTON. Feb 4.-" What
:boer.,.. , IJMlnn ut directly
the nipreme court of the District nf
Columbia by th- gove.niren aglns a
,U,H' ' "
' . . .... .
.,1.,...- .w w.w.
..... C"
wnnlil l.rlntf
would bring about the confiscation of
i ... .
-! "iinh " wmh m
nt art imi it witli n cailln riiitfilMir nin flir
rim suit, which wns Instituted at th" 1
r .1.- ...... . 1
1 '"I"1" "n I'""' "" "'"b "OUIII .
r lIle Ooiwrlincnt o( mloulture. a.-'
U.Bed Ul-t thelprodu. t was mUbrund.Hl
malt nnd I1611 '
m '
b:iw. but "Is a pi-cdurt In which sugjr
or n ...rcnl I...., I.....r m.iI ..II i t.l ..-I...I I .. '
"r tt icreul lnu been subitltuted wholly
. or In pal t (or the mall.''
Tl 1: P m T 1
rdlb 01 liaiU liOSL 1U
St, Louis Tunnel!
sr . i.ui is. ren. i.-iiaitlninio .v.- oi,
iwcaiuounu iraiu .o. . Known as the m
1-ruls espretw. broke lu two In t' - tunnel
uiuler the builiuw JUtrlcl ut the city j
. ... . ..
.u.ib aim lor an uour mree ieep ng t-4rs ;
attached to the rear of ths train were !
'lu' Th" 'BP '"" Washing-'
I v. v..p -d i'i.w...,..u.i 1
The anseme of the slesplnt; oars was I
j not dlscoveied until the train pulled into
Ith. .i.tim. ti.k U fu r. it I ml In t Un I In.
.imn .iint...e.. fr,.,r, ..
trance o the .tails bridge
The pasengeis grew wearv ,.( walling
an(i wlkcd along the track to the Wash-
llngton avei ue station at Ihc end o( t.i
J tunnel. None w as Injured.
brew" villi lepresrtilutviin of medals of . rrnulred to deposit all reserve funds car
award fo its "puilty ahd excellence." 'rlil by them on deposit In this stale In'
The Kov.rnmen. charges that U.o bc-'
ciage I, not 1111 exclusive n-ult and Imp ' Hinie
Favors Placing Territorial Militia
on Pensions.
Hill tVnillnu In Cimiiiitk thnl .tin;
; ('Illume SIiiIiik nf ( nllrornln llmiir
j nml Hi' llns llreii dleil In
Iteluy tcllon fur Time.
"""' Mt''rf '."espondenl. .
WAHI I INC.TON. I'eb. 4. -(Mpecliil Tel
1 klnm.l-Itevoluthius of the lower brauc:.
lr ,c N,d,taska leKllaturo to Place mem
, , ., . , .
r"' "r "", Nebi-Hski. ter.Morlal mll.t...
nil ii pensionable status weie foiiniill.-
, unproved bv the Nebiaska coiiBiesslon.i .
,ipproveil bv the .Nebraska i
n,deiciitlon it t n ineelMu lull
. . "f lll-r" "
i''' "'' uieiubers were
Id tills morn-
present, wit''
;tne excepllon or .Mr Norrls I'ortslder.i
1 1 Inn, of .the wiiikuiens penslJul hill by ill
.. ... ... .. ....
i house .mlelar. eoinmlllee. of which he It
n ineiuli, pieveuleil his ntteudiince,
The proposition of cmlnrslliK u Nehras
kali for member ot the National Soldiers'
i Home board on Ibe resignation of (leu-
oral Harry of lltccley was considered!
j No tnndldate wim eudoised, however, fo
tthe reason tint the position of sliperlu-
tendent of the California national home.
v lilcli (ieneinl Hairy luiti been named foi,
j iiiii.v be done nwn.v with by the mcmhci
l In ii hill recently reported to the scnato
from the mlllliuy affairs cpnrmlltee. pro
1 ',0!""K lo '"'"I" the super-
' 1 ot " Wa' department.
