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The Omaha Daily Bee
To Sell Quickly
Sell your secotul hand urlkles
through The Hco classified col
nmns. It Is the profltuble wny.
Snow; Colder
VOL. XLll-XO. J1S.
SINGLK copy two cents.
Governor of Conhuila Issues Procla
mation Denouncing Huerta Gov
ernment as Spurious.
Says Constitutional Rulers Duly
Elected Were Assassinated.
United States is Urged Not
Recognize Huerta Regime.
Government In MnUInn Arrmme
mentn to Protect Ainerlenim
Mextcnnn Flee Acrnin
EAGLE PASS. Tex.. Feb. 26. Tho
ntnge Is completely set tudny along the
border opposlto tills section of Texas
for a new Mexican revolt, that of Gover
nor V. Carrnnza of tlio state of Coahu
lla Ho has officially proclaimed the
Huerta government "spurious."
Many Mexicans nre fleeing to the
American side for protection.
Colonel Emllto Carranza with 200 volun
teers, is preparing to resist a detachment
of federals supporting Huerta, said to do
south of Plcdras Negras. Last night
Colonel Carranza captured twenty-five
federals several miles below the city.
Today he sent a detachment to Lay Va
cas, the Mexican town opposlto Del Rio,
United States troops arc preparing to
protect .Americans on tho bonier in ense
this latest revolt Imperils them. Cap
tain BIgler Is here In chargo of a squad
of thirty federal cavalrymen and a mil
troop of United States cavalry from Foit
Clark Is duo hero this afternoon.
Governor Carranza Is reported to be In
the vicinity of MoncloVa, Mex. He today
wired -President Taft and President-elect
iWllson the following:
"The Mexican nation condemns tho vil
lainous coup d'etat which has deprived
It of its constitutional rulers who wero
cowardly assassinated, but Is awaro that
Its institutions arc alive and Is disposed
to sustain them. I am certain that both
tho government and your excellency, as
well as that of your successor, will not
accept the spurious government which
Huerta Is attempting to establish upon
crime and treason, but will proceed with
circumspection toward the social und po
litical Interests of our country. '
Skirmish Sfenr Ilnnpltm.
DOUGLAS. Ariz., Feb. 26. An attempt
to disarm former Madoro volunteers at
A gua Prlcta early today resulted In a
sharp skirmish In tho darkness before
dawn. Most of tho volunteers escaped to
-th'iitVoavIng their arms. Quiet
was restored today.
About 100 of the former Madero Insur-
rcctos escaped Into Arizona. Mono arc I,
known to have been killed. Tho order to
disarm the men came directly from ucn
eral Huerta, It Is said. The men were
jiot offered an opportunity to give up
arms peacefully, as at Juarez. The reg
ular trqops seized the volunteers' bar
Tacks. At Fronteras, below Agnn. Prleta, two
regulars and one volunteer soldier were
killed when a similar attempt was made.
The Maderlstaa escaped. The Maderlstas
at Fronteras wero under General Padillo,
secretary oi tho state of Sonora, who Is
reported to be organizing forces to con
test the provisional presidency ot Huerta.
I.nnri Control .Inures.
'EL PASO, Tex., Feb. 26. With the uis.
arming yesterday .of the former Madero
volunteers the. regular army holda power
at Juarez. Colonel Manuel Lands, the reg
ular army officer who commanded the
regular troops today, was made military
mayor of the border town and a recent
city election cancelled.
The Mexican .Central railway has been
cut again near Jlmlncz. Traffic s open,
however, from Juarez to Chihuahua City.
The Twenty-second Infantry begun mov
ing today from Fort Biles. El Paso busi
ness men who protested at the removal
of the Infantry and artillery to Galves
ton, appear satisfied at tho explanation
(Continued on Pago Tjvo.)
The Weather
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Snow; much colder.
Temperature- nt
Oiiinim Yesterday.
Hour. Deg.
0 a. m.. 24
fi a. m... 24
7 a. m 24
Ha. in.
9 a. ml t 21
10 a. m 21
11 a.- m 21
12 m 23
1 p. m 22
P. in
3 p. in ,.. 20
4 p. m 21
5 p. m 21
f. p. m 20
8 p! m'.!!!!!'.!!!!! 18i
, """!"" i
Comparative I.ocul lleconl.
