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"Well, Chlof, thcro 's a 'but,' namely;
that tlio thrCo detectives had this list in
their hands when tho guests arrived nnd
that they still had it when tho guests
left. Sixty-thrco camo in and sizty-thrco
went away. And it wasn't tho servants
or tho detectives."
''.'But, still," said tho Chief, impa
tiently, "if tho robbery was committed
from tho itisido ..."
"That is beyond dispute," declared
tho inspector. "My conviction gradually
beenmo so positive that I ended, ono day,
byi.drnwing up this startling axiom: in
theory nnd in fact, tho robbery can only
have been committed with tho nssistnnco
of an accomplice staying in the house.
Whereas,. thcro wns no accomplice!"
, "That 's absurd," Baid Dudoiys. ..
"Quito absurd," said Ganimard.
"But, at tho very moment when I( ut
tered -that absurdity, tho truth flashed
M. DuriouiB sat silent. Tho saino
phenomenon' that iiad taken plnco m
(Janimard was evidently tnking place in
him. He muttered:
"If it's not o. 3 of tho guests, nor
tho servnnta, nor tha privnto detectives,
then there 'h no one leit . . . "
"Yes, Chief, thero 's ono left ..."
M. Dudouis started as if lio had re
ceived a shock; and, in a voico that be
trayed Ills excitement:
"It 'h preposterous! How can Spar
miento liavo been Lupin's accomplice f"
(Innimard gavo a littlo chucklo:
"Exactly, Arseno Lupin's accomplice!
. . . That explains everything. Dur
ing tho night, while tho threo detectives
wero downstairs wntching or sleeping
rather, for Colonel Sparmicnto had given
them chaiiipnguo to drink and perhaps
doctored it beforehand tho said colonel
took down tho hangings and passed them
out through tho window of his bedroom.
Tho room is on tho second floor nnd looks
out on another street, which wns not
watched, becnuso tho lower windows aro
walled up."
M. Dudouis reflected, and then shrugged
his shoulders:
"If tho colonel had been Arseno
Lupin's accomplice, ho would not hnvo
committed suicido after achieving his
success," ho muttered.
"Who says ho committed suicido!"
"Mine. Sparmicnto identified tho
body." -
"I thought you would say that, Chief.
Her identification worried mo, too."
Ganimard took a bundlo of news
papers, untied it and handed ono of them
to M. Dudouis.
"You remember, Chief, last timo you
wero here, I was looking through tho
papers ... I wanted to seo if some
thing had not happened then that might
bear upon tho enso and confirm my sup
position. Pleaso read this paragraph. ' '
M. Dudouis took tho paper and rend
"Our LUIo correspondent Informs us
that a curious Incident has occurred
there. A corpse has disappeared from
the local Morgue, the corpse .of an un
known man who threw himself under
the wheels of a steam car on the day
before. No one Is able to suggest a
reason for the disappearance,
. .1
M. Dudouis sat ' thinking and then
"So . . . you believe . . .t"
"I liavo just coino from Lille," ro
plied Ganimard, "and my inquiries leavo
no doubt in my mind. Tho corpso was
removed on tho snino night on which
Colonel Sparmiento gavo his housowarm
ing. It wns taken straight to Villo
d'Avrny by automobile; and tho car to
malned near tho tunnel until evening."
"So that tho body which was found in
tho tunnel was tho stolen corpse, dressed
in Colonel Siwrmionto 's clothes; and
Colonel Sparmiento is not dead!"
"No moro dead than you or I."
"But then why all these complications?
Why tho theft of ono tapestry, followed
by its recovery, followed by tho theft
of tho twelvot Why that housewarmingf
Why that disturbance! Why everything!
Your story won't hold water, Ganimard."
