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Wash Goods
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Guaranteed Genuine Navajo Indian
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Prices Exceptionally Low.
Don't Fail to Seo Them.
Clean-Up Silk Sale Monday
Watch Sunday's Papers for Particulars of
This Great Event.
All At Extreme Reductions.
ness of tho Committee of the whole wa
egfeended this Afternouri end HetiMor
Kemp was Invited I4alk to the tcnntf
on the merit pfJhlsbUL BaJUnir, & can
.etitutlonal conventions ,
roMMiTTi;rc roll co.nthoi. iui.ii
Semite line Long I)lpn(p (hrr
Iriliod of CuniililerrUlon.
(Vrom a -Stuff ('orrenporwli-nt.
liINCOI-N', Neb., Feb. 13.-(fp.elfil.)-TJie
mumlng session of tho scimto tie
vclopcd Into a dlitiiiislon In committee
of the whole whether the section in
Ollls' Board of Control bill ellralnattag
from membership on tho board any per
ron who Jived In a count where theio
wag a utate Institution ahotiUl nUuiit.
Nearly nh hour win spent In the dis
cussion of tills section, .'an .amendment
having hcca made by jth standing corn
riiitteo favprfciff It ejlmjftatlon. OlIU
eald that he was not carltiK very much
whether t stood or not, .but Kave some
reasons why ho thought t, should stand,
principally the one that ha thought a
member who had a state Institution In
his own county would bo prejudiced in
favor of that Institution,
Dodge of Douglas grow quite .eloquent
oyer tho matter and snld that ho thought
nny map who was big enpugh to be n
member of tho board' Would bo' big cnoujrh,
to bo fair in tho matter. IIo wanted te,
provlnlon In tho bill stricken out ue.
ratlse he believed It' for tho best Inter
ests of tho state that n member of th.tt
committee should be ono .of tho faculty
of tho state university and that the rent
should bo selected because of their nbl!
ity't TfKtirdltWof their locution. Ue did
not think that any man ln Douglas
county was a candidate for membership
on the board and, therefore, It could not
bo charged, that the" scheme was Insti
gated to fiiypc Douglas, Ho even sug
gested that If It was necessary to 3
out of the, state for a good man that It
ought to W.'tTone, 'bufwhot called (o ex
plain by Ordsaman .of Dougla be said
that ho dld 'not lliliik It necessary to do
that hVUiW 'wireMust Ms good' iKen 16
-Nebraska, 4MMru In , any., othorlM
state, i
Cirosoman. hon'oVei; challenged Ahe ad
Msablllty of taklnff a member from the
ta,to unlvrslti faculty. He thought
thoro-.wcra jtcitv of men all .over. Ne
braska better, qjilppe.d rom "a business
standpoint to do efficient service on the
board than wcro tho members of tho lac
SIiK-Tnrlnud Mpenlts.
JIacVarlahd ot Dodglan faVorM'striklng
out tho section, as ho believed that Ihero
should be no restrictions on tho governor
In making the appointment. Ho thought
that there were plenty of men In thq statu
callable enough and big enough to fill tho
position without favoring ait Institution
which might happen- to be In tho homo
county of tho appointee,, "Nebraska has
tho best and bravest or men and the fair
est and noblest of women,", said tho scna
tor, "and any of .them arc-' big enough and
"brood enough to forgot local conditions;"
IMaceli of Baundcrs humorously saw a
"purpose In the amendment." Ho did not
think that alt of tho talent of the State
Jay along tho Wlsequrt liver, and believed
that Saunders, Dodge, Fillmore and VaJ.
ley had jOUlfht to 'bo cMnsldered In the
picking of tho board. i
Klein of Qago said that ho did not think
that the university profeeson should be.
placed, on the board "Wo want buii; ,H. " JW. by , Talcott .pf Ccdar-Dro-neas
men. or! hat board apd not. .theoreU- !?.. $nlWry, rostrlctlons jCorfctqrlea,
, ' !. iK.,.rr. v, mills Tib d workshops.
