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The Omaha Daily Bee
Rain or Snow
VOL. XLll NO. -J17.
United States Ambassador Issues a
Statement Concerning Condi
tions Existing in City.
People of the Country Turn Thoughts
to Election to Be Held.
Francisco de la Barra to Enter Cam
paign for the Presidency..
Pro IkIiiiiiiI I'rpaldpiit Spuds Kint!
. llplirl Ihlpfo In Adtlap Thrm
nf I'lun if (Jo eminent
Ill liliKTlV.
MEXICO CITY. Kcb. 25. The MpxIchii
government ..today formally ilcclareil
doted Uip place of entry at LnreJo on
the Texas frontier, at the samn time ail
milting that the rebels wore In pofsc
Moii ot the town.
WASHINGTON. I'ob. 25. -'Hie ktllin?
by bandits of Hurls Comnv. mi American
rixW.ru, Infl Sunday lit Los Laureled
Hacienda, Topns. when tlucp other Anicr-ii-
ins nnd h Spaniard escaped wai repot tpd
hero today with the Information that Am
bassador Wilson had requested the Ilil
ertn government at Mexico City to send
tiots for the protection of Americans In
i nit ileum) ui mc uiiimi imm i .
Ambassador Wilson. reporting that nub
ile sentiment ill the Mexican capital
seems undlstuibcd by the Killing of Ma
lrn and Suarez, added that private and
unofficial telegrams Indicate the same
hltuatlon. with few cxei pttons. through
iut the republic. Tho government, evi
dently suspicious of the loyalty f Gov-crnoi-
Carranza ot Coahulla. has refused
to accept' hl- professed adhesion and Is
tending troops against him.
Volunteers In Chihuahua City an; re
ported In arms against the new govern
inriit Tim KtRtp irovernment has elected
Ksibago. the military commander, to the
governorship to succeed Governor Gon
zales, now In prison. Consul Kdwards,
who reports tho situation at Juarez
(drained, savs the former millt-iry and
el officials continue to hold their posts.
Madero Hymiathlzors arc said to be de
stroying railroad property In the vicinity
of Chihuahua City. No trains left there
for tho smith yesterduy morning. Some,
excitement but no disorder Is reported
from Nosales.
Amb.imador Wilson reports that John
Kenneth Turner, the writer, for whom
fears were entertained. Is In no dans"'
John 10. Chapman Is reported safe and
consul Shnnklln ut Mexico City reports
that II. H. Pond and family are iafc ;
a ud that Dr. Harrison has left fur Dallas,
Consul Garrett tcleginphed fiom Neuvo
Laredo that he was osterday attacked
on the street by a saloon keeper because
he had caused the arrest of criminals
who wore operating from the saloon aiid
were robbing Americans.
Political Tension
in Europe Relaxes
VIKNNA. Feb. 20. A reassuring state
ment on the Kuropean situation was
made today byJMho Austrian ,-iremicr.
fount Kail Stuergks. to a deputation of
mombcrs of the Austrian Parliament, lie
Thcic is good giound for the nope that
at no distant date a general i ehix.it! in
cf the present political tension will set In."
This Is taken here as a confirmation if
the announcement that Russia has agreed
Jo the Austrian contention that .Scutari
un st remain part of Albania
It is anticipated that" orders will bo
given shortly for tho dlshandonment of
large bodies of Austro-IIungarlan 10
scrvlsts now In Gallcla near the Russian
. The Weather
Forecast till 7 p. m. Wednesday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Haiti dr snow: warmer.
TruippriiturPN til Onlll.i.'. YcMerilny.
ii - . Hours. Dcg.
, 5 n. in 12
teTgGSJ ii a. jn 12
'Ii 22t'-s' ' " " 13
'Ki- a. in 15
(lJb- io a. m :o
S VSfjX K- " m 22
X Jcfp 1 P. in ffi
A NN P. in ft!
5 ! m 27
S p. in K
l'iniinrnllvc l.ocnl Ileenrri.
1013. 1912. i5u. 1910.
Highest yesterday 27 38 U 30
Lowest yesterday Ii hi 33 24
Mean teniperuture 20 24 X 32
PieclpltRtlon (0 .41 .00 T
Temperature nnd precipitation depar
ting from tho normal:
Normal temperature 27
Deficiency for the day 7
Total pxcefcH since March 1 3S4
Normal precipitation 09 Inch.
