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Promoters of Electro-Oxygen Com
pany in Federal Meshe.
One Caught In MentphU, Where II
Will Fight Cunt, nnil Two Are
ArreMed at Colorado
Spring Monday.
"Doctor" Z. T. WHtmnn end wife and
"Doctor" E. D. Brantley, alleged cure-all
fakers, who worked their game In
Omaha for two weeks the latter part of
April and the first part of this month,
were arrested by federal authorities and
will be brought to Omaha to answer a
charge of using the malls to defraud.
Wittman and his wife were arrested In
Colorado Springs Monday afternoon and
Brantley was caught Saturday at Mem
phis. The Electro-Oxygen company was the
name of tho concern while It worked In
Omaha, and many were the big fees they
picked up for little or no work. They
advertised extensively In tho Omaha
newspapers and came to Omaha well
recommended apparently. Offices were
opened up In the Fidelity building at
Twelfth and Farnam streets -and they In
stalled what they asserted to be a $3,000
eleotrlc-oxygen machine.
The all-powerful machine was used, the
"doctors" asserted In conjunction with
the "famous Fredman scrum." Undrr
this misrepresentation hundreds of suf
ferers of all diseases stormed the offices
of these alleged doctors, but the latter
were careful not to say that they had
gotten control of the Frledmann cure for
tuberculosis, but misled their patients by
saying "of course you have read In the
papers about this wonderful serum." And
the sufferers little thinking they wero
being duped answered In the affirmative.
Here Two Weeks.
Parts m Oreighton
Elocution Contest
For almost two weeks tho "doctors'
worked their game In Omaha, collecting prayer, Ernest P. Simmons,
Only Bhakcspearan parts will be ad
mitted at the annual elocution contest to
be staged by the students of the college
department of Crelghton university at
the university andltortum this evening.
This Is the first time since the elecuUon
contest has been made an annual event
that the entries have been so restricted,
and a very formidable array of classical
pieces has been consequently prepared by
the students.
There will be twelve speakers, all stu
dents of the college department, and a
medal will be awarded the winner. They
will speak In one division.
The university orchestra will play a
number of selections which bid fair to
rival the classical numbers of the Shakes
pearean program.
C. E. Heed and E. E. McMillan, both
members of the Omaha High school
faculty, and Charles Beaton, a Crelghton
alumnus, will act as judges of the con
test. Tho speakers and their selections fol
low: Julius Caesar, act 1, scene S, Casslus to
Brutus, Arthur A. Dalley.
Julius Caesar, act S, scene 1, Antony
over Brutus. Btephen F. Dlerlnger.
Julius Caesar, act t, scene 1, Brutus to
the Romans, Borneo LaPorte.
Julius Caesar, act 3, scene 2, Antony's
oration, Leo T, Pass. ,
Henry VIIT, act 3, scene 2, Wolsey's
soliloquy, Paul B. Harrington.
King Lear, act 4, scene 9, selections,
Gerald E. LaVlolette.
Merchant of Venice, act 4, scene 1,
Three Thousand Ducats, David W. His-bee.
nichnrd III, act 1, scene 4, Clarence's
dream, James B. Murphy.
Hamlet, act 1, scenes 4 and 6, ghost
sene, James P, Oaffncy,
Hamlet, act 8, scene 3, ' the king's
an enormous amount of money. Thtn
knowing that it was high time to be 'mov
ing the entire company packed their hold
ing In a little box, closed their offices and
left, leaving no address. Then It was that
the "duped" onea began to awaken. Hur
ried calls were made to th police and the
government officials. The result was that
the wires were Immediately put to nso
and It was learned that offices were
opened In Denver by the same concern.
The federal authorities at Denver were
put on the case, but just when they hid
prepared to make tho arrests the
"doctors" disappeared. A few days liter
It was learned through the railroad that
King John, act 4, scene 1, Hubert and
Arthur, John J. Cordeav
Taming of the Shrew, act 3, scene 1,
the process of taming, Raphael N. Hamilton.
