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Jeff Might Have Known Better Than Suggest It
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
land on Two Pitchers for Fourteen
Hit and Win, 14 to 2.
Former New York Giant Hurler la
Batted from Dm Johninn Itlta
Home Bovine nun nnd
n Three-Basraer.
Omaha hammered two Topeka pitchers,
Including "Dummy" Taylor, formerly
with the New Tork Olanta, to J1 parts
of Kourke park yesterday afternoon and
took the second gam of the aeries from
the K&ws by the lop-sided score of 14
to 3.
Topeka had no show at any stage of
the game. Closman was in fine fettle
GOTTA W WrUfiot , -v - How 'CAN f
Dous.HavoM V- Two buck Dorv'T hold out; f 1 s-T Co &ON THIMK J
and when he left the game In 'the inr
with Inning, to give Olavenlch, the new
twtrler a chance to show, he had al
lowed but four stingy hits.
fourteen hits were pounded out by
Ttfm athletes and they total up twenty
HVin bases. There were four doubles,
three triples and a home run reckoned
In the fourteen cafe blngles. Olavenlch
ahowed up rood In the two innings he
pitched. He has alt kinds of steam,
plenty of curves and best of all, control.
Manager Arbogast put him and Neff and
Bhestak in the game in the eighth in
nine after the Rourkes had salted the
nonrkea Start Kfirty.
Omaha started the run Betting In the
fourth Inning. Thomaeon doubled and
scored on Kane's double. Johnson fol
lowed with a home run, hitting1 the
bovine sign In the centerfleld fence. In
the fifth, Justice landed safe on an error.
Coyle beat out a bunt Kane singled,
scoring Justice, and Congalton hammered
u triple to center scoring Coyle and
The Kaws came back with one in the
fifth. French singled. McAllister beat
out a bunt French went to third on
Smith's out and (cored when Taylor
grounded out to Justice.
flehlpke started things in the sixth with
a walk. Closman singled- to right.
Bchipko going to third. Justice doubled,
coring Schlpke. Coyle doubled, scoring
Closman and Justice. Thomason fol
lowed it up with a single and Coyla
ambled across the planter.
In the seventh, every Kourke batter
trot a chance at bat Congalton opened
-with a single to center and stole sec
ond. Johnson slashed the ball to center
tor three bags and Connie romped home.
Grubb walked and Schlpke drew his sec-
ond pass of the game. A passed ball
' put Johnson over the home plate. Neff
-went In to bat for Justice and laced out
a. three-bagger over the corner sack,
while Schlpke scored behind Grubb.
Topeka got one in the ninth; Forsythe
doubled and scored on French's single.
. AB. It H. O. A.
justice, ss.., 4 2 3 X2
Kerr, ss 1 0 1
Coyle, If 2 2 2
Thomanon. cf S 1 2
Xane. lb S 2 2
Congalton, rf 4 13
Johnson, o .,,.. 4 2 2
Bfcestak, c 0 0 0
Grubb, 3b 4 10
Schlpke, 2b 3 2 0
Closman, p.... I 1 1
tti.venlch, p.. ....... 0 0 0.
Total SS
14 14 . XT 1
AB. It
Caraa. 1b,.Mm.,A 0
ear. If 1 0
Ie, If 1 0
Forsythe, cf... ....... 4 1
McLarry. rf 4 0
TUpps. lb 3 0
French, 2b 4 1
McAllister, o 4 0
Smith, ss 3 0
Taylor, p..... 3 o
Rustenhaven, P 1 - 0
Totals .......... ..S3 . 3
nuns 0 0 0 2
Hits 1 0 0 3
S 34 9 1
8 4 4 0 -!
3 4 3 0 -44
Ituns 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1-2
Hits 00 112 0 0 0 3-4
Stolen basest Coyle (2), Congalton. Sac
rifice hits: Coyle. Two-base hits: Thom
ason. Coyle. Kane, Justice. Forsythe.
Three-base hits: Congalton, Johnson,.
Xfetf. ICome run: Johnson. Double Play:
XoAllester to Cochran to Rapps. Hits:
Off Closman, 4 In seven Innings; oft
Olavenlch, 2 In two Innings; off Taylor,
7 in five Innings; off Rustenhaven, 7 in
thre Innings. Struck out: By Closman, 2;
y Olavenlch, 1; by Itustenhaven, 1.
