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Scn&fa U&niing Committee Sends
Ont long 'list of Questions.
1 - .
nina iitradiim mil mposuic
Xesurtjr Tkne ftnarfred
"WAS! UNO TO N , Mr The , striata
banking and currency commlttea began
Its Investigation of what U the matter
with tho nation's currency system and
how lu defect should be remedied, Inte
today, when a list of questions to bo sent
to bankers and financial expert was ap
proved, and, appeared for immediate dis
tribution. x
The points summarised are:
What are the essential defects of our
'banking and currency system?
Enumerate Its advantages and dlsad
l vantages and what purposes are to be
attained by an Improved system.
What national banks continue to have
b bond-secured currency and should
i present reserve requirements for such
banks ba changed?
- Should clastic currency be authorized
and. If so, should It be limited, and to
what amount?
Should It bo notes of Individual banks,
n central resenre .-association, a number
tot regional associations or tho. treasury?
If such notes are from the treasury
should they be on pledge of security and
' of what Kind, and should they be a first
lien of the government on the concern
to which Issued?
Should There Ho Gold DitaiaT
Should all currency have a gold basts
and how should It be Issued and what per
cent of reserve should be required?
What should be the limit If notes are
Issued to or by an association, or should
It be based on capital stock and surplus?
What device should b used to rsllrs
rich currency when demands subside?
Bhould a tax bt laid on the currency
graduated to conform with the volume
.Issued by the reserve association or with
the length of time outstanding?
Should there be a central association
with branches or reserve association
without' a cerUral control? And It a num.
ber under such control, should It be
wholly with representatives of the asso
ciations, wholly by tho government, or
Should such association have a goo
graphical tfrrltpry nd exercise its re
serve functions there exclusively, or
should member banks be permitted to
choose Avhlch near association they
should join, disregarding fixed terri
tory? Should banks or trust companloa be
stockholders In such association and
under what conditions?
HOW many regional rescrvo associa
tions should there be?
What should be tho minimum capital
stock and what amount to each bonk?
Blcptlon of Directors.
How should directors of such asso
ciation be .elected and Jn what numbers,
powers and term of office?
What -'should' 'be the general nature
of tho business of such associations
should It accept credits other than
those, of 'banks, pay Interest on deposits,
discount double-name commercial paper
for member banks oh equal terms to
all and should Its , discount rato be
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It derives Its health- and
strength-giving qualities from tho
best groins grown, all thoroughly
distilled Into medicinal form and
carefully bottled and sealed.
A hottto of Duffy's should bo
kept In the medicine closet as first
aid for relieving and preventing
.coughs and colds from running in
to serious throat
and lung trou
ear you get
Duffy's It's
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pubil BUbJect to weekly change?
Should It loan directly to member
banks without or with collateral - se
curity, with Interest equal for all the
public And subject to weekly change
and should reserve association! be per
mitted to deal with eaoh In purchase
and sale of paper, exohangn security
and gold?
Bhould government deposits bo with
drawn from banks and placed with such
association": how should they be ap
portioned. At what Interest. If any, and
how soon could this be done?
Bhould a national bank to keep re
reserve with the association to which It
belongs except that in its vaults or
should It be allowed to use other as
sociations and if so how much?
Should a reserve association be re
quired to maintain a mwv within its
Am to Amount.
What amount? In gold only or lawful
Bhould liability of each member bank
be limited to Its stock subscription, and
If not, what nhould bo Its liability?
Should reserve associations do busi
ness with banks other than members
and of what character?
Should national banks b permitted
opon payment of a commission to lbon
their credit by accepting bills arising out
of the ordinary courses or commerce and
should reserve associations bo permitted
to deal In these acceptances n trans
ections with banks or othei- associations?
Bhould there be a limit to such accept
ances and what limit?
What dividends should associations be
ptrmttted to pay their banks and should
any share of the profits of an associa
tion be distributed to member banks in
proportion to the average deposits during
the year?
What Is your opinion of th plan of the
National Monetary commission and what
modifications would you suggest, if any?
Nelson Introduces Hill.
Senator Nelson, chairman nf the com
mittee on banking and currenoy. today
introduced a bill proposing a system of
"astt-socurcd currency" lor national
banks, under which the banks of the
country could. If necessary. Issue
emergency currency to tho total amount
cf $205,000,000.
