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IMdallty Etoraffa k Van a a. Doug:. IBM
Kara Boot Print It Now Beaoon
Good ninntlng Co, -will do It rlsM
and aavo you money. 'Phona D. 131S.
UffMlnff PlxtnxM repaired and re-fln-lfhed.
13 urwis-O ran den Co. Douglas ea.
Vox- $3 Twx. Tr A private, aafe In
our vault perfect safety for valuable,
Omaha Bafe Deposit Co., 1613 Farnam St
Tornado. Special To nelp tboao who
Koto Xnapaetora Appointed Council
man MoOovern has appointed tho following.-Inspectors
for his department! C. JC
Nlelson, EX A. Taylor and John Sorensen.
are repairing or rebuilding, we wltt sup
ply during April and May ready mixed
paints and varnishes at a discount, of 20
per cent from regular wholesale prices.
r-K. E. Bruce A Co.
Tot Memorial Say Exerolsea Tho city
council has set asldo 200 for the Grand
Army of the Republic's Memorial day
exercises. The council will participate In
the Q rand Army of tho Re public's
The Steta Bank of Omaha pays per
cent on time deposits, 3 per cent on Bav
ins accounts. The only bonk in Omaha
whose depositors are protected by the
depositors' guarantee fund of the stats
of Nebraska 17th and Harney streets.
Tor Undertaking Far lorn Frank
Tanda, the undertaker, has bought a lot
on Sixteenth street between Center and
Hickory streets and probably will build
an undertaking establishment upon 1U,
The purchase was made from U H.
Xorty at J1.S50..
Br. Towns on ITebraika Birds "Ne
braska Birds" is the subject of a talk, to
be given by Dr. 8. R. Towne In the leo
turo room of the library building on May
S at- 4 o'clock. The lecture Is free ind
tho public Is Invited. Specimens of birds
from tho museum and also some from
outside will be used In. Illustrating this
Teaohsrs Go to Bts. Moines Tho fol
lowing , school officials of tills city will
attend the meeting of tho drawing and
manual training association In Des
Moines next Week: Miss Alice Hltte, su
pervisor of' drawing; Miss Helen Thomp
son, supervisor of manual training! Miss
May. Flynt and Miss Klla Flanagan,
Johnston. Seeks Divorce Hurry EL
Johnston, manager 'of the Omaha Posting
oervlce. Is-, attempting to secure a .divorce
from Mrs. Marie Johnston. Mrs. John
ston Is contesting the suit In Judge Ken
nedy's district court, asking, that a de
cree of alimony be awarded her. Jonn
ston, in his petition, names Frank Lee
as co-respondent The couple -was, married
April 26, 1903. They have no children.
Held for Grand larceny Donnls Mur
phy, 16a Plhkney street, and Fred Wnar
ton. 4302 Cuming street, were brought be
fore Judge Foster thta rooming, charged
with' grand larceny and after a prelimi
nary hearing bound over to the district
court on bonds placed at FV60 each- They
were occupying a car belonging to the
Xler Grand Taxi company which was
stolen from Fourteenth and Cass streets.
All Bonds ,Xust- Bt Btoortod 3Tnr
bond Issued in Douglas county hereafter
must be recorded in the. office of th?i
county clerk, according to an act passed
by the last legislature. Bonds Usued by
the city of Omaha heretofore have not
been recorded. Tho- act also applies to
county and school bonds.- County Clerk'
Dewey said that theOajvrprovlded. fpr a
$30 penalty to be paid by him upon each
failure to-record a bond" Issue;, but that
as He has no. control over otner oniciais
hi will only be; able to urge the. recording
of, bonds;
Ethel Wooton Is.
