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Omaha Daily Bee
Looking Backward
This da. in Oiiiiilm, ten. twenty
nnil thirty yvam rno. See our
Kdltorliil puge.
VOL. XLL1-XO. L'lS).
Political Offenders Who Present
Themselves Within Fifteen Days
Will Be Pardoned.
Indications that Southern Rebels
Will Agree to Be Good.
Zapatistas Caught Near the Capital
and Shot as Bandits.
Cnvrrniir of Cnnhiilln Aisnln -n-noniicra
thnt lie Will .ot ItceiiK-
iilr.r Vott UpkIiim- tiiivoriior
of Sottorn Flees V. S.
MI2X.1CO CITY. Feb. 2". Couflilence In
the Iluerta administration appears dally
to wax stronger If faith Is to be placed
In tho government reports as to the rapid
vanishing of the rebel spirit throughout
tho republic. Plots ami conspiracies
against tho provisional president are BtlU
talked of In whispers, but there Is at
least an outward appearance of harmony
between tho leaders of the new regime
Provisional President Hucrta and FelU
Dlaa seem to be working together to brln'
about general pcaco which "both exprcsj
themselves as ardently desiring.
t Tho collapse of tho revolutionary move
ments, both north and south, appears ta
the Imminent. The latest adherent to the
government Is General Orozco. who has
sent a telegram declaring his allegiance.
A further adhesion to tho government
wns registered last night when Kafacl
Tapla, a former chief of ruralcs guard
In tho state of Tlaxcala, with WO men
signified his desire to surrender. Tapla
conferred with tho federal minister of
war yesterday and was told to return
for another conference, brcnlng with him
Antonio Hldulgo, a candidate for the gov
ernnorshlp of Tlaxcala, who Is In rebel
lion. l'n-pnrlim AniiifHty I'roclamntlun.
Piovlslonal President Hueita today
drafted a bill granting amnesty to all po
litical offenders "who shall present them
selves to tho authorities within fifteen
days." The measure was hurried to the
Chamber of Deputies, which Is In ex
traordinary session, for quick action.
The emissaries of Emlllniio Zapata,
who was suld to be hiding In (ho state
of Morelos.r 'are1 here to confer with
Huerttt. They are said to bear Instruc
tions Jrom their leader. to arrange tonus
of surrender.
Hpvoiitecn Zapatlsts who advanced to
the ed,go of the federal district, eight
miles from the capital, were car
flay and executed. Juan Vurg
ptured to-
urgus, com
mander of the ruralcs, sent this mes
sage to President Iluerta:
"I have tho honor to report tho execu
tion of seventeen bandits taken In out
lawry and rebellion."
Iluerta replied, commending tho offi
cial. Iloiul Ihniii' Probable.
If tho I'hainbei of Deputies accepts the
iccommendatlon of Its finance commit
tee an immediate "peace" appropriation
In excess of tho 100,000,000 pesos asked
for by Madero will be authorized by n
bond Issue. It was said today that tho
committee would recommend uny sum
the finance minister deemed necessary
for the needs of tho government.
General Felipe Angeles, who was re
cently placed under arrest for his loyalty
to Madero, has been released and was
named today military attache to tho
Me.-.lcan legation In Belgium.
General Juvenclo Hobles has been ap
pointed chief of a military zone Including
tin states of Mntelos, Mexico. Guerrero
and part of Ptiebla. A year ago he oc
cupied the same post under Madero and
was making headway against 'the rebels
when he was removed, owing to dif
ferences with the ox-presldcnt.
Itallroad condttions throughout the re
public showed' some improvement today.
A train got through from Juarez direct to
(Continued on Pago Two.)
The Weather
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Snow Friday; continued cold.
Temperature at Oninlin Yonterilny.
Hour. Deg.
CONTINUED. 1 1 S:;:::::::::: S
COUj 2S:S::::::::::::i
0 n. ill. ...........
