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Logan Protests Against Sidetrack
at Hoagland.
People of LflRh Ask that North
Tventern Dc Compelled to nnlld
Adequate Depot in thnt
(From a Staff oCrrespondent)
L1NCOL.N. Neb., May lS.-(Speclal.-Harry
O'Neill appeared before the rail
way commission this morning to protest
against a ruling of the commission com
pelling the Union Pacific Hallway com
pany to put in a siding at Hoagland, Lo
gan county.
Mr. O'Neill represents the Loup Valley
Townsltc, company, and complains that It
tho siding is put In at Hoagland it will
damage- the town of Logan which has
been promised a new depot. Hoagland Is
only four miles from Logan and it Is
feared by the citizens of the latter town
that a siding so close to their village will
hurt the growth and business of the town.
roniptntnt from Lrlitli.
A petition and complaint combined was
received by the commission from the
business men of Lehigh, asking that the
Northwestern railway be compelled to
build a new depot in that town.
The complaint sets out that the present
depot Is a building erected in 1886 and Is
but 22x56 feet In size and has, besides the
usual business room, living rooms, frolnht
and express rooms and a waiting room.
Ic Is set out that over 100 people come to
the depot on an average each day, and
eume of them sit around the waiting room
and smoke to the discomfort of' women
and children who do not smoke.
The platform Is very narrow and will
not accommodate passengers because of
the narrow space left after freight and
express has been deposited on !t, and the
people of Lehigh believe that on account
of the large volume of business the road,
is getting from the town and surrounding
coUntry that they are entitled to a new
and better depot
Street Rnilirny Appeal.
The Omaha & Council Bluffs Street
Railway company has appealed to tho su
premo court from a judgment secured
against It" by Joseph H. Travis In the dis
trict court of Douglas county in tho sum
of $2,230. Travis was injured Marcn 13,
1912, near the Intersection of Seventeenth
and Cass streets In the city ct Omaha.
The called to stop when Travis signalled
the conductor, but did stop, so Travis
claims, about 100 feet after it had paused
the intersection, and in alighting from
the car, it started, throwing him tj tho
pavement. He sued for $10,000.
Grand Island Road
Argues to the Board
Assessment is High
(From &' Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. May ' lS.-Bpec!aJ.)-Th8
State Board of Assessment was in ses
sion a short time this morning, taking
up the hearing of the St. Joseph and
Grand Island railroad for a reduction In
Its assessment
W. N., Purvis, tax commissioner for
the road,, talked to the board and offered
arguments why the assessment should
be cut down from the 1312 amount The
report shows that the earnings per mile
last year show a deficit of (S07, while In
the year before the deficit was $190.
Mr. Purvis told the board that their
depots were all old, having been erected
from fifteen ' to twenty years ago and
that In a short time the road would have
to rebuild the structures.
Following the lines brought out by
other roads yesterday Mr. Purvis said
that other property In the state was not
assessed as hlgli as railroad property.
According to census bureau figures
published In 1911 .the Value of lands and
buildings In the state the year previous
was $1,813,318,935.10. The state auditor's
report shows .assessed value of lands and
Improvements at t203.6M.6SS, Which, mul
tiplied by five for full value, gives
$1,018,323,230, so that this clause of prop
erty was only assed and taxed on M and
15.100 per cent of total value.
The statement of the state banking
board showed on deposit 1205,255,031.70,
The assessed value of money on hand
and on deposit was 5,813,907, which gives
$29,069,535 full value, so that this class
was asessed at 14 per cent of value.
It Is the contention of the roads that
they are assessed far and above the
value of any other property and espe
cially the farming property of the state.
WEST POINT, Neb., May 13.-(Speclal.)
The first year's medical Inspection of
the pupils of the West Point publla
schools show that of the total number, 347,
examined, 209 were found defective. Tho
number with one defect was SS with two,
82; with three, 35; with four, 13. Of these.
97 were defective in vision, 99 In thf ton
sils, 24 in the hearing, 66 in the teeth and
71 in nasal breathing. Twenty-eight pu
pils were found to be affected with
adenoids, 8 with enlarged glands and S
with anemia.
Tho string of race horses of the Schtn-
stock Bros. at. West Point now in their
racing stables, are being enthusiastically
groomed for the 1913 circuit raceo and
great things ore expected of them. The
string Includes the following notable ml
male: Glen Onward (2:17), Lord Duke
(2:24), Patsey Allerton 2:24tt). Baron
Sterling (2:9U), and the noted pacer,
Billy Barleycorn (2:C0Vi),
The freinds and patrons of base ball at
West Point have organized an association
and elected William .Stleren, jr., presi
dent; Caslralr Zacek, vice president, and
A. J. Krause, treasurer. The game will
be confined this year to home players.