1913. 1912. mi. 1910.
Highest yesterday 24 22 31 27
lowest yesterday 20 13 22 U
Mean temperature 22 18 28 28
Precipitation T .24 .00 .1)0
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature 27
Deficiency for the day s
Total excess since March-1 379
Normal precipitation 03 inch
Deficiency for tho day 02 inch
Total rainfall since March 1... .26.20 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 4.39 Inches
IHftctency for cor, period. 1911.13.19 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1910.13.76 Inches
Reports from Station wt 7 I. M.
Button and State Tempera- High- Rain
ot Weather. ture. est
Cheyenne, snow it
Davenport, snow , 26
Denver, snow IS
Des Moines, cloudy, 24
Dodge City, cloudy........ IS
Lander, pt. cloudy... 10
-North piatte, snow....,,., 12
Omaha, cloudy 20
Pueblo, biiow 34
Rapid City, snow 6
Salt I -ike City. snow.... 2C
Bants. Fe, oloudy 36
Sheridan, snow 10'
Kloux City, clear 10
Valentine, snow 2
T indicates trace of precipitation
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
iMrs.Panklmrst Will
Begin Hunger Strike;
More Wires Are Out
KPSOM. England. Feb. 26. Mrs. Km
mellne Pankhurst. tho militant stiffrn
getto leader, was committed for trial by
tho polleo magistrate here today on tit
chargo of Inciting person! to commit
malicious damage to property. Her de
fense was reserved for tho trial nt the
Mrs. Pankhurst was detained In prison,
ball being refused, because she would
not agree to rofraln from political activ
ities pending trial.
Tho prisoner said that she would forth
with begin a "hunger strike." Sho added:
"If I am still ullve when the assizes
commence It will bo a dying Wotpan whq
will bo tried."
A raid on the telephone and railroad
telegraph wires was carried out curly
today by militant suffragettes In several
parts of England. Many lines wero cut
and communication today was rendered
The 'court house was ablaze with the
suffragette colors and many militant uf
fraglsts wero present.
The prosecutor, a social officer from
the treasury department, declared Mrs.
Pankhurst was a self-confessed accessory
to the explosion which destroyed Chan
cellor Lloyd-Georgo'n country house. "A
more abominable and cruel outrage prob
ably had never been conceived," he
urged. He read extracts from Mrs. Pnuk
huist's speeches as evidence that she
had been "seditiously plotting and con
spiring to commit outrages on property
and persons with the avowed object of
overawing tho public and rendering the
lives of prominent men Intolerable.
House Committee
Against Compromise
With Oleo Makers
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. Separate ;i
ports on tho Investigation ot tho contro
versy between the Treasury department
and manufacturers of oleomargarine as
to tho rate of their tax during 1911 nd
1M2 have been submitted to tho house by
tho committee on Treasury ueptttmcnt
Representative Cox ot Indianapolis, the
chairman, hns reported that the rflauu
facturers used a colored cottonseed oil,
known as fulvls oil, golden yellow, nutter
oil and other preparations which sub
jected the product to 10 cents a pound
Instead of one-quarter ot 1 cent. Mr.
Cox recommended against accepting by
the department of S1O1.O0O as compromise
settlement,; and urged tlat tho depart
ment flno the manufacturers J1.246.62S.
Representatives Gooke, Lobeck and
Callaway, the majority of the committee,
reremmended that the department bring
a test suit for the full amount, all tho
parties to agree to. abide by Judgment.
Representatives Hill ane Young, the re
publican minority, reported that the queB
Hon of recovery was In the hands ot the
executive department, but that If iioccb
sary there should either be a test tasa
os-a. coinprornlso of-the whouVm'attcr.
Two Hundred Killed
and Wounded by an
Explosion in Spain
GIJON, Spain Feb. 26,-Upwards of 200
people were killed or wounded by the
ill-timed explosion ot a charge of 7,000
pounds of black powder which had been
laid yesterday by government engineers
with tho object of razing an enormous
block of rojjk.
An Immense concourse of townspeople
has gathered to witness tho demolition
of the hill separating Gljon frbm the
coaling harbor of Muse!, a mlla and a
half distant. The object of the operation
was to cut a roadway and tluia avoid the
present long detour.