01 "n r'wKe. i is piona
Jilir that, the uppolnjhtcht 11 J Cljnrji.
llarry could not bu.eonrirmril liy nKree
'nntr'VSV'frle'Kraiil was sent to General
Iiiiii'j! Intohultm him of the situation mid
ndvlHJne; him mil In. rrslHn (or the pres
ent. Nit Action mi Win Lines.
Il was iiRreed that no fcrmnl action 1m
Inken on the icsolutlon of tho Nebraska
IcRlalaturc favorliiK Kovcruii.ciit owner
shop of teleKniph nnd telephone lm, but
that the question be left to the Individual
action of the membein when II cotr.ni
before them for dual consideration,
llnrrj to Hold (In,
ThiiiiUs for (Iniue.
The secretary nt lUliculture has ex
pressed his thanks to the C( j imel eial
club ot Valentino and C. II. Cornell of
that city for their part In securhiK Kmn.i
, for the national reservation near thuro
'without cost to the Rovrrnmcnt. The se'.
'letnry wrote IteiiresenlHllve Ivlnkniit n
i;r,;,p, r.rtVt !?rre10 m' h,","e,,t"
j Tho nnlmuls for Hie Kiune preserve wore
irrcrntiy placed there by transfer fi.itn
1.. . ... ..... - . :. . . .
H" ",me or air. uiibert or Friend, Neo.
HUSTON. Feb. 4.-Soveral society
1 women louay joineu me nanus or strikers
j l plelictlng the forty shops affected bv
1 the walkout of 5,000 gnrnjent workers (o
I enfoice demur.ds for an Increase In wages
rind better working conditions. The
, women pickets were warned by the strlltc
' leaders not lo resort to violence.
I" - "
KeeL lo Keep Miirplus l iidrr
(a 11 urn nt y.
1 (From 11 Stuff Col respondent. I
LINCOLN, Feb. 4.-(Hpeclal.)-Hfott o(
Chevclilie wnlllrl iiink.. II teAf-tlt ...l.lln
, .. .., ... ,.
, ppnB ()f nMUtnikX ,n8tllton!,.
Introduced a
hill In the house, rids morn.
It becomes n law, will makt
i U,K- wl,lcl). If It becomes n law, will mak
1, lllnf'i.l f..r nll....ul 1 1,- ... I ...
I T . .
iiik nuriuuH iH'injhiiH 01 imp Mffiio rmnkn
,.- . ... . . .
r " .
j j ir niiim , nv 111m lliuilfy rClrpu8UeU
in banks operating unller the guaranty
law :
Ills bill rouds:
Section I. All banks of this slule. whose
' .illdi.ikllH nrr. iiriilimlnil I... il. .l.n.uli.
. . V.. ... . " . "'"J"'"
ihuui iiinj iuiiii j 1 .111 bit. ui f mirtiiiv
Heclloii 2. Any poison violating any of
I lie lllOVtclulIK of (Ills net chilli l.e nil...
"l0 Ii'ovI(uns ot thin act shall bo pun
I Islied either by flno or Imprisonment the
I Minn as provided In Section l of tho
banking laws of the stato of Nebraska.
Section 2. Whereas, an emergency ex
ists, this act shall take effect and be In
l'.ilce from anil after lis miMMtre mni ....
Ururher of Thu rr liitrndiice. Mr tin-I
...... .. ii.......
(From u Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 4 -(Splal.)-Orueber '
or Tliaynr did not gel enoush or that un- I
man law which normttted imv voter, re. '.
gnrd lew, f politics, to vote in any pri- .
. . .... !
will tako th" people back a few years. 1
His bill provides that the parties shall
be designated on the primary ballot, but
that any ponton eligible to vote shall be
furnished a bal'ut and be permitted to
fast It. A.i.t It does not provide that he
snail vote for landldiites w'hn arc run
ning on the party ticket to which he be
House Discovers It Has No Author
ity to Refer Matter of Taxation
to Popualr Choice.
