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Boottsbluff Men Think Government
Will Help Them.
georrtnry I,nnc Says They Must Tint
Ask Too Much, but lie Feds
Disposed to Do What
i lie Cnn.
(Prom a Staff Correspondence.)
EINCOL.K, Neb.. May 2i.-(Spectal.)-,
Deputy State Auditor Minor, who comes
irom the Irrigated district of Nebraska,
is very much Interested in the position
the government will take on the Irriga
tion matter, which has been the problem
confronting water usors In the Scott's
Bluff country, nccently J. T Whitehead
and C. CLW Scovllle, representing the
farmers of the North Platto proect and
the Nebraska-Wyoming propositions, met
with others interested alone water lines
Before Secretary Vane at Washington.
The gentlemen stated to the secretary,
according to Mr, Minor, that farmers of
the North Piattn proect have no cause
Xor complaint against the supervising en
gineer, n. F. Walter, or other service
officials, but the most pressing difficulty
'was that -of making payments In the
time specified. Mr. Whitehead stated
that the original estimates have Increased
from 130 to $55 per acre and that there Is
nothing certain that the price may reach
higher. He assured the secretary that
the settlers did not want to evade any
ust debt, but felt that the cost of such
work, which was largely of an experi
mental nature, should not be Included In
the sum of their debt,
He said that settlers on the North
(Platte project were confident that with
the co-opcratlon of the sccretury and the
department they would be able to make
a great success of the project In the fu
ture, but potnted out that to bring that
success the settlers should be given more
time and It should be extended over a
period of twenty-five years.
Before the hearing Secretary Lane told
the visitors that they must not ask for
too much. "Don't OBk for full control
of your projects," said he, "because you
can't havo It. Outline what you want.
Xon't be radical. I am from the west.
Try and deal fairly with me and I will
be the same with you."
Secretary Lane threw out mime crumbs
of comfort when he gave them to under
stand that while the government must
remain In control of the projects, the
thought the water users should havo
some voice in the regulations.
Marshall Says Fruit
Is Setting Heavily
(From a Staff Correspondent. )
LINCOLN, May 14. (Speclal.)-Secre-tary
Marshall of the State Horticultural
Boclety, returned this morning from an
extended trip In the eastern section of
the state and Is enthusiastic over the
conditions which point to one of the
greatest fruit crops the state has ever
Sold he. "Fruit is setting heavily In
all orchards. All varieties look well with
the possible exception of Wlnesaps. This
tvarloty yielded heavily last season and
could not be expected to come back so
strong this year. Then too, the cool
weather has not been conductive, to the
best .results for the Wlnesap. variety.
Jonathan, Ben Davis, Jeannette, Grimes,
twd bther varieties are setting heavily
and I never saw such prospects for a
big crop in the state."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., May 14 -(Special.)
.According to an opinion rendered by As
sistant Attorney General Frank Ddger
ton, ammonia, bicarbonate of soda, olive
oil, cream of tartar, pepper, flavoring
extracts, sal-ammoniac, sal-soda, baking
jpowders, dyestuffs and sage may be sold
without a druggist's license and not In
"violation of the law.
The opinion came on account of a let
Iter of Inquiry from the county attorney
of Hall county.
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Pool is in Mood
to Ask for Reports
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Mny 14.-(Speclal.)-Deputy
Commissioner of Labor C. W. Pool, has
discovered a way In which the revenues
of the state may be considerably aug
mented and feels that, much as he shall
personally dislike to enforce the pro
visions of the 'law regarding "iome of the
manufacturing enterprises, duty may
force him to tako drastic measures to
cause a compliance with the plain pro
visions of Section 331" of the statutes,
which provldo for the imposlt'on of a
penalty of $10 per day fine ugnlnst each
manufacturer who falls to make his re
port to tho bureau of labor.
Ho has notified each manufacturer
twice of the report to be made to the
department, yet there nre approximately
BOO Institutions In the state which have
failed to respond.