10 a. m &
11 a. m 5
12 m 7
1 p. m fi
2 p. m S
3 p. m 9
1 p. m 9
5 p. m 9
ft p. m 9
7 p. m 9
8 p. m 'J
Comparative l.ocnl llecortl.
1913. J512. 1911. 1910.
Highest yesterday 9 .17 23 ,13
Lnwebt yesterday t 12 14 15
Mean temperature B 21 IS 26
Precipitation 05 .to T .W
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal:
.Normal temperature , 27
Deficiency for the day 21
Total excess since March 1 368
Normal precipitation 02 Inch
l'xceh's for the day 03 inch
Total rainfall since March 1.... 26. 25 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 4.36 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1911,13.21 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1910.12.7S Inches
Report from Stations ut 7 P. 91.
Station and Statu Tempera- High- Rain
of Weather. ture. est. fall.
Cheyenne, clear
Davenport, cloudy..,,
Denver, clear
Des Moines, cloudy.. 1.
Dodge City, cloudy...
Lander, clear
8 II .01
23 21 .04
It 16 T
10 16 T
10 11 .02
10 . lb .0)
6 It M
9 9 M
it .si
4 S .Hi
5 tt .
G If .01
V .01
4 10 .12
Pueblo, cloi
ltapld City,
.anta-iFe, a
loux City, clear
Valentine, clear
T Indicates trace of preelpltatlon.
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
LONDON, Feb. 27. -Militant suffragists
connected with the burning of buildings
In public pal Us are liable to "penal scrvi.
tude for life." This was the announce
ment today of Trnvers Humphreys, pub
lic prosecutor in asking ttie mnKlstrttto
at the Kew police court to commit for
trial Miss Lillian l.cnton and Miss Joyce
Locke.. The two were arrested on Feb
tuary 20 for setting fire to w pavilion In
the Kew Botanical gurdeus
"1 make my charge" said Mr. Humph
reys, under the malicious damage act,
which makes It n felony punishable by
penal servitude for life for any person
to fire n building belonging to the king
or devoted to public use."
At tho licnrlng today only Miss Locke
appeared. Miss Linton having been te
leaBed owing to 111 health after enirylng
out a hunger strike. Mr. Humphreys
said the prison authorities had reported
that she would havo died unless re
leased. The magistrate protested that the pro
cedure was an extraordinary one. Pris
oners, lie continued, Bometlmes are re
leased from prison, but not from cus
tody. He Immediately Issued 'a warrant
for her arrest.
Miss Locke, who also started a hunger
strike, while detained was forcibly fcd.
She pleaded today that she wns too 111 to"
conduct her defense, but tho case pro
ceeded and she. was committed for trial
at the Assizes. Ball was fixed at 55,000 on
the promise of the accused that she would
refrain from any agitation pending her
appearance beforo tho jury.
A young woman who was arrested on
the All-England tennis grounds at
Wimbledon last night, with bags con
taining inflammablo materials In her
possession, rcfusod to give any Informa
tion about hersvlC in the iiollee court tj
day. She was remanded for further In
quiries. Tho police testified that they
found five cans of puraffln and other
combustibles near tho grand stand.
n Unable to
Walk, Foregoes Visit
to Temple at Karnak
NEW YOKK, Feb. 27. By way of Cairo
and London an incident of J. P. Mor
gan's visit to Luxor has been received
here. It is reported thut tho American
financier and his lmrty drovo out fiom
Luxor to view the temple in the vlllago
of Karnak. As ho was not feeling well
Mr. Morgan wanted to drive around tho
ruins, but tho natlvo official In charge
declined to allow the party to do so.
Mr. Morgan sent his servant In search
of tho Government Inspector, who also
regretted that he could not grant the per
mission. "Not eveny tho khedlve could drlva
around," the Inspector Is Bald to have re
plied. "Only. tho other day. we. had to re.
fuse similar permission to a Husslau
"But I can't walk around, as I am not
well," Mr. Morgan Is said to have ar
gued. "Oh, but you can be carried around,"
tho Inspector suggested. "There nre
plenty of carrying chairs for Invalids and
there Is no objection to that."