.,. ...nanr frnm DounlssL,?' A Hrnnn of Doujrlafe
fDodon)! who wanted u. member of die
tate inlxeiiity .faculty op he "board.
Hoastand of I4ioon that Ije wait
clod U seojlbfttt the people along he Mis
uourl river were beginning to admit that
there were sonu good men out In tint
state and thought that the 'members of
the board pf control ehould be named
from points wpst of ,thp IWtJ) meridian.
Amendment - Carries,
The'amendment carHed -with. some votci
to spared .t -, v
8o far the discussion had appeared 'to
tm ojl sunshine Jid no eloUd. seemed to
alwcure 'the sereolty of the occasion. But
suddenly the wind began to blow, ,tbe
lightning flashed and the thunder rolled
across the senate chamber. U was all
caused-by a little motion by Kemp df
Nance, who moved that a committee of
three Te appointed who .should take both
board 'of control bills before the senate
and go through them carefully, correct
the sections needed to make them legal
and report tomorrow. Ills reason for
making the motion was that the senate
had spent a long time on just one section
and it It should contluuo at that rate it
would be many days before the matter
could be brought to an md and then there
'would bo no way In which the best points
of both bills could be embodied In one.
mGtl At hack of the NOTCH'
Uc etch 2 for 3c
Qaett. Feefcodr A Ce. Makers
Remnants S
Friday 8 A. M.
He favored Hie Oltls bill, but thought that
the tnomheis ought to be perfectly fa
miliar with both bills before they., took,
up final consideration of tho matter, as, It
was the, .moat Important legislation-prob
ably, bofpro the session. ,
GUIs opposed any appointment. pf a com
mittee with the object of comparing both
Wolr. of Dodge, who was Jo the chair,
put the' motion of Kemp and dcclaredkthe
same carried. Ollls demanded a standing
vote and again the count showed the
motion curried. '
The conimlttco then arose and reported
and with lieutenant Governor McKelvIe
presiding, a motion was made that, he
report of the committee of the whole 'be
adopted. Ollls moved a substitute that
(ho'mortoYi of Kemp for the appofrrtm'eut
of a'"cortlmltteo be stricken ouj' 'rind do
manded a roll call.. The vote was si
For the substitute: Urookley, Cox,
(iracn, Grossman, Hale, Klein, Kohl,
Kruinbucli. .oilla, iI?lace,k, Robertson,
tfmlth, Talcott, West, Wink. 15.
Agalnstt Uartllng, lluahee, Cordeal,
Dodge, Hnarmann, Heasty,- Hoaffland
(Iancaster), iriimmel, Kemp, Kiecnel,
Ji.ncfr.land, Marshall, Ileynolds, Kaun
ders, Hhumwoy, iplrk, Wol. 17.
Absent; Uoagland of Lincoln.
In making tho motion for the appoint
ment of- the committee Kemp had sug
gested that Ollls, the author of the bill
Under consideration, he made one -of the
committee, but when the chair named as
that committee, Ollls, Dodge and Cor
deal, Ollls refused to servo and W place
was not filled until Wink of Buffalo was
In the morning, session S. V. 26 was
Indefinitely postponed. This blU woi, 'in
troduced by Klein of a ago and raises th
tax on county peddlers.
Bills. on I'nasnKe.
Tho following bills were passed:
H. F17, by Bauhdera of Douglao-Tho
Omaha, water bill.
V. )as. by Hoagland of Llncoln-Pro-
yiacB inuv no ;tiugment snail Do set nside
or annulled In criminal cases on'immhda
,.SiSlXt"A!!fnyfnm -
o, r. JTw, W lwofte- of Douglas rrovldea;
ror appointment1 op deputy aeseesom In
pouglas county by the. county assessor. I
Tho vote on the Omaha water .bill ad
unanlmcAs, Kelchel belngtiie onlsimem
ber absent. Macfarland of Douglas ex
Plained htsvota tUi follows!
"t vote aye for the reason tliat 1 be
lieve Die bill protects the stock yards and
other' partlos'in Omaha and South' -Omaha
In the use of their private property a'rid
their private water works."
