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The Omaha Daily Bee
victoh noamvAT a. KPtTOR.
Entered at Omaha postefflee as steond.
rlaM matter.
Sunday Bee on year
Saturday Bae, one year J r
Ialty Bee. without Sunday, one Tear. AM
ti.iiv Ti anil S ii nil a v one year.... 6.UJ
K renin and Sunday. Per monin......
Kvenlnc, without Bungay, per month go
Dally Bee, Including Sunday, per mo. c
Dally Boo. without Sunday, par mo..o
Addre.s all complaints of Irregularities
In delivery to City Circulation uepl
" iikmittan6k. .
Remit by draft, express or . IJ"r
payable to The Bee Publishing company.
Only 2-cent stamps received In payment
of small accounts. Personal ohccfcs. ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exohame, not
accented. ,
Omaba The Bee building.
South Omaha-Mi N Street
Council ftlutfs-H North Main street
Lincoln-m unit
Chlcago-SOt Hearst bulMtnfr
New York-Boom 110.
fit. Louis - 603 New Bank of Commerce.
w-.Mn.n.ra ffnnrtaenth P.t.. W. W.
Communications relating to news anfl
editorial matter, should e addressed
Omaha Bee. Editorial department
of The Bee Publishing company, being
oW sworn, wt that the average dally
circulation for the month of April, 191.
Wl1 circulation Manager.
Subscribed in ray presence and sworn
to before me this id day of May. 1911
gea4 Notary Public.
Subscribers lesrlnsr the- city
temporarily should nave The n.e
mailed to them. Address wl be
changed na often as reaursted.
Tho "City Beautiful" and tho ugly
bill board cannot trot In tho tamo
The demand 1b for lower water
rates, "not next year, not noxt month,
but now."
In tho foundries of tho sensational
press every passing shadow is trans
fumed Into a war cloud.
A little; encouragement from the
weather man for spring planting
would bo thankfully received about
now by the farmor.
Tho suggestion of an Anglo-Ger
man understanding i evidently in
tended to reduce) Prof. Munsterberg
to a peace footing.
Perhaps the, solution of the dan
delion prbblem is to got Luther Bur
bank to mako thorn produco greet!
blossoms Instead of yellow.
The saving grace of a sense of
humor is ovldont in the operations of
British, suffragettes. Bombs wro
built to scars, not to explode.
AUbnurh the youngest .of the
71 T 1
I states, Arizona Insists on exercising
all the rights ever claimed by any
other state, and then some;
King Alfonso skips from tho triple
entente at Paris to tho'triplo al
Uanco at Berlin, Outwardly tho
foxy Castllllan is playing no favor
The inltlatlvo and referendum
may yet play a part In making tho
California anti-Japanese land law
That is a new complication riot here
tofore figured on. .
The big fellow who is batting up
flies for the kids to catch in Vacant
lots Is tho same fellow who growled
when asked to shake, up the furnaco
on winter mornings,
Tho seaworthiness of Secretary
Bryan's peace battleships 4s beyond
doubt. Graft that have woatherod tho
tempestuous Salt river con easily buf
fet the wind of scoffers.
Tho New York vice Investigation
scores the public dance balls and. so
called massage parlors. Other cIUcb
might look Into these places and find
a good field for reform.
The assessment of railroad prop
arty In Nebraska remains practically
unchanged. Having fared so well,
the railroad attorneys will ask for
another reduction next year.
1 In charting the month of May, tho
i -weather man, must have been labor-
tag under tho delusion that the Moth
S odlst general conference was, .again
to hold its sessions here in Omaha.
It tho railroads can be 'Induced to
connect their two passenger stations
here with a 6ubway for the con
venience of tho traveling public, why
let them do It, and the sooner, the
The father ot the trolley car bftB
just died. Wonder it he ever waited
on the corner while the cars went
past him one after another in quick
succession without even a hint ot
stopping to take him on.
That protest In congress against
crashed currency may be .accounted
for by tho fact that all the' govern
ment officials there are always paid
In brand-now bills that have not had
a chance to become soiled by
previous circulation.
