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Quick Re uction
of nil Stocks
Our Object.
Prices Marked
Without Consid
eration of Oost.
You can pick with your oyes shut from the splendid offerings Saturday or any day during this salo and bo sure of a bargain. Our warrant of
value as over goes hand in hand with all purchases. Come prepared to have your keenest expectations realized.
Hundreds of now lots brought forward Saturday.
lect from, on sale, chofon
uaioriKean blurts or
Drawers, to $1.00 garment val
ues, all sizes 15c, 85c, 25c, 10c
Men's 25c and 50c Socks Lisle
and silk, black, tan, blue or
feroy 25 and 1J5
Complete Lines of Sterling Underwear Attractively Priced.
m!L Panama Hats
Very best JK to $lb quality genu
ine Ecuadorian Panamas, in four
lots... .$3.95, $5.00, 97.50, $10.00
Men's Straw Hats
The very newest styles in fine
dress Straw Hats. .31, $1.50, $2
From 50c to $1 under worth.
v J
Bags Suit Cases
20 Discount
On any Trunk, Bag or Suitcase
In our stock. (Indestruutos ex
cepted.) Trunks,. JG.'OO up to $35.00
Suitcases, 1.00 up to $30.00
Bags, I2.T0 up to $35.00
Save Saturday.
Few not Weather Specials
in CHINA Dept.
Water Glasses, 6 for .... 10i
Plain Ice Cream Dishes, 6
for 12
Large size Lemon Squeczors,
each 5
2-nuart Glass. Vater, Pitchers,
each ,..?jrM:..v,l.-...lK4
Ba11 MaBon Fruit Jars
Pints, dozen 45c
Quarts, dozen 55
B. S. Glass Top Jars
Pints, dozen ....4.... 754
Quarts, dozen 054
Best Jar Covers, dozen . -X54
Best Jar Rubbers, extra heavy,
3 dozen for 254
Pre-Inventory Specials in DRUGS AND TOILET ARTICLES
Two bars of Williams Shaving
Soap for Bo
10c Shlnola Shoe Polish for 5o
10c Physicians" and Surgeons' or
Saynion's Soap for So
25c size Dr. Graves' Tooth Pasto or
Powder for - '. 60
One bis lot of 10c and 16c a bar
Toilet Soap, all standard brands,
sale price, 2 bars for 15o
25c- bar Cutlcura, Packer's Tar or
Woodbury's Soap for , 15o
2Sc bottle of guaranteed pure Hy
drogen Peroxide for flo
J 1.00 pure Hydrogen Peroxide, ex
tra size, for 35o
All 10c and 15c Powder Puffs or
Chamois -Skins, cut to 60
25c can of Colgate's Jess or Mas
satta Talcum Powder for lBo
50c size Java Rice or Pozzonl'a
Face Powder for 35o
$1.00 box Azurea or La Trefle Face
Powder for , ?So
Big Sacrifice Sale " White Mountain
A 119.00, 90.1b. capacity box, beauti
ful case of selected oak, all Inside
shelves and ice grate removable,
only - 913.75
A $26.60, 125-lb. capacity box, mas
sive golden oak case, .white enam
eled, only ' 1.9,
A $39.50, 176-lb. capacity "Boston
four door pattern, permanent snowy
white interior, beautiful BOlden oak
Vr& SStirV line'' of 'Woni WWt,
Whlte.Mountaln boxes at SO per cent
dlsootiat.- This Is your opportunity
to buy absolutely the best box made
at the price of the ordinary kind;
4-gallon capacity 92.39
6-gallon capacity M-of
S-gallon capacity
Exploiting for Profit a So-Called
Cure for Consumption. ..
f ; ; ,
fruun Doctor' Plan of Slnrketlnir
tttn (ood anil Necenlty for
Apiirovnl by the Government.
for. Frledrlch Franz Frledmann de
jlares that he has a cur? for tubercu-
- iol. It consists of a serum . wblcb . Is
failed turtle vaccine. He made many
'"experiments with It In Berlin before
coming tu tbls country, but retused lo
divulge the secret of Its preparation to
the German government, giving as a
' reason that It was not likely to receive
proper consideration.