In commute of the whole with WVJIs
of Dodgo Itrfthe chair, the following bills
were ordered engrossed tot third' read
ing: A
H, F. JI7, by Hoagland of ..Lincoln
Apiendment to cjv), cod vaMthorlslnJi
tho changing of prpcecduro in 'assign
ment suits.
H, p, lOtf, by Kemp of Nance-Provides
far a co;wtlUitlonul conVjentlon.
S. l ,by. Bprlk of Salne-rMakes
sale of firearms to persons under IS
: lf. 1M. Tjy Ilushee of Kimball
Slate aid to eojiool districts over twelve
spare iplles,
B. F. 91, by Dodgo pf Pqugjas-Pro-vldes
for the Immediate 'removal ' of In
sane xoiivltfs from tho' pepittttlary.
K-Kr 4, by Talcott jf KnoxVl'rovldea
tiut.crr.a1u testing Jlccuscs may be re
voked by'puro food commissioner when
testers are found guilty o"f fraudulent
lTuvt iceswn ' .
Provides that local registrars in Omaha
and cities pf tllo .'first class' shalU ri
celvo no compensation tor tlylr'.wprk..
Aid for llurnl Districts,
. A bljl which took up most of tho time
pf " the committee of the whole was
i llusheo's -state1 aid to rural school dis
tricts. Tills bill will effect abput
school districts and over 9,009 children
and covers thirty-four counltes. It Vflll
give seven months of school Instead of
five 'and: 'will Apply only to districts- of
lKeU..'B.uare mites "or more, lt'wlU're-
iurp from 1100,0ft) to 1W,000 to meet the
requirements. j-
Governor's Selection of Dr.
Ilnius Causes' Trouble.
(From a 8Uff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Feb. .-tipeclal.)-lf a bull
rnooser Is to a republican like a red rag
to a mad bull, to a democrat he is like
wo red rags to a down mad bulls. At
least the kicking going on among the
faithful over tho appointment of Dr. n.
J Williams to continue as superintendent
of the Lincoln asylum Indicate that.
Democratic candidates for state offices
who w'ere defeated and have pot yet been
cared for by the governor lay their de
eat largely to the activity -of Dr. Wil
liams, who got up the 'bull moOSeTveti-
j tions and helped them endorse the repub
lican candidates on the state ticket.
' In his campaign' Governor Morehead Is
Skid to have repeatedly stated he would
never appoint a bull moose r to office.
These defeated democrats now charge
;hlm with having thrown them down and
i thrown down the party.4 Soma of those
! kicking object to being quoted because
ith'ey do' not want to .get in a row with
;hts excellency, and they fear also It
would hurt the party, for It to become
publlo Just what they f.hlpk of their gov
arnor. And besides the democratic majority in
the house may need to us the governor
before the session Is over. and'whUe they
pro carrying .bombs for hlmthey do pot
j ant to use them publicly Unless they
have to-
Persistent AdvertUripg to. the Road to
Dig ruturns.
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when he was under General Huerta s
It wns difficult to see how the rec-ela
I'Vilerals Are llrlnforcrd.
The federal forces were reinforced last
night by the arrival of detachments of a!l
arms of the services. Many of the rebeU
had fortified themselves In the district,
tho center of which, the arsenal tell Into
their hands lately.
The rebels, howevor, had not lncreasd
in number and the size df the army under
th command of Diaz is believed to be
only a little over 2,t00.
Most of the federals who arrived In tho
night were those commanded by Gcniral
Angeles, which he had called from
Cuernavaca. The total of these Is said
to be I.S00, and they brought with then
two pieces of heavy artllcry wlth much
ammunition and stores.
Lieutenant Colonel Daron, who has con
ducted dashing campaigns during ' the
revolution In Mlchoacan and Guanajuato,
arrived with a small force, while Colonel
Ocaranta, another young' oflcer with a
reputation for brilliant work, came In r.t
the head of 5)00 federal troops from Vera
Kcdernl Detachment Defeated.
