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Ear Passages Where Troublo Starts
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Logan Protests Against Sidetrack
at Hoagland.
People of Leigh Aslc that North
western Tie Compelled to llnllrt
Adrqnnte Depot In that
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., May IS. (Special.)
Harry O'Neill appeared before the mil
way commission this morning to protf3t
against a ruling of the commission com
pelling the Union Paclflo Railway com
pany to put In a siding at Hoagland, Lo
gan county.
Mr. O'Neill represents the Loup Valley
Townslte company, and complains thtt If
the siding Is put In at Hoagland It will
damage the town of Logan which has
been promised a new depot. Hoagland Is
only tour miles from Logan and it Is
feared by the citizens of the latter town
that a siding so close to their village will
hurt the growth and business of the town.
Complaint from Letch.
A petition and complaint combined was
received by the commission from the
business men of Leigh, asking tha. tho
Northwestern railway be compelled to
build a new depot In that town.
The complaint sets out that tho present
depot is a building erected In 18SG and la
but 22x56 feet In size and has, besides the
usual business room, living rooms, frolnht
and express rooms and a waiting room.
It Is set out that over 100 people come to
the depot on an average each day, and
some of them sit around the waiting room
and smoke to the discomfort of wjmen
and children who do not smoke.
The platform is very narrow and. will
not accommodate passengers because of
the narrow spaco left after freight and
express has been deposited on It, and thb
people of Leigh believe that on account
of the large volume of business the road
Is getting from the town and surrounding
country that they are entitled to a new
and better depot.
Street llnllTray Appeals.
The Omaha & Council Bluffs otreet
Hallway company has appealed to tho su
preme court from a Judgment secured
against It by Joseph H. Travis In tho dis
trict court of Douglas county In tho sum
of $2,230. TravtB was Injured Marcn 13,
1912, near the Intersection of Seventeenth
and Cass streets In the city cf OinahA.
Tho car failed to stop when Travis fix-
nailed the conductor, but did stop, so
Travis claims, about 100 feet after It had
passed the intersection, and in alighting
from the car, It started, throwing him to
the pavement He sued for 10,000.
WEST POINT, Neb.; May 13.-(Spedal.)
The first year's medical Inspection of
the pupils of the. West Point public
schools show that of the total number, 347,
examined, 203 were found defective. Tho
number with one defect was 85 with two,
82; with three, 35; with four, 13. Of these,
97 were defective in vision, 99 In tu ton
sils, 24 In the hearing, GC In the teeth and
73 In nasal breathing. Twenty-eight pu
pils were, found to be affected with
adenoids, 8 with enlarged glands and 8
with anema.
The string of race horses of '.he Schln
stock Bros, at West Point, now In their
racing stables, are being enthusiastically
groomed for the 1913 circuit races and
great things are expected of them. The
string Includes the following notable ml
mals: aien Onward (2:174), Lord Duke
(2:24), Patsey Allerton 2:24M), Baron
Sterling (2:29U). and the noted pacer,
Billy Barleycorn (2;03Vi).
The frelnds and patrons of base ball at
West Point have organized an association
and elected William SUeren, Jr., presi
dent; Caslmlr Zacek, vice president, and
A. J. KrausA treasurer. The amo will
be confined this year to home players.
The graduating class of the West Point
High school will consist this year of
thirteen members, of whom eight .ire
girls. The class will comprise Knlph
Thlessen, William Fegley, Joseph Jer
man, Lee Wells, Henry Patrovsky,
Viola Smith, Mae Thompson, Clara Mar
tin, Minnie Thompson, Beatta Dr:ihon,
Luella Herman, Emma Roehl and Amy
ma STUMOR. Neb.. May 13. (Special Tel-
egram.)-0maha, Lincoln, Columbus and
nnnH island were formally nominated
late today for the next biennial grand
lodge of the Ancient Order ot unuea
Workmen. The place will be chosen to
morrow following the election of officers.
About 1,000 delegates and visitors are
Tnnlcht the visitors were at Ingleslde,
the state's big hospital for the Insane.