Bases on balls: Oft Closman. 1: off Rus
tenhaven. 6. Hit by pitched ball: Bohlpke,
Cochran. Left on bases: Omaha, 6; To
jwks, 8. Time: 1:0. Umpire: Anderson.
I Wls for Denver fey Great Work
frith h eBtlok.
DBB MOINES, May 17.-Chnnell won
for Denver with two.- home runs. Both
pitchers were hit hard, but the locals
could not place their hits eafe, Score:
. . AB. It IL O. A. B.
Hahn, rf.u. 4 0 0 1 1 0
Craig, If 4 3 110 1
Hunter, o 4 0 3 4 0 0
Leonard. 3b i o 1 0 3 3
Jones, lb,,. 1 0 3 8 0 0
eRJIly. ss..... 4 114 3 0
Andreas, 2b 3 0 0 8 1 1
Sleight, o 2 0 14 10
Faber, p 2 1 0, 0 0 0
fiweet P 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lafferty, p 0 0 0 0 1 0
Fox 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 35 4 8 37 10
uiimore, ir... o o
sjassiay, rt 6 l
Channel), e. 4 2
Butcher, cf 2 0
Millen. 2b 4 1
XTench, 2b 6 1
Slock, o ,. S 8
Fisher, lb B 0
Matthews, ss 6 0
Jl arris, p 4 0
Totals tl 3 13 27
Batted for Sweet in eighth.
3Qea Moines 0 0 3 1 0 0 1 0 04
Denver 0 1 0 1 0 0 5 0 1 I
Two-base WU: Fisher. Butcher. Three
base hit: Jones. Sacrifice hit: Hahn.
50ipSJ.un, Chajmell (2). Bases on balls:
L abr !' "Ti. 3. Struck out:
3f JPber, 3: by Harris. 3 Hit by
pitched bail: By Harris. Hunter. Andreas:
by Sweet Qlimorv. Stolen bases: Andress,
Block. Ql more. Hits: Oft Faber" 10 T
f'l11. H'iS."' bf Bwt' none In one
l?11 iSL on : LNts Moines. 10;
JDeavsr. fc'Tlme: 3:00 Umpire. Stgrist
asoehler for St. Joseph liu Game In
Control from the Bea-lnnlnc.
..J- JOeEPIL Mo.. May I7.Bo.hLr
allowed Lincoln only fire hit scattered
in as many innings, and but two runners
rVV ,..,-7". MeinKe a hitting
nd fleldl&g featured. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Ara. to. o 0 6 3 Q
giarber, 3b .....4 0 10 2
3JcCorrr,Jt, If ..4 Olio
JCole. c... ,3 0 0 1 0
ICobb, rf 4 0 0 2 0
pawling, ss...u 4 0 13 3
gakr. c. ............ J 0 0 2 0
SC-eaae. b.,. 3 0 3 1?
KtlW. If
X, Watson, c... 4
J. naison, Tl 1
ZwilUng, lb ,.4
SCeller. c. J
MTiileiiMig 24) 4
Ochji. Jb 3
Melnke, 3
xemer, p l
Totals 23 11 27 IB 1
Lincoln o o n o n n o n An
fit. Joseph .0 1 0 1 1 0 2 0 'J
Two-base hits; Ehman, Melnke (I),
Keller. Sacrifice hits: Kftllnr. rvha.
Melnke, Boehler (2). Stolen bones: Lloyd,
. rvauon. orucx out: uy uoenier. l.
Oases on balls: Off Boehler, 2. rassed
ball! Keller. Rat-nod run. Rt. Jnunh.
6. -Left on bases: Lincoln, 7; St. Joseph,
4. Double play: Dowllng to Lloyd to
Mullen. Time, 1:30. Umpire: Bltfer,
Breen'e Drlre to Center Break Tie
In Hnrd Foasrbt Clame.
SIUOX CITY. In-. Mnv n.-Clarke'a
single, Davidson's sacrifice and Breen's
drive to center, scoring Clarke from sec
ond, broke the 4 to 4 tie In todya's game,
Sioux City winning In the tenth lnnlntr.
