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The Climate of This Store
Almost everyone remarks the coolness and
clean, good air of our store.
It is not difficult to understand for it did not
come by chance.
We have the best building - that could be de
signed and built.
It is to such a place of safety, conveniences,
cleanliness, coolness and comfort that we invite
Fine, Fresh, and Full Stocks
are ready for you
Thero aro so many pretty,
oxclusivo kinds that wo can't
tell about them here Laco
collars and sots and node pieces
in profnsion. Every woman
who has seen them so far
agrees with us, k
Not necessarily the expen
sive lrind, but they aro cer-
tainly good looking. Plain,
i j i
iuuu twu wuuiuiuuijf hiamjajvju.
and initialed styles.
Democratic Canons Decides to Aot as
the "Housewife's Mend."
JHnJorlty Lender Deo lit re Proflta
Will Be Inconsequential, Hardly
Qnnrtcr of n Million
I Yenrlr.
"WASHINGTON, Juna 2fc Wielding the
me agoln.on the tariff revision bill for
tba benefit of the household, the senate
democratic caucus determined tonight to
put cotton .sewlnjr thread on the free Hit
This action followed ft spirited debate
and was carried by one voto over the
protest of members of tho finance com
mittee, who defended the 16 per cent duty
which was carried In the bill aa it passed
the house and which the Bennte majority
of the finance commutes did not alter.
Those who championed this favor to
the housewife argued that tha revenue
to be derived from sewing thread was
inconsequential and that to be consistent
In attempting to- lower the cost of living1
the senate should not quibble. Looking
up the estimates they found that the
estimated revenue to bo derived was
about t 5,000 a year. This, they figured,
was a small amount to worry about, and
on the free list cotton thread went, while
committee members objected strenuously.
All amendments to tho agricultural
schedule of the new tariff proposod by
democrats "of the senate finance commit
tee were approved by tho caucus, Includ
ing tho countervailing duy on wheat and
ItOCKWBLL CITY, la., Juno 23. (Bps
dal Telegram.) Six prisoners escaped
from the Calhoun county jail last night.
All were being held for breaking and
entering, four having broken Into an
Illinois Central car at Hanson, and the
two others being charged with robbing
stores at Pomeroy last winter. They
cawed the bars off covering the opening
In the iron door used for passing In meals
and a similar set of bars on the door
leaning irom mo recopuon room to a
room at the rear of the jail, the windows
of which had no grating. Sheriff WheelerN
und a posse of men are scouring tbe sur
rounding country, but no trace of the
nen bos been found.
When You
Duffy's Pure
A chan (re in the mode of life, perhaps drinking water or several other
simple causes may produce Indisposition. ""erai oxner
. . TR. bt ?tt hould have Duffy's the traveler's safeguard t hand.
It Is the most efficacious remedy for chills, fever? cVds dyseMearrhoT
nausea and all summer Ills. Re sure to put a We or two to yoK
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is sold In SEALED DOT
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31.00 a bottle. Demand Duffy's and be sure the seal la
unbroken, to be sure you are getting the genuine. Write
our doctors for free advice and a free valuable Illustrated
medical booklet
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, N Y
at all times.
We Have Lots
Weather Things
For the Little
You are sure to find many
articles of dress for the babies
and children; cool, dainty gar
ments that are a great help to
the little ones these hot days.
Monday Toilet
Goods Specials
Trailiner Arbutua Talcum.
iarg0 jar, i90,
Jergcn's Bonsoln and Almond Lo-
tj0n, idc
Peroxldo Bath Soap, 7c cake, 3
for 10c.
Promotion Comes to
Edson Rich, Union
Pacific Attorney
Effective July L Edson Rich, Union
Paclflo attorney for Nebraska and Iowa,
will become assistant general solicitor,
an offlco abolished by the Union Pacific
.fifteen years ago nnd Just re-created.
For the present, at least. Mr. Rich will
continue to look after the legal matters
Jn connection with the Nebraska and
Iowa courts where Union Pacific causes
may be called for trial. Eventually he
will probably turn this legal work over
to somo of the company attorneys and
devote the whole of his time to the new
She Wanted to Know.
He looked up from his paper,
"Well." he said, "I see the Balkan war
Is officially ended."
She glanced at him dreamily,
"When was that. GeorgeT"
"When was what?"
