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HThb Omaha Daily Bee
Entered at Omaha poatofflee as second.
claM matter. ,
terms or stmsciurnont
Eunday Use, on year.. rjjv
Saturday Bee. one year J-JX
Dally Bee. -without Sunday, one year.. .w
Dally Bee. and Sunday, one 7f
grentng and Sunday, per month....
Evening, without Sunday, per tnonin..
Palhr Bw. Including Sunday. Pp J?-S
J3tdr Bee. without Sunday. Pr n-..;J
Address all complaints or irreguiariue
In delivery to City Circulation Dept.
Iteralt by draft express or postal order,
payable to The Bee PubUshto "pany.
Only J -Cent lUitipt recttved In payment
of small accounts. Personal checks, ox
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
accepted, .
Omaha The Bee building.
Bouth Omaha-S3IS N street.
Council Bluffs-li North Main street.
Lincoln 24 Little building.
Chlcajco-lHl Marnuette building.
New Tork-UM-ns Fifth Ave.
St. Louis-503 New Bank of Commerce.
Washlngton-Ta Fourteenth St.. N. W,
Communications relating to news ana
editorial matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee. Editorial department.
Jtate of Nebraska, County or Douglas, as:
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager
af The Be Publishing company, being
July sworn, says that the averts dally
Circulation for the month of April 1S13
Circulation Manager.
Bobserlbed In my presence and sworn
fo before me this d day of May. 1918.
(Seal.) Notary Public,
Subscribers leaving the elly
temporarily should hare The lie
snallrd o them. Addreaa'Wlll be
eknngad ai often n requested.
Tho way to rebuild is to rebuild.
Periodical warning to auto Bpood-
s: Slow up.
No, wo'ro not sure it's cheaper to
novo than pay rent.
California does not exactly nood
Sir. Hobson to fill out thoso looturo
pates of bis.
No doubt Umplro; CollifloweV Has
Jeen called "cabbage" more than
once1 by irato fans;
When tho army concentration
comes Omaha wants' to tie- on- tho
military map lit good, big tetter
Frog legs wilt noon become-' as' cheap
fca bacon. News note.
Why! not make them as cheap as
A lot of men would' doubtless jump
kt the chance of being ambassador to
Great Britain It they did not have to
lvet there..
It nothing short of tho-sheerest
indifference td the rising- youBg.voter
for the mayor to proclaim a- dande
lion dlgglsr day.
Where thai weeds havo lt: on the
grass"' Is- that thoy will' grow without
feeing watered at the rate of 3G cents
thousand gallons)
A Chicago paper predicts that
fcarah Bernhardt may- live yet twenty
roars upon tho stage. Just think of
tho farewells to cornel
Tho original "littlo Dbrrlt" died
the other day in London, and yet how
tnany more of tho original littlo Dor
jriti thoro may prove to bo.
Of courso, all theso doctors who
free merconary objects in Dr. Frlod-
imsvnn's demonstrations aro acttnn
Jfram the purest of ethical motives.
Ono of the best things that could
befall honest1 union labor' would' bo
the effectual elimination from the
pctme of the Hon. W. D. Haywood.
It Uncle Sam get a- licking, that
Pofenny Bull boy Bhould, too, for tho
Taps have been denied the right to
fish In the British Columbia-ponds.
"The king can do, no. wrong," is
paraphrased in the lexicon of our
amiable contemporary to" read, "Our
Water board boss lobbyist Is always
Why don't those Callfornlans get to
gether and simply refuse to nil any land
to the JapaT Detroit Free Press.
They might be run In for main
talnlng a boycott against friendly
"Tho government has defied usi"
shouts the young Pankhurst woman
(To fully understand the British suf
fragotto viewpoint we presume it is
necessary to get the full force of that
Writing about the Omaha tornado
Barah Bernhardt says:
1 hop it will prove a lesson' to you
Americans, and that you will henceforth
build houses of. substantial materials.'
Thanks, awfully.
