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Hint's wlij Tha lice has friends
mm i-ncinlcs, mid why it wields nn
.nlliicnto fur public j;oocL
Fail1; Warmer
VOL. XL 11 -NO. 206.
The Oma
Mrs. HolmeB Loses Life in Mexico
City and Mrs. Griffith Has
Legs Shot Off.
Revolutionists, Reinforced by Artil-1
lery, Take the Offensive.
Thousands of Desperate Men Turned
Loose from Belem Jail.
Shrapnel Shell Ilothfr Operators at
Work Scndlnic Ont New Build
in BT of Mntnnl Life Innnr
n n co Coinpnny Damaged.
MEXICO CITY, Fob. 12.-An American
woman named Mrs. Holmes was killed '
while the battle between Diaz' rebels and
President Madcro's federal troops was
taring at 2 o'clock this afternoon. i
ItoUi legs of another American woman.
a Mrs. Griffith, were shot off while she
was preparing dinner In her home, which
was In line of the- federal fire.
The text of a notification sent by the
Mexican minister of war today to Gen
eral Felix Diaz follows:
"The artillery fire coming from you Is
causing danger to the life and Interests
of noncombatants and to tho lives of the
foreign residents and diplomatic minis
ters. "As this Is In flagrant violation of the
laws of war of civilized nations, 1 notify
you that If you do jiot limit your fire to
the zone of combatants we will cnsldcr
outsldu the law all those who occupy the
aisennl when that, position Is taken by
our forces.
"The government will be Inflexible In
(omplvlng Its duty toward compelling you
to keep th,o peace, but upon you will rest
the responsibility In history and before
the Mexican nation If, by your antl-pa-trlotlc
attitude, you cause graver Injury
to the ccantry."
Silent Lull In FlKhttnar.
It 'as officially reported at 1 o'clock that
Madero had ordered a suspension of firing,
us he dreaded foreign interference, but
although there was a slight lull, the fir
ing did not entirely cease.
Madero says he will not yield In al.y
case, but If Diaz persists In the bpmbard
ment he will move the capital td San Luis
de Potosl or some other point.
Minister of finance Manuel Bon'.llfl,
according 'to 'ah American jYh'cV'travolsl
with him from San Luis dtPotosl, nm
been attempting to arrange wVth the gov
ernor of that state for the proclamation
of tho national capital there, but he
found -the governor obstinate.
The United States ambassador, Henry
Laho Wilson, and the German minister
went to the national palace this aftemon
to demand from President Madero that
the battle ec&so Immediately.
Americans and other foreigners livins
In this city found themselves Jn a desper-
ate situation today. The foreign residential
an commercial districts lay In direct line
of artllleVy fire from both the rebel and
federal positions. Many people who had
taken refuge In the more Important build
KS mu.,. , .m . . .
heavy shells whistled about them, tear- I
Ing through walls and roofs. The cable
office was severely damaged by sharpnel
and It was feared that communication
with the outside world might be tem
porarily cut off.
All surrounding streets were occupied
by troops" and throughout the morning ,
the whir of the machine guns was con-
Urinous, while Infantrymen kept up a
constant rifle fire.
Neither side gained any perceptible ad
vantage up to noon, when plans for a j
conference between the leaders of the
rebels and representatives of the govern
ment were taker! up for discussion at the
national palace, following a visit to
Madero by tho American ambassador and
the German minister. Hopes of a con
ference soon diminished. There was a
cessation of firing, but this appeared to t Ark., of being removed from office be
be due -to a change In the federal posl- j cause he refused to contribute to the 1912
tlous and was regarded by the rebels as campaign, and declared "he had never
u trick to draw them out. :sent any Information to the postoffUe
The bulk of the government troops j department concerning Camp's refusal to
are stationed In the northwestern part of contribute."
the city. j Campbell pointed out that the postofflco
l'rlaonrrx Are Ileleased. Inspector's report against Camp, on th?
