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lontinUf1 from PaRr Ont
Thpy wete ntipotntr-n1 by thi!
I'll It II IM.I ri,ov I.N
lint lln for lnlriliu-Moii
of .t .Mmanrra.
t-Yum a Staff i'orrospondfiit.1
LINfOLN. Vrb t -(Special.) The fol-I-
wing bills werp IntrodiicH In the hsu
I Jdai
H tl bii. by KoMn- of Douglas Hi- i
it i tn cities or water iiismcje. or iwwi
t habitant to furnish water free tn ior-
tl. R KJT.. b Scott of tlamllton BUl
'Mus flv- ears' tnennltv a Just ctiiie'
for invoice.
It It by Aiiflen-on of Dotislatt-
Rataes the salary of register of deed in
Lancaster and Douglas counties to .:.
trr year
II K :?. bv I'olL". Hartels. Fallstrml.
N'crton. Oreenivalt, Jackson, lleg-ali, I'lil
ei' Losey HejnoUK Smith. Anderson of
Kinrtie Wool. QuIjrRle and Mallnry-
utlioilses the State Homd of KilallxJ
tlon to make a trnee-fourths mill l-vy
or the support of the state normal
h.iif "f ail mono rarneil 1 ..it, , t-i at
lh. tMl penitentiary sit all b paid to
thlr deiiendenta. an! If nonr exist shall
Ik- l.ept for the c-nnvlrt upon hi iHease.
II II ft.i l Molten ii. Kimk l' imlts
Insurance hkhIxm losa of employment.
II It. SIB. bj IVilleli .if Kno--AiroprN
Htea $I.SW to tetmtrutw mi-itib- of em
ployers' liability and wiirltlnKiwn'a com
pernatlon .timinlwtfon for rxn-nss anl
II. II. ttl. bv Molten of Knox Supreme
court slmll write Its opinions only, when
reverslnR the dlatrlit court where penalty
of dentil or life Imprisonment Is Hfflrtncd.
when holdltiK some act unconstitutional
ami such other case as the court nmv
depm necessary.
I II. II. II) lltllltei oi ifiii-uni.'i
! Qlves clt of Mnooln authority to clean
up vacant lots at the expense or tli
II. It. by Klsher of Itootie -Inn-eases
the fees of the county clerk for reoorillriR
mortgage Instruments.
II. II. ?. by Klshcr of Hoone County
ilerks shall lie paid for preparing tax
list nnd filing other reconls of the county
rihI nee not account for such fees.
II It 5fl. by Fisher of Hooile -Allows
countv clerks 69 cents as fee for certifi
cate and seal, or making marpliiHl entry
of iiioiIkhkc or Hen satisfaction. This
double 'the present ffc All counties ex
cept tlIJKlas affected.
Me. Ileal Hinniliintlons of Children.
If. It. fttO. by llrueseduw of Douclns-
j Kor compnlsorx medical examinations of
I school clilldien.
i II. It il. by .lacksun of Nuckolls - Ite-
penis tiitultemcnt that pupils In crado
shall attend for entire year
! clt school
II It fiJS. bv Orr of Hurt tiovl) 1. - Bl.owa excuse of pupil who has to worn
tht! llcenslnc of real estata agents l-y ; for a llvltiK from high school course,
t le ecrtarv of state. 1 II. It. '2. by Itrott of Clievcnno Re-
It It KS. by Orr' of Hurt Provides lor qulios nil slate banks to deposit their re
a state life Insurance system, to bo con- soivc funds In banks under the Riiaranty
Uncled bv the state. law.
II It. C). by Oustln of t'ass Requires ). It. 013, by M Allistnr-Appropriating
cnimM license for train Tlevatot.
II R, Ml, by Pearson of Kronllui -l
ourts may extend lime when ilecrec of
il lorce l-ooine final In cases where
iiartlK arc addicted to use of liquor or
II n Mi, by Smith of Douglas Km
I'lover' liability and compensation act.
II II id, by Oruelier of Thayer Pro
Mae for an open primary.
II It W4, by Oriifber of Thayt-r Au
thor xra tha povernor to appoint a bonid
n' examiners for movlnp plclute shows.
II R M5.,bv nrueber of Thayer I'ru-
ints the destruction of competition by
iilscrlmlnallon In selllnr price to com
iiiunltls II It Mi, by Klmslunl of Hallndets -jtid
Ixi.'-ev r.f IVidRe Appropriates JIO.MO to
ntabllsh a governmental experimental
' IRhwuv In the state, with the aid of
government; Rovernor to designate the
II R, Ct;. by Anderson of Hoyd-County
boards In repairing bridges shall niilio
floor sustain load of sixteen tuns in
stead of twenty.