Nominations for the principal oinces
were made this evening as follow:
j nwim-A. M. Wall-
lng, David City; A. B. Dillon, Norfolk;
F. G. Blmmons, tsewuru; w. . uut,
Hastings. ,
Grand Treasurer, uouuer, uuiuua,
rnv n. Sheldon. Nehawka; D. W.
Lower, Beaver City.
urana aieaicai examiner urn. r. n.
Packard, J. M. Woodward. Aurora; S. A.
Preston. Fremont; Charles Rosewatcr,
nmahnr Henrv Farrell. Ax tell: W. T.
Johnson, Pawnee.
Nevr nnnk incorporates,
LINCOLN, May 13.-(SpeclaI.) The
Farmers and Drovers State bank of
Whitney, In Dawes county, filed articles
of incorporation with the secretary of the
State Banking board today. The bank Is
Incorporated for J1S.500. The officers are:
Fred W. Crlpps, president; W. M. Bur
kett, vice president, and C. L. Wilson,
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a-rand Island Road
Argues to the Board
Assessment is High
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May lS.-(Speela!.)-The
rftate Board of Assessment was In ses
sion a short time this morning, taking
up the hearing ot the St. Joseph and
Orand Island railroad for a reduction In
its assessment.
W. N. Purvis, tax commissioner for
the road, talked to the board and offered
arguments why the assessment should
be cut down from the 1912 amount. The
report shows that the earnings per mile
last year show a deficit of 607, while In
the year before the deficit was $190.
Mr. Purvis told the board that their
depots were all old, having been erected
from fifteen to twenty years ago and
that In a short time the road would have
to rebuild the structures.
Following the lines brought out by
other roads yesterday Mr. Purvis said
that other property In the state was not
assessed as high as railroad property.
According to census bureau figures
published In 1911 the value ot lands and
buildings In the Mate the year previous
was Jl,813,S46,0S5.1tx The state auditor's
report shows assessed value ot lands and
Improvements at 120S.644.6BS, which, mul
tiplied by five for full value, gives
Jl.018,823,200, so that this clause ot prop
erty was only assessed and taxed on M 15
per cent of total value.
The statement of the Btate Banking
board showed on deposit f20S,SS5,034.TO.
The assessed value ot money on hand
and on deposit was 15,813,907, which gives
329,069,535 fult value, so thai this class
was assessed at 14 per cent of value.
It Is the contention ot the roads that
they are assessed far and above the
value of any other property and espe
cially the forming property of the state.
List of Applications Made to Irriga
tion Board.
N'nmerona Tleqarat for nlitht to Use
Water In Nebraska Yet Most
De Acted Upon by Btate
Omaha Elks Meet
governor Morehead
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 13.-(Special.)-The
first annual convention ot the Elks of
the state was held In Lincoln today. This
morning, escorted by Henry C. FJoh
mond, a delegation of about two dozen
Omaha members ot the organization were
taken to the office of Governor More
head and Introduced to the executive.
Among the members were: Dan Butler,
City Attorney IUne, J. S. McNally, I. W.
Miner, Colonel McShane, George Shields,
J. F. Dletx, a W. Smith and R. W. Patrick.
BROKEN BOW, May 13.-The second
serious accident, caused by a runaway,
has occurred here within the week. While
Will Frey, a prominent stockman of this
place, was bringing his wife and daughter
In irom his ranch, a few miles east of
Here, the team, a skiddlsh pair of colts,
ran away and overturned the buggy,
throwing the occupants violently to the
ground. Bertha, the daughter, sustained
a broken arm, while Mrs. Frey was In
jured and bruised about the body. Mrs.
Lawrence, who was also in the wagor,
had a rib broken. Mr. Frey escaped with
a few slight bruises.
