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Candidates Coming
Out in Plenty
(From a Staff Correspondent)
UNCOLiN. Neb., June 6.-(8peclal.)
IBenator John Heasty of Falrbury was at
the state house yesterday, having just
returned from a trip to Kansas. Senator
Heasty has been frequently mentioned
In connection with the nomination for
governor, on the. republican ticket, but
no one has ever been able to discover
(Whether the gentleman really has a long
ing to fill the position or not.
He has also been accused of casting.
Bonglng eyes In the direction of the at
torney general's office since the pros
pects are good that there may be some
thing in It for the future beside board
and clothes for tho Incumbent. In this,
however, the Falrbury statesman may
find .opposition, as it Is generally under
Dtood that If Grant Martin thinks he has
had enough that either his deputy, Mr.
Ayers, . or his assistant, Mr. Edgerton.
will throw their hats into the ring.
There are now several "mentioned"
candidates for that republican nomination
for governor. Everybody but himself
acknowledges that Lieutenant Governor
IMcKelvle wants to try for, the goal, and
since he won glory at a colored picnic
lately as Judge of a baby show the col
ored brethren are all for him, and vthat
means a nreat deal. '
President of the"8enate J. H. Kemp ot
IFullerton looks mighty good to some peo
ple as the man to lead the forces back
to victory In Nebraska. Kemp made &
good record in the senate last winter and
showed good timber for the governor
chip. Then It must not be forgotten that there
was one republican at least over In the
house who gave indications of leadership,
Representative James Nichols of Madl
eon. Nichols, though on the minority
side in that chaotic body, never got up
to speak but what everybody listened
to what he had to say, which Is more
than could be said ot anyone on the mv
Jority side.
HBM1NGFORD, Neb., June (Spe
cial.) The Imperial Land and Cattle com
pany of Waukesha, Wis., has bought the
Charles E. Wlltsey farm of about 3,000
acres four and one-half milos east of
town for $27.60 per acre. In addition to
this they have bought his herd of Guern
sey cows and his stock cattle. The deal
approximated about $100,000 and puts the
new6wners in possession of one of the
finest tracts of agricultural land in north
western Nebraska, There is in the neigh
borhood of 800 acres under cultivation and
In addition about a section is seeded down
to tamt) grass.
The new company will erect silos and
aosJce much improvement in buildings and
In developing the farm.
Tho Farmers' Creamery company hero
Is taxed to Its capacity already this sea
son. Owing to the heavy runs of cream It
had to operate the creamery Sunday to
keep up. Automobile trucks have been
bought by private parties to haul In the
cream and they gather the cream from
a distance of forty miles west and about
twenty-five miles east of town. The
creamery Is a co-operative association of
the farmers and is owned by the farmers
in shares of J1Q0 each.
A fire broke out in Isar.c Hockey's store
room Memorial day while most of the
people were at the cemetery. Some sol
diers were here from Fort Robinson to
play ball and they put out the fire
Miss Evelyn McBumey of Hemlngford
and Miss Cora Henderson ot Curly have
been elected primary and Intermediate
teachers for next year.
The Board of Vacation is looking for
a principal and an assistant principal,
those elected having been previously
elected at other points.
The Spencer Lumber company, a
branch of the Central Lumber company
jot Denver, has decided to close out its
business here and leave the town. There
are two other yards here and there ap
pears to be. insufficient business for the
The Jlast of the old board walks have
been replaced this week with cement
walks. '
William DUUng was thrown out of his
automobile and painfully Injured while
running without lights Saturday night
The car was badly wrecked and took fire
from the oil lamps, but he extinguished
the blaze In time. He was alone and was
for a time under the car, but managed to
crawl out
Library Election ot Bbelton.
SH ELTON, Neb., June 6. (Special.)