11 R. t. hy McCarthy of CumliiK-Ap-proprlates
2,M0 for n nlRht school In
the. pcnltentlarj .
H R MP, hy Morris of Cherry I'lovldos
a boifnty of l for the killing of wolvcr,
wildcat and coyotes.
To MnUf 'Km l'r Up.
II R eSO, by Relsche of Dawes-Pio-'
Idea equal responsibility of husband and
wlfn for store account.
II It. SJ1. by Relsche of Dawea-Ono-
Vitft) of moneys collected for pame and
flshltiR IIcciikch tn Dakota county for the
development of Crystal lako ns n. pleas
ure ami name resort.
II. R M, by Malltry of llox Ilutte-Ap-proprlatliiK
2fl.WjO for mnlntcnnnco of
state Junior normal srhools.
II It. MB. by .l.lery-Autliorlr.liiR rov
einor to appoint live persons aa a com
mission to Investigate possible Improve
ments In stale's system of revenue and
j taxation: to print lC.dm) copies of report;
j cxbensea allowed.
II. It, WW, by Mnliery I'ruMiics ror ie-
Peculiar After Effects
of Grip This Year
Lea.es Kidneys In Weakened Condition
Doctors In all parta of the country have
been kept busy with tho epidemic of ktIp
which has visited no many homes. Thn
symptoms of Krlp this yeur urn ver' ills
tretslnc and, leave thn system In a run
down condition, particularly tho kidneys
which seem to suffer most, as every vic
tim c-omplulns or lamo back and urinary
trouble whk'h should not be neglected,
as these danger signal often lead to more
serious slcknoss, such a dreaded Rilght'a
Disease. Local druggists report a large
sale on Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot which
so main people. ay soon heals and
strengthens the kidneys after an attack
of crip. Swamp-Root Is a, great kidney,
liver and, bladder remedy, and, being an
herbal compound, ha a gentle healing
effect on the kidney, which U almost Im
mediately noticed by those who try It.
Dr Kilmer Co., niughamton, N. T, of.
fer to send a sample bottle of Swamp
Root, freo by mall, to every sufferer who
requests It. A trial will convince any one
who may be in need of It. Regular si is
bottles Wet, and 11-00. For sate at all
druggists. He sure to mention this paper.
i -position of township tod fund
li i. wu. by yuiKRie of Iaticastf.
t'lovlues loi ronsoiidal.on ol public seri
es. cfiiHiatlon. b permission o ntati
HaltAsy commission
II. R. hy ritepnen of .Merrick Abol
Isnis jui y UmIs in ..lire courts.
II It. bT. by .MrKlssIck of tlige-l'ro-xlili
a tin Iraternal Insurance .-ode
II. It. by I'innin of Molt -In eltle
of 2t.l() or more females shall work not
j invir mnii 1111 n.juin iiur inri.K
timii tin per wek, exempts temale in
I domestic service.
i H. Ii. ii, by Klcharrisou of Ijincnsler
A judicial reapiiortlonment bill; creates
on extra Judae In Lancaster.
II. It HM bv Kuli. r ot fceward
i priail.in .it iHi.lH for a hospital bill
at the Soldiers' home at .Milford.
II. It if M. ny .Mockett ot lncalei
The Kovernor shall appoint a commission
of three members to, consider thc for
est! atloii of school Tanas in the snnd
hills, to serve without pa.
II. it. .', by i.eo or uouglns hen
Omaha hml have ItO.i 0 people It shall
have a nlnc-rommlssloner district, and
governeil by a commissioner from each
district elected nt large. The candidate
receiving the hhthest number of votes
shall he mayor, at a salary of I.wO. and
the others shall receive IX.5C0.
II. It. KM. bv HrHln ami Foster, or
Douglas-I'rohlblts firms ot corporations
from exposing to the public In tiny man
ner untruthful matter In, connection with
Its business or profession.
11. It. Wt. by Drain and I-osier of
Douglas I'ubllc money must be de
posited in state bunks. . ,
II. R i,M, by llrain and Foster of
DoiiBlns-Savlngs banks and trust com
panies may not loan any of their de
posit to any other bunk or trust com
pany unlcis such latter banks haye com
piled with the guaranty law of this state.
II. R. WW, by Hraln of Dougias-I'ro-posncl
constitutional amendment creating
the officer of Insurance commissioner.