Heflclency for the day OS Inch
Total rainfall sine- March 1 . . . .SiSJO lnchs
Ueflolency since March 1 4.37 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1811.13.7S Inches
Deficiency for cor. peilod. 1910.13.71 Inches
Heporln from Statlnna lit 7 P. M.
Station and State Tempera- High- Italn
of Weather. turo. ost. fall.
Cheyuiili, cloudy 31 .00
Daenport. miow 25 .10
Denver. clr 30 31 .00
lies Moines, snow f i .04
Dodge City, cloudy 11 .iX)
l.msJer. clr 1R u .no
North Platte. PI. cloudy. 5 ) .00
111 laliM. cloUJly Ji J7 .00
I'm bio, pt. cloudy 4C SO .flfl
Rapid City, cloudy JO 31 .)
i-'all iMke City, snow 32 34 .31
Santa Fe. i-lear 40 44 .00
H'lrndan. itnow is .01
i"ii l'lt. cllow tt 5!ti T
alentlne. loudy. . ..IK ;'4 10
T indlrats tra' c of precipitation.
It. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
Trooj)s Rushed to Brownsville Un
, der Misunderstanding.
inerlcnn :t Mnlettpd In n
1 nj t'nmnintidcr "f ItniiAr
Mtpnnatriie llpttinrk f
ClIllVll JllllllMOII.
i HUOWNSVlLLi:. Tex, Feb. 35 -The
. dispatch of several companies of state
and federal troop last night to 'protect
Americans against alleged dangers from
Mexican soldiers In Matamoras. Mexico,
appeared today to have been the result
of a decided misunderstanding. Mata
moras. according to Americans arriving
here today, was about the quietest place
on the man during the alleged trouble.
Tlie troops were ordered out when
'Captain Mead of the focal stto forces de-
claied American Consul Johnson at
MRtamoras had asked hhn whether he
Ulead) could enter Mexico if necessary.
Captain Head Immediately wired this, to
Governor Colrjitltt. Consol .loliii.on to
day laughed at reports that ho had been
In peril.
The military commander In Matamorns
If led on .Mexican residents of tho city
lo maintain hli soldiers as protection
against bandits. American."!, however,
were not molested.
While tho rumors were in circulation
lest night Texas state troops were or
deicd lo the border.
LAHKDO. Tex., Kcb. a-.. -Tho Tixis
KaliKcr force here received orders this
morning to proceed to Hrownsvllle, J ex.
One troop of the Fourteenth United State.i
cavalry has left here for lirownsvlll?,
carrying etpilpment for thirty day' lie.J
service. The cavalry is due at lliowns
vllle tonight.
f.nxprimr Colquitt ttxpllpd,
ArSTINTcv. IVb. Ho. "Cessation of
apparent hostilities at Matamoras and
Hrownsvllle Is but temporary. I believe,
declared Governor Colquitt of Texas to
day, "fo one not understanding the situ
ation thoroughly the action of this office
might he misconstrued. For tho last f.uv
lajs telegrams and letters hao .jeer,
received by mo requesting protection and
aid. not only front people In tho vicinity
of Urownsvllle and Matamoras. but nil
along the border. Kvery means of se
curing protection from federal troops wns.
resorted to, with no success. The in
quests for aid continued to pour Into
hcadqiiniterH here and It was necessary
to do something to protect the people
of that section, their property nnd In
terests." Tlie governor Bald he felt that the sec
retary of war and officials at Washing
ton did not realize the situation along the
General 13. 'A. Stecver, In command ot
tho federal troops at San Antonio. It
was understood suggested to Washing
ton the advisability of border guards,
but received no reply.
The American consul at Matamoras ap
pealed to tho Texas ranger force for as
sistance, according to reports reaching
here Inst night, and this was partly re
sponsible for the order to the Texas
national guardsmen to go to Hrownsvllle.
