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Pionios Are Being Hold in tho
Country by the Motorists.
titdoor Clnhs Are Ilelnir Well
.Patronised- Mnny YnnnK Teoplo
Ave Iletnrnlnsr from Eastern
Schools for Sninmcr.
Social Calendar,
MONDAY Dundee Luncheon club at
Happy Hollow: Mrs, James England
and ilr. D, w. Dudgeon entertain tor
Aiita Kinei issnt.
TUKSDAY Dinner dance at Hannv Hoi
low and Carter Lake dubs; Mr. Harry
8. Steel, luncheon at the Field clubs
nlversal Circle card party.
WEDNESDAY Dinner dance at Country
and Field clublt Mrs. Katie Qrotte and
Mrs. Arthur LandaUer, luncheon at
itorae noteu Mr. ana Aire, J. u. ureen
entertain lionhomle Card club! Miss
Margaret Park, evening bridge party.
THURSDAY Ladle' day at Happy Hoi
low and Field clubi, Omaha High school
senior's banquet at Happy Hollow; Mri.
A. P. Cronk, Comui club; Informal
Bridge club, nlcnlo at Elmwood park.
FRIDAY Dinner dance at Seymour Lake
Country club.
EATOIIDAY Dinner dance at Country,
Field. Happy Hollow and Carter Lake
clubs; Miss Mae O'Brien will enter
tain at ueymour Juaae ciud lor uui
uiaays Loueck.
Motor trips to the country and suppers
In attractive groves and woods are the
entertainments of the hour with society.
The weather haa been Ideal for picnics
and parties pt four, six and twelve can
bo found In the attractive nooks near the
country roads enjoying lunch or supper.
The country clubs are generally Included
on the return trip and there the party
finishes the evening dancing- A summer
accessory to some of the more luxurious
cars Is the refrigerator. Delicious salads
And Ices and. cooling drinks make the
modern plcnlo much more enjoyable' and
vastly different from the old-fashioned
affair. , ,
Many Omahans will spend the summer
abroad and their 'plans, are being made
with such accuracy that,-short trips will
be taken from points of Interest by
Omaha travelers who will meet In
Europe , ,
Mrs. Ward M, Burgees and Mrs. Charles
T. Kountxe, .Mrs. Warren 8. Blackwell
and Mrs. Ida M. Haiidiett will meet In
lyondon the latter part of the summer
and will take the Btratford-on-Avon trip
Mrs. Blackwel and her mother, Mrs.
Whltcomb, will leave In July for London
to visit Mrs. Blackwell'a sister. Mrs.
Blackwell and Mrs. Hanchett will sail
fbr home Beptember 37 on the Franconla.
Hon. X H. Millard and Miss Jessto
Millard will sail July 19 for Europe where
they will spend the summer.
Mrs. D. 21. Wheeler, Jr., leaves tomor
row for Burlington, VC, to Visit her
mother and sister before sailing June 2(
for Europe on the "Ryndam."
Mrs. deorge'Falmer has engaged pas
sage for Europe July 1 for herself and
children aid will spend the summer In
FlnUterre in Brittany, where Mrs. E. M.
Fairfield will join her in August.
Dr. Lerojr Crummer and Dr. Arthur D.
Dunn will leave next week, to sail June 21
op tho "Kaiser WUhelm H" for two
months abroad.
Dr. and. Mrs, Henry B. Lemere have
engaged passage-, on the "Teutonlo" for
July 26 and will visit his slater- in Man
chester, England1, and also spend some
time In Germany.
Mr.and Mrs. C. W. Hamilton and family
will leave for Norway and Sweden Thurs
day, the day after the graduation of
Charles and Raphael Hamilton from
Crelghton college, Miss Stella Hamilton
is planning tq join them later in Paris.
Return From Eastern Sohooli.
Nearly all ot the young people have re
turned from school in the east and many
-will spend the summer In Omaha with
their parents.
George Thummell Is expected home
soon from Cornell university, where he
Is the editor of the Cnverslty Dally paper.
