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City Council Elects Tom Alton as
Its President.
Fire find fo1ler noard Hold Flret
Session and rtrora;anlsea i De
fore Election Mnrtln ne.
llerea Olltln.
As prearranged Monday night the
mayor and new city council met yester
day morning for the purpose of organiz
ing There m little dlscustloa and the
elate wu rushed through without any
Early In the proceeding It appeared
that John Cavanaugh, one of the young
men elected at the recent election, would
not make the presidency. T. 3. Alton,
councilman from .the Third ward, waa re
turned to the position and Henry, Hart
nett, councilman from the Seventh ward,
waa made president pro tempore.
Cavanaugh won the chairmanship of the
Judiciary committee and Hartnett drew
first place on the finance committee.
Vrilllams was the only republican recog
nized with a chairmanship. He will head
the committee on printing. The council In
its organization Js thoroughly democratic,
die two republicans, Williams and niha,
being an Impotent minority. The follow
ing U, the list of committee appoint
ments; .
President J. T. Alton.
President Pro Tern Henry Hartnett
Flnanc sGpmmltteeHartnett, Cavan
augh. "IVIllfoms. ' ...
f Jultctaryt ( Committee Cavanaugh, Al
ston, niha.! r ,
Btrets, Alleys and Viaducts Committee
Alton. LaVelle. Tllh'a.
Telephone, nalway and Telegraph Com
mittee Ia Velle. Cavanaugh, III ha.
Fire and Water Committee LaVelle,
niches, Williams,
Stret . Lights Committee Hartnett.
Riches,, ratio.
Fublla Property and Buildings Commit
. tee Blcbea. lUha, Alton. -
Printing Committee Williams, Hart
.nett, Riches,
Incense CommJttec-tAVelle, Williams,
Charltr Committee Cavanaugh, Hart
itoett, Williams,
Fotlce Hoard Meets.
When the new fire and police board
4-eorgahlzed yesterday m6rnfng there wait
no change made In the organization ef
fected before election. W. J. Donahue
was again chosen secretary and Mayor
Hoctor M14 the lines as exofflclo chair
man of the .board.
There was 'considerable discussion
among the different members of the
.board an to certain changes but Mayor
Hoctor was inclined to a postponement
of any radtea) acts, until, later, 1 is,
thought that the board, wilt finally es
cape from the. Influence. of, tljfl. rne.n, who
are urging it to use tta power in the In
terests; of polt)c.Aj reprisal,
Martin TnlilJUt jCJutrse.
City Treasurer P. J. Martin and hla
deputy. E. l. Oustafson, aasumed their
respective duties yesterday, The duy be-
pin by the transfer of dty money in
cash from former Treasurer Olllln to
Treasurer Martin. Trips were made to
"the different banking depositories and the
money turned over. Treasurer Marttn
signed receipts and then replaced, the
funds back fin deposit Later In the day
Treasurer Martin, with Assistant City
Attorney 8. I Winters as counsel, went
.Into the work. of checking, up the office
and securities.
i Treasurer Martin has given bond for
MOO, 000, and divided the sanie among the
i South Omaha Insurance men. Denutv
'Treasurer E. L. Oustafson also gave a
jbond of 110,000 to ..yi.treaaurer.. It wllf
Jbe some days''W6re tfto work of bi o't-
It Is thought
Mitfcfn City Oosstp, .
Wanted Position as" bookkeeper or of
fice work. It, Bee offloe, South Omaha
John Iltnchcy will leave in a few Abvh
for a ten-day sojourn at Excelsior
'Springs, Mo.
Mlsa Oretchen Doeck has returnod from
Mynard, Neb., where she taught school
for the last year.
Mr. and Mrs. C, E. Campbell have been
jisiung wun ineir daughter, Mrs. Perry
wheeler of this. cjty.
tor a. case or Juttur1! nM Am ... rt a
Top beer call 60. W. Prompt delivery to
vii. uiw vur. yym. jecier.
John Absmathy of Murray. Ia Is the
of his daughter, Mrs. George W.
Alien, xyny.BJiui ana Washington
Offlca space for rent In Bee office. 2JU
, S renaonaoie. wen Known
lutmiun. -v unrgain. lei B. 27,
"Thft Ladles Alii nelaiv nf a t
Lutheran church will meet at the homo
. . -V - "ecaeri. ki North Seventh
street, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The "Old Maids' Convention" wilt be
P?1"! the Hoate missionary of
. wiiilou imauyienan cnurcn, at the
church. Twenty-ttUrd and H streeU,
Thursday evening.