Dr. Friedmann arrived In this country
heveral weeks ago. He did not avail
Mmnetr of a epectaeular offer of (1.000,009
"for the cure of a single Individual. He
operated on many consumptives before
nXldlenees of physicians In New York and
Uewhere. Some of hjs patients have
f lnc died, although no conclusion can
Be deduced therefrom, as they were In
the last stages of the disease. No cure
bu been reported. This again means lit
Vnlues that insure lively
selling. Most wanted styles
.nnd absolutely perfect gar
ments offered at small part
of retail worth.
.1.1 . itaiuei' Shirts in
madras or pongees, to $3
values, in all newest col
ors and stvles, '
at $1.45, 98c
Madras, Chambrny nnd Pcrcnlo
Shirts, to $1.25 values, best
colors and patterns, made coat
stylo, snnp at 49r
AninskcHK Chnnibrny Shirts, in
all sizes for men or boys, 35t
or three for .4. St. 00
Moreorlzcd Soft Collars, all col
ors, sizes 12 to 17, each 7l,6i
Silk Madras Wash Four-ln-
Tlnnfln. his? nnnnrtmnnt tn an.
nt iou
Men's $2.00 and $2.50 Silk Lisle
union suits, all styles and sizes,
choice $1.45 and 98
$1.00 and $1.50 Union Suits, all
kinds and styles, at fMWt
and 41)
Sale Hand
kerchiefs 15c EIBROII)EltED HAND
KERCHIEFS 5c Ladies' fine
hemstitched and Swiss em
broidered handkerchiefs, sold
usually at 10c and 15c each.
CHIEFS 8 He Including lace
trimmed, embroidered and
plain homstitched handker
chiefs. 25c LADIES' HANDKER
CHIEFS 10c A beautlml
lino of fine Swiss embroidered
handkerchiefs, all regular 25c
CHIEFS 2$4crA bigSMne of
Swiss handkerchiefs, In plain
and fancy colors.
All the latest novelties, spe
cially priced for this big sale,
at ....254 404 and 084
Big line, for selection, made
to sell to 50c yard.
5. J
60c ounce Perfumes, all odors, at,
the ounce 35o
Original package Mary Garden
Perfume, H ounce $1.00
One pound can of Violet Borated
Talcum Powder for , ...100
10c box of Seldlltz Powders, 3 In
box, for , Bo
25c box Seldlltz Powders, 10 In box,
for I0o
100 Dr. Hlnkle's Cascara- Talbets
for 35o
60c size bottle Sodium Phosphate
for 35o
50c box Canthrox Hair Shampoo
for 37o
25c size Sal Hepatlca Saline Laxa
tive for 15o
25c size Hire's Root Beer Extract
for 13Ho
All Rubber Good at Jnst One
half Begular Price.
$1.00 values In Fountain Syringes
or Bottles for 35o
10-gallon capacity ,)$3.98
lawn uowers priced regardless of
oost or former selling price. 1
Any 3-blade, 'plain bearing mower In
the house, worth up to $3,7,5. go
at $3.19
Any 4 -blade high wheel ball bearing
mowar, worth up to $8.60 . t.. $4.98
Any size "Champion" 6-blade high
wheel ball bearing mower, worth up
to $9.60 SS.50
Warranted Bnbber Eoio, tier foot 8o
One lot of best blue and white enamel
ware, Including preservlnjr kettles,
Berlin kettles, dish pans, coffee pots,
tea kettles, etc, at SOo on tthe dollar
or less while they last.
Big special sale soreen doom at
greatly reduced prices
Any size Oreen Soreen Door ,..8Bo
Any sized rancy Oiled rinlsh Bard
wood Door i S1.39
tle, for there has not been enough time
for any patient to recover1, according to
the promise of the reme!y. Several have
been reported as benefited, but whether
the Improvement was psychological in Its
origin or due to the erum cannot be
said. All that la known definitely Is this:
Dr. Frledmann claims to have a cure for
tuberculosis. The burden of proof is on
him and he - has, not established it. It
may be a beneficial treatment; 'it may,
on the contrary, be positively dangerous
to patients.
. . . I2x)loMlnnr tlir Srrnm.
