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The Omaha Daily
Words Backed By Deeds
That's why The Uco linn frlcmls
and enemies, ami whr it wields an
Influence for public good.
Generally Fair
n.ii i' n t ti; n n
.Bulletin Days xvoar oi uig uuns tuni , ..... ,., !
, , water -"outilv. Introduced a Joint resold-I
Be Plainly Heard m the tton In the upper house providing for j
Turkish Cauital. I "l0 appointment of a Joint Icglslatlvo ,
Report that They Attempted Sortie ,
frnm 'Rpsierrpd f!ltv. j
Turkish Report Says Only Eight
Killed in Adrianoplc.
Nothing; In Known of Aclnnl Hap
pening nt Front Except from
Stntcmcntn Made li' the
LONDON. Feb. B. A sharp engagement
began late today on the Tchalalja line?.
Recording to a dispatch from Constanti
nople. The roar of the cannon Is said to
be plainly audible In tho Turkish capital.
LONDON. Feb. 6.-Duting a, sortie by
the Turkish troops from Adrianoplc to.
daj;, J.000 of them were taken prisoners
by the Bulgarians, according to a din
patch from Sofia.
forty-eight-hour bombardment of Adrian
ople by the Kulgnrlatis and Servians has
thus far resulted In only eight deaths
within the city, according tb tho war
office's official statement. Fifty prlvato
houses have been set on fire.
Bhukrl Pasha, commandor-ln-chlef of
Adrlanople, reported by wireless tele
graphy to the war office here today:
"The enemy Is bombarding us. One
hundred and thirty-eight common shells
and eleven shrapnels have fallen ln the
city, killing eight 'people and wounding
ten. A number of houses are In flames.
The bombardment continues."
Mahmoud Shefket Pasha, Turkish grand
vizier and minister of war, left for the
front at noon today. His departure !s
taken to indicate that some forward ac
tion Is contemplated by the army at
Slese Gens tn Action
SOFIA, Feb. C The bombardment of
Adrlanople continued today on all sides
of the city. Tho heavy siege guns brought
up by the Servian troops were trained on
the principal works of the fortress.
Bulganlan army headquarters "report
that yesterday passed without any fight
ing along the Tchatalja- lines.
. . Alt JiXT Is. demreiUv
" WJjjDON, Feb. 5. The bombardment of
Adrlanople, which opened on Monday',
proceeded without interuptlon today,
A report was., spread that the 'Bulgar
ians hs!d decided to- suspend operations
for twenty-four hours so as to give the
Turks garrison an opportunity of sur
rendering. This, however, appears to bo
without foundation, as arc many of the
stories spread broadcast in reference to
conditions around and in the beleaguered
A message from Belgrade, Servla, this
morning speaks of the "1eorI0 conduct"
of a couple of Servian regiments which
participated ln an attack on the outer'
clrclo of forts. There Is no means of
verifying this or any other reports, as
such fighting as may be In progress is
taking place behind closed doors so far
as the outside world is concerned. De
pendence has to be paced on the 'mora
or less biased stories given out by the
respective army headquarters. Only on
extremely rare occasions can a news
paper correspondent succeed in cir
cumventing tho strtct censorship.
Prliiee Iliiasan Kscnpon Execution.
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Keb. 6.-Prlnce
Aziz Hassan, cousin of the khedive of
Egypt, who was supposed to have been
court-martialed and executed at Constan
tinople for fleeing at tho battle of Klrk
Klllvsch, arrived here today by a French
steamer. He boarded the vessel at on"
of the ports of Asia Minor, where It
called on Its way from Marseilles. Ho
declined to glvo any explanation of his
escape from the firing squad.
Prlnco Aziz Hassan was In command
of tho Turkish cavalry At Klrk-Ktllsaeh
and was said to have been responsible
for the panic among the Turkish troop?.
Mahmoud. JIukhtar Pasha tried to stop
the flight, from the battlefield by shoot
Ing several sodlers with his revolver.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) H, E Babcock made three fil
ings for water power sites with the Board
of Irrigation this afternoon. The papers
show that ho is Interested with H, L.