Mrs. D. L. Herrlck, who was badly In
jured In last week's runaway, still lies
unconscious at the Ryerson hospital. An
operation was performed upon her this
week, but little hope is entertained of her
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, May 13.-(Speclal.)-Tho
State Board of Control Is happy, or at
least the members of that board ought
to be, for this morning State' Secretary
Walt took pity on their homeless condi
tion and gave up the west room of his
office and will allow them to use the
small vault In his department. The two
clerks formerly occupying the room will
move Into the small room now occupied
by the secretary ot the printing board
and the latter will move Into the small
south room of the executive offices. The
game warden, who has been holding
forth In the room to be given the board
of control, will move back to the former
location In the office of the chief clerk
of the bouse.
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 13. (Special.) Applica
tion was made to Governor Morehead to
day for requisition papers for the return
to Wyandotte county, Kansas, of Louis
Krasnlcka, wanted In that state for
abandonment and desertion of his wife
and three sons, 8, 10 and 15 years of age.
Krasnlcka Is being held In South Omaha
and the sheriff of the Kansas county
will take him back after a hearing Is had
some time this afternoon, providing tho
governor grants tho request. "
OSCEOLA. Neb.. May IS. (Special
Telegram.) Osceola business men met
last night for the purpose or perfecting
a commercial club. A large number wero
present and the determination expressed
that the city should possess a commercial
club that Is In keeping with the city's
demands. A committee on permanent or
ganization was appointed consisting of
W. O. Johnson, E. A. Walrath, Walter
Monson. E. L. King and II. C. Beebe,
Patrons' Day at HarTJtrd.
HARVARD, Neb., May 13. (Special.)
Friday was parent and patrons' day In
the public schools, but owing to excessive
rains the attendance was limited and he
exhibits held over till Monday afternoon,
whin a large number avallel themselves
of the opportunity to .examine the work
of the students In the various depart
ments of school work. The teaching
force for the coming year will be mater
ially changed, mostly from a desire ot
present teachers for various reasons, but
Prof. IcBrlan will remain at the head
as superintendent.
The Forty-Trnr Teat,
An article must have exceptional merit
to survive for a period for forty ytars.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy was first
offered to the public In 1872. From a small
beginning it has grown In favor and pop
ularity until it has attained a world wide
reputation. You will find nothing bolter
for a cough or cold. Try It and you will
understand why It Is a favorite after a
period of more than forty years. It not
only gives relief It cures. For sate by all
dealers. Advertisement
(From a Staff Correspondent
LINCOLN, May IS. (Special.) -Over
sixty applications for water newer grants
i have been filed with the secretary of the
mate Board of Irrigation. Among them
are the following, which have not been
acted upon by the board.
A. C. Koenlg, Genoa, Loup river, S.700
O. Coad, Elkhorn-Platte. M.000.
Arthur Hemler. Beatrice, nig niue, 300.
Edwin Olmstead, Seward, Big Blue. 140.
Willis Todd. North Platte. Blrdwood. W0.
H. B. Babcock, Palmer, Ioup. 5.455.
H. K. Babcock, Kent. I.oup. 3,000.
H E. Babcock, 8t. Paul. Loup, 4,090.
O. W. Stelnmyer, Hoag, Big Blue. 7J.
O. W. fltlnm'r. namatrtn Tiler Tllil-
v " "
T. Tt T3 1 . .n r-A m I - . l 1 - - ,M
City of Valentine, same, Mlnnechadusa,
F. O. Ainold, Fullerton. Cedar, 91.
1 n. Knudsen. Ord. North Loup, 150.
Burdette Boyes. Seward, Big Blue, 147.
. Sx u Shum.way, Scott's Bluff, Winters.
Beatrice May Not Be
Able to Entertain
Eagles' Convention
BEATRICE, Neb., May IX (Special.)
The local committee having In charge the
state convention of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles to be held here June 10, 11 and
It, will call the meeting off unless they
get some assurance that the delegates
will be able to secure hotel accomo
dations. An effort Is being made to
have the Paddock hotel keep open until
after the meeting.
W. A. Selteck, former president of the
Lincoln Commercial club, yesterday sent
word to this city that he would be pres
ent at the booster banquet to be held
In this city next Thursday night
Prof. J. M., Showalter, who has been
connected with the Beatrice High school
for the last two years, has been elected
principal of the high school at Norfolk,
and will leave soon for that place where
he will make his home.
