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, he Omaha daily Bee
vfrrroit noSKtvAT Hit. BDlTOIt.
!ELje - .Tr.-rTKPS"
utored at Omaha poatoffles as second-
matter ,
iday Bte. one year
lly Bee, without Sunday, ons year.
Biiy iiM, ana punum. am
ntnir anil Sunday. rr montll.. .!'
IcnlnB. without Bunday. rr rnonin.jj&o
LW BM, .without Bandar, par mo.o
.oareu an compiainva ,ul.,""f1"
delivery to City Circulation Dept.
temU by draft-exprM or postal order.
mble to The Bee Pub lihltigc
jy Jent stamps receive in W men!
S small accounts. Vernon al checKa. ex
on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
maha-The Bee building.
oUth Omaha-OW N Street
,'ouncll luff-14 North Main streot.
llnfoln-a Little build njr.
tew Tork- Boom 11J. . 2 wtuL.2i!.
?t boul-KO New Bnnk of Commerce.
VahlnKton-7t5 Thirteenth St.. N. W.
ammunlratlon. relating to J2
torlal matter shou'd be addressee
uiha Bee, Editorial department.
its of Nebraska, County of DouRlas,
nwlsht Williams, circulation manager
irrhe Boa Publlehlng company, being
y "worn, says that the average dally
dilation for the month of Mav. 1BU.
Circulation Manager,
'lubscrlbed In my presence and sworn
?cfor. me ThvT
cal.) Notary rubllc.
Sni.uihi If'aTlnir the city
eraromHIr honld have The nee
aalled to them. Address win no
hnnced na often nm requested.
The deadly toy pistol Is again at
Judgo Lovctt,
J rnething.
at least, started
j Tlio Bun has lost its spots, a scl
I tist says. No doubt thoy molted
Tho flowers of tipeech bloom not
ly In tho spring, but all tho year
Happy Dos Moines! It's so much
toro -wicked than Omaha that It
ts "Billy" Sunday first.
What McNab bos drino is to put
e attorney . general on tho do-
What the Veterans Are Asking.
Union veterans everyboro am
asking why Prosldont Wilson Is not
to bo present at thi Clotfysbutg semi
centennial reunion noxt wifjk. This
celebration commemorate tho crit
ical battle of the great war for tho
preservation of tho nation. Its of
foots were na far-reaching as of any
ever fought in the history of tho
world. On that field of carnage
will be gathered In peaceable ro
unlon nearly all the surviving par
ticipants, coming from all parts of
tho country. Washington is only n
fow hours' rldo from Gettysburg,
and tho means of going and coming,
comfortable and convenient, yet
President Wilson has satisfied him
self that tho exigencies of public
business do not afford him the tlmo
to attend and tako part in tho cele
bration. Of course, nothing In tho constitu
tion, or tho laws, or his oath of
offlco, Imposes on tho president tho
duty to accept an invitation to tho
Gettysburg semi-centennial. Yet
union veterans are asking what
other prosldent stneo that great
event would havo subordinated such
n call to nny other engagement.
Would Lincoln, who' wont to Gettys
burg -to dedicate tho monument to
tho fallon horoos? Would Grant,
would Hayes, would Garfield, would
Harrison, would McKinloy, each of
whom fought under tho Stars and
ritrinos in that great conflict, have
lot anything keep him away7 Would
Cloveland, or Roosevelt, or Taft,
even though not personally enlisted
In that war, havo lot pass the oppor
tunity to grace tho occasion with
tho prosenco of tho chief executive
of tho nation?
Those aro questions the veterans
aro asking.
Looking BacWatd.
Ttiis D$ in Omaha
junk as,
nee nl.es I
? oool
Thirty Years Ago , , .
Friends of Oeneral Crook are rejoicing
over word from him to Colonel Stanton,
that he will probably visit Omaha soon.
The a-eneral has been tendered the use
of the Paxton hotel for his headquarters,
and a reception will bo given him snouia
he come
The high sohool commencement took
Plhce at Boyd's, launching seven gradu
ates, each participating In the program,
with essaya as follows: Miss lAtzit J.