Dohcrty. Tho filings are at St. Paul for
h dam near Cushing, costing $$S0,OO0, at
Kent a dam at 1720,009 and the last at
Palmer, n dam for l, 150.000. AH these 1
sites arc on the Loup river above the
filings heretofore made. The filing fee
amounted to' JJiCiV).
DBS MOINES. Ia., Feb, S.-Joshrra N.
Suits, a policeman, was attacked and
probably fatally Injured by thugs early
today while attending to bis duties. Three
men have been arrested on suspiolon.
The Weather
nt Omaha'
S a. in
i. 4
$ a. m , 4
7 a. m s
8 a. in , $
9 a. m c
10 a. m 7
11 a. m s
ii m j
1 p. m....
3 p. m
J p. to., .
Storm Nearly Ready
to Break in Wyoming
riiBYBNNK. wyo.. Keb s.-(specii )- j
The first .IB., of the approach!.. storm
In tho Wyoming legislature occurred yes- i
iterdav when Sennlnr Mnrtollo of Sweet-'
1 committer to Investigate the Wyoming
,,".. ' .... ...... , . , "
I other state Institution!. Instead of re-
ferrlng It to tho standing committee on
state institutions, President sag. placed
the resolution before the committee of
IIL. ... t. I ,1... .
tiir i. luiir. ii in i vu inn imi ..iii-ii hit:
matter come, up for di.c,sion another i
row win start which win eclipse any-;
thing experienced thus far In the session.
Stockmen are much concerned over
the fate of the wolf bounty bill lntto
duced by Mr. Wlndlcmnn of Converse
county, which carries an appropriation
of .'S5.O0O. The bill was returned to tho
hpuse from the live stock committee with
an adverse recommendation. When the
matter Is taken up in the committee of
of tho whole, the cattle and sheep Inter-';
ests will make a .lesperate effort to
have tho bill put through even though
the appropriations should be cut down to
v.onsiuoraoie com.i.c.u .1 .-cub
over Senate Kile No. 6, by' Mr. Christ- I
tnan, which purports to be a pure food
law. It Is charged that the bill has been '
Introduced at the Instigation of outside .
oil companies and that Its real purpose
Is to harass the Midwest and Franco- j
American oil companies which have re- j
flnerlcB at CaHper. Wyoming. So strong j
has the feeling become that there Is 1
some sort of a "Joker" In the bill, that
when It was discussed by the senate com- ,
mlttco of the whole, several senators
declared that they wanted to know more
about the measure before passing It.
Senator Sullivan declared that It looked
as though nn attempt was being made
to discriminate against Wyoming com
panies and at his suggestion the bill was
laid over, without prejudice, until Friday.
Six Milllions for
Holders of Tobacco
Common Stocks
NEW YORK. Feb. .'..-More than 56,000.- .
00) will' be distributed among holders of ;
tho common stock of the American ,
Tobacco company from a 15 per cent j
extra dividend declared today. Like the
$40,0u0,00' "melon" divided last wee By (
the Standard Oil company of New Jer-1
soy, this extra dividend results from the
supreme court decree dissolving the old
corporation and represents proceeds of
the sale of certain treasury securities In
accordance with the decree of dlssolu-' the governors.
Hon . - J The ftoc,k exchange resolution of to,t
ffho declaration t'oijayy.'njake , a' totai ftltty was cjcptcd nnaqlm,ouly,(ond Jaifi
of H,000,000 In extra dividend's received j effect aVkw'e. ' -4 ? , '
by tho stockuolders-slnce-Ute-old.Amer., !-.. nlil. l,,lrrfn..r.'t. "
lean Tobacco company w dlseolved.
-Tiie comphny dealareS also today a j
quarterly dividend t of fi per cent, which j
places the common stock on a w per cent :
annual basis, an increase of 24 per cent
Southern Bankers
Loan to Farmers in
Violation of Law
WASHINGTON. Feb, 3.-Cliarges that
national banks throughout the. south
openly violate the natlcnnl banking law
by loaning money on real estate mort
gages were made by Sol Wexlur, a New
Orleans banker, today before the house
currency reform committee. He told the
committee the national banking law
should be amended to legalize loans on
real estate securities and said he knew
of banks ln Louisiana. Mississippi and
Alabama loaning their funds on real
estate, to accommodate farmers. He rec
ommended that such loans be legalized
and limited to eight months paper to
allow the farmer to "make his crop."