Miss Euecnle Patterson, who attends
school in Washington, D. C, will visit
her sister, Mrs. Ben Boyoe, In Chicago
before returning home. '
Jack Bummers has returned from school
In Massachusetts and will spend his va
cation with his parents. Dr. and Mrs. 3,
E. Summers.
Miss' Virginia Offutt comes home to
morrow from Rosemary Hall, whero aha
is a student
Miss Mona Cowell, who has completed
her sophomore year at Vassar, Is on
her way fvpme with two college friends
by way of Duluth and the lakes. Mrs.
Cowell may go to Duluth to meet her
today and accompany her home.
Mr. Albert Drbgan arrived home Sat
urday from Chicago, where he has been,
studying: At the university for several
Miss Marie Stewart, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles T. Stewart of Council
BluMs, returned home from school at
Xlrlarcllff Saturday.
Miss Elisabeth Reed and Miss Erna
Xleed, daughters ot Mr. and Mrs. A. Ia
Xleed, are expected home Tuesday from
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Sorority G-irl Announces Engagement
mmmsm iiiiiiiu) 1 1, , iii m nt liiTisaMBi
La Jolla, Col., where they have, been at
the Bishop's school all winter.
Mr. Montague Tancock returns today
from his first year at Princeton.
Miss Ida Darlow returned last Sunday
from her first year at Bryn Mawr and
will spend the summer hero with her
mother Mrs. Alfred Darlow.
Henry Hart of Council Bluffs has re
turned from Yale, and' Casper Offut Is
expected homo next week from Yale.
-.John Loqmls and QKs Carpenter, w.bQ
attend Dartmouth, will bo among the
ldt to' return and are-expected the last
wtek in June. '
Singleton BwlUer, who has been at
tending' school at Ann' Arbor, Mich, will
arrive home the early party of the week
to spend the remainder .of the summer
with his mother, Mrs. John Singleton
Swltser, at Fort Crook.
Lininger Travel Club I'ionlo.
Members of the Omaha High school Lin-
lnger Travel club had an enjoyable plo
nla luncheon at Elmwood park Baturday.
The chnperones were Mrs. F, L. Haller,
Miss Schmidt of the high school faculty,
and Mrs. Dickson. The club members
present were Misses Helen Kroner, Rose
Pascals, Carrol Kuenne, Mary Day, Es
ther Connelly, Olka Anderson, Ruth Wei-
ler, Mildred Nordln, Lillian Anderson,
Erdlce Baumgardner, Bloom White, Vol
esti Preston, Helen Cook. Mary Johnson,
Frances McQrath, Edith McNett, Quito
Eddy, Louise Damon, Mabel Bandberg,
Madene Thompson. Bertha Qtrton, Mil
dred Ctautsen.
Dinner Partiei.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. .Buchols enter
tained at a beautifully -appointed dinner
party Thursday evening, at their home.
Snap dragons and lilies of the. valley
formed the centerpiece for the table and
the guests were) '
Mr. and Mrs. Exra Millard.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. -Towle.
Mrs. Ratnbolt
Miss Jessie Millard.
J. H. Millard.
W. n. lUlnbott.
Mr. and Mrs, Victor Caldwell enter
tained st dinner Wednesday evening at
their home In honor of Mrs. H. 8. Cald
well .of Tioga. Mr. and Mrs. II, W. Yates,
Mrs. C. E. Yost, Mrs. Warren Rogers,
Mrs. Offut. Mr. and Mrs, Haverstlck and
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Rhoades were tho
Mr. and Mrs. Brogan entertained Mrs.
Elsemore of Chicago at dinner Thursday
evening, with Miss May Hamilton and
Mr. Frank Hamilton. Mrs, Elsemore was
also the guest of Mrs. Wilson Low at an
Informal little tea one afternoon this week
and Mr. and Mrs. O. C Redlck have en
tertained informally for her.
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. 8. D.
Barkalow entertained Bishop and Mrs,
MUltpaugh at dinner Informally at their
apartment with Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Davis
and Mrs. Thomas of Topeka.
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. C. Y,
Smith gava a dinner at their home with
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Swobs. Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Wheeler, Mrs. Eva' Wallace. Mr.