Fred Ward of this city, and Miss Neva
Cunningham of York, were married at
that place Sunday. They have arrived In
this city to make their home.
Arthur Gu timer, aged 21 years, of
Western, died Sunday In a local hospital.
The body was taken to Western yester
day, for Interment
Two freight cars on the Rock Island
went Into tho ditch near Virginia yes
terday, blocking traffic most of the day.
A soft track occasioned by the recent
heavy rains Is said to have caused the
C. E. Moses ot Blue Springs, and Miss
Mabel Fredericks wero' united In marriage
here by Judge II. A. La Belle. They will
make their home on a farm near Blue
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(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, May IS. (Special.) Lieuten
ant F. C. Test Inspector for the Nebraska
National Guard, returned to Lincoln from
an Inspection of the Wyoming guard and
of headquarters at Denver. He also In
spected the engineering corps at Golden,
where a bridge was built and then blown
up with dynamite.
Found Dead In Home,
BEATRICE, Neb., May U.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Bcrget Schone, n bachelor,
was found dead at his home, six miles
northeast ot FIHey, this morning. The
coroner's Jury found that heart trouble
was the cause. He was SS years of age.
(Continued from Page One.)
T. H. Regan, H. A. Dahl and W. R. Ellis
to raise funds for these who ore In need
and this committee Is doing very efficient
and systematic work.
An enormous amount of damage has
ben done to bridges In the surrounding
country. Many which had been con
sidered substantially built are to be seen
over the middle of pastures and farm
fields, having been torn from their places
and carried away by the rushing torrent
Adolph Utecht, a prominent farmer,
and stock raiser living Just north of the
city lost UO head of hogs and spring
There have been no trains in. or out of
city today and may not be for several
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., May 13.-(8peclal.)
Mrs. Peter Chrlittanson, living on a farm
In Turner county, while playing, found
a dynamite cap and In the endeavor to
discover what It contained pounded It
sufficiently to explode It. A part of one
of his hands was blown off. His father
was at work In a distant field and tt was
some time before medical aid could be
STRATFORD, Ont, May U. The tall
spire of the Knox Presbyterian schurch,
100 feet above the curb, was struck .by
lightning early today, and In the ensuing
fire the chief of police, the fire chief
and a policeman were killed and a fire
man was mortally Injured. The three
me who lost their lives were burled be
neath the burning belfry when It fell.
The dead are:
J. A. M'CARTHY, chief ot police.
HUGH DURKIN, fire chief.
The Injured man Is Sidney Van Stone.
The steeple, visible over a grtat radius,
burned without hindrance, as the puny
streams of water far below fell many
feet short of the blaze. Showerp ot bias
ing embers fired the root of the church,
and McCarthy, Durktn and Hamilton,
dragging hose, had scrambled upon a
ladder to the roof when the belfry fell.
The blaze ate Its way Into tht building.
The loss Is about (0,000.
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with biliousness, malaria and constipa
tion. Is quickly overcome by taking Dr.
King's New Life Pills. Only 33c. For
sols by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement
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ing b of every
good sort. Arrow,
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Long Missing Verses
of New Testament
Are Translated
LONDON, May IS. Some long missing
verses of the New Testament are In
cluded In the manuscripts tot the gospel
discovered In Egypt six years ago and
purchased by Charles I Freer of De
trolt, Mich., according to a study made
of the Freed manuscript by the Times.
A facsimile ot the manuscripts has. been
presented to the British museum by the
University of Michigan to which Mr.
Freer assigned the tak of publication
and, according to tho Times, there have
been found In the gospel of St. Mnrk
several verses which occur In no other
known manuscript of the new testament,
although there were known to Bt
Jerome, who quotes part of them.
In the Freer manuscript after the pas
sage in which It Is said that' Jesus up
braided his disciples for their unbelief,
the text continues as follows:
"And they excused themselves, raying
that this age of lawlessness and unbelief
Is under Satan, who through the agency
of unclean spirits suffers not the true
power of God to be apprehended.