Fennel, "Science and Superstition!" Miss
IMIth E. Phtlps, "Home Culture;" Miss
Hulda F. Isaacson, "Nature and Art
Mtf8 Ida L. Remington. "In Open Sea;
Miss Louisa J. Bruce, "Time for In
tellectual and Moral Culture;" Miss Alice
M. Harmon, "Conversation as an
Miss LlMlo H. Lelsenrlng, "American
Urns." All seven recited Poe's "Bells" In
unison. There were musical numbers
by Misses Wlthnell and House, and a
chorus drilled by Miss Lucia Rogers,
while E. K. Long presented diplomas.
a birthday party was given at cnaries
Kohlmeyer's residence to his daughter.
Miss Eva.
A strike Is on by the printers 01
the Omaha papers.
Nnlson Learned will conduct a summer
school In tho high school building, and
wilt be pleased to give particulars at
his restdence. 100 Farnam.
Mrs. Thomas Curry, wife or the cniei
optrator In the Western Union telegraph
office, died after a lingering lUncss.
Saxe's cream soda better than ever.
Remember you can bly fifteen tickets
for $1.
Twenty Years Ago
Fire completely destroyed the operat
ing room and content of -Photographer
Gray, 21S North Sixteenth street Mr.
Gray and family, who occupies ine up
per part of the gallery as a residence,
scarcely took time to don tneir dom
ing to escape tho flames. Their losa was
Oeneral and Mrs. C. H. Frederick went
to Chicago.
City Engineer Rosewater went to Lin
coln to peep In at the supreme court as
City Attorney Connell files the applica
. Crisis Averted.
The Marconi scandal, which threatened
tho existence of the Asqulth ministry for
the last six months, turned out much
better than ardent friends of the govern
ment anticipated. As on many former
occasions, when affairs looked dark for
the liberal, the party pulled itself to
gether at the eleventh hour and van
quished the opposition. There waa
enough powder In the Marconi stock deal
to- furnish the tories with ammunition
hlch was employed effectively In press
and rostrum and netted two victories In
by-etcctlons last month. As the ministers
themselves admitted, they indiscreetly
Invested In shares of the American
Marconi company about the time the
British government was closlng a contract
with the British company. At the time
both companies were separate concerns.
But it was easy to confuse one with the
other, and convey the Impression that his
McNab Affair at Cloae Ilnnce.
SAN ' FRANCISCO, June 25. To the
Editor of the Bee: I am sending you a
part of the "Chronicle," which contains
In detail a portion of the McNab-Mc-Reynolds
affair. Thought perhaps you
might find In this paper more than would
be sent over the wires.
"W" are very sorry to see so good a
man as McNab lost to the government's
service, bat he did what, any honorable
man must do under the circumstances.
Perhaps a little "lobby Investigation"
closer to home may do the administra
tion no harm. A. P.
Wooster Iteptlea and Rests.
SILVER CREEK., Neb., June 25. To
the Editor of The Bee: "The Silver Creek
corritpondent," tays E. O. M "strikes
majesty's ministers were seeking to profit ' ne a death blow in the first tound.'
by contracts of which they had advance
knowledge. Tho ministers themselves
complicated the alleged scandal last
October by falling to admit Investment
In American Marconls while denying any
Interest In tho British company. In
vestigation failed to show any acts af
fecting tho integrity of the ministers,
and their admission of errors of Judg
ment closed with the Verdict, "Not guilty,
but don't lo It again." The government's
upporters were mort scared than hurt
by the long-drawn-out controversy, a
condition Indicating unsettled nerves.
Progress of Asstmllntlon.
The New Eegistration.