"The farmer Is the only man who Is
not allowed to take his stock ln trade
Into a national bank and secure credit
upon it," said Mr. Wexler.
Taft and Clark Will
Speak at Sherman
lVToTTI HTl Q 1 SfiWinP
muiuviiwi rwvyj. t ,
WASHINGTON, Feb. 5. President Taft, I
ten senators and Speaker Clark will speak
1 at the memorial services In the sena'e 1
February 15 for the Jate Vlco President
James S. Sherman. Invitations to the
services will be sent to former President
Roosevelt, former Vice Presidents Fair
banks, Stevenson and Morton, member
of tpe supreme court, cabinet nnd dip
lomatic corps, governors of states anJ
other men.
Benteen's Divorce
CSiTif In "niOYYllCJCJQrl
rcap'n edck w! 1; Z.
. -- . ' . ...
..11, TTr,ii,t sni Infantrv. ncalnst hl
... .. t- , l Pa.iUai.
was dropped In tne circuit court here to- j them.
Cay. Neither Captain Bfnteen nor his j Realizing that there might be an elec
wlfe appeared when the case was callul. i tlon without their votes, they rushed to
The attorney for tho captain said his j the house gallery and shouted down upon
client had not answered a letter inquiring
his wishes In regard to th suit. Thera
unon Judce Taylor dismissed the cue.
When thte suit was filed In April, 11.
..,..., ,,.n,e, ,.a.lned t Jef.
ferson IJarraeks, near here, and his wife
was 11. ing at a St. Louis hottl. This
i captain since has beon transferred to San
"Francisco and a few months ago hl
wife went wpst. It Is believed there has .
, been n reconciliation. ;
WASHINGTON. Feb. 5.--fjpr-ononts rl
. i- i.ii, . r.'Si .
UK mil iu ,uim ,..v-,w, bu,o..-
ment participation In the Panama-Pa' ifK
U Internat'anal expos'tlon prictlcally fore
1, 'sUlled. action at tHs session by a fil -
ubtsle In the house tonight-
Stringent Resolution Forbidding
F(lke Transactions Unanimously
Rule Applies to Anyone Connecetd ,
with Exchange Firm.
n . . Tf;l1 w l Ti it a
Governor Will Not Be in Hurry to
Press Legislation.
I . - 1
jvnrlmiK Coiuiiilltrr nf Wnll Strrrt
j llrok-r Xo nt Work 011 Itulra
to I'rnrnl Objrrtlnnnblr
i I'rni'tlcea,
vm.mv Viiiii; f.-.K n,., v, vnw.
ovV rxcmMHP this afternoon adoptwl '
ft stHnsent resolution against "wnih 1
ub;. Tllls nctlon followPtl coa(iv
Introduction I nthe legislature toda; of'
bllls , ccommendlng slock exchange re-
f0rll1g tts outlined In the governor's rceent
T,,e bonl.(, of BOVC,.nor, ()f , eX(.1H1Uie
Bdop(eil ,ht, fo,ow,lg ICS0iutlon:
No membcr of the CJ;chanM or C0II.
nccted ,np frm slla Rvr op
k execule orar for the pu-.
chaHn. or ,,, of sccr!tics wnlcIl involve
)n otmnKe , ownershlp."
Plmshmellt fo rthls offcn,c already H
aetfor, ln tlle constHon of le excharw
lm(er te head of ..fl(.mloUR ,,,.
,,... Am. ,.B,inrl nf ,,, -..1. m.Uo.
member llablno" suspension for a period
not exceeilni. one year.
The rule as now adopted Is broader in
that It applies not only to a member of
the exchange, but to anyone connected
with a slock exchange firm.
Other Itnlm Considered.