II. It. 7. by Anderson Of Kearney--Makes
It unlawful to sell any patent
medicine, drug' or stock food, or human
food, If false or misleading statements
concerning them are printed on the con
tainer or In the newspaper advertise-
'"T'it. 068. by Harrl of Buffalo Appro
priating 0 for tho relief of Albert Lin
den, wno lost two horse thiitjiau. glan-
''Vl" IL by Harris and Hosteller of
Huffalo Kmpowers school lioartls of
eltlen and vIllaueB to purchase ground for
play grounds and to maintain same; in
cities with park commission that body to
havn control dining summer momim.
ir iiowara i 10
sdiool Judges by
niin niii ii stricts wnerc nit) u.c
II. II. 701. by Foster of Douglas-Provides
for an Insurance commission or
five, appointees of the governor, to re
vise Insurance laws of states: each to re
ceive HQ a day for time spent; appropri
ates J2.CC0. . ,
II. R. 702, by McCarthy of Cuming In
creases fees allowed clerks as follows;
Counties of !.", !., 25,000, H00. Cllves
salary In addition to fues ns follows:
Those getting HO1) to get 00: l,to H.OM;
H.Oiin to M.SOn.
la IL 70.1, by lloff of DoiiRlas-Repeals
the closing law Insofar as It relates to
recalled within five das after they
mi; i to hm'hiiitk
take i ii' ense fee to the boatd of P and sha'
' paj an examination fee of 115 and a rcg
I Istratlnn fee of $19. For a certificate of
HHTLIINS j examination a fee of U shall be collected
- 'by the board. The examiners si-all ie-
D.hIrc Will I ii I rod me Hill of I ( . elve for their services a sum not to ex-
lrret In Whole Mtntr. ceed Jl per day with actual expenses,
(From a Staff Correspondent I j nnirh shall bo pild out of the fund re-
UNCOI.N. Feb. !.-( Special. )-A bill I eelved for examinations, etc.
j will lie Introduced b Dodge of Douglas j
; Wednesday morning which will ptovlde 1111,1, IMto VlllRv poll (iO(ll) 110 AD
for the better Ratherlng of election re-1
ix.r max ut'iin a vrr lut In cases oth. r t the bills liitrodu.cl this tuoinlnR was imh
turns at regular flections.
It will be the duty of the officers
I charged with fixing the location of the
i loung iiiii'-e to locate mini voiiiir piacn;,
' whenever possible, near to h telephone
I line and have Installed In each of the
I .Sounder
Measure pproprlntc
.Money for the I'lirpoRc,
(From a Staff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN. Feb. 4.-(Speclal.)-Elmeluiid
of Saunders Is anxious for a Rood road so
he has a measure which he bcllevta will
i voting pluccs during the process of the " the business. Ills measure provides
election and tho countlnR of ballot n ' ""t tl "tte co-operatliiR with the gov.
telephone by which communication mny , ernment shall build an experimental roacl
be had with the office of the county
than where felon Is charged
,mi: itKPoiiM sciiuol I'lionmis
Itcpiilillcnn nf Sennte Order Spri'lnt
Iminlry .Mnile.
i From a Staff Correspondent.)
by Robeiteon of Holt, which nrovtde f.
a preferential vote at the wxt election
In which all women over :i yemrs ot age
may go to the polls and vote upon the
matter of women suffingc In this state
The Mil provides that the mine nAllfl
catlons which govern the rlKht of mm
,-scu.. f en. i.-(Mieciai.i-ine j to R V()tfl shnU npph. to 1ne right or a
senate thl morning indefinitely io.t- i womBn lfl cnst hrr vote. A special ballot
poned the first bill of the session on te-i...,. iDcciHi i)0v shall be provided at
structlon of pialilc dogs upon land owned I bj Fries of 1
?Wa. by Mallery-Prov.des stale j vide-or "'XtHctf 'wh'
.i.i .. (i.iini .n.irii. n,,u!,lo tn tnulii- congressional tiisincis
(.( iui n .,,.-
tain seven months of school, In the mat
ter nf paying tuition ror its pupils who
attend school elsewhere.
II. R. i hy sirarns of Scolt s lllurf -Makes
owners ot Irrigation canals llabln
tor rtamsgfs by hreakugc. overflow or
seepage or cansls.
II IL .&, by Fuller and Mnurer ot
HewiirdReiUlres all stamp used by slate
and county departnieius. institutions anil
otticers to ho perforated with th lettor
N" ns a pre.cautlon Bgalnst theft.