From the Madero nolnt of view, two of i
the most serious of the day's develop
ments are the releasing by the rebels of
several thousand criminals from tho city
prison, and the arrival In tho city of" Al- f
fonso Miranda, one of Zapata's lieuten
ants, with a band of followers who aru
said to have plotted the wholesale loot
ing of the capital.
Meanwhile the scarcity of provisions l
already causing ' suffering among th.
poorer classes. Ordinary food Is" obtain
able only In small quantities and at
prices from five to ten times the usual
Tho artillery fire of the rebels from
their position at the arsenal extended In
several directions on account of the en
c rcllng tactics adopted by the govern
ment troops.
Diaz turned his guns In the dlreotloit o' I
the Ur'tUh legation shortly after noon j
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The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Thursday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
-Fair; rising temperature.
Temperature nr OmoUn Yesterday,
Hour. De.:
a. in 4
S a. in 2
9 a. in 3
19 a. in 4
11 u. ni i
r m 1
1 l. m 15
2 p. m 16
3 D. m i
, ; , ' 5 a. m .
t p. mn. soiKravel.
? m Zi
Chronology of War
May 30 Madero enter race for presi
dency. Jane 87 Dlai reelected president.
November SO Rebels selie Vera Crui.
November 33 Berolt spreads.
ZTorember 35 Be volt ondsi Madero es
tate seised.
November 87 rive hundred rebels
shot by order of government.
Deoember 1 nias Inaugurated.
December 3 Government makes peace
Deoember S Government peace com
mission falls.
December 17 Dlas army beaten at X.a
JE!nTJi?"7JJnCf llS n" ,nar',,
March 9 American troops ordered to
'rMa?ohawias cabinet quits.
iarcn as new caoinet nnmeci.
April 6 Madero Issues ultimatum de
claring- Diaz mast roslgn.
April 33 Armistice maae.
May 85 City of Mexico In hands of
May 38 Diaz resigns.
May 37 Dlas escapes. .
August 3 Gomez ousted from cabinet.
August 31 Madero eleoted president.
December 7 Beyes started new revolt.
February 3 Rebels name Qomez as
March lO Juarez bank looted.
October 18 Felix Diaz joins rebels.
October' 17 Diaz seizes Vera Crus.
October 34 Diaz captured, ordered
January 13 Bobels fire on American
troops at Fabens, Texas.
January 28 Truce announced.
loo city arsenal,
February 9 Dlas followers seize Mex-
""JUW" iwiunnuui
. i
Congress Canvasses Vote in Joint
c..:- it
Session in House.
Lincoln Day Kxercle Precede Elec
toral Count llepreHctitntlvc
Bunnell II end Gettys
liuric 'Address.
WASHINGTON, Feb. i:.-Congress to
day declared Woodrow Wilson elected
president of tho United States and
Thomas R. Marshall elected vice presi- ,
The electoral vote certificates, opened .Meuure Acted Upon. j
In the presence of the houso and senate ' Scott of Hamilton opposed tho motion ,
sitting together, showed that Mr. Wilson j because, he said, there uro so many j
and Mr. Marshall received 435 electoral j holidays now very few days aru ieft 'n 1
votes; that Theodore Roosevelt for presi- j which to get one's mail and transact,
dent and Hiram W. Johion tor vice j business. McKlssIck and Van Dusen .o
presldent received eighty-eight votes and posed establishing a precedent of nd-
thnt William H. Taft for president ard
Nicholas Murray Butler for vlco presi
dent received eight votes. The official
'-.ount took a little more than un hour. !
Lincoln day exercises preceded tho elet- i
toral count In the house. Representative
Russell of Missouri read LIhcoln's Gettys
burg address and Representative Uraha-n 1
of Illinois from the district Lincoln once !
represented made a speech. j
yhen the house and senate finally biit
Into Joint .session, the counting .of. tfrt ;
vote began. There was tense Interest at
first, but as the'eount went 'on conversa
tion' on.tlio lWfir almost drowned the ,if"
nouncertienUiOf the telfer.