Injured; by Aut&
of Mark Savidge
Mark Savidge, son of Rev. a W. Sav
idge, was arrested Wednesday afternoon
and booked at the police station as a
suspicious character. Savidge was- ar
rested by Trofflo Officer Rahllng for-run
ning down a 12-year-old 'girl with his five-
passenger automobile at tha corner of
Seventeenth, and. Dodge streets about 4:30
The car in which Rev. C. TV. Savidge
was-a passenger-was coasting-norths on
Seventeenth at a very slow- rate, of -speed
and hod Just run abreast three wagons,
also, northbound, when the girl, Ethel
"Wooton, 1723 Dodge street, happened to
cross from the west.. Savidge, by reason
of the three, wagons, was unable to see
her and', was unaware of her approach
until she darted directly; la- front of" the
auto. Throwing on the emergency
brakes. the machine-was stopped instantly,
but the front wheel had already, passtd
over1- the girl's left- arm and leg. She
was taken to the station., where a thor
ough examination by Dr. FoU showed
some severe bruises.-
Sympathy for Omaha
Recalls a Sensation
Mrs. Stellle N. Munmugh writes to-The
Bee from Decatur,' Mich., sending along
with her letter a copy of The Bee of
July 1. 1885, in which Is published some
account of, the- sudden departure from
Omaha of I. I Smith; "the merchant
prince," whose doings were the sensation
of the, day. In her letter Mrs., Mumaugh
"I was once a resident of Omaha and
am Interested in tho city, and more than
ever since the terrible calamity, I wrote
to my relatives In Omaha Immediately
upon reading the description of the tor
nado In the Kalamazoo Gazette. They
replied that they were not In the cyclone
swept section, as they lived on Twenty-
sixth street, near St. Mary's avenue.
"I lived in Omaha from May, 1878, till
May, 1301, and enjoyed the western cli
mate and liked the people whom I met
I was in the dressmaking business while
there and did well.
"The loss of life to the Omaha people
Is a national calamity, and a blow that
only time can help to mend. It will be
decades before the city can be buildup In
the tornado swept section, and. the loss
of church property and school buildings
will be severely felt also. My- uncle sent
rat one of the souvenir booklets put out
by The Bee, and it has made a-great im
pression on my mind.
"I have a copy of The Bee of 1S85, which
I have kept, and would like to send it
to you. Mr, Rosewater, senior, was the
editor then, and probably not many of
the staff are with the paper now. Tou
might enjoy looking It over to note the
changes In the paper, and the Improve
ment In the city. I remember some of
the happenings mentioned In this paper,
as do doubtless some of the pioneers.
recall the failure of Mr. Smith, a mer
chant, who lost several thousand dollars
In different cities. I never before or
since knew his equal when it came to
misrepresenting thlngsv
Gillin Adherents Ban Head in
Hooso in Their Zeal
Get Dates Mixed aad Make Coararea
that Hrti Openly Show to Be
Without Any Foundation
Thursday At Stonek's hall. Twen
tieth and S streets. Rex hall.
Thirty-third and It streets.
Friday At tundeen's hall. Twen
tieth and Missouri avenue.
Saturday At Twenty-seventh and J
Never has the malign Influences of the
Oltlln faction worked such dissension In
the democratic ranlts as has occurred
since Tuesday night when Tom Jamleson.
a recent arrival In South Omaha and a
strong supporter of City Treasurer Gll
lln, and the latter's candidate for city
attorney, E. D. O'Sulllvan, attacked Mur
phy In what Is regnrded as a peculiarly
personal manner before an audience com
posed of men, young and old, who havo
known the city attorney and his brothers
for many- years.
Jamleson promised some days ago that
he was going to attack Murphy.- At a
meeting at Thirty-eighth and Q streets
Tuesday night he returned to his favor
ite attack and spent the greater part of
his time and energies decrying City At
torney Murphy to friends and neighbors
who knew the city attorney before Jamle
son was born.
The worst of the performance Is that
the charges made against Murphy by
Jamleson are not able to be substantiated
In fact and democrats and republicans
alike knowing this resent the conduct
of such a campaign as has been con
sistently followed by the Glllln followers.
