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Society to mt auto show
Iftll' Are Interested in the Latest Out
put of the Factories.
loseaeflt to Be Rlren for the Child
f Snrlnir loatltute Mny Are)
' 8llt Seeking? "Warmer
iIONOAT Mr. and Mrs. Edwin 8wJf
eeninl onuxo lor rai a-jui
of Kansas City; Mrs. Samuel Duma,
hostena of the Monday Brld&o club;
openlw? of the Automobile enow; Aua.
VVllllam Nesbltt, hoatraa of the Frt
Crook Headlnc club; Mrs. F. Q, Strltt
Inger, hoatwa of the Army Bridge duh;
Mlsa Malvlna Newman. O. C. B. W.
Tl'ESDAT Mrc. Robert Blaine, at home
at l-ori umana; umaim oimimuuj
eheatra ronrrrt at Bfandela.
1 WEDNESDAY Society nlfrht at Auto
mobile show; Ak-Sflr-Bon opera at the
Brandeis; Mrs. II. 1 AVoodford, hoateH
of the Bureka Whlat club; Mrs. Mas
Bmlth. hostess of the B. O. T. club.
fflll'BHDAY Mrs. Klmer Meredith, hnot
cea of the Twentieth Century KennlnK
ton club; Mrs. Illanche "Whltlock, host
cis of tho Informal BrldRo club; meet
of the Junior branch of the Omaha po
cletv of Fine Arts; Mrs. U Norruan,
hostess of the Golden Olow club; Itob
ert Bmmet celebration and banauot at
Hensliaw hotel. ... ,
arniDAY Mm. Curtis Cook, hostess of
the Unanlmo club.
The Automobile show at the Auditorium
(which opens tomorrow la going: to bo a
popular rendezvous for society during
the whole week of Its run. Wednesday
evening has been dedicated to society
and to emphasize the occasion there will
be an extra array of decorations and
In compliment to ono of the daughter
of tho next president of the United
Btates a patriotic dealer has had a motor
car painted "Nell pink," and this car
wilt be on exhibition at the show.
Omaha women who attended the Auto
Bhow in Chicago wero quite lost In ad
miration over ono of the llmolslnes dis
played there. This masterpiece of con
struction was mahogany in color and the
upholstering was luxuriously done in a
rich red brocaded satin. It la not yet
definitely known whether or not It will
be sent to Omaha for the show.
Another car that held the attention of
women at tho Chicago exhibit wbb fin
ished inside In light tan suede leather.
The appointments wero all round and
smooth and it carried a superior air of
refinement seldom realized before. "It Is
really too nlco for practical usage," Bald
cne fair visitor, "and for my part I'd
prefer something not quite so delicate."
Both of these cars were built for the
eye and orders for them, of course, were
Xow and far between.
Potted plants are to adorn the Audi
torium and during the principal hour of
attendance an orchesta will send out en
chanting melodies.
Attractive Visitors.
There are many attractive gueata In
Omaha, and in their honor numerous in
formal social affairs are being given.
AHsa Helen Brown of Seattle, Wash.,
arrived Saturday to visit. Mils Dorothy
Hall. Miss Brown was a' classmate of
Miss Hall at Ingleslde at NewMlfor.
Conn., and la roturnlng from an eastern
Misa ICatuerlne Pond of Minneapolis
was the guest loat week of Mlsa Myra
Brcckenridgo for a day or two. Mlsa Pond
was a claasmatq of Mlsa Brcckenridgo at
Bmlth college, 1 tjt
Miss Florence ITpdlke, who has bcen
the guest of Mrand lira. Robert Updike
tor en days, returns shortly to Chicago.
Mrs. Howard Baldrig entertained at
luncheon and bridge Tuesday to nnot
Miss Baldrigo of Hollldayaburg, and Frt
day Mrs. Baldrigo' again Invited eight o
aw inenas to meet miu uaiange, at
luncheon, followed by bridge.
Mrs. Edwin Morrison of Kansas City is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. 1.
ffuhey, until March 1.