Th6 ethics of the profession require
that the benefit from the discovery of
a great curative ruetljtxl or a peolflo
should be straightway given to the world,
although flnariclatiprWlt to the discoverer
may likewise bo projectcjl. pr. Frled
mann proposes to retain his proprietary
rights, accepting as royalty for the use
of the serum a cash payment of 1US.CO0
and U.&OO.OOO in stock of thirty-six Insti
tutes to bo established In different parts
'of the country for the treatment, by his
method, of tuberculosis. This implies
his own faith In the cure, for he might
easily have sold his rights: for $000,000 or
more In cash. It should be pointed out,
however, that the extensive advertising
the serum has received will likely make
the earnings of the institutes enormous
in the beginning, whether the "cure" la
a cure or not
if '
Pro-Inventory Sale
Odd lots and broken lines in
slightly soiled numbers at
sweeping prico reductions.
Corsets that sell regulnrly to
$4.00, big lot for selection, nt,
choice $2.39
$1.50 R. & a. and Royal Worcester
Corsets, extra long skirts, modlum
bust, embroidery trimmed, to closo,
at 08
lint 1st o and Net Corsets, made, to sell
to $1.00, four hose supporters, me
dium and long skirts 40b
Broad assortment of clever stylos for selection at prices which ropresont
scarcely half the regular retail worth of tho garments.
worth $20.00, $25.00 and some up to $30.00. Gropes,
linens, ratines, lingeries, fine embroideries and
other pretty summer fabrics, at
Your choice of colors or whito in a variety of charming do
signs. Values you'll acknowledge surely matchless.
Sj nr for choice of over
4.UU 100 Pretty Summer
Dresses, made tp sell to $15.00,
come in embroidered voiles
nnd linens, reps, Swisses, etc,
white and colors. Remarkable
At $1.00
Ladles' and Misses'
Summer Dresses
Worth $3.00
Messaline Silk Under
skirts, values to 3.
$2.50 Wash Skirts.
$3.00 Lawn and Silk
Waists, slightly soiled.
Children's Summer Coats,
$3 and $4 values.
(Pie -Inventory Clearance Hart, Schaffner
All Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Fancy Suits that sold at
$27.50 to $35.00, on sale in
Ono lot, choice. . .$23.75
to J1.75
Try HAYDEN'S First
This is a capitalization of the depsalr
of millions of human beings, for there
Is no tubercular subject who would not
grasp at a straw, no one who would not
spend his last cent at the mere promise,
apparently plausible, ot a cure. The ex
ploitation of these people without bene
fit to their health would be more than a
tragedy. It would be a crime, and the
qulpablllty for It would rest absolutely
on the Unltnd States and, the state gov
ernments. The very disappointment of
their hopes, to say nothing of their finan
cial losses, might dissipate the strength
of thousands of sufferers ai)d raise tne
mortality from tuberculosis tremfrn
douosly. Efficacy Needs Demonstration.
The 'company should be prohibited from
the exploitation of the FrUdmann serum
until Its' efficacy has beorP nbsrilUttly
demonstrated, until It has )eeh proved
that If it is not a specific it Is at least
curative or prophylactic In tendency. Ex
periments under the direction of the
United States government, or coinci
dental under the direction of the sev
eral states, should be a prerequisite to
the marketing of It. The misery of the
nation cannot bo coined Into dollars un
less amelioration Is an absolute certainty.
The injection of no serum into human
blood, on a at scale, ean be permitted,
even for nothing, until it Is shown con
clusively that uo barm can result.