Steven Valtch .died yesterday at the
ot.W a4ttr.- Mrs. Peter Pellsh, J801
P street. Funeral- rvlr.. will k. ..
yrlor afternoon at Larkln'a chapel at I
Ood and Servioe-Every train almost
bnftfB something new to Plynn'a. You
voWNn't go any place and find a. hm-
class, of merchandise than this. We flatter
""rrr"'" w11 "o peopie wno trade here
ark. better satisfied with both goods and
service than thev could bv tradlnr inv.
where else. Our new addition, which lis
otm. a great handicap Is nearlng com
pletion and we hope to met you all John
Flvnn Co.
After reading the dally papers yester
day a number of the faithful are groom
Ins: -themselves for tvoftltlrfna untVr FArf.
tlon Commissioner Har;eyMoorhead. Tha
i luai uomnusaioner Aioornead inclines
away from the type of Uie.war'd politician
na so rar not cast any snaoow in the
camp of the plebltere.
Henry W Bleser died yesterday at the
J.onll hu brother, John Bleser. H
North Twenty-fifth tret, The .deceased
wa resident of Brush. Colo., where tho
wvr win so snippea as soon as the fu
ik arrangemenip nave been com-
rel5. ,enr3r Bitw was a member of
wis wkb mage ot irort-uorgan, Colo.
Special reports to the Burlington from
Cherenne county indicate that but there
tha agricultural boom , is reaching the
kcuio stage. ioe agent. at- Sidney re
ports that at thU time sixty tractor en
ginea are in opeVatloiTin tne eeuntv. h.i
lng an equal number of eight-bottom
piows, wun each set turning over-twenty
five acres of sod dally,
a I i. - m a -
"' oi jpni lorty carloads
of emlgant movables m .
Bldney and mors than X00 new settlers
nve tocatea m th vicinity of the town,
roost of them buying vacant land which
-fley are now improving.
A man living at Auburn ir u.a
severe attack of kidney and 'bladder
trouble. Being a working man. not want
Ing to lose time, nor run un
doctor's bill, he cured himself completely
by using Foley Kidney Pills. A year
ier ne says: "it is a pleasure to re
pon tnai the curs was permanent" He
has hAd no return whatever of the pain,
baakache and burning. His name is J. A
Farmer, and he says: "Of course I
recommend Foley Kidney Pills cm a very
effective 'cuW for kjdney 'and bladder
troste For saJe by all dealers every,
where. Advertisement
Shaft Unveiled as
Tribute to Orager,
Founder of Lodge
Tribute was paid to the memory of
George II. Crager who died In Omaha,
April . 1908, yesterday afternoon when
nearly 800 members of the grand lodge,
Knights of Pythias, participated In un
veiling a beautiful monument at Forest
Lawn cemetery.
The monument a large triangular
granite shaft Inscribed with an epitaph
and the Insignia of the order, stands
on the highest knoll in the cemetery
and at the head of the grave wherein
lies the body ot the man who wns hon
ored by It. Embossed at Its top with the
letters F. C, B., signifying the friend
ship, charity, and benevolence of the
lamr.ntrd lender as well as Mm spirit
of the order, it was Pointed out by
the speakers as a most fitting memorial
to his memory. Beneath these letters
Is carved a part of the seal of the
Pythlans and below that, "Erected by
the Knights of Pythias ot Nebraska In
Memory of George H, Crage, who
Founded the FlrstPythlan Lodge In the
West" .
The delegates 'to the convention and
the Pythian Sisters stood wltb bared
heads about the monument as the Im
pressive ceremonies and eulogistic
speeohei were gone through.
Grand Chancellor W. v. Tbung of Ne
braska, and Orand Chancellor Benjamin
Calloway of Iowa, were the principal
speakers at the memorial services, while
an 'Invocation and benediction were pro
nounced by Ttev. J. L. Philips, past
grand chancellor. Grand Chancellor
Harry E. Simon presided.
In November. ISM, the first Pythian
lodge In Nebraska was founded by
George Crager. The first meeting was
called by him In a building on Xhe site
of the Millard hotel in March of that
The next five lodges In Nebraska were
also founded by Crager'' who was then
grand chancellor. He was' the .first su
preme representative.