To !mpoe a penalty of J10 on each In
stitution for each day It refuses or falls
to submit the required report would re
dound to tho financial benefit of thi
state, though It mlRht be considered a
"hardship upon the manufacturer.
Richmond Nearly
Through with Task
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 14.-(Speclal.)-Chlof
Clerk Henry C. Richmond is checking
out his office supplies to tho secretary
of state and preparing to turn over
everything by the end of the week, when
he expects that nil work pertaining to
ittlng out the copy for the house Jour
nal will be finished and the copy In the
hands of the printer.
He will maintain a desk In the pres
ent quarters for a time as the proofs
will have to be read and the Index pre
pared for tho Journal. He expects that
the books will be finished and ready for
delivery n&t later than September 1.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May 14.-(SpecIal.)-State
Superintendent J, E. Delzell Is continu
ally receiving letters from school dls.
trict officials asking for plans for rural
school buildings from one to four rooms
In siie. In order to meet the demand he
has sent out the following to all archi
tects of the state which he believes will
solve the situation:
In this office we havo many calls from
school officers for one. two and three
room rural school hulldlncs, also a row
calls for a four-room building. Tho leg.
lslature docs not furnish funds to pay
for thee plans, but if the architects of
the state will furnish us plans and cuts
for these buildings we will print the
same In pamphlet form, giving each
architect credit by printing his name
with the plans. If such plans nro defi
nite enough to be of value to the schools
of the state.
If this appeals to you. please let us
know at once, stating about what tlmt
you can furnish the plans. It will bt
necessary that we get these plans i.oon,
so If you desire to assist In this matte:
write us nt once.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., May 14. (Special.)
Six marksmen qualified at the first day's
shooting of the Nebraska City company
at the Lincoln range and It is expected
that the record will continue. No sharp
shooters have developed as yet, but Aa
Jutant General Hall is confident thai
with t'he good showing made at the
state shoot that there will b a goodly
number af sharpshooters qualify before
the practice has finished.
Chnrtred with NeKleetliiic Children.
MADISON, Neb., May 13. (Special.)
The case of the State of Nebraska against
John Burch, charged with neglecting to
furnish clothing, food and shelter for
his minor children, was tried before
Judge McDuffee yesterday, County At
torney Koenlgsteln appearing for the
the prosecution and 'Attorney Kllbourne
of Battle Creek for the defense. The de
fendant was bound over to the district
court and ball fixed at $300. Mrs.
Burch, wife of the defendant, and daugh
ter, Fay, were witnesses for tho state.
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KokIc "Will Hcrcam nt Arapahoe.
ARAPAHOE. Neb., May 14.-(Speclal.)
For the first time in seven years
Arapahoe will put on a big Fourth of
July celebration this year. Every busi
ness man and booster In town Is Inter,
ested and $500 has been raised to defray
the expenses of free attractions and en
tertainment. A feature of the celebra
tion will be the Industrial parade headed
by the local band of twenty-two pleoer
and the fire department. There will be
a long string of athletic events with lib
eral prizes attached. The Braves will
play two games with teams of south
west Nebraska. Prominent public men
will deliver patriotic addresses, and, all
in all, this Is planned to be the biggest
and best celebration in the history of
Pern tflnnks Wesleyan.
(Speclal.) Peru won a hard-fought bass
ball game from "Wesleyan here today
by a score of 2 to 0. After two errors
by the home team in the first Inning, the
game resolved Itself Into a pitchers' bat
tie with about even odds, neither side
scoring during the last eight chapters
Batteries: Peru, Levy and McMullen:
Wesleyan. Chamberlain and Garey. Um
pire; McAlvey. Hits: Wesleyan, 2; Peru,
4. Errors: Wesleyan. 3; Peru, L
(Continued from Page One.)
loyrn Nevra Notes.
GLENWOOD Evan Lloyd. Jr., living a
short distance east of Glenwood, found
the den of a red fox with four little ones.
He was careful to see that the den Is
not injured in any way, expecting some
suuu runa me coming winter.