Former. Senator Edmunds, ot- Ver
mont 1b now 86 years of ago and
hearty, He resides In California and
reads the Congressional Rocord- dally.
"which bUows bow easy It' is to live
Jong as yon. know how.
By a new dispensation the use of
autos Is to'Jje permitted ill our na
tional parktf Might as well come to
It now as later. It is not so long ago
that autos iyore' aof allowed to pass
Inside the gates' of a ocmetery.
The Ord- Journal thinks that "nine
oiit of every, ten Omaha people be
lieve fully Ifa every prediction made
Tjj the Rev. Ir R. Hfcks" since the
toseaiei Borne practical joker has
ikHLmr . suilelAM friea
Build Up Omaha's Credit.
Onlr two days ngo Tho Bee nd
Tcried to the fact that Omaha- mu
nicipal bonds do not rank an high on
tho bond market as thoy ahould com
pared with tho bonds of other cities
of our olass, and urged the nood of
doing something to remedy this con
dition so costly to our taxpayers.
Ono cause contributing to tho dis
advantage undor which our city
bonds aro floatod may bo found in
thoir exclusion from the list of ap
proved socuritlos avallablo for hot
Ings bank investments' In New York
and certain Now England states.
Without going Into tho reason, or
arguing whother thero' ever was a
reason, the responsible authorities
hhould at least try to havo this bar
ru-dl although it doubtloss cannot
oe uccompllshed oaBlly, or at one.
In tllo Interval, howover, ono thinp
tan bo done In the direction of
strengthening tho city's credit' by a
propor offort. Undor the new order
of tho. socrotary of tho treasury, na
tional banks aro to bo permitted,
subject to treasury approval, to de
posit municipal bonds Instead of
government bonds to Bocuro. United
States deposits. If our delegation in
congress havo any standing with the
se'erotary of tho treasury, they can
mako sure that Omalia bonds nro de
clared acceptable for this purpose. A
placo on the government approved
HbJ. may not send our bonds suddonly
to a high premium, but in building
up tho city's credit, every littlo helps.
Anti-Alien Agitation.
The antUallen or, perhaps antl-
Jnpanoso agitation ovldoritly Is not
confihed' to California, but oxista In
all adjoining states and as far north
as .Alaska, whero Japaneso have been
forbidden to fish in the big1 waters.
writer In the San Francisco
fjhronlolo ascribes this to "unreason
ing, projudico and blind racial ha?
trod." It ls Important to know how
truo this is, In ordor to.provldo for
tho periodical rocrudosconca ot. such
a footing, if It really exists.
Soven years ago a similar dispute
nrostf oyer tho San Francisco school
Kltuatlon nncl tho president inter
vened, obtaining a form of settle-
imont1 Involving a promise from
Japan to co-opornto toward restrict
ing its' immigration at that port.
Has It kopt tho promise? If not; has
its- failuro to do so aggravated the
situation? Tho Washington corro-
spondeht ot tho Kansas City Star
Tho Japnne officials utterly Ignored
their pledges and many thousands mora
Japanese camo to the west coast than
the Japanese agreed upon.
Hd therefore concludes- that
Japanese statesmen have no respect
for diplomatic promises. '
The B&n. Francisco Chroniclo, how-
evory much noaror the scone of dc
Ubn, reprints parts of the official re
port of- formor Labor Commissioner
Mackenzie of California tending to
show- a doorcase Instead of- gain In
tho Jnpanoeo pqpulatlon thoro, a de
crease In schodl attendance and a
largor doath rato- than birth rate.
Thoso figures are Tor 1010; It would
bb well to bring thorn up to date; In
the moantlmo, the philosophical
mood oP Jnpsn,. Ih roruslng to bo
como perturbed ovor the situation
until diplomacy has exhausted its
good' offices-, is adtnirabltr and holds
k losBon'for-othors.
That- Morass, ot Republican lule.