The bill would give banks authority to
Usue the new notes to an amount not
greater than tho difference between their
present bond-secured currency and their
total paid-in capital. The ' new notes
would constitute a "first and preferred
lien" upon all of tho assets of the bank
by which they were Issued.
To restrict tho use of the new currency
to emergencies the Nelson bill proposes
a tax of 4 per oent per year on extra
notes, Increasing In rato monthly and
reaching 10 per oent in five months. In
u statement acompanying the bill Sena
tor Nelson drew attention to tho fact
that the total amount of clearing house
ctrtlflcates Issued in the financial crisis
of 1907 was tS38,00O,O0O, or nearly 0,000,000
less than the amount of emurgenoy cur
rency that would be made available un
der his plan.
A It has not
Q Havfi you or any other person had
charge of It?
A Mr. Tound has had charge of It
Mr. Andrews I think that Is all.
Mr. Tound, on redirect examination,
Q As I understand it you hava no
recollection of having seen Mr. Pound In
Michigan or Chicago prior to the begin
ning ot this suit, whloh was some time
In the month of October.
A. I have no recollection.
Q. As a matter of fact you communi
cated with Mr. Pound by letter as soon
as you were sufficiently able to do so?
Objected to as lending by Mr. Andrews.
A- I assume complete responsibility. No
organisation haa any responsibility ex
cepting myself. I have it nil
Q. You hava hired your attorneys and
stood all the expenses in regard to this
Mr. Andrews objected to question as
The Court It seems to me the question
is leading.
This concluded jtha examination.
Doe Not Iilkei Whisky or Ileer.
"I have never drunk a cocktail or
highball in my life. With tho exceptions
hereafter noted I never drank whisky or
brandy except under the advice of a
physician. I don't care for tho taste of
either, I don't smoke, and I don't drink
beer, because I dislike smoking and dls-
1'ke the taste of beer. I never have drunK
whisky or brandy except when the doc
tor prescribed It, or possibly on some oc
casion after great exposure when I was
chilled through. But It has been cer
tainly fifteen or twenty years since I
have drunk It because of being chilled
through. I never have drunk beer, nor
do I drink red wine. The only wines that
I hare drunk have been only white wines.
Madeira, champaign or very occasionally
n. glass of sherry. At home I often at
dinner will drink a wins glass or two
wine glasses of Madeira. In summer,
Instead of the Madeira, I will often drink
tall glass of whits wine and Poland
water, or 'Poly water. At publlo din
ners I sometimes drink a glass of cham
pagne, or perhaps two. I tblnk that on
the average this means that I will drink
champagne about once a month.
Pen Mint Juleps.
"The only exceptions to what I have
water, but I drink no liquor of any kind
and never have drunk any liquor of any
kind In the car excepting as above de
scribed. No Drinks at Dnlnth.
'Tor Instance, take the day I spoke at
DUluth last year. In the morning I
reached Superior and spoko there. We
went over to Duluth and took lunch, there
being no liquor at lunch. I then dictated
the two speeches I Intended to make at
Oshkosh and Chicago, then went for an
automobile ride and afterwards took din
ner. No liquor was served at dinner and
I did hot drink a drop of liquor of any
kind during the day.
I stopped and spoke a few sentoncek to
a dinner of doctors, at their earnest and
repeated request. I then made two
speeches In the evening. I wenti back to
the car and drank a bottle of appollnorls
water In a glass with Ice In It, but with
out any liquor of any kind. When I went
to bed I took two spoonfuls of brandy In
milk and that was the only drop of liquor
I touched that day. I was In Duluth only
that day,
"While at the White House I never
touched brandy or whisky, excepting the
mint Juleps above mentioned, and pos
sibly on two or three occasions when Dr.
IUxey prescribed a drink of whisky
once. If I romombor right, for an acuta
attack of indigestion, and once when ne
and I had mad a hard tido together and
came in through a snowstorm and he
gave me some whisky, and I disliked it
so that after taking a sip I would not
take any more and sot a cud of tea In
stead. Outside of these prescriptions ot
Dr. TUxey, we usually had at lunch some
whlto wine if thero were guests. Unless
there were guests I drank nothing at
lunch, and often I drank nothing It there
wero guests. If we dined alone I drank
nothing. If we had guests we usually
had white wine, but sometimes Madeira
and at formal dinners we had champagne,
of which I would drink a glass or two.
Chnmpnjrnc at Formal Dinners.