"This office does not caro In any way
to Interfere with federal action, hut bar-
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Two-More Explorers
Are Frozen to Death
in Antarctic Region
SYDNEY. N. S. W.. Feb. 25.-Anothor
was added to tho list of Antarctic tragedies
by the news received here today of the
death of two members of the expedition
commanded by Dr. Douglas Mawson.
The party left Tasmania In 1011. accom
panied by a largo body of scientific men
to explore thoioughly the regions around
the southern magnetic pole.
Once, again tho British army Is affected
by tho loss of a brilliant officer. Ucu
tennnt Ii. U. S. Ncnnls of the famous
Royal Fusiliers regiment. He was a cioso
friend of Captain Lawrence Oates, of Uh
limlskllllng dragoons, who perished while
leturulng from the south pole.
Dr. Mawson also suffered from the
death of Dr. Mcrz. a prominent scientist
and sportsman. After winning the ski.
jumping championship In .Switzerland in
IMS he offered his service to Dr. Mawson.
Lieutenant Ninnlu was the expert of tho
expedition on surveying and Pledging. The
wireless messages hitherto received from
the Aurora do not stato the cause of his
death or of that of Dr. Merz.
Tho expedition started out. not with
any Idea of rushing to the south pole,
but with the-lntention of exploring and
naming the unknown lands of the Ant
arctic and making numerous observations
around the magnetic pole.
According to the wireless reports re
ceived from Dr. Mawson. the principal
objects of the expedition were uttalned
Unfortunately Dr. Mawson and six of
his companions, after they had been
plclud up by the Aurora undertook an
other expedition and were unable to re
join tli ship, which was compelled to
i-e JJicm to spend another year In the
Banner Presented
Cardinal Gibbons
By Suffragists
HAIriMOIUi Md.. Feb. S5Cardln.il
Glbbonf received the buffrnglst army of
the Hudkon in audience today and wis
presented with a "votes for women" tiag 1
by "General" Itosalle Jones, who also ex.
pressed tho hope that the cardinal would
Join them In their fight for woman's
The cardlpal aocepted the banner, bit
declined to commit hlmvlf aa to the
cause his callers advocated. He assured
thermthat he felt honored by their .viMt
and hoped they would not find the heart
of the legislators aa hard as the grown J I
the had tioddcn on or 111(10118 iney!
had stumbled over on theii long journey ,
He shook hands with eaeh of the hiker 1
and gave them his blessing upon tnclr I
After a call upon Actfng Mayor Hubert
at the city hall, to whom "General" Jons
delivered a letter of greeting irom t v
mayor of Wilmington, Dpi., the army wa.
entertained at lunchen Jiy the hyiui f
Jove, an electrical engineers' organization.
Definite Information Supposed to Be
Had in Washington for the
First Time.
, Choice of Commoner Said to Be
' Settled Beyond Question.
No Men Yet Selected for War and
Sclprttnn of A. Mitchell t'nlnier In
ooip INixltlnn Prnlmtilp, lint
Wljanii Would MUp lo Keep
lllni In llmiKp.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 36,-Cablnet gos
sip took n decidedly active turn about
the capltol today. Democratic leaders
ptofessed for tho fltst time to speak with
deflnlteness regarding the official family
of Presldent-to-be Wilson. It was evi
dent that something more than specula
tion had come to the knowledge of thoie
closely Identified wild the new adminis
tration, but the sources of this Informa
tion weie not disclosed.
It was said that the cabinet as a whole
had been completed Willi the exception
of a sccietary of war and. a secretnry of
agriculture. The choice of W. J. Ilryan
as scrretnry of state Is looked upon as
definitely settled. Another appointment
spoken of as definite Is that of Albeit S.
Uurleson of Texas as postmaster general,
although it was said Mr. Hurlcson might
bo shifted to the secretaryship of the In
terior before the personnel of tho cabinet
Is announced.
Others believed to have been decided
upon for cabinet poittollos aic Josephus
Daniels of North. Uarollna and William
G. McAdoo of Ifpy .York. Democrats be
lieved to bo In pyetfHlon of accurate In
formation riom Trfhlflil decline to Indi
cate the portfolios to widen Daniels and
McAdoo might be assigned.
Tvi liOKPrn In Hupp.
Some of the Information Is of a neg
ative character. It was asserted with
considerable posltlvncss that neither
Representntlvo Robert L. Henry of Texas
nor Kdwnrd R. Walker of New Jersey
would ho designated as attorney general.
