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Up -to-the-Minute Corset Styles
Above nil things, Warner's ltust Proof
Corsets aro standard, conservative designs
for the great average class of womcni But
Tve try to do more thnn that.
Wo aim to make the lino' complete, and up to
the mlnuto, In fact, to be ready In advanco for
every Incoming style ot dress.
'Warner's" must stand for Corflcl Fashion.
Tho above mentioned range In price from $1 to $5
Very Special 85c Dress Linen, 46 inches wide, 59c a yard
Not a special purchase to sell cheap, but taken from our regular stock; it is 300
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February White Goods Sale
Our line of white goods is now complete. Comprising all the very newest weaves nnd
fabrics. Crepes, being popular, we have them in plain, embroidered nnd the new Ratine
Plain French Crepe
$1 00 French Crepe, 8 Be a yard
$1.25 French Crepe, $1.00 a yard
$1 50 French Crepe, $1-25 a yard,
White Ratine
$1 30 White Ratine, $1.00 a Yd.
$2 00 Whlto Ratine, $1,50 a Yd.
House Takes Rap at Several State
Officers by Action.
Orders ibni Ilodr Not lo Approve
Claims for Premium on IlotuU
of Anjr Official, Sure for
fltnO Trrnsnrer.
f-From a Btaff Correspondent.)
MNCOLN. Feb. 28.-The house took nn
11.600 (hot at several state officers, dep
uties and other employes of Institutions
this afternoon, when without debate or
discussion. It Instructed trio claims com
mlttee not to pay the claims filed for the
premiums on bonds of any official ex
cept the state tressurer.
Jackson of Nuckolls, chairman of the
Investigating committee, several days
sko made his report and It was adopted
without any comment. The report was
as follows;
Your committee apoplnted to Invest!
Rate the bend proposition beg leave to
report the following;
Claims for premiums on honds are now
1 1) the hands of the committee on claims
and they have been paid In part for sev
era! years past without any law Justify
ing same.
Relieving , that there wll be several
other claims filed with the claims com
mittee soon, and tho law does not pro
vide for paylpp any of these claims, nor
any other bond except the state trens.
urer we, tho committee, recommend that
the claims committee ho Instructed not
to allow any of the described claims, nor
any other claims that may be filed for
bonds except the state treasurer.
The claims specified are these) Doputy
auditor Insurance department. $43; deputy
auditor. J8); deputy superintendent of
public Instruction. SIS; assistant superin
tendent fire commissioner. $20; state au
ditor, K0O; steward. Insane hospital, I3s
secretary of state. S1S0; chief deputy, fire
warden's department, SIS; land commis
sioner. 1180; bank examiner, $00; super
intendent of public Instruction, $50; state
accountant. $72; lieutenant governor, $00:
deputy land commissioner, $13;; steward,
feeble minded Institute, $; bookkeeper,
feeble minded Institute, $10; superintend
ent same, $30; superintendent, eKarney
Industrial school. $54; county treasurer
examiner, SHi superintendent, Insane asy
lum. $30; superintendent Geneva. Indus
trial school, $54; assistant physician, In
gteslde. $1S; superintendent, Uncoln asy
lum, to, superintendent, State School for
mind, $54; deputy attorney general, $1$;
second assistant physician, astlngs asy
lum $1$. steward, same, $3?; command
The highest point of woman's hap
piness is reached only through moth
erhood, in the clasping of her child
rlthln her arms, Yet tho mother-to
co Is often fearful of nature's ordeal
ind shrinks from the suffering inci
dent to Its consummation. But for
nature's Ills and discomforts natura
provides remedies, and. In Mother's;
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It Is an emulsion for external
application, composed of ingredients
which act 'with beneficial and sooth
tot effect on thoso portions of the
system Involved. It is intended to
prepare the system for the crisis, and
thus relieve, In great part, the suffer
ing, through -which the mother usually
passes. Tho regular use of Mother's
Friend will repay any mother in tho
comfort It affords before, and the help
ful restoration to health and strength
It brings about after baby comet.
Mother's Friend
Is for sale at
drug otores.
Write for our
free book for
expectant moth
ers which contains much valuable
information, and many suggestions ol
n helpful nature.
nn ATOR CO., AtlaaU, Ga.
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tdii Bronchial skiHe sft,d he w"
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JOHN I- CROWN Bl SON. Boston, Mass.
Styles Are Determined
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Children's Dept. Third Floor
Spring showing of Children's sunbonnefs ,and
wash hats.
