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Prominent Musicians Quietly Wed Sunday
O C 1 &
Tuesday, May 13, 1913.
MISS JULIA NAGL returned homo yesterday after n successful tour
of the oastorn states as leading woman In the eastern company,
"Officer 666."
Hor friends aro justly proud of her success, for sho rccolved
her entire education In Omaha nnd at tho state university. Whllo she
was In the Omaha High school nnd nlso at tho university,, Miss Nagl had
prominent roles In all of tho school theatricals. Besides this she was
Our May Sale of Waists
elected to tho Phi Deta Kappa for scholarship. :
Speaking of her work for next year, Miss Nagl has been offered tho
leading rolo in a new production which will open on Broadway In October, i
Sho will rest in Omaha until August 1, and tnen return to Now York to
start rehearsals for the new play. I
It Is a stago superstition, that one must not give the namo of a now j
play to the public until tho rehearsals aro well under way and tho man-1
agora aro themselves satisfied with everything and everyono concerned.
Miss Nagl had an interview last week with Dr. Broadhurst, author of
"Bought and Paid For," and ho was much interested In her work and
IN' wm&mSmm&
Bridge Luncheon for Mrs. Laws.
Mrs. tV. T. Robinson was hostess At a
beautifully appointed luncheon today at
her home In Dundee In honor of Mrs. D.
C Laws of Nashville. Tenn., guests of
Vhn. C N. Diets and Mrs. John Hudson.
Thai guests were seated .at small tables
thn Aatnty baskets of white spring
flowers and ferns formed the decora
tions. Covers were placed for fifty and
the afternoon was spent playing bridge.
At the Omaha Club.
Mrs. I, M. Lord entertained at lunch
con Monday at the Omaha club. The cen
, terplece was shasta daUlea. The guests
-were members of the executive commit
, tee of the Omaha Woman's club and cov
ers were laid for:
C W. Haynes,
Jit B. McKelvy.
John O. Telser,
lit JI. lord.
N II. Nelson.
H. M. Syfert,
C. H. Marley.
, Dundee Luncheon Olub.
Mrs. C O, Talmage entertained the
members of the Dundee Luncheon club
'Monday. Red tulips were used In the
decorations. The guests of theTclub were
Mrs. Leon D. Nelson. Mrsy6eonr B.
Johnson, Mrs. I D. Upham, Mrs.'-Ed-nrard
Pegau and Mrs. Jlenry Lemere
tThe club members Include: '
Meioamef Mesoames
B. It Rush, E. K. Klmberly,
IW, E. Rhoadaa, - fl W, Carmlohael,
C. O. Talmage, O. P Goodman,
F. I. Klllck, Joseph Polcar.
Royal Miller,
(Pagalco Olub Dance.
i The Pagalco club gave the last of their
aeries of winter dances Saturday' evening,
f Those present weret
Misses Misses
Margaret Compbell, Catherine Murray,
Hatel Toys, Ethel Mulholland.
fiSva. May, Mathetine Tunlson,
Gladys Bills, Margaret Murray,
Madeline McTIugh, Francis Mulholland,
Marie Norgard,
A. 7ickson,
B. Johannszen,
Francis Granvllls,
Anna Byers.
.Gladys Fernandes,
' Messrs.
Henry Morton,
Lester Donnell.
Wilbur Qranvllie,
Oeorge Nelson,
Paul Roznozle,
Pavld Seastedt,
Ray Sorenson,
Frank Seleroe,
John Slgler,
Wenry Unltt,
Roy Moore,
John Rechter.
Rose Dixon.
Esther Swanson,
Wapeta McCune,
M. Kraler,
E. Knudson,
Ida Ellis.
Joe Runo,
Jack White, M
Leo McKenns,
CHarlle Harden,
Eugene May,
St. It, Jackson,
J. Norgard,
H. rirobeck,
B. V. ICelly,
L. Qrobeck,
J. Jaske,
M, Orobeck,
C. J. Fernandes.
Willis Summers of
Malvern, la.
D. D. Callahan,
O. C. Slaughter,
m, is. wrnanaes,
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Aoken.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ji. Qreen. .ill,
Mr. and Mrs, R. Roberts. .liyjiHi.
.ui. Aim a. wuiuh
Mrs. I. Mulholland.