Representative Rukcr of Missouri pet
slsted In announcing votes for "William
Wilson." As each certlflcato was read U i
waB approved aqd recorded. An attempt ,
at applause when Alabama's twelvo voW
were announced for Wilson was sum
marily cut off with the nnnouncemo it I
that demonstrations were forbidden. j
The honor of reading tho certlflcato of
v-. .. ar.nrAcA in ...
P " "-w
ator Martlne. In a loud voice he an
nounced the state's fourteen votes fir
'Wloodrow Wilson and Senator Bacon was
unable to stop an outburst of applause.
When the state of Utah was called neav
, fi.
votes cast for Taft and Butler. Another
round greeted the only other votes cast
for Taft four from Vermont.,
Asking Postmasters
For Contributions
WASHINGTON, Feb. 12. Gordon II.
Campbell of Little Rock, Ark., treasuror
of the republican state committee of Ar
kansas, told the Clapp campaign fund in-
vestlgating committee today that ho j
knew nothing of tho charge by Thomas
ij. Camp, former postmaster at Beebe,
strength or wmch tlie latter s reslgna-
tton was demanded, wan s!cncd Septem
ber 7, lilS. before he began soliciting
Treasurer Campbell told the committee
he naa solicited contributions from oilier
postmasters In Arkansas In 191!, all the
letters he. sent out being similar to thcae
sent to Camp.
"How was $39 fixed upon as the amount
for Mr. Camp to contribute?" asked Sen
ator Clapp.
'ft thought there was no reason whv
he should not pay us about 3 per cent of
his salary," said Mr. Campbell.
"Was the amount to be contributed
specified In 'all cases?" he was asked,
"in most cases it was," ho answered.
JEFFKRSON CITY. Mo.. Feb. 1!. The
i state supreme court today appointed
Judge Henry C. TImmonds of Kansas City
commissioner td take testimony In the
. contempt proceedings against William R
Nelson, editor and ownor of the Kansas
City Star. The commissioner Is ordered
i to report within twenty days.
lJun imuui i l-o uuiui
Feb. 1!. The refreshment
nt park. L nden. was burned
hall In Regent
down today by militant suffragettes. The
women leu no um 10 meir iuenw . urn.
on an adjoining path the words "Votes
for Women" were found scratched In the
The building was of considerable
Baskets smelling strongly of
' JJ" jpe4roleum were found In' the shrubbe.y
p.' in.'.'!."."."!.';;; I9jnearby.
Uniyiimous Decision Made for Pass
age of Measure Allowing
Equal Franchise.
Lower Body Hastens Consideration i
of This Measure.
All Members Grouped About Statue '
and Photographed.
lleiirecntatlvc IIiiIkkIc, Lincoln
Laundry Mnu, Will (ilv- l-'lmt
Testimony Altout Par of
Wonirn Workers.
iKrom r Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 12. (Spoclal Telegram ) I
The committee on constitutional amerd-
ments of the house unanimously reconi- i
mended for passage the bill providing f-r
woman suffrage. The bill calling for n
constitutional convention was sent to tho '
general flic without rocommcndatlon.
Tne banUn(f committee Indefinitely
postponed tho bill by llurkrtt of l.un
Icattert providing that interest bearing d(-
! Posits In banks should bo exempt from
tne opcnUlon8 of the BU(inty taw.
I In tho house this afternoon Hubbard of ,
Adams asked permission to have his bill '
making Lincoln's birthday a holiday ad
vanced from tho committee to third read- j
ing so that It could be passed on tho an- !
nlvesary of tho birth of the martyred ;'
president. .