Metcalf of Lincoln, Dr. Crummer and Mr.
Ben Warren as their guests. Later they
went to the danoe at the Country club.
Summer: Hani.
Mr. ami Mrs. William Sears Foppleton
and son William will leave Tuesday to
spend the summer In Colorado.
Miss Margharetta Burke and her bro
ther Everett have gone to spend the sum
mer on their uncle's ranch In the Big
jtiorn Basin In Wyoming.
Mrs. Tyler Belt and children left Tue
day for two weeks at Excelsior Springs,
before going to Prior Lake, Minn., for
the next three months.
Mrs. Henry W. Plerpont and children
left' yesterday for OkoboJI, to spend the
summer at, the cottage they have taken
on Omaha Beach. Her parents, .Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Smith, wm Join her there
later. Mrs. Smith returns tomorrow from
a visit to Chllllcothe, O., and Mr- Smith
has been at OkoboJJ for a few days to
open the cottage for-hU-daughter.
Mrs. II. F. Cady and her daughter, Mrs.
Allan Robinson, he gone from La Jolla, I
Cat., to Los Angeles, where they will re
main for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Weller will
spend tho months bf July and August at
their summer home at Welter, Colo.
Mrs. J. De Forest Richards and her
mother, Mrs. Callahan, leave today for
Atlantic City, where they will remain alt
summon Miss Charlotte Callahan will
Join them there from the Wentover school
In Connecticut.
Mry, 3. J. Dickey, Miss Dickey, Miss
Thum'mo, Miss Gladys Peters, Miss
Daphne'. Esters nnd Douglas Peters left
Wednesday for OkoboJI, to open tho Po
ters and Dlokey cottage for the summer.
Mrs. Peters left today to join them.
Visitors Arrive.
Mrs. Klrke of Chicago arrived Friday
and Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. El H.
S prague.
Dr. C, C. Allison has as his guests his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Allison of
HUlsboro, O.
Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Gulou ot Hollywood,
Cat., arrived Thursday evening to visit
his son, Mr. Arthur P. Gutou and Mrs.
Mrs. James E. Boyd has as her guests
her niece, Mrs. McDonald of North
Platte, and her daughter, Miss Janet Mc
Miss Ida Miller ot San Francisco, who
attends college In New York, Is expected
Tuesday to be the guest ot Mr. and Mrs.
J. N. ICopsld for ten days.
Mrs. Manford Elsemore ot Chicago, for
merly Miss Mae Mount ot this city, has
been spending the week hero the guest
of her aunt, Mrs. Dunham.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walker and daugh
ter, 'Helen, of Danville, 111., arrived Fri
day to be the guests ot Mrs. Walker's
sister, Mrs. William B. Whltehorn, and.
Mr. Whithorn for two weeks.
Mrs. C. B. Walker of Syracuse, N. Y.,
daughter of Mr. Charles F, Waller, ac
companied by her two children, will ar
rive next Saturday for an extended visit
with friends and relatives In the city.
Have Family Reunion.
Nine children of the late Mr. and Mrs.
David Risher, Armstrong county, Penn
sylvania, have been enjoying a reunion
at the home of one of the sisters, Mrs.
Callle Bartnees, 1529 Spruce street. This
Is the first time that they have all been
together since 1SS5. The oldest Is 70 years
ot'age, while the youngest Is 0. Each
has a family and all told there are, forty
two children.
It has been a joyous occasion for the
sinters and brothers to have this meeting
and It has been anticipated by them for
over a year.
At Happy Hollow Club.
The dinner party planned for Baturday
evening at the club by Mr. and Mrs.
Charles G. McDonald In honor ot Mr.
and Mrs. O. G. Wilson, was postponed
Indefinitely owing to tho Illness ot Mrs.
Will Be Married Today
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bsbbbbsbbP Jshbsb
"g" Mini
McDonald. Mr and Mrs Wilson will
move to Chicago this summer,
George Fisher had six guests .at -dinner
Saturday evening; Dr. W. O. Henry,
eight; K. II. AUious. twelve; G. W.
Noble, five; A. Klewltt, two; I. Sibber
sen, ten; Dr. W. F. Mllroy, seven; F. J.