DENISON Those Interested In the for
mation of country Sabbath schools are
getting active In this county for the sea
son when children can beat attend. On
last Sunday Charles K. Mayers, county
secretary, assisted In the reorganization
of a school at Coon Grove, three miles
south of this city. The officers are as
follows: L. Fear, superintendent; L.
Snyder, assistant superintendent: and
Miss Jetta Rhaer, secretary. Other
country schools will soon be organized,
GLENWOD Several orchards are
ruined for this year's crop bf apples be
cause of the appearance of canker
worms In numbers to destroy the foliage
of apple trees. Only four orchards are
in this condition, and most of the or
chards are free from worms, and nromlid
Dumper appie crop, xne orchards of
W. Murphy. Mrs. Carson Walker. th
Three Doctors' " orchard, and that of
J. F Record are most promising. Other
fruit Is untouched by the pest Orchard,
lsts are not agreed upon the best means
of exterminating the worm, winter
spraying and the different solutions
having their advocates. That the matter
will be handled in a diferent manner
from this time on, however, Is sure.
M province is to approve or disapprove
the law as presented. Our people as rep
resented In the legislature have over
whclmlnKly expressed their desire for the
present alien land law bill.
"The vote In the senate was K lit I
and In the assembly, Tt to 3. With such
unanimity of opinion, even did 1 hold
other' views, t would feel It my plain
duty to sign the bill, unless some abso
lutely controlling necessity commanded
contrary action. Apparency no such con
trolling necessity exists.
' It Is with tho highest respect for your
self and tho president thnt 1 feel my duty
to my stato compels me to approve the
action of the legislature.
"Governor of California."
sisted upon preserving with our na
tional government.
"The treaty of 1011 with Japan, In
reference to the citizens and subjects of
each country, provides that thev slinll
havo 'liberty to own, or lease, or occupy
houses, manufactories, wnrehotrcs and
shops; to employ agents of their choice;
to lease land for residential and com
mercial purposes and generally to do any
thing Incident to or necessary for trade
upon the same terms as native citizens
or subjects, submitting themselves to tho
laws and regulations there established.'
"We assume that the right of Japan
ese to own renl estate property for the
purposes described, Is absolute In our
stato and we seek to deal only with our
agricultural lands. We embody the treaty
In our law and we add to It permission
to lease our ngrlculturai lands, for the
period of three years.
Good FnltH Preserved.
"Where such extraordinary care has
been exercised to preserve honor and
good faith. In the very words of the con
tract made by tho protesting nation, and
to do more by authorizing leases of agri
cultural lands, It would seem that we
ought not to be open to any accusation
of violation of treaty rights, or desire to
entrench upon that which belongs ulona
to the national government, or which
might become a matter of International
"By the law adopted wo offei no of
fense; wo make no discrimination. The
rffrns? and discrimination nro contained,
It Is claimed, In the use of the words,
'eligible to citizenship,' and in making
a distinction between thoso who are eli
gible to citizenship and those who aro
not. We do not mention the Japaneso
or any particular race. The constitution
of California of 1879 made Hb distinction,
and' there never has been protend or ob
U. S. Statutes Followed.
The naturalization laws of the United
States, long since without demur from
any nation, determined who were and
were not eligible to citizenship. If in
vidious discrimination ever were made
In this, regard the United States made
It when the United States declared who
were and who were not eligible to citi
zenship, and when we but follow and
depend upon the statutes of the United
States and their determination as eligi
bility to citizenship, we cannot be ac
cused of indulging in invidious discrim
ination. "May I venture to call to your atten
tion the immigration law now pending
In congress, which passed both houses
of the last congress, where apparently
certain classes, who shall be excluded
from our country, aro described as 'per
sons who cannot become eligible undei
existing laws to become citizens of the
United States.'
"At this very moment the national leg
lslature, without protest. Indeed, tt Is
published In California by express con
sent Is using the terms that are claimed
in California law to be offensive and
Situation Aente on Const.