The visitors drove Klein from the mound
in the second Inning, scoring three runs
on three doubles and a trople. Allen
relieved Klein and held the Jobbers safely
after this session. Davidson drove a home
run in the third, scorlns; two ahead of
him and the locals tied the score with
one in tne eighth, score!
AB. It If. O. A. B,
Smith. lb 2 0 0 1 6 1
Cooney, ss ,,. 4 12 3 0
uiarKe, it. 4
Davidson, cf. ,. 2
ureen, rr. 5
Callahan. 3b 4
Voolums, lb 4
nap pa, o
Klein, p 0
Allen, p 4
Totals 35
9 80 IT
AB. R. H. O. A.
Mlddleton, cf. 6 1 2 1 0
utws, rr. u 1 u u
Koerner, lb 4 0 1 11 0
Hunhes. 2b 6 0 2 7 3
Castle, c S 0 2 ( 2
Houston. Ib l 1 u l
Pettlgrew, If. 2 0 10 0
Rapps. ss. 6 1 13 4
Kills, p 4 10 0 2
ToUls 5 l U 5 17 1
One out when wlnnlnc run scored.
Sioux City 003.000010-S
Wichita 180000000-4
Left on bases: Sioux City, 10; Wlohlta,
. First base on errors: Sioux City, 3;
Wichita, 3. socrifice mis: cooney, hius,
Clarke, uius. uaviason. -x-wo-oue mn;
Huston. Pettlgrew, Bella, Mlddleton.
Thr.a.hiu hit: RanDs. Home run:
Davidson. Hits: Off Klein, 8 In one and
two-thirds inning; on Alien, 0 in e gm
and one-third Innings. Double play:
Woolums to KAPPS. HITUCK OUli uy
Ellis, 4; by Allen, 8. Bases on balls: Oft
Bills. 3; off Allen. 1. Passed ball: By
Rapps. Time: 3;0. Umolre: FlUslm-
Old-Timers at Same
Defeat the Tyros
at Grand Island
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., May 27.-Spe-
clal.)-A "benefit" game of ball was
played here yesterday for John Hoff-
mttster. familiarly known among many
of the older base balltsts ot the state
"Hoffjr," and a purse of 311S waa
handed htm as a result.
Hoffmelster waa central Nebraska's
best pitcher from 1894 to ltOO and went
from here to minor leagues In the south.
Colorado, Washington and Oregon. He
haa returned to his former home an In-'
valid for the time being, being afflicted
with locomotor ataxia.
Among the players on the one side, un
der the name of Elks, there were the
two younger Glades, of the vintage of
1900; Lester Schuff, Lee Etttng, Sidney
Balrd, "Chick" Justice, all men of the
bygone days ot the diamond, retntorcel
at catcher and first base plnts by a
little younger blood. ,
But the old guard showed remarkable
"pep" even though a few of them had to
carry with them from ITS to SO pounds
of softer, flesh. Art Glade twirled nine
innings without a collapse ana lister
Schuff covered a wide territory and made
1S6 pounds traverse the round trip three
times. The Wolbachs, opposing, Is a lo
cal amateur bunch of good promise, but
went to pieces In the third and lost heart
on account of the terrific hitting ot the
vets. The score waa 13 to for the Elks.
American Association.
At St. Paul R. H. H.
Kansas City 43
8t. Paul 8 1
Batteries: Kansas City, Rhoades and
Krltchell; St. Paul, Relger, Laroy and
jamas, aimer.
James, Miller.) (Eleven Innings).
At Indianapolis R. H. E.
Louisville U 0
Indianapolis 13
Batteries: Louisville. Northrop and
Clemons; Indianapolis, Schardt. Merse
E. I and ciaric.
o I At Minneapolis u. 11. 13,
0 Milwaukee til 0
0 Minneapolis 7 3
Batteries. Milwaukee uraun and
Hughes: Minneapolis. Burns. YoUok. Oka.
New York Forced to Fifth Place,
Losing Double-Heador.
Fine Throrflnar of Rndolnh and
Timely Hitting; Give Boston
Second Game, Five
to Tvro.
BOSTON, May 27. Boston won both
games of a doubleheader from New Tork
today, forcing the Giants into fifth place.
The scores were 1 to 0 and 5 to 2.