Various committees of me i-xchan.se
still are nt work upon rules to prevent
opf rations and transactions which have
. been criticised. The conclusions of lthp
committees. President J. 11. Mabon'taH. j
! ate to bp submitted to the covernors from
time to time.
The resolution adopted today hits mar?
,3,.fcty at ti,c subject which, has oecu-
pC(1 )uuic attention ever since the aBltn-
ton against alleged exchange abuses bf.
B3n. u d(!a,H ,pec!flcally with some .f
thft evna pointed out In the report of Ms
Hughes cammlttec several years ago
Officials of the exelwnge declined to'
comment on the bills Introduced at Al-'
imny one of which bore dl-cctly on the 1
resolution adopted at today's meeting of
h ALBANY. N. FdbiiriP-.Va Slock rk
'change'' 'Ycfotrn leilalaiio'if 'will ui en-'H"
acted urttll even-one interested has had
a chance to express their views-or the
seven bllls drafted by Governor Sulzer
anu inirouuceu in uio aaacmoiy ium-. ir,.icu t UIUU miuw mi n im , business and that further negotiations partridge sold his examination showed
While one of these measures wdu!d fix (body was. found he was In his shirt w,tJ, the strikers were out of thd cjuestldn.. ,0 trace of blood,
a maximum rate of Interest, of 13 per. tleeves.nnd bare-headed. Nothing In tV A proposal made by the United Manu- ! Mayor Herbert E. Oyles ofAlken, test'.
(.cent on call loans, Ui governor said to- office was molested. It being thought fncturer Assoclallon more than a weektf.inii ff,r thn state, snld Bsnch irnvn tlic
night he was not committed to such a, that after the shooting tile murderer tan 1
proposition nnd .that the question of en-.away. J
acting legislation calling for the Incor
poration of the New York Stock ex
change was being held ln abeyance until
further Information Is available.
Darrow Questions
Bert Franklin
IX)S ANGELES. Cal., Feb. .". -Again
acting as his own counsel, Clarence S.
Darrow, former chief counsel for the Me
.amara oromers, cross evannncu uqu to ta RiIOrtly after midnight nnd ton- rore lie is inaggururcii, mougu up 111
Franklln today and obtained admission i nnllej uf,tn morning. ! dlcated today that he would try to reach
that Franklin, his quondam chief "Inves- j xhern Is little or no clew as to the decision us to selections before that
tlgator" in the dynamite trial had pro-
cured Immunity for testifying against
him. Franklin adlmtted he had pleaded
guilty to having bribed Itobert Bain,
the McNamara Juror, for the corruption
. . . I , ... la rtAH, At. , .In I o
ui ..un
that he also bad been "exempted" from
IHinifclimeni lor irauijnm iiEaius. iur- 1
row in the case growing out of the al- 1
leged bribery of George N. Lockwood, a
McNamara venireman. Darrow was tried
several months ago on the Lockwood
Kharge and was acquitted
Kranklln declared his Immunity was a
"matter of opinion." but at length, ac-
cepte a stipulation made by Assistant
DUtrict .uorney Joseph Ford that he had
obtained Immunity. The Immunity feature
was credited wttn Having exercised great
influence with the Jury, which acquitted
Darrow ln the first trial.
TlnnVQ TiOfVlirfin OTl
Tnrlv T.PfHQlatnrql
CONCORD. N. H.. Feb. 5. Th.) I
I monotony of the thus far. Indecisive oa!-
noting for United States senator In the
j legislature was relieved today when scv-
1 , . . , , 1 1 1 1
TrtV. cZ rlAln offiEiX.
i vnllnvr had been delayed and found the!
' Ir.nra 1, A ....mhlv ll tk 1 1 1nf-L'.t aVtll.lf.t
j the speaker their demands for admittance
tiv the floor and the protection of their
: constitutional rights to take part In the
I p.oceedlngs. Some or the younger men
clambored down from the gallery (o the
j floor.
After a heated debate It was decided to
open the doors and admit the tardy ones.
The ballot resulted in no oholce. J
NKW YOItK. Feb, S.-Ciprlano Caati-o.
ex. pre dent of Venezuela, today accepted
an Invitation to take luncheon w
r- . . a.. ... a, ill......