Redmond Chosen
State Deputy by
Nebraska Knights
The Knights ot Columbus of Nebraska
concluded their annual election yester
day and the following men were chosen
to serve for one year: Thomas P. lied'
mond. of Omaha, state deputy: C. J,
Pass of North Platte, secretary; John
T. Blglen of Hastings, treasurer) P. F.
O'Garn of Hastings, advocate! Joe Ryan
of - Crelghton, deputy, and Bishop Tlhen
of Lincoln, chaplain, W. E. BtraUb and
A. V. Johnson ot Lincoln and Thomas
P. Redmond ot Omaha were selected as
delegates to the national convention.
while Frank J. Gerhars of Columbus,
J allies It. Schmidt of Omaha and
Frank Colfer of Wymore were the popu
lar choice as alternates to the national
The ninth annual convention was held
at the club rooms ot the local council,
302S Dodgo street. W. E. Straub of Lin
coln, retiring deputy, opened the' con
vention, which was attended by the
state officers, district delegates and two
delegates from each council of the state.
Representatives were present from
eighteen councils.
Greetings were Rent to the Nebraska
vention an.a rrom.uanaaa. ,
State Deputy Straub gave a synopsis
of the progress of the order In the state
during the last year. Rev. W. Wolf ot
Grand Island, state chaplain, exhorted
the delegates to go back to their re
spective councils Imbued with fresh seal
and enthusiasm and arouse their mem
bers to fresh energies.
The knights were guests ot the Com
mercial club at a luncheon at noon.
which was followed by an auto ride
about the city.
3e9fo& mafia:
WM. L. HOLZaiAN, Trens.
We Place on Sale Thursday Our Entire Stock
Exclusive Suits and Coats
Positively Our Entir Stock f
Women's and'Misses1 Suits
Greatly Reduced and Dmded in Three L ts
Values to
Values to
Values to
In thin enormous collection of suits, divided Into threo
great groups will be found In every conceivable style, fabric,
weavo and coloring In vogue this season. From the simple,
plain tallorod suit to the most attractive novelty.
Hundreds of Spring Ctats
Reduced for Thursday
Values to
Voluqs to
Values to
Wh have gono through our coat section and ro-prlced all
brokon lines, arranging this entire lot, comprising over
1000 coats In Ihreo groups at the above prices. During tho
past few days recent purchases securod considerably under
prlco liave arrived and aro added to the various groups to
make tho range of sizes complete. Tho values quoted tell tho
story of the remarkable saving nffordod, and you can select
from every now 'stylo bought this season.
A Clean Sweep
On Every Untrimmed Hat in the Nebraska's
New Millinery Department
In order to make an absolute clearance of every untrimmed
hat in our enormous stock, note this liberal offer for Thursday
We Will Design
and Trim All
This $1.00 Hat-Thursday
This $1.49 Hat,
Thors- Afk
This $1.98
Hat, Thursday,
$2,500 Worth ! Untrimmed Dress Shapes
in every wanted color, Including white and black, and in every popular
style radical clean sweep none reserved. This means our entire stock of
beautiful MilanB. togals. ajure braid, all In four crcat lots Thursday
29c, 49c, 69c, 89c
Notable Sale-Spring and Summer
$2.00 "Waists at 08c 1,000 lingerie and
tailored waists in more than 50 differ
ent niodols. Lingerie waists with all .the
newest effects, made of flno batiste,
voles, lawns, lace trim- v rr
med and neat embroidery. fiJP
2.00 values, Thursday at vv
sHHWVWOsIs wm 1S-'
sBV.f J.lsT.sT r MHfVslHMBUCaaMHsssr'
liV f f vi r m kJ rW L sjr -w m w iw m isrsssssssv'
Our Great
Mrs. Longstreat
Offered Job by
a Union Veteran
WASHINGTON, May H.-Denled rap-
polntment as postmaster At Gainesville,
da., by the democratic Administration,
Mrs, Jlslt'n Longitrsot, widow of the fa
mous confederate general, had been of
fered a position by a former union soldier.
Mrs. Lonsstreet said today that Colonel
Albert A. Doone ot Clarksburg, Vf. Vs.,
had offered her a place In his office at
IS.600 a year. "It I find that I feel fitted
to do the work In Colonel Boone's1 office,'
she said, "I shall accept the offer."