Mathewson and Tyler had a pitchers
battle in the first fane, which waa de
cided In an unusual way. It was in the
ninth Inning. Maranville, first better,
singled, and went to second on Meyers'
sacrifice. Connelly followed with a sin
gle to center, but an accurate throw by
Bhafer retired Maranville at the plate.
Connelly took eeopnd. Sweeney then sin
gled to right, dropping his bat as he ran.
Connelly raced for home, while Burns
made a pretty throw to catch him, but
the ball struck Sweeney's bat, caromed
away from the waiting Meyers and Con
nelly scored.
The fine pitching of Rudolph, who went
in as relief pitcher after New York had
made two runs off Perdue In the second
Inning, and timely hitting by Boston,
gave the locals the second game. Ru
dolph was master In the seven Innings
which he pitched. A double by Titus with
three men on bases In the sixth Inning,
scoring three runs, waa an Important
factor In Boston's offense. Merkle In
jured his ankle sliding into second base
in this Inning and was succeeded by
Snodgrass. Score:
Dorat. rt... 4 tot OlftrenYil, nl 1 4 1 0
Bhtfer. et 4 10 1 01yr. lb... I lit M
rutelier. al 1 I I tOsnaellr. It 4 1 0 0 0
Dojl. b... 4 0 0 1 0SwMnr. lb 4 14 11
Mrrkl. IK. 4 0U 0 OTttus. rf.... I 13 10
Murray, It.. 114 0 OMutn. ot.... 11100
Mcrera. S...1 0 t 1 ODavlto. lb., t 0 0 10
lUtior. lb.. 10 0 1 OWhillns o.. I OS 10
MAthawM, pi 0 0 1 OTjIer, p.,.,. I 0 0 10
ToUlf M 7M II "0 TdUI . "? 57 14 "l
Two out when winning run scored.
New Tork ,.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Boston -0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 It 1
Two-base hits: Murray. Mann. Sacri
fice hits: Meyers (3). Stolen bases:
Fletcher, Sharer, Hereof. Lett on bases:
New Tork, 7; Boston, a. Bases on balls:
Off Mathewson. l: off Tyler, 3. First
base on errors New York, 1. Hit by
Pitcher: By Murray. Struck out: By
Tyler. 4. Wild pitch: Tyler. Time: 3:07.
Umpires, O'Day and Emslle.
Score, second game:
Batted for WJltse In ninth.
AD. ll.O. AB. AB.H.O.A.B.'
Buret. rt....4 oie llbreaTll. m 0 1 1 1
Bhitr, et..4 0 10 OMjr.r. lb... 4 111 1 0
Klctehtr, . 4 0 0 1 IConntllr, Ml 0 1 0 0
Dorlt. lb... 4 110 0Lor4, It..... 1 0 10 0
JJertl., lb.. 1 1 0 IIumu; lb. I 1 1 I 0
BnoJgru, lbl 0 4 0 OTItut. rt.... 4 1 1 0 0
Murray, U..1 0 10 0Wnn, cf. ... I 0 10 0
Mtrira. ..4 1 I 1 0T1Ib, lb.. 10 12 0
llenof. lb.. 4 1 1 1 OwWllni. e.. 1 0 T 0 0
Turtiu, p. . 1 1 0 I OPtrtut, p.,,0 0 0 0
WlltM. p. . 0 0 0 1 uleJph. p. I 1 0 I 0
MeCbmlcs 10000
Crndtll ..1 0 0 0 0 ToUls 17 I IT 10 1
touu.....ss"t U 11 "l
New York 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
Boston 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 M
Two-base hlta: Titus, Sweeney, Myers.
Hits: Off Perdue, 8 In two Innlnga; off
Rudolph, 4 In seven Innings; off Tesreau,
3 in six innings: off Wlltse. 8 In two In
nings. Stolen base: Merkle. Sacrifice
ufc. tunnuivuib lj&h on duos; iow
York. 7: Boston. 4. Bases on balls: ntf
Tesreau, 3; off Wlltse, 1; off Perdue, L
First base on errors: New York. 1; Bos
ton. 1. Hit by pitcher: Titus by Tesreau.
Struck out; By Tesreau, 7s by Perdue. 1;
by Rudolph. (. Passed ball: Meyers.