Straggling federals who arrived at the
American embassy at noon declared that
a detachment of government troops -was
shot to pieces on the western edge of tho
city early today. This Indicates that
Diaz has a mobile force outside his lines
In the central district.
United fitatcs Ambassador Henry I vine
Wilson prevented the Issuo of a general
order to cut off all telephone communi
cations this afternoon. He protested to
President Madero that the rebels were
not connected with the sycitcm and the
order would cause unnecessary hard
ShrlU gtrl'ke Cable Office.
Uetweoti o'clock and 10 o'clock1 shrap-
ImU- ralnod on, the walls and shutters of
thq .catyo, office, but.lho clerks and op
erators remained at their stations, A
short tlmo,afterward a solid shot from a
field gun entered the JardJn hotel.
The cannonading soon lost some of Its
vlclousness and it eeemed that tho rebels
were conserving their fire, although they
continued to throw shells toward tho
palace. Ono federal battery kept steadily
in action at the Oolonla station, on thn
Paseo lie forma, and another on Boa
Juan de Letran street.
Thn, first sharp small arm engagement
pf the day occurred at 10:30, when a
party, of federals moved Into range of
the rebel sharpshooter Tho battle was
very brief, ns both sides placed their
chief reliance on a steady battery flro.
The Infantry fighting lasted only a few.
minutes and was succeeded by a more
Intense cannonade from the rebels at tho
arspnai, Tho federal battery stationed In
front of the Brjtlsh legation replied and
arew mucn of tho rebel fire.
Many women and children In the foreign
colonies were conveyed during the night
In automobiles flying white flags to
places of comparative safety, but a large
number 0f foreigners still wero penned
HP today in reglops not free from danger,
People Sleep In HsuraeBta.
Thoifeantftf ot"Mei!can families conceh
trtarion ths 4o weir floors' Wnd tfr base-
mm afctttatinees building, trusting to
tin. rieia(of"XloorBabovo to protect
'Iwrlka American embassy dozens of
American citizens were provided for.
blankets and nuittresses were spread on
the floors and every chamber In the place
Was utilised as a sleeping apartment.
dlowflver, there was little or no evidence
ol panic or undue- excitement
Francisco do La. Itarra, former provi
sional president, became a refugee In the
British. :legatloh yesterday after he
approached President Madero on the
question of compromising with the rebels.
Madero refused to listen to him.
Lack of food supplies throughout the
capital was not solved today. The rebels
managed .to obtain during the night
seven big wagons -full of bread and two
wagon load of milk, but provisions gen
erally whln the, zone pf mutineers were
said early this morning to be scarce.
A picturesque scene during the night
was, made by fires on the pavements In
many parts of the city, where the sold
iers under .the orders or their offjeers
had raked the garbage thrown irom tho
buildings and burned. Jt, Jha disposition
of he rubbish la . serious problem as !t
Is fast bocomlng a menace to the publlq
health. . , ' , ,
Thp. army pideta at Chaputepee, who
were the first to rally, to the call of
President Madero for aid, have, for the
most- part, been withdrawn froni the line
of action to .Chapultcpec, where they act
as a guard under command of General
Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
Cash in Office nnd Banks 5 125,li38.95
First .Mortgage .Farm Loans 5,047,400.00
Cash Loans on Company Policies... 305,775.37
Interest Acorucd, Not Duo '90,870.53
IJoino Offico Building 249,040.90
Bills Receivable '.....11. None
Doforred and Unreported Premiums None
Furniture and Fixtures Account None
Collateral Loans None
Premium Notes ., None
Stocks and Bonds . .'. . , . None
Agents' Balances None
"Other Assets"'. :. .J '. .'. None
Assots, Doeembor 31, 1912 $5,818,195.75
Gain in Surplus
Gain in Reserve
Gain in Assets
Ask the man
Ileltran, former principal of the sohool,
and the officer who reduced Kellx Dlas
at Vera Cruz during his first abortive
The work of caring for the wounded has
been limited by the government to the
White Cross society, as It Is oharged
that the lied Cross society harbors many
political enemies of the government.