A special election was held here Tuesday
which was for the purpose of granting
the- right to the village board to sell to
the library board one and one-half lots
on which will bo erected a Carnegie li
brary, and the proposition carried almost
unanimously, there being 103 votes for
and U against The Carnegie Library
association has offered to donate $3,000
for tiie erection of the building, and It
Js expected that money will be available
Omaha Law Firm
Files Suit for Fees
BEATRICE, Neb., June B.-(Spedal.)
Another attachment suit against the
Iowa-Nebraska Public Sen-Ice company
was brought yesterday In the district
court by tne law firm of Stout, Rose &
Wells of Omaha for $5,ffiS.l. They state
that a contract had been made whereby
tho law firm was to receive a retainer
fee of M.000 a year, and In addition a
reasona"! compensation for legal serv
ice. County Treasurer Hevelme yester
day received a telegram stating that
bankruptcy proceedings had been started
against tho company at Omaha.
At a meeting of the County Board of
Supervisors yesterday a contract was en
tered into by Marshall and Gage counties
for the maintenance of the roal on Ibe
oounty line. All of the county brides
will be built and maintained Jointly by
the two counties. The Standard Bridge
company of Omaha was allowed $4,004 for
work done in the county.
Hubert D. Horn and Ml.19 Ida Day,
both of this ciy, were marrleJ at Falr
bury yesterday afternoon by Judge
Thomas Jlcka and Mrs. Mary Steck
mann, both of O hi owe. Neb., were mar
ried here yesterday.
Talbot Addresses
Picnic at Osmond
OSMOND, Neb., June 5. (SpeclalTele
gram.) A monster crowd attended the big
Modern Woodmen picnic held under the
auspices of Osmond camp, Modern Wood
men of America, here yesterday. Three
thousand people were In attendance and
enjoyed the extensive program arranged
by the local committee, the main feature
being the address of Head Consul Talbot
of Lincoln, who was present through In
vitation from the Osmond camp. The head
consul's address was greatly appreciated
by all. This was the fourth annual Wood
men picnic held by the local Woodmen
and it proved to be a greater success than
any former, efforts. The weather man
seemed to be in sympathy with the move
ment, as the day proved -to be one of the
most balmy and beautiful of the season.
Notes fora Sutherland.
SUTHERLANjD, Neb,, June 5. (Spe
cial.) Frank Cox Is the new noattniutAr
at Sutherland, taKins possession June i.
He succeeds C. M. Reynolds of the Suth
erland Free Lance, who resigned several
weeks ago after having served over seven
years as postmaster.
Crop conditions are much bettered as
a result of the general rains of the last
week. Wheat had begun to suffer from
the hot winds and drouthy condition, but
now it is expected that a fairly good
crop will mature. Corn Is doing nicely,
while sugar beets and alfalfa promise a
good yield.
Several trainloads of cattle recently
have been shipped In from Arizona and
places south for the summer. The ani
mals will be ranged In the hills In north
Lincoln and south McPherson counties.
Sutherland's new hotel bulldlnsr ghortlv
will be ready for occupancy. The only
hotel in town burned down several months
ago, and since then the traveling public
has found It necessary to camp around
at private houses. The new one Is of
brick and will be run on the European
Notes from Falrbury.
FAIRBURY, Neb., June B.-(Speclal..)
Judge L. M. Pemberton of Beatrice is
holding a short session of district court
here this week. A number ot equity
cases are on the docket
A change has been made in the train
dispatching force here. Lee McFarland.
car tracer, has been promoted to train
dispatcher In place of C. A Prewltt, re
signed. StoclrrlUe Boy Scalded.
STOCKVILLE, Neb.. June 5.-(Speclal.)
Arthur Dold, the S-year-oId son of
George J. Dold, county clerk, was se
verely scalded yesterday. He pulled the
plug from a washing machine and was
badly burned on breast and legs. He Is
resting better and they believe he will
recover. Mr. Dold Is In Omaha on busi
ness this week.
License Flifht, at Table Rock.
TABLE ROCK. Neb., June B.-(Speclal.)