That Balky warr
lie stared at her morosely,
"Bay," ho said, "you wouldn't wake up
to what was going on If a holocaust and
a cataclysm had a fight to a finish!"
She smiled sweetly.
"What Is a holoclysm, Georgef
Cleveland j'lain ueaier.
Are Away
on your vacation enjoying tho
charms and benefits of now scones
or travollng on business or pleas
ure, the advantages of hom& aro
often lacking and most times tho
services of a physician aro un
available or elBe you do not care
to go to strange doctor,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
gives to tho sick In a ready as
simUablo form the nourishment
and tonic properties from barley
and other grains, which are. the
rf t strength-giving foods.
... Wh,eV?u g? awa th,s yar. bo
sure to take along a supply of
Malt Whiskey
Summer Wearing Apparel
For Women
, New Styles of Dresses for
Monday's Selling
Hundreds of pretty new dresses are here for
your selection we wish to call your attention to
our new showing tomorrow, of White Voile
Dresses White and and Colored Ratine Dresses
Linen Dresses Crepe Dresses and Fancy Wash
The Store for Shirt Waists.
of Cool, Warm
Exclusive Agents
in Omaha
for the
McCall Patterns
Two Hundred Tons Explode on Tank
Steamer in New York Bay.
Six Injured and Many Unaccounted
For Two Bodies Keen la Hold.
Others Frobably Dlorrn
to Pieces.
NEW YORK, June 23, Two hundred
tons of fuel oil on board the steol tank
steamer, Mohawk, owned by tho Stand
ard Oil company, exploded this afternoon
with a terrific roar nnd a burst of flame
while the vessel was at anchor oft
Tompklnsvllle, Btaten Island, In New
York bay, Five persons were killed and
six others injured. A dozen more are
unaccounted for, but are believed to have
been rescued. Two bodies were seen
floating In the hold, whllo fire boats still
were pouring streams of water Into the
wrecked steamer lato tonight. The other
three victims were probably blown to
pieces. The dead:
EDWARD DONAHUE, steam fitter,
JOHN DONAVAN, machinist helper,
members of the Mahawk's crew.
HAWK, a foreigner, name not obtained
Qustav Elmgren, pipe fitter, was prob-
bly fatally burned. f
uareiessness oi a macninisrs neiper
was reported to have been the cause of
the explosion. Fifty men. Including the
crew and twenty machinists, who wen
making repairs, preparatory to tho Mo
hawk's departure tomorrow for Huxpam,
Mexico, were on board. A helper was de
clared to have carried a lighted candle
into the hold below the fire room, while
searching for a washer he had dropped.
The candle Is believed to have caused
the combustion of gases generated In tho
Tha explosion was heard for many miles.
A flash of flame 800 feet high shot into
the air, followed by a volcano of debris
and the Mohawk began Immediately to
settle aft, while fire boats, wrecking
tugs and other harbor craft hurried to
the scene from all directions.
A score of men who were blown over
board were rescued unhurt from thA
water. Others clung to stanchions and
rails or huddled In the bow, whence they
were dragged to safety on boats.
Shortly after o'clock tonight the Are
was under control and the crew returned
on board and began pumping the vessel
out. The stern was completely under
water, but It is believed the steamer can
be got Into dry dock for repairs.
LONDON. June SS. Gertrude Shaw,
who hurled a brick through a window of
the Scotland Yard police headquarters
last Saturday and subsequently was sent
to prison for three weeks, was released
on license today, bhe had been on a
hunger strike. At the time of her arrest
Miss Shaw declared she threw the missile
as a protest against the treatment or
Mrs. Emmellne Pankhurct and other suf
fragette prisoners.
rials tqn.
Mrs. William Trout and children dei
parted lor .Missouri lor a snort visit.
Miss Lula Lut and Mr. Edward Harris
were visitors to Plattsmouth last Sun
R. L. Props t of Mynard was an over-
night visitor upon his return from Lin
Miss Evelyn Taylor of Plattsmouth
visited her sister. Mrs. R. T. Pro pat. lost
Mr. and Mrs. L. Howard returned last
week from Missouri, where they were
visiting reiauvea.
Mrs. Pugsley and Miss Margie Taylor
or nawview, neu., were guests ot in.
Thayer rropat Tnuraaay.
Mrs. Jacob Ewalt, who was seriously
Injured In the Easter tornado, was able
w go 10 Aurora tor a oner visit.