To date the only advantages
Omaha water consumers have had
from the purchase of the water plant
have been the privilege of buying
$100,000 worth ot meters, and pay
ing the same money for less water,
But the promised rate reduction to
85 cent a thousand gallons in com-
Horace G. Burt
The name of Horace O. Burt w
be Intimately connected with tho hit
tory of railroad building In tho we.,:.
and especially in Nebraska. It wa
Mr. Burt's experience arid known
ability as a construction engineer
that made Mr. Harrlman turn to
him as tho ono man in tho whol
country best fitted to carry out IiIf
Audacious plan for a regeneration of
tho Union Pacific that would make 1
unexcelled amonc tho transporta
tion cystoma of tbo world. The mag-i
nitlcont condition of the Union Fa-ij
compared with what It was at the
close, of the receivership, has proved
conclusively that Mr. Harrlman made
no mistake.
These great achievements will
fmake people overlook and forget
President Burt's personal unpopular
ity with his men. That unpopularity
grow out of an innato bruequoness
and lack of tact In intercourse, cou
pled with the thankless Job devolv
ing upon him of cutting out forty
years' accumulation of dead wood In
order to modernize nn obaoleto or
ganization. From Mr, Burt's presi
dency of tho road dates the now
deal, and his successors In the man
agomont of tho road will for many
yoars reap tho benoflts of what he
As a friend of Omaha, Horace O,
Burt la ontitlod to a tribute of grati
tude and respect. He had faith in
tho future of our city, and nevor
failed to uphold Its interests when
ho could consistently do so, not only
whllo he was in chargo of tho Union
Paoiflc, but also boforo that when
he waa connected with tho North
western. True, ho viewed questions
from their railroad side, but ho was
always roady to co-operato in any
movement for Omaha that could be
mado to appeal to his judgment.
Canada as Copyist and Copy.
That our Canadian neighbors to
the north of us are decidedly wide
awako to the strong points of Ameri
can agriculture is again being proved
by -tho way they aro, copying our
methods of agricultural improve
ment. Wo havo supplemented our
farmors' institutes with experiment
station work, seed corn specials and
dairy specials to teaoh the farmer at
homo without making him go to
soma distant school or meeting
place. Recognizing tho advantogo of
this method, tbo Canadian govern
ment for tho provlnco of Manitoba
has inaugurated a sorlos of "better
farming demonstration specials'
through particularly equipped trains
scheduled to, epond threo weeks In
Juno running over tho Canadian Pa
cific and Canada Northern lines.
According to announcement, the
"Bottor tr'armlnc Specials" In Manl
,toba Jihjs." yean, will hnVo mariy flls-
tinotlvo and valuable features. TJiey
will be In chargo of tbo staff ofjitho
agricultural college, and among
other subjocts taken up aro those of
farm mechanics, poultry, animal' hus
bandry, field husbandry, homo
economics, dairying, eta. Every
farmer in every community In Manl
toba Is Invited to bo at tho noarest
station with his family when the spe
clal arrives on the advertised date,
and Is promised, for oxamplo, dem
onstration of washing machines
n't work, churnB busy, farm water
supply, building foundations and
floors, how to produco electric light
for tho house. A practical exhibit
of killing and dressing poultry Is tq
bo included at overy stop, and an
other car Is to bo devoted to the dis
play of sowing, dressmaking and
house furnishing.
Canada la plainly not only copy
Ing.ua-ln this movement for Improv
tag-farm products and country life,
but also going -us soverajl better, and
perhaps -we, in turn, can with ad'
vantage copy Canada.
. No Longer Co-Ordinate.