Tho selection of A. Mitchell Palmer of
Pennsylvania as attorney general or in
somo other cabinet position was consid
eied probable, but In some quarters It
was' said that Mr. Wilson was desirous
ot utilizing Mr. Palmer's services In tho
howo of representatives.
Dompcrntlc leaders today declared that
the cabinet formation ,had now reached
a stage where formal announcement
might he be expected In u few days.
Strength was added to tho report of
Mr. Burleson's selection as a member of
tlie cabinet wjien. as chairman of the
hotiso democratic caucus he Issued the
following statement late today:
"When 1 call tho democratic caucus to
order 011 thb fifth day of March I shall
ask It too select my successor. 1 will not
ho a candldnte to succeed myself. 1 have
nothing to add to this statement."
Bryan Blocks Deal
to End Deadlock
at Springfield, 111,
CHICAGO, Feb. 25. A telegram foin
William J. Hryaif to Governor 1)1111.1.",
made public today, calling on the dtmo
crats of Illinois to sacrifice both s-en-Htorshlps
rather than to accept the shon
term only. Is believed by members of ihc
legislature to have made Impossible nnv
termination of the deadlock through a
Shcrman-Ivcwls ileal.
This Is the message from Colon.-l
"Papers report the republicans Jemand
the long term as the only condition 00
which they will co-operate. I think t
would ho a serious mistake to agree 'o
that. The democrats are entitled to the
long term. Hetfer ullow the rcKuWr re
publicans to combine tvlth tho progress
ives than that."
iFiom a Staff Correspondent.)
MNCOI..N. Neb., Feb. K. 1 Special Tel
egram.) in the committee of the whole
this afternoon tlie house went, on record
as being opposed to 'capital punishment,
and then turned around and recom
mended for passage n bill to electrocute
condemned prisoners Instead of hanging
Most every one talked for or again I
capital punishment, but the other bill
went through with comment.
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 23. CKpeclal 'IV
egram.) Ferdinand Zlinmer, a hotel mar.
at Lexington, has. been appointed coin
mandant at the Grand Island Soldierti
home to fill the vacancy caused by thr
death of 10. c Kills. Mr. dimmer was -.
member of the Ninth Uhto regiment dur
ing the civil war.
MARSHALL. Tex., Feb. 35.-Two ne
groes were lynched In Harrison county
last night. A negro named Anderson
was hanged near Iilyslan Fields, and
Itohert Porrj. charged with horse steal.
Ing, was shot to deuth near Kantail:.
Major llartminn of Fort Omana re. I
celved a message yesterday ordering tint j
tent.flve men from the signal tor.ni
be sent at imee to Galveston, Tex T.h
men left here under command of Maioi !
Gregg. I
MO IvN IMS. l';IiA' Jii. linrr TWKNT-Y I'.UIKS. ' SINGLE
j p A Greek Bearing Gifts
From tlie New Yolk World.
Council Bluffs Night and Many from
that City 111 Attendance.
Kxiiertn 011 Hand KxiiIhIiiIiik Mci-Hn
of the .Machine Hint lime llepn
IMnppil In Mip ICvhl hl
llon. It whs Council Uluffs night at tlie
automobile show last night, nnd the
crowds that flocked Into tho Auditorium
numbered thousands. Hundreds of Coun
cil llluffs people Interested In automo
biles came for the special Ight dedicated
to them, although in the vast Jam
throughout tlie evening one could not tell
who were the Council llluffs, who were
the Omaha people and who were those
from out of tho state. Tho show was
popular all day yesterday mid last night.
Hundreds visit the show mornings.
They are generally the men and women
actually Interested In buying cm a.
Mornings muny farmers mid others can
ho seen pricing cars and tnlklug business
earnestly with representatives of the
various concerns. This Is when the deal
ers and representatives havo more tlmo
to give to the Individual, and this Is the
time when many of those who are nc
timlly dealing for a car have chosen.