"Thero is a very great objection to
that." Interposed Mr. Morgan's secretary.
"If Mr. Morgan were to be carried around
Karnak the news would bo telegraphed
to America. It would be said ho was too
111 to uso his legs and there might be a
financial crisis."
Even that' argument, however, did not
win the desired permission, and the Mor
gan party retired defeated.
McOlellan Talks
of Graf t Among
New York Police
KEW YOItK, Feb. 27.-Presldent raft
was "fooled by the system" !nto attend
ing the recent police lieutenants' banquet
In New York, In tho opinion of former
Mayor George B. McClellali. Mr. McCloi
lan expressed this view In testifying to
day before the legislative commute tor
remedial police legislation.
Tho witness Bald that during his ad-
ministration six years ago the system
was so strongly entrencnea nat on oneigo ouiskih 10 secure n
occnslon lie could find but one policeman
who would tell tho truth. Today. Mi'
McClellan thought, the rank and file of
tho men were moro honest than dlshones;.
The reverso was true, he thought, among
the higher officers.
Mr. McClellan was positive that
"whether there are 50,000 or oS.OOO graft
ers on tho police force there Is and has
been a system, sometimes latent, 'ottener
active, which has thoroughly discredited
the entire department In the oves of the
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.-Surgeon Gen
eral Blue of the public health service has
been so delighted with requests from suf
ferers from pulmonary tuberculosis for
permission to offer themselves as sub
jects for itosts of Dr. Frledmann's tuber
culosis vaccine, that he mad an official
announcement today that In no circum
stance would the public health sorvlce
give vaccine to anyone until It had been
tested in the government hygienic Iabora- j
iry nerc. uirecior joihi i. ynoerson .
of the laboratory went to New York to- i VSHINGTON Feb. 27.-ColIect-on-de-day
to get tho cultures Dr. Frledinann j w, ,)e n,u5f(, to tlle ,,arcol ,)0B,
has turned over, to the public health ' d artm,int of the ,,,, son.Ce of the
tervlco for laboratory tests. 1 country on July 1 next. An order putting
- j thlo Into effect was signed today by Post-
MME. P0INCARE RECEIVES ! master General Hitchcock.
BEAUTIFUL WORKING GIRL tcl bearing the required amount of parcel
1 j post Stamps may be sent ntiywhoro In the
PATHS. Feb. 27. Germalne nrcsnat.t'COuntry and the amount due from tho
queen of this year's mld-lenteu carnival. I purchaser collected and remitted by tho
a typist in a city office, cnosen for !Ih
honor hv her follow working glils owing
to her beauty, was received today with
hor maids of honor at the palace of I ho
Rlysea by Mme. Polncalre. wife of the
president, who gave her a diamond brace
let. Mile. Bregnat previously had passed
th-ougii the principal streets amid the
plaudits of thousands.
New York Banking Company Files
Letter with Pujo Committee
Explaining Conditions.
Bankers Arc Trusted with Money
Because They Are Honest.
Letter Says No Set of Men Can
Control Credit.
C'OKt f (lllldlK'lllIU SIC('llll lll"lll-
untlim In Shni-pl.t ('iinili-iiint'il
llnrliiK llrliutc tin Flour
of t?lf IUiiimo.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27.-A general tic.
nlal of the existence or possibility of a
"money trust" was presented to tho house
money trust committee today In a long
letter sent by J. 1. Morgan & Co.. -it the
Invitation of the committee.
Upon receipt of the Morgan letter Chair
man Pujo gave out a letter written to
Morgan Co. saying that the 1 tivl tat ln'i
to Morgan .t Co. had been extended Jan
uary 27 and that the committee had been
at wmk on Its report for a month,
"Your memorandum," the reply con
cluded, "manifestly comes too Into to bo
of value."
The Morgan letter laid at the door of
the present banking and. currency law,
the responsibility for any "concentration"
of money and credit that may exist.