Complimentary to Mrs. C. W, Nunn of
Joplln. Mo., who la visiting Mrs, C. B.
rwhltnoy, numerous luncheons and thea
ter parties are being given.
Senator and Mrs. Hitchcock arrived
from Washington Friday of last week
and were with Mr. and Mrs.Ooorly until
Friday, when they returned to tho capital.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moonlight Mur
phy of Kansas City, who have been tits
sutata of Mrs. Murphy.'a mother, M.-c,
G. C. Thompson, left for their homo 'Fri
day evening. They will leavo for New
York March 8, where they will sail for
Buenos Ayres, Argentine to make their
Suture home.
Miss Jean Sterling of Chicago, who has-
teen tho guest of Mlsa Carmellta Chose,
baa returned to her home.
Child Saving Institute Benefit.
A largo benefit bridge party will be
Clven March 10 at the Prairie Park club
house for the Child Saving Jjiatltute. A
number of women Interested in pie In
stitute -will have charge of. the affair
and a small admission fee will be
Numerous attractive prizes wilt bo
awarded and a large attendance la ex
pected. The rooms of the dub house
have been donated fnr hn .
and tho affair Is in charge of Mesdames
jj. jieimer, any -Baker, E. R.- wtlBoh,
ST- N. JLooml. A. R, Hobart, 13. A.
French. R. M. Harris., d, U Blhdman
and E. IL Ward.
iFor Mrs. ttunn.
Mrs. C. B.' Whitney gave a luncheon
Saturday at her homa fnr h. m. f
C W. Nunn of Joplln, Mo. Red rosea
and deorgo Washington decorations were
uaed for the table and those present
K. K. Iiokerlng.
W. N. Hellen.
Ilarlun Bennett,
C. B. Ronev,
E. V. Arnold,
C. 11. Whitney.
C. W. Nunn.
Joplln. Mo.
I & Whttmore,
C. O. Wilson,
W, T. Hause.
-Allan Parmer,
William Ilufman.
W. Calvin.
T. B. Buchanan,
O. M. Hralth,
Harry Hawk,
W. J, Pickering.
A, It, Longwell,
iJL B. Boylea,
Ileasurea Past
Tho V. II. II club met with Mrs. C.
Dohn. 22C BontU Fourteenth street FrU
flay afternoon. Tho prizes were won by
Sirs. M. Ferron, Mrs. D. Oellus. Miss A.
Bhavllk. Those present were:
Mesdames Mesdames
XX. GeUu. O. Botnnicr.
A. Stelnhoefer, W. Wents.
H. K. Rettnera, A. Morrison.
C Kohler. B. Kaufman.
Ferron, A. Hharllk.
W. Finney. P. Hansen,
g. Burke. Hall.
C. Rpckholm. O. Pohn.
U. S, Grant Post. Grand Army or the
Republic, and Woman's Relief corps No.
10 were delightfully entertained Thura
(ay evening, February SO, at North
Visitor in
Ono of Seattle's Soolal Favorites,
hostesses. Old glory and carnations car
ried out the patriotic decorations. Rev.
J. Franklin Han delivered ah address on '
"Lincoln" nnd Rev. Frcdorlo " Ioavltt
ouloglzcd "Tho Father of Our Country."
The male quartette of Pearl Memorial
church sang tins old war songH on-
thustlcally and the boys nnd girts joined
In the chorus. Selection wero sung by
Mlsa Sayne, Colonel ind Mrs. J. A,
Bempstor. Miss Preston gave two recita
tions, ono of which was tho "Minuet."
Mr. and Mra, Edward Fanning enter
tained a children's paity at their homo
Sunday afternoon in honoil of their
daughter, Margaret's eleventh birthday. :
The evening was spent In games. A
dainty lunch was served. Prizes wero
won by Margaret Wllfon and Mammlo,
Ryan. Tho"so 'present -wcr.
