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Speedwell Truck Carries
' Entire Fife and Drum Corps
Known everywhere as the tires
of extra service increased mile-J
age decreased tire expense - -1
The Arthur Stors Auto Supply Co
30ao-33 rarnam Street, Omaha.
jet the most notable performance!!
f atil. mobile truck's in umana. was tuai
f f th' speedwell in the trip of the Gor
man turnets last Tuesday. The two-ton
Y j. kl tarried thirty members of the
' " jkfnr.d bugle corps In addition to tli
a. r ,KLats and Instrument.
TliJ mirk's performance was practl
a tp.irelle1ed, taking sucji Mill or
la-iflton street from Twcnty-fourtu to
H If-tlurd at such speed that the fol
Sixjty Per Cent of
These Oars Are
- Sold to Farmers
A trow Idea In motor car ndvertlselnc,
r-Iglmitcd by the man who first adver
lael - automobiles to farmers, In Incor
porated In a booklet entitled "A Fanner
or Pi-esidcnt." from the pen of Kdward
i, Jwdan. secretary of the Thomas U.
feffcty company, Kenosha, AVIs. Tho
ookict tells In an Interesting way the
easohs why a modern scientific farmer
s destined to occupy the "White House
before long.
Jordan believes hat somewhere In this
Sroact land there . Is a practical farmer
ho ;ls grmvltatlng toward the "White
Ioutfp. He says, "He will be a young
nan ivho was born on a farm and stayed
fhero except for little excursions when
' to discovered that nroner government is
Slose& akin to proper farming.
I JThn tnnst nnwrfill mnn Iti Amrlrn tn.
1 lay '"according to Jordan, "Is the Amerl-
i -an farmer and upon good schools and
;ood i-onds his future 'depends. He could
urn into cash tomorrow Just a part of
Ahat he raises on that great farm which
xtends from tho Saskatchewan to tho
Hlo drnnde, buy out "Wall street and
Sail boards over the windows. Yet the
'treat prosperity of this country would
Sot be seriously affected. -.i
"The farmer," says Jordan, "Is today
lapldjy becoming the world's largest con
fumdlof all goods of merit. His daugh
ter, who once ran tho tread mill chum,
Is now at Vassar and the gasoline en
gine attached to tho cream separator
Snd churn has taken Us place on the
Sixty per cent , of tho output of tho
effery company Is' sold to farm' resl
cnts and tho large Increase In cross-
ountry sales, which If 4VPer cent over
'the sales of last year, Is attributed to
he great crop prospect which the farmer
f the middle west Is now enjoying.
and Yacht Fitted
With All Comforts
of a Pullman Car
Thft nrlvntn ntlltman na mftna fit lllv
, , -
'urlous travel has a rival In an auto
mobile "land yacht" equipped for (U. 11.
(Jandurand president of tho Comet Motor
rompany of Montreal. i
A mlnatufe hotel has been mounted
pn tht chassis of a Packard three-ton
truck?. There are sleeping accomoda
tions .or ten persons, a telephono sys
tem, ilectrto lights, a kitchenette and a
combination smoking and dining room
In f(Jjt all the comforts of home from
refrigerator to a writing desk. Tho
unique body wss designed by the owner's
ion. Lieutenant Henri Dandurnml. nf (ha
ilxty-fltth regiment. C. It. H., Canada,
i The body has five separate compart-
Hments. immediately behind tho driver's
jj.seat are quarters for the chauffeur. A
jroom with sleeping accommodations for
Ifflve women comes next Another com
(partment. six feet square, which Is used
a combination smoking and dining
jroom has berths for four. U Is equipped
with two extension tables each three
feet long by nineteen Inches wide, and
'f. folding desk. ''
; Directly behind this compartment Is
,. to kitchenette, so designed as to make
use of evey inch of available space. A
Jlnen" cupboard, a neat gasoline stove
(and a refrigerator make up the equip
ment. The "caravan" Is driven by the stan
tfanl four cylinder Packard truck motor.
in practically every point tho chassis Is
Identical with that of the standard
Packard three-ton truck.
An Interesting test Qf the doxameter,
the new fuel control device Invented by
John A. Doxey, was made about the
streets of Indianapolis Saturday after
noon with a Palge-Detrott "3," five
, passenger belong Ing to Dr. J. D. Nus
baum. Dr. Nusbaum. who had never
1 seen the device before, drove his car him
i self Motor spirits were used instead of
gasoline- On the first test the engine
, wss throttled down to Us minimum
j speed The car was then run eight miles
m hour Without touching the fuel sup
I ply the doxameter was opened and in a
i distance of approximately SOO yards the
rs speed rose to sixteen mllor'an hour,
j gala In engine efficiency of ioo per cent
A fe minutes later, with the hand throt
tie sightly opened and the car moving
t teg miles on hour, the doxameter -was
agalropened and the car promptly lifted
i In speed to nineteen miles an hour with
rii0"i numlng addlUonal fuel, a gain In
Auto Chemical Bnrea Town.
