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Saigon Cinnamon
Crnn Peppr
PlcWIIni Spt
as) all other.
Spices With
Natural Flavor
We give you spices as Nature
gives them to us teeming with
zestful flavor. We import whole,
ripe, fresh -picked spices clean
and grind only the largest and best
of the shipment and hurry them to
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are always fresh. They stay that
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TONE BROS., Des Moines, Iowa
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o cie
Monday, May 5, 1913.
AN AMUSING little comedy followed tho matlnco nt tho Branodls
theater Saturday afternoon, where Madamo Nazlmova was playing
"Bella Donna."
It was In tho foyer of tho theater tho wife of a prominent
array officer wan waiting for her husband to, come for her In hla automo
bile when five well gowned Russian women who had boon standing In
tho lobby for a few minutes finally made a rushor tho officer's wife and
said somothlng In Russian to her. "Pardon me, 1 do not. understand you,",
she said. "Ah, but wo know It was to great Russian actress." "Yes, wo
know you are ze great Nazlmova.'' "Qh, wo were bo pleased to boo you,
and they told us you would stop here, Botbre leaving zo theater." And tho
excltod women were all talking at once, with quite a decided foreign ac
cent. "But I am not Madamo Nazlmova," Bald tho well known army woman.
Tho situation was becoming embarrassing Just thon the army officer mo
tored up to tho thcator for his wife, and nt tho same 'moment Madamo
Nazlmova and her husband arrived at the box offtco for tholr mall.
I happened along about this time and 1 could easily understand tho
mistake mado by tho Russian womon. Madamo tho officer's wlfo was
beautifully gowned In a black charm on bo gown, with coat to match. With
this was worn a black picture hat with n handsome real lace veil. Thon 1
glanced at Madame Nazlmov.o. Sho was also gowned In black, but hor tail
ored suit was cut moro for utility than beauty, and her tiny black hat was
not so becoming sb tho costumes sho wore on tho stage. '
Pleasures Past.
MlM Helen Hrandels entertained at i
brldgo luncheon on Saturday at the Hen
shaw. Fourteen guests were present.-
Hold Four Days' Session in
Omaha May 19 to 22.
IXImnted thnt nrtvrren Three Hun
dred and Fifty nnd Pour llnn
drrd Prnptltlnnrrn Will
Tie nt Scmilon.
Club Women Honor Quests. !
Mrs. F. II. Colo wilt entertain at an
Informal reception Tuesday evening from
S until 10 o'clock at her home In honor
of Mrs. J. H. Morehead, wife of Oovernor
Morehead, and the i'Ate executive board
of the Federated Woman's clubs, who
are In the city to attend tho Second dis
trict meeting; Monday and Tuesday. The
reception will follow the final meeting
of the convention and the suests will In
clude the ex-preeldents of the Omaha
Woman's club, the executive committee
and board of the Woman's club, the ex
ecutive committees of tho JJerison Wom
an's club, Dundee Woman's club, Omaha
Woman's club of Railway Mall Service,
South Omaha Woman's club, Civil Ser
vice Reform, Literature department, So
cial Sctence department. Musical depart
ment together with Judge and Mrs.
Howard Kennedy, Ulshop and Mrs. A.
I Williams. Prof, and Mrs. E. U. Qraff,
Dr. and "Mra, Jenkins, Miss McHugh.
Mrs. Gordan, Miss Grumman. Miss Davis,
and Mlsa Frttchard. Assisting Mrs. Cole
does more
than clean
P. W. Lindsay.
;r. W. McCasklll,
R M. Pound.
,D, C. Eldrldgo.
i' D. Hcott.
wash the surface it digs deep 'jennio coitass.
' f u . -
win ua.
uno Grtevey,
irma urook.
CM Dot does more than
alter germs and hidden parti
cles ot dirt and decay. It
at the punch bowl will bo the young
women who have won scholarships given
by the scholarship committee of the Ne
braska Federation of Woman's clubs, of
which Mrs. Cole la chairman, and Includoa
Miss Irene Cole, Mies Marlllo Case, Miss
Viola Pierce and Miss Laura 'Wood.
Where They Are.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Q. McGllton, whose
homo was damaged by tho tornado, ex
pect to return to their home In two or
three weeks.
Mrs. J, J. Dickey and Miss Bertha
Dickey landed Tuesday In San Francisco
and wilt make the trip through the Yose
mite park before coming home.