In tho eyes of the founders, tho
salient feature of the form of gov
ornmont, prepared, by. them for the
now republic was tho division Into
three distinct and co-ordtnato de
partments. l3och was to act as
check upon tho. other, but neither
was to havo a dominance' that would
interfere with the other's' indepen
dent nctlon,
The intimation that the president
would over tell congress what It must
do, or what it must not do, would
have mado Oeorgo Washington or
Thomas Jefferson stand aghast
The supremacy of the president
over congress Is now beyond ques
tion. It has been brought about
however, by successive Bteps moro
rapid, it must be admitted, in later
years yet with sufficient gradation
that the change has not encountered
any Berlous recoil, and we now soo
tho president dictating In advance
the oxact language of an Important
legislative measure, and forbidding
any alteration by congress under
penalty of executive veto, and inci
dentally, deprivation of political pat
In theory our government Is still
ono of three co-ordinate departments.
but in practice the lpglslative power
has become bq subordinate that it is
a grave question whether It will aver
regain its lost ground.
Illinois grumblingly bears the dhv
Unction of being one of very few
states where private banking exists
without legal restriction or superrt
slon. Yot amazement is expressed be
cause in Chicago clairvoyants pluck
the natives for an averages J 36CU000
ThiS Del
MAY 20.
7 D
Ililrty Years Ago
Following the arrival of tho Dillon
party oomea another special today bring
ing Oeorge St. Pullman and wife, and
h'Ji two tons, Master George and Banger,
Bov. J. M. Pullman of New York and
James II. Smith. Mr. Pullman Is on his
way to make a contract with the Central
Pacific to use his sleepers Instead of
their own, and also to renew his con
traot with tho Union Pacific.
Hcrr Johann Most the great German
socialist agitator, delivered his address
on "Capital," under the auspices of the
socialistic labor union of Omaha.
The Cermanla Maennerchor of Lincoln
and their friends came up to Omaha for
the day and were entertained by the
Omaha Maennerchor In flno style at Vic
tor avenue, South avenue and Leaven
worth street
The pavement on the west side of Tenth
between upper and lower Union Pacific
tracks Is completed and thrown open for
Robinson's circus arrived on it morning
train and Is spreading Its canvas for a
big show on St. Mary's avenue5 and Sev
enteenth street.
John C. Cowln, as county attorney, has
given the county hoard an opinion say
ing ha knows of no law authorising1 pay
for jurors or witnesses at coroner's In
quests. Miss Lydta C Crawford, whose home
was at 412 Thirteenth street, died on the
train on her way back from the west,
whither she had Bone for her health.
A call for a meeting- of George A. Cus
ter post Grand Army of the Republic, .a
signed by George M, .CBrten, oommander,
arid a IL Fltoh. adjutant
Twenty Years Ab
The Boyat Commission of Canada, ap
pointed by the Dominion House of Com
mons to tour the United States Inspect
ing the possibilities of prohibition, was In
Omaha. The commission consisted of
Judw II. a McDonald of Ontario, Rev.
Dr. MoLeod of New Brnnswlck, O. A.
Olgault of Quebec, deputy minister of
agriculture: Albert Horton, official re
porter of the House of Commons; Louts
Cribs of the Toronto Kmplre, noting
the representative of the manufac
turers. The commissioners had been
through Kansas, Nebraska, and were
starting through Iowa. One said they
visited Lincoln and found It so ar as
they oould tell, Quite an exemplary little
V. A. Nash and J. H. Dumont were
back from Chicago.
Bx-Lloutenant Governor A. A. Abbott
or arand Island was in the city.
uovemor Crounse came tin from the
state capital to spend the day.
C, K. Abbott who returned from Chi
cago, where he attended the World's fair.
said reports of extortionate prices for
notei ana restaurant fare were exa
ff era ted I that ha got good lunohes on the
grounds for 5 cents.
The Standnrd Asphalt company beean
laymg the pavement on St. Mary's ave
Ton Years Ago-
J r. Hanson of Fremont, secretary of
tne state neal Estate Men's association.
and W, o. Ure addressed the Omaha Real
Kstate exchange.
William V. Weber, chief, deputy, under
resign his office Suna" 1, to accept a nlaoe
with thS Stor Brewlnir company. Wll-
Ham Cunningham. Btenosrranhnr and hnolf.
Keeper th the office, was picked for the
George B. Haynea, city passenger airant
of the Milwaukee In Omaha, received no
tice of a promotion as traveling passen
ger agent for that road with headquar
ters In Chicago, his hew duties to begin
June 1. Mr. Haynea successor waa not
named at onco.