Among those havinr dinner at the By
mour Lake Country olub Friday evening
were Air ana Mr. Jonn rarraii. air. ana
Airs, 1L. said, ur. and Mrs. c. M.
See Our Howard
Street Windows
Wash Goods
These goods aro on salo in
our basement Wash. Goods
Lawns, 5c and 7c.
Dimities, 10c, 15c, 25c, 30o
and 35c.
Voiles, 19c, 25c and 30c.
Tissues, 15c and 19c.
Ratine Gropes, 19o and 25c.
Just received, a lot of Lor
rainc Egyptian Tissues in
stripes and small checks, very
desirable, 25o a yard.
Wash Goods Remnants at
greatly reduced prices.
One Hundred and
Thirteen Customs
Jobs Are Abolished
WASHTNOTON, June 28. Secretary Mo
Adoo today designate tho collectors and
deputy collectors of customs who will
have charge of the ports of the Unlfod
States after the reorganization on July lr
One hundred and thirteen collectors
lose their jobs because their offices are
abolished. Hereafter there will bo only
forty-nlno collectors.
In most cases the present collectors will
be retained In charge of the districts.
The secretary has designated a deputy
collector to take Immediate charge of
each port and generally that designation
was the present special deputy collector.
Iowa Bar Backs Up
Criticism of Speer
SIOUX CITY, la., June 28. Concurrence
with the declaration of Emory Speer of
Macon, Go., federal judge of the south
ern Georgia district that the espionage
of judges and their courts by the De
partment of Justice Is un-American and
should be abolished, mode In his address
to the convention yesterday, was ex
pressed by resolution at the meeting of
the Iowa State Bar association today.
'The absolute Independence of the ju
diciary of this country, state1 and fed
eral, Is necessary to the maintenance of
the rights and liberties of the people to
this nation," states the .association In the
resolution. "The espionage of judges of
tha federal courts by other departments
of the government is un-American and
highly detrimental to tha proper admin
istration of justice."
The convention elected officers as fol
lows: John O. Lacey, Oskaloosa, presi
dent; F. F. Dawley, Cedar Rapids, vies
president; II. C, Horack, Jowa City, sec
retary; Frank Nash, Oskaloosa, treas
urer; A, J. Small, Des Moines, librarian.
Burlington was named as the next con
vention city.
"Gunboat" Smith
Wins in Third Bound
NEW YORK. June 28. "Gunboat'
Smith of California defeated George
Rod el, the South African Boer, tonight
in the third round ot a scheduled ten'
round bout at Madison Square Garden.
After Rodel had been knocked down
twice Referee Joh stopped the bout.
Rodel had the better of the first round
and in the second forced Smtth to tha
ropes, landing a right to the head and
left to tha jaw. Smith retaliated with a
hard right overhand swing to tha head
that floored the Boer for tha count of
In the third round "Gunboat" landed
two lefts to the body and Rodel came
back with a left to the face. A right
swing to the point ot the jaw made the
Boer take a second count of nine. He
arose to meet another right to tha head
for the second knockdown of the round.
Tha referee stopped the contest without
counting. The men's weights were!
Smith. 180; Rodel, 1KV.
George Klrkwood ot St Louis out
pointed Walter Brooks, a local feather
weight In a ten-round contest
markable fielding and bowling kept the
score ot both sides down In the opening
of what was to have been a three days'
match between the Australian, cricketers
and the Gentlemen ot Philadelphia today
and an Inning and a half were com
pleted before stumps were drawn. Tho
local players were all out for 115 runs In
tha first Innings, while the Australians
made only ICS. In the second innings tha
Phlladelphlans were all out for fifty-seven
runs. The match will be concluded to
morrow when the Australians take their
second Innings. Another match between
the same players will be played after the
conclusion ot the present contest
Iowa Board Takes Certificate from
Waterloo Man.
noard Determined to rnntsh Dro
siata Who Peralat In Violations
of the LrTf Get Evidence
In Drldge Case.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Ia., June 2S.-(Speolal
Telegram.) The State Board of Phar
macy today for the first time In many
years revoked the certificate of a regis
tered pharmacist because of his per
sistency In selling liquors. This was L.
O. Helber of Waterloo, who had been ad
judged guilty of contempt of court In a
liquor case. The pharmacy commission
has started out to put an end to promis
cuous selling of liquors by druggists.
Evidence In Bridge Cases.