Mrs. J. H. Sutler has, returned from
Gallatin, Tenn., where she was called
by the death ot her brother, Harris
Drown, A daughter of Mr. Urown, Mlsa
Anno Drown, has visited in Omaha on
numerous occasions and has many friends
Iride Entertained.
Mrs. W. H. Mick entertained at her
home Saturday afternoon In honor of Miss
liasel Ralph, who will be a June bride.
Miss Ralph was presented with two
dainty quilts. During, the afternoon Miss
Dora Sass gave several Interesting read
ings. Tho guest list includedi
C. C. Ryan.
A. Wagoner,
John Dale.
E, D. McNalr,
David Lynn,
W. 11. Mlok.
At the Omaha Club.
One of the supper parties at the Omaha
club Included:
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. nurgess,
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Haldrlge,
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Judson,
Miss Dorothy Judson,
In and Out of the Bee Hive."
Mr. and'1 Mrs, Louis Illller will leave
today for a visit ot two weeks In Louis
vlllo and Cincinnati.
Mrs. Mortis Joseph and small daugh
ter of Des Moines dre the guests of-Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Rothschild.
Mr. Harlcy Conant returned today from
Kansas City, whero he was the guest at
a week-end house party.
Mrs. Harry Fellholmer has gone to Mil
waukee, where she will spond some time
vbiltlng relatives and friends..
Mrs. Gerrtt Fort and daughter. Miss
Henrietta, returned Sunday from' Chicago,
where, they spent )he "week end.
Airs, m, aimonson ana ner aaugmer,
Nona will sail from New York on Thurs
day to spend two months In Europe,
Mrs. Maurice urunner ana small daugh
ter of Philadelphia, arrived yesterday to
bo the guests of Mr: and Mrs. F, s;
Mr, and Mrs. Charles Tobias ot New
York,Cttyt who hoVe been guests of Mr.
and Mrs. William' Holsman, left last
evening 'for their home.
, Mrs. Warren Blackwelt, who went to
Chicago to meet her mother, Mrs. Whit-
comb, who has been visiting another
daughter n London, returned home- this
morning, accompanied by Her mother,
who will spend soma time here.
Miss Etne Miner, wno attends mo uni
versity ot Nebraska at Lincoln, Is the
week-end guost of her aunt, Mrs. John'
J.' Foster. Miss Miller Is a member of
this year's graduating class and Is a
member of the Delta Delta Delta 'Sorority.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. 8tone ot New
York City ),vo been 'the guests for the
last week of Mrs. Stone's mother, Mrs,
W, B. Wooley, and sister, Mrs. FfpdV
Wooley. , They will return east the first
qf next week, accompanied by Mrs.
Wpooley, who will spend five weeks In
New York.
A four days' session of the Nebraska
Elate Dental society Is planned to be
held In Omaha May 19 to 22, Inclusive.
The dentists expect to start their pro
gram out with n bnnnuet nnd a dune-.
Instead of ending the convention that
way, as most associations do. The ban
quet and dance are to be held at tho
Country club on ttlo evening of May 19.
Between 3U and 400 dentists ot the
state are expected to be In Omaha for
the association meeting. There nre COO
practicing dentists In the state, but. ot
course, thoy nre never all nbtc to attend
the society meetings at thp same time.
There will also be somo denttsts from out
of the state who will have places on th
program, such ns'D. J. L. Lolly of Chi
cago, Dr. Bccmer of Iowa and others.
Atinlirrnln to lip Topic.
One of tho principal subjects of dis
cussion at the meetliiK will be Analgesia, j
or tile Use of anaesthetics to produce I
feml-anacsthesia instead of complete '
unconsciousness In the dental work. The !
subject Is one of Importance to dentists, '
and the various experiences with various
anaesthetics will be taken up and dis
cussed. Vtntters pertaining to the nn- i
parntus best adapted to this work will f
aiso no conaiacreo.
Tho dentists say they have nothing
tspeclal In sight Just now that their
legislative committee will work upon in
the wnv of suggestions for future state
legislation, as they gained some long-fought-for
points In the last session ot
the legislature. One of these was the
enactment of a law providing for com- I
pulsory registration of dontlsts with the j
maie oara or. uentai jsxaminers once
each year. This enables the association
to keep a closer tab on who Is practicing
In tho state and at tho same time en
ables them to quickly detect any false
practitioner who might slip Into the utate
and attempt to practlco without a
The officers ot the association arc
K. H. Bruenlng of Omaha, president; J
II. Wallace. Omaha, vice president; W.
II. McHenry, Nelson, secretary; Ralpi
W. Ludwlg, Lincoln, treasurer.
May Sale of White Goods
Women can actually save about ono-half on tho materials for dainty summer garments
if thoy buy the new fabrics offered at those prices which in most all instances are jr
half or less than half regular value.