In the discussion of the motion Foster ;
of Douglas spoke for It, saying: "Wo are j
about to honor Lincoln, by having our I
pictures taken In front of his statue and j
therefore wo should pass the bill today to
make February 12 a holiday." I
ancing dims over tno commitleo or th
whole, but the houso was for It, and the
Mil was ;ont to the engrossing room,
from which It failed to get back before
The special eomartie appointed to in
vestigate wages paid to female workers
will meet tomorrow morning at tho Lin-
dell to begin taxing testimony, after i
which It will hold meetings tn Omah.i.
Representative Qulggle. vho owns the 1
Evans laundry here, will be th first
witness called. He will show his hoolu
to tho' committee. Losey -of Dodge is
ojjalj'rXafr'jor fyie pommlttfv
Bills Intended to
Reform Methods of
Wall Street 'Change
ALBANY. N. Y., Feb.
iucviiiiuudi in unimo win uu , in mi
Diln..vlHAnlnnA I . .. 1 . ...Ill 1 . I
,,rI.J,.. .!, ..l I.
oTt. oiuwn cAniiiubcn ii u
bill Introduced today at the suggestion
n of '
uovernor k &uizer becomes a law. ijjc InctH of tho situation In special mes
measure Is designed to bring about tlu sage.
Incorporation of the Now York Stock ex- j j.;Very preliminary was arranged today
change and other exchanges. i for tho action which might follow such a
The suggestion of stato supervision And ; COurse. Thlrty-fivo thousand men or tho
regulation of stock exchanges by coin. 1 urm navy . .mu.i0 corns were nut
by a committee Representing New loik
Stock exchange at a recent conference
with tho governor.
Two other etock exchange reform meas
ures were Introduced today. One woulj
i compel a broker to report to a customer
1 tllft nnmfl nf the nnrtv with ivhnm 1m
'n :lni r.'.
,".(., w ,.,,v vfc ii i u aa.c ui 'ui i; unci.
The other would make It unlawful for
the New York - Stock exchange to pro
hibit Its members from doing business
wlth or .for the ' members of other ex
The Incorporation bill would require .ill
exchanges to Incorporate September J.
Voluntary associations for the purpolj
of conducting exchanges would be pro
hibited after that dato and may be en-
Joined at the suit of the attorney general.
Exchanges would be subjected to sus
pension, supervision and examination by
the superintendent of banks In practically
the tame manner as banking corporations
ure now supervised.
Romanoffs Will
Celebrate Their
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. 12.-Plans for
the celebration of ths-vtercentenary of the
accession of the Romanoffs to the im
perial throne are practically complete,
The government has asked the Duma for
$200,(00 to cover expenses of the cere
mony and to assist the authorities of tho
smaller cities which will entertain the
ernperor and his family in the course of
the year.
The tour will give his majesty an un
usual opportunity of coming Into closi
contact with tils subjects. Tho Erlvnn
Grenadier regiment, the only body of
troops In the Russian army dating back
to the time of Michael, the first Roman
off emperor. Is to be brought from the
Caucasus to serve as a guard of honor to
the Imperial family. Jr
The celebrations will last several
months, beginning hero on March C.
ST. IXJl'IH, Feb. 12. The Union Pacific
dissolution plan, submitted to Attorney
General AVlckersham by the officials gf
(the Harrlman lines and approved by hl-n
i was submitted to the federal circuit court
of appeals here today. Presiding Ju ge
W. II. fcanborn "ai District Juoge W. i
Smith heard the plan. The attorneys lor
the government and for the Harrlman in.
terests will present arguments on fie
plan to the court here February ZL
see,,.... t i
i rz? j n n w.t :w a i .
From tho Minneapolis Jotirnal.
Taft First Would Place Mexican
Situation Before Congress.
Twent.v-Klvc Hundred Mnrlnen Will
lie Sent to Tern Orns to Itescuo
Fnrelirn I7rffiit loim, If
WASHINGTON. Feb. 12. V- i'resldcnt
Taft and tho cabinet are In uccord that
' congress shall share the responsibility for
any Intervention In Mexico,
i A day of conferences between tho prcsl-
dent and his advlrers ended with tho un
12. Tho stato de-rstandlng that should conditions In
. . . .