Mrs, D. Callahan.
Dovey. The teachers who have been In
structing Miss Dovey are very enthus
iastic about her voice nnd are free to
predict that a great future awaits her.
Miss Dovey Is a sister of Miss Alice
Dovey, the well-known comic opera star.
Orpheum Parties.
Several parties were given at the Or
pheum Monday evening. A box party
Included '
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Baldrlge.
Mr. and Mrs V. W. Judson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Uurgess.
Another party Included
Mr.-and Mrs. O. C. Rndlck.
Mr. and Mrs, Sam Burns. Jr.
Mr and Mrs. John T. Stewart, 24.
Informal Affairs.
Mrs. Arthur Engllsch had as' her
guests at luncheon today, Mrs. Ida M.
Hanchett, Mrs. N. P. Fell and Mrs. John
Mrs. Joseph Rlngwalt will entertain
the members of the rerslan History class
at luncheon next Tuesday at her coun
try home, neaf Florence.
Woodward-Allen Wedding.
Miss Vera Allen, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert II. Allen of this city, and
Guy Herbert Woodward of Chicago,
formerly of Omaha, were quietly married
Sunday evening at .the home of the
bride's parents, 1017 South Thirty-sixth
street. Rev. Frederick Rouse officiated.
Owing to the recent death of Mr. Wood
ward's mother the wedding was very
quiet, only the Immediate families being
Miss Allen has made quite hj success
as a comlo opera star and hadths title
role in the Aborn production of "The
Bohemian Girl" last year.
Mr. Woodward Is a son of the late Mr.
and Mrs. George Woodward and a
nephew of the well-known violinist. IUrt
Butler. Mr. Woodward Is at the head of
,the Bush Temple Conservatory of Music,
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward left last even
ing for Chicago, where they will make
their home.
In and Oat of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. L. A. Gamer and son, Allan, have
returned from a three months' stay In
Mrs. Isabel Relchenberg. who has been
In Cincinnati for four years, has re
turned to Omaha and Js again occupying
her home at 147 North Thirty-third street
Mrs. Julia D. Frerman. worth v
matron of tho Order of the Eastern
Star of Missouri, arrived this morning, to
be the atuest of Dr. and tv. r.ur..
1M0 Soilth Thirty-second avenue.
Miss Dovey Returns.
Miss Catherine Dovey, who for the
last few months has been In New Tork
studying voice culture, has returned to
Plattsmouth to make a vtstt there with
her parents, Mr,' and Mrs. George E.
litis Wisher Must Pay
for Itself.
A MAN triad to tell no a ben one. He said
it a tin hore an bid nothing tho
metier with tt. 1 wanted a floe ton. Hut
I didn't know enrUlas
boat uiw msca. Asa
I didn't ku tli mux
1 ytrt wall elUier.
So I toll him I want
ed to ttj th hers tor
a month. II till "All
' tfsM, tt pay m Htat.
i and I'll El To" tack
your mon7 et to hor
I your money l( th
Vora Isn't all rlibt."
Well. I didn't Ilk
that. I was afraid th
kern wtan't "all-
I ar to whlnl tar tar
1 jsodj ll I once partM
1 with IL to I didn't
buy th bore although
. z waattd It cadir. now
I thla at m thinking.
To ti e I m a k
, Wuhlni Machine U
1 Oraltr" Waih
.' And I said to my
salt, lota ct popl tsay
tf think about my Waah-
thousht about U
,tort and about th man'wh tmi It.
. But rd Brr know, boeaua thtj wouldn't
rrU and tall mt. Too a I Mil ny Waahlna
JUaohlnac by malL t haT aold orr halt a sill.
lion tat way.
So. thought I, tt ti only fair nough t lt
fopl try ny Waahlnc Uaehlnea tor a month.
Vfor they pay tor them, Jut at I wanted to try
ha new bora.
Now. I know ht our "1M OrTlty' Waihtr
nil no, a www win wain m oiotnee, with
tut wearing or letrtng them, la leu than half
th tlm they taa b waabed by hand or by
wr oufr ,auiiiv
I know tt will waah a tab full of r Atn
alotha la Six mtnutaa. I know no other maehln
ter Intented taa do that without wearing out
tho clothe.