-The village board granted a license to
sell liquor to G. A. Alexander of Falls
City Tuesday afternoon after an extended
hearing. The remonstrators gave notice
of appeal and the matter probably will
come up before Judge Raper at Pawnee
City Saturday. In the meantime the
"thirst parlor" remains closed.
Nebraska Girl Wins Honor.
IOWA CiTT, la., June 5. (Special.)
Miss Claire Schaible of Octavla, Neb.,
will participate tomorrow night In tho
graduating concert of the Iowa University
School of Music. Only three are thus
An UIy OaU
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For sale by Beaton Drue Ca-.imtlM-ment.
Wants Intcrurbans to Issue Them
Only to Cover Aotual Cost.
.Majority of lUillirnr llonril Inclined
to Grnnt Concessions thnt Will
Permit Bnllillns; of Line
In Nebraska.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, June 6. (Special.) If Rail
way Commissioner Thomas L. Hall has
his way there will be no development ot
public utilities in Nebraska In the fu
ture on the bond proposition unless the
Issue of bonds covers the actual ex
penditure and the estimates made by
the commission's own experts may not
be considered as reliable.
Such at least was his position this
morning when Sanford B. Ladd, rep
resenting the Northern Construction
company, appeared before the railway
commission tils morning to discover
what the commission proposed to do re
garding the Issue ot 13,100.000 In stocks
and bonds to the Omaha, Lincoln and
Beatrice lnterurban railway for the con
struction of its line from Lincoln to
Mr. Ladd asked the commission to
submit Its proposition ot what would
be required ot the construction com
pany which had agreed to take over the
bond Issue, of the lnterurban company
In payment fur constructing the road,
and was told that the commission, should
It finally grant the issue, would require
that as soon as the road was completed
the company should deposit $75,000 in
cash to guarantee that the road would
have sufficient backing to Insure Its
maintenance for some time to come.
This was satisfactory to Mr. Ladd.
He said that the Northern Construction
company expected to do the square thing
with the people of Nebraska. "We are
coming Into the state as a domestic
corporation," said Mr. Ladd, "and we
have no desire whatever to ask more
than we are entitled to under the laws of
your state."
llnnds to Cover Cost.
Mr. Hall, of the commission, developed
the fact that he was opposed to the
bonds until after the road had been
built and theh the bonds should be is
sued to cover actual cost of building.
He rather questioned the figures intro
duced by Mr. Gerber. physical engineer
and expert of the 6ommission, and his
ability to estimate tho cost of railway
construction end asked him where he
ever had any experience along that line.
Mr. Gerber was for nine years an ex
Pert In the employ of the Union Pacific
railway and his business was to make
estimates on grading and construction In
the building of railway lines, and he
thought that he knew something about
building railways. He exhibited figures
and explained at some length, seemingly
to the satisfaction of everybody present
but Mr. Hall, why such and such work
would cost a certain per cent of the con
struction expense. He placed the grading
on the Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice at 24
cents per cubic yard on an average.
He said that from Lincoln to Ashland
the, grading cost would be much less, but
that as soon as the river was crossed at
that place the roughness of the country
wouia run the cost up a great deal higher.
It will take forty-seven waiting stations
to coat $50 each, the same number of
waiting platforms to cost $15 each and
six station buildings at a cost of not less
than $1,200 each and might run higher,
according to the grade of railway built
Gerber Questioned Closely.
Mr. Hall seemed rather to doubt the
ability even of Mr. Gerber to Judge the
percentage of cost of legal advice, etc.,
that would be needed, and while he said
that he had been In close touch with
that part of the game while with the
Union Pacific construction department,
the commissioner did not seem to be
satisfied and spent about a"n hour trying
to catch Mr. Gerber in some kind of a
statement which would tend to show that
he did not know what he was talking
about However, Mr. Gerber seemed to
know the construction' business so thor
oughly that he came out of the ordeal
so sufficiently clear that he was able to
go home and eat a square meal.