There is no Inch of sales afternoons ahd
evenings, however, hut In proportion in
the crowds present, the greater number
of snles are closed in tlie morning.
i'iv Krn llntviiliiK'.
looking over tho automobile show this
jon- one realizes that a now era Is
dawning In tho automobile show business,
the era of tho featuring of the parts of
machines, tho demonstrating of the work
Ing of details of tho machinery, espe.
dally with reference to new Inventions
and Improvements In one detnll or the
other. ICverywhern oil tlie floor where
nn exhibition of partr. of a given machine
Is made, or where a demonstration of
gearing In operation Is In progress, tho
crowds flock. Here lllld there over the
entire floor may ba seen little groups
examining details on a table instead ot
rpendlng much time admiring tho out
ward appearance and finished polish of
the car as a whole.
Ubually It will he found that only men
spend their time examining the details
of mechanism, while women ndmlrp tho
finished product, without regard to
whether there is nn engine Jnsldo or not.
If. J. Orr of Detrolf, who was a con
splcious flguic last year at tho aliow,
wound up for an eight-day vocal run on
the merits of tho Chalmers is at the show
again and Is demonstrating parts. He
demonstrates the fine balance crank
shaft, calls attention to the temper of
the steel In shafting, the brass or other
metal in the boxing, the tempered steN
In even the bolts and burs, all of which
ara to go to make up the perfect ear with
every part inoant to stand tlie proportion
ofiktrain It will be called upon lo stand.
Men who havo operated cars for jenra
find booths like these the most Interesting
In tho house as they havo all had exper
ience with breaks of weak parte, and
most drivers of any degree of pxperlqtice
have some notion of which aro the parts
that need to he strengthened or iin
Anmnir I lie Cars.
The Chalmers ieople arc occupying a
booth with a ft-eyllnder. four paHsen
gr ear: 'a 4-cylinder, five Mwiger, and
a I'hwoe. 6-eylliider, fity-lght H.
Tlg-ee Stearns-Knlght cum of varied
qlzes arc on exhibit, having the hiwm-Ih!
featuic of the rllent motor. While then
Is no detail exhibit to go with this hoo'th,
the Mtlent motor Is nevertheless featured
and Is attracting attention as many drlv
ei have long wished for something that
(Continued on Pan Two.)
Governor Names
Board of Control;
Senate Will Act
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. r..-(BpeclaU-rTlvate
Secretary Mori Issey found his ivny to the
senate chamber 1I1I1 afternoon andilehv.
eird to tlie swretary of tlie senate a com
munication which he snld was from "Ilu
Fxiellency, the Governor," who requested
that the senate would set soino hour fo
ils consideration.
The commiinlcjitloii contained tho nil
liiiportnnt and long-looked-for appoint
liients for tho Hoard of Control and Is
supposed to contain tlie names of Heiuy
Gerdes of Falls City. CharlcH Graff of
West i'olut and C. 11. Gregg of Kearney.
Tlie three G's will receive coiisldcratl in
at 11 o'clodi Wednesday morning In ex
ei iillx e session.
Shaw is High Bidder and Buys Rail
road as Attorney for Purchaser.
.Indue Arthur SeD Next Siilurdll)' nn
the Diilp for onliriiitiiif I lie v
Snip nf Hip lliillrmiil
I'mpprl j
Tho Atlantic A Southern railroad was
resold at Hiirlnn, In . w sterility by He
eelver Harlan under orders Issued by
Judgo Arthurs thirty days ago.
Leslie M. Shaw, who nov haa nearly
$75,000 of his own money and fuijils of
personal friends Invested in the mad.
sums paid out during the time ho has
been trying to fiunticn tho deal for taking
over mid cnm-oliihitlng tho Atlantic nnd
Troyuor lines, filed the highest bid, act
ing as attorney for one of the creditors.
There weri two other bids. Ixit Ii by cred
itors, and both of whom posted: tho D per
cent certified check required by the terms
of the sale.' There wiib a ehick for IS.OOf)
I with Shnw'H bid, and llceelver Italian
! accepted It for reference to Judge Arthur.
Two of tlie bids wero for parla and
Shaw's hid was for tho entire line. The
bids were:
The first mortgage holders bid on the
north end of tho line. iiImiuI eighteen
miles from Atlantic to Klmballton. IS7.0X),
by J. A. McWnld.