In Its coucluMoriH as to tho commit
tee's activities the letter said:
"We venture to submit that In u strong
public opinion there IIcb the greotest
safeguard of the community. The public
are the one who entrust bankers with
I such Influenco and power uh they today
! havo In every civilized in nil and the pub-
Ho Is unlikely to entrust that power to
weak or evil hands. Your counsel nsked
witnesses whether the present power
held by bankers In this country would
not bo a menace If It lay In evil hands.
If congrets wore to fall Into evil hands
the results might be deplorable. Hut to
us It seems ns little llkelv thnt the citi
zens of this country will fill congress
with rascals as It Is that they will entrust
the leadership of tholr business and finan
cial affairs to a set of clever rogues."
line tn Nil 1 11 ni l I.iitt.
The letter says that such concentra
tion of money In New York as has oc
curred Is due to the "antiquated banking
system" and the natural law which "In
every country creates some ono city as
tho great financial . center."
Thnt part of the money trust resolution
declaring that It "Is generally believed"
that groups of financiers!', create, avert
and compose panics 'was' particularly at
tacked by the letter. Morgan & Co. set
forth that any wltnlioldlng of money .or
credit by one man In any market would
bo "promptly relieved by tho automatic
flow of credit from eomo altogether for
eign source."
"We regret," said the letter, "that a
belief ho Incredible, to abhorrent and bo
harmful to tho country should for a mo
ment have found lodgment anywhere.
And wo welcome your Invitation as an
opportunity for us to state that, to the
extent of our observation and experi
ence, there Is not even a vestige of truth
In the Idea that In whole or In part tho
financial convulsion of 1M7 was brought
on through the design of any man or
lllrlnic Attorneys Criticised.
Samuel Untermyer's retention as coun
sel for the house money trust Investigat
ing committee came In for sharp con
demnation on the floor of the house
today during debate In which the cost
of other congressional Investigations
was brought In.
representative "Mai tin of South Da
kota attacked the appointment of L'n
termyer and the uitlio conduct of the
"This committee." he said, "has en
gaged In an Untermyer Investigation and
Is now preparing an Untermyer report.
It seepis very strange to me thnt the
banking and currency conimltteo of this
I housn with the many
lawyers In Its
j membership should find It necessary to
Ilepresentatlvo Moore of Pennsylvania
denounced the entire scheme of demo
cratic investigation as "bunk, pure and
simple." Ho attacked the employment of
Louis D. Brandels as counsel for the fhoe
trust Investigating committee and also
the employment of Untermyer.
Celebrates Year, as
Omaha Postmaster
Postmaster John C. Wharton is today
receiving the congratulations jf n1"
clerks, business men and friends In honor
of the completion of his first year as
head of the Omnha postofflce. One yeir
ago today Wharton took the office of
postmaster, and since that time has made
numerous friends. He made the rounds
of tho postofflce this mornins shaking
hands with all his employes, and in re
turn was presented with a huge bouquet
made up of roses, carnations,' Jonquils
and narcissus.
Postofflcu department. The regulations
provide that the parcel must bear the
amount duo from the addressee and ills
collection will be made, provided the
amount Is not in Mown of tlW. The ferf
wUI bo 10 ctmts. to be rif fixed by the
M-nilr in paicnl pfyit AnniPM. This also
Mill Imkiiio thu purcul to an amount not
tu exceed Da
From the CJuvelrtnd Plain Dealer.
Eighteen Members of Paris Gang
Found Guilty by Jury.
Chnrrn Include Mnrilrr. Itohbery
nnil Aron Cnrouy Commit
Nnlcltlr In Cell 1 TnUllin
I'olnon Four Acquitted.
I'AltlP. Feb. 27.-The trial of tho gang
of twenty-two auto bandits, who held
Paris In teiror for months, ended today
after twenty-one days. A vridlct jf
guilty was returned against eighteen of
tho prisoners on counts Including murder,
arson and robbery.
Four of the nccilfcd. Including thrci
women accomplices, wero found not guilty
by the Jury.