The bone which seemed to stick In the
throat of Commissioner Hall was the
right of the commission to authorize a
sale of stock and bonds for more than
the construction cost He did not want
the bonds issued until after the road was
built and also demanded to know It the
Lincoln Traction company, the Omaha,
Lincoln & Beatrice company and the
Northern Construction company were to
gether in the deal, ond Insisted that Mr.
Ladd should give the names of all the
officials of the construction company.
Company Affiliations.
Mr, Ladd seemed willing to do so, but
said he had no roster of the company
officials with him, but gavet he names of
some of the prominent officials.
"The Lincoln Traction' company has no
connection with either the lnterurban or
the Northern oCnstructlon company as
far as the building ot the road is con
cerned," said Mr. Ladd in a very em
phatic manner.
He asked Mr. Hall how he expected the
company to go ahead and buy rails, ties
and other equipment to build the road if
they did not have the moriey or any as
surance that the bonds would be Issued
before the work began.
"When the road is completed," said he,
"there will be a complete showing before
this commission and the people ot Ne
braska, giving in detail the complete
cost of building the road. There will be
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MAUIX BROS., SI. Loals, Mo.
nothing hidden .from the vople 6f Ne
braska. This road has got to bo One of
the best equipped and built roads ot the
kind In the country. We have got to
compete with the- Burlington, the Rock
Island and the Northwestern, and for
that reason our road must be of the best
and Its equipment the equal ot nny In the
country. We are willing to grant the
wishes ot the commission Rnd put enough
cash up when the road Is completed to
guarantee Its running expenses for a con
siderable time. We want to make this
road a model road and all we ask Is a
fair chance to make the trial."
The result of tho hearing may not be
gtven out for several days, though from
the developments In the hearing today
It would seem that a majority ot the
commission desires to see lnterurban de
velopment In Nebraska and Is willing to
take this opportunity to make the test
Geneva Men Score
High at Targets
(From a Staff Correspondent).
LINCOLN, June B. (Special.) Mexico,
Japan and other countries which may
have chips on their shoulders which
they would llko to have Uncle Bam try
to knock off might Juat as well take no
tice right now that the chip is liable to
come off If some of the members of
Nebraska's national guardsmen get a
Yesterday Captain Lon Kesterson, who
has charge of the rifle practice at the
Lincoln range, gathered up a squad
from the Geneva company, now shoot
ing there, and went out to the range.
Tho squad was composed ot ten men and
everyone of them qualified, two as ex
pert riflemen, three as sharpshooters
and five as marksmen.
In the 300-yard rapid fire shoot, Pri
vato Cusln scored 4S out of a possible 60,
while Private Tates scored out of a
possible GO. This Is considered some
thing remarkable in rapid fire shooting.
Veterans Must Send
Notice Before Trip
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, June 5. (Special.) All vet
eran survivors of the Battle of Gettys
burg who are contemplating takjag the
trip to the anniversary of that battle
must before June 10, mall to the com
mission a statement that they desire
to make the trip and are financially and
physically able to do so, or they can
not come In under the appropriation.
Those who fall to notify the commis
sion by that time will be considered as
not desiring to make the trip, and If
they go, wilt be compelled to look out
for their own transportation. All who
notify the commission before the 10th
will be sent proper blanks on which to
fill out their application.
Letters may bo sent to Captain A. M.
Trlmbell, state capitol building, Lin
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. June 8. fSDeclaLW Food
! Commissioner Harmon Is getting ready
j partment of his office in good shape to
begin work July IT, when the new
weights and measures bill will go Into
The old measures, which have been
In the curiosity department of the state
university ever since 1868, have been
unearthed and found to meet the re
quirements needd, and have been sent
lo Washington to be tested. Thera were
about a hundrd pieces In the assortment
In addition to these, about two hundred
other pieces have been brought which
will be divided into two sets and placed
in charge of the two deputies who will
travel over the country and see that all
scales, measures, etc., have the re
quired standard.
Among the bunch are twenty 60-pound
weights which will have to be toted
around the country by the deputies in
their search for dishonest men who have
been skinning the public. Mr. Harman
says that Nebraska Is one of the first
states in the unipn to put In effect a
weights and measures law.