Henry E. Sampson of tbe attorney gen
eral's office and Thomas M. McDonald,
state highway engineer, have gone to
Chicago for the purpose of gathering evi
dence In certain cement bridge patent
cases now pending. The legislature pro
vided that tho state should prosecute all
cases where it is believed bridge com
panies are wrongfully charging royalties
on patents. The cose now In the hands
of the attorney general Is that of Dan
B. Luten against W. B. Marsh, a Des
Moines contractor.
Geological Work In lawn.
The geological board met with the gov
ernor today. Prof. George F. Kay made
report and recommendations which were
approved. The areal and geological work
In Audubon and Shelby counties will be
continued by B. Shlmek. The work In
Lucas county will be .completed by Prof,
Kay, who will also do work In Adams
and Union. Geological work In Cass will
be commenced by J, E. Gow. The re
port on the field work In Taylor, Floyd,
Adair, Calhoun, Crawford and Clarke
counties Is now being prepared. B. W,
Beyer wlfl continue study of surface wa
ters. J. E. Carman will continue study
of surface deposits In northwestern Iowa.
James H. Lees will do work on the drain
age waters of the Missouri slope.
More Iiiike Drainage Cases.
The state executive council today took
up consideration of tho drainage ot
Goose lake In Kossuth county. This Is
the third lake case to be brought before
the state officials this week. Goose lake
got into court some years ago, but tha
right ot the state to do what it pleases
with the bed of tho lake has been estab
lished. The question Is whether to drain
it or preserve It.
Summer Schools and Pay.
Attendance at summer schools this year
will not add anything to the salaries ot
teachers under tho minimum wage law,
Most of the summer schools will be over
before the law takes effect and tbe board
of educational examiners decided that It
would not be possible to apply that part
of the law this year which permits add.
Ing three points to teachers' grades ftfr
wage purposes for attendance at summer
schools. The department has also just
ent out a circular containing the de
cision of the attorney general to the ef
feet that where a deputy county super
intendent Is appointed after July i It will
be necessary to have a convention ot
school officers to determine the salary to
Jt)o paid.
Delegates to Meeting,
The governor today appointed delegates
to tho Emancipation exposition to be held
by colored people in Philadelphia, com
menclng September 1. as follows: J. A.
Jefferson, T. L. Griffith and Mrs. J. B,
Rush, Des Moines; L. R, Willis and Mis
Georgia Blagburn, Buxton! T. B. Stovall
Davenport; A. L. Walker, Marshalltown
W. H. MUllgan, Cedar Rapids; Miss Letta
Cary, Oskaloosa.
Herrnril for an Eloper.
Governor Clarke has offered $200 re
ward for tho arrest and detention of
Frantz Meyer of Oelweln, who departed
with Lizzie Huppertz, a girl of 14 years,
June 18. Attorney General Cosson is
taking the lead in the effort to appre
hend the pair. It Is believed they have
not gone far. Meyer Is a piano repairer.
Circulars have been sent out wth de
scription ot the pair.
Savins to State.
A. considerable saving to the state Is
anticipated because of a new law which
puts upon any county from which an In
sane person Is sent to the state hospital
the sole burden of establishing tbe actual
residence of the patient If tho county
escapes responsibility tor the permanent
maintenance of such patient it Is up to
the county to ahow where the resldenoe
of the person actually is. In case the
county falls to do this it will have to
stand tha expense, except that It may
show tha Insane patient was not a resi
dent of tho county, which will mean that
the state will make him a state patient
But the law will leave It so that tho ac
tual residence of most of tha patients
will be established at a time when this
can easily be done; thus tho number of
state patients will be reduced. There are
about $00 state patients now at the hos
Bnyina; Coal for the State.
Tho State Board of Control has lust
received offers for the sale of coal to
the state for institution purposes. The
Institutions use about 100,000 tons of coal
a year. Under tha law the board Is ab
solutely required to let the contracts at
each Institution to tha lowest bidders.
A demand has been made that the board
let the contracts to Iowa coal dealers
regardless of price, but this cannot very
well bo done. Nearly every year some
Illinois coal is purchased for the Insti
Military Antoa Croaa Iorra.
Two groups ot military automobiles
are crossing Iowa. They are under tha
direction ot th Wisconsin military au
tboritles and hall from tha military
school at Lake Geneva. One party
stopped here over night and left for the
north this morning, consisting ot Colonel
R. P. Davidson ot Illinois and eleven
cadets. They travel In an automobile
equipped with rapid fire guns and a wire'
less outfit and keep up connection with
the other party each day.