.Mexico t;ny uocome so mucn worso as to
. .... .... . . .
uemana mo landing oi American troops
Mr. Taft will lay before both houses tho
In readiness for movement.
It has been suggested In some quarters
that to land troops In Mexico would, be
such an act of wur un ca nbo justified
only with tho approval of congress. Many
military officers fail to sec any distinc
tion between ouch landing of troops on
foreign soil in caso of anarchy urn) the
employment of marines for tha buiiio Vur
pose, as was done In Nicaragua recently.
Wnnt Americans lo Leave.
Unless one sldo or the other achieves a
decisive victory In Mexico City within the
next day or two It is probable that Am
bassador Wilson will ho Instructed to try
and Induce the American residents of the
capital to go to the ports or other places
of safety, and the representatives of
other foreign nations are expected to da
the same.
One great element of danger In the
situation arises from the presence in
the City ufMcx'Ico of about 17,000 for
eigners, whose homo governments are
known to be in receipt of many heart
rending appeals for assistance. Recog
nizing tho disposition of the United State
government to extend the same protec
tion to those Europeans and Asiatics as
to Its own citizens, so far none of the
diplomatic representatives of tho power
In Washington hns done more than make
a few Inijulrlea at the State department,
as to the actual situation.
Nonintervention Difficult.
A wholesale evacuation of the city by
tho foreign element would Involve th
latter In an enormous financial loss, and
looking to the precedents established In
the civil war It I doubtful whether any
compensation could be exacted from
whatever government' may exist after the
close of hostilities In Mexico. Altogether
It Is apparent that the administration ir
likely to find It very difficult to adhere
strictly to this declared policy of non
intervention If the situation In the City
of Moxlco is not materially changed for
the better In a very short time.
Kventa of I)u- nt Wwhlnif Ion,
Following are tho developments of the
day at Washington In connection with
tho Mexico situation:
First brigade of tho first army division
numbering 3,00 men, resting on their
arms ready to entrain at a moment's
notice for Newport News to board trans
ports for Mexico.
Twenty-five hundred marines from the
Atlantic fleet and the Guantanamo naval
station, arc piepared lo sail for Vera
Cruz to go to the relief of the foreign
legations, should they become besieged
as 'they dlcVut Peking.
Four dreadnaughts of the battleship
fleet steaming at top speed to Tamplco
and Vera Cruz, and two others rushing
on the Pacific side to Mexican ports to
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The Fresh Cow
-rt-' e,n
i'u 't
King George Will
Attend Memorial
Service for Scoit
JL.ONDON. Feb. 12. The lord mayor u
London announced today the opening of
a ..'mansion JibUse" fund for the 'erection
bf-a memorial to Captain. Robert F.Scott
and . ils .companions who died In tno
Antarctic. '
The duty of providing for dependent
relatives of the dead explorers he con
siders should be undertaken by tho state.
King George will personally attend the
memorial service for Captain Bcott and
his comrades to be held In St. Paul's
A generally approved proposal has been
put forward that Rnold Amundsen's M-
Mo - t If Inn lInL r Mnrmnv ivhir
-- " . --v.. ......
, WHM recovered by Captain Pcott ut tl
Koutli pole, should bn forwarded to his
majesty on board n British battleship
WASHINGTON, Feb. ll-ln renponie
to his mcssnge of sympathy for the death
of Captain Scott, the Antarctic explorer,
Piesldent Taft today received tho fol
lowing from King George of Great Brit
ain: My countrymen Join with me In sin
cerely thanking you and the peoplu it
the I'nlted Htutts or America for jour
messaga of sympathy In the loss of Can
tain Scott and his brave comnunions. lor
i whom we deeply mourn.