At tho hour fixed the fuse was lighted
and the explosion occurrea. But Instead
of tho rock being blasted, hundreds of
tons of clay nnd small stones were hurled
llko artillery projectiles among the as
sembled spectators. Whole families were
mowed down. Many of the engineers and
municipal ottlcals were killed.
Twenty-four bodies had been recovered
this afternoon, but It Is considered cer
tain the total fatalities will far exceed
this number
Dr. Friedmann is
Arranging to Make
Tests of His Serum
.WASHINGTON. Feb. 26.-Surgcon Gen
eral Bhie of the public-health service has
arranged for tests in the government's
hygienic laboratory" here of the Fried
mann vaccine for pulmonary tubercolosls.
which was dollvered yesterday to Dr.
Milton H. Foster of tho service, In New
York by Dr. Friedmann when ho landed
from Germany.
Surgeon General Blue sajd today that
when the vaccine was received In Wash
ington it would first be subjected to
rigid laboratory tests and to tests upon
linltnftlfl ntlfl ellltllr nuoriln Tf ih..n nA
Bat,sfaolory tno vaccina, will be sent to
4,10 Public health serflce sanltorlum nt
Fort Stanton, N. M., for actual tests
upon sufferers from pulmonary tubercu
SKATTL13, Wash., Feb. 26. More fur
seals are reported swimming north to I
the breeding grounds on the Prlblloff
Islands than have been seen In Alaaskan
waters In many years. Wlille the halibut
schooner Albatross, In today, was off
Bonllla. Its captain sighted a dozen
schools. The movement Is not only
larger, but earlier than usual.
VKItA crtrz. Feb. S6.-U was learned
here today that Sonora Madero, widow
of the late president, holds life Insurance
policies amounting to several hundred
thousand dollars taken out with Ameri
can companies
President Argues for Reform in
Method of Making Federal
... ..ti
Appropriations, rt
other wurmrav
United StatJ
fcMJS1ircat Nation
Tcfinitc System.
Numerous Advantages to Be Gained
by Change in Estimates.
Mnnj- Methods SiiKKenteil by Whirl!
Kfflolenoy of tfovernment Cnn
He Inurenneil ntul the Ki
pennrn Ueerenxed,
WASHINGTON. Feb. rf.-Presldent
Taft today sent to congress his much dis
cussed "budget" message. He recom
mends tho adoption of a budget system of
relating proposed expenditures to ex
pected revenues and declares that con
gress will bo greatly benefited by having
before It such a statemtn before It be
gan the annual grind upon appropriation
hills. Tho I'nlted States, tho president
writes, Is tho only great nation in the
world which does not use the budget
system and In consequence It "may.be
said to bo without plan or program.'! Ho
Indicates that owing to the late day nt
which he Is able to transmit his message
he expects llttlo legislation on the topic
from tho present congress.
TnUes Full Responsibility.
Tho president takes full responsibility
for the message upon himself. Congress
In tho last civil bill directed tho secretary
of the treasury to submit estimates here
after In tho old way. Mr. Taft pointed
out, however, that ho had directed tho
secretary of the treasury to agree with
the directions of congress and also lo
send to him for Information for a budget
message. Ho referred congress also to the
portion of the constitution which requires
hlni from time to time to recommend
such measures as he shall deem neces
sary and expedient
A1 vnntnKeft, of Plnn.
Pome of the advantages of the budget
system as pointed out by the president
are: '
A means of- locating responsibility for
estlmatcH In keeping with revenues.
A means of allowing congress to se
how much gross It wilt have to spend
before It begins nproprlatlng' for encli de
partment or dcfall of government ma
chinery. Because It would furnish congress nnd
the public with ready rcferenco to report?
and detalled..rrcords of account.
Because It would produce an adequate
organization for assembling and classi
fying Information to bo usod In telling
the country what, has be en dono and of
the government's future needs.
To aid In working with a well defined,
purpose In many bureaus hitherto organ
ized but directed under nn Inconsistent
nnd lll-dpflncd program.
To cancel tho nation's debt through a
sinking fund and to eliminate the deficit,
which Is slowly growing.