In n proscription ot tho republican
jparty, an impassioned' member of tho
houso from the swamps of Arkansas,
tho Horn Mr. Ooodwini thus ex
postulates; Tho LoWi psttrnt and sometimes angry.
icontlmied' to accompany tho visitation
(of HIS wrath by physical evidence of
His displeasure, but atlll Pharaoh would
not- let the people go. And f$r more than
rorty years the- American people hav
been wandering Ih the moras of re
publican misrule and republican matad
ministration. Pride of the past blinded the
iarty. greed led It astray and unholy
finance witn special privilege encom
passed Its defeat.
But sltrce summoning tb his aid for
the purpose of lluatratlon tho scrip
tural narrative of Egyptaln bondage,
The Hon. Mr. Goodwin should have
gono further with his analogy by
showing that whilo tho Lord hardened
the- heart of Pharaoh and permitted
him to enslave the chosen people for a
while, Israel camo out of Egypt a rich
and mighty nation;
And the children of Israel wore fruitful,
and lnereased abundantly, and multiplied;
and waxed exceeding mighty; and tho
land was- filled with them.
And lh- these vforty yearn of mo
rass" the American poople havo waxed
great and Increased abundantly in
every phase and element of their
life and slnco tho republican party
has been dominant during practi
cally all ot that period, It Is Impossible
by any tricks of oratory to mako
pooplo bellevo It Is not bocauso, but
ih spito of republican rulo.
Once upofra time the 'Water board
solemnly declared that the charges
I to lltt)o consumers were dlspropor
tlonately hifeh compared with the
'charges to- tho big fellows. And
thereupon) as soon aa tho city got
possession of the plant the board
proceoded to raise the little fellow
higher, and make the disproportion
still greater.
A correspondent wants to fix
time limit for janitors In the business
'district to wash windows, clean Blde-
rwalks and splash pedestrians. How
unreasonable! Why should pedes
trians be allowed to come within
splashing distance when a Janitor
feels II He working!
DO (,
? ooo
MAY 2.
Thirty Years An
A novel enterprise Is being Inaugurated
by B. L. Katon, the photographer, who
Is putting electric lights Into his studio,
not for Illuminating purposes, but tot
talc photographs' by.
Tho meeting of the new Douglas County
Medical society elected the following offi
cers: President, Dr. Harvey Link; vice
presidents Dr. J. N. Bwetnam, Dr. J. H.
Peobody; secretary, Dr. James Carter;
treasurer) Dn L U, draddy; cenaom. Drs.
D. B. Ayrea, J. B. Ralph, L. A. Merrlam,
A. C. Moore, A. A, Parker; delegates to
stats society, Drs Merrlam, Bwetnanv
Ralph, Dunham, Brown, Spauldlng; Mo
Kenna, Bridge' and Colerllle; delegates
to Iowa Btate Medical society, Dra. Mer
rlam, Oraddy, Coffman, Carter and
The Work of excavating for the founda
tions of the new Lutheran church on
Harney street was commenced at noon.
It Is rumored that Omaha Is-to be the
northwestern terminus of tha Postal tele
graph' now being constructed. This will
b another boom for the Gate city.
S. N. Meallo, manager of the. Academy
of Music has gtn to Chicago to make
nalph R. Ulttlnger of the" Union Pa
cific headquarters and his mother, to
gether with Master Ouy and. Garfield
Clark, left for a visit In the cast.
Mr. and- Mr. Charles Shlverlck are
back from a four months' tour In the
A. H. Touzalln, formerly with the Bur
tVigton and Mtneourt, now with the
Santa Fe, p In the .city.
walling for the Verdict" was put on
nt D6yd's by an amateur company with
Chart McDonald, F. IL Daniels. J. J.