"At least three states In the union
have In the past enacted laws similar to
the contemplated law of California and
the enactments of thorn other states
have been without objection or protest
That the protest Is now made In respect
to California, but emphasizes the acute
nesa of the problem confronting Call,
fomla, and demonstrates that California
is differently viewed than other states
of the union, and that if discrimination
exists It Is discrimination against Call,
"We Insist that Justly no rffense can
be taken byany nation to this law and
more particularly does this seem to us
clear In the .instance of a nation like
Japan, that by Its own law prevents
acquisition of land by aliens. It is most
respectfully submitted that, after all, the
question Is not whether any offense has
been taken, but whether Justly it should
be taken. I olce, I think, the sentiment
of the majority of the legislature of this
state when I say that if It had been be
lieved that offense could JusMy be taken
by any nation to the proposed law, that
law would not have been enucted.
Muat See Itorllr Blind.
"We of California believe firmly that
In our legislative dealings with this alien
land question we have vlo'ated abso
lutely no treaty rights; we have shown
no shadow of discrimination; we have
given to no nation the right to be Justi
fied In taking offense, So believing, with
a strong reliance on the justice and
righteousness of our cause and with due
deference and courtesy and proper con
sideration for the feelings and the views
of others, we had hoped the authorities
at Washington would have seen the ques
tion as we In thts state have been forced
to see as we muat see It or bt blind.
"And so, with all courtesy, the state
of California feels It's bounden duty
to citizens to do that which the Inter
ests of Its people demand; that which
the conscience of its people approves;
that which violates no treaty rights,
that which presents no discrimination and
that which can give no cause for of
fense. People Kmur I.mv.
"You have suggested to me delav. but
! this question !was very earnestly and
I fully presented iby you to our legislature
and the legislature determined to proceed.
Pythians Elect
Officers; Will Go
to Lincoln Next
Officers for the ensuing year were
elected by the grand lodge. Knights of
Tythlas, rtnd Lincoln wns decided on as
tho 19H meeting place.
Tho officers who will servo until tii-xt
year are Grand Chancellor John 1. Mad
gett of Hastings; grand vice chancellor,
Benjamin 11 Anderson of Omnhn; grain:
prelate, William C. Wullbrnndt -it
Exeter; grand keeper of records and okl,
W. H. Lovo of Lincoln; grand master of
exchequer, J. V. Wright of Lincoln;
grand master of arms, Georgo F. Wilcox
of Scott's Bluff; grand Inner guard, O.
H. Florey of St. Edward; grand outer
guard, George A. Bushnoll of Fremont
These officers wore Installed at the last
meeting of tho convention In tho after
noon, following the reports of tho various
At the morning session In Seynvmr
hall, in tho Board of Trade building, the
Pythian Sisters sent representatives to
extend their fraternal greetings to the
knights. These representatives were Su
preme Chief Ida Johnson of Colorado,
Mrs. Alice Llllworth of Holdrege and
Mrs. Wilson of Broken Bow.
Court Has Recess
for Juror to Sleep
Juror Thomas McGrath, who stayed in
bed so late thnt ho delayed the resump
tion of a trial In Judgu Sutton's oourt,
was advised by the court when he ap
peared to get an alarm clock.
A bailiff went to the Belmont hotel at
9:50 o'clock and awoke tho sleeper. Wlum
McGrath took his place In the Jury box
Judgo Sutton said, "You ought to buy an
alarm clock."
McGrath again became so sleepy in
tho court room that the Judge ordered a
recess till ufternoon so the Juror could
finish his slumber.
NEW YORK. May 13-Plans for tho
New York Central & Hudson River
Railroad company for the unification of
Borne of the Important lines of tho sys
tem to simplify tho corporate organiza
tion and furnish a broader basis for the
permanent financing of Improvements,
wero announced today by J. P. Morgan
& Co. A special meeting of the stock
holders will be held June 16, to pass
upon plans already approved by the dl
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Hoctor Asks Chief
Briggs to Resign,
but Chief Refuses
Chief of Pollco John Rrlggfl of South
Omaha wns asked to resign ycRterday
by Mayor Hoctor at tho Instance it tho
flro and pollco board of that city, com
posed of W. n. Donahue and John Do
vine. Chief Wrings refused to reslr.n,
asserting thnt tho board wns actuated by
political motives and thnt he wns pro
tected ngalnst such u inovo by the c'ty
civil service.