II. R. Jr, by Fallsteait-I'rovldes that
fire nnd tornado Insurance companies
shall make no rate Anywhere In tne
. . . I . ,!,. , a . ,,,, I Mi.
nam Kicairr i ii - "'" '. " L.,: i ruie. m.lilnr nu n charters
hVnV tate r "P 0,"rw,,c,r li: IL 704. Sir Flanagan of-DoURlus-Rc
Ii It. nil.' by QulKglc-l'rohlbltH parent peal Albert anll-assli;natlon house law
or guaullan of a minor child from sur- Insofar as It affects cities manning own
rcnaerlng It tu nny other pet-soit without charters.
a court order. II. R. "05. by Oreenwalt of Custer Ka
il. It. K1S, hv lloff nnd Douglas lie- tabllshes a a-mlll tax to create a Rlnklng
quires that aun'tlon sales to satlsry ware- . fumj ,,,) ms1917 for Improvement of
state capuoi .iiuiiamg.
11. R. 700, bj- nrcenwnltof Custer- Ap
pioprlate JSOO.rrt) for new Nebraska State
Historical society building In Lincoln.,
H. R. 707, by Anderson of Kearney
Provldos for giving penitentiary convicts
transportiitlou not cxceejllnR when
term Is out.
New Meiinte File.
S. V. 312, by Wola of Dodge-Provides
that irrigation district maintain culvert
over crossings at their own expense.
8. F. 313, by Wol of DodRe Drainage
districts excavating new channel must
maintain approaches at their own ex
pense. S. F. SH, hy Macfarlund of Douglas
I'ermlttlng hotels nnd restaurants to
serve liquor with 50-cent meals.
S. F. .115, by Macfarland of Douglas
Providing for an amendment to the con
stitution for the recall affecting nil
elective officials, . ,
S. F. niti, by Dodge bf Douglas Relating
to the tminlclpalltlesN power to issue
house Hens shall be conducted by a ren-
Klcnt licensed Auctioneer.
Helnsnmiicr of IllsUa. I
II R. 073, o ljulRRle of Uincastei
Any clomMllo life inurnnce company
other than a fraternal association mny
reinsure any portion oi any mummm
risk In any other lite Insurance company,
,ir with consent ot auditor may itlnsure
any of tho risk In any legal reserve com-
pall). i'reeni law minis vo uur-im.i,
II. IL tut, by Qtllgglo of Lancaster
T,-mii vliinir domestic llfo In-
suninec. company to transform Itself into
a Ingul reserve or levitl premium com
r"1"'.. . ... . ..-
II. it. ii(n, uy wmtiKie in iinni-,u
penult any existing domestic life Insur
ance cohipanv, woiklnfc- on Assessment
Ulan, to trimstorm Itsell Into a IcgHl re
serve or level premium company.
II. IL i7(i. ny aiocanu oi wiihhiiii
Permit mnjorlty or volnrs In nny county
to estnbllsh now counties.
it ii ,-.77 i.v Iturkec of l.ancuHtrl -
Provlacs tor the purchase and cstablwMi-
clerk of the county. It shall be the duty
of the presiding officer of the election
board to communicate promptly by tele
phone to tho county clerk as the count
of the ballots progresses the true and
correct vote In that district as soon ns
the '.'."' Is ascertained.
It shall he tho duty, of the county clerk
In each county to telephone or tclegitiph
to the sccretady of slate the trie nnd
correct vote of his county, who shall
compile piomptly the vote and make the
same public without delay. The presiding
officer of the election board shall receive
tl extra for performing the duty. The
telephone company shnll receive n rea
sonable Amount for the Installation ot
tho telephone and n reasonable amount
for the tine of tho telephone, not to ex
ceed one-flfth of Its regular charge for
residence telephones.
llonril nf Ktnmlni'M Provided for In
lllll by PlnceU.
(From a Stuff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN. Feb. f-(Sieclal.)-Placck of
Saunders would control the motion pic
ture business and has introduced n bill
known a senate file 337. This bill pro
vides that every exhibitor of motion pic
tures shall be a person of good moral
character who understands tho piojectllc
machine, the handling of lens and films,
and the proper sanitation of buildings.
The governor will be expected to np
point n board ot examiners who shall
have had at lcaat five years' experience
111 the motion picture business, and the
Nebraska, stale branch No. 2! 6f tho Mo
tion Picture inhibitors' league shall fur
nish to the. governor six names from
which it board of three shall be selected,
who shall serve'one. two nnd three years,
respectively, and from that time on the
appointments shall be for th,reo years.