Nelfgh, B. A. O'Brien. Mrs. Elliot and
Mrs. George Shields In the title roles;
Twenty Years Ago
A company or young peopi gainerea
at thr home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas OH
lan, 2311 Ohio street, In token of their
regret at the coming departure from the
city of Miss Annie Cummlngs, sister of
Mrs. aillam
Oovernor- West and son, of- Salt Lake-
City passed through Omaha going east
Bishop H. W. Warren had a largo au
dience to. hear his lecture- on "Forces of
Sunbeams" at the Youne Men's Chrlsi
tlan association. "The distinguished pre
late Is nothing If not eloquent and soon
captured his audience,'' said The Bee.
.Officer Burrows discovered fire In the
grocory store of J. Marks, 1814 Sherman,
avenue, at about 9:W p. m. It did- about
ttOO of damage.
Howard B. Smith", republican, and V,
O. Strlckler, populist, were appointed to
the Board, of Fire- and Police! commis
sioners by Governor Crounse. Mr. Smith
succeeded himself and ' Mr, Strlckler suc-
ceeded George I. OllberU
Mr,- Henry M. James, for nine years
city superintendent of Omaha's publlo
schools, later, having; returned from a
tout of Europe, In charge of tha Asso
ciated Charities work In' this city, war
elected to the position of superintendent
of the schools' at-Burllngtbn, la. He said
while he, had not yet acoenttd tho place,
there-was-no d6ubt h wouni;
Ten Year Ago
ureighton university beat the Kanoas
State Normal school base ball team 8 to
Harry Welch pitched and O'Keefs
caught for Crelghton and Eddie- Creigh-
ton covered third.
Fred Hicks accepted the position of
oo r manager of1 thV Peoples'- store
Adolph Stors of Wuertemburg. Ger
many, who had i been vlettlngi his- uncle,'
Gottlieb Store, and' famtlyt for- several
months, was- preparing to leave for- a
tour of eastern cities before embarking
for his native land.
Sir William Kennedy had displayed In
the show windows ot Bennett' store an
autograph letter from Prosldent Tloois-
velt expressing, appreciation for. a token
presented to him while here from the
Grand Chief P. M. Arthur of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineer
was the guest of district lodgo No. 163.
In the assembly room of the Ancient
Order of United Workmen building. After
the business affairs were off hand,., the
tneembera took advantage of the timer
to become personally acquainted with'
their national chieftain.
J, L Kennedy ot Washington. D. C,
member of the United State Industrial
commission, wm in the city. He wa
active In labor' affairsc having been a
member- for thlrtr-ona years of the
Typographical union, He wa a newpa
per correspondent at Washington when
President: MoKlnley named htm on this
People Talked About
James A. Btuart of Jersey City, of
which place he has been a resident for
the lst twenty-five year,- ha found his
three daughter after a search ot thirty'
seven year.
Member ot the lower house of the
Pennsylvania legislature think they are
worth 13,000 Instead ot SUOO and have
passed a bill boosting tha salary. Of all
tho rare Joy of life, nona possesses so
much fcvstacy as fattening one's pay en
vel6pe. ,
T. J. Stlnson is the sol ruUng power
In Spearville, Kan. He I mayor, super
intendent ot the Sunday school. Justice
ot the peaee and owner of the water and
Ice plants and ot the moving picture
house. He expect to be appointed Judge
within a short time. '
A lifetime of hard work at scrubbing.
washing and ironing netted Mrs. Matilda
Wynne of Oyster Bay. L I., a negreaa.
t&O.OOO. Ehe, left that sum by will to her
husband, seven nephew and three ntecea.
according, to a. transfer tax appraisal
filed In Mlneola, the seat ot Nassau
Antony Van Wagenon of Btoux city.
nominated tor United States attorney for
northern Iowa, la- said to ba the author
of the famous switching signal of- toast'
masters! "I am reminded of a story.'
A a store house of' rib ticklers, Antony's
memorandum book I a miniature edition
pf Jo Miller's Justly celebrated collection.
In the last distribution of medal and
Jfjoln to heroes and heroines the Carnegie
hero commission overlooked a distin
guished heroine of "the land of steady
habits." France Gertrude Wllmot of
Bridgeport. Conn., remained a dutiful wife
for twenty-nln years, raised eighteen
children, supported the family for thir
teen years and for the same period put
up with th abuse ot a loafer husband.
