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Wednesday Morning at 8 O'clock
We Place on Sale a Rare Collection of Exquisite Silk Fabrics, Trimmings, Partly Made Waists and Gowns, Hand
Made Laces, Ge?iui?ie Hand Embroidery, Made-up Robes, Wraps, Negligees, Fancy Linens and Art Needlework
Entire Slock of the Importers Exclusive Specialty Shop ot
Vlme. Frolunan ,i;' Waldorf-Astoria of New York
Bought Through A. Gluck (Si Co. of New York
Af Just A Fraction of Its Aefual Value
In this Btock may be found scores of partly
made robes, partly made waists and unfinished
costumes which may be bought for a fraction
of their original worth. Thcso creations vi
many of them the original designs of Madamo
Frohman herself. They aio made of the richest
silks and satins and tho rarest hand embroid
ered and real lace trimmed fabrics. They need
only the work of a skilled needlewoman to
transform them Into finished garments of In
dividuality and exquisite boauty.
High Class Imported Novelties, Laces, Bands, Galloons,
This is a stock that was tho prido of fashionablo New York on ae
account of its exclusive character. Madanio Frohman 's exolusivo shop
is ono of tho most fascinating features of tho famous Waldorf-Astoria.
There "was not another collection of imported fabrics and apparol in all
Now York to compare with tliis. Madarao Frohman socles only tho
patronage of tho olite. Sho is in touch with tho world's best sources
of supply and it is her joy to assemble for her appreciative patrons
robes and fabrics or rare boauty and splendor. Our sale which begins
at 8 o'clock Wednesday will bo ono of tho most romarkablo merchan
dising events in this country's history.
Mm, Frohman la known in tho chief mar
kets of tho Orient as ono of tho foremost col
lectors of exquisite hand work In this country.
Hor personal representative uponds his entire
time In tho mnrkotB of the Far Bast seoklng
particularly boautlful specimens of Japanese
embroidered fabrics, oxqulslto hand work from
the Phllllplno Islands and the rich embroid
ered stuffs from China, where hand embroidery
has boon tho work of adopts for conturlcB.
Semi-Made Robes
Of Crepe de Chine and Chiffon Cloth
Handsome single robes from Mme. Frohman's
stock, made of beautiful materials, crepe canton,
crepe chiffon, hand embroidored in black, white,
grey, helio, pink, with all the required elaborate
trimmings to match $r $B50 $fl A
Silk dept., at each robe , I J 111
Partly Made Waists
From Mine. Frohman 's stock. Hand embroidered
crepes, 'chiffon cloth, Shanghai and Canton Hab
u'tai with all the trimmings for each waist
Mine .Frohman 's price 59 $t)S9 5995 $
h. I
up to $25 each, at each
.Real Hand Embroidered Linen Robes
at $3.98, $4.98 and $5.98
Neat, artistic designs as well as elaborately em
broidered patterns on fine imported Irish hand
kerchief linen some are unmade and some are
partly made worth up to 098 J 98 $C9l
$15 each, at the pattern. . . . TC O
Seal Irish Hand Embroidered
Waist Patterns
Beautifully embroidered on sheer linen fabric in
white manyaro worth $5 each, some are unmade
and some are partly made, jj rn . CA
specially priced at PJ.wv J Po0V
Real Irish Linen and Japanese Linen
Hand Embroidered Panels
Now in great demand for trimming robes and
dresses Mme. Frohman 's prices up to Aft
$3.00, at each tOC
Genuine Hand Embroidered Table Covers Made of pine
apple linen, hemstitched border, 4 yards long. Mme. Froh
man 'b price $125; our special 2Or7 Ei"i
price pO .DU
Real Hand Embroidered Japanese Center Pieces Embroid
ered corners, hemstitched edge. Mme. Prohman's nn
price $2.50; our price. aOC
AUtvers, Nettings, Trimmings, Etc,
From Madame Frohman's Exclusive Specialty Shop in the Waldorf-Astoria.
Eeal crochet, real cluny, real macrame and real Princess laces, also rioh simula
tions of real laces in crochet, Venise, filet, ratine, macrame and retecilli dainty
patterns in filmy shadow laces beaded nettings silk nettings chantilly all
overs and flouncings crochet, Venise, Oriental and shadow allovors, flouncings,
bands and edges gold and silver effects rich gold and silver embroidored trim
mings beaded trimmings, East India and Persian trimmings, also crystal bands. All
novelties from Mme. Frohman's stock at a fraction of former prices. Arranged
,Trd28c,'39c, 59c, 98c and $1.3
Real 'Irish Crochet Hand Made Laces froBry rs".Sman
lic-39e : 59c
Picot edges, insertions and bands in narrow widths, Vz to
11 - u : ,1 n . j
J-72 luuuc!) w me, uu mum iiuui, yuru w j
Real Irish hand made lace, edges, bands and insertions, up to 4 inches wide, in a
score of the most exquisite designs that will delight $ 50 $ 98 a $ft25
all lovers of these fine laces, at the yard " S
45-Ineh Embroidered Skirtings in French Voile, Crepe, Ete.