Question of Voting
Bonds for Eehef is
Still Undecided
Organization Formed to Cnrb the
Actions of Officers.
Chief Dunn Say He Will Drop the
Charges Against Officer Smith,
Held for Beating a Man
Warned Pearson.
An organisation effected to prosecute
charges against Omaha policemen will
not desist with the trial of Detectives
Lahey and Sullivan, according to state
ments made by Harry Zlmman. attorney
for the three, who alleged they were mis
treated when arrested on, a charge of
soliciting money under false pretense, a
charge which could not be substantiated.
"Ve expect to take up other cases,"
said Zlmman. 'Tin not at liberty to say
what they are. We want personal liberty
and we're going to fight for It. I mean
personal liberty of a different brand than
advocated by the city commissioners."
He would give no information about the
Attorneys for the three complainants
In the case against Lafiey and Sullivan
did not ask for the dismissal of the
officers. They said thcly deserved a
severo reprimand. Zlmman declared that
clubs and revolvers were used too fre
quently. There Is no reason why a police
man should carry a club or revolver, he
Wonld IHte Ills Finger.
Referring to the testimony of Health
Commissioner Connell, who sold he hod
asked Rosenthal, chief complainant be
fore the city commission, to open his
"Jaw" and permit him to Inspect his
mouth, Zlmman waxed warm and de
clared: "Ho had no authority to ask Rosenthal
to open his Jaw. If I 'was asked to open
my Jaw under such circumstances I'd
bite the doctor's finger off so quick ho
wouldn't know what had happened. Ha'd
never stlok his finger in anybody's
mouth after that."
The city commission adjourned till
Thursday when a report will be made.
The policemen will not be dismissed from
the force and even a reprimand is not
To Dismiss Chnrges,
Chief, of Police Dunn said he would
drop the charges against Patrolman Ros
coe Smith, charged with wantonly beat
ing a man who had been engaged in a
brawl. Dunn exhibited statements from
The wedding of Joseph S. Dallnghaus
and Miss Emma E. BIhler will take place
at the First German Presbyterian church
this evening at 6 o'clock. Mr. Dallng
haus is manager of the bottling depart
ment of tho Storz Brewing company.
Miss BIhler Is a niece of Gottlieb Store
Miss Olga Store and Albert BIhler will
attend the bride and groom. Mr. and
Mrs. Dallnghaus will make their home at
3324 Sherman a vendue.
A Rtnarkafclt Remedy
Fer SiMitch, Livar and Intestinal
Ailmtflls, ApptmlrciHs and
tall Slaws.
If you are suffering from these ali
ments and unable to obtain a cure Doat
aire np Hops. One dose of Mayr'a Won
derful Stomach Remedy, the most wide
ly known Remedy for Stomach, Liver
and Intestinal Ailments. Gastritis, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Pressure of Gas
Around the Heart, Sour Stomach, Dis
tress After Eating, Nervousness, Dlzzl-
The restoration committee met the
Board Of County Commissioners In the I thtl .. ,UDnosed to have been klckea
court house veitcrd&v to nresent rra- I -- hi..h .
r,,. or less emphatic in denying that
..rw..:.". in plain clothes at the time.
. i inir ni izuu.uuu oonoi dt uauciaa cuunur
person was found a letter from WHtmnn, j,e colled.
wno naa opened ornces in coioraao v. n,.mi. r , r.iuf mmmifiM
kicked and wantonly outraged his victim,
after ho had been knocked down.
Spring, nnd slating that he and his wife "nt and the commissioners decided lnera ,B m"" m
had found a promlalng field n the Colo-' wh Z LZTt ot wUnewes an attempt may be mad, to
rado town. Monday afternoon Wlltm " in the
and h i wife were arrested, round n uii Ll... u. ... . tiessts reported that Smith was in the
. , i wiiqii iuq iiimnniu cunuiwuii ui wiu-iutiar
the enUre gong. be diieUesed In Its relation to the
To Me Tried In Omaha. restoration committee,
All three will be brought to Omaha and The commissioners will select an In
held to the grand jury, Wittman and lils vesttgatlon committee of five men in ao-
1 ... A 1 V Jt - . I. -1 -J I . . I . I- 11. . , . .... Ul.m.