Last week th court In granting Mrs.
Wllmot a divorce, expressed amasement
tor her patt T
I 1 .
Twice Told Tales
Toole the Trick.
A conversation relating to the face
value of - cards the other evening caused
Senator Bradley of Kentucky to become
He was reminded, he Bald, of a roan
from the mountain xone of his state, who
once bought a Jug of whisky, and not
wanting to carry It around with him, do-1
elded to leavo It at the comer grocery
until ho should bo ready to go home.
In order that the Jug might be properly
Identified, the man took a deck of cards
from his pocket, oxtraoted the six of
spades, wrote his name upon It and at
tached It to the handle of the Jug. This
dono, he happily rambled forth, leaving
the Jug on the end ot the counter.
Two hours later the mountaineer re
turned, and great was his consternation,
aa welt as eloquence, to find that his Jug
of electrified spirits had faded away.
"Look here, Jlra." he agitatedly cried
to the- proprietor of the store. "Do you
know what become o' thet Jug o miner
"Of course I do, Seth," was tho prompt
rJolnder of tha proprietor. "Jake How
ell oome along with ther seven o' spades
an' took It" Washington Post
True Pralw,
"The horror, In this money-grabblnK
age, that Is expressed at the bare thought
that Dr. Frledmann desires to patent and
rnonopollse his consumption remedy this
Jiorror speaks well for the doctors."
The speaker was Bishop Lambuth of
Nashville. Ho continued!
Doctor are a fine set of men. Out of
babes' mouths Issues their praise. I once
said to the little son of a Nashville doctor:
" 'Is your father at homer
" 'No,' said tha littlo fellow. No. sir.
he's out.'
" HVhere can I find htm, do you know'r
"'Well,' said the little fellow, 'I guess
you'd better look: for some place where
folks are sick or hurt. I don't know Just
.where he 11, but he' helping some-
whsre.' "Nashville Banner.
So Bettor Perhaps 1 Worn.
Chairman Underwood, replying to a
millionaire who was against the Income
tax. said at a luncheon In Washington!
"I am not astonished that he should
oppose this tax. Prosperity doesn't al
ways make a man better, Sometimes it
niakes Mm worse.
"Two men were talking about Weed
" 'Weed Jlmpson must be doing well
now. He must be getting oa his feet at
last,' snld the first man.
"'Why do you think eof said the-sec
Well,' sold the first 'Jlrtoaon. you
know, owe me money, and he dodges out
of my waif now instead of facing me In
the bold way- he used to '-Philadelphia
Editorial Sittings
fiu Louis Glob-pmoratt it King
Nicholas of Montenegro lived in Mexico
Most of the Insurrections would bo quelled
within ten day.
Chicago Inter Ocean: As' wo understand
it the1 United' States will remain closed
to cheap Asiatic labor, but will soon-bo
open to the product of cheap Aulatid
Boston Transcript; Secretary Bryan's
ginger-pop entertainments are calculated
to oaus a revival of th' hollow-cane fad,
or else ambassadors, dreading- the aridity
"of a stats- dinner; win have to fortify
themselves with a little something on the
New York- Buns Th order of thGerr
man War office to military aviator- to
keep away, fromi th. French fronUer.
which. wa prompted by- the emperor, la
eminently sensible. Thoracis probab!yno
fortification, on the French aldo of th
border with which th. Gormatv staff 1
hot familiar, andth, hysterla of the mob
might- a well bo avoldsd bj restricting
the army aviators In their flights
Philadelphia Record: Mr. Mellen's rail
rood company bought a' couple of sound
tearrier at a cost of nearly tl,000,tXX) and
three years later broke them up. In the
meanwhile they had been offered for eat
at $180,000, but on of tho company's offi
cer explain that Mr. MelUn preferred
to have them broken- up, and tho price
bci ujxjn tnem naa Deen nxea with a
Vtew to" deterring- purchasers, as It was
not desired that they should fall Into th
hands ot oompeUtor of th Nw Haven
railroad. Th business arguments for a
monopoly are quit convincing.