.yo.Binur i ...onj .uinwuu...
i He will leave here In the morning and
' return Thurda night to be in New York
ion Friday, when argument comes up on
j ln writ of habeas corpus.
From I lie ClriCHgn News
BodjOI UniOll Pacific Man
at Miner 1
! Fonlld with Bullet in Brain.
: nrpnT ptjodKutv TlxmTCTttTTlT?T
Drird ,Mnn Found Out In thr Snotr,
. tine lllm'.k from Stntlnn, llan
headed Riid In Slilrt
sleejru. KEARNEY.
, Neb., Feb, l-(Spf cfal Ti.
rge JI. iloqd,' tlnlon i5jf!c
erram.) George
station ogent ;t J4!l)dr,;-Nebw,erity.s!x
miles northeast of hefe, on the Callawa,
branch, was shot and kilted Tuesdav I
Might.- HI llttlcas. bddf was found
'rt :clol to Hie depot 'Wcdnosdav
morplng. T
'n seenis mat noon ina uuay 111 in-"
orr.ee in tne depot when someone hi-
A bullet nas shot through n window "f
the office and one of .rS-callber was fired
Into Hood's hesd. loding at the base "I
the brain. Blood was found In the ctiai.
that the agent had occupied, aa well as J
upon the floor leading out of the office. 1
Upon notifying Coroner Stearns, hn Is-1
sued Instructions to leave the body where '
It had been found. Sheriff Andrews nnd '
County Attorney McDcrmdtt left for Mil-;
ler by automobile today. . I ,
It seems certain that lood was, killed! TltlCNTON, N. J.. Feb. 'S.-Presldcnt-before
midnight, ns the ground under the 1 elect Wilson sees no particular reason
Know rnmnirnrnl i why ho' should announce his cabinet bc-
, ,.,..,... of thp mrd(.ror r murderers.
An miinnsv ln 'trf hp held - Wrdnesdnv
afternoon. ' ' ' s
Hood was a single man of good habits
and so Jar as known .had-no. enemies.
I He had been
! 1at.fc tcn'y
in the employ of tho I'nlon
WASHINGTON. Feb. 6,-The program
or the Inaugural ceremonies was com-
pleted today. It follows In detail tho J when asked about hi attitude toward
plans for the Inauguration of Taft and j tl)(? minols senatorial contest, the gov
Shennan four year s ago. Platform ; crnor rvDlled:
across the east front of the capltol where
President-elect Wilson will take tho onth
Of Office and deliver Ills address Will be
'built to accommodate 8.0O) spectators.
I S.OOO more than four years ago.
Z . .!
- 1 - 113 wuiitti uapiLfcti,
AVedne.dnj, l"- '".t.
The Senate. ' .1
Convened at noon.
Interstate commerce committee deferred
"bill "for6 Physical
final action on house
valuation of railroads and set February
111 ior neunnit rauruwu inirrcsi
I In fOTinal
btatnment Senators Chlllon
iiwV"o,Vhfie"lueiV.,n CharS''8 "K"'1
legality o' their elect.on. .
legality oi meircra. ,
Aaopteo concurrent renoiutiou aiiintit-
Itlng presentation of claim on Mexico
for damages to Americans along boruor.
ar?ny"aend WW ft to'ttM arTd'
consular service to officers on retired
Senator Smith Introduced amendment
I to postortice appropriation d iu 10 auni i
! h?? mtt" "ur8ery lock to Parcels;
POKe.ched agreemeni ,u vote during Kg -
islatlvo day of February II on Connect!
cut river dam bill, and Senator Hurto'ii
opened debate In defense of bill.
- y
The lloo.e.
T rt m eninlnlliaa 1 1 tl d In nen UJIa
against rettrictions .urrgundlne; Jevelop -
" Kxposltlons committee favorably
ported bill for delegation of congress-
I jnjng ,"nu,e"ln6 of J"lfe"'on
ne'corunif ndations that national banks
I bo permitted to loan money on real ostat
Were rhade to i currency reform commlttr.
. j,., , Hl.nl.M Mn.Mnntli.n nf mil..