Omaha voters aro Invited to step
up to tho polling places today for
their first oxporienco with the new
registration. We advise ono and Uon tor a peremptory writ of mandamus
all to havo a try at it and see for to compel the Hoard of Public Works to
themsolvos what It is like. Perhaps enter Into a contract for paving Twenty-
m nvnH ronfnslnn and rtnlav It sixth street from Farnam to liau-iiow
1 t. 1 1 a- JA -a . 1 I AT da
migui uo wcu to jut. uowu hi u- ... n col,toP of m
vanco a fow things whoro otherwise ternft, ,onK aoutht by hungry
tho memory might bo at fault, such, picblters from the democratic countur,
for example ns tho holght, weight, finally arrived at the Paxton hotel and
color or tho hair, color of tho eyes, was all but mobbed by the crowds that
t n ,,',. ir. greeted him. Among tho faithful who
, . .. . , , . , went to offer advice In tho dispensations
uiriunittrnB uu uuior imsitui mum- weM Co,one, Frank P ireian(1 0f Ne
ishes. Incidentally. It would do no braaka city. C. W. Poole of Tecumseh,
President to congress: "Hore's harm to practice up on tho auto- a. Hardy of Beatrice, W. A. Paxton,
ur currency bill." Congress to graph so that tho signature on the Euclid Martin, Dr. George U Miller and
esldont; "What's your hurry?"
It is always a pointod illustration
tho irony of fato to catch in one's
vn flesh tho hook intended for the
registration book will do full Justice.
Tho best part of thlB new registra
tion is that it the voter over after
wards gets lost he will have no trou
ble In making sure of himself after
ho is found.
If tho prlnciplo of free sugar In
rong now,
'rong in 1016?
why-wH Tit not-also bo
L6?' 'Aro '"nek 'principles
John A. McShane of Omaha. The Omaha
men were not seeking appointments for
themselves. Tobias Castor of Lincoln
was conspicuously present, looking out
for T. B. Parker of Dorchester and other
personal friends.
Mrs. Annlo Evans, wife of T. J. Evans,
died at the family home, 209 South Sev
enteenth street, at 40 years of age, Plans
were mado for burial In Forest Lawn
Tariff and Coit of Living,
Tho American tariff manifestly cemetery,
. I x cu icin nu
woriu-wmo prooiom or tno nign cost Contractors of tho new building to be
r water, gas and electric light aro for the democrats to protend the a uoage streets Degan clearing me cor-
is..... . .1 . . x ... .iner or tne nttie ramanacKies mat occu-
' 1. 1 r. v. rn . h n Am.nl v-t n ri mta I pnnirnrv. I niiir prnvRir TTfl in n 1H
mo down.
ihat? Well, tho 14,000 salary
arts, so what's tho uso of spocu
''tlng furthor?
nor of the little ramshacklea that occu
pled It The building was to bo eight
stories high and 130x190 feet
H. E. Fredrlckson won the first auto
mobile races held In Omaha. They were
held at the Omaha Driving club's park,
t w I where motorcycle and bicycle races were
' I nlnn run. John Hvn won th flrnt hlrvrln
nvorago retail prices oi rac(), covering the mile In 2:BH. Fred
coming in the Inevitable failure to
redeem their pro-oloctlon pledge to
solve this problem through the
Tho National Bureau of
gives the
; Evidently tho college professors
tvi nil hnnn nrnvMnit fnr. fnr ihn
; W ambassador lb Berlin" is a law-
fifteen articles of food, comparing Barnum was second and N. E. Hweedburg
)r and judgo. by profession.
Dos Molnos 1b not so far from
imaha that arrangements could not
a mado to run excursion trains over
r folkB who can't wait to be con-
quotations of last February with
thoso prevailing during the decade
from 1800 to 1000, ahowlng a range
In tho Increase of prices from 4 per
cent to 111 per cent. Tho tariff has
little relation to tho incroaso In com
modity prices, for many articles on
third. Fredrlckson and Decker were the
only entries In the three-mile auto race.
They drove Ramblers and Fred made It
In 7:23, winning by a few feet
Rev. E. Comblo Smith preached a spe
cial sormon to the Modern Woodmen of
America on the occasion of their memo
rial meeting. He said: "The model
Woodman Is one whose eye Is on the
which no tariff advances have been horUon, whose gaso Is resting on future
made at nil havo undergono most
marked increase in market prices.
More than that, a comparison of
tariffs and prices shows that articles
on tho freo list during all these
"The treating habit Is malicious,"
fi Dr. Max Hentus to German
rowers. In anltn of tho fact thai It
practiced without malice aforo- yoarfl navo r,BOn ,n prlco tno oaroJ nu ine' Man' know hyMlf" he said was
events, whose muscles are always strong,
and who, against enemies of society, Is
willing to fight
Frank Heller read an Interesting paper
on "The Races of Men" before the Philo
sophical society at Its last summer meet-
1 i .