Whlto Pique, plain blue chambray or white and
blue check gingham hats, 50c, 66c.
Children's wash bonnets, lace, embroidery, awlss,
mull and lawn, all sizes and all prices.
Fancy Crepe With Nob
and Ratine Effects
$1.50 Fancy Crepo, $1.00 a Yd.
$1.75 Fancy Crepo, $1.25 a Yd.
$2.00 Fancy Crepo, $1.50 a Yd.
$2.25 Fancy Crepe, $1.75 a Yd.
ant Oram! Island Soldiers' home, $36,
superintendent, Hastings asylum. $'.
steward, Norfolk asylum, $M; assistant
physician, Lincoln asylum, US; total,
Report Ills Hxceilencir Una Taken
llnuil In the CJnine.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 26.-(Speclal.)-Several
daya ago It was reported that
Governor Morchcad had been calling
democrats Into his office nnd telling them
that the state university must not Us
consolidated with the state '.arm, but
must continue to be operatod alcpgslde
the hoarding houses and In he Interests
of the business men of Lincoln, who are
afraid If the students all move to tho
farm someone, may start n store on,
there and get some of tho .noney being
spent here, by the students.
With the story of the activity of the
governor was given out the names of
some who, It was alleged, had Dcen bo
fore tils' excellency. All of these donltd
they had been called In by the governor.
JUst one moro chance for nn Investi
gating committee, which It Is not believed
will be overlooked by the detective n
Ins developed by the house.
Mouse Itefnsea in Include Tills Holi
day op Prohibited llst,
(From a. Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 38.-(Bpeclal.-Hou.ie.
roll Np, 174 was tho first bill from- the
cftsUfiid of the legislature tq be sent to
the. scrnp heap by tho achate this session.
This bill was introduced by Anderson of
Boyd and .Increased tint penalty for fall
uro to. provide clean water Bnd other con
veniences and also to post the law re
garding tho same In all cabooses attached
to freight trains. This bill hod n, hearing
before the railroad commltteo last night
and In his argument against the bl), Judge
Hoot, appearing for the railroads, said
that tho law wa already being compiled
with on orders of the railway commission
and that the penalty of $100 a day for
failure would bo altogether too severe.
Unit Dill Postponed.
Senate file No. 77.' by Cordeal. which
provldea that light engines shall be
manned by a full crew, was also post
poned on report of committee, as was also
senate file No, "9, .by the same author,
providing for a faro collector on all pas
senger trains. Senato file No. 218, by
West of Hall, providing for shelter for
passengers on far side of double tracks,
and senate file No. 418, by Reynolds of
Dawes, providing for voting by those re
moving from precinct, were postponed In
definitely. House roll No. 142, by Jeary of Lancas
ter, providing fqr amendment to the Lin
coin charter, which will enable an excise
board to bo elected besides the regular
commissioners under the new commission
form, was-,, on motion of Hoagland of
Lancaster, sent to the head of the file
and In committee of the whole ordered
engrossed for third reading.
Marshall's resolution, asking that a
memorial bo sent to concross calling for
some measure that would prevent panics,
was killed after Reynolds of Dawes had
branded It as a dangerous sort of thing
to monkey with. ,
Senate file No. 34, by Battling of Otoe,
which provided for a full crew on switch
engines and which was amended In com
mittee of the whole to apply only to di
vision points, was killed, the vote on the
same being:
For IJartNng. a race. Grossman. Heasty,
Kelche!, Macfarland, OIlls, Reynolds,
Totcott. West. Wlnk-lt
Agalnst--nrookley, Cox. Ilaarmann.
Hale. Hoagland of Lancaster. Hummel.
Klein. Krumbach. Marshall, Robertson,
Saunders, Bhumway, Smith, Bplrk 14.
Absent and Not Voting Pushee, Cor
deal, .Dodge. Hoagland ot Lincoln, Kemp.
Kohy. Placek, Wolx-J
Senate file No. IS. by Hoa5land of
Inoaster, provided that no liquor should
be Bold or given away on Memorial clay
or Labor day. Macfarland spoke two or
three times In opposition to the bill as
regards Labor day and sent up an i
amendment striking out Labor day from
the bill. He said that by the Incorpora
tion of Labor day In the bill It would
prevent the working men of Omaha from
taking their families and going out for
nn nutlnir where they could have their
hr snct hsvo a Kood time aa they had
doing In the old oountry.