Among tho Indictments wcro no fewer
than twenty-two murders, tho victims bo
lng motor drivers, bank messengers,
freight agents and policemen.
The gang hold up a number of suburban
banks, broke Into the residence of prom
inent people, killed tht chief of the Paris
detectives, set flro to buldlngs and finally
when their two lenders, Bonnot and Gnr
nltr wero In danger of arrest, under
went two sieges la the ten iTrons otM'arl j
Jn the the course of these slegea It was
fotind necessary to cal. tmt hundreds'' pt
jroops, -whole? squsoronu rtf military!
mounted 'pollen' and practically tho entire
(orce of patrolmen, who bombarded th
bandits for many hours In their hanctu
arlcs and then found several of tho lead
ing spirits of the gang lying dead, riddled
with bullets.
Carouy, the "anarchist bandit," when
be heurd that he was condemned to Im
prisonment for life, committed suicide In
his cell In prison by tailing poison, which
presumably was passed to him as ho left
the courtroom.
Four of the twenty-two bandits wer
sentenced to death by the guillotln". riio
condemned men ape Dlriidoiine Callemtn.
Soudy and Monler, against vhom nuiii
bei of murders were proved. FoWien
of tho others wero senteio-d to long
terms of Imprisonment.
William B, Wilson
May Be the First
Secretary of Labor.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27-Tho pleas of
union labor for lepresentailon In the
president's cabinet may be recognized In
tlle selection of Representative William
B. Wilson of Pennsylvania, to be secre
tary of the new created Department of
Labor. This Information, along with
other reliable advices, came to the po
litical leaders at the capital today, direct
from Trenton.
Representative Wilson had hern en
dorsed by the American Federation of
Labor, and was at one time secretary of
the United Minn Workers of America.
From tho same aourccs It was learned
that William G. Itedfleld of Brooklyn
might be a member of thu cabinet. For
what portfolio ho Is being considered was
not divulged, but It Is known that the
piesldcnt-elect holds tho highest rfgardN
for Mr. Iledficld's view of the tariff and
has for t-ome time hoped to havo him as
one of his close advisers
About the future of three portfolios
agriculture. Interior and war llttlo Is
known and It Is hinted that they will be
filled by men whoso names have not been
generally mentioned heretofore.
Turkey is Willing
to Cede Adrianople
SOFIA. Bulgaria. Feb. 27. -Turkey has
at last signified Its readiness to negotiate
for team with Bulgaria on the baslB of
the cession of Adrianople. Tho Turkish
government has solicited tho good offices
of Hursla. The Russian government to-
i day transmitted to the Bulgarian govern
ment a message received from Con
stantinople containing the Turkish pio
posuls for ftosh negotiations. The BUI-"
gariun council met today to discuss the
The National Capital
Thursilny. I'rhriiHry 117, Him.
The Srnntr.
Began debate on agricultural appropria
tion bill.
Interstate commerce committee sub
mitted report recommending changes In
Sherman anti-trust law.
The IIoiiiif.
Began debate on general deficiency ap
propriation bill.
Republican caucused and appointed a
commltte to call a cauous of republicans
to organlie the minority.
capSr vmw T(H1K vJV
New Rates of Union
Pacific Attacked by
the Government
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. -Tho United
States today beRan an action beforo tho
Intorstatn Commerce commission to pre
vent what Is called an attempt by the
Union Pacific itallwny company to mo
nopolize all the trnfflc bound for the
Pacific northwest from points In the mid
dle West and Great Lakes points.
The action was brought through the
Interior department, which alleges In Its
petition thnt tho Union Pacific on De
cember 1(5. 1911. published a tariff cover
ing through shipments from points on
the Mississippi and Missouri rivers mid
tho Great Lakes to points on tho Oregon
Short Line. The intes provided, the pe
tltlon alleges, were not applicable, unless
shipments wero turned over to tho Union
Pnclflc at Its eastern terminals at Kan
sas City. Mo. ; Council Bluffs. Lenvnn
worth. Knn.; Omaha, Fremont or Nor
folk, Neb.