Martin, four; W. L. Loete, four; Nelson
Pratt, fourj J. D. Goodrich, six J", L.
Bradley, four; J. P. ' Lord, four; J, M.
Ulan, three, .
At the Field Club.
Mr and Mrs. W. M atller entertnlned
at one. ot the larger dinner parties at the
dab Saturday evening- Their' guests
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. O. Slford.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Huff, ,
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Krug,
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. lllgslns,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gouldlng,
Dr and Mrs. A. II. Bruenlng,
Miss PearJ Smith of Chicago,
Carl Bock.
Harry O, Steel entertained at dinner
last evening for twenty guests, Includ
ing a number of Insurance men from
out In the state, who are In Omaha at
tending, a convention.
O. E., Itayenitlck entertained sixteen
guests nt dinner. N. F. Harrlman, elghtl
Guy Smith, ten; Paul Wernher. eight;
T, V, Sholee, seven ; Dr. W. H. Sherraden,
six; Frank Walters, six; George T.
Wright, two; Austin Collett, four; W. E.
Bhepard, six; French, three; E. E.
Brando, four;sRufus Harris, two.
At the Country Club.
One pf the largest of the dinner parties
last evening at the club was given by
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burkley In honor
of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hamilton, who
leavo next week for Europe. Tho guests
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wyman.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. McShone.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Nash.
Mr and Mrs. U F. Crofoot.
Mrs HoGan or Memphis.
Mrs. John G. Bourke.
Mr. Frank Burkley.
Mr. Frank Hamilton.
Luther Drake had six' guests, Howard
Baldrldge, seven; C. W. Hamilton, jr.,
three; A. J. Love, six; W. 8.' Blackwell,
six; T. J, Mohoney', eight; J.'T. Stewart,
six; W. A. Austin, three; W Fornam
Smith, six; iGerrlt Fort, 'four? R. C, Howe,
four; Dr. W. O.'' Bridges,; nine; W. J.
Foye sovent Miss Mae Louise Hamilton,
eight, J. B. 'nahni five.
Friday evening Mr. arid Mrs. J, T.
Stewart, 2d, and' Mr.' and Mrs. W. T.
Burns dined together. At another table
were Mr. and Mrs. John French, Miss
Carolyn Congdon and Herbert French.
Randall Brown entertained eight guests
In honor of Major and Mrs. C. F, Hart
mann of Fort Omaha,
At Seymour Lake Country Club.
Among those attending the dinner dance
nt Seymour lAke Country club Friday
evening were;
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Patterson.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Rose.
Jlr. and Mrs. W. B. Cheek.
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Kyte.
Dr. and Mrs. M. L. King.
Dr. and Mrs. William Berry.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sanders.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Bptesberger.
Mr. arid Mrs. H. E. Bold.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sherwood.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Skinner.
Mr. and Mrs. George Laler.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hone.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gould, jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon, jr.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Tubbs.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Hennlngson.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fry.
Mrs. Stanley Hartman .ot Chlago.
Misses Misses
Marlon Berry. W'orley;J
Frances, joersoie, ajaoiiB oie-
Sherwood, . '
Hortense Spies
Kcsa Dumont,
Ruth Skinner,
Mao Murphy.
Zelma Skinner,
Marlon Weller.
(Harry B. Cheek,
Albert Cohn,
Royal B. Comstock, Harry C. Townsend,
David Berry, Guy Harmon,
A. Gordon. Darwin Bone,
J. B. Begley, Llole Rushton,
John Skinner, F. B. Herd,
Paul Burke, Kenneth Brown,
G. H. Conant. W. D. Townsend.
University Romance.
The engagement is announced of Mls
Doris Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. N. Wood to Maxwell Vance Beghtol
of Lincoln. Both young people attended
the University of. Nebraska, where Miss
Wood was a member of (he Kappa
Kappa Gamma sorority and graduated
last year. Mr. Beghtol graduated about
two years ago and is a member ot the
Beta Theta PI fraternity. He is the
junior member of thp law firm ot Strode
& Beghtol of Llnooln. Both ore popular
In university circles and Miss Wood Is
one of the most attractive members of
the college set The wedding will take
place In the fall.