,-rb In favor ot making
Memorial day Just as sacred as It could
be made In honor of the old soldiers who
fought for thtlr country. Senator Mac
. farland Is a native of Virginia, but He
' said, "Let us take off our hats to the
old nag as It passes by. ,whether It be
followed b the blue or the .gray."
Hougland ot Lancaster said that the
'principal opposition to the bill came
from the breweries ut Omaha, ell said
, that the laboring men of that city were
for the bill untl Ithe breweries came for-
' ward with an offer of $8,000 to build r
Labor temple In that city. He read af-
fidatlts from Fred ESesIer of Uncoln
White Crash Suiting
C5c White Crash Suitings, 45c Yd.
75c Whlto Crash Suitings, 69c Yd.
85c White Crash Suitings, 65c Yd.
$1 White Crash Suitings, 76c Yd.
$1.25 White Crash Suitings, $1 Yd.
ond G. P. Quick of the same city which
contained statements that Mr. Rrlllhart
and Mr. Wulf of Omaha had stated to
them that they could get $8,000 from MeU
and Btorx, two brewers of Omaha,
toward the erection of a Labor temple
In that city If the bill was killed.
Macfarland thought that the senator of
Lincoln had learned considerably about
bribery since the city of Lincoln had
offered $200,O to bribe the legislature
Into keeping the university in the city
Macfarland's amendment to strike from
the bill Labor day was adopted, the vtfte
on roll "call being as follows; r
For the Amendment Hartllng, Brook
ley. Dodge, Urace, Oroceman, iiaarmann.
Hale, Heasty, Kemp. Klein, Kohl,
Krumbach, Macfarland, Robertson.
Saunders, Smith, Splrk, Talcott. West,
Wink, Woli 21.
Against llushee, Cordeal, Cox, Hoag
land of Lancaster. Hummel, Klechel,
Marshall, Ollls, Shumway-fi.
Absent and Not Voting Irtagtand ot
Uncoln, l'lacck. Reynolds a.
Senato file 2T0, by Wink ot Buffalo,
providing for licensing of dogs, was
The following. bills were passed;
H. F. 40, by drossman of Douglas I'ro
A I'lensnnt Hurprise
follows the first dose of Dr. King's New
Life Mils; the painless regulators that
strengthen you. Guaranteed. 23c. Kor sale
by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement.
vldcs for liens on gas and electric light
S. F. 107, by Klechel ot Nemaha Ilegu
lates contracts of suretyship between
vvmiijuii i-amcm ana employes, . i.
S. V. 2a). by Marshall of l.aneatPr
dally deposits ot banks under guaranty
Whan ,t,- . .. . ..' ll
.. ...... dciiuic wuuvcncu mis arter-
nuun opuiK moved that S. F. 34. Hurt.
llrtg's bill for full crews for switch en
gines, which had been killed In the mbrh-
""'ion, snouia ne given another
chance when there were not an mnnv
members absent and the motion carried
wunouc opposition.
Tho following bills' were ordered en
grossed for third reading in committee
of the whole this afternoon;
S. K. 313. by Wols of Dodge, Provides
for appointment of water commissioner
In cities of Fremont'n class.
8. F. 71. by Wolx of Dodge-Applies to
amount of bonds which can be Issued by
cities fr constructing heating or lighting
B. F. 219. by .Marshall of Lancaster
I'roviaea ror withdrawal of GO per cent
of guaranty fund by state bank one year
utter iiquiuaiion or nationalization,
W. F. 400. by Hoagland and Marshall of
1. alienator Amendments to Lincoln char
ter, 8. F. 70. by Wols of Dodge Provision
for election of minor officials In cities
of less than 6.000.
8. F. 2SW. by Hartllng of Otoe Provides
for constitutional amendment raising sal
ary of governor to $5,000. attorney general
to $4,000 and rest of state officers, $3,000.
except lieutenant governor, who shall'
receive one and one-halt times the com
pensation of a senator.
CHICAGO, Feb. !. John O. Tompson.
assistant attorney general of the United
States, who was striken several days
ago with acute uraemia, died today
Physicians had been at his bedside con.
atantly since early last night when his
condition became worse. At that time
the patient entered Into . a coma from
whloh he was never roused. Three sis
ters and a brother were with the sick
man up to the time he died. Mr. Thomp
son arrived In Chicago last week for a
short stay on his way to his home in
Canton. Kan.
Key to the Situation -nee Advertising.