.Uniting; Knml Commission.
To carry out tho budget plan, to re
duce the deficit and fixed charges against
the government, tho president proposed:
To create a sinking fund commission to
consist of the chairman of the finance
committee of the senate, tho chairman
of the house wayH und means committee,
tho attorney general and tho secretary
of tho treasury, with tho comptroller of
tho treasury as tho annual auditor of the
(Continued on Page Two.)
Senate Passes the
Measure to Create
Department of Labor
WASHINGTON, Fob. 26. The bill to
create a department of labor with a cab
inet officer at Its head pased the sen
ate today after less than an hour's con
sideration. Tho measuro had previously
passed the house, but amendments In the
scnato will require Its perfection In con
ference before It Is presented to Presi
dent Taft.
The filibuster carried on last night by
Senators Guggenhehner and Gronna vas
not resumed today.
One amendment would put the new cnll
drcn's bureau under direction of tho sec
retary of labor. Tho division of Immi
gratlon and naturalization would be sep
arated Into two bureaus and the present
bureau of labor would be known nn tho
bureau Of labor statistics. The division
of Information of the present Depart
ment of Commorce and Iahor also wouid
go Into tho new department.
Dying Man Records
His Heart Beats
PHILADELPHIA. Pa.. Feb. 36. With a
stethoscope applied to his ears, Karl W.
Schneider, a manufacturer or surgical In
struments, yesterday listened to hh
heart record Its dying beats after he had
pierced that organ with a steel lance.
Near the body, which "was discovered. In
the rear of his store, the police found a
piece of paper on which was wrltton the
figures -l" and ending with "86."
Deputy Coroner McKeeveer believes
this Is the recond of the pulsations
Schneider had strength to record boforo
his death. He was 48 years old and had
been in poor health.
Program Defeated
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. The tw oat--tleshlp
program favoraably roportwl by
thu house naval committee wan dHfeiwe-1
today In the house sitting as a comniitleo
of tho whole. An amendment to appro
prlatn for one battleship only went
through, 144 to ill. A majority of tie
de.jnoo.ratH voted for the amendment, wlnl
tlio republltans were almost mildly
against it.
1 kqdl&n't tams
V ON& A3 A
From the Chicago News.
Probe Committee Uncovers One Rea
son for High Cost of Living.
Snmll Ilenlers Are l'nl nn the I.lnt
If They Do Not l'- Their IIIIU
l- Thursday nt Knt'li
That tho Produce exchange In Omaha,
an organization of produce commission
men,, operates a "black list" system
against the small retailers In the city l
the trend of tho testimony of six wit
nesses taken beforo thn house qomipjttcc
of the state legislature probing the high
cost of living. The commlt!.e:l wo.'.ti
qt-Jhe Millard hotel. They will bo at
Work most of the week. , .
The names of tbe witnesses are belhK
shielded by the commltteo for the pres
ent. Ono witness, In the retail grocery
business for the Inst twenty-ono years.
said lie lias bought eggs 100 miles out In
the country for B cents per dozen less
than ho had to pay for them here from
thn members of tho Produeo exchango.
It cost 15 cents per crate to ship the eggs
here from that polrtt. The witness said
he had taken the matter up with tho sec
retary of the Produce exchange, and had
been told by the secretary that the cot
of handling .reduced tho profit so that It
was doubtful whether any member of the
exchange made moro than 1V4 cents per
dozen on the eggs.
Must I'hj- qalek.
In regard to tho black list, the witnesses
all agreed that If thpy did not pay their
bills to the produce men by Thursday
they wero placed on the 'blacklist," and
that after that they were unable to get
supplies from any produce man In the
exchange except It was sent C O. D.
"Docs It do one any hurni lo be on tho
blacklist?" ono witness wns asked.
"Well, It don't do you much good,"
was the prompt reply. "No matter how
good your credit Is elsewhera If you have
foiled to pay your bill to the produce man
by a certain date you are cut out by all
of them."
Impose Fines.