Tho chief demanded thnt if thero wcro
any charges thoy bo formally preferred
against him. Ho has been on tho South
Omnha pollco force for nonrly twenty
Vears mid has been chief for eleven
Tho flro and pollco hoard mot yosterdiy
morning, but tho riemnnd for Rrlggs'
resignation was not discussed. Kovoral
cnndldntes for his placo alrcndy nro said
to havo appeared.
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Judge Scores Man
Who Waters the Milk
"It it was in my power I would send
you to the penitentiary for five years,"
was tho statement Judgo Altstadt mado
to Anton Peterson, dairyman, who has
been selling milk below standard, and
who TurnUhes tho county hospital with
tho product. Peterson wns fined $10 nnd
costs on one complaint nnd JM and costs
on another.
1 1
You may serve Blatz in your
home, just among yourselves, and
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802-810 Douglas St., Omaha, Nb.
Phone i Douglas 6662
Vacation Tours
Through the West
Han i'ranclsco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle,, from Juno 1. .$60.00
California terminal cities, still lower rates Juno ftO to .Tuy
7, August 2 to SO, Incluslvo 55.00
Portland, Seattle, Vancouver Juno 1 to 4' and 23 SO,
July 8 to 11 55.00
Including California and Seattle, additional 17.50
YELLOWSTONE PARK Open About Juno 16.
To tinrdner, Cody or Ycllowstouo , S2.00
Hide tour from LlvlngHton, all accommodations ,...4...... 55.50
'lour via Gardiner or Cody, all accommodations 84.50
Tour, lu via Cody, out via Gardiner, all accommodations. . . . 87.155
Tour, In via Gardiner, out via Cody, all accommodatona. . . . 810,50
Tour, In via Gardiner, out via VollowHtono, Salt Lake and
Scenic Colorado, all accommodations 02.25
Tour, In via Scenic Colorado, Yellowstone, out via Gardiner,
nil accommodations , jjjj eg
AVjiio Permanent Camp tours, from Gardiner 40OD
Wyllo Permanent Camp tours, from Cody 5075
I'Vost & IUchard conducted tours, from Cody 80!00
Standard Stoppers, Omaha to Gardiner
and Cody Entrances
Glacier National Park, tho newly revealed wonderland,
to Ilenton or Mtdrale, Mont., entrances oer ff
Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo 1?'U
ftstes i Park, one of Colorado's most attractive regions S&Kn
Holt Lako City, with stopovers through Colorado 3050
lot Springs, 8. p., noted for It plunge hatlts and sanitariums 15 VR
Jieadwood and Lend 1875
Sheridan and Manchester, Wyo In tho beautiful Big Horn
Mountains gateways to Absaraka Park, Eaton's nanch!
Thermopolls Hot Springs, Owl Creek Mountains' '. . .
Cody, Wyo. cast cntranco to Yellowstone Park; depot for d'5,Ul'
Hoi;'"K,.,xr : .nnch:. v$ zz
Homes eekera' Excursion First and Third Tuesdays. 0
1502 Farn&m Street. Phone D. 1238
l!J lii'
99 Perfect
We aim to give service so good that there
can bo no complaint. Sometimes, how
over, oven tho best laid plans go awry.
Therefore, when patroris find cause for
criticism, wo will appreciate a letter giv
ing tho faots in detail whioh will help ub
to apply the remedy.
Fastest'day train to St. Paul and Min
neapolis via Clilcs.ro Oreot Western 7:45
a. m, dally arriving; St. Paul 7:10 p. m..
Minneapolis 7:80 p. m,
Nlirht train, with electrio lighted
through sleepers and chair cars, leave
Omaha 8:10 p. m. arrives St. Paul 7:20
a. m., Minneapolis 8:05 a, m. Carries also
Club car.
P. P. BONOnDEN, O. P. & T. A
1522 Farnam St., Omaha. Phone Dong. 260
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