Misses . MlsKAs
Mary Byrno . .. Margarot.Corcoran,
Genlevo McQoldrick, Nora Toye,
iHinerine;vurcoranr Kstner oasper.
Uiollo Casper, CathrlnoFannlng.
Agnea jiii
Virginia McOoldrlok,
Margaret Wilfon,
May Whalen,
Myrtlo Dougherty
Holtfp, Corjofan
Margaret Fanning.
Thtlma Peterson,
juargaret isastman,
Barbara Augustine
Maurlno Ryan,
Omaha Symphony Concert. .
cne of the big social oVonts of the week
will be the concert given ther Omaha
Symphony orpheaa at thfr Brondcls
theater Tuesday evening. Many theater
parties are planned for that evening and
box, parties' will bp given bMr. and Mrs.
T J.' Malmney, Mr. and- Mrs. Herbert
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. H. ic Mansfield,
Misses Carrie and Helen Millard and Mr
E. M. Anderson. Other parties will be
given as follows;
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Clark will have as
their guests Bishop Frank Bristol and
wife and Rev. J. Scott Bbereoll and wife,
ana Mr. and Mrs. Todd of PlatUmouth.
Mr, and Mrs. Oeorge Mlckel will hava
ni guests Mr, and Mrs. I. A. Medlar.
Mr, and Mrs. William Herdmon. four:
Mr. nnd Mrs. James Hunter, fours Mr
and Mrs. Roscoe Lemcn, two.
TUo out-of-town guests will be: Mr.
and Mrs. J. M, Cox nnd Miss Elisabeth
Cox of Pe'lla, In,; Mr. and Mra F. A.
Snoy of Albert -Ijeo, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs.
Qharies It. Brown of Des Moines, la.
Jfltu Sigma Theater -Party.
A number of the members of Mu SlgmaMlclael,6n' celebrated her birthday yes
club attended the matinee Saturday after.
noon at tho Brandeis to see Sothern and
Mariowo In "As you Uko It" Tho oo-
casslon celebrates tha twenty-first an
niversary of tho organization of thla club.'
Those present were;
Mesdames MArintn
Charles Axtell, Ji -b. Potter,
N. P. Fell. Inrk Nntila
T. W. Gunther. Hlcknell.
vicuifcu xnuinpsun, roriou,
Frank Boyd.
a. ii. earners,
13. M. Axtell.
John McDonald.
F. S. Holmes,
"C. O. Belden,
F. W. Foster.
George Platner.
A. C, Davenport,
Iti-an. . .
W. K. Squires.
Charles Balltett,
George Payne,
Frederlnk. Rouse.
P." M. Conkllii,
James Patton.
Oreenhlatt-Fre'eman -.Wedding.
Announcement is madeof tha wedding
of Miss Theresa Freeman und'Mri Sam
uel Groenblatt both ot this city, who
were u inArrtod, In , Cnjcag-o February lfl
IHE Truth1 About
my Spring Suits
I am sincere in my,belief when I
say that my tailored creations this
season will surpass any that I have
offered in the past.
In short, you should possess a "La
. Book" Tailored Suit this Spring
, a garment fairly yivitf with style
yet with that refinedy touch that
indicates exclusiveness.
Webster-Sunderland tefdf.
Quest of Miss Dorothy Hall.
Rabbi Levy of that city officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. Greenblatt have returned
from a brief wedding trip and will ro
slde at tho Flat Iron hotol. Ths groom
is manager of one of the departments
of the Nebraska Clothing company.
For Secretary 0 Belief Sooiety.
Mrs. N. I typhis, who has been secre
tary of the Jewish Ladles' Relief society
for the last eight years, was given a
surprise party at Continental hall on
Wednesday afternoon by tho society. The
afternoon was spent at cards and prizes
wero won by Mrs. B. Chedeck and Mrs.
IL ICraaivo. Mrs. Rypfns woa presented
with a handsome candelabra in honor of
her service to tho club. She will leave
the first of tho month for Iowa, where
she. will make her home.