Cole Porter, for fifteen years with the
Courtney grooery at Twenty-fourth and
Davenport streets, resigned to accept a
position as department manager for th
Nebraska-Iowa Grocery company.
Ulty Electrician SchurlB. It became,
known, would resign that office June L
Mayor Moores said he regretted to lore
him from the city official staff. He
had held the position for ten years and
mare, having flint been appointed by
Mayor George P. Bomla,
People and Events
The perfect babies In the Nw York
contest bear such tags as Belnhocker,
Skeete, Korn. Motto, Ddllowltr, Pallas,
Stavisky, and other proud old American
family names.
When the late John B Wise ' ot New
York told a story at a dinner It was on
he had framed himself. It was sure to
be an anecdote with the right propor
tions of color, philosophy and snapping
climax. No monologist of the vaude
vitle stago could put a good story
"across" with greater skill than Wise.
Pittsburgh) boasts of a gfnlus whose
talents are centtred in raising- cats ana
peddUntr milk. Linking the twt, lines of
Industry for profit Is where the genius
get tn his fine work. This he does by
donating young kittens to family patrons.
Kittens live on milk. Th more kittens
planted In homes th more milk con
sumed. 8e?
Clubwomen ef Ban Francisco have put
up to the supervisor a demand tor rep
resentation on the police frroe. Three
assignments will satisfy prestnt needs.
but the Oat goes out that the number
must be Increased from time to time,
until pellce equality ot the sexes is es
tablished. The dtnand a aald to rep
resent the wishes of ,C0O women 'voters.
consequently the supervisors are sitting
and doing- some thinking.
During the; past throe month stearoera
plying between Glasgow and New York
brought over wonderful stories of
strange happening on the voyasea.
Weather vagaries from steaming summer
to enow storms in May and schools ot
whales frisktna' about the ships, were
among the - thrills experienced and un
loaded on th seaside reporter. These
cynical oueses flagged the story tellers
with th inquiry: "What did you take
for Itr Hoot monl
From the head push of the house down
tho line to Inky Dick, in the pressroom,
designer and makers of the 8t Joseph
News-Press aro expanding their chests
and shaking hands with themselves in
a dandy new office home on the comer
of Ninth and Edmond streets. Looks a
neaoh in the plotnre. Built on slightly
elevated ground, mostly one story, the
central portion rising two storiea with
bungalow pitch roof; a olacslo stone
columned portico where the band plays
between "scoops" the hearts of newa
paper could not wish for more attrac
tive and tmrptrfng surroundings. Con-
laTsrulatlnna axo 4ua and tendered,
Twice Told Tales
Ilnbby Waa Willi n.
Here Is one. that was contributed by
Winston Churchill, the author, the other
evening when the conversation turned
to tho servant problem and several had
related their difficulties with hired help:
"One morning- a few weeks ago," said
Mr. Churohlll, "papa rambled downstairs,
looked around and, seeing no slgra ot
breakfast, t tuned questioning eyes on lit
tle wlfey.
" 'What's the matter, Minnie,' he
asked, 'don't we eat this momltujT
" The bacon haa been spoiled, George,'
replied wlfey In a disappointed voice:
'the new cook has burnt It to a crisp.'
'"You dont mean ltt' exdalmei
George Just a little excitedly. 'Have you
fired her? Have you advertised for a
new one? Have you '
"'Don't talk so loud, George!' Inter
posed the little wife In a gentle tone.
'She might hear you. We must not be
too hard on her. She la so young and so
Inexperienced. Won't you be satisfied
with a kits for breakfast Just this once?
" 'All right, dearie, submissively re
plied the old man, 'bring- her in.' "Phil
adelphia Telegraph.
Hint to the Tax Gatherer.
The difficulty Mr. Lloyd-George haa
had In deciding: what to tax and what to
loave untaxed In this year's budget re
calls the story ot an earlier chancellor
of the, exchequer who was reduced to
despair In similar circumstances.