For women's and child
ren's suits, waists, nurses'
uniforms, etc.; namo stamped
on solvago in green; 3G and 40
Inches wide; perfect goods from
the bolt: worth up n 1
to 20c and 25c, at, iZP
the yard
Various size welts im
ported to sell at 30c a
yard. Very practical for
general summer wear a
wondorful assort- 4
raent at, the yard. .
White Irish Dress Linen
Every thread pure linen
and, snow -white medium
light weight for dresses, waists,
etc; 36 Inches wide the Ideal
summer wash fabric. Sold from
tho bolt worth 30c, vf)
at, tbo I Rf
uses linen for costumes realizes tho Importance of
has a wonderful Softness, elasticity and brilliancy.
Every woman who
this. "Non-KriiHh
Six shades of blue, two shades of pink, Nell rose, gray, mustard, old rose, Nile green, laven
der, purple, coral, urown, tan, leatnor, white, tan and black and white and black stripes;
it mcnes wiae at, the yard
Persian Cotton Challies
Full Standard Dress Percales
Ono yard wide remnants of the c
Thousands of yards, from
tho bolt; at, tho yard
Actual wqrk has now begun on the
senior play at Omaha High. The class,
under ' tho direction ot Mr. Mills and
Mlsa Towno lias selected a cast for
Oliver Goldsmith's play, "She Stoops to
Slnco Mr. Mills Is coaching the base
ball and track teams, he has no time
after schbol to devote to tho play. Miss
McHugh has kindly permitted those In
the cast to use their study periods,
working up the play In the school audi
torium. v
Frank Hlxenbaugh, manager of the
play, has engaged the Brandels theater
for May ,30 as the, date for the perform
ance. In ordqr that tho seniors might
have a souvenir booklet-df their play to'
Keep with the Annual ajcofnmlttee of
three llve-wlro hustlers was appointed
to get advertisements from - tho mer
chants. This wl)l defray tile extra ex
pense of putting out a souvenir program.
Captain Ward Smith, who is turning ovt
a wlnhlng company In the regiment. Is
chairman of this committee. Gilbert
Hldredge and Dwight Evans, two other
hustlers, complete tho committee. Mr.
Smith promises the seniors a "peach,"
one that they will bo glad to keep as a
lOo grade, at, the yard.
Full Standard Dress Prints
Light, medium and dork Oi l
colors, special at, the yard. . 5"2fC
w Remnants Unbleached Muslin
ML Standard quality, at, the ' o
sK yard OC
Seamless 90x99-lnch sheets good quality Pa
muslin, at, each 0lC
Fancy White
Llnalro and Unweave In
stripes, plaids, checks,
etc.; any piece In our en
tire department, no mat
ter what the former price
28 and 32 Inches wide,
at, the yard
Imported White
Also Dedford cords 27
Inches wide, at, the yard. .
White Lawn India Linon
3G and 40-in. perfect goods,
from the bolt, at, tho yard.
Superior Ivanhoe Cambrio
One yard wide, snow white; 72.
12 c quality, at, the yard. . a 2
Sample Bolts White Goods
Poplins, mercerized pongee,, Q
etc., to 26c v values, at, yard. . . C
18c and 20c PILLOW CASES at 12i2c
Large, medium and Bmall sizes; extra
good grade casing at, each
$1 Embroidered Sheer Voile Skirtings, 45 inches wide, at
in the
1.1!. li 1 T i 1 1 ! 1 1 1 i , . .
xu uiu new uiiuu xeiiuj. uuu uapauese uiiects, mso emDroiaerea oatiste SKirt
?? ings in English eyelet, floral and new combination effects main floor, Tues.
wm.m.m.Q&mm& brandeis stores cececccgcc
Buffie Urges City Commission to
Adopt New Ordinance.
Oriltnnncr la Said to lie SImpIr to
(live the Cltr lovrer to Handle
law A 1 renily ;n the
State Statutes..