Engagement Annouhoed.-
: Mr. and Mrs. B. Meyers announcer tho
ngagomnl of. ,thlr daughter. Tony,- to
Tilr. Charles pauitzman qt council uiuiia.
The date of the wedding una not Deen
Wei3.Wolfe Engagement.
Mr Barney Wolfe of Now York, for
merly ot Omaha, announces tho engage
ment of his sister, Mlas Fannie Wolf 9.
to Mr. Max Weiss of Cleveland, O.
Washington Party.
Mrs. S. B Beats, 8U South Thirty-
fourth street, gave a dinner party at her
lionio at 4:90 Saturday evening to eleven
youpg men, members of tho class of
Charles. Shed, teacher .at tho Sunday
sol'ool of the First Baptist church. After
(lie tier a pleasant evening was spent at
frames, .prizes being awarded for the va
rious contests, The affair, was in eels
bratlon of Washington's birthday, and
the rooms were tastefully decorated with
flags, cherries and hatchets, symbolic of
tho day. The guests were.
Stanley Smith,
Tdllton Hublck,
Eugene Rusaum,
Roger Rase.
Dewey Beats.
Fied Curtis,
John Sunderland.
Ad Cloyd,
iiurton i toward,
Wllbor Followay,
Dewey Weber,
Xememhers Washington.
Miss Charlotte Mlchaelson, 12-yvar-old
daughter ot City Electrician Woldemar
terd&y and decorated the Mlchaelsen
home in true George Washington style,
American flogs being draped from every
point of vantage.
outage. i
u. s. wTv.
Auxiliary U. S. W. V, Entertains.
Tha auxiliary of Henry W. , Iwton,
United Spanish War Veterans, .wars en
tertained Thursday afternoon at high five
at the home of Mrs. Walter Jones. Thosa
present were:.
Mesdames Mesdames
A. O. Fins. W. R. Blackctt
,H. Nealy, Perry Miller,
.n. isyeiana, u. Travis,
George Lbrens, H Anderson.
William Butler M. Neary.
Richard IClsslIng 1 H. AVehrle,
II. D. Corneao, ' - Cadai Taylor,
I-. O. Wheler, Walter Jonea.
T.I. Walsh. 1
Birthday ' Surprise Party.
Mr. F.1I. Chtlds entertained at a sur
pries party at their home Wednesday
evening to celebrate Mra, Chllda' birth-
16tK and Haward Streets
day. The evening was spent with card a
The winners were, Mrs. II, B. Jtemlers
and Mrs. R, H. ISyors. Thoeo present
Mr. and Mrs. F. Kroll.
Mr. and Mrs. I a. A. Yost.
Sir. and Mrs. II, B. Romlers.
Mr. and Mm J. A. Fehr.
Mlsa C. Price.
Mr. R. II. Eyera.
Mr. and Mrs. F. It. Chlids.
Et-A-Virp Bal Pondre.
The Et-A-VIrp club entertained at a
Bal Poudre, Friday evening at Metro
polltan hall. Supper was served In tho
parlors. Wednesday evening, March 12,
there will be a theater party at tho Or
pheum, to be followed by supper at the
Henshaw. The following wrra nr.nt VSH.
vday evening:
Etolla Jensen,
Helen Rossen,
Margaret Herman,
Ueorglp ICIslle,
Kdna Folks,
Agnes lament,
Merl'o'Jpf fries.
Viola ItoHenflcld,
.Mildred Hntuer.
l.ottlo McIIcnry.
Dora Sass.
Alfreda Powell,
Donelu Jones,
Kvelyn Sprlltnan,
Gertrude Grucnlg,
I.uola Qranden,
Hnzol Ochiltree,
Kmncls Thomas,
Klowor Alexander,
Matilda Andreesen,
"JPflilne Gopttsche, Agnes Nielsen.
iianeii iook.
tl" "'c.Muuen, uuutte Jackson,
Kutulla Ixrec. Florence Dooley,
Ksslo Aarrons. Alfle Johnson.