A farge share of the business part of
Dearlng, Kan., owea It upright condition
to the Studebaker "" roadster of Chief
:tlrvey or we nr department In Coffey,
lirille which, carrying Its outfit of two
jUnks of chemicals, made the run of six
' unit a. half mlUa .,- . . .
- urvr iouin roaa in;
?In minute and arrived Just In time. J
lowing totirtns; cars had no trouble In
retaining high speed and keeping wtll
ahead of the pnrado at all time. Wil
liam Pfelffcr, who personally drov thi
truck, made the advance statement tnut
ho doubted If any truck could tnak Hie
extensive trip, carrylne such i w-ilght
and on such n hot day, without soveral
delays, nut the sturdy truck never hosl
tated and Pfelffer Is having difficulty to
realize that It was his own truck thht
could perform such a feat.
Automobiles Are
Making Country
Homes More Handy
With tho Increasing hot weather the
tendency to get out In the open air of
the country away from the stifling city
street Is becoming more and Inore prev
alent. The well to do are 'purchasing
country homes and those less fortunate
are' spending their evenings and Sun
days In the parks.
Uut the most satisfactory method of
escaping the heat and still remain In
the city to transact business Is by means
of the motor car. Every person who can
possibly afford tho Initial outlay has
procured, or will very shortly procure,
an automobile. In his machine the busi
ness man, worn out by the nerve racking
exercise of conducting his business when
every one has a perpetual "grouch,"
can toko his family out In the open
where the cool breezes recuperate him
so that ho may go back to his desk
The car that Is especially built to make
cross country driving simpler and easier
without sacrificing comfort In city driv
ing Is the Itamblor. The Humbler peo
ple have studied the country road prop
osition and have built their 1913 cross
country car so as to overcome every
obstacle that may present Itself.
Tho Rambler Is one of the few Amer
ican cars that carries demountable
wheels which eliminates long stops to
repair punctures, etc. There are over
COO distributers of the Ilamtiler which
makes It a simple matter to get service
at any part of the country. Humbler
parts have been so carefully studied 'and
so much time has been put on fthelr
manufacture that they are. cheaper and
easier to obtain than parts on average"
cars built only for city drlvlnff.
Fundamentally the Rambler Is a cross
country car, but the fact does not do
tract from Its ability for city service.
Firestone Gives
His Men a Big Feast
at the Old Homestead
The "Firestone Foreman's Homestead
dinner" given recently by II. S. Fire
stone at the old Firestone homestead In
Columbiana county, was one of the most
exclusive affairs of Its kind during the
season. Mr. Firestone's Invitation list
was strictly limited to factory superin
tendents, foremen, officials and directors
of the .Firestone Tire and Rubber com
pany, Even so, a fleet of about thirty
cars was needed, the guests numbered 145.
The party started with the serving of
lunch to all In the restaurant of the
Firestone plant, and the drawing of lot,
which designated one's place In the pro
cession of cars. The host led as a "path
finder," the next car driven by Master
Harvey Firestone, scattering confetti at
every turn, to print the way for any
"trailers." The route to the old home
stead was selected for Its scenic values,
and Ohio never displayed seventy miles
of her beauties to better advantage, the
country fresh, the day ideal.
Then tho dinner! Just think of every
thing good to eat you ever had, and
everything you ever wanted, whother you
have had It or notand you will come
pretty to close to the menu of that "Fire
stone Foremen's Homestead dinner," and
It was served In a manner to whet appe
tites already sharp, on long tables set In
the homestead yard, and everything pip.
ing hot that should be hot-everythlng Ico
cold that should be cold.
Finally, the coffee was served, cigars
wero lit, the last glow of the sun flick,
ered from the windows of the century-old
home, and the 'boysV began to tune their
cars for the glorious 'moonlight drive back
to Akron.
Ad Men Cross the
Continent, Making N
a Splendid Record
E. B. Hanson, vice president and gen
eral manager of the Ban Francisco Ex
position Tour Sales company and a mem
ber of the Frisco Ad club, accompanied
by J. A. Clairmonte, made a remarkable
run from Frisco to Baltimore. They cov
ered the entire distance In eighteen days.
The last lap of 1.4S0 miles, from Omaha
to Baltimore, was made In seventy-one
hours actual running time. After the
trip, Mr- Hanson made the following
"Our freedom from mechanical troubles
was noteworthy not one waa encountered
during the entire trip. We didn't .v.n
have a punoture or a tire change-our
car was equipped with Firestone Jfon
Sklds. "We did havo an unfortunate collision,
however, at SCovestown p.. u
Inability of a fair woman chauffeurto
stop her machine on a steep grade. Both
machines were smashed and It took us
miny-six hours to piece our machine
Goodrich Til Map and cor- I j, . '
f Rout Boob VJ rectlsttractloat w
for your inkindlcit S
tCur, freo 'j fern B ' r "
Goodrich Guide Post3 I
; f are as dependable as , ' '
uoodnch I ires I
' Lm Goodrich guide posts, and m6re are I
.,, , .