.uomriiirHni i .v. uu ir n.f.r vn iuo ibt ru... , ,W h hftil .tabbed
appearance In Omaha, but Brantley hftd Inars George Kleffner. R. C. Peters, C. " -" . . . . .
prepared to tight the case .tnd had so- 0. George, H. A. Tukey. Robert dwell. man- ana Put hlm under
tit4 a rAnlnnatira rf Mm r1 1 rviMs Ptf 111 m TTuvmmiHdV flircra TV XfnWnn. . I
.,. nr I a n irnA n n nvr.. namn.i Statements now In possession of Dunn
Yntnf fin Tn.niilni rAb1 wnrtr1 urltta I Tl,im 4 1 u BOi BCH.lv . V
rMtrlit AtfnrneV Itnwtlt and It mi V.a I Plintrnmn Knnlv nnrt Hrrnrv Tlurna 1 Jrearson, U10 man wno wns anesea la
who followed the trail of the "doclora" of the restoration committee Presented I have been beaten, says somebody struck
and caused their arrest United Sta'ca figures showed It had mada sixty-two Mm DUl pouceman m muwra a m
Marshal Warner and Hugh Mills, secret loans, averaging St04 each, nearly all nian in plain clothes stood over him
serylce operators, were in Omaha, and I without Interest
S x a o t photo
graph of Pois
onous Catarrh
al, Moolod and
Blls Accretions
rtmoTit by
Xrfi Won
derful Stomaoh
jnstlpatlon. Congested and Torpid Liv-
Gall Stones, will positively convlnco you
of its great powers to cure.
It has cured thousands of sufferers; it
has saved many lives; it has prevented
many dangerous surgical operations.
ut it to a test. Try one dose tonlctit.
Let one dose prove Ha great merit You
are not asked to take this Remedy for
wee Deioro you icei Deneiiica one
dose will convince you that it should
cure you. Send for FBBB valuable book
let on stomach ailments to Geo. H. Mayr,
Mfg. caiemist, 1S4-158 Whiting St., uni-
cago. For sale In Omaha by Sherman &
McOonnoll, druggists, corner loth and
Dodge, 16th and Harney, 24th and Far
nam, 207-9 North 18th St, and druggists
ness, Falntaing Spells,
I house with a bunoh of rounders when the
fight started. He was in plain clothes
and took part in the melee. This he
denies. He said he was passing the place
when he saw a man run out, and, hear-
a week ago thought they had the trio at
Denver, but they made their getaway.
he could not be certain
ant's Identity.
to the assail-
Paid for Twice as
Much Wateias Used
Nebraska Orchards
Are Undergoing
Close Observation
Denker Confesses
to Eaising Checks
f. V. Denker, SSS south Twentv-flrst
ii jwxiovi cenis enuois w cents, men - Pro. t t, Cooner. horticulturist at the street. faded not u ltv to the charm of
how. In tho name of all that Is pompous hnjvtrglty. of Nebraska, Is In Otpaha, cc- forgln hainM to worthlesa checks, which,
nnu iu ueocHer .luiycu w poui, wi onurntlnir with fruit nowen in this lo. It was asserted by Pol lc. he had SUC-
COOxiew cents equal ll.COT That Is the caltty to determine the most economical ceeded In cashing in ssveral of the large
Eninmtuwi nai puisieu j. .. .t.nrt n rnilnr. eriil Irt.nBrtmimt storos of tha dtv. and wiUv.