Any person who desires to go Into the
motion picture business or continue In the
snme shall take nn examination before
the board, but nny person who has been
In the business one year before the iyi
sage of thl act shall tin exempt from
examination unci shall bo Riven a certifi
cate. Kvcry exhibitor shall pay a yearly
of riot more than fifty miles In leiiRth
the government to pay J10.0CO; the state
HO.Wfl nnd the counties or subdivisions
through which It runs to pay $10 (0 The
toad Is to be located by the governor of
the slute.
II ii in li. o I Won Id liar 'I'll em from
Work In State Schools.
(From a Stnn Cortespondcnt.)
I INCOLN. Feb. l.-(Speclal.)-Ilunimel '
of Webster has a bill which he Introduced I
by request this morning w-hlch provides
that no teachers' certificates to tench
school shall bo Issued to any person Ad
dicted to the use of opiates, drugs
liquors or who smokes cigarette or uses
cigarette papers In the way Of manufac
turing "coffin nails," by any school which
Is supported In part or In whole by state
funds of any kind. Any officer who vio
lates the- law shall be fined a sum of HO
M r.x
port of committees. The bill was Haar
ii a nn's . reRtilHtliiR the sale nnd main
fuctute of vlregar. Thirty-one bills vvevo
i Introduced nnd six were passed.
A spirited debate took place on Placck'a
resolution ot yesterday cilllnR attention
to the deficit nt the- Hoys' Industti-I
school nt Kearney and asking for the ap
pointment of a special committee to In
vestigate the Institution. Kemp of Nam'"
moved that the regular committee cl
three, consisting of Bushce, Wink and
Homeland of LAncater,i make the Investi
gation. PlAcek made the most vlRorou
speech of tho pcsslon so far In fAVor o
his resolution nnd tho amendment was
I lost by a close vote, the democrats sup
porting tho Placek resolution nnd with
the help of RartlltiR and also Kemp,
who chunged his vote to no. winning by
a mnjorlty of two. The committee ip
polntcd by the chairman of the commit
tee on state reform school are 1'IrcH,
Wink and Splrk.
In committee of the whole six bills vvrr
recommended for third reading and pass
age, as follows:
"S. F. 64, by HoaRland Regulating cold
storage and warehouses and providlrm
for disposition of food therein.
S. F. 43, by Smith of Seward Requiring
the state engineer to prepare unlfo-ni
plann for state aid bridges.
S. F. 12.1. bv Hummel of Webster-Providing
that county aid to agricultural .so
cieties shull not exceed annual nmou it
! paid for premiums.
S. F. IS, by Hartllns of Otoe Provide
I 1U1 YUllMK II1ILII IU U1U0C laiii.ut
each polling place iiir the exclusive r.
of the women and no man shall be per
mitted to vote on the proposition.
lloititln .Member Kvolves Scheme tn
Hrducc Unto.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 4.-(Spcclal.)-Fo.ter of
DoilRlas would settle the high cost of
wnter In Omaha and he would settle It
by legislation. He Introduced a bill In
the house this morntnB tu compel cities
1 of over 150,000 population owning their
own water plants to furnish water to
consumers free of cost up to 4,W gal
lons a month.
The water Is to go through a meter
and the meter Is to be read every fix
months, and if over 4,0X callous has been
used a month, then the consumer Is to
' pav for It. This npplles to residences.
!lf the wAtcr Is used for the manufacture!
i of Ice. then It Is to be paid for. Foster
figures this Is tho only way Omnha will
ever get Its water rates reduced.
Orr of llHinllton Serkx to Control
Tbrni by I. hrr,
(From a StAff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 4.-(Speclal.)-No teal
estate agents In Nebraska Are going to
make the people rich or pull off any othei
stunts without first having secured a
license from the secretary
ho, provided the bill Introduced In the
house this morning by .Orr of Hamilton,
gets through. Mr. Orr would have the
real estate man secure a license from th"
secretary of state by paying a Jloi) fee
and swearing he la obeylngVjHl the Inwa
he should obey. Then he may ro to It.
not si;
Measure Alined nt Loe TlnllliiK C.ctm
Thro a nil llody.
(From a Staff Correspondent.!
. LINCOLN. Feb. 4.-(,Srxclal.)-The
house, passed the following bills today:
II. R. 2. by Norton nnu Hardin, to pre
vent loc rolling.
II. R. 3.x the Fuller bill providing for
co-owncrshlp and management of tele
phone lines.
H. R. 40. provicng flxe-slxths of a
be at homo for tho election.
8. F. 121, by Hummel of Web'ter Au
thorizes county board to mako levy f-n
tho purpose of erecting court houses.
9. F r'l, bv DodRe of Douglas Forbids
the employment of minors tn s.tloom1,
breweries and as night messengers.