Gloves and Parasols
Ono Lot Ladies' $1.00 quality
Silk Gloves, 16-button length,
in black and white, special
Saturday 69c
16-Button Kayser Silk Gloves,
nil colors, guaranteed finger
tips, the best made, at $1.00
Ladles' Silk Parasols, values to
$7,50, Immense assortment ot
styles and colors, on Bale
at S1.08 to S3.50
Children's 25c Parasols ..... 10
125 Nobby Summer Coats,
made to sell to $25.00, in Silk,
Moires, Epougos, Sorges, etc.,
blnck and colors: all
style ideas,
Children's Summer
Dresses at Half Price
Broken lots and a big lino
of makor's samples, big
assortment for your solec
tlon. Dresses That Sold nt
91.50, pretty summer
styles, sizes 4 to 14 yrs
your choice 754
Dresses That Sold at $3,
plaids, checks, strlpos
and plain colors, 81.50
' "
$4.50. and $6.00 Pants, sam
ple trousers in very best
patterns and styles, Sfour
choice Saturday . . . $2.69
Pre-lnventory SHOE SALE
All stock must be greatly reduced In this pre-lnventory
sale. Prices have beon marked to Insure quick
Women's $3.60 and 1 4.00 Oxfords, In all styles and
leathers, also canvas and nubuck, In black or white,
two bigs lot S2.5Q and S1.08
Women's white canvas button Shoos and 2-strap canvas
Pumps S1.05 and S1.50
Misses' and Children's white .Shoos and 2-strap Pumps
at 81.50 and 81, 00
300 pairs Men's Shoes, worth up to (3.50, all kinds, all
styles l 98
Children's Slippers, Shoes and Roman Sandals, values up
threo big lots.
SI. 00, 756
If Dr. Frledmann has a 3uro there are
a multitude of phllantroplnts In this na
tion willing to pay him ono or two or
three or ten millions for his secret, it
the government itself would not. Tho
world is ready to recompense him and
devote his discovery to the good of hu
msnity. He prefers, however, to rttuln
his rights and determine for himself his
financial leturn. The people of this l.a
tion, therefore, must Insist un the en
forcement of their rights. They must de
mand the government's stamp ot ap
proval on this product before they )nir
chase; they must not be permitted to buy
until that approval Is given. Philadelphia
Public Ledger.
One-ElKhth of' the Globe Ilpinalna a
Closed Hook to Civilisa
tion. Perhaps one of the most Interesting and
least known countries on the face ot the
globe, and one which has so far pretty
successfully defied civilization, lies
secreted among the Himalaya mountains.
Authorities say that It Is presided over
entirely by women, who aro responsible
for such rude laws as are necessary even
in a lawless district.' manage the affairs
of state, and live In a luxury of Inverted
Mormonlsm by possessing four or five
Women's Silk Boot Hoso, full
fashioned garter top, black
and colors . .49e, 25c
Kayser and Esco Silk Hose,
$1.50 values, tho kind that
won't drop stitches 98c
Children's and Misses' Silk
Hose, all colors, special bar
gain 25c and 35c
Children's 25o Quality Hose,
black, white and tans, 12V4C
Children's Drossos,
sizes 1 to C, 50c val
ues 254
Women's Lawn Waists,
made to sell at 76c,
your choice. . . .2i54
Women's Long Kimo
nos, good quality
lawn, nt, cliolco, 254
& Marx Fancy Suits I
All Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Fancy Suits that sold from
$22.50 to $26.50, on snlo
your choioe, at. ..$18.75
nnd 50
husbands apiece, All the rough tasks and
menial labors are assigned to the hill
men, and "mere man" Is of small account
beside these Himalayan amaznns.
On a roUgh estimate It is declared that
7,000,0)0 square miles, or one-eighth of the
total land surface of the world, are
awaiting to be discovered. Some 200,000
of this lies in the Arctic regions of the
north, but among the frozen tracts that
form "antarcttcs" in the south, where
Scott and his gallant followers were pene
trating, nearly 3,00O,OW square miles are
releguted to the sole use ot the whale,
tionguln and other animals and birds of
t'lie frozen zojie.
In Arabia It seems that there is a tract
of land unexplored which Is nearly five
times as large ps Great Britnjn. : Prpbably
there is no more desolate waste to be
found In the entire globe than that which
Is colled the "dwelling of the void." Not
a single river Is estimate! to flow through,
out Its entire 400,000 square mile.
Although the famous EI Dorado, Peru,
which set the sixteenth century ablaze,
has never been unearthed, the country
might fittingly be called El Dorado, from
the rich minerals and priceless stones
which emanate from there. Strunge, wild
eyed men occasionally descend from the
mountains and bring wonderful fragments
with them, but they refuse to act as
guides to tho? who would accompany
them back.