The graduating class of the West Point
High school will consist this year of
thirteen members, of whom eight arc
girls. The class will comprise Ralph
Thlessen, William Fegley, Joseph .Ter
man, Lee Wells. Henry Ptatrowoky,
Viola Smith, Mae Thompson, Clara Mar
tin, Minnie Thompson, Beatta, Drahos,
Luella Herman, Emma Boehl and Amy
Brazdo. .,
KEARNEY, ,Neb., May 18. (Special.)
Friday, May 16, has been set apart by the
city as official cleanup day, the state
cleanup day Interfering with the opening
of the base ball season. Kearney will
play York on this day.
Mayor Knaggs has announced that he
will request all merchants of this city tq
close their places of business on Thurs
day In the afternoon In order that all the
employee might-attend the opening game
of the state league season.
The Gibbon-Hastings extension of the
Union Pacific railroad will be opened this
week and everything is in read!nes3 for
the handling of traffic. The first train
arrived at Hastings on Sunday and was
met by a large crowd of citizens.
A large delegation from tho Kearney,
Commercial club will attend the mqeting
of the Transcontinental Good Boads at
soclatlon, which will be held In Ffemont
May 22. The party will go by auto train.
It Is planned by the officers of the
commercial club to purchase the old fail
grounds In this city and again put them
In shape for the holding of a permanent
countr'talr, an association for that pur
pose having already been formed. If these
grounds are purchased It will assure a
permanent county fair for Buffalo county.
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Omaha Elks Meet
Governor Morehead
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. May 18.-(SpccUl.)-The
first annual convention of the Elks of
the state Was held In Lincoln today. This
morning, escorted by Henry C. .Rich
mond, a delegation of about two dozen
Omaha members of the organization were
taken to the office of Governor More
head and introduced to the executive.
Among the members were: Dan Butler,
City Attorney hlne, J. 8. McNally, I. W.
Miner, Colonel McShane, George Shields,
J. F. Diet, a W. Smith and R. W. Patrick.
BROKEN BOW, May IS. The second
serious accident caused by a runaway,
has occurred here within the week. While
Will Frey, a prominent stockman of this
place, was bringing his wife and daughter
In from his ranch, a few miles east of
here, the team, a aklddlsh pair of colts,
ran away and overturned the buggy,
throwing the occupants violently to the
ground. 'Bertha, the daughter, sustained
a broken arm, while Mrs. Frey was In
jured and bruised about the body. Mrs.
Lawrenoe, who was also' In the wagor,
had a rib broken. Mr. Frey escaped with
a few slight, bruises.
Mrs. D. L..Herrlck, who woa badly In
jured, In last week's runaway, still lies
unconscious at the Ryerson hospital. An
operation was performed upon her this
week, but little hope is entertained of -her
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, May 18.-(Spelal.)-The
state board of control Is happy, or at
least the members of that board ought
to be, for this morning State Secretary
Walt took pity on their homeless condi
tion and gave up the west room of his
office and will allow them to use the
small vault In hla department The two
clerks formerly occupying the room will
move into the small room now occupied
by the secretary of the printing board
and the latter will move into the small
south room of the executive offices. The
game warden, who has been holding
forth in the room to be given the board
of control, will move book to the former
location In the office of the chief cleric
ofthe bouse.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May li (Bpeclal.)-App!lo&-tlon
was made to Governor Morehead to
day for requisition papers for the return
to Wyandotte county, Kansas, of LoUlq
Krasnlcka, wanted in that state for
abandonment and desertion of his wife
and three sons, 8, 10 and 15 years of age.
Krasntok is being held In South Omaha
and the sheriff of the Kansas county
will take him back after a hearing is had
some time this aftomoon, providing the
governor grants the request
Notes from lied Cload.
RED CLOUD, Neb., May IX (Special.)
The heavy recent rains put the soil In
extra fine condition. The subsoil Is wet
down a dlstanoe of several feet Alfalfa
Is knee high and the first crop will equal
two cuttings of last year. Crop condi
tions are the best they have been for ten
During a thunderstorm the lightning
entered the home of George Van Camp
just above the electric light wires and
player a queer prank with all his house
hold goods. It burned all the bedding,
Including the mattress, on one bed, al
though no ashes fell to the floor. It
turned everything in the whole house a
yellow color. A hat In a bandbox under
the bed turned yellow. Tablecloths, rugs,
the bath tub, piano, wallpaper all have
the saffron color. Mr. and Mrs. Van
Camp were not at home at the time. No
other damage was done.
The bricklayers have commenced work
on the new Peterson building which Is
being erected on the corner cn Webster
street and Fourth avenue. The building
will cost about $10,000 when completed.