Itohert Alleles, contractor, second lien
holder. JhiS.OOO, on the south end of the
line, or about thirty-eight miles.
Hlakedoll company, by I-slle M. Hliaw,
attrney. JSTO.lOO. bid for the entire line.
The bids of the two creditors did not
aggregate the amount of the Ahaw bid
I for the entire line Judge Arthur ban
fixed jiext Saturday for confirmation of
tlie sale. The court fixed the compensa
tion of Iteeelver Harlan, allowing him
J.V'jiK) fur his woik. It tielng JD00 per month.
A total of $ii.irt was allowed to his at
torney .
N1JW YOltK, Feb. S6.-Mrs. Caroline O.
Sickles, who pawned her Jewels severaj
months ago to wive the household effects
of her husband. General Daniel K. Sickles,
from going under the hammer, again may
prevent the sheriff from helling him out.
General Hckles' effects were to haej
1 .. i. ,,. ....i.ii.. .,....,. r..t. "
ijt-ttii n.r.j tik imifii,- n....iuii .11u1.11 1 (11
BMtUfy a Judgment held b a bank, hut
Mrs. Sickle filed with tlie sheriff today
u chattel nH-ttiuge coveting all furniture
In lh general' Fifth avenue home. The
mortgage Is for $l3,Ufr. W8 executed De
cember fi. I!M. and was witnessed by Gen.
eral fiiokli' lawyer. Sheriff Hamburger
will hold a hearing un the claim Thursday
Original Railroad Grant of 400 Feet
Extends from Omaha West.
Allornp- for bp Unliin llnclflo Hnyn
Will llerenflpr llnvr lo lie
I'nld lo l.'ompnny.
The decision of the Ut'illcd States su
preme court, substantiating the claim ot
tho Hnlott Pacific to a right-of-way
feet wide practically from Omaha to tho
western boundary of Nevada, was the
subject of much 'comment In the law de
partment at Union Pacific headquarters.
Attorney Kdson Itleh of tho Union Pa
cific believes that tho decision of tlie
siipienio court settling tho tight of the
company to this land is IIRclytto cause
the cases In the stato courts wherein
the right of the company Is being tested,
to be dismissed.
Ilecnuse the compUny fenced a strip
lesH than 400 feet wide along Its load
and leased the land outside tho fenco to
fnrmerH and to municipalities, the ques
tion lias arisen at many places as to
whelheer the railroad company really had
a light to the land. The United States
supremo court has said the company has.
The city of Oreeley, Colo., has streets
and buildings on the strip nf ground
which the supreme court snys belongs
to the I'iiIoii Pacific mllroad. Tho
sumo conditions obtains practically nil
along tho lino whelevcr towns nnd cities
havo been built close to the road, inland,
Willie the road runs through tlie farms,
tho farmers have been farming part of
tho 20) feet 011 either side of- the rail
road, and have been paying runt to the
Union Pacific for the lease of these
Title In Question.
In recent years many of .!:aso occupy
ing tlieso 1 trips of ground lit tho cities
and In tlie country have come to believe
that tlie I'nlon Paflclc's claim to the
strips could not lie substantiated. t Henco
arose tho dlsputo Just settled by tho
supreme court.
Congress hy an ni t or 1SCS granted the
Union Pacific a right-of-way from a
point nenr the 10) merhhiii In Nebraska
between tho south margin of tlie valley
of tho ;tcpuhllcaii river "and the north
margin of the valley of tho Platte, the
strip of land to bo 200 foct In width on
either sldo of the truck. This right-of-way
was to extent to the western border
of Nevada. A later section of tho act
provided for n right-of-way for the Union
Pacific from the 100 meridian to Omaha
Thus, according to Mr. Illcli, the decl
slon of the supremo court does not effect
only the strip from the HO meridian to
Denver as stated In the press dispatches,
but ho Is Inclined lo believe the decision
must necessarily affect the right-of-way
of tho Union Pacific from Omaha to the
western coast of Nevada as provided by
the act of congress giving the original
"It will not make any material differ
ence hi the state." said Mr. Ttlch, when
asked about tho effect of the decision
and whether or not some of tho cities
that now had streets on the company's
land would have to move streets and
buildings. "Nothing will likely havo to
be moved, as they have operated this
way for years and can continue to do so
Tlie question had simply risen as to
whether the railroad mum ..,..
owned this ground mid whether those us.