Oddities, of Life,-
A. N. See, aged 72, of Saltna, Kan., ha
Just married Alice W. Carter, aged Ti.
Whom he courted In vain fifty years ago
Miss Anna Walker, who died tni Pasa
dena, Col., a few days -ago at the-age of
91. mad th unusual' request that' her
ashes should be sent to Boston by parcel
Marcus M. Wood, the-aged philosopher
ot Webster, Mass., haareolved the problem
of the high cost of living; He and hi
wife subsist upoft th expenditure of
cents a day and at th sam time ha
thinks he1 has- th sac ret of health.
Tom RlUoon of Walnut. Ark., I easily
the champion "daddy" In- America. Con
elder the score: Married thre times.
father of fifty children, grandfather of
122, great-grandfather of sixty, great-
greatgrandfather of twenty-seven, Age,
93 years.
There are brides and- brides, but thU
Kentucky bride- Is both the real and
Ideal. The Charlottesville (Ky.) Chronicle
thus sketches ths 111 models "The bride
is a woman pf wondrous fascination and
remarkable attractiveness. f6r with man
ner as enchanting as th wand of a niren
and a disposition aa swfcet as th odors
of flowers and spirits a Joyous, as th
caroling ot birds and mind a brilliant aa
thoso glittering tresses that adorn the.
brow of winter, and with heart a pur
as dewdropa trembling la a coronet' at
Violets, she wtlli make the- home of- ner
husband a paradise of enchantment like
the lovely home of her girlhood, whir
the heaven-toned harp of marriage tth
Its chords pf love and devotion and fond
endearment sent forth the sweetest
strain of felicity that ever thrilled the
aenses with th rhythmto pulsing's of
estatlo rapture."
The Beat Loser,
Springfield' Republican.
Speaker Champ Clark permitted hlnuttf
to beooma reconciled to his ututpeakb!
enemy of Nebraska, but tha character ot
th reunion go- to show mora etaphaW
ically than ever that th best loser ot
Us to'Profi W. in Taft ot Yale.
The Trntli About Tornadoes,
OMAHA. May 1. To the Bdltor of The
Bee: It Is not always certain that the
reported night tornadoes were true tor
nadoes and not severe storms. However,
will gladly strike out the word "never"
and chang It to "very rarely." The prin
ciple Is not at affected by the change.
I atlll ae no reason to modify what I
said about electricity In a tornado. There
is lightning, ot coursr to some extent but-
this Is very secondary and comparatively
evanescent In Its work. But to claim that
th wind cannot produce certain effects-
and that therefore electricity must do
it Is not a very convincing argument
If, as Blgelow says In his long- and able
mathematical analysis of the constitution
of a tornado, the wind may reach a
theoretical velocity of 800 miles an hour
In the axis of a tornado, I think we have
more than sufficient power to explain any
observed effect.
Crelghton University Observatory.
ninclnir the Ohanirr.
OMAHA, May I. To the Editor of The
Beet I see 'that our democratic organ as
sail the mayor and council In a charac
teristic outburst for not taking orders
from the Water board lobbyist A few
change,, reversing the moUon of the
screed, are all that Is needed to make It
sound right So modified,, this Is tho way
it reads:
Do tha honorable water commissioners
of Omaha look on the city water plant as
nothing more than their personal orop-
erty to be used In any and every way
they please,- provided they can vent their
petty spite against the mayor and city
council? Are they willing to make It un
popular, unprofitable and inefficient
merely because they don't like The Heat
'Certainly It looks that way when they
refuse to give the people the promised
lower water rates Just because Tho Bee
calls upon them to do so. Their excuse la
that the demand-for lower water rates Is
'unreasonable.' Who says so? Their $6,000
a year lobbyist
"The only object In buying the water
plant and taking It over by the city was
to get nway from- the- excessive and ex
orbitant rates charged by the old water
company. But notwithstanding!- that the
Water board has not only not-reduced Iho
rates, but ha, actually Increased them
One would think from the attitude or
the water commissioners that the water
plant wa their own private property. In
stead it la the property of tho people of
Omaha, who have- merely vested them
temporarily with tho management of pub
lic property paid for with $7,000,000 of the
people's money, yet the water commis
sioners, taklns their orders obediently
from their political engineer, refuse to let
the people have any benefit or returns
whatever from their Investment In the
form of lower- taxes or cheaper water.