It will be finished with pressed brick on
the outside and all modern conveniences
Beatrioe May Not Be
Able to Entertain
Eagles1 Convention
BEATTUCra. Nb.. 'May 13. (Special.)-
The local committee having In charge the
state convention of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles to be held here June 10, 11 and
It, will call the meeting off unless they
get some assurance that the delegates
Will be able to secure hotel accomo
dations. An effort U being made -to
nave tne faoaoca note Keep open until
after the meeting.
W. A. Selteok, former, president of the
Lincoln Commercial club, yesterday sent
word to this city that he would be pres
ent at" the booster banquet to be held
in this city nexi Thursday night
Prof. J. M. ShoWalter, who has been
connected with the Beatrtoe High school
for the last two years, has been elected
principal of the high school at Norfolk,
and will leave, soon for that place where
he will make hla home.
Fred Ward of tlrts city, and Miss Neva
Cunningham of York, "were married at
that place Sunday. They have arrived In
this city to- make their home.
"Arthur OUUmet. nged II years, of
Western, died. Sunday in a local hospital.
The body was tkken to Western yester
day, for. Interment
Two freight cars .on the Rock Island
went- Info the ditch" near Virginia yes
terday, blocking trafflo-most of the day.
A toft track o6oasloned by the reoent
heavy rains. Is said to have caused the
C. E. Motes of Blue .Springs, and Miss
Mabel. Fredericks were united in marriage
here by Judge H. A. La Belle. They will
make 'their home on a farm near Blue
Workmen Gather
at' Hastings for
Annual Meeting
HASTINGS, Neb., May 18.-(Speiat
Telegram.)' An advance guard of about
ECO delegates Is here for, the, fifteenth bi
ennial grand lodge of the Ancient Order
of 'United Workmen, Which will open
tomorrow. At least 400 more are expected
The nomination of candidates will take
place Tuesday afternoon und in the even
ing an entertainment will be given for
the visitors at Ingleslde, the state asylum
for Insane.
Candidates for the various grand lodge
offices were active in .the canvAss among
the early arrivals today. Among those
prominently mentioned were: For grand
master workman, A. M. Walling, the in
cumbent; T. C. Simmons, Seward; A. B.
Dillon, Norfolk.
For grand recorder, F. C. Whittlesey,
Grand Island, the Incumbent; E. C. Phil
lips; T. R. Jordan. South' Omaha; George
M. McDonald, Clarence Graham. MoCook.
For grand treasurer, E. E. Dodder,
Omha; O. W. Lower, Beaver City; It. P.
Falkner, South Omaha, formerly of Hast
ings, Is the present treasurer, but la
not eligible to re-eiectlon.
For the finance committee. Nicholas
Ross, Lincoln; j'. A. McElhanney, Lyons;
J. H. Bell, TorkJ D. IL Cronln. O'Neill;
P. II. Sullivan, North Platte.
For grand medical examiner, Dra.
Woodward, Aurora: Packard, Kearney;
Rosewater, Omaha; Kartell of Axtell.
Lincoln Dry Spell
WiU Be Extended
By an Injunction
LINCOLN, Neb., May UL-Roaooe a
Ozman, for four years city olerk of Lin
coln, and an unsuccessful candidate for
commissioner under the commission form
of government this evening secured from
judge Cornish of the district court a re
straining order against the city of Lin
coln, Mayor Armstrong and other offi
cials forbidding the canvass of votes oast
at the late municipal election, and pre
venting the new order of administration
taking effect tomorrow.
The contention of Osman is that tho
election Is Illegal Ih that officials other
than commissioners were elected contrary
to the alleged provisions of the charter.
Hearing on the application for a per
manent Injunction will be had tomorrow.
The effect of the restraining order will
be to continue for a time, the present ad
ministration and will also tie up the
Issuance of saloon licenses as the excise
board, against which the Injunction Is
partly aimed, Is powerless to act on ap
plications. The city has been "dry" for
two weeks.
(From a Staff oCrrespondent)
LINCOLN. Neb., utay 11 (Special.)
The publicity department of the State
Board of Agriculture furnished the fol
lowing to show that Nebraska It a good
place to live and that Nebraska land Will
bear investigation from the investment
The Columbus Telegram prints the fol
lowing: "Four years ago Charley Freeman paid
a little over $20,000 for a half section- of
swamp land two miles north of Columbus.
Some Of the wise ones snickered In their
sleeves when talking of the price, nnd
said that the 'sucker had made a perma
nent Investment,' These wise gentlcmont
are not saying anything just now; be
cause last weeic Air. irreeman maa on.
halt or that tract of Und for $26,000 and
ean taxe a nice amount ror the other half
any minute."
Patrons' Day at Harvard.
HAHVARD, Neb., May U.-(Speclal.)
Friday was parent and patrons' day In
fhe public schools, but owing to excessive
rains the attendance was limited and the
exhibits held over till Monday afternoon.