Ilnttle Is Indecisive.
lp to noon, when tho shells of the
contending forces had torn their way
through tho heart of the city for four
hours, nothing like a decisive result had
been achieved, either by the federals or
the rebels. It had been practically i an
artillery duel, although occasionally
small arm fire played a vicious part In
the battle.
The swift and crushing action promised
by the government was not eullzed. On
the contrary tbo fighting was of a
monotonous regularity, tho federal troops
slowly pounding tho rebel position and
endeavoring to silence Diaz's guns In
order that the final charge might be
made with lesa sacrifice of life. To this
the rebels replied with' a steady fire, but
they were more chary. In throwing away
their ammunition and appeared to take
better aim than ever.
Much of the rebel flro was directed at
the fedoral batteries, but one of Dlaz'a
batteries from time to time dropped
shells over the city Into thn national
palace and onto that ancient building
Itself, "UiS waiIs"of 'which withstood tho
'bombardment .well. .
At theUbegipnlDK of this firing thero
was n great force of federal soldiers In
the rlulilije, . grounds. When the shower
of shells becamo hcavfer a federal bat
tery received orders to reply with vigor
and under cover of tula the federal
soldiers moved westward Into cover of
Indcpcndecla street. It was explained by
the federal commander that, this movo
was merely to placo his men In position
where they will bo more easily avail
able for action at tho front.
Ilnnka Closril nnd Itnllrnndk Itefuae
to Accept OlircUn.
LARI3DO. Tex., Feb. 13. A passenger
from Mexico 'City on fast night's train
riiiuricu inui ui least i,u Americans ai juaroz apu(in oiner paris vi inu ami.-
were without funds to leave tho capitol I J C" '
even If tho opportunity presented', be- AMERICAN bT'KICKRS ATTACHED
cause tho banks had been closed since ' '
Saturday. A largo number of Americans , Anll-Porcljrn Outlirenlt nt Acnpnlco
were at the railroad station, ho said, j Seems Probable .
eagerly seeking to take tho northbound' 'WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.-AnU-Amerl-tratns,
but checks wero refused as pay-1 can filing at Acapulco, Mcx., culminated
mcnt for tickets. In an assault on two officers of the
Many Americans, tho passenger be- crulser "ver before It departed jester
lleved, wero practically marooned at the ' ltty for Acaiut'a. Salvador. The victims
station without fond ahMtAr nr r,,n,,v of the ossault were Surgeon Came-pr
Ho said railroad officials wero doing
everything they could to afford .shelter
to tho women and children. 1
Numerous passengers arriving from ,
Mexico City assert that the American of
ficials In Mexico should provide special
trains on which Americans could leave.
Passengers from Saltlllo said today that
one ircium iram was enure.y aesiroyca
uy tire, iyia inui 1110 jmo ai anoiner ;
freight was m doubt, since it was ru
mored It was attacked.
Thn southbound passenger train which
left Laredo Tuesday night at 9 o'clock
proceeded In safety until about 18 miles
Boutli or this ctty, at fa Haiado, where it
was attacked by a band of fifty to a hun
dred rebels. As the- train, was entering ,
in iuiiuii uiu qiiKinecr was i.p iron. upon. I,
Realizing, .the danger,, . heu,rqvered tho I
foyer and backed, full.apeed, toward. Bal-i FJKldONT, . Ncb.v.( ,Fb- 13J-(?Pec(ai
tlllo, pursued by the rebes on horseback. ' (relegram )-rrs Fred Peters of .thhj city
The speed of tho mounted band was not committed suicide this forenopr by tak.
sufficient to overtake -the trajn. The inK pojson which she had her flfteen
passepgers wero endangered by rebel gun j yeur-old son buy for her at a, local drug
ilIe- j store. 1)1 health and despondency caused
Aboard the train was a party of fifty I her act. Her 'husband Is In the real
Welshmen enroute to Necaxa, a point estate business hero, and was at ono
beyond Mexico City, to take employment ,
wt)i a light and power c6mpany.