. .r.?r? 1 .KcIIff. Ireno IJndgard,
Judith Palm, Ruth Farroll,
Mn rrn T a irf.n. t r i n
Augusta Mfngedoht, Adeline Hpecht
Klla Ifinl.V.
Margaret Past,
Nancy Haze,
W. H. Dana.
A. Ij. Reynolds,
R. E. Clayborn,
George Rowlcs,
J3. H. Howley,
Dr. F. C. Lage.
Dr. N. H. Attwood,
J. A. Westoott.
Thor Anderson,
Clark Cheney,
David Fox,
C. N. Stephanek,
Olo Bennett
Tj. E. Johnson,
Fred Whlttcmore,
M. A. Miller,
F. W. Vnpor,
C. A. McCann,
Freeman Ilrndford,
Oscar Mnlstrom,
Tiurlce Hansen,
J. Kuhn.
C. B. Hakwy,
Otto Nielsen,
Bum Crozler,
C. E. Hall,
Dr. H Gsantner,
C. M. Tex,
E. E. Kinenhart,
Reno Rosenfleld,
Dr. C. F. Pnttnn.
F. A. Coulter,
u. J. Hubbard,
Claude Rife,
W. E. Allen.
P. S. Swnncutt.
Poroy Gwynne,
A. I I.leok,
A. Kellstroin,
F. S. Spellman,
Henry I.ngp,
Fred Mengedoht,
a. S. Felt.
Mr. and Mrs. B
r. nri1 Aft Tlnval flnff
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Strlngfellow,
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Buchtell.
Mr, and Mrs. John J. McMahon,
Mr. and Mrs. Guy O. Hale,
Dr. nnd Mrs. H, B. Newton,
For the Future.
Miss Malvlna Newman will, entertain
tho O. C. B. W. club Monday evening at
her homo.
Celebrate Washington's Birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Washington enter
tained Saturday In honor of George
Washington's birthday. About seventy
five guests were present
Army Dinner Party.
Captain and Mrs. F. O. Btribrtngcr, Jr..
entertained at dinner Friday evening.
The decorations were yellow and covers
wero laid for:
Colonel and Mrs. C. Bt John Chubb,
Colonel and Mrs. E. P. Pembloton.
Major and Mrs. F. B. Evans,
Captain and Mrs. F. G. StriUlnger, Jr.
In and Ont of the Bee Hive.
Mr. Harry O'Neill Is In Omaha thla
week from "Myrtlo Farm."
Mr. Harry Burkley went , to Colfax
springs Inst night for the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Smith haV'e re
turned from & stay of several weeks in
and Mrs; Henry Wyman anachl!
dren leave, today for calx-, weeks' stay
In California. '
Mr. William Jackson was in Omaha a
few days this week, leaving yesterday
for Chicago.
Judgo Redlck went to Minneapolis Tues
day to sco his grandson; who Is at the
Abbott hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Odin C. Mackay have re
turned to Chicago after a visit with Rev.
and Mrs. T. J. Mackay.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Magee, who have
been at Green Cava Springs, Flo. with
aunts,- are now at Balls Air.
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Gifford landed
Monday from tho West Indies, but will
not reach Omaha before March.
Mra. D. R. Gilbert ot Warren, O., ar
rives Sunday to' spend a fortnight visit
ing her; sister,- Mrs. F. E. Fearce.
Mrs. George C Mclntyra returned the
latter part of last week from a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Storrs Bowen, at Fort
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Boott ot Omaha
have Joined the pleasure seekers ot
Arkansas Hot Springs. They are gueata
at the Eastman hotel.
Mrs. Richard Carrington returned Fri
day from her former home in Hannibal,
Mo. Mrs. Carrington sang the role of
"Mabel" in the ' comic opera, "Tho
Pirates of Penzance," given by the
Apollo club ot Hannibal last week.