Oar "IMO OraTtty" Waaher doti th work a
easy that a child can run tt almoat a well a
e auvBS woman, ana son wear la clothe.
fray th Mge nor hreak button th way alt
other machines do.
It just drlrtt eoapy water clear through th
fiber f in (iota us a tort pump might.
So. aald t u royeetf. I will do with ur "lo
Orertty Waaher what I wanted th mta to do
with th bore. Only I won't wait for people to
ak m. I'll otter tint, and I'll make good th
offer Try lime,
,'Lt m nd rra 4 "1M0 Orarltr" Waaher am
'a. moath'a tr trial ril pay Ih freight out of
ny awn pocket, end It you don't want th ma
ehln after you're jueed tt a month. I'll tak It
fcack and pay th freight, too. Surely that la fair
'enough. Us t III
Doean't it proe that th "IMfl OraTtty"
Waaher muU bo all that I say tt let
And yoa cas pay m out of what It aaeea for
70U. It will sat It whole coat In a few month
In wetr and tear on th clothe alone. And then
It wt sar M eU to T cent a week, orer that
la washwomen' wage. It you keep the machla
after month's trial, ril let you pay (or It out
of wnai it i i tTc you ao caau
weak, caa m o cent a wees till paid far.
I'll tak thai cneertniiy. ana ril wait for my
'wney until tha machine Itaett earna th balaac.
Drop m a Ho today, and let m ad you a
pock about th "JIM CreTlty" Waaher thtt
Waabaa clothe Is ( minute.
Addrctu mo this r- 11. U Darker. J01I Court
, Blagsamtou. r. t. if yeu lit u Oaneda,
' eUdma 1M Waaher Co., lilt Court St. Toronto,
IIL.ITIe.inWa.ll scheduled
for Saturday at Orklp Irothers. Any
Jflnd of jewelry you want at a price In-
uWaVMlvably low. Bee their window.
Aged Couple Lose
All They Possess
in the Tornado
Mrs. Ferdinand Nelson, aged S3 years,
who wandered from her tornndo-damagod
homo at Thirty-eighth and Franitlln
streets to the residence ot Pete DlHon,
3119 Hamilton street, Sunday night, and
was taken by Officer Dillon to the sta
tion, Is still In the matron's department.
Mr. Nelson telephoned the police Mon
day that he was unable to support his
wife, being; 90 years old and feeble be
sides, He asked the authorities to care
for her at the county hospital. All the
old couple possessed was destroyed li tho
UnnntV of a Janitor In tlm Tlrnniltli
theater has resulted In the return of a
diamond pin lost" there two weeks ago
by Mrs. George I. Gilbert The pin was
lounu vy mm in mo dox unaer a regis-jer.
Asks City Cancel
Taxes on Home Hit
by the Tornado
James F. Gllllgan, 4252 Harney street,
has asked tho city commission to cancel
taxes on property destroyed by the tor
nado. Ollllgan's taxes amount to $211.93
His home was completely destroyed.
This Is the first case of its kind that
has como before the city commission.
Others are looked for and the council will
ask tho city legal department what course
can be followed under the circumstances.
An ordinance making It a misdemeanor
for an advertiser to misrepresent hs
wares was placed on Its first and second
readings by the city commission. The
city legal department said such an or
dinance would not bo In conflict with the
statutes. Thp Ad club drafted the or-
Innnce, which covers tho provisions In
a law passed by tho recent legislature.
Strengthening Food for Bard Workers
It isn't necessary to eat a lot of meat to nourish and
i sustain your body. It is a positive fact ask your
doctor that there is more real nutrition in a 5c pack
age of Faust Macaroni than in 2 lbs. of beef at 12 times
that price. You get more nutrition better
eating cheaper living when you eat
The old Grk fashion ot dresslnr, In
eluding draped skirts and waists, long
ago was taken up by the women ot Paris
and from there carried around the globe,
has now reached the feet.
For today the elite ot the French
women, who set the fashion for that city
of pretty and vivacious women are wear
ing sandals!
The high heel shoe and the oft painfully
bent arch, has now been "given the
hook." In their .place has been aetecte'd
the old fashioned sandal, and It looks as
If It had come to stay.