Cf nnneotts li-glslatlor . Wednesday cal-
jendar wltlidbte on District or t olu..t-
j ,Jft5J1pl; igrieU to wiuc h
bi-ttleahlp apploprra,'
f rua.
Dream of the Legislator
Strike of Garment
Maker s Cost Thirty
Millions in Month
NEW YOItK. Feb. r-ln l!ic month
sli.co the strike In the men und boys'
guriuenl making industry begun heir, it
loss of j:0,W0,()iW hits 1km borne by the
manufacturers and their workmen, ac
cording to oBtlinutcs1 published Mbdayr
It Is.dcclartjd.'that moie tUft.r ono-ter.th
of ho'utiuual oiitjatl of mtn's'and youths'
riuqy, mad, tilythli amminyp tfijv
000,000 lias been lost to tttfl,uir(eslii'
this city wl.llf tho ln In waaejto work
men Is estimated nt slC.OOO.WO.-, This does
n M; -"IhAlimk llii. I;. Innlli-'fl-il. liv I tin
IfIUk In llin. Wnirien'n
caritie.lt Industry.
l.treHs no sign of peace In sight. One
hianufaeturcr said that the Industry liad
intv lost the greater part of the season'
: business and that further negotiations
uB0( however, Including provMon for a
flfty-two hour week and an incrcnio In
wages of from 3 to 10 per cent, was to ;ovor (o l)r lv Hastings Wyman, Jr., for
be voted on today by tho garment cutters, microscopic examination.
The tatlorB and operators have taken no , Vf Wyman testified that he had dis
steps to vote on the mutter. covered 01. the knife what ho believed to
" ' be blood stains. This view was sustained,
WllCjn'n riynP.P.T.S T.O mM- y l)r Hoyden M'lms nf Oolum-
, I w www
Finish Cabinet Soon
I time.
"I remember very well
suld the gov-
I ""I01-- ""int Prfsldent Cleveland did not
announce his cabinet until after he had
u"n Inaugurated nnd' there were spepq-
j rations and guesses until the-day or an.
The governor said lie Hoped He wouu
not find It necessary to follojvMhat pre
cedent. Mr. Wilson was urged today to appoint
an secretary or agriculture, 1 . a. war
1 rett of Unori 'C1,X an., president of the
National h armors' union.
j ..A) j have aaI( t thnt the democrats
ought to return to the primary choice.
1 OUKni to return 10 ine uiiiuuiy uuuib-c.
. ..ou- r ll, tirlman- vote. In
1 nn,,;... 1 f.t ,i4-v wpre entitled to two'
Jemocratlc senators.
jimg AHOnSO Will
XT-i. TTinii. Avnnvinin
jQ, V 1S1L AllierCia
MAD III D. Feb. 6.-KI11S Alfonso ot
! will not visit America, according
to an official statement todaJ. Iteferrlng",r""uu"1 u,uw ,ne l"ce
1 to .eports as to nich nn Intentlcni on
j "ta maje.ty. thMoni .hTm
1 uiil nutu. 1
'. Thr, l-inr- .ll.t.i,, tii ..ri.,
I jwirsonsl Infrest In the United. Statev
, ' , , , , , . ,
,- ,. . , ,,
, " n. .von miU iu uac im, i
t a visit there If It had ben possible."
: 1 UULUnHUU "umt"
DRINK MORE THAN MEN,a"uuU about th" va,ue ot tlie
j afterward found.
Cnln. Fh s -Tweniv
1 women to one man ln Denver drink Intox-
Icitlng liquor and they drink more than
I n,tn,"
' ' , . . .