! Tho most distressing side of this
Uvelation made by Judgo Lovott is
iat someono is heartless enough to
attempt to Impose on guileless, crod-
loua Wall street.
tho protected articles.
In the face of facts, It is untona
bio to argue that tho tariff 1b tho
solo causa of our high cost of living
problem. This problem is universal,
due to a combination of numerous
conditions which must first be
the legend that kept man busy thinking
throughout the ages. t
People Talked About
CUangOU DOIOrO tnO demand forlmnltnl th lmnrccilnn n.nr rnnvlMInn
(1 A expert assures us wo are safe lower pneca generally can bo met.
'rom the plagues of grasshoppers
ad soventeen-yoar locutts. So Industrial Hveriene und TJeath Uack-
l - I Thl
that West Virginia cocktails are a shad
more scrappy than New Jersey apple-
;heer up, this pest of an Old Sol
jay not hold out forever.
H.. . a . .m . a
witi. .11 A ... . I ini man cnaiea oui ui iuo ouico u
rmiBiuonea meaicai science nos Wftn.t chased far enough to lose him
played In lowering the death rates self. He says he will write a book and
of the country, wo have an Idea that JIn tho Chawtalkers.
Improved methods of hygiene in "World peace," says Chauncey Depew,
uur own unauncey
has reached an age productive of more
I The Omaha, Lincoln and Beatrice
( nterurban builders have permission
hrom tho State Hallway commission homos, factories and shops.havo had "l" a mt dr6am
.o icsuo siocK ana nonas as aesirea,
a far more potent effect. People Lonorou, nor thttn noeleM dreamil.
I1 SB V-Tk TloUn wa.l h1u Ah h a.a11.. I
4 aU they need now is tho monoy. havo awaked, not only to a fuller
A TJaw YnrV (nun whn turnfef MAVAnkt
unowieage oi tne laws, nut to a re- ninnops from the top of tho "Washing.
nlltatlon of tho economic value of ton bridge to the water 200 feet .below
health, and this has worked a revo- escaped with a whole hide, but the po
lutlon in conditions of living that re- ,lc mr "tempting to com
flRCta !tolf In ft trnnnrol InWnrU-. l ""
a":Z . .Z I :"""J The man who realty pinches the dol
uor mo lounu- , u one wbo, hav,ng passed hl
uarge employers of Jaoor do not, earlier years In poverty, becomes pros
question the need and desirability perous after he la to.
C. H. Bryant, the proprietor of
. ...... t ... . . , . . ..I ....... 1 I ll.tluwn.li..ff UfalnA K 1 1 v. a
id at midnight ouuht ta eonw, on 08 uucn iiBut. iresn air ana cieonn- """ " """T " J.-Ttr .r.
.. . . . r . . . tipsB na nnlhlo nlv. n nRS on ni noiei resmrr ino .nns
iver tne noraer into neorasKa for . . "v" 0 .'"u""" ninw over given at a hotel.
f Complaint is made that the church
nowadays does not reach tho sin-
ars. uut tnats not a new com-
Plaint, It the church gathered In
jtll the sinners there wouldn't bo
1 Folks out In Denver who ohfect
59 strenuously to shutUng down, the of whoC8rao working quarters with
In Other Lands
high handed proceedings at Chicago, will
be time enough to consider what rates
we want to pay. We do not want the
present head oflcers to be In a position
after June, 1)14, to say what rates wo
hall or shall not pay. With several
million dollars in the treasury, even after
the lavish expenditure by the head of
ficers of our money to force upon us
rates we did not want or ask for, we
will not suffer If the rates are not
changed until we get rid of the oligarchy
that at present controls tho destiny of
the Modern "Wodmen of America.
We are not after compromises. We aro
after the scalps of the men who tried
to compel us to adopt the new rates
against our own desires.
Thanks,. E. O. M. seems to be correct
tor once. But if the gentleman Is dead.
why does he keep on talking? Is it that
his vocal organs continue to work
mechanically from force of habit, or Is
it that he Is trying to demonstrate the
soundness of the well-known Christian
doctrine, that when a man' 1a dead he
is not dead?