Finally he decided to consult & friend
who had on several occasions helped
him to find fresh sources ot revenue, and
having written to this friend he waited
hopefully for his reply.
The friend's suggestion came by return
of post
'Put a tax on umbrellas," he wrote,
"and make the bishops order the prayer
for rain to be read In all the churches!"
Pearson's Weekly.
Wnnn't Explicit.
Governor James Cox of Ohio laid aside
the paper In which he read that a woman
had Just married a man more than
twenty-five her Junior.
"Recalls a similar case that was onca
brought to my attention," said tho gov
ernor. "Tho bride waa oil ot 25 yoara
older than the groom, and It was clearly
a case of marrying for money on the part
of the young man.
" 'John,' remarked the rather ancient
bride one evening several weeks after the
wedding, 'I want to aak, you a question,
" -What Is it, dear? responded John.
languidly puffing on an expensive dguret
" 'What would you do. darting,' queried
the bride, 'If I were to die and leave
" 'Die and leave me how much, dear?1
responded the groom, blowing forth an
other beautiful rJng-."-Phlladelphla
Aimed at Omaha
York Times: Billy Sunday I bringing
the old sinners to their knees In squads
and platoons at South Bend, Ind. Thou
sands ore struggling wtth each other
to Bet under cover. He la booked to
make a season tn Omaha before long,
but not until after the editors have
Btarted the good work at their annual
meeting there. There will be a great
work 'done In th metropolis this sum
mer, but Billy Sunday will" get most of
the credit for it However, the editors
will not complain. They are used to
doing the hard work and seeing someone
else got the glory.
Kearney Hub: At the Historical so
ciety banquet at Omaha lost week Dr.
Fred M, Fling of the Nebraska univer
sity declared that we are attempting a
practically Impossible thing- when we try
to exclude Chinese and Japanese labor
from this country. Dr. Fling's line of
talk simply proves that he Is an idealist
who noeds to have a good rub-down on
the grindstone of experience, say in the
midst of one ot these Japanese settle
ments In California. Distance Is always
a good thing for the sentimentalist and
Howell Journal; Ono of the best ap
pointments mado to dato by President
Wilson la that of C. J. Smyth of Omaha
as United States assistant attorney gen
eral. Smyth Is one of the real pro
gressive democrats of the central west
a. true antl-monopollst at heart and a
man with a splendid logo! education.
Nobraska has been honored by his ap
pointment and in turn he will honor his
Albion Argus: Tho Omaha Bee having
editorially objected to publlo school pu.
plla selling tickets for shows or enter
tainments or engaginir tn Business un
dertaklnss, the next week advertises that
the high school will sell tickets to their
commencement. It may be dona In
Omaha for the purpose of keeping down
excessive attendance. Several years ago
Albion patrons considered that it was
not creditable to charge admission to
publlo school commencements, but free
ntt Attracted such crowd that a
chorea was made to retrfot attendance.
Were It not for that It really looks as
though our tree publlo schools snouia
give free dsmonstr&ttons to the taxpay,
era to render an account of their steward
!hlp. Necessary supplies and necessary
expense hould be borne by tn punuo
treasury aa far as possioie.
Nebraska Editors
Bloomlngton Advocate; It Nebraska,
City wants an armory for it tin soldiers
let It build It Itself.
David City Banner: If women's skirt
get much narrower they will put posts
up In publlo places for them to lean
against for they could not think ot siting
Lyons Mirror: Down with that 120,000
armory at Nebraska City. The editor and
CharlM Wooster of Sliver Creels are on
the same side again. We are for peace
and against any preparation for war.
Fremont Tribune: A Nebraska sheriff
ha adopted the plan ot employing tho
county prisoner In oxtermlnaung
dandelions on county property. This
should furnish & good Idea for a handy
substitute for the rock pile, as well as
providing reoreatlon more to th liking
of the summer Willie.