aisrgadlne. 4124 Grand avenue, when he bearlnB. treea and bu,hes )n keeping them Ing preliminary hearing was bound over
ol w u... r.i u.n u o frt(J f insects. Experiments aro be. to the dtstrtot court on bonds plaoed at
water company the other day. But It , . .u,..fc ,u. ... .., ua
was very simple. He only had to go to lf th uu Rnd t of Jntere.t An hoUf ,ater Ch,8t of rj.teetivos Steve
.",clr "a.:.u",:,,m: Is manifested by orchard managers. Maloney secured a written confession
J1' P'"e. aier ooara j j mA Ly,e Abbott of p, irora. enker, who asserted he passed the
1"T.. V. " r l "Jenee are both exercising their influences' checks to secure money for his dsstl
u"u , I fo create a higher orchard efficiency in tute family, which consists of two small
- " i .,. imm . , i-,i v nt nm.h. .ma 4k. Vi ldran. The man's fathftr ami mnlhpr
vaer per month he pay. for 200 Just ork ?!"f J i ? i II th7
.,Zl n .T.T, "ve planted Is being closely observed.
the same. So, although Hargadlne used
only 390 feet In the last three months.
were In court, but would not talk of tho
It will be several months before any ro-
his bill was made just as though he hot. " c,ane ,nt enUy U,ued on lhe
Kansas Autoists
Eesiime Enn Friday
Tourists In the sociability run from
urcnaros examined inaicate that there Kansas City. Kan., to Omaha, whs
Wd bill was what made him suspicious W,U b -ruU crop of fru,t th, har- abandoned the Ulp at Hiawatha last Frl-
of the new one. But he paid It meekly I, "".'rrosuenieo nappen. aay oecauae oi ins im,passaoie oonamon
used 889. and he paid for exactly tWlce
m much water as lie used, Mr. Harga
enrte had his former bill with him,
feet of water, which was correct at 36V& I ""n?
cents per cublo foot- The sight of this
Machinery for the application of spray.
are also being tested out and nearly
every type now being manufactured is
and went home trying to figure out some
way to tap 900 cublo feet of water Into
the lake
that he
tup muoh water as he has drawn through
his meter.
lap aw cuoio rest or water Into n ji TT
during the next quarter In order r y JjUian JlnigiltS
unveu Monument
of the roads, have notified the publirtty
bureau that they will resume the run
next Friday and 2o In Omaha probably
the same afternoon.
"When rains stopped the tourists at Hla
watha, they stored their oars in garages
and went by train back home. They will
Grand lodge. Knights of Pythias, con- return to Hiawatha and resume the Jour
I vened In the local lodge rooms In the I nev arlv Friday mornlnr. There wra
UKAWN UN rbUtiiAL LIST UMnl 01 TrBfle hwlWIng yesterday to. twenty-two persons in the party orlsl
nua iwa aays oi sessions, Mayor Pahl-lnally. Ten cars probably will be added
Twentv.flva additional lurnm wn mani a memoer or lodge No. i. delivered at Hiawatha.
drawn to serve on the petit Jury trying 80 M(1re of welcome and heard the
criminal cases In the federal court ,ponM rr0m arftni1 Chancellor If, IPIMQERS TORN OFF BY
dismissed and the new list will report for A ?'!M. of twenty-seven received the ICE'CRUSHING MACHINE
duty next Monday morning at 9: o'clock. ranu ige ranx at me opening session,
They are; Henry Baldwin, Greeley; K. I , " 12 "u"" conmsiea ot re- Wnn. Max naproport, 301t Webster
il Biggs, Schuyler; Charles E. Biurne.-. ' T ""i"" -na commiitees which itreet, wus operating an Ice crusher at
umana; Wallace cnanott, uiair; Charles " lhe calumet restaurant yesterday, his
A. Darling. Lyons; H. P. Devalon. ......... left hand was caught In the machine uid
Omaha J. It Elliott, Hartington; A. D. rnnmuno HIUVINU two fingers were torn off. Police Burgeon
tellers, ruiierton; a. w. Garioch. Omaha; NIU UMtTtNNt CDUNTY Foster administered medical old am
If. A. uuymore, uartiett; Frank Guman, . Itaproport went home on the street car to
Humphrey; 41- Hamann, Omaha; special reports to the Burlington from rest up from the shock
oiswart jieacocn, epnngneia; isawnrd I vneyenne county inaicate that out there
Higgles, Platte Center; William Hint, I the agricultural boom Is reaching the
Benson; X W. Lacey, Coleridge; William acute stage. The agent at Sidney re
2ramcrman, creston; Edwaln O'Connor. I Prts that at this time sixty tractor en-
Xyons; D. C Peck, Coleridge; Charle- E. glnes are In operation In the county, haul-