He says that It I believe that Ood Is
In the habit 'of punishing the l:tuous
and rewarding the worst of criminals, he
leti It pass, but It appears to him to be
an Indirect denial of a supreme architect
of the unlvene. When I said that Ood
sent Avis Ltnnel to hell and her rever
sions of recasting the territorial map I end murderer to heaven, plainly, I was
f Africa are reflected in discussions in
foreign papers. The present map or tne
Dark Continent set in national colors,
somewhat resembles the art of a CubM
suffering from an attack of the night
horse. Innumerable divisions among the
land grabbers show Irregular lines and
Indefinite bounds, which may lead to dis
putes when the natives ars translated
Into "good Indians" and the country
draws the European overflow The neces
sity for making natural boundary lines Is
opparent. Eventually the three great
powersw-Oreat Britain, Germany ana
France will be the dominant rulers of
Africa as (hey are, nominally, today.
Already there are evidences of negotia
tions designed to relieve Portugal of Its
slice of Southeast Africa, and Belgium
Is sure to be Impressed with the folly ot
governing the Congo as soon as the pres
ent companies finish frying the fat of the
country. Recasting the map In the map
factories, however., win be a mucn
easier Job than the reality. Tribes ot
obstreperous natives will undoubtedly
assimilate a few Invaders before they
respond to the Impulsos of civilisation.
The Arabs of the northeast and the
Moroccans ot the northwest are making
life mighty uncertain for the advancing
forces of Italy and France. Tneae ana
similar obstacles retard, but will not
check the fate ot Africa, long since ae-
creed by the powers of Europe.
Th nam
k, little while, where the clock strikes PUo Sovernmont, from federal to u tnat of Mmt, Kthl Devlne Rumble-
' . . . . . .. . . I mitnlMnal tin mrwaJ , 1 . . ....
tnlrty at 8 O ClOCK. I UUI mu.m uvuuu vo i Durgennoienaoncnaicm.
new viewpoint on this subject and
With other heirs threatening to 18 exerting tremendous Influence.
Advance of nome note.
n.ir.mvrnin,nt In local aiiaii"
teadlly advancing In Europe as well aa In
h. tTnitd States. Strange as u may
appear. American legislatures aro as .pig
headed In opposing municipal self-rule aa
are European powers in conrernng xnai
right onnatlonal subdivisions. But the
principle 'Is overcoming seinsn oovru--tlon.
Ireland's long sought deliverance Is
slowly approaching. Homo rule tor Scot
land Is on the way. England ana waies
are sure to follow, thus completing .mo
Imperial federation scheme long advo
cated by far-hlghted British statesmen.
Malta, the British naval station In the
Mediterranean, has applied for self-rule
and the proposition Is reserving serious
consideration from - the government. In
Spain the question ot granting home rule
to Catalonia has been favorably decided
by the senate. Every advance in local
self-government is to be welcomed as a
decrease In the power of politicians,
whose schemes are most successful when
worked In the dark at a distance irom
Bnlknn Affairs.
In snlte of persistent reports worn in
terested sources In Vienna predicting war
over the spoils, tho Balkan allies decline
to fulfill the hopes of the Hapsburgers.
Russia's firm, friendly hand Is at the
helm of affairs and Russian doctors are
clvlng effective treatment to heads aan-
gerously swelled by unexpectedly sweep
ing success. Premiers or tne tour siaieo
who had planned to meet and attempt to
adjust the difference, have abandoned the
plan and retired into tne oacKBTouna.
leaving Csar Nicholas as umpire, com
plete master and peacemaker of the situ
ation. Aa ono deeply conscious of the
advantages gained by the Slav race In the
war with the Moslems, It Is sare to pre
dict that the umpire's distribution of the
disputed territory wilt be peaceful and
satisfactory for Slav progress. Austria's
hones of getting Its hands deeper into tne
me&ltub are near the vanishing point, ana
the dual monarchy must content Itself
with the success of Its scheme in pre
venting the Balkan allies reaching the
Adriatic sea.
ir.l.nfinn. nlirla.