It was brought out that the Produce
exchango operates under strict rules In
this regard and that fines are Imposed
on members if they should give credit to
a man after he has been placed on the
"blacklist." It was also brought out
that a man Is nimble to learn which
member has turned his name for the
blacklist, or which member he owes,
if ho may happen to know, Ono witness,
told of having gone to buy somo produce,
mid-having been told he was on the black
list, and thik his goods would have to
bo, sent .C. O. D. Ho said he went to
the secretary to find who ho owed that
ho might fix up the obligation In order
to restore his standing. Tho secretary
refused to tell him. He went back to
the commission man a second amj a
third time and was finally told:
"It's all right. You are fixed up now.
You are not on the blacklht any more. '
I In nt for Sumn Denier.
It Is held by some that this is a system
of making It disagreeable for tho smaller
retailer and of making it more difficult
for him to do business. It Is held that
It Is a system that works In favor-of
the larger retailer, who Is ulwayB able
to pay his weekly bills promptly, and
i thus get the advantage of prompt de
livery of goods ho orders with no ques
tions nsked.
One witness said he had no knowl
edge of a combination among the produce
men to hold prices to a certain level,
but he did know that he always had
to pay the same price for eggs, butter
and other stapls produce no matter
which of the many ptoduco inon In the
exchange he went to for his goods.
A nut her witness testified he knew It
to be a -fact that the produce msn raised
on the price of eggs and butter the mo
ment cold weather set In for a day or
moro without rgard to how much might
bo coming In or not coming In on that
HhIsc I'rlffM f'i'Ht.
"They raised a vent a dozen on eggs the
first thine this morning," he said. "I
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cO NS IO ECi AT OH-y 'fcsQ
The Tkeoiy of Evolution Worked Out
Lawyer Accused by
Dr. Russell in Thaw
Case Makes Denial
ALHANY. N. Y.. Feb. 2".-Iohn Nlchol
son Aiihut, the lawyer accused uy Ur,
.lohn W. Husscll, superintendent of .Mat
ten wim hospital, of lmvliiR offered nlm
a brlho of $20,00) to release Harry K
Thaw, was a witness today before Gov
ernor Suiter's committee of Inquiry,
Anhut, who was formerly a Michigan
state senator, told ot meeting Dr. IUi8sel
often and of discussing tho Thaw case.
He said l)r. Husscll recommended lilm to
Thaw, from whoso iment Anhut received
Zi,0P), which was tu be returned unln(
thr"7nwyrr succeeded In freeing Tlm.w.
Anhut said that Husscll asked where
he (Rtiiuolj) "would camrt In," nnd tt
tatoi' llussnll asked him If he would bo
satisfied with IM. Anhut, said:
"If Dr, Uussell hud In his mind that he
nqs to receive any money, such n propo
sition wan not In my mind. I would not
oven glvo lilm a Christmas present, oe
cuuso It might look like n bribe. When
1 saw that Russell wanted money 1
dropped tho subject. and left him.'
Tho lawyer denied buying jsctl Gover
nor Sulzcr's name In connection with the
Thaw case.
Powers of Europe
Decline to Accept
.Request of Turkey
mission to Iondon of lbrnblm lliiklil
Pasha on behalf of the Ottoman govern
ment has failed. His object was to per.
Hiiade tho powers to support the claim
of Turkey to the retention of Adrlo.no
pie. He was, however, unable to prevail
on the powers to accept tho porte's note
as a basis for fresh peace negotiations
and ho had no authority tu go beyond
the proposals contained In that document.
Although somo members of tho Turkish
cabinet aro In favor of peace, tho war
element show's no tendency to weaken Its
Military operations aro still confined
to skirmishes at various points along thu
front. ,
Fighting on any extended scale Is Im
probable for tho present, owing to the
Inclemency of the weather.
General Castro is
Mb i'm willing to
(make sacrifices J
Welcomed to Cuba!:
HAVANA, Cuba, Feb. 20,-General Clp
riano Castro, former dictator of Ven
ezuela, arrived here today on board the i
steamer Saratoga from New York and
was greeted enthusiastically by the'
populace. No opposition was offered to
his landing. The Immigration officials
nfforded lilm all possible facilities.
A flotilla of tugs and launches, orowded
I with people, met the Saratoga off Mor
occo castle and accompanied It to Its
anchorage. On hoard one tug was the
municipal band, lent by the mayor of
Huvajia,, which played the Cuban .nd
Vcnozulcan nntional anthems. Another
tug wus occupied by a committee of
Cuban veterans.