Hall - Borchert Dress Forms
We are tho original authorized agents for this famous line ot
Dress Forms, the best produced. We carry none but tho genuine
Hall-Borchert and will offer the entire line at SPKCIAIi BARGAIN
A very
on Bale
Clip fcptrtstoprt
Tho Queen
The very best
adjustable form
produced, Is
more comfort
able and per
fect than any
other orm on
the market.
Sale prlco,
$10.50 Pric. $1.39
We furnish any Hall-Borchert Form made.
Mr. Edgar W. Pollack: of Havana,
Cuba, formerly of Omaha, arrived Sun
day morning to visit his mother, Mrs.
Alexander Pollack, and his sister, Mrs.
Charles Elgutter. Mr. Pollack, who has
been In Cuba for twelve years, comes
north each year, usually during the win
ter, to enjoy the cold weather for a few
weeks. Mr, Pollack plana to go to tho
Pacific coast before returning to Cuba
early in May.
Personal Gossip,
Mra. David Baum is at the Nicholas
Senn hospital, where she underwent a
alight operation Wednesday.
Mrs.' A. J. Vlerllng has returned home
after taking the rest cure for several
weeks in iho Clarkson hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Harry Montgomery have
purchased a newhomo in Dundee v near
the Happy Hollow club, which they will
occupy tho first of May.
Mr. and Mrs. E F. Fold a are making
Pasadena their headquarters for the win
ter and, taking long, automobile trips out
from that point Their, children ore with
Mrs. Folda's sister at Colorado Splnrgs..
Mrs. B. H. Spraguo is still at the Meth
odist, hospital, but expects to be suffi
ciently recovered to be moved the latter
part ot next week to the Loyal, where
she and Mr. Spraguo are staying this
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Ringwalt early
In March, will remove from Omaha to
take residence In Port Townsend, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Ringwalt go to Port Town-
send that they may there Join their
daughter, Mrs. Harry De Mi Hopkins, and
her two sons.
While Officer Charles Whelan Wa'a fast
aa'.eep in his rooms at 912 North Sixteenth
street Friday night a sneak thief entered
his apartments and stole his revolver
from underneath the pillow. Whelan im
ported the theft at headquarters. Now
all the cops are on the lookout for the
thief and the gun.
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
A com
plete, ad
justable form
the best
toother Always A
The Hall-Borchert
Form, ad
justable at hip,
neck and waist,
on sale SO. 00
The nnll-Bor-chrt
Stand; on sale
Monday $1.25
Stand $lin
i. rffti i i ii i ii i '
February 24th
Spring Corset Fashion Is Set
You Need Wait No Longer
Accurately designed to set off the Spring
Fashions in Dress, the new Warner corset
styles will be in all the shops tomorrow. You
can buy the corset over which to fit your
Spring and Summer gowns.
Long skirts are still in vogue, closely encasing
the hips, with full waist and medium bust, to
give the straight lines which will be seen agai n
this Spring. . j
Whether for, the long, clinging skirt, the fanci
ful drape,, or, for the trim fitting tailored gown
the Warner styles will givQ the proper lines.
They Are Authoritative
We study Jhe dress tendencies in advance and
every Warner's Corset is actually adapted to
the Season's Fashion in Dress. You can plan
your spring wardrobe at once. Have it fitted
over a Warner's and every detail will be as it
Warner's Rust-Proof Corsets are Fashion's Standard,
but that is not all. Thoy have become the world's lead
ing corset, thanks to their comfort and, easy' flexibility,
and because every pair is guaranteed Not toMwt, Break
or Tear.
Have you seen the Warner Brassieres? They fit. "When
worn with Warner's Corsets they envelop the figure
with smooth, unbroken line from hip to shoulder.
Buy Your "Warner's
Tomorrow at all the Stores
Sold Everywhere $ 1 .00 to $ 8 .00
the tone resonator,
a device which re-
tains the arch in the sound
ing board, giving abso
lute assurance that the fine
tone quality will remain
permanent no matter;
how old the instrument.
1513-15 DOUGLAS ST,
Twenty-fourth street, with Mrs. B- O.
Sweas and Mrs. B, F. Ilffenbacher as

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