Past Fifty? You 1
Need "Cascarets"
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Is -never so active aa youth. The muscles
are less elaatlc. And the bowels are
n.a soles.
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might as well refuse to aid weak eyes
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aid to weak bowels. The bowels must
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Vouth may occasionally whip the bowels
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ned is a gentle and natural tonic. One
that can be constantly used without
harm. The only such tonle Is Cascarets
and they cost only 10 cents per box at
any drug stont. They work while you
sleep. Advertisement.
Many Distinguished Guests Will Re
view Inaugural Parade.
Cnpllnl la nelnar nnrleil Under Mnss
of Flags anil nnntlnrr lllnml
nntlnn dcheme Will He
Tested Ssjlnrilny.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. President
'Wilson and Vice President Mathill,
when they view the marching, cheering
cohorts In the parade March 4, '.till he
surrounded by a distinguished gath
ering on the official reviewing
stands. In addition to the mem
bers of their Immediate families and
their guests they will be surrounded ty
numbers of the supreme court, the dipm.
matlc corps, the cabinet, members if tha
court of District Columbia, high official
of the army and marine corps, the com
missioners of the District of CoUimblna
and leading officials who had the li.
augural ceremonies In charge.
The finishing touches are being placed
on the stand from which the Incom'iig
president will review the proccssl r.
The court of honor, on which much care
and attention has been expended, vir
tually has been completed, wn.lc the cap
ital already Is being burled beneith a
wilderness of flags and bunting. The
arrangements for the Illumination are
being pushed and a test of them, it Is
expected, will bo made Saturday.
.electing; Church for Wilson.
Speculation as to the church at which
President-elect Wilson may elect to wor
ship was revived today when ft pamphlet
describing historic spots was Issued by
the inaugural committee. It waa noted
therein that President-elect WIlBon, who
Is a Presbyterian, had officiated here
before he entered official life, at thu
dedication of the statute of John Wlther
spoon, located In front of the Presby
terian church of the Covenant. Wither,
spoon, besides being a signer of the
Declaration of Independence, was one of
the founders of Princeton university.
"Whether Prcsldent-elict Wilson's distant
connection with this church will lead
him to take membership therein Is a
matter ot general conjecture.
Ilnimuet for Inrshnll.
INDIANAPOLIB, Feb. 26.-Vlce Presi
dent-elect Thomas R. Marshall today will
be the guest of honor at a farewell ban
quet tendered hlrri, by the Indiana dem
ocratic club. Mr. Marshall will depart
this afternoon for Trenton, N. .t., where
he will confer with President-elect Wll
eon. He will remain In Trenton until
he goes to Washington for the Inaugura
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sinking fund account. Legislation Is pro
posed which would wipe ou tho national
debt ;ln twenty years afjer July 1, 1914.
Congress should set aside $45,000,000 an
nually for that purpose. That would be
,$15,000v000 a year less than the present
amount required ' by law. That fund
should b'q Invested In 3 per cent govern
ments bonds', nnd In twenty years the
$1,160,000,000' debt, the nresldent savs.
.would) "W 'retired.
The aloptlqn of a definite theory Is
recommended- for ..future proposals for
.IhUrba Improvements) 'so that such im
-in-ovemcnts wouiti'De in accord with a
well though opt pla.n, ;jn that connection
thq," president sugge'sled the saying o(
the' rent paid In AVashlngton for build
ings used by the government through the
construction of hcV buildings, to cost
Vbout $100,000,000 to, be paid, for through
a .period of twenty years.
To Save Ileal Money.
"Briefly stated," wrote the president,
"my suggestion Is that tho government
first plan Its land purchases, buildings
and publlo works, then'borrow money to
acquire and construct them,' proportion
ing the cost over, a' period of .twenty
years, and making the bonds Issued to
meet the cost payable out ot an adequate
sinking fund."
Of a reduction of the1 salary roll of the
government, amounting to about $$,600,000
annually, two-thirds, the president de
clared, would be saved by adopting his
scheme to classify what ,are now presi
dential appointments. Almost $3,000,000
annually could.be kept In government
coffers' through Postofflce department
changes. The sum of $2,000,000 would be
cut from tho payroll, Mr. Taft continued,
If thero were a complete executive re
classification of civil service) employes.