Many Threats Made
Against District
Attorney Whitman
NEW YORK, Fob, 13.-Renewed
threats ugalnBt (he life of District At
torney Charles S. Whitman bebauae of his
activity against police grafters huvo
caused hlni. as a matter of precaution,
to carry revolver. Permission to go
nrmed was granted today to him and his
chief assistant, Groehl.
Threats against tho prosecutor's life,
were numerous during tho trial of Lieu
tenant Becker and tho gunmen, but Mr.
Whitman regarded them lightly at tho
time and attributed much of the epistles
to cranks. During tile present graft In
vestigation, however, the threats havu
i been more persistent and sinister and for
several days the district attorney has
seldom gone far from his offlci unaccom
panied by a bodyguurd of detectives,
First Joint Ballot
Taken in Illinois
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Feb. 12.-The first
Joint ballot of tho Illinois legislature for
the long term senatorshlp resulted as
House. Senate. Total.
Sherman (rep.) r2 21 7
Lewis (dem.) C, 24 vj
Funk (pro.) A 23 3 25
Berlyn (soc.) 4 0 4
Present and not voting, 7; absent, 1.
Constitutional majority .necessary to
choice, 102. Two progress) vi representa
tives voted witli the republicans for L.
Y. Sherman.
The National Capital
Wednesday, February 11) 111.
The Hrunte.
Proceeded to houso chamber for elec
toral vote count.
Senator Root urged repeal of free foil
provision of Panama ccnal act before
Interoceaulc canals cummlttee.
Benatn committee continued Inquiry Into
1912 campaign funds.
The House. (
LitKOln memorial exercises held.
In joint session with senate, members
witnessed counting of presidential elec
toral vot
a .ifcT
Ambassador Bernstorff Speaks at
Banquet at Springfield.
llu Holds thnt Triumph of Union
Cnimo In America Mnde lo
' siuie the. Unity or Her-!
von Bernstorff, bermnn amabssndor- to
the United Slates, was guest of honor lit
tho banquet given by the I Lincoln Cen
tennial association tonight. "Abraham
Lincoln as the Germans Regarded Him,"
was the subject of his address,
In nddltlon to Showing thnt tho Germans
were keenly sympathetic with the char
acter of Lincoln tho ambassador quotaJ
a number of eminent authorities to show
what a strong bond of Blncere friendship
welded together tho common Interests of
Germany and the United Stuten In Lin
coln's day. '
He closed with the fervent wish "that
such relations of friendship between our
two countries may always continue."
Count von Bernstorff declared that Lin
coln's courage and his "big heart, whose
every throb was for tho people, strongly
appealed to the German sentiment. Ho
was born a leader, in truth, the savior
of your country."
Thonsnnds of (ie minus ISullat.
Tho ambassador quoted records of tho
American sanitary commission to show
that 187,158 Germans, born In Germany
enlisted In the different regiments of the
northern states. Referring to Lincoln's
courage when war drew near the speaker
"He did not Indulge In the delusion
that the union could bo maintained or re
stored without a conflict of arms. Al
though he abhorred war for any purpose,
the firmness of his moral courage enabled
him to tako the great responsibility vf
leading the nation Into a war for union
and for freedom, and through weary
years of alternating success and dlsas
The count referred to the days whoa
the United States was represented in
Berlin b Oeorge Bancroft, whose atti
tude "assured him a cordial acceptance
n Berlin. He was received Into the Inner
circles of scholarly, social and political
Ufa and formed habits of friendship with
Bismarck and Moltkc.",
He then quoted Bancroft as declaring.
"But for the triumph of tho union In
America It could never have succeeded
In Germany."
Friendship In Traditional.
Moltko was quoted to show the friend
ship between the Germans and Amerl
cans. The. count then recalled a dinner
given by Bancroft In Berlin tho day of
wit) inauguration oi I'resioeni urant.