Heoker-Frost Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Juliet JC Frost,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WllUnra Frost
of West Point, Neb., to William A- O.
Hecker was celebrated Wednesday at.
high noon at the residence ot the bride's
parents, Rv, L. J. Powell officiating.
The bride was gowned in white em
broidered batiste trimmed with baby
Irish lace and satin bands. She carried
a shower bouquet ot bride's roses.
Miss Esther Frost, sister of the bride,
was bridesmaid and was gowned In pink
silk drapod with self-tone chiffon. She
carried pink roses. Preceding the cere;
mony Miss Frost sang, "Oh. Promise
Miss Olive Dewtts played tho Mendels
sohn Wedding March. The flower girls
were Misses Berntce Cushman and
Wlltrude Hooker. Herbert T. Ring served
as best man., and Master Ronald Adam
ot Omaha carried the ring.
After the wedding dinner the couple
left for a motor trip to Colorado and
Yellowstone Park.
The out-of-town guests were Mrs. W.
C Hecker, Mr, and Mrs, A. E. Hecker
and family, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cushman
and family ot Hooper, Mr. and. Mrs.
Theodore Dewltz and daughter of Wiener
and Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Adam and son,
Ronald, of Omaha.
Woodard-Crocker Wcddino-
A pretty Jftne wedding took place on
Wednesday evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. T a Crocker, 2709 Charles
street when their daughter, Florence
Volland Crocker, was united in marriage
to Clarence William Woodard.
Rev. W. M. Boyers of he Walnut Hill
Methodist church read the marriage lines.
The brldo wore a gown of white char
meuse trimmed In brilliants and carried
a bouquet of bride's roses. Mr. Fred
Woodard, brother of the groom, was best
man, and Mrs. Fred Woodard matron of
honor. Master Paul Lawrence Hoffman,
a cousin of the bride, was ring bearer,
carrying the ring In a large calla lily.
Miss May Borensen played the wedding
march. The rooms were very prettily
decorated in smtlox and cut flowers. The
ceremony took place under a bower of
smllax and roses.
Owing to the- recent death of the bride's
brother the wedding was quiet, there be
ing about forty guests present While
the refreshments were being served the
A. O. U. W. band played a number of
selections. The bride and groom left for
a western trip and will be at home after
July 1 at 2711 Pratt street '
Shower for Miss Ralph.
Miss Hasel Ralph, who is to bo a June
bride, was the guest of honor at a shower
given at the home of Miss Charlotte
WUIard Tuesday evening. Miss Ralph
was presented with a handsome framed
picture. Those present were; r
Misses Misses
Hazel ttalph, Emma Winget
Caroline Homellus, Ethel Pratt
Margorette HomeUusJean Watson, ,
Grace Newton, Lucy Stone. -
uertruae remer, xieua usienDurg,
Clara Barnes, Charlotto WUIard,
Erma Pickett Mary Krebs,
Florence Shearer, Ruth Partridge.
iMlldred MaMurphy,
Margerette Scott,
Ollle Brain,
Jessie Kavan.
Luncheon for Miss Haller.
Mrs. Fred Hill entertained at luncheon
Saturday for Miss RUth Haller, who will
be a June bride. The table was deco
rated In greon and white and covers were
laid for six guests.
Wilson-Davis Engagement.
Br. and Mrs. w. M. Davis ot South
Omaha, announce the engagement of
their daughter, Beulah, to Leo It. Wil
son. The wedding will take place in the
London-Simon Engagement.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Simon announce the
engagement of their daughter, Kather
lne, to Liouls London. The wedding will
talcs plaoe the latter port ot August
Haskins-Dunlap Wedding.
The marriage of Miss Grace Aubrey
Dunlop, daughter of the late Rt Rev.
George Kelly Dunlap, bishop of New
Mexico and Arizona, to Mr. Daniel TUden
HasUtns of New Mexico, took place at All
Saints' church at high noon Saturday, the
Rev. Thomas J. .Mackay officiating. The
ceremony was followed by a breakfast at
the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Oscar
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