I This was the, statemtnt made on the
floor of the Colorado senate today by
C - . a II 1 . . . . f 1 - .. I . I
; owed R vlROroUB atlncW oy Mri. ,,ec.,
Itlng Uobln'on, Colorado's flrt woini'ti.;
enator, upon a statement published ip i
Washington nowspapcr anJ ntlMhuU'l V
! Heckr. tu the effect that "yoinen in
, Denver drink more highballs, titan nup."
i ,sMtor lloblnson denounced the uuot. d
I SttMtor lloblnson denounced the quot d
state ment as an Insult to the women ifjJudge CaipeitteV, who1, prObably will pre
'C'oloiado and threatened to -povi- the n- .klde at the t : i al, oerrJled demurters tu
puls'.un of Heekfr from Lie lenatc If It
Testimony on Point in Famous As-
.sault Case' Conflicts.
llilllor 'I'estlflea thnt (Je'ins In' Hnr
rlnu Were.. Worth lniul Tito
Dolliim lllouil nn Fetire
4 Picket.-
AIKKX.-Hi Ci. Klr 3.-Tho)ioecutl,iii
111 the. trjal of Frederick O. Head) of Now
V6r&B.ri'Uird of .attacking llfii with
"inutMeiynis Intent." rested today?'
. Dr. Prtrtrldge or Augusta, Go., was the
first1 witness c&lleu" b'y'the defense.
iJructi' diamond-studded knife was shown
tu til 111 and he Identified It as one which
wan s(.limlttd to- HMn tart" March" fo'be
trutfri for Ilin nrmr.ii'n nf Itlnnd. Dr.
knlfe to him on request about three weeks
after the assault, and later lie. turned It
b'.a, to whom he submitted the knife.
The prosecution offered In evidence u
report from Dr. Mlms declaring his opin
ion that stains on the steel were bloot
cells. It was admitted, however, that the
tests muilo were microscopic and not
Uxiiert Hail n Opinion.
On rrors-cxnmlnatlun Dr. Wyman ad
mitted that he had taken tiro knife to
an Augusta cxpecj' Dr. Partridge, before
i""'inilttlng It to Dr. Mlms. lie said that
Dr. , rartridgo examined the knire, b'Jt
declined to express nn opinion.
"Didn't Dr. Inrtrlle tell you that ne
couldn't find any trace of blood?" de
manded Colonel Henderson.
"if I remembered thnt he did I'd say
'so," .replied Dr. Wyman.
'Didn't Dr. Pilrtrldge cut his finger and
put It on a blade of a knife In order to
make, comparative tests?"
"I didn't know It If he did," '
Lawyers for the defense announced that
they would call about eight witnesses,
making it certain thnt the case would
continue until tomorroV.
( A
Kurrlnifii Called Paste,
1 it iv. ijumnsc- ruiiyr ui u loctti payer.
itestlflerl he exnnilneil the llvinh nr'eiiilHit
the" night of the 11.1 mi 11 It and found evl-
Idences tjf a struggle In the side yard. '!.
'ssld.he.was with the chief of Police when
said .he. was with the chief of police when
0 .ur
Utaln.ed fence picket. He said one of tb
I earrings was mashed.- He expressed tne
joplnlor, they were paMe and worth only
ttbo"1' 2'
I Onmw.exam!natlon the witness said
iDn ,ne Bmn or l"n tomans nead woui.l
jha -
But It wouldn t knock out the earring
I0" 'ne other aide of her head, would It?"
.r,,i Prn..nnr u,,,,i-r
aeked Proiecutor (lunter.
"Not likely.", replied the wltnens.
; nurai policeman S. R. Holly, tho next
1 w,,n'V- W"? " ",e "ad 8nJ'
iveratlon with Hcach the night of Cra
i. Heacir said ills wire had lost a
P-r of rrtnf,. He said he did not know
nc.lr exact value, but they were wortn
j about SI.000 or W.(00." replied Holly,
I -
CHICAGO. Feb. S. The - trial of Jack
Johmoii on thajses of violating the M.ann
white slae adt war set todHy for Feb.
( ruarjr "5 In the t'nitod Slate district
iouit. Cfor annoulnina this date.
nourt. Vn!orf aunouliclug this date.
.v IndktiiinitJ tmbodylns tho accusa-
Lawmakers at Lincoln Introduce
New Bills Till Total Exceeds
Twelve Hundred.
Members in Night Session to Dig
Up Few More. '
Water Power and Occupation Tax
Measures Included.