In the, Jamleson tirade Murphy was
charged with being the cause of Invalidat
ing an O street grading, tax. The record
shows that-tha petition for the grading
was filed November 22, 1909. the con
tract awarded January 17, 1910. the dis
trict created December SU 1909, and the
bond ordinance passed on. February 10,
J910. Henry Murphy was not elected city
attorney until April, 191.
Assistant City Attornsy S. I waiters.
one of the best known and most highly
respected attorneys before the Douglas
bar was. the city attorney at the. time
the O street grading tax was levied and
assessed. He said yesterday: "I was
city attorney when the O street grading
tax; was levied arid there Is no reputable
lawyer In the state that con successfully
resist tha payment of the tax.
'The- two. Judgments cited by Jamleson
ns rendered against the city during
Murphy's term of office were In fact
sued. out In my term of office., One of
them, the Schlckendant case, was not
a, Judgment but a settlement for J140JSR.
The other, the Kavan case, was one that
the council ordered appealed to court
after I hod setUed It for J1.G0O. The
courts gave, the Plaintiff $3,600 until 1
carried It to tho supreme court and had
tha caeai reversed,- after which the'eoun
cll was glad to settle for 11,634.76, that
Is to, say, the, $1,500, Plus costs and In
terest. 'Naturally Jamleson knows noth
ing, of this since hovls here, but a few
'weoksi' But he should1 learn to sorultlnlse
the. Information handed him befpre at
tacking men who have grown up here,
as, Henry Murphy has."
The democrats were wrathy over the
attack upon Murphy. Men who were
with the Glllln faction and "the demo
cratic ticket until Tuesday night were
loud' In their condemnation or- the unjust
and- unfair attack made upon Murphy
for matters, oyer which hei had, no con
trol and which did not occur. In his term
of office.
Wheltr Double.
While Perry- "Wheeler, city clerk,
could neyer cop- a- blue ribbon- In. a
beauty contest, ho has always main
tained, he Is the best- looking soliool
teacher, who has taken, up politics for
a .pastime,' and..- hla. feelings, were badly
ruffled when an ungainly member of
the leisure class with a large red nose
and a tangled mass of dark locks crop
ping, out from Underneath, a. hat that
might have seen service In the civil war,
tried to palm hlmsejf pttflif the city clerk
to several local business men and per
sonal friends.' ofrPerry!s-at that.-
"Say Perry, when did you fall off the
wagon," greeted John Hlnchey of the
Hlnchey Laundry company, "I always
thought you were a member of the
"Womans' Christian Temperance union.
and even limited the, amount of muddy
Missouri you drank each day."
This and like expressions from the
merchants, who hod been accosted by
tho fakir, made Wheeler believe he was
the victim of, a practical Joke.
Then the whole thing was explained
to 'hlnv The strange man had visited
business houses that employ stationary
engineers. At each place he Introduced
himself as the city clerk and Informed
tho owner that his engineer would have
to take, out a license In order to retain
his position.
What the purpose of the, Imperson
ator -of the clerk was Is not known..
Mar Day Party.
The Centurion club will give a May
dancing party this- evening at Rushings'
hall. Twenty-fourth and J. Btreets.
Festivities appropriate for the occasion
have been arranged, which will take
place before the dance.
A young woman among, the club mem
bers' friends, has., been chosen as. Queen
of May, and a retinue of maids have
been picked. The queen and her maids
will lead the grand march followed, by
the present officers of the club and
the former officials.
A throne has. been erected In one end
of the hall where the queen will sit
,Slie will, confer the honor pf. knight
hood on the present officers of the
club, and make a short- talk;
After the ceremonies the dance will
be held.
More Get Licenses.