'While at Washington, almost all the
entertainments were at the White House
itself, but each member of the cabinet
ishvo a. umner ana i Deuva mere was
always champagne at those dinners and
I drank a glass of two precisely
as at the White House. I also on per
haps a half dosen occasions went out,
for instance, to the Gridiron club dinner,
or to the reception on Speaker Cannon's
stated about drinking whisky and brandy seventieth birthday or to a dinner of the
are as follows:
Mint Juleps I very rarely drink. In
the Whlto House we had a mint bed, and
should think that on the average I
may have drunk holt a dozen mint Juleps
year. Since I left the White House
four year ago, to the best of my mem
ory, I have drunk mint Juleps twice; on
one occasion at the Country olub at St,
Louis, where I drank part of a glass
of mint Julep, and on another occasion
at a big luncheon given me at Little
Itock, Ark., where they passed round
the table a loving up with the mint Julep
In It and I drank when the cup was
passed to me. The only other occasions
' eL
Mad strong and
well In a few days
without a surgical
operation or loss of
tlm. Our work Is
guaranteed. Call or
writs for particulars.
Pis. Wray & Math
sy. see B Bid.
(Continued from Pago One.)
limited in Michigan?
A-It is limited.
Q Do you know Mr. George Bhlraa?
A I, know Mr. Sbiraa. 4
Q Do you know that Mr. Shires la not
resident of Marquette?
A J hava heard that ho does not live
here regularly.
Q Mr. Shlroa really Is not a resident
of this city?
A I don't know,
Q Did I understand you to say you
have never 'taken anything in the way of
Intoxicating liquors?
Drinks Little Manor.
A You did not so understand me; you
understood me to say that I did so only
in small quantities.
Q The only spirituous or Intoxicating
liquors you took in general would be a
little brandy with milk?
A. A teaspoonful In a tumblerful ot
Q. You have never, for fifteen years.
taken more than a doxetj classes ot
A. I did not drink a dosen glasses of
whisky In fifteen years.
Q. You never drank any whisky?
A. I said that tn the fifteen years It
would probably not be more, than a dosen
tlrr.es I have drunk whisky.
Q. Now, the win you drink is light
A. Yes, sir.
Q-What do you mean by light wlnst
A. I mean whlto wines and somtlmea
It maybo a little Madeira.
Q. Any other kind of wine?
A, I may have drunk a littlo red wins
and occasionally a little sherry.
Q. You. don t keep any wine or any
kind In your house?
A. tied wine.
Q, Do you keep wine ot any kind tn
your house?
A. Yes.
Q.HDId you keep brandy ana wine la
(he Whlto. House?
Mr. Pound 1 object to tnat.
Tho Court You may note an exception.
Roosevelt I continued to keep wine as
I found that my predecessor had done.
Q. Did you drink whisky,' or have you
drunk whisky on your trips?
A. No, except as I have described a
teaspoonful In a glass of milk.
Q. Now, did you carry a nasK
whisky or brandy with you on your trips?
"Who is Dock ot Salt.
A.-I did not.
Q Do you know Mr. Wallace ot De
A-Yts. sir.
O-What Is hi business?
AI don't know.
Q. Had he anything to do with the b-
ginning ot this suit. It you know?
A. That I cannot tell.
Q. Don't you know who began this
Important suit?
A, I was In the Mercy hotpttal at the
Q. Did you know that Mr. Wallace
had chare of It. and did you know that
he had charge of employing counsel?
A, That I could not say.
Q. Had you met Mr. Pound up to that
A. I may have met him.
Q. But have you any memory ot it?
A. I don't remember whether I met him
or not
Colonel Para Expenses of Salt
Q. Was Mr. Pound employed by you
that Is, employed by you personally?
A. No he was not employed by me per
Q. Do you know who paid for th ex
penso of taking testimony and all that)
did you stand that expense?