No. 22, by Krunbach Requires that
the State Hoard of Pardons shall notUy
county attorneys of a county and the
ot state to do i?"""J"Sf 1Yi',.i., 7 '
,nn uutiiilll t H MVJi .... njiti'iw.n"1 -v
pardon Is made and Rive the dnte of
hearing, was pased.
The resolution of Macfarland of Omaha.
Introduced yesterday, calling attention
the Ions of property durliic the riots tn
South Omaha a few years tmo and ask-
Ung congress to reimburse foreign citizen.-'
for piqpelty destroyed, was passed.
On account of the contest hearing be
fore the special committee nppolnted to
hear the Pancodst contest for the scat
of Senator Grossman of Douglus countv
and the work of other committees, tlit
senate telok a recess until Wednesday
morning nt 10 o'clock.
Robertson of Holt Introduces New
Mcnsurc to Tills RmL
(From a Stuff i orrcsponUcnt I
LINCOLN. Feb. 4.-(Specla!.) AiqoiiR
SAN JOSH. Cal.. Feb. 4.-Marslinll
Illack, former state senator and wrecker
of the Palto Alto Hulldlng and Loan as
sociation, was Sentenced today on three
Indictments, to which he had pleaded
guilty. One sentence Is for seven, one.
for two and one for one year In San
Quentln. Sentences run consecutively.
I'll. HS ClillKD IV TO 14 U.VYS.
Tour druggist will refund money It
PAZO OINTMKNT falls to euro any case
of Itching, Blind, Hlccdlng or Protruding
Piles In 6 to 14 days. 00c Advertisement
Has kept on soiling because it
lias kept on bpneaj.'ting', and it
has kept on benefiting because
its high standard of merit has
been carefully maintained.
Oct it today In ihe usual liquid form
r In the tablets called Sarsatabs,
..,, . roiriilntliin of market houses . .,,. ili ii til tinirAtt tttnitnV
and market places by municipalities. j s j,- m i,y Knimbarh Provides for a
II. IL 67, by MoKlssick or vlaso- hen rtl ., , concreaslonal districts
thn Stile. Hoard ot Health cniorcrs
rule and regulations In counties ana
village where, no local board exues tne
county or yMRo I not reuulrco to pay
tne expenses tluireot.
H. R. by lliott ot Chcyennt-Pio-vide
for a levy hy the county board of
a flat school tax not exceeding 10 mills,
to be distributed a the stale apportion
ment Is handled, which tax shall ha de
ducted from tho maximum tux allowed In
each district. ,,
If. R. fcSo. by McKlssIck of Oage-Lm-poweiw
State Hoard of Health to regu
late public waterworks, soiverage systems
and to prevent pollution of public waters.
II, IL Ml, by Harris of HuffAlo IU-laUs
X 3. QUnTBT, Prsaidtnt
JOXH OOASOX, Oenoral MAns-j.r.
MK3. AHNA. TWEEDY, K0. 80.
The Invalids" Pension Association
Omaha, Nebraska
Through Tonr itaraslns Order or Xuws.ls Slxttsn
InmUds Will SsoMira 910.00 Month Each
OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 4, 1V1S.
Mr Su ssdrl
li. v. vui l,.rrt th atorv of tha little bov In the uai kwooil who
saw a wolr and yelled for help t the top of his voice? HI comrades
rushed to his aid, but the wdlf hearing tnem, dashed hwu- befor th
leached hint. Thl same thing happened u second time, a third time.
The fourth time hi comrade aaldi "What" the, use of helping that
Kid? He continue, to make a big holler about nothing." So they pal.
no attention to his cries. Hut the little boy was never seen .- '
all the grief or his consclence-trleken Trlcnd could not bring mm
i'lte public haa heard one appeal after another from Oortlon. the
.nvalld maeaxlne mun, each saturated with fear and hope hope ir aid
was rendered at that particular tune. At iirsi you en iv m """--
If only the fate of one Indlvldusi was invoiveu. ir it wa at tun
of great Inconvenience and ddltlont expene tu the public. Uok
Ion MIGHT be excused, but when magoilno can be procureu just
111,1 V .n.l ! VBII.V unit wloii RIXTKKN or lllOCe ll-
zlue Older to help, but now you have grown used to his "too. AfhaP'j
ou resent It. At any rate, your order goe eUewhere, probably wltli
the Inward satisfaction tht Cordon will be tWon care of any now, or,
perhaps, that there la no wor arouno,
Nov. I happen io kpow the clrcumMtanees and the struggle in
volved pretty well, a I have been a laborer In Mr. ilorclon'a inagaaliie
mency for the past three year, and I swear to you by all that I Hold
sacred that the wolf has been howling at 111 door pretty teadll. and
l still at the Job, retting bolder eaoli year In proportion a your in-
terest and patronage la growing lax.
of act
aa CH
vrt-oii.v i v-ni ItVTritws'CK-
t'l'HAHLK. Mr. Gordon need J7 ubcrlptlona to tho Journal. Post
and ountry Gentleman by t euruary setn. inn up iouui-n, ..
whenever you want majailnes. or address Oordou. the Magaslna Man,
ntsptctfull). Mill Matilda Oamentlnd, Seo. and Tress.