Newman a rove Reporter; Next time
our wife take a. ride on the Northwest- j has n tenant in one of Its houses who Is
ern we should like to have a little better the mother of twenty-four children,
care taken ot her. In the day of Chicago" city council about to adopt
automobiles and dollar a pound chooolates report of the city electrician requlr
It might be expensive to get another, , ing'eleotrto light rates to be the same
And then when a fellow has a wife who ; M power rate, namely : Ten cents per
Just aulu he doesn't care to 1st her kilowatt for the first hour. 5 cent for
go, anyhow. tne rtecooA and nt thereafter.
International Peace a la Brynn.
HJLLSBOBO. a, May 1S.-TO the Ed
itor of The Bea: It seems a futility to
advocate so gigantic an Issue which ha
for It's objects the harmonising of na
tions, when the plain statements of the.
Inspired oracle gives us a snap shot of
our day as the very opposite of quietude.
Indeed, the matchless Increase of knowl
edge and the diffusion ot education as
never before known, aro pointing- their
lessons of unrest and ticklish Jostling,
Again, the resettlements of Israel In new
footholds show the termination of the
Gentile lease, and the new era of Me-
slanlo rule. One does not need to go far
from Omaha to witness a power of the
air, which can make waste quicker than
the toys of modern war. Wa are not
done with the elements yet, Mr. Editor,
nor can the most particular plan for tho
unifying of mankind, stem the storm 6f
passion pent up In thousands of hearts
crying for rights and the big end of the
corucopla of plenty. While admiring the
nobility of the cause, the counsel of the
moat high is otherwise, yet withal la
likewise rich with foretokens of a su
perior wisdom. Should be glad to present
your readers, gratis, a packet of "studies"
on this and cognate topics. Evidently
the sap of this tree has not as yet run
Into the receiving vessel. Lot us get the
telescopic nows from Israel's watchman.
HnKsrlitK Accompanied by Mnslo.
OMAHA, May 19. To the Editor of The
Beo: Even' one will admit that child-
hood Is the happiest period of human life;
me raci mat they are always busy, have
no fear of the future and suffer nothing
from the stings of conscience, accounts
for their happy state of mind. Children
owe their Joy to their lgnoronoe and
Innocence and phllosophes owe their
happlnoss to their great wisdom; but the
road between these two stations of llfo
is full of thorns and constant, grievous
and overwhelming temptations. While
the presence of libertines, gluttons, wlne
blbbers and bar-room politicians always
sicken and disgust the oldest and wlieat.
yet our youne people find It very difficult
io escape the pitfalls, and yot enjoy what
they call a good time. Young people are
thrown Into the world as Into a lion's:
den and they are told to look on tho
bright side, trust to luck and enjoy
themselves. Instead of Inculcating
genuine principles of truth. Wo fill their
minds with pleasing delusions'; we teach
them one kind of modesty for the ball
room and another kind for use In the
home. Modesty Is always a virtue, and
hugging Is no more correct when accom
panied by music, than when practiced in
solitude and silence; moflesty can no
more appear on a stage in tights than
can " church, and as long as such
disastrous folly prevails we need not
be surprised at drunknesg and prostitu
tion, ft Is the business of morality and
religion to annihilate these several forms
of vanity and senseless Infatuation. h.
creating In the minds Of thn vntitifl. n
hunger and thirst after rlteousness and
true wisdom, and if they will but listen
10 me warnings of ago and exDeri.nr
and profits thereby, they may bo blest
with a happy and, useful life, and escape
tne greater portion of
"pillories and disappointments. "That
whloh Is flesh, is flesh: and that which
Is spirit is spirit." bom
Seeeaalon Without Wnx.
OMAHA. May W.-To the mttW f m,-
Bee: Tho people of California should not
o coerooa and compelled to maintain
and continue the pretense of Invnliv
the United States government any longer.
Compulsory patriotism Is a cruel thing.
j-vo or tneir own state has long since
supplanted the old-time love of country,
one star shine out with ever Increasing
brilliancy and the other forty-seven stars
ore a:mmed. This is a fact. We regret
It, but It Is a fact nevertheless. We have
come to a parting of the ways.