French voile the new snow flake crope batiste and Swiss fabrics in dainty baby
lnsn ellects, Jitngush eyelet and new combination designs. AQ J M CA
Mme. Frohman's price up to $3 a yard, at the yard
Plain and" fancy trimming
Buttons rhlnestone,
buttons buttons of ev
ery kind at lesa than
Mme. Frohman's price.
Sheer B a 1 1 s t e and
SwIib Galloons, In
beautiful open work
patterns, "worth up to
66c a yard, at, qq
the yard..... C
Waist Frontings
1,000 pleceB In 94 -yard
lengths; crochet, Von
lse and Irish effects
many to match; worth
76o at, OC
each muC
Richly colored om-
broldored B u 1 garlan
edges, points and
bands In a wide variety
worth up to qq
$2 yd., at. yd. O&C
Hand Embroidered Silks, Canton, Shanghai Crepes,
Mandarin and Shantung Silks M $1 and $1!! Yd.
These exquisite silks which Mmo. Frohman imported direct from tho Orient are
worked out in beautiful designs in tho stunning Oriental colorings- the most per
fect dyo. Rich brocades and satins. Many exolusivo patterns. This is a rare op
portunity to sccuro those fine silks at a fraction of tho 4g CA tf Q
real cost. Mndnmo Frohman's prices for those oxtromo 11
novelties was up to $10 a yard, at yard. . ;
Real Philippine Islands, Hand Embroidered Gauze Silks
Thoso silks are woven with bonutiful floral and Oriental effects, bordure effects,
etc., in every tone of tho rainbow, specially adapted for party gowns IZ
and waists. Madarao Frohman's price on theso dninty silks was up jlf C
to $1.25 and oven $1.50 a yard our special price, yard
$2 and $2.50 Fineiiauze and Radium Silks, Tinsel Silks, Etc.. 69c and 98c Yd.
Ts'rioftl otlL-o HintvTifil ntSnfwl lfiinnnn ara nnrl hrnrmrlnH SlmilG'lhn.i Rllkfl. ToklO
silks in faBt dyos, stunning printed soft finished foulards, pure dye hand loom taf- I
iotas, peau do oropo and plain weave canton cropos, dapanoso,uninese ana rnuip
pino printed silks in beautiful effects, from Madnmo Frohman's AQ ftfj
stock at, yard , ''"
44 to 50 Inch Printed and Bordered Chiffon Cloth
Unlike anything over shown distinctive effects In whlto, clel, maize, hollo, Nell rce, Nile, coral,
amethyst and black grounds with corresponding designs. These chiffon irg dit AO
cloths were sought for by the most discriminating women In Now York's Ji II f,jU .ftf
fashionable sots. Madame Frohman's regular prlco was up to 42.50 yd., av v w
Chlncso and Japanose
The height op fashion. Soft, cling
ing fabric in Russian blue, amber
brown, russet, navy, whlto, natural,
and tan Mme. Frohman's &4
price up to $2.00 3k I
a yard, at yard v
Unmade Canton Robes
Ready Made Robes, Wraps, Coats, Negligees, Infants5 Wear
Etc., Frtm Mme, FrohgaiVs Stock at Prices Less Than Actual Cssl to Import
Hundreds of made up Raiment? of various kinds from Mmo. Frohman's stock offered at the most amazing bargains ever known
Robes, Wraps, Negligees, Coats, Infanta' Wear, etc. Every garment Is an exquisite creation.
14 Hand Embroidered fine Japanese Summer Shawls, Madame Frohman's price was $25, our special prico $5.00
29 Suits Ladies' Pajamas, plain and brocaded Shantung Silks, Mme. Frohman's pride up to $20.00, our price $5.00
15 Fine Japanese and Shantung Pullman Sleeper Robes, beautiful work, Mme. Frohman 's price $15.00, at . . $5.00
1 Fine Extra Large Black Crocheted Silk Shawl, Madame Frohman's former price $125.00, at $39.00
12 Long Hand Embroidered Silk Shoulder Scarfs of rich texture, Mme. Frohman's prico up to $20, our prico $5.00
1 Pink band embroidered Silk Shoulder Shawl, very dainty wrap, Mme. Frohman's former prico $45, our prico $15
1 light blue hand embroidered Silk Coat, a specially imported wrap that Mme. Frohman priced at $50, our price $15
1 fine embroidered pink Evening Coat an exquisite creation which Mme. Frohman priced at at $60, our prico $15
39 fine Short Hand Embroidered Silk Kimonos, very dainty, Mme, Frohman's former price $10 to $20, our prico $5
18 Long Hand Embroidered Fancy Crepe Klmonoe Mme. Froh
man's price up to 930.00, at . . . , SIO
13 Long Hand Embroidered Fancy Crepe Kimonos Mme. Froh-
man's price up to $7B.OO, at 825
10 Long Hand Embroidered Fancy Crepe Kimonos Mmo. Froh
man's price up to $40.00. at SI 5
12 Children's Silk II and Embroidered Kimonos, worth up to $13,
at S3. S
14 Children's Silk Hand Embroidered Kimonos, worth up to $10,
at ....... S2LOS
And hundreds of odd garments impossible to
88 Infanta' Short Embroidered Kimonos Mine. Frohman's price
up to $10.00, at S2.50
85 Infants' Short Embroidered Kimonos Mmo, Frohman's price
up to $12.50, at S'J.50
41 Infanta' Short Embroidered Kimonos Mme. Frohman's prices
up to $8.00, at SI
8 Infants' Fine Quilted and Hand Embroidered Carriage Robes,
worth $12.50, at S5
8 Infants' Fine Qnllted and Hand Embroidered Carriage Robes,
worth 810.00. at SJt
mention at redactions lust as wond erful as tlieie.