Reynolds. Omaha; George F. Sccvllle. ng an equal number of eight-bottom
Partington; Julius Wacha, Clarkson; R. Plows, with each set turning over twenty-
B. Webb, Creston; 15. E. Wilson. 8t Ed- "v -eres or soa dally.
rards; Joseph Witty, Platte Center. I Bnc the first of April forty carloads
or emigant movables were received at
MISSOURI WOMAN IS Sit'LT.0?.. thJI n!w. M.0er
LOOKING FOR SISTER most of them buying vacant land which
" " l mey ore now improving.
Mrs. Mary Harrington. 717 East Lee
street, Nevada. Mo., is seeking Jnforma- STANDARD OIL COMPANY
ten She writes that her sisters maiden
arU rnnn nim1 Andrew Tfatnva BHOuitrawBI nas been mde bv P. K
In nr.ivrn Cltv. Ia. She later moved to A"cra"' presioent or the SUndard Oil
Osaaha and since then Mrs. Harrington p. .T . ' lthi ' twetiiw ,
... h,rn from hr. ur oi tnat companr. held
wvnuai, aiovK aiviuena or 23 pr cent
pBMWrUti.,a TnHiets ror Cousti. 110 c.piui stock of the company was
putloB. loeciarea.
9c ceaeUpatlon, Chamberlain's Tablets I This is the regular semi-annual divi.
avre tmmiumt. Easy to take, mild and I dent or Jio per share, with an extra cabh
IB afreet- tuve men. a trtat For dividend of per share, payable June ao.
mm V an HsejrstAjycrc(seiaei)C. I tu toexnoiaera oi record May 20,
Toothache Gum
Qhun th cavity, prevent
All drug ttotM ot by null, 15c
O. 8. Purr 4 Co.. Drrworr. Micm.
Hond ua your carpets, rugs,
portieres, draporlcs, curtains,
table and stand covers, dolllea,
chair cushions, pillow covers
and other valuable furnisbings,
and while we aro cleaning them
you'll have plenty ot Urn to
do your -scrubbing and dusting.
Bead These Prices
Carpets or rugs dusted and
steamed, 10c per sq, yd.; dust
ed, dry cleaned and sterilized,
25c per sq. yd.
Portloros, dry cleaned, 71.50
per pair; dyed, $2.50 per pair;
lace curtains 75c to $2.50 per
pr tinted 50c extra; table and
couch covers 75c to $1.25; pil
low covers, 25c to 50c. Call us
I up on either phone and wo will
1 send a man to quota price on
all your work.
'fcooD Gleaners and Dyers"
1515-17 JONES ST.
PrtoNn Douglas 963 Ind.A-3168
in the
v Over 400 Skips
i The Omaha's great
est jewelry sale
takes place next
Baturday-Orkin BTfthers is the place
World's largest snip, ,"
mak. ? her flret trip from
HAMBURG May 34, arriving
at New York May 3X.
v .TllTltt 7. 11 As Sfte
KnabllnK passenucru to ur
rivS in lotJUON riPAW8
I.n sixth and In HAMBUiw
Z SivantU day. now
ooen for season.
Aasrtta, May 83, X0 a. m.
?es. Grant, June , a. m.
jXmperator. June 7. 11 a. m.
ttVlo. Jioolse. JunoXO, 10 am.