Guneral Castro landed on Han Juan
wharf where ty people were gathered,
As he passed through the crowd he raised
his hat pud M-peated several time
"Viva" for the Cuban nation. The
people responded with cheer for Castro.
The entire crowd followed the visitor.
who drove In nn automobile decorated
with the Venezuelan colors, to his hotel.
whero General Rafael Reyes, ox-)resldout
of Columbia, ulso resides.
j Hiirthiinnke In Vcmi V.rulniitl,
I WHl.LINGTON. N. 'A., Feb. 2,1,-WIWi .t
jici'Oi't n h of artillery discharged a iu'TVj
jtiatthiiuako. shook this city today, terror
jlzlug Inhabitants, slutklng down chlmimy
and duuiaglug muny houfces. Nobody wvi
I killed, tlyiugh inucy woru cut hv fnllliu
uncus iroju tint uippieu cmnnwim. jiu
klipek was the mert vr felt In New
Zi aland.
Society Turns Out in Large Numbers
to Sec Latest Models.
Many Snlennien mill Miulnacr
"Mpriiee" I'p for the Oernntoii
Woninii liny (,'nr and Unit
It Delivered nt (litre.
.Society night nt the Automobile show
brought out a largo crowd. Hundreds
enme to the exhibit In their cars, which
filled thn street In front ot tho Audito
rium. Tho' crowd of tho evening showed
distinctly In dress tho fact tlmt the
"upper ten" was out In full force. All
cars wero subjented to a llttlo extra pol
lulling for the evening, ri,nd tho 'snlcgmeiV
and inanagerfl wefo besidn their cars In
full dress suits In ninny Instances
The show continues to draw Its crowds
In thn afternoon nnd evening, From.
noon until S;30 hi the evening the aisles
In the great Auditorium nro packed with
spectators and tho salesmen and demon
strntors ato kept busy answering ques
tions. From that hour unHI practically
7 o'clock tho building Is less crowded
when tho demonstrators ger a llttlo
hi entiling spell.
Token L'nr Home.
There Is ono car less at the show than
thcro was Tuesdayv Hlid all because of a
woman. Tho woman became enamored
of a big six-cylinder Hudson limousine
exhibited by tho Guy L. Smith company,
nnd of course she bought It. Hho bought
tho one right there on tho floor and she
would have no other. Hho did not stop
at that. Vhe Insisted that It bo moved
off the floor nnd sent to her homo, as
who was not going to havo It on exhibi
tion any longer for fear It would get
scratched, fa tho Hudson Is now miss
Ing. Ray W. Royer. special representative
of tho Inter-State, is hero from Muncle.
Ind demonstrating tho features of the
new Inter State cars, lie cnlls attention
to tho general trend toward a lower
wheel Instead of toward u higher, ui
was tho tendency a few years ago.
'Within another year," he says, "there
will bo no wheel made over thirty-six
Inches. The lohg spring Is replacing the
higher wheel as It takes awuy tho shock
of ruts In tho road, llesldcs, tho tires
are ,helng made larger to 'distribute ths
weight of tho car over tho Hurfaco of
the ground. Another thing that Is In
jilcmiand tiow Is the racy, low, roomy
I car. People are demanding more and
more that their cars look as much llko
racer as possible and still glvo them
plenty of room in tho body. It Is a mere
matter of taste, but the builders will all
have to come to It sooner or luter."
Feiidirr Mllent Clinln.
C. K. Grlslnger Is showing a classy
Palgo "M." featuring especially the unit
powor plant, the Gray-Dals lighting
and starting system and tho silent chain.
There Is u great tendency at present
toward the elimination of the noise that
usually accompanies nutomoblllng.
L. W. Hamper of the Orr Motor com
pany Is showing the merits of tho con
trol board of the Packard "3S." The
control board on the steering column
lights all the lights, the starter, and ail
Justs tho carbureter. It places the whole
mastery of the car within tho reach Of
the man at the wheel.
Tho Ford people havo been a llttlo dis
appointed In not getting their tSOO six.
passenger 'town car here for the exhibit
up to this time. They have qn exhibition
their two-passtnser runabout and their
! 'Ivcpassongor touring car. but the town
1 r. t'"y 8B- ' 'ielaycd In transit.