Attractive Pre-Inventory Bargains
Summer underwear
Ladies' Gowns, Princess
Slips, Skirts and Combina
tion Suits, beautifully
trimmed; made to sell at
$3.00, choice 98c
Gowns, made to sell to $5,
in fino cambrics and nain
sooks, with lace yoke and
sleeves, also fino three
pioco combination suits,
At $1.98
Skirts, Gowns and Combination
Hulls, made to sell at 1.00,
fino assortment of pretty
styles 40d
Pretty Corset Covers, made to
sell to 75c, your choice JJSe
Ladles' Knit Union Suits, lisle or
cotton, regular and extra sized,
looso or tight kneo, at ..35
Children's Muslin Pants 12
Children's Undervests, llslo and
cotton, to 26c values, on snle
nt and 12
Elundreds of really stun
ning lints, turned out of
our own workrooms daily.
Nothing but tho choicest,
up-to-tho-mihuto materials
used. These hats cannot
bo produced regularly at
lesB than $6.50 and $7.50.
Saturday, your choioe,
nt $4.98
Whito Chip Shapes.. 69c
The regular $1.00 kind.
Large, medium and small
stylos, also poke effects,
good quality five-end chip,
vory soft and clastic'
Pre-lnventory Bed
White or colored full
irize hemmed crochet
Bed Spreads, worth
'each3 SI. 00
The best No. 1 Hex Hams, lb. .lBHo
The best No. 1 Plcnla Hams, lb. 13o
The best No. 1 Dreakfa.it Dacon.
lb 05o, sumo
Oood Dreakfast Dacon, lb., flOo, l8o
The beit quality hindquarters Mut
ton, lb lHo
Beauotion of saa.COO before July 1. Zt will pay yon to lay In our future supplies.
48-lb. rack beat high grade Diamond
H Flour, nothing finer for bread.
pies or cake, sack Sl.OO
10 nnrs Beat 'Km' All, Diamond C or
Lennox Huap 3Bo
10 bars Laundry Queen White Laun
dry Soap B3o
10 'bs. beet White or Yellow Corn
meal 17Ho
10 lbs. best Rolled Dreakfast Oat-
m.iii.1 for 35o
7 lba. best Laundry Starch aoo
6 lbs. fancy Japan nice, lOo qunlltj-,
for 28o
The beit domestic Elbow or Straight
Macuronl, Vermicelli or Spaghetti,
packuge 7)4o
6 cans Lulu Scouring Soap BBo
Tall cans Alaska tialmon 10a
Large bottles Worcester Sauce.
Pickles (assorted kinds), pure To
mato Catitup or Mustard, bottle, OVio
3-lb. cans Baked Beans, with or with
out sauce 8H0
S 1-lb, cons Baked Beans. ....... lOo
Advo Jell, Jellycon or Jello, pkg , 7Ho
Orape-Nuts, package 100.
K. C. Corn Flakes, package So
Yeast Foam, package 3o
16-oiince cans Columbia, Carnation,
Pet ind Every Day Milk, can, BVio
1-lb. cans Assorted Soups 7Wo
McLaren's Peanut Butter, lb.,iaHo
The best Tea Slftlngs, lb loo
Oolden Santos Coffee, lb .BSo
It is curious to realize that vast parts
of the British empire have never been
seen by British eyes or the eyes of any
white man. Nearly a quarter of Austra
lia Is still unexplored, mainly in the west,
where the population averages only one
person In every twenty square miles.
New Guinea has baffled countless expe
ditions, though many ate trying to fight
their way inland from the coast Phila
delphia Ledger.
Indiana, Foiled by Ills Heard
lllsrb IteaoWe, Registered
on Spot.
"Long years ago, when I was a stu
dent, I gathered vertebrate specimens for
the university on the plains of western
Kansas," says Dr. Moody in the Univer
sity Kanaan. "Ono evening while I was
on such an expedition I lay In my tent
sleeping. Little did I dream ot the im
pending danger. It was a dork and
gloomy night. The wind whistled through
the pine trees. The camp fire burned
low. My beard had not been shaved for
weeks and my beautiful brown whiskers
reached almost to my belt.