In fact, so complete has been the
change of fashion In this respect that
several of the famous Parisian stores,
which cater particularly to the fashion
able class, have put In a gTeat stock, ot
Along the boulevards, women are seen
parading at all hours wearing sandals
fattened to their leet by prettly colored
ribbon In a band around their ankles.
Adherents of the new style declare It
of great benefit to the health ot the
person wearing them.
Suppleness and flexibility, modistes
I argue, are the features of women's dress
ot the present day,
Made from Durum wheat, a cereal
extremely rich in gluten a bone,
muscle and flesh builder. Put up
in air-ugiu, moisture-proof
package write for free
recipe book showing
how many delicious
ways there are
for serving raust
At all grocsrs'-
Be and lOe
St Loals,
... . ,,r?,L ,x, . ' .
Certifie'ct Milk
We aro . still delivering
Friesland Farms Certified Milk
The best milk on the market. for babies and invalids.
Service Never Better
Every morning before breakfast,
Alamito Sanitary Dairy Co.
1812 Farnam St.
Douglas 411
Hundreds of wnsh waists
of the dnintiest, snowiest
voiles mid lingerie fabrics,
beautifully embroidered or
trimmed with laces. High
or low necks with tho now
roll collar are in- m nn
eluded in this vast Q B UU
varieties, at
Waists with frilled fronts,
waists with real hand em
broidery, waists with
graceful, low rolling col
lar all the newest and
cleverest of all the
son's novelties
are in this
group, at
In this matchless group
are many individual sam
ples with many exclusive
features. Scores of real
lace trimmed or real hand
embroidered waists. The
most fascinating
stylo ideas ever
shown anywhere.
S 95
We ha,vo grouped on main floor bargain squares scores and scores of women's
dainty midsummer waists that should sell readilly at $1.25; each, for
45-Inch Voile Skirtings Actually
Worth Up to 50c, at, yard . . .
Elaborate blind relief designs; also 27
inch dainty ruffled Swiss baby flounclngs, em
broidered or vnl. lace edged with rows of lace
insertions. On our main floor.
9 to 18-in. Shadow Lace Floun-
Many Worth as High
as 60 Cants a Yard,
18-lnch dainty shadow, oriental and cluny allover
laces, on main floor. Also new trimming lace bands
and edges in Venise, crochet and macramo. effects.
18-in. Ostrich
With 10-inch
heads, in black,
white, b 1 u o ,
bronze; also tho
new shaded ef
fects would bo
a good value for
6; special, at
Untrimmed Hats
On Second Floor
Fine quality imported hemp and
Milan braid hats plenty of black,
white, burnt; also empire green,
blue, cerise and taupe, many hand
blocked shapes included
worth up to $3.50
second floor, at
Flowers For
About 100 dozen
sample bunches
of June roses,
American beauty
roses, chrysan
themums, viol
ets, etc., worth up
to BOc, at per
Men's $1
at 49c
Special Bargains From Our $66,000 Purchase
Men's Furnishings
These aro men's summer fixings of highest
quality going at great bargains Wednesday.
Men's Union Suits, worth up to $2.50, at. . 98c
Men's $1 Summer Underwear, at 50c
Men's Silk Hosiery, worth up to 35c, at 170
Men's $2 Negligee Shirts, new patterns, at 98c
Men's Silk Neckwear, worth up to 35c, at 17c
In Sewing Mnchlno
Dept. Wdncsday,
Poinpclnn Room
3 Bellows
Poes nil
tho work of
liljjhcr priced
cleaners . . . .
Huge Purchase of Summer Underwear on Sale Thursday
Wo Bought at an Extraordinary Reduction All the Samples and Surplus Stock of
From A. W. Porter & Co. SKSSc84-' Watch Wednesday Night's Papers
Furniture Co
20 Below Omaha Price
p$t One Dciy But LEvcry Ociy
We have made a great purchase of high grade rugs and offer
them at bargain prices.
27x54 Velvet Rugs 95c
27x54 Axminster $1.45
36x72 Velvet $1.75
9x12 Axminster
36x76 Axminster $3.00
6x9 Seamless Brussels, $5.50
9x12 Seamless Velvet $15.50
See our large line of Body Brussels and Wilton Rugs much below Omaha prices.
9x12 All Wool Art Squares
I $5.50
Concentrate your advertising in The Bee.
There is a Bee in almost every home.

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