Free. UncoUi, June l. 8 P- m.
83ol U o BrookiyB.
atbraltar, Haplss ad aenoa.
or Ail stsamera of this
lee lsava rom JHSW X'B.
t,Boathrooklya. Take
aa. VftWV.
- . u.llk. (1B.BOO tons)
June .
. B. a1UTr. July, h ,s P--
B. B. Moitae, juy ""
ro xn r.AKx or txs
The ideal beer
for home
use. Order it in
small or large
bottles. Always
have a case, in
your home.
It is refreshing
with your meals.
It is appreciated
by your guests.
Brewed andbot
tled by
For home use, order a
case today.
Consumers' Distributors
109-11 North Sixteenth St.
Phone Douglas 1889.
Clear Cut Blue Serge
All pure wool.
Will not fade.
3 weights. 3 shades.
Smartly tailored in
the skillful Nicoll
way, and made to
fit you perfectly.
iNICOTX TheTailor
i'WS Jerrems' Sons .
209-11 So. 15th St.
-Orkln Brothers' big
window display "or
Jewelry Is the pret
tiest ever seen In Omaha. Come to the
sale Saturday you'll see many, beautiful
pieces of Jewelry at an unbelievably low
Begins Wednesday of
fering buyers assort
ments and values seldom
if ever before equalled
at such attractive low
Big assort
ment of new
clean goods at
about half
regular re
tail worth.
75c Embroideries, 35c
Including a beautiful line
of 45-inch flouncings and
27-inch demi-flouncings,
suitable for summer
Beautiful New Flouncings
Kegular 35c to GOc a
yard values, 18 inches to
27 inches wide, big assort
ment, at yard 19c, 35c
Beautiful Matched Sets
Regular 10c to 35c a yard
values, including dainty
patterns, hoavy convent
and fine nainsook embroi
deries; special, yard, 5c,
10e, 15c, 20c and 25c
Loom End Strips of fine,
heavy embroideries,, at the
yard 5c to I2V2 C
Embroidered Robes at About Half Price A number of
fine rtvhite embroideiy robes in voile, Swiss or-batiste
for your selection; remarkable bargains nt About Half.
Blue and brown gingham apron checks, 7c values 5c
Serpentine crepe, good patterns, and colors, 18c values,
for 12V&C
Hope muslin, 36 inches wide, 10c values 7MiC
Unbleached muslin, 36 inches wide, 8Vc values 6c
36-inch percales, 121c values 7MjC
30-inch black satin, 15c values 10c
Wednesday White Hoods Specials
Plain white voile, $1.25 values, yard 75c
White Plisse crepe, $1.50 values, yard $1.00
Ratine, Rajah effect, $1.35 value, yard 85C
White pique Russian cordette, $1 values, yard 59c
WEDNESDAY. We make the Prices for the People, Not
a Few; a Saving of 25 to 50.
Hotel Kupper
Eleventh and McGee Sts.
Kansas City. Mo,
23 lb. belt Granulated Sugar. .$1.00
10 bars Beat 'Km All, Diamond C or
.Laundry Queen whlto laundry soap,
for 35o
10 lbs. beat mixed Chick Keod 35a
10 lbs. best white or yellow Cornmeal,
for 17Wo
10 lbs. rolled Breakfast Oatmeal.. 35o
8 cans oil or mustard Sardines. . . .35o
Skinner's Macaroni, Vertlilcelll or
Spaghetti, pkg. 7Ao
5 lbs. fancy Japan Rice, 10c quality,
for 35o
Tall cans Alaska Salmon 100
lC-ounce cans Pet, St. Charles, Carna.
lion or Columbia milk Bo
Grapo Nuts, pksr. - 10o
E. C Corn Wakes, pkg Bo
40 varieties fancy Cookies, lb. ,.10o
Large bottle Wtu-cester Sauco, as
sorted Pickles, pure Tomato Catsup
or mustard, per bottle .,.8o
Advo Jell, Jellycon or Jello, pkg. 7V4o
2-lb. can fancy Sweet Sugar Corn Bo
Petors' Breakfast Cocoa, lb 30o
The beat Tea Sittings, lb lOo
Golden Santos Coffee, lb ,..350
Batter, Egg and Cheese Sale.