A . 1. .... II ,
Manasers of the Italian governments
telephone lines are not encouraging early
marriage among telephone girls. ar irom
It. They insist that the government la
entitled to substantial service for the time
and means spent In training beginners,
and have adopted regulations to that
end. Furthermore, the government ex
acts obedience to Its regulations. One ot
these rules prohibits marriage under 28
Recently a new order has been announced
tht no married woman need solicit ad
mission into the service, as she will be re
fused. More than this, bachelor girls
previously admitted must obligate them
selves In writing not to take a, husband
Those who do not submit to this require
ment will be summarily dismissed. This
barbarous decree has naturally provoked.
a number ot Indignation meetings, but
the Indignation has not yet risen to the
hunger strike stage.
Eleazer Fisher, who would havo been
103 years old bn September 23, died re
cently In Sandwich. 111. He. was said
to have been the oldest white man In
Illlnlnols and never used tobacco or In-
tttack the will ot the late Henry M. Yt the movement nowhere assumes
Flagler, the widow to whom he be- 8uca 'W Importance as In the
ueatbed $60,000,000 la In danger 8roat Industrial plants, where great toxicants.
Jotlag all hut about 10,000,000 nuwuera oi people spena a good por- nictating extemporaneously at the rata
tfce) berltage, I uon oi tneir time. The rapid de-1 of til 5-J 'words a minute for nine con
i velopment already made in these secutlve minutes, Judge Frank H. Rud
New the Commercial club Is enter-1 oarly stages of the reform is alWn f Spokane, Wash., is credited by
nk.Mnn n...iili..t. i .... I court reporters wim a worm trcura in
"M',cv"u" w "T A "'uv'u I r"Dk -' Buaraawo wr ins ' -barges to a Jury. For years
r-WBB MiMri liitin ur i ria w ssi m r- una rn s iiiiii w m niHiirini n nariasi mhsis . .
' - i w hum I rtm rin it i-Ln in iirr.nu dl court reuuncivi
9Befitlou with the sprinkling sys- stronger race, as well as more ef- t0 prove that th people of the twen-
ms rcr rire protection. it s ai iiciont inausiry. tleth century need not ne staves io emi-
a i a . a . I .... I . - !.... T L7tAsHaaa T)nai
a .,- n.n Vo. . v.ii ton painter or ouiuoor uie, vu. v
awyiKK. vj uu Wi water wyaxu n i i.6ua, uui Uo w aucu Maine on July L without clothing, food.
ffK, I uuaer man uia URine mignt signuy. matches. fUconna or ammunition.
Stories in Figures
Berlin's street railway Is to b elec
trified at a odot ot M,000.000.
India, has produced about 3,KSO,Q0() tons
ot sugar annually for the last two years.
Ot 74.000 locomotive Inspected last year
by the Interstate Commerce commission
more than s&OOO were found dofectlve.
One of the world's largest ttelta, being
SOT feat long and three and a half feet
wide. Is used to transmit nearly 8,000
horsepower tn an Austrian steel mill.
Official figures, recently compiled, ptaee
the cement production of the United
States last year at Kt,d.ISl barrel, which
la a new nigh record and an tncreM of
more thaa 5.860,060 barrela tn a year.
speaking from an orthodox Protestant
standpoint and If that brand of Chris
tianity is true, the orthodox Protestant
Ood. the Otd of E. O. M., as we are
bound to bellive, surely did those two
things. Excepting the Adventlsts and a
few other minor sects, Protestants, that
Is to say Methodists, Presbyterians, Bap
tists, etc., teach that at death the "saved"
are Instantly sent to heaven and the un
saved as Instantly to hell, and there Is
no dodging the issue that, as In the cases
supposed, this Protestant Ood does pun
ish the virtuous and reward the worst
of criminals, or else Protestant, Chris
tlanlty Is false. E. O. M. can take which
ever horn of the dilemma he prefers. Or,
If he prefers, let him show that Ood does
punish criminals that get converted, from
King David and Mary Magdalene down
to Richardson, or else admit that ho was'
In error In assuming that Ood was Ood,
But E. O. M. will do nothing ot the kind
for It Is very evident that he don't know
the difference between an argument and
a woodchuck,
In tho foregoing I have assumed that
Avis Llnnel was virtuous. Technically
a sinner and, in the eye of the creeds,
worthy of damnation, I believe there was
no mord really virtuous woman In the
city of Boston. Poor child! Her trusting.