Walnut lllll Station. IL IL No,
P. Si We take this occasion. In Mr Gordon's behalf, of tendering
la and our heartfelt appreciation and 'hank to all faithful patron,
without whom nothing could have been accomplished, and or notifying
he public in general that 600 subscriptions to the Saturday Hvenlnc
l'oat. ldlM' Ifome Journal nd Country dentlcman are needed each
montt until June to earn the first S.CJ0, which will be distributed
in pensions to tne poor anct ueipirss. .mbkc your oruej pnyui
t;ordoD. the Magazine Man. umana. cor consiiiuiion oi ma i. r.
or for any informstlon, address the secretory, who will ever be
to be at yeur service.
NO ORPHANS will be DKPRIVKD of obtaining
ION through Mr. (lordon'H I-AILl'nK. thrfu
1 to
YOUR VALUABLES cannot bo stolen or burned
if kept in iv box in the Safe Deposit Vnulta of the
Iirst National
'Barikof Omaha
The J3.00 year sire is
large, enough fdr roost
Parnam, at Thirteenth St.
nf the stnte.
S, F. 318, by Robertson of llolt-Pro-vldes
for a preference voto of the women
of the state on woman's suffrnRc.
it, F. 319. by Hummel ot Webster (by
request) Provides that no person ad
dlctd to the use of opiates, liquor, ciga
rettes or profano languane may secure a
certificate to teach school.
8. F. MO, by Koll of Wayne-ChRnscs
course In state normal schools to the
equivalent to two years In college.
S. F. Ml, by Cordeal of Red Willow (by
requeeti-Rclates to the salary ot county
,S. F. EST, by Cordeal ot Red Willow
ProvldlUK for submission of all fran
chises to a vote or the people In cltlc of
the second class,
S. F. 323, by fjplrk of Pallne-ProvidlnR
for tho assessment of railroad and Inter
urban rolling stock by various county
S. F. J'.M. by DodRe of Douglas dives i
eountv courts authority to rctount bal
rt. F, 3M. bya)odgo of l)ounlas-Provld-Ing
that trust companies shall not con
tract for payment ot Interest greater than
5 per cent.
S. F, 3?. bv Hoagland of Lancaster
Provides that franchlso shall be given
only to cltliens of the United States.
a, F. S27. by Hummel of Webster Ls
tablUhe minimum carload weights for
stock and grain.
S. F. SIS, by lloagianu oi Lincoln
Kxclude "going value" In appraisal ot
public utilities.
8, F. 3M, by Orossmun of Douglas
AboUshe W per cent wage exemption.
S, F. 830, by Grossman of Douglas
Changes female labor act to permit of
women working until midnight Instead ot
10 p. in.
H. F. 381, by Hoagland of Lancaster
Relates to the establishment ot public
S. F, 33i, by Reynolds of Dawes-Relat-Ing
to examination by public of records
In county treasurer's office.
k Fv sea. bv Hhumwav of Dixon Pro- 1
vldlng that, a bond for the amount of
Judgment shall be sufficient when filed
bv judgment debtor before appeal.
S. F. 3S. by Kemp of Nance Limits
time for closing of estates whero title to
property only Is In Issue,
. 8. F. 330, by Madfarland of Douglas
Hefera to tho government of and rates
of fraternal bodle without referendum,
8. F. 356. by Placelc of Saunders Affects
procedure In probate when real property
at Issue Is In state and no county court
has acnulred Jurisdiction.
8. F. 317, by Placek of Saunders-Cre-i.
hord of examiners for moving pic
ture kIiows; regulates exhibitions.
S. F. $38, by Hummel of Webster-Reg
ulates speed or stocK train.
8, F. 339. by Macfarland of Douglas
Provides for raising salary of deput
herlff In Douglas county.
8. F. S40. by Heasty of Jefferson Regu
lates electrlo utilities.
S. F 341. by Heasty of Jefferson Af
fects public utility consolidation,
8. f!3. by Heatv of Jetferson-Regu-lates
corporate liability.