Institution Requests that Its Policy
Be Settled.
I Special Committee Unable to Agree
on Bill.
t'rnv Lira fnr Mne (.'ommlxxliincr ltl-
(rlets AVhrii City Minll Hnln
I I'lipnln tlon of 1 1 11 ml red nnd
. I'lK) 'I'hiiiisn nil.
I iFium h Staff Correspondent. 1
, LINCOLN. IVb. I - (Special - The 1lo:ie
decided this moinlug this legislature will
be compelled to, take a stand (in the qurs
Hon ot consolidation of the state univei
'sltv wllh the state farm. A lesoliltlnn
ilutioduced yesterday provided that the
, question be left lo a vnre o( the people.
; and today thnt motion was tnbled 011 a
'motion b Kee.kley of York after several
talks had been made for and against It
First Jt was proposed to lefer the reso
lution to the Judiciary committee, but
' this drew fire, nnd to finally settle the
linse Krokley moved to table. This car
I 1 led.
1 Mockelt explained to the house that II
' was beyond the Jurisdiction of this lesis
I latum lo lefer anything to the people
, The people, under tlie constitutional
j amendment, had 11 light to lnltlnte legis
lation or pass on legislation enacted bv
! the leglrlaturc. but the legislature could
! not put It un In the people to provide for
liaising revenue lo maintain the stnte ln
stllutlons. Mockett explained that the
worst thing that could hnpen lo the unl
'veislty would bo to pass tills question
j over for another two years llo argued
1 that It wan the duty of the legislature
' to settle once for all whot.icr the schools
'weie lo bo consolidated or the university
1 was to remain where It Is. Kccklcy and
j oljiers Insisted that th" legislators should
I settle tlie question one way or the other,
i ' Tim Wntrr.l'ower Hills.
The spielal committee appointed to In
vestigate the witter powers of .the statf
-will tomorrow Introiliico two bills In th'
house, upd after It will make, Its full re
port. Onp mrasuro will dcolnrq. lire watel
power sites llir" property of 'the. -tat'' nnd
place tlit-m under Ibe control of tho State
H0.111I ot Irrigation with power to leusu
to nrtvitto Indtvldunls or othere.
I The other measure will provide (or th
j sppolntnWlit of n committee to Invcstl'-
gate the matter nnu report ui o h"
next leglslnture.
Ilo(( and Flnimgan came to the rollf
o( Omaha, Introducing two rneasuies this
nflornoon. tho one providing (or the re
peal of the 8 o'clock closing law Insofu"
ns It rolntos lo cities which make their
own charters; the other providing for the
repeal o( the Albert law.
W. II. Campbell, the dry fanning ex
pert, addressed the house (or twenty
minutes Hits nfternoon and urged legls
latlon which would provldo for a county
superintendent of agriculture.
I.er's tJiiniiiilsslonrr System.
Lee of Douglas Introduced a bill la
tho house this afternoon to change til'
makeup of Omaha. Ills bill provides
that when the city has a population ot
W,0W) It shall be divided Into nine dis
tricts nnd shall bo governed by a com
mittee elected at large, one (rom each
district. Tho one receiving the largest
vote shall be mayor and receive J4.0OO ;isr
ycur. ' The others shall receive $2,600 jl
Speaker Kclley got ahead ot himssll
this afternoon and appointed Shipley.
Mockett nnd Hclllgan to Investigate th
Ulcphone combine, und find out through
newspaper publishers Just, what Is belnx
paid them (or running advertising (or the
alleged combine. Ho discovered a(ter ad
journment Unit the resolution has not
yet been adopted, so recalled his appoin'
ments. llusoh, Joury and McCarthy of Greeley
will Investigate the finances of the vail-
ous stato institutions which have, reported
(Continued on Page Two.)
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