Many Hlfflivrar Contests.
Tha State Highway commission will
have mora than 700 contests over county
highway systems to settle, according to
H. C, Beard, a member of the commis
sion. He was In Des Moines last night
Today he will Investigate oontesU in
Ringgold and Decatur counties.
"It will be my first work of that kind,"
Mr, Beard said. "We have so many
contests that It will keep us busy. A
member ot tha commission and an engi
neer will investigate every contest"
Tito Judirea Hold Court.
GLENWOOD, la., Juna S3. (Special)
For tha first Ume in the history of Mills
county as far aa known, two courts were
in session In the court house in Glenwood
this morning. While the Guldlee case
was In progress Judge E. B. Woodruff
was also holding court Walter Sunday,
the bicycle thief who stole a wheel from
William Hertz at Malvern, pleaded guilty
and was sentenced to Anamosa. Sunday
Is 24 years ot age. Judge Woodruff oc
cupied the rest ot the forenoon with
probate business. Judge Arthur will ad
journ court upon completion of tho
Guidlce munder case until August 15.
FORT DODGE, la.. June 28. (Special
Telegram.) Frank Lambert shot by
Marshal E. V. McFarland of Cowrie last
night when he and his companion, George
Hall resisted arrest lies In a critical
condition at Mercy hospital here. Lam
bert was preparing to shoot McFarland
when the marshal prevented. McFarland
was wounded last fall by "Red" Robin
son now in tho penitentiary.
McFarland was hunting escaped Rock
well City Jail breakers nnd discovered
Wse men under a threshing mochlne.
They carried burglar tools and ore being
hold on that charge.
Iottoi Nctts Notes.
NEVADA E. E. Price and Minn TTr.n.
ees Camp, both well known residents of
usceoia, ia., were married here today.
BTATE CENTER T.lttln HYr1 KHiill,
Of this nla.ee drank thn
bottle of brass polish here last night
and died within an hour.
CRE9TON News hnji 1n hun .
celved here of the death of RnWt U!m
an old settler residing at Cromwell. Ia.
Mr, Emery had lived here since 1879.
Beeson. mother of Rvron a. n,.,nn
adjutant of the soldiers' homo and former
.Yvt".urert ceieDratea her ninety
third birthday hete today.
waukee & St Paul railroad started pro-
ccuiiign nero toaay io condemn the land
the southern port of the county prior
td their double tracking.
pUBUQTjE-News has Just been re
ceived here of the death of Louis H.
Severance, one. i.f the founders of tho
SUndarl Oil company. He will ba re
memDera hn nn nrMtmi Af i, i i -
donation to the German college, the lost
donation being $70,000.
CSlESTON-CMston is to have a com
mercial WirelMS KtAtlnn arx 111. .i.-.
goes. The Shartdsn Svpply company cf
this Ilace has snnnnnrA .Via in,nn,tn..
of e5tU5 tp a ut,n hero which will'
iu "u. "s Moines, it Is
thought that the project will go throuirn.
n!LE?iAN5OAJ,I-'I"he bodlei of George
Cudgel and his 6-year-old daughter,
.Hazel, whom he murdered before ending
h'8. own life Tuesday morning, were
uujicu xnurBuay aiiemoon at Farragut.
There was a double sermon and funeral,
as reauested In Mr. niMcof. 1... i.t,.
Indignation over the murder of the little
em nun runs nign in ine community.
DENISON Denlson will nri turn imin.
veterans to take part In the gathering at
Gettysburg. They are W. A. McIIehry,
past state commander of the Iowa Grand
juiujr u, mil iwiranuc, wno was a mem-
"r vt me cignm Illinois cavalry, and
a A. Bear, who fought In tho One Hun
dred and Forty-second Pennsylvania In
fantry. Mrs. Georgia Wade McClollan ot
this city, one of the heroines of the bat
tle, and her son, James McClellan, also
will attend. Sear McHenry, cashier ot the
First National bank, accompanies his
DENISON Crawford county may have
another murder case as a result of a
drunken row at Manilla. The Milwaukee
company has there a number of men
working on new construction, many of
whom are recent arrivals In this country.