"It Is to the ehame of the' water com
missioners. There ought to be some one
among them somo one like Mr. Heafey,
who has otherwise n good reputation-
some on like Mr. Bucholz, who ranks
welt as" a banker big enough and broad
enough to stand up in meeting and voice
ths popular' demand by forcing the board
to redfcem its broken promises."
I would send this to the democratic
sheet but I know It wouldn't' bo printed.
Ther Same Old Cry.
To the Editor of The Bees An editorial
appears tn Monday's World-Herald, en
titled "A Strange Parentage," setting
forth some arguments but no reasons why
the number of saloons should not be re
duced to one to 1,000' population in the
city of Omaha. As is the character ot
that periodical, so aro tho arguments
Bpeclouei false and hypocritical.
The writer holds no brief for the de
fense Ot Mr, Dennlson. But It It be true
that Mr. Dennlson Is In favor ot saloon
reduction, that Is no reason why the
W.-1I. should oppose. For there
are many things held In common by both.
With perhaps this difference, some things
which are true ot the W.-H. have
never been charged against Mr. Dennl
son. He has never been accused of re
pudlatlng a Just debt, nor Is it said of
)ilm that he ever went back on a friend.
It It were possible for .the W.-H.
to obtain advantage for itself or any of
Its friends through association with Mr
Dennlson, Is It to be thought of that th
w.-H. would repudiate such an al
llnnce? Not at all. Then why the solici
tude of the W.-H.? Is It because
a brief Is held by It for the- protection
and benefit of the brewers of Omaha?
For any person with a modicum of com
mon sense will see that the proposed re
duction ot the number ot saloons tn
Omaha will render- useless- thousands' of
Sollara' worth ot saloon fixtures, which
r not owned by. the retait dealers but
by the brewers. As for the retail liquor
dealers who would bf affected by the re
auction proposition, they would not lore
one dollar by depreciated values; for all
fixtures and equipments-and the licenses
under which they operate are owned by
the brewers, and are leased by them to
the, retail dealers, and never cease to bo
their property.
The hypocrisy of the W-II. t th more
evident when a glance Is taken over the
political history of Douglas county and
Omaha for the last three or tour years,
During the gubernatorial and legisla
tive campaign ot 1910, when The Omaha,
Be and other agencies In Omaha were
calling attention to th immense amount
ot Illegal registration in the Third ward,
and also to the wtdspread colonization
In this and other wards, the attitude of
the W-H. was one ot ridicule and denial
ot such facts. In the legislative investi
gation which followed, that paper pooh
hooed and belittled the Irrefutable evi
dence ot illegal registrations and vot
ing, and also connivance of the city
clerk's office tn such fraudulent opera
tions. The reason for th attitude of
that paper in the campaign of 1910 Is to
b discovered in th fact that Gilbert
M. Hitchcock, proprietor of the W-H.,
was candidal, for the office ot United
States senator1 from the state ot Ne
braska What manner of ethics is held
by this arch hypocrite, ot Journalism,
that It seek- to defeat a moat salutary
and. reasonable measure, by Calling at
tention to the presumed tact that one
of It dearest old-time friends Is tn favor
of the proposition? By the same sort
of logic, Gilbert M. Hitchcock Is In
famously filling a high office In the
United States government, because Mr.