Ing It reallv had to pay the company for
a leue on It."
COLOGNI3, Germany. Feb. 35-Hruio
Werntgoii, an aviator, fell today from a
height of XO feet at Haiigelar. nesr
Bonn, and was killed-
Towns Near Omnha Send Men to
Legislature to Attack Water
Board Measure.
Do Not Fail to See Bifj Salary Clauso
that is Attached.
Howell Misses Scarcely Day When
Members Gather.
A run in put a Hint Stock 1 nrila lniip
Object In lllll ,rp S lion 11 tn
Hp Tnlsp lij- Plenillims ut
Interested l'crnonn.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Feb. S.-tSpeclal 1 Tho
hearing 011 tlie Omaha district water bill
Inst night has ben considerably discussed
today around, tho legislature. With tho
exception of Mike Lee all the house dele
gallon from Doiiglaa oppose the bill ns it
conies from the senate. Driiesedow went
to tho committee meeting last night fa
vollng the bill, but ho has decided not to
support it In Its present form
The legislators from nut In the state
side with Florence, South Omaha and tho
other towns which tho bill permits Omaha
to tako In.
Attorney Haller said that the main
street In Klorenco hud been torn up for
six months for a water main Installed
by tho present Omaha Water board As
he Interprets the hill, permission Is given
tho Water bojird to dig tip any street in
any town In the district without asking
odds of anyone. And ho says there Is no
provision to miiko tho Water board re
pair tlie streets thus turn up.
The spokesman from Kloreiu-e also ob
jects to tho property that will be relievi 1
of paying taxes In that city. It was ex
plained that under tho hill theso llttio
towns should bo taxed to keep up tho
Onialm. water plant and they could not
hnlp themselves because, ot course,
Omaha would, bo ablo to outvoto nil ot
them combined.
Kffiirta Are Fnllnrp.
Tho efforts of tho defenders of thn
Oiiuiha. Water Hoard to mako It appear
that only tho packing lndu.strlea and thn
stock yards company of South Omaha, op
pose tho bill, are not meeting with thn
success friends of the bill hoped. R. 13.
Howell's talk to members In that thn
touk yards U trying to "Junk" thn
Omaha water plant or Hint portion of l
which lies In South Omahn. Kloroncn
anil Bottth Omaha Insist that tho water
hoard Is trying to "Junk" these cities
in tho interest of tho wnter board. Kvery
body sees through It that ho Is trylnsr
to cinch his J5.000 salary for the rest oC
his natural life.
According to some out-in-the-ststn
membors, Omaha neuer appeared to
worse advantage than last night when
represented by Mr. Howell, who is try
Ing to put his protecting arms around tiu
towns in tlie neighborhood of Omaini. It
was made to appear last night that Mr.
Howell had sanctioned the construction
of a plant by the Stock Yards, company
mid hnd passed on the ordinance under
which tho work was done.
Iniojar ns n lobby Is concerned, tlieri
has been at no session as persistent 1
lobbyist us Mr. Howell. If ho ever gor
heme or If he has been away from Lin
coln since tile session started, no one nn.i
tho dntes, for he has not been linked
Mi'Klsalpk Denies.
Chairman McKlssIck, who has been
Jumped on by the Water board lobby ot
Omaha, denies thut ho tried to take snap
Judgment 011 those favoring thn Omaha
water dbtrlct bill last night. He notified
the nuthor of the bill of tho hearing dur
ing tho afternoon at tho same tlmo l o
notified the members of tho committee,
nnd he feels, as do the others, that It was
the duty of the nuthor of the bill tn
summons Its friends I ftlio measuro had
nnv, and not the chairman of the com.
. More I'nlillp llcnrlnus.
The bill by Anderson of Doiilass tu
plare the Omaha water works under thn
control of the city commission will ho
discussed before tho committee on citic-i
mid towns of the houso Thursday night.
Tlie Omaha district water bill will bn
discussed again Monday night. Chairman
McKlssIck announced these meetings thl.s
A majority of the committee at thli
time Is said to bo In favor of the An
derson bill.
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