8HKR1DAN, W'yo., May M. (Special
Telegram.) Encouraged by tho success
of thslr original suit before the Inter
state Commurce commission to compel
the Burlington and connecting roads to
grant Joint rates on Sheridan county
coal to points east and west, officials ot
the chamber of commerce and local coal
pperatars will ask further concessions
from the Milwaukee, Northern Pacific
and Northwestern and Invite tho Great
Northern to grant Joint rates, on a basis
similar (o that recommended by the com
mission fqr jadqptlon by the other roads.
Fhould the demands be refused the
chamber wl; Immediately file supple
mtntal ctirplalnt asking the commission
anln to Intervene. If the demands are
granted SUridan county coal will be
able to compete with the product of east
ern mines as far east as the Minnesota
and: Iowa state llprs.
Recent rulings of the Interstate Com
Merce commission were favorable to the
coruplaVlnx body - on every point
ST. PAUL, Minn., May lt-"Never read
bad news before breakfast," remarked J.
D. Haley, an Insurance agent, at an early
... . L. I . I . . . - '
Hour in morning aiier ne had been
called from his bed to receipt for a cable.
gram. He left the unwelcome message
unopenea ana returned to bed. When he
read It after breakfast he discovered he
had been left a fortune of ROO.COO by the
win or a reiauve in London.
Movement of Ocean Steamers,
Porta. AiTtvtd. Sll4
I QUEBEC .. . Oertlcas
QUEBEC. . Sfotlts
! PMIUAUEiptjr Domlaloo
I YOKOHAMA... ruati Mru
NAPLES Kiveols
CHEKBOURO .GroutrKurfunt,..
BOSTON. Ctlc ., .
ST. MICIIAEUMsrtks Wuhlostoa . .
OLAeOOW. .. Ctnronti
KAPIK ...ladUna ,,,,,
Boy Drowns When
His Elder Brother
Slays Their Father
8ELMA, Ala , May 14. Seventeen-year.
old . Jack, Dell, whllo on av, fishing trio
today shot and killed his father, accord.
Ing t the charge against him at the
Jail here and then rescued the body of
his 8-year-old brother from nguechltto
creek. The elder son, It Is asserted, had
upbraided the father for his attentions
to a young woman ot the neighborhood
In whldh they fished' and was quicker
than his father In opening- flro when
both reached for their weapons. The
little boy Is said to have fallen Into tho
water and drowned while the father and
hi first-born, fought.
Wayne Vote Favors
Sunday Base Ball
WAYNE. Neb., May 14,-(Speclal Tele
irr&m.) At a special election today on
the question ot permitting Sunday base
ball the proposition carried by a vote of
163 to H7.
Death from Blood Poison
was prevented by O. W. Cloyd. Plunk,
Mo., who healed his dangerous wound
with Buaklen's Arnica Salve. Only 25c.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertlie-
No Hypodermic
Ndl Used In
Neal 3-Day
Liquor Treatment
The old style "drink cures" required
from four to seven weeks' Aline away
from business and dally use or the hypo
dermlo needle. The discovery of the
NEAli S-DA1 TllEATMENT does away
with all thta losa of time and danger
from bad after effects. It Is different
from all others In theso vital points:
FIRST: It IK a perfectly harmless
vegetable: remedy, guaranteed to contain
no opiate of any kind, svrlchnlne, hyo
cine, atropine pilocarpine, or any pow
erful or Injurious drug.
HBCOND; it Is administered Inter
nally, no painful or dangerous hypodermic
injtctlone belnx used, hence no danger
of blood poison or Infection from care
less operation.
TIIlHD: It requires only three days
to deitroy every vestige of appetite, de.
sire or craving for alcoholic ttquor In
any form. The patient Is placed In the
same physical condition aa he waa be
fore taking nis nrsi anna.
IJJM:... Dr. Neal
MB GIG II U HE n as. per.
fecled tha
most successrui arug treatment yet
known. Like his NBA I. S-UAV MQITOR
CUR12, It Is an Internal treatment oom
nosed of harmless vegetable medicine.
From S to 3 weeks Is generally suffi
cient to completely conquer any case of
drug addiction.
' Consultation, advice and booklet free
no obligation whatever. Address Neal
institute. IMS soum luin ot., umana.
Neb. Phone Douglas 7656.