When a large number availed themselves
of the opportunity to examine the work
of the students In the various depart
ments of school work. The teaching
force for the coming year will be mater
ially changed, mostly from a desire of
present teachers for various reasons, but
Prof. McBrian will remain at the head
as superintendent
The Forty-Tar Test.
An article must have exceptional merit
to survive for a period for forty years.
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Nevr Bank Incorporates.
LINCOLN, May 13.-(Bpdal.)-The
Farmers and Drovers State bank of
Whitney, In Dawns county, filed articles
of Incorporation with the secretary of the
state banking board today. The bank Is
Incorporated for 115,500. The officers ares
Fred W. Crlpps, president; W. M. Bur
nett, vice president and C, I Wilson,
I . .
Found Dead In Home,
BEATRICE, Neb., May W. (Special
Telegram.)-Berget Scheme, a bachelor,
was found dead at hit home, tlx miles
northeast of FJIley, this morning. The
coroner's jury found that heart trouble
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Several Barns Are
Struck by Lightning
Near Eandolph
RANDOLPH. Neb., May lS.-(8peclnl
Telegram,) Terrific wind and rain visited
this vicinity last night accompanied by
an electrical storm which destroyed sev
eral barns and much live stock. Ulg'.i
water and washed-out track Iias causod
suspension of train service on the Bloom
field branch for a time. Several families
In Bloomfleld were rescued from their
homes with great difficulty after having
spent most of the night in water,
OSCEOLA, Neb., May lS.-(Bpec!al
Telegram.) Osceola justness men met
last night for the purpose of perfecting!
a commercial club. A large number were
present arid the determination expressed
that the city should possess a commercial
club that Is In keeping with the city's
demands, A committee on permanent or
ganlzaUon was appointed consisting of
W. O. Johnson, E. A. Walrath, Walter
Monsoru VS. L. King and II. C. Beebe.
Prussian General is
Murdered by Lunatic
MUNISH. Bavaria, May IS. Maor Gen
eral von Lewlnskl, the Prussian military
attache to Bavaria, was killed here today
by a supposed lunatic, who fired thr.ee
revolver shots at him. A rcrgeant of
police also was killed.
The man, whose name Is Stratfer, at
tacked the general, first fir'ng several
shots at him, and then turning his
weapon on Police Sergeant Pollender,
who dashed to the officer's assistance.
The policeman was killed by a shot
through the heart.
Oeneral von Lewlnskl was still alive
when picked up. He was taken to the
(hospital In an ambulance, but died
shortly afterward.
The assailant was meantime seized by
a crowd of people, who trlod to lynoh
him, and succeeded In seriously injuring
him before he was rescued bv tb,e police.
General von Lewlnskl was an officer of
the general staff and occupied an Impor
tant position in the scheme of co-operation
of the Prussian and Bavarian armies.
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Pennsylvania uniform,
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gylv&nia trains.
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ami. wm c.uuu.uo, uui u.T.rtu.ioif , tne Dome la ire to aoneit people,
Voir here la oar propoiltloni
We mm aend you on fall quart bottle of yl. I Star Wblrtey. ab
?iUr.v" !fk" 2r:'.i Bi ,he Ps ebar. Ater you roce're
the full quart bottlee. pn on of them, teet ft anyway yea like and
it not entirely aatltfectory, you bare the prlrllec of returning ta e the
iM,1inlD81 y0"1" " & " oil', bottle yoa snar keep free e Tod"?
will Immediately return your tl.ts. Or aend na n.i for 4 fill quart
""."i' .?.' u Sr Whl.key. eipreia prepaid, and we will lneludi one
Ut .bi,ottL ".! the bo,tl 4 not absolutely aatUfacto??
and the beet whliker you ey.r tatted at any piloe, Juit return to i tb
4 bottles and keep the f re. bottle and we wlfl refund your mJ without
queetl6n or argument. With each order we giro a free dold tipped Olaas
and I'atent Corktcrew. Remember, w aay w pay the expreahar.i
look eloie Ufore you permit some of the low prlcea of Hall Order Hou.ee
to get your order and make you pay the espreia ehargea.
We mean to projo juperlorily In the whlikey bailneaei we mean to
PTOTO atoureipenie.by gl.tug s free test bottle, that fell S-Star Whliker
baa no equal. Oar quart bottles are fall K-oane qaarte and not abort
quart a and we guarantee every atatement we make and back them with
our paid up capital of It00.000.04. If you wank real whiskey and no weak!
watery coneoatlona. sends your remittance on our free test proposition
The taste la Ih test, thai will pror more than w can write. Jtddiei.
order and letter and make remittance, payable to A. Pels, Mrr., or
FelsDIsUIliBgCoi ' 15SFeIs Blig., Kaisas City, Ife
Fortune or success have often
come through a little want ad.
Have you read the want ads
yet today?
jHow you way it.
was the caui. II was 36 years of age

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