A friendly suit to test the validity of
the law relative to gift package wilt
be started in court in a nhnrt h.
There Is already a suit pending in the J
u.lCu mates court, but Commissioner
Harman wants the Nebraska law tested
as welL
News Notes of Deahler.
DBSHLER, Neb., June 8.-Epecll-Thayer
county bankers met in Deshler
Wednesday and made a permanent or
ganization, electing the following officers:
J. E. Conklln. Hubbell, president; Clartc
M. Ltggit Hebron, vice president: H. M.
Harms, Deshlor, secretary. Twenty
eight bankers wre in attendance. After
a visit to the broom factory and the new
college, the visitors were gtven an ban
quet at the Pacific hotel. The next meet
ing will be held In Hebron. July 9.
The twenty-third annual convention of
the Kansas-Nebraska district of the
Evangelical Lutheran Joint synod of
Ohio win be held In Deshler and Hebron
next week, beginning In Deshler Wednes
day evening, June 11. A concert will be
held in the opera house In Hebron Friday
evening. Sunday services will be held in
the Hebron academy. Closing services
will be held in Deshler Monday, June 18.
A large atjcnda.ni! it expected.
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Durum wheat.
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State League Holds Annual Session
at North Platte.
Memorial Tablet Will Be Krerted
t Honor of Author nf Nebraska
Lavr and nf First Annocln-
Hon In Rtntr.
NORTH PLATTR. Neb., June B.-(Bpe-
cial.) The twenty-second annual conven
tlon of the Nebraska State League ot
Local Building and Loan Allocations was
held In Elks' hall. Wednesday. Forty
delegates, representing twenty-three as
sociations, were present Thomas C. Pat-
tenon of North Platte, president of the
league, presided, and James J. Fltigerald
of Omaha officiated as secretary.
A) number of papers dealing with vari.
ous phases of association business were
read and discussed. Particular attention
was paid to the new "blue sky" law,
which was dissected by Attorney Murdock
of South Omaha, who declared the act
very loosely drawn and full of loopholes
for shady promoters.
Mar Amend Constitution.
The question of broadening or striking
out the word "local" In the title of the
league caused the liveliest debate of the
two lesslons. Heretofore tho league re
stricted Its membership to associations
doing a strictly local business that is.
confining their loans to the cities and
Immediate vicinity In which they are or
ganised. Half a dozen or more associa
tions doing a state-wide business In loans
aro excluded from membership by the "lo
cal" rule Rnd the proposed change Is to
enable them to Join the association. The
Issue Involved a chnnge In the constitu
tion of the leaguo and under the rules
was deferred to the next annual meeting.
Meanwhile the league proposes to can
vass the state and Induce all associations
to Join.
Two Memorial Tablets.
T. J. Fltzmorrls of Omaha, C. W. Brln
lnger of Grand Island and T. C. Patterson
of North Platte were appointed a com
mittee to procure suitable tablets, one to
be placed 111 the new association building
In North Platte In honor of the first co
operative association in Nebraska, or
ganized In North Platte In 1876; the other
is to be a memorial to the late Charles
FBentley of Grand Island, arid Is to be
placed In the projected new home ot the
Equitable association of Grand Island.
Mr. Bentley was the author of the first
association law of Nebraska, known as
the law ot 1SS1, and had been actively
Identified with the association of his home
city, as well as association work In the
state and nation, serving as president ot
thi state league several years and one
year as president of the United States
The old officers of the league were re
elected and Columbus was chosen for the
meeting of 1914.
In the evening the delegates were ten
dered . a bonquet by the North Platte
Commercial club.
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force Lb "Caution Guard- Watoh Safety
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train's to St. Paul and Minneapolis leave Omaha
8:10 p. m. and 7:44 a.m. dally.
Ask- P. P. Bonorden, O. P. A T. A.,
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Phone Douglea SCO.
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coniig to Omaha who
want rooms
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