Robe patterns of axquisito texturo with all hand
embroidered panels and trimmings to match.
Aimo. jjTonman'B prices up to siu-uu eaon, our
Bpecml prices,
All the Imported French Lace Veils, the- fad in
Pans from Mme. Frohman's (g tf-g pa
stock, many stylos at, eaoh $1. "$.!)"
Ohiffon Automobile Veils and Scarfs Large size
veils and scarfs in all tho fashionable colors
somo extra heavy quality; Mmo, d (gQ. aq
Frohman's price up to $10, at. ., , . . vl"VueJO
All the handkerchiefs from the Mme. Frohman
stock in roal Duchosso, real Princess, point Lire
and Point Venise,
50c, $1, $1.50, $2.i0
J. 0. King's best grade 200-yard spool
foread, extra special, the dozen
Genuine Hand Painted Silk
Table Set Two doren doll
ies and center piece. Mme.
Frohman's price 25; our
special price Wednes- gj
day only............ pO
Embroidery, on pure linen,
Genuine Japanese Hand Em
broidered Table Set Center
piece with three dozen doll
lea, embroidered In white or
colors. Mme. Froh- J" Q
man's prloo $60, at. P 1 0
Genuine Hand Made. Maderia
extra line work all
Genuine Hand Made Japan
ese Battenburg Lunch Cloths
54-lnch size. Mme. Froh
man's price 3.60; $- 70
at 1
Genuine Hand Embroidered
Chine with hand knotted fringe. Mme. Frohman's
price $46; our price, each.
TET to
Japanese Bamboo Baskets In
all styles for ferns, rosei and
fruit and Sandwich Baskets,
prices from 76c 9? 50
to O
Piano Scarfs, on Crepe do
In Pompeian Room
Green Room Cafe,
25c a Plate.
Every Day From
2 Until 5 P. M.
Attractive Menu.
Opening Week in Our New and Enlarged Drug Bept
The success of tho first day of our spring salo was phenomenal.
Thousands of Omaha men and women who appreciate genuine values
thronged the aisles of our enlarged drug and toilet goods section and
took advantage of the scores of amazing bargaina Throughout this
opening week extra specials will be featured every day in this section.
Lydla Flnkham's Vegetable Comp.
Peroxide of Hydrogen; 1-lb. bottle
Fletcher's Castoria: at the bottle
S. S. S. for the Blood; $1 size bottle ,
Mennen's Talcum Powder, at, can
Woodbury's Facial Soap, at cake 12
Java Rice Powder, all shades, for 10
Quinine Egg Shampoo, at lBd
Witch Hazel, full strength, pint bot 156
20 Mule , Tram Dorax 1-lb. package together wlUi trial size of SO Mule 7
Team Ilorax Chips all for C
We Are Official
Agents in Omaha
for Womm Msa
Shoe Repairing
Rapid work perfectly
equipped machinery for
repairing shoes. Moder
ate priced.
for Decoraton Day
All kinds In Uasement,
la up.
Mending Tissue, regular 6c
package, for 2
Inside Belting, white or
black, 6-yard bolts, at Ffi
Roberts' Gold Eye Needles,
Be grade, at, the paper. . 1
Rick Rack Braid, assorted
sizes, at, the bolt....XOJ
Rustproof Hooks and Eyes,
at, the card , ,2H
Dress Shields, on sale, at,
the pair 5-k
Featherstitch Braids, Worth
16c, at, the bolt 54
Celebrated Wilson Dress
Hooks, the card .......
Waved Wire Collar Supports 3 on card, the card,...
Cold Storage for Your Furs
When your furs are in our new, dry cold air
vaults they are absolutely safe. Perfect protec
tion against moths, fire, heat, moisture, dust and
burglars. Each fur piece in. storage is hung sep
aratelynot crowded in. Better conditions and
better attention than your furs could possibly get,
at home. Tho risk is ours not yours.

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