The best Creamery Butter, carton or
bulk, lb 33o
The best Country Creamery Butter,
lb 300
The best Dairy Butter, lb S5o
Full cream, Young America or Wis
consin Cream Cheese, lb 18o
Jenny Bros.' Briok Cheese we are
sole agents for this high quality
product lb 180
Imported Swiss Cheese, lb. . .....3Cc
Roquefort Cheese, imported, lb. . ,3Bo
The Greatest Market for the People
for Fresh Vegetables.
Fresh Spinach, per peck 7V4o
4 bunches fresh Radishes ..Bo
3 bunches fresh Asparagus 10o
6 bunches fresh Onions Bo
3 heads home grown Leaf Lettuce Bo
3 largo Soup Bunches 10o
4 large bunches Pie Plant Bo
Large Cucumbers, each.lBo, lOo, 7H
2 bunches fresh Parsley Bo
Fancy ripe Tomatoes, lb 10o
Fresh Beets, Carrots or Turnips, per
bunch 4a
3 large Green Peppers ..10o
Fancy rlpo Strawberries, quart boxes,
for loo
The best Colorado Potatoes, 15 lbs.
for Bo
Wax or Green Beans, lb loo
Prices ar advancing wholesale every
Extra large size, per dozen. . , .31.45
Larpce size, per dozen $1.10
Medium size, per dozen 95o
Per crate, any size 83.90
Try Haydon's First, It pays, in
Quality Goods and a Low Price.
mi i iuf rinai pays
A hotel of quality and refinement i
at reasonable prices. European plan I
to per day. Tako elevated
car at depot moreea a 'in ut, ai
rect to hotel.
Comfort Accessibility Moderate Rates
y Hotel
Vudison Avenue & 49 Street
NEW x OK.lv
TTliKillC tuiuw " - -
REFINED UOCiai. timnunmin i
I7S Rooms with Bath. Restaurant
i r a rti. with reasonable chareea
Single Room lx$o
SShle Room with Bth .... 3:ol?jr
Parlor. Bcdroomvrlth Btfl . . 4.oo 10 J.oa
further ueaucuoas io x.u wut w
8. O. CLAYTON, rroprietor
Don't tuttr f UU th hl. torn Join u. W-r
nut hotline ViMttlar, tUhttic, rthlnr for
QrHMUDH teiS TiiompMnll.j. o(l bruUISf K
,.,r.'. nnrt llA tt ill tlDMt. UT-tr nd
.h. Atnmmr It oar. Park Tour hrivr wraos
d4 tar jour H' ' Dalattt Ulna.. tba Uke
nuih f.in. hott-t Wtl' Car fa!dr.
Cast. S. S. Snlth, VobU's Harbor, Mlib.
For Young Chaps
Who Dress the Best
We show both the conservative English
lasts or tne gmgery knob toes.
We lead tfceta
all when It
oomes . to
rwaggor styles
and perfect
flttlni Ox
fords for young men.
Dare yon to step Into a pair and
not rare about 're.
$3.50 up
Tho Persistent and Judicious Use of Newspaper Advertising
is the Road to Business Success.
344 ST. EAST at PARK, AVE., N.Y:
Subway Entrance
At the focal point of the terminal zone, on the
crest of Murray Hill, cooled by Southern breezes from
the sea, artificially fed by chilled air, 600 sunlit rooms.
Stngt roams
Double room ...
Double bedroom, boudoir
drttalncroom and bath
Sultet-Pulolr, bedroom and bath
pjr djy-. U, i. M
S5. 4. 17. tS
Each room with bath
a, sio. m
' lio, n, i)
Special rate far Swmtur
don t tail la aa OrAln'a wltuln

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