I ...in
Tonight will be South Omaha night.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.-Tie Inter
state Commerce commlstkin's order in
ducing rates on lemons from Ctillfjrnu
tV Qastora citlrs from 11. IS to ?l i hull
diod pounds wus wistaiiud today by the
cmmnwcii court ami tho uPlioul )f tin.
railroads whs dismissed.
Members of Party at Lincoln Who
Dare Oppose Water Board Bill
Come Under Ban.
Want Smaller Towns to Help Bear
Water Works Load.
Effort to Make This Question in One
of Different Kind.
If Sennle Should nefnse (o Confirm
Some of (Joternor'n Appointees,
No tlonttl He Wool. I lie
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Feb. .-tSpeclal.)-In its
efforts to help tho Omalm Wntcr board
to set Its fingers n round the throats tf
the neighboring towns, by the passage
of tho Onishn wntcr district bin. the
Omaha World-Herald has stnrtcd on A
campaign of abuse of democratic mem
bers, whom It hns -so far been unable to
control nnd theso members have been
notified that unless they come ncross and
listen to the volco of the mouthpiece of
tho water board lobby, they mRy expect
to be discredited nt home and abroad by
this sheet.
This was the statement of avery prom
inent democratic member of the house
this morning.
Those down here advocating the organ
ization of the greater water district snv
that Omaha made a bnd bargain when
It pld something llkn $8,000,000 for the
water plant nnd they Insist that tho
neighboring small towns nnd the stock
yards of South Omaha should he made to
bear pait of the burdens ndded by rea
son of tho frightful mistake made by the
peoplo of Omaha.
Thtse self-constituted guardians of
Omaha's Wter board do not iidmlt they
constitute tho same bunch that engineered
(ho denl whereby the water compnny sold
out nt such on enormous price. Those on
tho ouutdo say. If they fathered the prop
osition which hns been so costly to the
taxpayers of Omaha, why Isn't the prop
ciltlon they aro now trying to put across
equally as dangerous nnd as rrprohen
Bible. These setf-proteotlng guardians of tho
Omnhit taxpayers nro using the most des
picable measured to hoodwlng the otit-in-tho-stRte
members of tho house. They
nro telling them only tho stock yards and
blif packing Interests 'are opposing the
bill, Tlity- decline to ndmlt the good peo
plo of the llttlo towns around Oninlu
have anything at stake In the matter
They are Just yelling "corporations, cor
porations, ti lists." and they have oven
dragged Into tho fight the question of
municipal ownership. They nre trying to
make It appear that every member who
opposes this bill Is opposed to municipal
Incidentally democrat who havo been
threatened by the Oir.nhn sheet are wise
to the fact that the owner of the World-
Herald will very shortly be asking favors
at tho liahds of'tho democratic parly nnd
hs members thereof In good starring they
suy two can work at tho game of '-get
even" and tho democrats of the state will
havo tho last say.
It would be embarrassing for the senate
to refuse to confirm tho appointment of
tho members of tho board of control, still
thero Is no question that If one or tlVo of
them were rejected Governor Morrhead
would be relieved of some embarrassment
himself Democrats are very much op
posed to nt least one member of tho board,
while several republicans nnd democrats
uro after the scalp of tho republican mem
ber. If two of tho names nro rejected,
Governor Morohead will have done hit
duty, and luter he muy be able to satisfy
all factious of his purty tiy sending In
other names.
LeiflslnHve Committer In Find Pin
J round for Convicts.
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN, Feb. 26.-(SpeciBl.)-Thour
u resolution has been prepared for almost
a week providing for tho Investigation of
the charge that the democratic state com
mittee violated the corrupt practices act
In the late campaign, no one has Intro
duced it yet. nothtr grand Jury Is tc
get busy r I gut awuy to look Into the penl
tcntlary. This bunch of "plnkes" Is tt
look Into tho kitchen and other portions
of the Institution and report on the feasi
bility of establishing a nice playground
for the convicts. Anderson of Hoyd .In
troduced tho resolution und It was adopted
without comment. This makes tho 'steenth
Investigating committee to be started out
fclouthlng by the house.
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