holy love for a friend In the form of a
man, cost her her young life. She 1b
the one that should now bo wearing the
golden crown. Say, aren't you Christians
ashamed of yourselves and ot your mon
Strous doctrlnesT I am ashamed of you
even If you are not ashamed of your
or course; I oo not think that ur
self-respecting god would be guilty of
ooing such unspeakably rotten things.
inai tne tjupreme Architect of the Unl
ver, the unknowable. He whose name.
very anciently could not be spoken aloud
except on pain of death, should do such
tnmgs, is unthinkable. The Supreme
.nrcnucci or tne universe Is a million
times higher abovo tho Protestant Ood
than the Protestant God Is above the
wooden gods of the woolly-headed in
habitants of central Africa.
B. O. M. says he Is not a minister, or
even an elder. The gentleman has surely
""""n us caning. He ought to go
down to Wncoln. where tbey make elders
ana eet mmseir fixed up.
P. S. "We rest"
Conntrv T.lttk
CLAItKS, Neb.. June 27. To h.
'M aw The great universities, tho
colleges, normal, business and agrlcul-
an sena out a call to the farm
youth, which they fain would answer.
out tney cannot A gulf Is fixed over
wmcn tney may not pass.
Nearly all of these Institution. nt
learning require high school credits,
which. In Itself la right and necessary,
for most of them. But right hero lies
tho trouble. We cannot get these credits
without leaving the farm, for four years
ana mis onen means for all time.
By ths interpretation of the "free hiKh
school laW," not more than eight grades
may be taught In the rural schools,
everywhere, farmers are becomtn
justly indignant of this ruling and nrac
lice and demand that this restriction be
removed. We aro not witling that each
child must stop ochool at this grade,
or be compelled to struggle up through
the many unsurpassable difficulties,
which. In the end, leaves the country
in an unsettled state, both aa to It
social, educational and economic con
As ths first step toward remedying
this, we offer the following:
Resolved. That no child of school am
shall, without cause, be denied admission
to, or Instruction In the school of his
or her own district, In any branches
aoove tne eigntn grade, that are required
on tne ceruiicate or tne teacner, teacn
lug that school.
Take this up at your annual school
meeting and have as many sign this as
are In favor of the country youth having
restored to them the right to be taught
In their own school.
A New Dodsre.
SOUTH OMAHA. June M.-To the.
Editor of The Bee: I see that by the
secret advice of the head officers of
the Modern Woodmen of America a new
dodge Is being tried on us now. The
new organisation that calls Itself the
Progressive Woodmen society, Is being
formed by "high raters" In the hope of
dividing the rank and file In the fight
against the highway robber rates that
were adopted at Chicago during th,
month of January, 191), and the high
way robber rates would have been forced
down our throats by the head Officers
had they not been blocked by the courts
In saveral states. And they are not satis
fled, for they ars trying to have what
they call a referendum vote taken In the
hope of confusing the members so that
they will not know where they are at
The head officers hopo that If a com
promise, a thty call It can be effected
they will not lose their official scalps
In Wit But th rank and file will not
b caught by any such bait The first Job
on hand U to ge rid ot all of the pres
ent head officers, (or when wo have been
fooled by them onot, wa do not want
to trust them again.
After wa get rtdteC tha officers who
forced, tha nsw rates onto us by such
Electric Sparks
Oil well pumps In Texas are now op.
erated by electric motors.
Eastern Nebraska has 50,000 hydroelec
tric power to develop.
Electrically generated ozone Is used tot
prerervlng meats In Germany.
The new wireless station at Fort Myer,
near Washington, has a range of over
,CO0 miles.
Soma of the finest examples of elec
trtcally equipped coal mines are to be
found in Nova Scotia.
The Great Northern Railway company
will Install gas-electric motor cars for
Its short ilne work.
The Pennsylvania railroad has pur
chased a battery locomotlvo for yard
work at Its Attoona shops.
Notice found by nroorletor. lft on
grand piano by burglars who had looted
a; house:
we had to leave the ttnnn. Hn 1,1
you get It In on the Installment plan or
did you build tha house around it?" Life.