Under this head the president wrote:
"In the present situation many men at
the bottom are receiving larger salaries
than would bo obtained for similar work
in outside employment, whereas men In
higher positions, carrying great responsi
bility ad the. success ot whose perform
ance depends on tralnlpg and long ex
perience, are Inadequately paid. From
the viewpoint of the rank and file there
Is little hope ot reward for merit. The
foundation for reclassification of salaries
already hSa been laid. In my opinion It
would enable the government to pay
higher salaries to those of whom experi
ence, training and Initiative are required
and make the saving of $3,000,000."
Snvlnrf In Other Directions.
Elimination of waste In the, distribution
of public documents, reduction of the
number of United States assay offices,
and possibly the number of mints and
their consolidation Into one. are other
recommendations. . ,
"With much hesitation." the president
recohiniends the organisation of a budget
committee of congress. It should act aa
a final clearing house through which all
the recommendations of the committees
having to tlo with revenues and expend!,
tures would pass before they take the
form of bills.
The special reason 1 have for urging
this committee." wrltea the president, . s
that at present the administration is se
riously handicapped by not being able
to take up proposals for constructive
measures affecting any particular depart
ment with any one body or committee
which will undertake to consider them in
oil their aspects."
Going further, the president suggetei
that appropriations should be In the fol
lowing classes:
To cover overhead and operating cost.
Kor fixed charges, Including sinking
Kor permanent Improvements.
Wbil la Needed.
Concluding, he says: "The government
Is not only In the position ot having gine
along for a century without a budget,
but what is at this time even more U
the point. It has not the organic matrix
either for preparing or for considering
one. I am recommending that congress
make some organic provision whereuy tnr
administrative and lestalatlve branch may
co-ordinate their efforts In the deveU-p-
318 320
ppnrwPTr v our oular stock
rKUmr 1LY and of OUR usual
AT 8 O'CLOCK high standard.
Final Clean-Up Sale
Thursday, February 27th
Your Unrestricted Choice of Any Winter
in Our Stock
To insure that not one garment of this season's stock should be carried
over into the coming season, we make this radical mark-down in
our price. No matter whether the garmtnt was $18,
$20, $25 or $35; all will be sold at the one price.
Comprise all
remaining of
our Fall and
Winter Stock,
including plain
tailored and fancy
models in Serge,
Cheviot and
Misses' and
Women's Sizes.
Owing to the txieptionally low prices at which the:e garments are
soli, no part payments will he accepted nor will aay he sont 6, 0. P.
ment of tho future activities of the gov.
ernment as well as for the determination
of expenditures needed for the current
transaction of Its business."
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from Washington that the border patrol
will be kept effective. (
Death of Mnrtero Uneonf Irraed.
' MEXICO CITT, Feb. 26. The departure
from Mexico of Ernesto Madero, former
minister of finance, was followed Imme
diately by a hurried counting of the cash
In the government treasury. The result
showed a balance of $33,000.
This amount does not represent all Im
mediately available resources of the new
administration, as there are various de
posits In both local and foreign oanxs
which can be drawn on by the govern
ment. No official confirmation was received
today of the reported death of Emlllo
Madero, brother of the late ex-presldent,
who was said to have been shot dead near
Monterey while attempting to Join the
rebels at Nuevo Laredo.
The representatives of foreign powers
have formally accepted the official ver
sion of the deaths ot ex-President Fran
cisco Madero and ex-Vice President Joae
Pino Suarei. The government Investiga
tion continued today.
The situation here has not changed.
Reports from numeroua districts today
indicated that most of the rebel leader
are Inclined to co-operate with the new
The appointment of army men is gov
ernors of states, Is taken to mean that
Iluerta Intends to rule -with a Ilrm nana.
No anxiety Is felt in government circles
as to the attitude of Tabasco, Campeche
and Yucatan, which have not yet for
mally signified their adherence to the gov
ernment. It Is thought that those states
will fall Into line. A telegram of con
gratulation reached Huerta from the gov
ernor ot Tabasco today.
Zapatistas now occupy several towns in
oreaKs a soia in a
Few Hours-Pape's
first Dose ot Papc's Cold Compound
re lie tea all grippe misery-
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It is, a positive fact that a dose of
rape's Cold Compound taken every two
hours until three consecutive doses are
taken will cure Orippe or bresjt up the
most severe cold, either In the head,
chest, back, stomach or limbs.
It promptly ends the most miserable
headache, dullness, head and nose stuffed
up, faverlshness, sneexlnr. running of
nose, mucous catarrhal discharges, sore
ness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges.