It Is the contention of tho Interior de
partment that this provision In the tariff
prevents the shipment of trrlght from
Mississippi and Missouri river or Great
Lakes points over tho Northern Pacific
railway, whloh, It Is contended, Is a
shorter route.
The Oregon Short Line i declared to he
a Union Pacific property amj tho.Jstter
r'ond, through ItjT tariffs, prevents" tlie
former from promulgating throukh rates
over other lines from points mentioned In
the petition to points on the Oregon
'Short Line.
Watchman's Little
Grhi Wears Mrs,
Sprague's Pearls
CHICAGO, Feb. 27.-A pearl necklace
valued at 115,000. belonging to Mrs. A. A.
Sprague, 2d, niece of the late Murshall
Field, which was lost on a sleeping car
between Boston and Chicago, has been
While yiollco and private detectives ot
a score of cities have been searching for
the Jewels they have udorned tho person
of tho 0-ycar-old daughter of a crippled
night watchman.
The night watchman, whoo identity
has not been made public, but who Is
employed by a manufacturing plant along
the railroad, noticed a bit of "glass"
among the rubbish besldo the tracks.
He picked up the necklace and gave It
to his' little daughter, who win en
chanted to find herself the possecsor ot
a fine string of "bends,'"
"It does not take much to mako a
kid hnppy," observed the watchman to
his wife.
Although food and fuel weie scarce In
I the family, none of them dreamy;! that
I a small fortune hung around tho neck
of the llttlo girl. Ucccntly the child
attracted by some beads In a Jeweler's
window, showed the proprietor thnt she
too, had a pretty necklace. An expert
confirmed the Jeweler's judgment of tho
Jewels, nnd by mcaiiB of nn advertise
ment tho rightful owner was found.
Lady Scott is Met
by Her Brother at
Wellington, N, Z.
WKLLINC.TON. New Zealand, Feb. S7.
Lady Itobert F. Scott, widow of tho
Antarctic explorer. arrived hero today
on board the Angorl. Ijidy Scott heard
of the terrible fate of her husband while
she was hi mldoccan off FIJI. As soon
as she recovered from the shock she said:
"I must be bravo as my husband would
havo wished me to be."
Her brother, Lieutenant Bruce, and
Commander Kdward livens of the British
navy, who brought back the sad news
from the Antarctic, met Lady Hcott on
tho pier.
Lawmakers and
Governor in Row
KALKM, Ore.. Feb. 27 To circumvent
the veto power of Governor Oswald West,
the stato legislature took a recess today
until March 4. Officially the recess be
gan at 10 o'clock last night, but It wai
long after midnight when tho legislator
finished passing the bills which they wish
to become laws and which they fear Ihfc
governor does not approve. The governor
has five days In which to veto these bllN.
Therefore the legislature, which has been
at loggerheads with him since the flrM
day ot the session, will reconvene anil
decide whether to override the expected
Consideration of University Bill Put
Over Till Afternoon.
York nnil I'nIU Members Annnnnen
tluit They Wtll ."Not Votf Angrln
to Hi en r Members Don
llltr lllclniionil.
(Fiom n Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 27.-(SpecUI.)-At last
tho house or nt least a few of Its mem
bers have awakened to the fact that spp.
clnllzlug In detective work tends to re
tard tho icaMwork of the session.
Ycsterdny morning there wcro forty-ono
absent at loll call nnd this morning the
attendance was so slim members who
had bills they wanted passed In several
Instances got them put over rnther than
subject them to a vote of a portion of
tho membership.
Kcckley of York called attention to tho
state of affairs mid wanted to know
where nil the nbsrntees were. When told
thoy wero gum-shoeing over tho state In
search of something to talk about, ho
waxed olocjuont n his demand for tlulr
nUelidnnuii at tho Peinlmis and Insisted
that a committed should not be excused.
Noiton of Polk explulned that the
mamhiirii of theso committees wure absent
upon authority given by, tho hotis nnil
If there was. any -blame It nihst httsch
to tho house.