Time. 1:44. Umpires, O'Day and Emslle.
Cuba Ilnrapa Curds.
CHICAGO. May !7.-ChIcago defeated
St. Louts. 1 to 1. today, and as a result
of New York's double defeat, went into
third place. The game was a pitchers'
battle between Overall and Sallee, the
latter having but one bad Inning, the
first, when the locals bunched two ot the
three hits made off him with a stolen
base and an error for two runs. Mitchell
made the third hit, a single, but Bailee's
great fielding cut Mitchell off at the
plate when he tried to score on a
grounder. Sallee retired In the eighth In
PJP ,,ow Evans to bat for him. In
this Inning, singles - by McLean and
Evans, coupled with a sacrifice and an
out. saved the visitors from a shutout
Manager Kvera of Chicago argued a de
cision with Umpire Orth and was ordered
to the club haute. Score:
AB.U.0 A..B. AB.H.O.A.K.
HustfBS, lb 1 1 I 1 tMlll.r. It. .. I t 1 1 t
Mil. If... 4 10 0 OBircra, lb. .. I 10 10
Shtekant. rt4 t 4 1 I Ph.; in, tb.. 1 0 10 0
Mwnr. Ik. 1 1 1 0 0UlUkt. rf. I I 3 0 0
KseUbr. lbl 1 I 1 OZlmrnuA. lbl 0 1 1 e
OtkM. cf.... 4 tit OStUr, lb.... I 011 0 1
Want, M.4 I I 1 tLuak. rf... 1 t 3 t 0
Melui 1.1111 1B,W,U. n. I 0 4 3 t
CUtMts ... t t t OArcbtr. ... t o I 1 I
Hllbra4. et 0 1 1 OOnrall, p.- I 1 t t t
BHo. P....1 0110 ! J J
r.To ... l i o e o Touii 14 mu i
orr. p 0 t t t t
TotlU 10 I 14 It 1
Ran for McLean in the eighth.
Uatua tag AoUte, la ft pixfetfe.
St. Louis 00000001 0-1
Chicago 20000000 02
Three-base hit: Mitchell. Hits: Off
Bailee, 3 In seven Innings; off Qeyer, 1
In one Inning. Sacrifice hit: Hugglns.
Sacrifice fly: Baler, Stolen bases: Ma
gee, Mitchell. Double plays: Miller to
Phelan, Sheckard to Hlldebrand to
Mowrey. Left on bases: St. Louis, 0;
Chicago, 3. Bases on balls: Oft Overall,
4: off Bailee. 3. Struck out: Dv Overall.
1; by Sallee, 8; by Qeyer, 1. Wild pitch:
By Gever. Time:
Umpires'. Klem
and Orth.
Culls from the Wire
For the first time since his illness, the
pope enjoyed the sunshine yesterday in
the Vatican, gardens, where he remained
for half an hour.
At Senator Overman's request, the
senate yesterday authorised the publlo
health service to investigate a tubercu
losis cure discovered by two North Caro
lina doctors.
No effort to to be made to disturb the
body of Captain Robert F. Scott nor
those ot the heroes who died with him
while returning from the expedition to
the south pole.
General Antonio Rabaga has resigned
aa mllltarylgovernor.of Chihuahua state.
He will go to Mexico City. The reason
for the resignation Is not given nor the
name of his successor.
Caleb A. Inlow, former school principal
and Juvenile probation officer at Bing
ham. Utah, yesterday was found guilty
of killing Thomas K. White, a taxlcab
chauffeur, last October.
The chancellor-sheriff jury reform bill,
which has the approval of Present WU
eon, passed the New Jersey senate last
night by a strict party vote. The measuro
passed the lower branch two weeks ago.
Demand for legal action against those
who sold cotton to James A. Patten and
others of the "cotton pool," indicted in
1910 for running a corner, was made In
the senate yesterday by Senator Smith
ot South Carolina.
Federal laws against the "Introduction
of liquor into Indian country" were
yesterday held byj the supreme court
to prohibit the Introduction of liquor from
neighboring states Into Oklahoma counties
occupied by Indians.