Take this wonderful Compound with
the knowledge that there Is nothing else
In the world which will cure your cold
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without any other assistance or bad el
ftcts as a 2S-cent package of Papa's Cold
Compound, which any druggist can sup
plyIt contains no quinine be sure you
get what you ask for accept no substi
tutebelong In every home. Testes nice
acts gently Advertisement.
the etate of Morelos. The most Impor
tant of these Is YaUetepec, southeast of
the federal capital. Many depredations
have been commuted and additional
troops were dispatched today against
them, ..t r
Eu'fcmo, a brother ot Emtllano Zapata,
has ' pi-'odlalmed himself gdvernor of
The state of Aguaa Callentcs admit
tedly Is In revplt, the rebels being led by
the governor, Alberto Fuentes.
sionn.izATioN is rnocKKDiNt;
General Smith la Suiiervlslncr Move
ments at Fort CrocUett.
GAIWE3TON, Tex., Feb. 2t. Quietly
and efficiently the mobilization ot the
second 'division of tho United States
army proceeded through Its early stages
today. Last night there wero 300 troops
at Camp Crockett. Over night nearly
1,000 more arrived. Fourteen more train
loads of soldiers were due during the
Today enough of the Incoming military
force was here to outline the big campi
at Galveston and Texas City. Within
three days or less these camp grounds
will be occupied by many thousands of
fighting men.
The army transport Kllpatrlck reached
here today, anchoring near the transports
Sumner and McClellan. Brigadier Gen
eral F. A. Smith, commanding the Xlfth
brigade, established headquarters at Fort
Crockett today, prepared to supervise
the mobilisation of his troops.
Major General William H. Carter, com
manding the second division, la due here
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paid 20 cents for eggs yesterday, and 21
this morning."
One witness testified he could get live
chickens In the country tor 104 cents
per pound and ,that the produce dealer
charged 14 'cents. The freight, he testi
fied. Is 50 cents for a crate ot ninety
pounds of chickens from that . point.
This would mean that It costs a trifle
over a half cent a pound to get tho
chickens here from certain points by
freight, while the produce man is charg
ing 3 cents above the country cost ot
the chickens.
One witness said It was very evident
that the cold storage schemes were the
cause of some excessive prices. "I am ,
sure the prices of "produce would not be i
so high at some periods of the year," I
he said, "If they did not have the storage
facilities they have."
WASHINGTON. Feb. 28.-A treaty re
cently negotiated by the United States
with Nicaragua providing for the pay
ment of J3,0O0,0OO by the United States In
return for tho exclusive right to build an
lnter-oceantc canal across the Nlcaraguen
Isthmus, was laid over by the foreign re
latione committee of the senate until the
new administration has an opportunity to
pass on it.
The treaty was negotiated by Minister
George T. Weltxel to protect the Unltea
States against the possible opening ot a
competing canal by some foreign nation.
the cause. There Is only one "BROMO
QUININE." Look tor the signature ot IS.
W, GROVE. c--Advertisement.
Include a wide
variety of styles
and colors made
! Silks, Velvets,
Serges, Bedford
Cord; also
Silk and Chiffon
Dancing Frocks
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loth Ss Harney
South Dakota Officer
OhargedWith Graft
PIERRE, S. D., Feb. 26. Attorney Gen
eral Johnson placed a warrant In the
hands of the sherriff today for the ar
rest of II. C. Brinkor, state land com
missioner, on the chargo of securing
money by false pretenses. It Is charged
that bills for automobile hire were
padded. Brlnker said he Intended to
tender his resignation.
MUEL.HAUSEN, Germany, Feb. 28. A
German military aviator. Sergeant Hel
fernslder, was killed and his companion,
Lieutenant Llnke, seriously Injured here
today, Their aeroplane tell while they
were flying around the military aero
drome, Hetfernalder took one ot the
turns too sharply and the machine topled
over backward.
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ace Is neede4 aatf
Is really "It.1 Far 0 years It
bu helped la casse ot ladlgea
tloa, Dyspepsia, Costlveaasa,
CoMa, Orippe aad Malaria.
AveM 5aktitttte
Omaha people who have stomach and
bowel trouble should guard against ap
pendicitis by taking simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc. aa compounded In
Adler-l-ka, the German appendicitis rem
edy A SINGLE DOSE relieves aour
stomach, gaa on the stomach and consti
pation INSTANTLY because this alm
ple mixture antiseptlclzes the digestive
organs and draws off the impurities.
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