Clntcii agreed with Norton anil ho In
ssteil that 1 herraff'r ho would vote
nualnnt excusing theso Investigating com
mittees. In tho meantime (mother com
mittee Is to io appointed to Investlgato
th stuto penitentiary with a view to
fixing up a pluygiound for the "poor
abused convicts,"
Chief Clerk Hlchmond wuh nipped nil
tin leg by n dog Inst night i.s he was un
hip way to the state house. The wound
was cauterized nnd no bad rt.t,nits n'''i
probable, unless someone giowls at tho
genial clerk.
jDr, Russell Resigns
as Jxesult ol Latest
Thaw Scandal
ALBANY. N. Y., Feb. Z7.-CIovcrnor Sul
zer ronferred today with tho committee
inquiring Into the latest Thaw scandal
and announced that ho would demand tne.
Immediate uusponslan from office of Dr.
John V$. BUBsell, superintendent of Mai
teawun hospital.
Mr. Kusscll, howeicr, did not wait to
receive the governor's summons. He an
nounced that he had handed his retig.
nut Ion this morning to Coloti.il .1 iieph t'.
ficott, superintendent of the prisons, .I 'd
Ills superior officer. The resignation wno
promptly accepted and Colonel Hcntt r
dered Ur. ftoy L. Leak, first assistant
physician at the Institution. . to tako
charge tumporarlly.
Postoffice Safe at
Magnolia, la,, Robbed
MAOXOLlA,,lu , Fob. 2". (Hpcclal Tele-
: gram.) Tho nafo on the post office was
t blown open last night with nitroglycerin
jaud $210 In cash nnd IW worth of stamps
I taken. Tho robbers also broke Into
1 Frazler t Johnson's store and bank,
'and stole 10 from tho cash restgster nnd
; a revolver. They did not attempt to open
tho bank safe.
HACItAMHNTO. Cnl.. Feb. 27.-Thlity-:
sly million ladybugs have been captured
and caged for shipment by the California
I KtMtri IliKfrlnrv nnrl will l.a' ni,t in
vaitous sections soon to save the melon
crops. The ladybugs prey on the melon
aphis, devastating Insects that devour tho
new vines. Hop growers also will bo sup-
Idled with the InBfcts.
Any brains in your ffice?
livery day the classified columns of The Bee are used to ad
vertlso for bruins someone Is looking for them all the time. Every
business must have them.
Then every day thero Is somebody looking for capital to back
uji these brains. They use the Business Chances columns of this
paper and they get the results they seek.
If you read these Business Chances you are certain, booq, to
get an opportunity that will Increase your Income.
Stores that are selling out, men that want capital, firms that
need more money all come under the Business Chances heading,
Tyler 1000
Demoorats Decide to Keep Big
Sohool on Small Site in
City of Lincoln.
City Council Promises to Pay $100,
000 Into State Treasury.
Galleries Filled During Afternoon,
When Argument is On.
One lllll Killed nnd Othrr Itecom
mrnilcil for I'nxnimr hj- Votr that
l.cnvrx n Dotilit nn tn
I From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN". Feb. 27. (Special Telegram.)
-Tho democrats In tho house today ac
cepted a promise of tho Lincoln city coun
cil to rnlse JNM.OCO towards buying th
600,000 worth or land needed to provlds
a smnll campus for the state university
In tho city, and voted to kill tho bill that
provided for the consolidation of tho col
leges downtown with tho Agricultural col
lego on the state farm,
The discussion was on the bill by Mc
Allister to provide a 1-mlll levy to ri
construct the university buildings at th
statn farm, and tho McKlsslclc bill t
provide a levy of onc-hnlf of 1 mill for
the extension of the present campus anl
the erection of new buildings thereon, It
lasted all afternoon, and was listened
to by crowded galleries.
Vole the Proposition.
Tho JIcAlllster bill was Indefinitely
postponed hy a voto of CS to 29. and tho
MclKssIck bill wns recommended for pas.
sago by a voto of 80 to 17. The vote 1 1
Indefinitely postpone! tho McAllister hill
Yens Allen, Anderson of Boyd. Ander
son of Douglas, Amlorson of Kearney.