After several adjournments' the- Fire
and Police Board convened lost night at
T-o'clock, and,-Issued-sixteen more licenses
for saloons. About ten were held up
for further Investigation. A good som
ber of saloons in Brown Park, It is sold,
will not get their licenses until the last
Those Issued are:
Charles Alukonls, 3305 Q street, bond by
Illinois Surety company; Charles Tesnoh
Hdek. 450 South Twenty-first street, per
sonal bond; John Cerveny, 151 South
Twentieth street, personal bond; John
Duffy. 105 North Twenty-sixth street, per
sonal bond; Gust Hedgren, 341 North
Twenty-fourth street, bond by Illinois
Surety company; Kmll Hansen, 2522 Q
street personal bond; Joseph Kopecky,
3644 V street personal bond: Dennis
Ruddy. 331 North Twenty-sixth street
bond by Illinois Surety company; John
Hytrin. 31 South Twenty-fourth street,
bond by Illinois Surety company; Cor
nelius O'Brien, JK27 Q street, bond by
Illinois Surety company; Frank Stanich.
13 South Twenty-eighth street, personal
bond; JO. It- XuUch, m BquUl Xvtntr-
v wmiwfi ouuuey 4asar. au
StJet bond bT TOlnola Rnrtv mmMIff
hood: P. 1 VjJn UU -V rilMrii 1
hy Illinois SureCr company.
.Mrs. . a. To nie and Mrs. Chains ray
wUl lie hontres it s tea. to be siren next
artfrl-nnnn TTntlffwl PtmIw.
teriaa church.
MksIc CUy Gossip,
Tho Ancient Order of Hibernians will
meet Thursday evening at the Workman
John Becker visited friends In tho city
yesterday. Ho formerly resided In South
Pollon JuiIitm Jnmon f!11anikn has re
turned from a two weeks' visit with
relatives In St Lou la. Mo.
For a case of Jetter'a Old Axe or Gold
Top beer call So. 808. Prompt delivery to
all parts of the city. Wm. Jetter.
The entertainment committee of the
Eagles gavo a dance last night at the.
home, Twenty-third and N streets.
The Eacle will hold their annual me
morial services at tho New Orpheum the
ater next Sunday morning at 10 o'cloofc-
George Concannon Is attain affiliated
with the Brown Park Mineral Springs
bath after a year at Exoelrior Springs.
The Ladles' Aid society of St Luke's
Lutheran church will mcot with Mrs,'
O. F. Ltndberg, 2110 F street this after
noon. A meetlnir of the Ladles' society of the
Baptist church will be held at the home
of Mrs. Isaac Brayton, 1118 North Twen
ty-third street next Friday atternoon.
University of Omaha
On Ball Playing Tour
The University of Omaha base ball
team Is at Lincoln, where It will meet
tho Cotner university nine this afternoon
and tho University, of Nebraska team
Saturday the local players go to Fre
mont, where the Fremont team of the
State league will be the opponent.
This will be tho first trip thut a base
ball team representing the Omaha school
has ever made. Notwithstanding that
this Is the first time that the University
of Omaha has had a team In tho field. It
Is playing stellar' ball and Is confident
of making a very creditable showing
against these teams.
This will also mark the first Intercol
legiate relations that have been opened
between the Nebraska and Omaha uni
versities. Omaha does not expect to beat
Stlehm's Cornhuskers, but If a good game
Is played, It will do a great deal toward
boosting the athletlo standing of the
smaller school. If the outfield will play
the. some grade of ball that the Infield
does,, the score will be held down. Dow
or Adams will bo on the mound for
Omaha In the game with Nebraska,
The, Shetlands' chances against tha
Christians are said to be fairly good, If
Omaha Is able to win this game It' will
be In a fair way to lay valid claim to
the championship of the Nebraska Inter
colleglnte Athletlo association. A return
game will be played with Cotner Friday,
May 9.
Those who will make the trip are:
Dow, Adams, Slotsky, John Selby, Paul
Selby, Parish. Halsey. Rees,, Percival,
Arends and Rhoden.