"Bismarck was among the guests," re
lated the ambassador, "and mado a short
speech. After referring to tho times of
Frederick the Great, Bismarck continued
'As to the subsequent relations between
the two countries It gives me the great st
pleasure to be able to stato as a lact
not only from my personal experience as
a minister of Prussia, but from the ar
chives of Its history that the cordial un
derstanding so happily Inaugurated by
Washington and Frederick has never suf
fered even the slightest Jar. Not only
has no difference ever urlsen between thv
two countries, nothing lias ever occurre-J
between them which so much as called
for an explanation.' "
Mnrolii Hall Dedicated.
CHAMPAIGN. III., Feb. li-Lluctln
hall, the new SO. 030 building of the l 111
varsity of Illinois pluiined as a memorial
to the martyred president, was formally
dedicated to the study of 'the humani
ties today with academic ceremony. Gov- J
cinor Dunne of Illinois formally trans
f ei rod the building In behalf of the peo
plu of the state to tha board of trustees.
Porte Sends Note to Sir Edward Grey
Asking British Government to
Take Initiative.
In Meantime They Expect to Hear
from Their Governments.
Men and Boys Collected in School
House and Slain.
Older Women and Children Killed
and tllrla Are Tnken ATrny on
Mitpenomhnrdnient of
Adrlnnople. Conllnnes.
LONDON, Feb". 12. The Turkish governs
ment today formally requested Sir Ed
ward Grey to Invito tho European powers
to Intervene to stop tho Balkan war. Tho
request wna communicated to tho ambas.
sailors here, who transmitted It to their
respective governments. Tho ambaasa
dors will meet on Friday to report th
Turk Massncrn villners.
SOFIA, Bulgaria. Feb. 12. According to
despatches given out here today tho
Turkish troops yesterday assembled th
whole male Christian population of the
seaport of Buyulc Chekmcdje In the vlli
Inge school house and massacred them.
Subsequently they killed all the Chris
tian women and children oxcept tho young
girls, whom they carrlod off on board
Thero was no fighting yesterday either
In the Gnlllpol! peninsula or at the Tcha-
talja lines. The bombardment of Adrian
ople, however, continues.
House of Commons
Threatens Editor
LONDON, Feb. 12.-L. J. Muxse, editor
of tho National Review, Is to bo brought
before tho bar of the Houso of Commons
for refusing to dtvulgo to tho committee
Investigating tho government wireless
agreement tho names of thoso individuals
who furnished him tho reports on which
he based his allegations of improper con
duct against members of the Parliament.
The chairman of tho committee warnod
Mr. Max bo that tho committee must havo
the names and tho documents.
Tho editor stanchly declined to reveal
the Identity of his Informants.
Confinement In the clock tower of tho
House of Commons Is tho usual fate of
offenders fn nuch cases.
SIOUX CITY, Feb. lZ.-OambUnsr Irj
foodstuffs on the stock exchanges prob
ably will be assailed In resolution form
by tho Farmers' Grain Dealers associa
tion of Iowa In a session here. J, A. Mc
Creery of Mason City, III., secretary oil
tho Farmers Grain Dealers' association
of Illinois, appeared before the convention
today and asked that It Join Illinois, Ne
braska, South Dakota and Minnesota a-
soclatlons In tho fight for tho passage of
an antl-optlon meosuro by tho coming
session of congress. Ills requost for sup-
port was applauded by the C00 grain deal
ers who attended the session.
it Is expected formal action will be)
taken tomorrow.
BOSTON, Feb. 12. An accounting fuP
the $200,000 collected by the Pan-Hellenio
union f.-om the Greeks of New England
to aid In tho war against Turkey la asked
In a bill of equity filed with tho supremo
court today by Greek residents of Boston.
It Is also sought to have the respondent
enjoined from making further collections.
Tho Pan-Hcllenlc union was organized
In Massachusetts under tho direction cf
Lamba Coeomllos, the present Greek sec
retary of state.
It Is alleged that tho general manager
of tho union, Constantlnos N. Papamihit
louls, failed to render an accounting as
demanded before he left recently for
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