Today's passenger list from Mexico Qlty
Includes Bishop Hendrlx of tho Metho
dist Episcopal church', south, of Kansas
City, He was a passenger on the south
bound train which was attacked by rebels
and returned north. Bishop Hendrlx said
that the whereabouts of the northbound
train from Mexico City was not known at
the time of the attack at Ft Salado.
Bishop Hendrlx said the rebel band ap
peared to bear a special grudge against
the National railroad and, Immediately
after robbing the cars of everything use
ful, burned the rolling stock and unde
sirable freight.
State Department Cables Ten Thou
sand to Antbaasndor Wilson.
WA8H3NGTON,. Feb. 1S.-TO protect
Americans ludangered In the firing In
Mexico Cty, Ambassador Wilson was to
day ordered to draw. on the state depart
ment for $10,000. This -could be used for
relief of the destitute or getting Ameri
cans out of Mexico.
Ambassador Wilson's dispatches today
report many houses occupied by Amcrt
Insurnnco in Force December 31,
who owns one of our policies.
cans have been seized by federal troops,
and the occupants driven to the streets.
Homeless and exposed to the fire of both
rebels and federals, the dismayed refugees
made their way, at tho risk of their lives,
to the American embassy, which la now
open to all refugees. Ambassador Wit
son, however, Is now distributing the ma
jority among the adjoining houses by
means of a committee which he ordered.
All dlspatehea to the American embassy
from tho Btate department urge the am
bassador to exert every Influence to
keep non-combatants from the streets.
He reports the arrival of several Ameri
can men and boys; he has given refuge
to between 600 and 800 Americans.
moTS iy chihuahua city
Trouble Due to Attempt
to Itclenne
1SL PASO. Tex., Feb. 13. The riots at
.Chihuahua City were .caused by an at
tempt of rebels to liberate prisoners in
the penitentiary, say American refugees
who nci-lved this morning on a bela'-d
pascnger train.
They reported that a truce had bce.i
mado between General Antonio Itabago,
the federal commander of the northern
military zone, nnd Marccllo Carraveo, a
rebel general. The rebels were permitted
to camp within five miles of the city
and on Tuesday they attempted to opon
the prison. Federal troops prevented the
attempt without bloodshed. A riot fol
- Jt wa-J said that the situation
showed Uie best feeling between the
rebels and government troops, but that
General Ttabago lnslsted"that opening the
stato prison was going' too far. Quiet
had been restored Wednesday when the
train departed, only to encounter two
burned bridges below Juarez. These were
repaired, but all telegraph lines to the
s.tate capital remain cut.
Tho refugees reported tho federal, troops
were expected to welcome the Plaz revolt
In event of Madero's defeat and would,
be Joined by the rebels. A prp-
Madero sympathy seems to exist amontf
tho volunteers, or troops, many of'whotr
fought as Insurrcctos In the Madero roy.o.
lutlon, These, however are In the minor-
lty. This same condition appears "to ex'tt
and TCnsIgn Guthrie, who wero passing
through tho streets. Neither was Injured,
Officials here are alarmed. Acapulro
baa been a storm center of revolutionist!
for soveral weeks and the Denvor wan
protecting Americans there when the
assassination of President Araujo nf Sal
vador and the gathering' of war clou id
over all Central .America made It necei
8ary to ed tho crulfler to Abulia,
Officials at the. State department tcel
the gravest concern for the safety cf
Americana in Acapulcq pending the ar
rival of tho cruiser South Dakota, due
there Sunday. .
t(.mo. a part owner of the Lyric theater.
Sho was 37 years old and leaves three
PLNiH iBBiK bJ r Meal
KHL&riSL ..KJ'rLlLV Ht3lVr SpMtlrinr. favonr dish oi
LNgr JlKX'WvSx ' iHb fVv Pautt Spuhettl in .Iwtntr
IQTvr jBC I nJ'Iju8-(j jAnd whit t dish
mwvlslV tLH Kr ''Spaghetti and Borne ol Its Uses" Is a
ktLcT'CSahXm.PiH reape book that tells hew many teinptint
MV x5W3&SS5J? dishes can be made ol
pfllll FAUST
iH ' NfiT "HfNw Write tor IMo-dsy-It's Iree. 'aut
B t NJwfcsf NT?Lx. Si Spaghetti Is nourUliinx.bdnz extremely
iH - 1 Nfifc, f rfcrJaV rich In luten,th bone.musclcandlleth
K MAULL v a 3su ou"der' Cn" 'n aled packages,
BROS. NL SjMwI M all grocer' 5c
HrSt. LohIx. Ma. NT and 10c package.