The, Persistent nnd Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success,
Albert Corey of Elwood, Neb., sat hug.
glng his knees on a curb at Fourteenth
and Douglas streets laBt night while a
street evangelist exhorted a gathering, to
"get right with Ood."
Corey pondered for a long while and
finally decided1 to Join the forces of Light
so he followed the girl with the tarn
bourlne to a hall at Thirteenth and Dodge,
where ho heard some more about the
sunny side of life. Ha was completely
converted when he stepped outside, and
his mind wandered over Elyslan fields,
where humming birds sip sweetness from
fragrant blooms, when suddenly a negro
with an extraordinary large fist knocked
him down and stolo his , watch,, and sev
eral dollars.,
At police headquarters, while tho sur
geon was working on him, Corey re
marked that If the devil took his deser
tion so strongly to heart he was of a
good mind to flop over again.
Grows Beautiful, Heavy Hair,
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Destroys dandruff Stops falling hair Cleans and- invigor
ates your scalp Delightful dressing.
To be possesed of a head of heavy,
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At Half
Rs?fVrfi3ii.''a . a
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1 No. 00 Singer, golden oak case, ball bearing, hand lift, lUt
price $60.00, sale price S41.JS5
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have a complete set of attachments.
New Home Machine S3O.00. S35.00. 338.00 to 850
Your choice of vibrating or rotary shuttle, chain stitch, in
golden oak, -waxed oak, mission or fumed, oak coses. They're
always best by every test.
Two Killed and Throe Perhaps
Fatally Shot.
Had Attacked Woman and, Armed
vrlth HerolTer, Fled to Woods,
Pumnttd br Hand of
HAMPTON, 8. C, May l.-Two Hamp
ton county men were killed and several
injured In a pitched battle today and to
night with Richard Hi Austin, a negro,
accused of attempting an assault upon
a white woman at Luray, 8. C. The dead
are; Frank Bowers, a planter, and Judge
F. H. IQdenfleld of Allandalo, 8, O. Georgo
Hanna, Dr. 8. C. Moore and an unknown
man, probably were fatally Injured.
The negro has not been caught
Austin was allrfred to have gone to the.
home of a cltlten of Luray and attempted
an assault upon a young woman this.
atternoon. The woman's cries attracted
passersby, but the negro escaped. Armed
with a shotgun, a bag fUlod with shells,.
a large revolver and a belt filled, with
cartridges, he sought refuge In the
When the pursuers approached the
negro In the woods he opened fire. In
tho first round of shots Bowers was
killed. Dr. Moore fatally wounded and
George Hanna was shot In the hack.
The pursuers retreated a short distance
and kept up a scattered fire. Help was
summoned' from Allandalo and Hamilton
and bloodhounds wore ordered.
Judge F. H. Kdenfleld of Allondale,
who had Joined the forces, led a dash to
th negro's hiding place. He was shot
and Instantly killed and an unidentified
man with him was probably fatally In
A oordon was drawn around the thicket
where, the negro was nt bay and rein
forcements awaited,
Shortly after 9 o'clock tho negro mado
a dash for liberty. At least five shots
were oxchonged, hue he escaped.
Bloodhounds are being rushed to the
scene from Barnwell, 8. C, and the state
penitentiary. Governor Blease has bean
requested to send troops..
Despite the fact that the tornado dis
arranged' and disorganized many of the
plans of the Omaha Manufacturers'
association, that organization Is still
hard nt work boosting Omaha made
goods and protecting Omaha manufac
turers. One of tho latest plans Is the
decision to advertise Omaha' -made
goods on all pay envelopes distributed
to employes In the' city of Omaha.
A. W. Gordon has been delegated by
Chairman Sanborn' to prepare, a form
of pay envolopo' that will advertise
homemade goods In tho most effective
manner and at the next meeting a
sample will he presented together with
a plan for distribution by the Omaha
Manufacturers' association.