'i : '
Beat in the Long Run
Over thirty thousand miles of
American highway arc marked by
Goodrich guide posts, and m6re are
being pat up right along.
Goodrich guide posts tell the
motorist how to go where he wants
to go. Goodrich Tires take him there.
As n tire user you can depend upon
the exact knowledge of rubber which
comes from our fQrty-three years ex
perience in manufacturing all kinds
of rubber produces which is crystal
ized in the Goodrich principle of
Unit Molding.
You can depend upon the opinions
pf thousands and thousands of mo're-than-satisfied
motorists who are using
Goodrich Tires.
You can depend upon the judg
raent of car manufacturers whose'
output ranks as the oldest and best
known in the country and who have
equipped their product with Good
rich Tires since tho first days of
And individually, you can depend
uponGoodrich Tires.
Yon will find all the proven styles
of tires in the Goodrich line, but
only one kind and quality.
One reason for the lonir service.
mileage and comfortable riding of
Goodrich Tires is the unit molding.
We made the first American
Clincher Tire. Before that time
we had been manufacturing rubber
goods for twenty-seven years. Those
twenty-seven years of experience
were the foundation of our principle
of unit molding, and we have never
changed it.
Every Goodrich Tire Is made and
molded as a unit. The layers of fine,
strong fabric, strips of pure rubber,
side strips, bead, and the thick, J
tough tread are literally molded into
a unit in our single vulcanization.
llcing ethe tire, and not merely
en it, the thick, tough tread does not
peel or strip.
' The result is a unit tire which is,
simply bound to give both resistance
and resiliency, as both tire users
and automobile manufacturers testify
by their choice.
Your tire dealer will supply you
with the particular Goodrich Tire
which best meets the requirements
of your car, whether it is the
Goodrich American Clincher, Good
rich Quick Detachable, Goodrich
Straight Bead, Goodrich Cord 'for
electrics, Goodrich Metal Stud,
Goodrich Pneumatic Truck, Good
rich Bailey Tread or Goodrich Safety
Write us for our free folders tell
ing you how to avoid the common
tire injuries and how to get the most
tire service.
The B. F. Goodrich
Rubber Co.
2034 Farn&m St. s
raotorleal Akron, Ohio.
Rranch Houses and Service Stations
In All Principal Cities.
Dealer Everywhere.
Bltranch Houses and Service Stations
In All Principal Cities.
Dealer 3verywner. m
I 'Write for Goodrich tfJ$ I
Iloute Book, corerlag aFlTzS
I the aato tour you se- TS&TI'QC
IccL Tbefco books are TPjjTp
seat free on request. VSX3Sl K
is nothing
in Goodrich
that isn't in
Goodrich Goods
tMf, .'A
Firestone rubber and design
mean mileage never before
Fullest comfort, greatest car pro
tection with fewest tire and car
repairs are additional values and
economies. Twelve years of unin
terrupted leadership is your proof.
Ak for book," What't What In
"America's Largest Exclusive Tire
and Rim Makers.
2220 Fnrnora Street, Omaha, Nob.
Home Office and Factory, Akron O.
Branches in All Large Cities.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
10 Over Capacity
A $3,000,000
. Our reductions this year on No-Rim-Cut
tires will save users, we judge at least
three million dollars.
And it comes about largely, through
mammoth production by far the largest
output in the world.
Higher Prices
Are Unfair
No-Rlm-Cut tires because of
special qualities have always been
high-price tires.
They used to' cost one-fifth rnoro
than other standard tires. Yet we
never built them better than we
build today.
These tires have always typi
fied the utmost in a tire. And
they won the topmost place in
Tiredom just on that account.
But we make more of these tires
every month in
these days than
we made in the
year 1009.
We made
more last year
than in our pre
vious 12 years
put together.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With or Without
Non-Skid Treads
Tblj Company has no connection whatcrw with any otltr
rubber concern whlcii ium tho Goodjear ntuno.
Phone Douglas 4190.
$15 TO $40 PER
Competent Auto Men
- Chauffers Repair Men
Wo Teach You How to Secure
Good Positions and Salaries.
Our school hns had 5 years of
successes and our pupils are
holding the best positions. Free
information sent upon applica
tion giving our practical in
struction plans. Write for it
today. Reference, . Colorado
St. and Sav. Bank, Denver.
Denver Automobile School
Thus the cost has come down.
Now no standard tire of any type
costs less than No-Rim-Cut tires.
No first-class tire with a limited
output can be sold at an equal
price. That's why some tires cost
Of course the makers claim some
extra quality.
But No-RIm-Cut tlrea are the
leading tires. For a long, long
time they were the costliest tires.
It was their very goodness that
brought tho cost down. Now, if
others can't meet them, doat let
mem ciaim mat
thetires they sell
are better. "
Write for
the Goodyear
Tire Book-1 4th
year edition. It
tells all known
ways to econo
mize on tires.
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