Charlotte Wlllard.
Beulali Prater.
Ethrt Klowlt.
purifies and makes everything Utiwred McMurphy, jn wauo.;,
T ... ' ? i Isabel Dale of Florence Shes
sanitarily safe. Neither dirt Mimes- naiei naipu.
nor germs can live where Gold
Dtit has made its appearance.
1 0ut-of-Town Guests at Wedding.
I Mr. and Mrs. George Hugh Carey ot
j loyt. Kan., formerly of Omaha, and Dr.
GtM Dvst needs little help ; n,,1 M cdo car CM Fremont,
from you; it does most of the "JZnXZ?lZ:
Work alone. It IS a Vegetable wilt take plhco Wednesday cyenlni;. May
oil fcwan in nnwrTorprl form fn at the lUnt-com Park Methodist church.
ou soap in powaerea iorm, to .They w, arrlve Tuc,day. Dr. ciswi.
wiiicn are added cleansing and former pastor ot the cnuroh, win mid
TMlrifvinif imfredients I1'' marriage . lines and will be assisted
J 6 J by tho nev. Mr. McCasklll, pastor of the
Use CM But for all cleans- church'
bag purposes. It saves time, i Daughters of th' Confederacy.
" EflVPS hor Ire i or" w. coven, wiri street.
L"vco w n V. A D wttl enttrtaln Ih. inomh.r. nt h rtoii.h-
ten of the Confederacy Thursday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock.
State Doctors to
Hold Meeting in
Omaha Next Week
At least tCO doctors will bo In Onuhi
May IS, H and 15, when the forty-fifth
annual convention of the Nebraska
Medical association is held hdre. Phy
sicians from cities and towns throughout
tho state and some from Iowa have signi
fied their Intentions of attending; the meet
ings and many ot them will bring their
wives. v
Variqus phases of modern medical re
search work and Individual experiences
In fighting diseases will be discussed at
the sessions. Among the entertainments
to be offered tho visitors will be a ban
quet Tuesday night at the Rome hotel.
automobile rides, an Illustrated lecturo on
Yellowstone National park and a smoker
and vaudeville performance at the Uni
versity club Wednesday night
That Nat C. Houston has no legal
capacity t,o sue tho local street railway
company fr damages o hls-hcalth grow
ing Qut of the shock sustained by him
when his first .wlfo was killed In 1910,-la
alleged 'fn a 'demurred to "his $15,000 suit.
filed by counsel,, for the company.
the demurred asserts that a demand for
damages of this kind has legal standing
o'riiy Hi a" nult In behalf of the nearest
relative brought by the administrator ot
personal representative of the deceased.
largo part of tno $15,000 asked by Mr.
ttbu'ston' Is for' alleged damages to his
health. He asserts In his petition that his
nervous system was completely wrecked.
that he was unable to attend to business
affairs after the death of his wife, nnd
that he was compelled to spend large
sums In travel In search of health.
Airs. Jessie L. Houston's automobile
Was struck by a ma.1 car at Iark avenue
and Woolworth. October 5, ltlO, and she
sustained Injuries believed to have been
the cause' ot her death the following iday.
Mr. Houston is vice president of the
Qreat Western Commission company of
Bouth Omaha.
laves labor.
ind aves(TfceMopliMijllticr
titan tlx Bo
fBMOd JDuatla
'UbM Jm
asjM. 7m ltfa
fk Mill'
For St. Louis Guest
Mrs. Hurley a. Moorhead entertained'
Informally at bridge this afternoon at
her home In honor of Mrs. Hugh Weed,
of St. kouls, who Is visiting her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Potter.
K'nrinston for Visitor.
Mrs. William Robert Wood was hostess
at a kcnsington this afternoon in honor
of Mr Hsrvey Fletcher of Chicago. Wf
guests were prcrenU
General Traffic Manager Hendricks ot
the MUzourl Paclflo Is in the city, after
having mads a trip over the company
lines In Nebraska. He Is well pleased
with the crop conditions and declared
that he has never known a time when
prospects for a bumper crop ot wheat
were so good as now.
Mr. Hendricks says that anticipating
! Immense crops and a big business In and
out ot Nebraska, the Missouri Pacific this
fall will be better prepared than ever
before to handle the traffic. He Is look
ing forward to another big movement
toward the south as soon as the next
crop is harvested, with Immense quanti
ties of Nebraska grain for export.