I'lililUhrra Itcspnt ("rl I Id mil of Their
Act nnd ltrnlnttnn nf Milp-
lej'a Will lie l linimed He
fore Ileitis; Pressed.
tl'uini a HlHff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Feb. B. (Special Telegram
Legislators took advantage of the laS
day for thte Introduction or bills and filled
the files In truth house and senate In tb
house elglity-slx measure's were Intro
duced and In the senrito IIS wer credited
to the thirty-three members.
But the house will swell Its number a'
a night session. . . .
Tho total number Introduced In the sen
ate was 157. ngnlnst ItlH two ycais agr ,
In the house tint total number was 7'JI,
against 7W two "years'ago.
Some o ftho very Important bllls of the
session were, held back until this lai(
day. The two bllls by a special commit
te relating to the wator pdvvcr of thu
state weer Introduced In tho hotiie. Theee
hills were outlined this morning. Th
lental of .the water power Is fixed at i
per cent of the gross receipts of the coir-
! pany leasing. The lease may run only
I twf nty years, after which the propel t
revel ts U the slate. The other .ncnsil r
luco ur 11 tiininiiflBiuu m pviiu- iiir
tlon of water power and repo.t 1o
the next legislature, thn cohunlsslon to
8"ve without pay.
Off tipntltin Tax M ensure.
Polls Introduced his ' occupation ttlx
nirHsu.p, which provides an npndal tax
of one-tenth of 1 per cent, on the palilMp
capital stock of corporations, "proportion
ute to the roperty owned In this state-
The house passed ' the exemption bill
which dors not exempt wages from at
tachment, The Douglas deteglitl&n voted
as follows: Agnlnst the bill. Brain, Hotf,
Drijesedow, Fapag.ai..Brnon. Smith, Fos
ter, Sugarninn, Yates,; for the bill, Let
Davfy. Anleron. '
ntcliardsnn.tjif Lancaster Introduced 11
bill in the house today to give life to the
nohsfltmlonal amendment. pr6vidlng for
the Initiative and referendum. His bill
sets ont the manner of tho petition to be
filed with the secretary of state when n
legislative act Is to be roferred to a ref
erendum vote and when legislation In to
be Initialed.
The bill makes It a felony for anyone
to sign any petition With any name othe'
than his own ojto certify falsely to al
Procedure mlth Initiative.
Tll petitions are to be filed with the
secretary of state and It la made the dntv
of the Attorney general tb got up n tjtle
for the proposed legislation giving '90
words or, less the Instance of thj leglsla
Hah , I ...... ., ' I . . . . ., . . . . '
11. oiiuuiu itnyuiic oujeci 10 tne true
as prepared by the legal department lie
has authority to go Into court within ten
days and try to have it clninged. An
arguntent for and against the legislation
may be rued with the secretary of state
printed by him arid sent out with the bal.
lots and the proposed legislation to the
county clerks. The persons making argu
ment, however, have to pay for the print
In gof this. If tho secretary of state shall
refuse to accept a petition for the refer
endum four months preceding the elec
tion, tho petitioner may go int the Lan
caster district court and mandamus him
to accept It, or objeqtlon may be filed
In tho courts to its acceptanqe. Petitions
for the referendum must be filed within
ninety days after the adjournment of the
I.nbhr Inquiry tinea Orer.
An attempt this morning to table
the resolution for Investigation of
the telephone lobby failed In the hous
this morning. It was laid over for oh
Governor Morchead has reappointed Dr
William Hnxter as superintendent ot th
Insane hospital at Hastings.
Senator Uartllnrs Sunday base ball
bill passed the senate today with the
emergency clause by a vote of 24 to .
the nay ovtea being Grace and Hoagland
of Lancaster, Hoagland of Lincoln
ICemp, Marshall, Ollls, lteynolda aril
Shumway. Hrrmmell absent.
Connt of Votes oea On.
The contest proceedings In the Gross-man-Pancoast
case before the special
senate committee continued this after
noon, the ballots in the second precinct
of the Third ward of Omaha belnt
counted The returns of the election gave
Grossman, 75; Pancoast, 67, on a total
number of ballots cast of 2S1. The resliH
of the count gives Grossman, 138, Pan
(Continued on PageTTwo.)
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