Chronic Stomach froablvs Cared.
There Is nothing, more discouraging
than a chronic disorder of the stomach
It Is. not surprising that many suffer tor
years with suph an ailment when .per
manent cure Is within, their reach and may
be had for-a trlfla? "About one year ago,"
says P. IL Beck, of Wakelee, Mich,, "I
bought a package of Chamberlain's
Tablets, and since using them I have felt
perfectly well. I had previously used any
number of different medicines, but none
of them were of any lasting benefit"
For sale by all dealers Advertisement
Three nulldlnira Durnrd nt Ilrnlc,
BRULB. Neb., May 1. (Speclal.)-Flre
wiped out the local meat shop, garago
and the Star restaurant yesterday morn
ing, commencing at 2 at m. When dlsT
covered by the proprietor of the Polly
hotel It was too late to save the build
ings. The loss Is, estimated at 15.000. Tha
cause of the fire as yet Is unknown.
Dynamite, Wrecks nulldlnira
as completely as coughs and colds wreck
lungs. Cure them quick with Dr, icing's
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Basement Sale of Shoes
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small sizes; 3, 3& 4 and 4, aro displayed on bargain tabloB. You can buy theso fine
shoes for women nt just about 25o on tho dollar on Friday.
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Spring Suits
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at, tho yard , AaJC
18-inch Embroidered Cam
brio and Nainsook Flounc
ings and Corset Coverings,
iJfo Siirich Embroidered
Galloons Worth up to 30c
a yard at, the
yard . . ,
Wall Paper
Spoclal lots brought forward
from tho big bankrupt stock.
Do your spring papering now,
while prices are greatly re
duced. Light papers in neat styles,
suitable for bed rooms and
sparo rooms; rogular price 5c,
per roll at . , , . J5,
A wide variety of rogular 8a
and 10c papers that can be
used for most any room, la
2 big lots, roll 3tt and 5
Special bed room papers -with,
cut out border to matoh, 16c
grades, per roll at j
New liquid gold papers, wtth 0
and 18-lnch borders to match;
8O0 values, par roll 12J
1 11 R
Bys' Suits
Worth $2.50 at $1.59
Norfolks or doublo
broasted styles; Russian
or Blouso styles; splen
did wenring worsteds
and tweeds, jjj
Boys' Smple Cftn
Wish Suits OVC,
Russian and dIoubo stylss
with. military or sailor, col
lars, worth 75c CC4-
and 1. nt JfU.C
$1 Odd Knickboiikera , , .490
Boys' 50o Rompers at s . .39c
Boya' Blouso Waists at 25c
Boys' 75o Doublo;Sot & Kne OvtjrallB, 49o
Fine quality Wblto India
Ltno.n, worth tloublo tho
prices, wo ask, at .the, yard
Tfc.'io. la?,. ie
and . . a M V
All the drummers' ' sample
plocos of woven ginghams
will bo sold Friday at,
, f ch 1 -A-t-
piece A 2-
New Trimming L&cea, Inser
tions and Bands in crochet,
Veniso and mncrnmo. effects,
also 18-in. nllovcr laces in
shadow and guipujrq de
signs; wnrth up to. QA
75c, at, the yard WtfC
Special Afternoon Luncheon
Friday 2 to 5 p. m,, 40c
Green Room, Cafe; Pompoian
Room MENU.
Boston, Olam Chowder
Saltod Wafers
Stuffed Olives, Celery
Finnan Haddle, A la Delmonloo,
and Baked Potatoes
Tomato En Surprise
l,emon Sherbet Demi Tasse
Pompoian Room,
DeUolouH. Nut Patties; vanilla,
strawberry and chocolate flavors
with fresh nut meats; regularly
36a a lb., per lb, at 10$
Ithe OMj
, Price, of Drawing Wta this 1J.E0. B
I Coat of Zinc Etching- IQ Cont.

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