A. Yes.
Q.-And It has not been borne by any
organlxatlon in the stats ot Michigan?
ninv.,1 " "' '""o m men. on tn cumin ncialnn T ro.
been when it bos been prescribed by the mmber that one of the men was Mr.
doctor. During the last fourteen years Sln.n. It was tha dutv of th r-r
don't believe I have drunk whisky men to no with 'mil and tn mpa mn
straight or with water more than halt -afely wk to tho vr, Hcuse. but on
dosen times, on ths African tnp, tne thlB occtt,jon sioane- waa In Cannon's
expedition took along a case of cham- district and had a number of friends
pagno, a case of whisky and one bottle there, he did not come back with me.
or brandy. The oouio 01 oranoy wan Dt,t Bold good-byo at the carriage and
taken for mo becauso I don't drink turned to the gathering. Mr. Loeb.
whisky. Some of the other members however, returned to tho White House.
of the party drank whisky. Tno cnam- 1 Was with Mr. Newberry. Mr. Cortelyou
pagno was used medicinally for three others while there Neither on this
members of the party who were down occasion nor on any other occasion did
with fever, and for two or three travel-1 j taj,e ft glass of whisky or brandy, or
era, hunters and mleslonalrea w met who any liquor In any form. On- this occa'
were sick. I never touched either thel.ion 1 took a sandwich and a. glass of
whisky or tha phampagne. .Out of the I champagne, which If drank stoning up,
brandy hottlo I drunk exactly seven I proposing the health ot the speaker on
New York delegation In congress. On
these occasions I drank precisely as in
the White House. On the occasion of
Mr. Cannon's evening reception I went
In company with Mr. Loob and with
James Sloano, a secret service man. The
occasion was not in the afternoon, it wan
In the evening. We left the White House
shortly after 9 o'clook and returned a
little after 11 o'clock, Mr. Loeb coming
back with me and Bloane seeing me to
the carriage when I left.
"On such occasions Mr. Loeb frequently
stayed and we did some work In the
study after our return to the White
House. On all publlo occasions Mr. Loeb
went with me, and also two secret aerv-
bunces. this being given me by Dr.
Mearna on two occasion when I had
Ten, Instead ot Urandy
"Tha last time I told him I disliked it
his seventieth birthday.
Not Asked to Drink Whisky.
No man who knew me ever asked me
to take any whisky, because they knew
that under no circumstances did I take
abovs described, and Ih 1h Vhlte HdusV I
1 not only did hot drink vhlsky or ,
brandy, but I did not know where anv 1
whisky or brandy was. I
"Unless I shaved myself I was always
shaved by Del oner in the room between
my room And Mr. Loeb's Immediately be-!
foro luncheon and never on any oocaaton 1
during the time that t was In the White
House did 1 touch k drnn of anything
during the day prior to being shaved. J
The routine at the White House was as
"We had breakfast At S or B:30, Mrs.
Roosevelt, the children and myself. After
breakfast. If the weather was good, Mrs.
Roosevelt and I walked around the White
Hour grounds for twenty minutes or
halt an hour. I then came over to the
White House) office and a soon as I
reached there Mr. Loeb came in with the
mall and papers to sign. After about
halt an hour ot this the senators and
congressmen would begin to arrlvo. It
It was an ordinary day they would gen
erally continue to orrtvo until 11 or 1,
but if It was a cabinet day they would
stop at 11 o'clock."
Colonel Roosevelt was on the stand an
hour and forty minutes. Of this time
twenty-fire minutes .were taken up with
Henry Rauthler, city assessor ot
Isphemtng, was the next witness. He
testified concerning the publication of
the alleged libel.
Attorneys for Mr. Newett said they
would concede the publication ot the
article, but Colonel Roosevelt's attorneys
stated they wolld Insist upon proving It,
nils Says Story Is' a Lie.
Jacob nils, a writer, called as the first
Important witness for Colonel Roosevelt,
testified that he was 64 years old and
was born In Denmark. Rtls said he
became acquainted with Colonel Roose
velt because of their mutual Interest In
the welfare of the poorer classes of New
"I made him my brother," said Rlls,
"for days and nights wo walked the
street together, watching whether the
police were on duty and looking Into
the condition ot those-cfceperate tenament
The same degree of friendship continued
until after Colonel Roosevelt became
"During the fifteen years you have
known Mr. Roosevelt did you ever see
him under the Influence of liquor?"
"Oh, Lord, no." replied Mr. Rlls. "The
statement that he Is a free user of liquor
Is a lie. I have seen this man under the
greatest stress and never have I seen
him resort to liquor."
"Is he a blasphemous man?"
"No, he Is a gentleman."
Argument followed between counsel as
to whether It was competent "for wit
nesses to testify whether Colonel Roose
velt was a gentleman."
The court sustained an objection "law
presumed the plalntlf was a gentleman."
When cross examined, Rlls was asked
whether his work as a writer took him
out of politics.
"It has put me right in the thick of It.
I have been fighting Tammany in New
York for thirty years."