Ayers. linker. Batiks, Bollln, Buckner,
Ilnrkett, Busch, Cbappell, Corbtn, Davis,
Klmuiid, P'llckson, llnllstcnd. Flannngnu.
Foster, Foulon, Fries, Fuller, Funk
t Jutes, Gruber, tlustln, lliiggorty, lle-rdln.
Martwell, Haslch. Helllger. Hoff, Jack
son. Jpary. Jones. Kaufman, Keckley,
Knutsoll. Lee, Mallery. Mather. Maiirer.
Market, Murphy, McCarthy or Cuming,
McCarthy or Oreeley, McKlsslck. Norton,
O'Malley. Orr. Talmer, Pllgcr. Potts,
Qulggle, Ilegun, ItiMschc. Ileuter, Hlch
nrdson, Budlslll, Shnupp. Schucth. Sarle.
Snvder, Stebblns. Trumbel, Wood, Yates
Nays-Bnrtells. Brain. Cronln. Dreilse
dow, ljlwood, Fluher. Fox, ClrecllWalt,
GtistafNon, Harris, llofmelstcr, Hostetler
Hubbard, Koiff, Morris. McAllister,
Nichols, llyno4, Scott, Shipley. Simon.
Hlndolnr, Smith. Stprnes. Htephen. Stcv
ens, Mevetis. Sugnrmnn, Vnlideusen 19,
Several amniiilmenis to each bill were
voted donn and practically everybody In
the houso miiilo a spcoh
Witter Hoard U'url rm Trjlim In 2o
Menmirr Killed.
(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. '7, (Hpecliil.)-The ad
vance Riinrd of tho Water board lobby
hero this afternoon -as endeavoring to
get the conimltteo on cities and towns of
the lions to tnkp no ai-tlon on tho Andcr-i-r.n
hill to permit the commission or
Omaha to manage tl o Omaha water
The Water board lobby Is not sure that
It has this bill kilted, and It Is nminllv
Uncertain about the futo or the water dls-
unit hill, consequently it wants both bills
held up whllo Its ofHctul organ, tho
World-Herald, attempts to lino up tho
democrats or the house' under threats or
discrediting them ns representatives of
the people.
Tho dcinocints who vote against the
water dlr.lrlct bill are to bo hold up by the
World-Herald ns corporation cormorants
under tho domination or the stock yards,
ifgnrdless or the fncts In tho case. On
democrat who believes Mr. Hitchcock
would better be devoting his time to
dealing his own sklits of the Bartley
ruorges ana looking after his own pollt-
leai rutllrc. says he nmioses th mil ..'
cause It seeks to tin-n over to a discred
ited Wuter board the rights and author
ity now neiu ny the cities and Villages In
tho neighborhood of Omaha. The fact
that theso outlying towns, ire objecting
to being swallowed by tho Water board
and nil their rights taken from them Is
being suppressed bv the Omnha .h.
snld this member, but when all the facta
mme out nerore the house tho eyes of tho
members will bo opened and tin ihrDi.
can sen re the members.
lnnr Hit - Mini nnil lie Chnln Anl
innl Until llr i.n nriii,
i from a Stafr Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 27.-(Bpeclal.)-Some-where
in Uncoln today there roams
around a llttlo shaggy dog with a couplo
of welts on his bak and a ton, more or
less or sort pink flesh from the right
coir of tho leg of ono Henry Clifford
niehmond In his stomach.
The handsome chief clerk was on the
road to hi ofrice last night when near
the Llndell hptel a little shaggy dog
leaped rrom beneath a wagon and nipped,
him. A stranger passing volunteered tho
uso of his cane to tho bitten man.
Frothing at tho mouth and with sul
plmrlo blasts blowing from his lungs
Illchmotid chased the dog for several
blocks and finally landed two good welts
act osa him. Ho then had a doctor cauter
(Continued on Page Two.)

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