"For the cause they sold unto Christ
reveal now at onco tliy 'iilitcousnesi
"And Christ said unto them, the limit
of the years of the power of Satan Is
(not) fulfilled but It rtraveth near (the
text here as elsewhere Is corrupt).
"For the sake of those that have sinned
was I given up unto death, that they may
return unto ithe truth fcnd sin no more,
but may Inherit the spiritual and Incor
ruptible glory of righteousness In
A large number of variations In other
portions ot the new testament are also
pointed out by the Times In the Freer
(From a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. May ll-(Speclal Tele
gram.) After a period of more than five
years, the Allen Park Power and De
velopment company, of which Henry
Rolfe of Orpahn, Is secretary and treas
urer, has secured the Issuance of a patent
to Its mineral claim near Allen Park,
The patent for the claim, which Is satd
to have valuable gold and sliver deposits,
has been held up at various times by con
testants living near It Senator Hitch
cock was today Informed by the secretary
of the Interior that the necessary papers
for the patent had been approved. and sent
to the Denver land office for Issuance
of final papers.
Send It Back
If Served Too Strong
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Only a level teaspoon
Of Instant Postum
In the cud of hot water.
That makes it right.
Those in the kitchen
Often get hurried
And stir in a
Heaping spoonful
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Right quality and makes
It bitter.
Same as a double quantity
Of coffee or tea.
However, if you
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tli nmnllosr rtarnil of frrnvil-rnmfort I
-a Uioughtfulness that anticipates, j
These are not the least important
reasons fortho . pre-eminence of
This spirit of courtesy and care if
reflected by every man wno wears a
Pennsylvania uniform.
That's' why thousands of exacting
passengers are so at home on Penn
sylvania trains
D.n tntna with
fill. RalllmnM
WASHlNGTON.Khlld.lphl, 11 ' '
NEWYORK,.Clnclnntl,!ndln. I M 1 1 1 1 f
E polls, LoultTlllt, unjrton, toium. I I U
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Omaha, Henraska
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to Soptombbr 30th
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K'Slt'1 il0n.8.T.lth V" flm ord"" Ior 'u "nr boMlet of Feia !
?JV. fke' ,0.r,:.? "l h preaa chareea. Aler you recelro
the full quart bottles, open one of them, teit It anyway you like and
If not entirely aatlifaetorr, you hare the prlrlleso of returnlnto na the
remaining 8 bottlea and the one eit'a bottle yon mar keep free and wa
wl I Immediately return your J.. Or lend ua aj.fc for 4 full quart
I"1.11!' .?.' KU '6i,r.y',k.,' Prepaid, and wa will IneludS one
U) ."i" in,l. ?" th8 ,rM b0'1 n1 "baolntely eatlafactory
ini.'.h? bf'Tbl,k,.l 'V1 ted at any price. Juit return to u. the
bottlea and keep tha frea bottle and wa will r.fdnd your ll.W without
qneitlon or areument. With each order wa giro a free do!d Tipped Glaaa
and Patent Corkacrew. n.member. we lay wa pay the eipreta chareeii
look cloie beforo you permit tome of tha low prleea of Mall Order Monies
to get your order and make yon pay tha aipreaa ehargea.
Wo mean to proTa superiority In tha whlikey bualnean wa mean to
more atoureipenio.by giving a frea teit bottle, that Fele S Star Whliker
baa no equal. Our quart bottlea are full tt onnco qu.ru and not abort
qnarta and wo guarantee eyery itatement we make and back tbem with
ur paid up capital of 00,O00.00. It yon want real whlikey and not weak!
watery eoncoc'iona, send na your romlttanco on onr frea ten propoiltlon
The taite la the teit, that will proro more than wo can write. Adiro
orders and lettera and mako temltteueea payable to A. Pels, Mgr., or
FelsDistilllogCoi J 155FeIsBIdfl.. Kansas City, Ht.
Fortune or success have often
come through a jittle want ad.
Have you read the want ads
yet today?

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