California Is a mognlfloant bird of
paradise; let us not be tyranlcal and
seek to clip its wings or drag its beautl-
im piumage in the dust Above all, let
not the e gale's talons seek to hold It
ignt is nght-Jet It be free.
The president of these United States In
actuated by national patriotism; Call
by state patriotism.
Mr. Bryan. Is actuated by a dealm for
the general welfare; California by the
desire, for special welfare of their own
California has achieved pre-eminent
reputation as the home of the "Native
cons, an orqer formed and supported
for the admirable purpose of keeping all
the Juicy part of tho fruit, the lucrative
employment and the social preferment
for Collfornlana and throwing the cores
and peelings to the sons of the other
forty-seven states.
The present controversy arises over n.
people who esteem it an honor to die
for country. California can not be ex-,
peoted to understand such people.
It I then perfectly plain that the broad
view of California can not be adjusted:
to conform to the narrow views of the
forty-seven states. The fault Is oure. w
have lost W0 have failed to hold Its
California should be granted tho rlcht
to secede from the United States and be
allowed to set up a free and Independent
government under the name of the
"United State of California," with ali
mony. I-et us follow the splendid example of
Sweden and Norway, separata without
war. And after the separation let us
cherish no bitterness, but continue to
Invest In gold shares, oil shares. Irriga
tion, orange niossoras and town lots; alao
let us buy ou- exposition tickets early.
Around the Cities
Ogden, Utah, Is installing street rub
bish cans this season.
New Orleans refuses to permit cloth
streamers across streets In future.
Chicago reports the formation of a new
mall order house, capitalized at $3,000,000.
New York is passing the hat for 0,000
to finance a Fourth ot July celebration.
Work on foundations for Missouri's
new ntOO.OOO state capitol building has
begun tn Jefferson City.
Trinity Church corporation. New Tork,
"Old Mr. Jones Is going down hill
"You don't say so. What's the matter
with him?"
"I think when I saw him taking a
down grade Just now In his auto that
he waa mixed up about the brake."
Baltimore American.
Two Irishmen were arguing about
which was the cleverer.
"Well." said Pat. "I'll bet you can't
tell me what keeps bricks together."
"Shure," said Mike; "it's mortar."
"No," said Pat "ye're wrong; mortal
keeps them apart" Puck.
"This Is a song about a girl named
Molly. We can't publish that"
. "Why not?" asked the composer tim
idly. "We only publish Nellie rwgs. Takt
It to Caterwaul & Yelp. They specialize
on Molly songs, I believe." Baltlmort
"Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Green seem to
have little to do but talk across the
"Yes. thoy have plenty to talk aoout
Mrs. Brown has Just come out of the
hospital and Mrs. Green thinks of go-lng."-Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
"Alice is telling her girl frlenda that
she could have got Jack-lf she'd only
said Yet.' "
"That's what Jack thought, so he never
gave her tho chance to say It" Baltimore
"Madam, your pet Pekinese spaniel bit
one of the children on the street In the
ico mis mornine."
"Good havens, mv nnnr 1IHU rinol
know none of the children about here
have their faces antlseptlcally waBhed."
unuimore American.
Bride (Immune from mn d mr1 TTnro
restless the waves are. dear. Thev al
ways aeem to oe clamoring for something.
uruom 'iBuipmg a utile) wen, tney
tou 1. cei 11 11 1 can neip u. uoston
Bosa Where's Jones? His vacation -wa
up this morning.
i-oiiowcient it was, sir; but he tele
Dr. R. V. Pierce of Buffalo, author oi the Common Sent
Medic 1 Adviser, says "why does not the farmer treat bii ewa
body he treats the land be cultivates. He puts back in phos
phate what he take out in crops, or the land would grow poor.
The farmer tbeuld put back into his body the vital elements
exhausted by labor, or by ill-health induced by seme chrouio
disease." Further, he savs. " the dreat value of mv Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is in its vitalising power. It gives strength
to the stomach and purity to the blood. It is like the phosphates which supply
nature with the substances that build up the crops. The far-reaching actios ef
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
is due to its effect en the stomach and ergons of digestion and nutrition. Dis
eases that begin in the stomach are cured through the stomach. A bilious spell
is simply the result ef an effort mads by the liver to catch up vrbea over-worked
and exhausted. I have found the ' Discovery ' to be unsurpassed as a liver reg
ulator and rich blood-maker."