The supreme court took a recess until
June 9, when it will again recess until
Saturday. June 14, which will be the final
meeting day this term unless. In view of
the condition ot the docket. It may then
be deemed best to hold another decision
Former President William H. Taft. In
his concluding Jecture at Yale yesterday
on "Some Questions of Modern Govern
ment." declared the United States was
"ludicrously unprepared for war." and
criticised congress for failure to provide
for an adequate army and navy.
The American Red Cross yesterday
authorised American Consul Miller at
Tamplco, Mex., to draw 13.000 for the
maintenance and transportation ot Amer
ican refugees to Galveston. Reports to
the 8tate department Bay conditions
around Tamplco have become Intolerable
to foreigners.
The Idaho district court yesterday de
cided In favor of Mayor Arthur Hodges
of Boise In the case brought against him
by J. I. Miles, In which it was asked that
Hodges be ousted from office because of
his failure to enforce laws agalna dis
orderly houses nnd the Illegal sale of
A new plan for national elections and
the assembling of congress was proposed
yesterday by Senator Works In twb bills.
He would change election day from No
vember to August and provide for annual
sessions of congress from the first Mon
day In October to the first Monday in
Lee Rial, alleged head of a "national
bunco syndicate," who was convicted
last week of having swindled . O. p.
Frlesx, an Illinois former, out of 15,000
imuuBii inHfl pool room, was sentenced
yesterday in the supreme court of Los
Angeles to serve ten years In San-Quentln
. i'nuciuiary.
General James H. Baker, mrmt 81 aia
at his home at Mankato. Minn.,' yester.
day. General Baker, who was dis
tinguished as an orator and an author of
historical works, had served as -secretary
ot state of Ohio and Minnesota and at
one time was United States commissioner
ot pensions.
Representative Neely of Kansas asked
President Wilton yesterday to direct At
torney General McReynolds to foreclose
a mortgage on a 100-mlle strip ot railroad
owned by the Missouri Pacific, between
Atchlton and Watervllle. Kan., to recover
t4.6G,000 alleged to be due the govern
ment for aid by bonds In 1563.
"Quiet reeentment Is the attitude of
Japan toward the legislative action of
California, said Hamilton Wright Mable.
man of letters. Journalist and lecturer, on
his return yesierday at San Francisco
from Japan, where he haa spent several
months delivering eighty addresses on
American Ideals and character.
William Schulx, the former divinity
student at Concordia seminary. SL Louts.
Whp waa arrested In Denver recently for
embexslement from the funds of the
college publication of which he was man
ager. pleaded guilty In the circuit court
at St. Louis yesterday and was sen
tenced to five years' Imprisonment
To make the acquisition of homesteads
as easy aa possible and In strict con
formity with the law for bona fide set
tlers and genuine homemakera. and as
difficult aa possible for mere dummy
entrymen or speculators. Is the an
nounced purpose of Secretary Lane in
beginning an Investigation of the rules
and regulations of the land office.
Persistent Advertising U the Road to
B(e Retunuv v
r . ' 1
Carbureter Takes Fire with Machine
1,200 Feet in Air.
Gm Tank Blows Up si Aviator nnd
Passenger Sprtnjr from Air
ship nenchlng: the
SALISBURY, England, May 27.
Volplaning from a helghth of 1.200 feet
in a biasing biplane, the British aviator. '
Colyns Pysy, ahd H. Fellows, a passen- 1
Ber, reached the ground in safety to
night and stepped from the machine Just
as an explosion of the gasoline tank
wrecked It
The aeroplane was in easy flight over
the outskirts ot the town when suddenly
tbe carbureter took fire. Breaking the
Irlet valve, the aviator shut oft the gaso
line and started a steep volplane.
The rush of air fanned the flames and
ic. mose who witnessed the incident it
seemed as thoush the men In th mo. '
v,, . . .... - , - : - i
Ton!? f ra nf" S1"1".? 'r "fe-
TJ tJ,:iP' "2-??n:
" ' - vtiunoMton uiiiidcu UJfftna
pltltlaT in ih MneH UI1. . t - i '
rtrnv. ' r "aT"
Arm 7n ., 'Jf .w. w""' "
bands T and Z LrrB Z , nw
dW taiStar lV?t Z Pg a 8plen'
EL 1-:. v.?"81.-"" !h. m.en "prftn I
..wH. fttHv.i,iiiii viia ias ianK Diew up,
but they practically escaped Injury.