Two Greek debating societies will clash
at the Omaha High school on Women's
Suffrage. The Demotthenlan and Athenian
societies will debate May 16, In the school
auditorium for this year's championship
of the school. The Webster sooley fell
easy victims to the Demosthenlans, who
now have to defend themselves against
the Athenians.
The Athenian team, consisting of Wahl
freU Jacobten, Edmond Booth and Wil
liam Thompson, will take the negative
side of the question. The Demosthenlans
will be represented by Earl Ketcham,
Percy Dalell and Barney Kulakofsky,
tor the affirmative.
Mr. Orchard, who Is coaching the
Athenians, Is expected to surprise the
school with the prowness of his de
The entire membership, of the Carter
I LritKe ciuu, lormeriy mo uoa ana uun
ciuo, win meet at me uome noiei on
Wednesday evening, when committees
will report and plans for tula season will
be dUcussed,
C. Oliver Ward, the Omaha boy who
passed the severe entrance examinations
at Annapolis from the enlisted rank's of
the navy, enlisted aa a hospital appren
tice April 1911 He was IT years old at
the time. He Is now a midshipman at
the age ot 10 years. In a letter to his
brother, J. H. Ward. 1MJ North Twenty
ninth street, he said that he stood the
test better than any one of the number
that submitted to examination. His
father, W, W. Ward reside at OrJ Nesw
Methods of "fly-by-night merchants"
were severely criticised by Charles E
Dutfie of the Omaha Ad club In an ad
dress beforo the' city commission in sup
port of an ordlnance'.the Ad club has
Introduced making it a misdemeanor for
advertisers to misrepresent their wares
In advertisements.
"Tho merchant who misrepresents his
goods In advertisements is no better than
tne man who obtains money by other
false pretences," said Duffle. "Whllo
we reallto that the publio is becoming
the best crltlo and that probably In ten
years there will be no need of such laws
merchants ' now ought to be protected
against the transient flyrby-nlght dealers
who have no reputation to sustain 'and
nothing to lose by lying."
Supplementary Stntc Un,
Duffle said the ordinance as proposed
was simply to give the .city power to
punish offenses committed within the
city, being supplementary to the state
law passed by the recent legislature deal
ing with the same thing. The council
referred the ordinance to tho legal department:
T.he Bee relief fund Is In receipt of a
draft from the citizens ot Wakefield, Neb.,
for $00.85, und another from the Commer
cial club of Peru, Neb., for $27.50. A last
of recent contributions not yet reported
Previously reported $18,557.22
Hotel Rome Newsstand 2.53
Citizens ot Wakefield. Neb C0.S5
Citizens of Ravennu, Neb 7.00
Commercial club of Peru, Neb.... 27.50
Miss Jennie JBcll Thomson 5.00
Total $18,000.10
The police are looking for George Snell,
a contractor engaged In the rebuilding ot
the Atlas Oil company's warehouse, which
was recently destroyed by fire. Snell
was given a check Saturday for $224 to
pay off his men by W. A. Eddy, secretary
of the company, but the men were not
paid off.
Four-Year-Old Child
Run Down by Auto
in Front of His Home
Davo Smith, 4-year-old son of Arthur
Smith, .2611 Hamilton street, was run
over Sunday afternoon by an auto
owned by R. I,, Mendelson,, who waa
driving at the time. The little boy waa
playing wjth a ball on thrf sidewalk In
front of his home when It" rolled in tho
street, and while trying to recover It
Mendelson's auto, which was being driven
at a good rate of speed knocked the child
down. Tho front wheel passed over tho
little fellow and neighbors, who witnessed
the accident, were much aroused over tho
The boy Is badly bruised and lacerated,
but no bones were broken. He Is belnr
treated at home and is under the care of
a trained nurse.
Cnustht In the Act
and arrested by Dr. King's New IJf
Pills, bilious headache quits and liver,
stomach and bowels act ' right. Only 25c
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertise
ment. ,
The Persistent an& judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising is the Road to
Business Success.
It is no ordinary ,4drink-it-ju8t-to-bc-drirking-somcthing"
erage. Coca-Cola has distinctive,
individual qualities that you will
recognize. Just to look at a glass
of it tells the 6tory bright,
sparkling, clear.
Delicious Refreshing
tor our
free Booklet.
Demand the genuine
Refuse Substitutes.
you see an
Arrow think

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