"Only becnuso you havo stoppe.d half
wny ; because wo must go still farther,
very much fartlior, in tho direction of tho
i improbablo and tho astounding. Eemem
ber that wo nro dealing with Arseno
I Lupin. With him, is it not alwayff just
tho improbablo and tho astounding that
wo must look for! Now, consider: Con
federates only betray you. Why employ
con federates, when it is so easy and so
natural to act for yourself, by yourself,
with your own hands and by tho means
within your own reach!"
"What aro you saying!" cried M.
ANIMARD gavo a fresh chucklo:
"Takes your breath away, Chief,
doesn't it! So it did mine, when the
notion wns beginning to grow upon me.
But it is quito possiblo and quito logical
nnd quito normal. A schoolboy would
solvo tho problem in n minute, by a sim
ple process of elimination. Take away
tho dead man: therp remains Sparmi
cnto and Lupin. Tako away Sparmi
cnto ..."
"Thero remains Lupin," muttered
tho chief-detective.
"Yes, Chief, Lupin transferred, for
tho past six months, into Colonel Sparmi
cnto, traveling in Brittany, hearing of
tho discovery of tho twelve tapestries,
buying them, planning tho theft of tho
best of them, so as to draw attention to
himself, Lupin, and divert It from him
self, Sparmicnto. Next, ho brings about,
in full view of tho gaping public, a noisy
contest between Lupin and Sparmiento
or Sparmicnto nnd Lupin, plots nnd re
alizes tho houscwarming party, terrifies
his guests and, when everything is ready,
arranges for Lupin to steal Sparmiento 's
tapestries and for Sparmiento, Lupin's
victim, to disappear from sight and to
dio unsuspected, unsuspectable, regrottcd
by his friends, pitied by tho public and
leaving behind him, to pocket tho profits
of tho swindlo ... a disconsolate
widow. ' '
"Mme. Sparmicnto! But tho profits,
it seems to me, lio in tho salo of tho
tapestries which Lupin himself will effect
in America or elsowhcre."
"First of all, yes. But Colonel Sparmi
ento could havo effected that salo just as
well. And oven better. So there's some
thing more. . . . Nothing less than
tho insuranco money."
M. Dudouis was staggered. Thowholo
business suddenly becamo clear to him,
with its real meaning. Ho muttered:
"That 's truo! . . . That 's true!
. . . Tho colonel had insured his
tnpestries ..."
"Very much so! For eight hundred
thousand francs; in five different com
"And lias Mme. Sparmicnto had tho
' ' Sho got n hundred nnd fifty thousand
francs yesterday ana two hundred tnou
snnd today, whilo I was away. Tho re
maining payments aro to bo made in tho
courso of tins week."
TIIE chiof-dctectivo was silent for somo
A time. Then, ho mumbled: "Lupin
is a wonderful rogue."
"Yes. Chiof," said Ganimard imprcs
sively. "For his plan to succeed, all tho
indignation and nil tho inquiries had to
bo concentrated upon .Lupin alone. And
after tho 'suicide,' every ono pitied tho
beautiful, mourning widow, poor Edith
Swan-Neck. Why, tho gentlemen of tho
insurance-companies were almost glad to
placo something in her hands to relievo
her poverty and her griei."
Tho two men wero close together and
did not tako their eyes from each other,
"Who. is tho woman!" tho Chief
nnpped out.
"Sonia KritchnolY, the Russian girl
whom I arrested last year, at tho time
of tho theft of the coronet, and whom
Lupin holpcd to escape."
"Aro you sure!"
"Absolutely. I was put off tho scent
like everybody else, by Lupin's machina
tions and had paid no particular attention
to her. But, when I realized tho part sho
was playing, 1 remcmbored. oho is cer
tninly Sonia, metamorphosed into an
Englishwoman; Sonin, tho most innocent
looking and tho trickiest of actresses;
Sonia, who would not hesitate to faco
death for lovo of Lupin."
"A good catch, Ganimard," said M.
Dudouis, approvingly.
"I 'vo something better still for you,
Chief! Lupin's old foster-mother has
been here since Mmo. Sparmiento began
playing the widow; she 's the cook."
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