Jewelry Store Robbed.
CHICAGO, May 27. Tearing Off an Iron
screen protecting a show window In the
Jewelry store of Lebolt & Co., 101 South
State street, a thief today shattered the
ALL around you,
there are men who
afe shaving with thenew
Gillette Blades. Finest
ever made, they will
tell you.
Two size of Packet 6 Blades (12
shaving edges), 50 cents: 12 Blades
(24 shaving edges'), $1.00. Buy a
Packet today.
pape and escaped with diamond rings
valued at 15,000.
Servians Are in
Fighting Mood
VIENNA, May 27. Bulgaria regards
war as Inevitable, according to dispatches
from Sofia. Servla's demand for a re
vision of the alliance treaty Is regarded
as an ultimatum and it is expected that
the Bulgarian cabinet will 'flatly refuse
the demand and Insist upon strict com
pliance with tho treaty.
Eighty thousand troops ore massed
near Sofia nnd other troops are being
hurried forward In Macedonia.
ST. PAUL, Minn.. May CT.-The tinkle
of pianos and the laughter of women are
absent In the so-called segregated dis
trict of St Paul tonight for the first time
in nearly thirty years. Bolts and pad
I lAlr. ho. h. n.onn .k. ,1-1..
... ... . . '
oiBinci as me result ot an oruer recently
,88Ued b Chlef ot Po08 nanagon that
ts -ust be closed at midnight
MflV 2i
A striking Incident of the passing of
the old underworld waa the curt ultl-
malum sent to the Woman's Welfare
league, which had offered to provide tor
the inmates of the district until they
received employment.
"We do not need your assistance and
are not Interested In your campaign," the
league waa told by the representative ot
the women.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Running froin Blast
and Freight Ten Are
Killed by Passenger
MARTINSBURG, W. Va., May 27. La
borers employed by contractors on the
Magnolia improvement work of the Bal
timore & Ohio railroad were struck by
on eostbound passenger train at Doe
Gully, W. Va., today. Ten of the work
men were killed and four others badly
Injured. The injured men were brought
to the hospital here.
The laborers, all said to be Italians,
were running from a blast and at the
same time dodging a westbound freight
when the passenger train dashed around
a curve upon them.
Yon get service,
satisfaction and.
more miles when
yon buy
2119 Parnarn, Omaha.
Largest SS.Cc
in the
World1! Itrftat blp, will tuk he I
tint trip trom IlAilDUIIQ June 11.
tirlvlns at Hn York Jum IS.
Weanssaay..Jone 85,11 am.
Saturday... July 19, 10 A. SC.
Saturday ..Aug. 8, 11 A. XX.
and every 3 weeks thereafter.
KrAblioK pMojr to irrli m
LONDON ul i-AHlS so ilxth nJ
b. UAMIlUItO oa Mvtnth aty.
Book! bow opa tar muoo.
Vxea. Orant, June B, a. m.
Cleveland.. June 7, 11 a. xa.
ttVic lionise, June 10, 10 a.m.
Pres. Uncoln, June 14, 3 a. m.
ii'irennsylvalila, Jun 17, a.m.
Amei'tta....June Is, 10 a. m.
Umperator..June 85,11 - m-
PatrlcU..June M, 18 noon
Kals'n Aug. Vto. Julys, 9 A.M.
Sronprlnsetsln Cecils
July 5, 10 A. K.
ttlst cabin only. Will call at
Boulogne. Jtd cab. orty, Inew.
HBall from new pier, foot of
33d SU Bouth Brooklyn.
aibzaltar, Mapies and Qenoa.
crAU steamers of this serv
ice leave from STEW TO1B,
asd st-, Sontn Brooklyn. Take
39tn St. rerxy.
g. 8. Uoltka (18,500 tons)
June 3, :I0 a. m.
B. s. Kambuxr (11XX) tons)
July 1, I p. m.
S. B. Moltke, Julv IS, J p. in.
i B. B. Kambtirr. Auy. 9, 10 a.m.
I to mat XASTs or tkjb i
M jutte, JTJI.T and ATJOUBT. M
inrormatlon m
Hamburg-Ainerican m
m xxm m
. m uew lunooipb st
" m. cnicj.it). in. jm-r

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