Dennlson and the Third ward favored
him with a majority tn 1S10.
On the other hand, Ir. Edttor, sup-1
pes the W-H. should assert that Tom !
pennlson wa against tho saloon reduc
tion preposition, would that fact be ot
such sufficient moment to the W-H. nA
to cause It to espouse the cause of saloon
Mr Flltor. Is the sober, patriotic and '
progressive cltUnry ot Omaha to be
, stomped t to or away from certain
j propositions Just because the W-H, may
shriek 'Tom Dennlson is for. or, Tom
; Dennlson Is against" that particular
measurt VEIUTAS.
"language was given for the conceal
ment of thought," said the ready-mad
"Yeaf replied Miss Cayenne, "many an
Impropriety Is hidden by a scientific word
of four or five syllables." Washington
"That" said the futurist, pointing
proudly to the canvas with which he ttau
just finished, "Is my attempt to Interpret
the Infinite."
"What did the Infinite ever do to you?
aaked the Innocent bystandcr-Chlc&Ko
Newedd Did you spend so much money
aa this before I married you?
Mrs. Newrdd Why, yes.
Newpdd Then I can't understand why
your father went on so when I took you
away from him. Boston Transcript
"What Is the principal difference be.
tween modern and ancient times?"
"One of the main points was that thb
modern earn their living, while the an
cient urrled their dead." Baltimore Amer.
"Son. why don't you play circus? lt't,
great fun. First you moke a sawdust
"Where'll I get any sawdust dad?"
"Here's the saw. Just saw some ot
that cordwood Into stove lengths. You
can have all the sawdust you make."
"You want a 8tvorce from your hus
band, madam? On what ground?"
"On the ground, your honor, that he
made me think he was 90 years old and
had heart trouble, I find out he's only 72,
-fmm ' 1 f tea
&. . us vow -i(igSBa
1 ." ..
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As a mouth wash, PASTEURINE perfectly
preserves the teeth, purifies the breath and. pleas
antly cools and soothes the mouth.
Ae a. throat wash, PASTEURINE is cleans
ing and. healing
It relieves discomforting irritation and throat
tension. It destroys disease germs. PASTEURINE
protects and prevents.
As a nasal douche, PASTEURINE clears
the head and promotes natural' breathing through
the nose. Use it- daily.
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Jno, T.Milliken & Co., St: Louis, U. S. A.
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XEssavx. nnrnoTiai obtr. uxxjuxov bouaxs
r. W TrrTEXIWOTBH. District Hunr
... m. i.n-i n thine the. matter Vltrt
him. "-Chicago Tribune.
u-nioV.r Jones says he doesn't want
anything but his autograph from th
PrBocker But he wants that on a com
mission. New Tork Sun.
rAt .. Di.nAffrnntifiTf I marry you. 1
give up a salary ot 25a week.
.... :. rt if 1. . at nil. A M . XI
special privilege, you may keep on work
Edgar A, Guest In Detroit Free Press.
I watched them playing kissing games
And chuckled' to myself
As I recalled tho days before
Time put me on, the -shelf.
I watched that roguish lad ot mine
With all Ihe gusto that I showed
when l was wont i u.
But I am on the sidelines, now,
And he Is In the game.
And he Is hugging pretty girls
With eyes and cheeks aflame,
And there's no special one to pout
Or raise a fuss when he
Distributes his affections thus, ,
The way there Is with me.
What though ho kiss ft dozen maids
And give them all a squeeze,
Nobody sternly say to him'.
"What means this conduct Please?"
Nobody stamps a pretty foot
At him or starts to cry,
But this will como,. when these glad
Of youth have wandered by.
"Just like his dad," I hear her. ray,
And note her gentle smile;
And I retort, "This freedom will
But lost a littlo while.
Perhap on of these lassies sweet
Will some day rule, his life,
And yet. I hop, that like his dad
He'll choose, as good a wife."
Healthful, Restful

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