"Did you ever see Mr. Roosevelt drink
mint Juleps?"
"I never did and I don't believe he
does. I have seen him drink champagne."
When Rlls was excused court ad
journed until 1 p. m.
KEOKUK, la.. May 27. H. T. Herrick,
assistant chief engineer in tho building
of the Keokuk dam, was Instantly killed,
hers tonight as he was. entering a launch
by coming into contact with a live
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that I did not Wrtt d m. any - this occasion ever pro
good, and unless he objected I would take
tea. Accordingly, I took tea and turnea
posed to me to take whisky. Neither
while In tho White House or at any other
u v ... " 5 . ? T tri ,Vn time have I ever drunk or taken any
th. bottle and the rest of th brandy mtaia
over to Mr. R. J. Cunlngbame, who was
managing the expedition. Eight months
later, when ws reached Kartoum. he
asked what he should do with it, saying
from curiosity he had measured it; that
I had drunk Just seven ounces in eleven
'As for brandy. 1 never drank It Any
mors than I do whisky when 1 Am Alone
or at home, or on a hunting trip, or in
a friend's house. But on very hard cam
paign trips, on tho advise of Burgeon
General Rlxey, and recently of Dr. Hol-
brook Curtis, who attends to my throat
In connection with these campaign trips.
have frequently Just before going to
bed at night drunk either one or two
goblets ot milk, with a teaspoonful ot
brandy to tho goblet If there Is more
than ths teaspoonful I dislike ths taste
and don't drink it I frequently drink
milk at soma meal during tho day,
usually at lunch.
Ths brandy which was used In Africa
was never In my own possession, and I
only took It wheh given to me by ths
doctor. I don't oven .carry a flask ot
brandy , or whisky with me. I used to
carry it on my hunting trips, but found
that I used it so rarely that it was a
nuisance and might get broken, and it
has been some twenty years since I car
ried one. On my ranch we never had
whisky. I never made a practice ot
drinking at a bar and I don't believe
that I have ever drunk at a bar for
twenty odd years. I don't believe I hava
been Inside a saloon during that Ume,
I don't drink between meals, or except
as above described.
Uraudr Diluted with Milk
"On campaign trips I drink nothing
until, as said above. I go to bed. when I
take a goblet, or perhaps two goblets ot
milk, with a teaspoonful ot brandy to
the goblet, finding It rests my throat
and makes me sleep well. On almost
every campaign trip there will be some
occasion on which I stop at a friend's
house, when I will drink a glass of wine;
or there will be some public dinner, when
I will drink either a glass ot white wine
or a glass ot champaign.
"For example, in the Ohio campaign
last year, during the nine days. I touched
nothing for seven days excepting at night,
as above mentioned, before going to bed.
The other two days were the occasion
when X spoke at Toledo And the occasion
when I spoke at Cleveland. At Toledo,
after the speech Mr. Oarfleld, Mr Post
and I went to the house of Mr. and Mrs.
Sheppey, where we me.t Mayor and Mrs.
Brand Whltlock and we went into ths
dining room to take a little supper. There
was some champagne and I first took a
glass of champagne and 1 then found
that there was a pitcher of milk and
doughnuts, and I took ths milk and
doughnuts Instead. On the afternoon of
ths day I went to Cleveland, I stopped at
Ravenna, at the house of Mr- Hanna
There I had a pot of tea and at dinner I
believe, but am not certain that I took
a glass of champagne. After I returned
to tho car In the evening, having made
various evening speeches, I am often
thirsty and toko a bottle of appolinaris
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Btar Whlikay for SS.S and wa pay tha aiprata chart". Attar you raeaira
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bottlca of fala 3-Btar Whlakey, sipraas prepaid, and w will inelud on
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and tha baat whtiktr yon Tr taatad at aayprlca. jnatratnra to na tha
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and Patant Carktoraw. Ramambar. w aay w pay th aipren ehartaai
look oloa bafor yon paralt aoaaa of ths low prlcaa of Mall Order Uouiaa
to cat yonr ordar and maka yon pay tha sxprsis chart".
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has no aal. Oar quart bottlaa ara fall 22 -ounce quart a and not short
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aar paid np capital of liOO.OOO.OQ. If yon want rail whlikay and sot waak.
watery concoctions, sand a yonr ranlttanea on oar Xie taat proposition
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FelsDIsiffllagCcv U5FeIs BIdfl., Kansas City. Bl.
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