Una IHir Whlrh HrliiB All Klectlvc
OfHc-rr Uniler l'rovllon,
iKrom Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOl-N, Feb. f.-(Spealal.)-Macfr-j
land of Douglas will Initiate the recall, '
If his bill Introduced this morning goes!
through th teglnlMlve routine and be-'
eomes a law. All elective officer come !
under Its provision and a recall can be
had on a petition ot 30 per rent ot the
voters of the district or state over which
the official hold Jurisdiction. The peti
tion must contain a statement of not
over KW words of what the offlolal 1
guilty, but the official may dstrack the
election by resigning from office, and the
same shall be accepted and thr vacancy (
filled according to law. No official shall j
be subject to recall until he ha held of
fice at least six month, except a to
mtmbets of the legislature, who can bo l
"No! It's too comfortable here"
The temptation to remain at
home, in slippered feet, on raw
or tempestuous nights becomes
an unshakeable resolution
when the atmosphere is of that
balmy, genial warmth which
is sure to be steadily produced
"no matter how the wind
doth rave or the night behave"
by those world-famous heat
ing servants
Zi Radiators Iboilers
No matter how fiercely bleak winter rages at the doors, or howls at the windows, the faster will
be the natural flow of warmth to the AMERICAN Radiators to offset the cold. Thaf s the
beauty of our way of heating. You need have no fear of the comfort, health
protection and safety of the folks at home where this heating outfit is on guard.
IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators add to the joy of living because they banish the
work and wear by keeping coal-dirt, ashes and soot out of the living rooms, and they reduce
the cost of living in their great savings in fuel, lessened doctor bills and absence of repairs.
IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators are made from high grade
material throughoyt and should easily outwear the buildings in which they
are used. Every part and feature of their construction has been tested and
its worth and efficiency definitely established in our big Testing Labora
tories, here and abroad the only exclusive heating laboratories in the world,
Tho practical values and every-day economies and conveniences of these beating outfits
have been demonstrated in thousands and thousands of notable buildings, homes, stores,
schools, churches, hospitals, theaters, etc., etc., in nearly every civilized country, and
endorsed by leading uealth officials, engineers and architects. That is why IDEAL Boilers and
AMERICAN Radiators are to fully guaranttrd. Yet they cost no more than ordinary types
made without scientific testa of construction and capacity. Accept no substitute.
If you want to maVo your home a haven of comfort, don't wait until you build but comfort
your present house on farm or In city with an outfit of IDEAL Boiler and AMERICAN
Radiators. Put In now without disturbing old heaters until ready to start fire in new outfit.
Ask for free boote "Ideal Heating," which proves to you why these outfits are an investment
not an expense. Call, phone or write to-day.
A No. MJ-W IDEAL BoIUr and 441 sq. fttt ef
38-Inch AMERICAN Radiators, cottlng tha
owner $235, wire used to best this cotttss.
At this price the roods can be bought of any
rtputsblc, competent Fitter. This did not
Include coets or labor, pipe, vslvcs, freight,
etc., which are extra and vary according; to
Climatic and other conditions.
The fire In an IDEAL Boil
er need not be rekindled in
n entire heating teaton.
One churning of coal eaeily
lasts through the longett
xero night. There can be
no fuel watte. j
IT ' hap aJsi brought tat thi fint genuinely practical, automatic, durail Vacuum Cleaner. ALL th dirt and troth ar drawn fromtht room
through imall Iron luctien pip leading to tig, tealed dmi-bneiet in cellar. Attach hote to iron suction pipe opening in baseboard of any room,
tarn an elettric batttn to start the machin in cellar, end with a few gentle strokes of the hollow, magical ARCO WAND, yon instantly and
thoroughly clean carpets, rugs, floor, walls, ctiling. droperles, moldings, mattresses, drawers, corners, crevices, etc. Put with tas into any
old or new dwelling or building. Costs little monthly for electricity to run. Ask for catalog of ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner.
Sold by all dealers.
No exclusive agents.
Write Department N-80
413-417 South Tenth St,
Fublie Showrooms at Chicago, New York, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham.
new Orleans, Indlanapoue, Milwaukee, Omaha, Minneapoila, St. Paul, & Louie, Kanaaa City, Denver, Seattle. Portland, Spokane, Ban Francisco, Loa Angelce,
iwibi oruirara wat.i,ionaon, ran, arusecis, isrun, uuciKiasri, wua, ,ki.
m-JhJkJkJMMM.M-mJkJkJhJhJm em
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