Hair Tonic
Aiftr's Hair Vigor keep the scalp clean
and healthy. Promote growth. Checks
falBBg. Uoes mx color.
Ask Your Doctor.
Mas. WlHlLOW-l SoOTinxn Svmio lit, hrrn
used (or over SIXTY YKAKSby MILLIONS of
HumuKa ior ineir ciiilukkn wiiilu
U the bejt remedy for UIAKRHCSA. It Is ab
solutely aarsueat. a sure sea-ask (or rs.
wimiowj eootniog ttyrup.' aua uaa m
Wad. Twt stytve ceau a bout
The World's Largest' Builder s of Six-Cylinder Automobiles
Why It Should
Generally speaking, all fA cars are best known became of one
distinctive feature.
One it spoken of as being well built Another hat a reputation for
the beauty of its finish..
One maker has gained confidence because of the manner of
treating customers.
Large volume U advanced by another at an explanation of
quality at low price.
All these are sound reasons for consideration
Each and all are essential in the policy of any company that
' But, if you look closely, you will find that while one lays greater
emphasis upon one of these claimt than upon others. all successful
ma iters are in common in their position in such essentials.
All. to succeed, mutt build their cart wtU.
All mutt assure service to the owner. - -
All must combine luxurious finish with mechanical excellence.
Large volume is essential to any success, for without volume the
value is not in keeping with the price that mutt be charged.
How 48 Engineers Made
HUDSON Distinctive
And at every luccessful car is referred to with reference to the
one feature for which it it bett known, the HUDSON it famous
because of itt advanced design.
HUDSON cart have alwayt been known to be leaders at the
most advanced type of engineering skill
That meant tunplicity in design and operation. It indicates
that essentials are lest clumsily accomplished than in cart not to
well designed. It assure accessibility.
Since the tkill ot designers k not confined to mechanical details,
it alto meant more beautiful lines, a greater luxury, a richer
appearance and an individuality at characteristic at artists put
into their pictures or, at architects work into their buildings.
The best engineering brains in the industry are responsible for
the two new models of HUDSONS. The 48 experts, including
Howard E. Coffin, who designed these cart, have had
wide experience.
Combined they represent about ill of value that it known in the
wavbf motor car building. '
Each man hat influenced the design of the car only to far at ha
has proved his leadership
These men come from every automobile building country.
Most of them are regular employees of this Company Some are
associated at engineers with other institutions, and we used them
merely in an advisory capacity. Some are consulted by other
fectmgall these men it Howard E. Coffin; America "a foremost
engineer. Thus we have tucceeded in producing cart that are dis
tinctive and that have many features of advantage to the driver and
owner not possessed by others, even though they give an almost
perfect service.
Why a Six-Especially a HUDSON
It is electric self -cranking, electrically lighted and all any automobile
can be in comfort, convenience, luxury, service, equipment and value
The "54 HUDSON supplies every demand made of any auto
mobile, in speed, get-away, safety, power, luxurtout equipment,
distinctive appearance ana comfort.
It it not merely a "Six" made to by the addition of two cylinders
to a good four -cylinder car. It is capable of a speed far greater than
you will ever care to call upon It to give. It will jump to a speed of
58 miles an hour in 30 Seconds from a standing start. No grade it
too tteep for it. Itt equipment, complete in every detail, includes
. i . .... a ...
the most famous system ot electric aeit-cranKing, electric
lighting dynamo type and ignition device to be had, known
at the Dclco, patented. There is alto an illuminated dash and
extension lamp, mohair top, curtain, rain-vuuoo windshield, speedo
meter, clock, demountable rims, 36x4$4neh tires, 1 27. inch whee
bate, etc
The teat cushion! are 12 inches deep. The finest materials are
used throughout. No detail of finish or equipment it skimped or
"54- HUDSON Models: Fivespttsenger Touring Car and
Phaetons and Two-passenger Roadster, $250 each, f. o. b.
Detroit Seven-passenger Touring Car, JI50 additional.
Lmwusme. Seven-passenger. $3750; Coupe.Three-pattenger,
$2950. Open bodies furnished with lima mine and Coupe
ai an extra cnarge-
The four-cylinder HUDSON the 137" it a masterpiece of its type.
The pnee it $1875 complete. I I Same body types at the Six.
See the Triatigle on the Radiator
Guy L. Smith, 2205-07 Farnam St., Omaha.
i m
Everybody ieads Bee want ads

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