Miss Lottie Fkiselt of Perth, Kansas, says:
of the effectiveness of your remedy upon myself. I was troubled with Indigestion
for two years or mere. Doctored with three different doctors besides taking numer
ous kinds of so-called stomach cures ' but received no permanent relief. 1 was run
down, could not slcop at night with the pain In my chest, caused by gas on the stom
ach. Was weak, could eat scarcely anything although I was hungry nearjyall th
time. About one year ond a half ago I began taking your 4 Golden Medical Discov
ery, and after having token several bottles am nearly cured of stomach trouble
Ctn nuw eat without distress and have gained fifteen pounds In weight
T 'hHr' von for votii- rnmnlv and wish vn 11 inrrrw-i In vour anod work '
once from the picture.
Engravings can be made either from
photographs or drawings, or direct from the
Smtr object Itself.
Omaha Bee Is thoroughly equipped to handle
Ky5 i
every detail, inciuamg
grapn or uruwiue. uur engravers nave oeeu onosen,
each because he Is the best in hla own line of work.
Our equipment la the newest and best.
When you need Illustrations, giro us an opportunity
to show our ability.
A newspaper engraving plant makes outs
which show good results under most difficult
printing1 conditions. Our prices reasonable.
Enraviag Department, The Bee Poblishing C.
170-1 Fonuun.St, Omaha, Neb.
Ash for
The Feed Drink
inno Farnsm at.
Extracting ...... 23c Up
Pilling nlc 1 1
'Irldgework . . f2.t t p
C rem us t3i.u t p
t'Utcs om, t.,j.. . JfciOU I u
phoned that he would have to ask fr
a few days to rest j boferc he cou4
possibly go to work.
Crltlo The heroine of rwf sioi
man. Is simply wonderful.
Author (delighted) Ton think so.
Critic Yes. You say on pace (en thht
she hissed "You are a liar!" and any
woman who can hiss such a sentence s
that can't help being wonderfuL tioaten
"llave you noticed that some of. the
girls are wearing shoes with low, broad
"I didn't know that was the reason,
but I've seen' several girls recently who
were walking as if It didn't hurt there to
do so." New York Sun. . 1
Chicago Inter Ocean.
When I was a frolicsome youngster
And you were a chit of a gill,
I sported a sweater and "knickers"
And you a conspicuous curl!
And once, as you doubtless remember,
I punctured myself with a blade.
And you carefully tied up my flng4r
With a bandage you hastily made!
I said that the bleeding was nothing.
Though feeling suspiciously faint:
In spite of It all you Insisted
On playing the mtnlstrant saint
And somehow, bofore you had finished
And tho bandage was properly sealed.
You seemed like a wonderful lady
And I like a knight from the flsld!
And when you had bound It, there flamed
A spot In the midst 6f your cheek,.
Your eyelids were timidly lowered
And you feared for a moment to speak.
And then for a time for you only.
With oonstanoy nothing e'er shook,
I removed, when requested, the wrapping
To furnish a coveted look!
And that's why I secretly murmur
At suffrage and thtngs ot the kind.
And that's why I frown on disturbance
Of feminine heart and of mlndl
I shudder to think of an era
Distressingly lacking In Joy,
When girls never wrap the boys' fingers
As thoy wrapped them when I was a
I -will here add my testimony
peak 0!
in advertising
may be tbtained
through the use of
good engravings.
Pictures tell the story of
the goods advertised and
everybody grasps the point at
The engraving Plant of Tho
malting tne original pnoto-
for all Ages Others are Imitations
to Tears Same Offlee. Pbnnn linn. 173(V
Missing Teetn Buppllr l
rltbout Plate or Hrldgr
orork. Nrrvea remurnl
without pain. Work guar.
suited ten years.

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