Where is mow greatest barir&rh ron.
terT" inquired the stranger.
"Boreal n scenter?" aaid h oM r!.
dent "There She goea how, Mrs. Dor
klns. Whenever thcrn'B a Wt&l nr.rtfir
sale she's always the first one on hand.
and she gets ths plek."-Chlcago Tribune.
Owner What'll It cost to repair this
car of mine? .
Garage Proprietor What alls It?
Owner I don't know.
Garage Proprietor Thirty-four dollar
and sixty-five cents. Puck.
TTou are getting very bald, sir," said '
the barber.
"You, yourself," retorted the customer,
on not rr from a number of defscti
that I could mention If I cared to beconft
personal." Louisville Courier-Journal.
S. E. Kiser In the Record-Herald.
A little boy sat on an old rail fence
And gazed at a drooping limb;
And a sinful yearning that was intens
Kept steadily urging him.
His little red features were covered with
dirt ,
And his little brown legs were scratched;
There were numerous rents In his little
checked shirt
And his lllttle blue pants were patched.
From one little toe the nail had been torn
And one little heel was sore:
A child apparently more forlorn
I had never beheld before.
At last he stood on the topmost rail
And reached for that drooping limb;
I almost uttered a hopeless wall
I felt so sorry for him. '
Hand over hand he pulled It down
Tho limb with the droop. I mean;
His face was red and his legs wers
brown .
And the apples were small and green.
He sat on the rail and he ate and ite;
I counted them there were four:
Then, foolishly, recklessly challenging
He reached for a couple more.
Sadly I turned to pursue my way
And sadly I said "Good-by.''
Alas for what I have seen this day,'
'TIs sad that the young must die.
"Toil have had your way and you've had
your will:
Tour bed will be dark and deep!
A week from now upon yonder hill '
Tou will He In a dreamless sleep."
A week hod passed and aealn I chanced
To pause nead that fateful tree;
With sad remembrance I turned and
A thrill was In store for me.
For there on the old rail fence he Sat
Eating with calm delight.
And, having finished he filled hla hat
And then sauntered out of sight.
Bound Trip, on special dates, to Californiai
Portland, Puget Sound direct routes.
Round Trip, every day, to California, Port
land, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver direct
ONE WAY via Denver, Colorado Springs, Royal Gorge, Scenio
Colorado, Salt Lake to Los Angeles.
THE OTHER WAY via Coast Line, San Pranoisco, Shasta,
Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Glacier Park or Yel
lowstone Park.
standard and tourist sleepers to California,
via Scenio Colorado,
all classes of equipment, through the North
west to Yellowstone Park, Seattle, Portland.
with observation cars, arriving Denver
next noon. ,
the Northwest to Glacier Park, Spokane,
Seattle; through sleepers to Cody entrance
of Yellowstone Park after June 14.
lounge car, daylight Denver train.
All Are Dynamo Electric Lighted High Class Trains
Free on request, "California Excursions," "Pacific
Coaet Tours," "Yellowstone Park," "Colorado-Yellowstone
Tours," "Colorado-Utah Handbook,"
"Eates Park," "Big Horn Rssorts," "Westbound
Summer Tours."
City Ticket Office, 1502 Farnam Street
Omaha, Neb. Phone D. 1238.
4:10 P.M.
11:35 P.M.
6:40 A. M. !
Eastern Excursion Fares
Illinois Central
Summer excursion tickets on sale
daily to many points in the Eastern
States at. greatly reduced fares. Return limit, sixty
days from date of sale as follows.?
Niagara Falls, N. Y. $33.50
New York City
Atlantic City, N. J...
Boston, Maus......
f s
1 ....$45
I 9)
Montreal, P. Q.
Buffalo. N. Y. ,.
Detroit, Mich. S27.50
Toronto, Ont $31.10
lxw rates also to many other points. Attractive tours via the
Great Lakee, the St. Lawrence Hirer and Thousand Islands. Lib
eral Stopovers en route. Detailed information and rates at City
Ticket Office, 407 Sonth. 16th Street, Omaha. Phono Douglaa 204.
t it-

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