Reserve, Actuaries Four Per Cent (Full
Reserve) . , $4,171,769.00
Agents' Credit Balance's- 11,084.41
Death Losses Reported, Proofs Not In 18,000.00
Promiums Paid in Advance. .... .1 .".V 3,903.3'J
Surplus . .'. ,. 1,613,438.95
. .
Income Exceeded Disbursements $ 895,735.86
Gain of Insurance in Force ;'.'..'.... 6,425,622.00
Insurance Issued 9,300,058.67
1912 .$38,022,411.88
Write us for an agency.
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delphia. They contnlned principally an
account of the most disquieting feature
of the fighting In Mliclcb' Clty-the killing
of two American women yesterday.
Administration officials look with much
apprehension on the offect of tho killing
of two Americans, nnd one of the first re
sults of the Incident was last night's
order to Ambassador Wilson to warn all
Americans out of the danger zone.
Ambassador Wilson's course so far naa
the unqualified approval of tho admlnlK
tratlon, though some of the army nun
question his attempt to stop hostilities
Admitting that his aim was to protect
lives of Americans and other foreigners,
they believe there will bo less bloodshed
and a speedy termination of tho rebellion
If the combatants are allowed to fight :t
Secretary Knox and his Immediate ad
visers, however, do not accept this view
and although instructions have been sent
to the ambassador to do everything pos
sible to Induce the American residents
of Mexico City to vacato their homes
tempdrnrlly and go to somo place of
safety tllere Is no disposition there to
criticize Mr. Wilson for his actionj of
Navy In Ready
Prepared for a call of battleships, the
Navy department has kept Admiral Bad
ger, In command of the Atlantic fleet at
Guantanatno, advised of developments.
The ships, with hanked fires,' are ready
:to movo at onco to Vera Cruz or Tarn
plco. Tho marine corps, always ready, Is pre
pared for Immediate embarkation oflts
companies at the Atlantic coast navy
yards and stations. The marine force on
the Panama canal zone Is ready to move.
Telegrams to the War department from
tho threo posts In New York state, where
the regiments of tho FJrst army brlgudc
are stationed, report that body of about
3,000 mcp Ip. condition to start for Now
port News within three hours after an
order from the. chief of staff.
LINCOLN, Feb.1 13.-Governor Kber-
h?rt of Minnesota was the chief speaker
tonight at tho twenty-fourth iin'nual ban
quet of the 'Young Men's Republican club
pf LJncgln,. The dinner, planned origin
ally for tiio date of Lincoln's birthday,
was delayed a day to permit tho accopt
anco of Governor Eberhart.
His subject was "Abreham Lincoln."
Other speakers wcro Judge John B.
Iiarncs of the Nebraska supreme court,
anrf members of the Nebraska legislature.
"The heritage left by Lincoln," said
GdiVPrnor Kb'erhart, "has made possible
the, preservation of our national Integrity
and rapid., progress In rthe realization of
popular government. It Is true we can
not eradicate, Belflshness. nnd establish
perfection, but every year a"s It passes
by marks some distinction achievement
which brjngs us nearer to the Ideal form
ofgovernment. We are constantly open
ing now highways along every field of
thought and action, political Industrial
and social."
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taUuros. Not until I recetved some Outl
aw Boap and Ointment did I find any
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pfes on his back, stomach and limbs which
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Ho wooM scratch cassmg thorn to pain and
bteed. Tbo sUo anmod them was red and
Inflamed. Ho scratched bo that I bad to put
Boen undejtwtac jurat to his skin.a3he wool
en garment soemod to hrttate especially at
zught, making him cross and fretful.
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