"Suddenly I awoke. I seemed to feel
the presence ot other human beings In
my tent BeversJ minutes pasecd, but
Hoys' Porosknlt Union Suits, all
sizes, at 45 d
Fine Mslo nnd Cotton Vests
Regular and extra sizes, excep
tional v'aluo at 12V4. 1M
Italian Silk Vests, hand embroid
ered, white and colors, to 3.50
values, at St.08 and gl.45
Mne lilslo Vests, with hand
crochet yokes, to 7 60 ualuos,
at .35d
Splendid bargains In ladles'
nnd Children's Bathing Suits.
Underpriced tor
Featuring tf WQQ
Trimmed White
m mm
Hats at
Don't confuse thoso lots
) V
with whnt others aro ad
vertising. These have tho
"stvlo." the- "snap" nnd
VI -
"n" flinf nnnnnla r
tho good dresser.
White Hotnp Shapes,
at ..'....'....$1.39
Large and medium. The
vory latest popular blacks,
$2.50 valuos.
Ratine Hats . . . 69c
Values to $2.50
25 dozen, solid white and
delicate colors, also Batin
crown outing .hats. Eo-
' gardless of ' cost, choice
Saturday, at 69c
Spread Specials
Crochet nod
extra heavy
(3,00 val-
SI. 98
Imported Marseilles
Ued Spreads, cut cor
ners, scalloped, 15.00
m S3.25
PER LB 32c
Tho best quality forequarters Mut
ton ...uo
The best quality Pork Loins, per
lb 14Ho
The best quality Pork Shoulders, per
lb ...II540
All hinds Chops and Steaks at
wholesale prices.
Tho best bulk Queen Olives, qt. 3Bo
All kinds of Potted Meats, per can, 4o
Wild Cherry Phosphate or Root Beer
1 bottle will make 5 gallons, per
bottle 10a
Less than H the price of lemons.
The Beat Dreamery Butter lb., QA.
carton or bulk wuO
The best Country Creamery Butter,
lb. Bfio
The best No. 1 Dairy Butter, lb.,aso
The best' strictly fresh Eggs, dor., 18o
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, lb....lso
Neufchntel Cheese, each So
ltoquefort or Imported Swiss Cheeae,
lb. 380
The Greatest Vegetable Market In
the West for the People.
6 heads fresh Lettuce Bo
5 heads freed Head Lettuce Bo
6 bunches fresh Onions or nadlshes
for ...Bo
K bunches fresh Beets, Carrots or
Turnips for Bo
4 bunches fresh Kohlrabbl .Bo
2 bunches fresh Parsley 60
Fancy Wax, String or Oreen Beans,
per lb , . , .7Ho
Fancy Marrowfat Peas, quart.... Bo
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, lb Bo
.Watch for the biff California Apri
cot. Plum and Peach sale.
See our full line of all kinds of
Berries and Fruits for sauce and
before I had time to move a muscle
a huge Bloux warrior flashed his cigar
lighter and held tho llttln hln fiom.
not more than three Inches from my face.
"My friends, for the first time In my
life I knew tfie meanlmr of the word,
fright My whiskers fairly aulvered. nut
luckily my life was spared.
"The bloodthirsty savage took one
srlance at m v fAtur- unit vhUn. .
. . .- ..V
a companion: 'We were foiled. The vil
lain naa escaped. Only the hay for hla
horse remains.'
"My trusty whiskers had saved mo.,
Thsn and there I resolved never again to
clip a single whisker. Can you blama.
meT" Kansas City Journal. i
Got an Awful Fright.
by fear of appendicitis? Take Dr. King's
New Life Pills, and soon see bowelf
trouble vanish. Guaranteed, 25 eta. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement
Pointed Paragraphs.
It's perfectly plain that no woman aver
thinks she is.
More push than ambition is needed to
operate a wheelbarrow.
io man can arrange tne rurnlture in a
room to suit a woman.
A man's sins find him out eventually,
but his wife usually beats them to It
When starvation stares a woman In
the face she may start a boarding house.
A man mnv r ..in in niv. hnM. un.
ouy an auiomoDusv jzucafn News.

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