One of these, a Russian giving tho name
of John VI van, was found with his head
nearly pounded to a Jelly. Ho was taken
to a hospital at Omaha and has recovered
enough to tell something as to the cause
of his troubles. A number of arrests
have been made. Two of the prisoners
have bloody clothing.
LOOAN--ltizens of Logun are prepar
Ing to celebrate the Fourth of July. W.
L. Stern and O. O. Rock will look after
the general program. Dr. M. A. Hum
phrey and Judge Arthur will procure a
speaker for the day. Fred Seabury and
F. W. Kennedy are now boosting the ad
vertising. Thomas Parker will look after
the grounds. M. B. Pitt and L. P. Du
Vail are planning all kinds of sports
for the day. Wl B. Card, Oscar Coffey.
Mrs. Frank McCabe and Mrs. Johnson
will provide the Instrumental music. Gale
Mills and N. W. Goodwin will superin
tend the fireworks in the evening. Mrs.
B. J. Wood. Mrs. "W. H. Johnson, Mrs.
G. H. Harvey. F. W. 'Kennedy and A.
W. Gains are members ot the committee
on parade. J. C. Mllllman will he presi
dent of the day and Colonel J. B. Norrls,
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
Service all around service counta a lot In this busM
nesB and we are striving daily to put this laundry on the high
est possible plane.
We want all your work from, bed spreads to collars
because we can do It better and cheaper than any home system
possibly can.
Pretty strong claim, isn't it? But you would be glad,
wouldn't you, if we could prove It to you.
Send us a bundle. Tell us whether you want all the work
finished or whether some of It is to come back "rough dry."
Test this question honestly. It means so much to every
household that you cannot afford to decide it without giving
us a trial.
Don't Allow Your Clothing to Have That "Dragged Out"
look that you feel on these hot days. Let us clean and press them: they
will look better and you will feel better. Our prices ax aa reasonable as
first class work can be done.
Bummer Dresses cleaned $1.33 up
Ladiua' Tailored Suits fl.75 and S3
Plain Waista BOo
We Call for and
Deliver - to
rarta of tha Olty.
Booglaa 1789.
DR. TODD, 403
Former East St Louis Councilman
Makes Startling Confession.
Aldermen and Ex-Mnyor Aliened io
Hare Received Money for Fa
vors Granted Corpora
tions. ST. LOUIS, June 27. An Investigation
into alleged municipal irregularities in
East St Louis. 111., culminated today In
the publication ot a sworn confession of
bribery by Joseph A. Fansler. a former
member ot the East St Louis city v
The confession was made yesterday in
the presence of Charles Webb, state's at
torney for St Claire county, Illinois, and
Curtis A. Betta, a reporter tor the St
Louis Post-Dispatch, and was sworn to
before a notary public.
The confession came within a few days
of a statement by State's Attorney Webb
that ho would lay any evidence of munici
pal irregularities before tho grand jury
which will meet in September and that
he was prepared to offer immunity to
any guilty person who should aid the
state In securing convictions.
Ttto Acts Aliened.
The confession of Fansler details two
alleged acts of bribery, the payment of
$3,000 for a franchise granting the East St.
Louis Interurban Railway company the
right to lay tracks on certain streets of
the city and the payment of $3,000 for a
franchise granting the Alton & Southern
the right to cross certain streets.
Six members of the city council shared
In the division of the first $3,000, accord
ing to the confession, and four members
In the division of the second $3,000. Both
bribes were paid In 1912, it Is charged.
Charles S. Lambert, who then was
mayor of East St Louts, Is named in the
confession as the man who handed or.o
ot the council $1,f0 ot the Alton Se South
ern bribe money, which was refused as
Insufficient Lambert It In sold, went
to John L. Flannlgan, then counsel for
the railway company and later corpora
tion counsel for East St Louis, and got
from the latter the full $3,000 bribe money.
Aids In Reform Campaign,
Lambert was succeeded as mayor this
spring by John M. Chamberlain, who was
elected on a reform platform. Lambert
supported Chamberlain in the campaign.
Lambert's home was closed today.
Neighbors said he had left the city fn an
automobile early this morning, saying he
would not return until Monday. All the
others named aa recipients of brlbo
money by Fansler vigorously denied tho
Perry's Flag is
Unfurled at Chicago
CHICAGO, June 2S. A tattered portion
of the battlo flag on Commodore Perry's
frigate, "Tho Lawrence." at the battle
of Lake Erie, will be the commander's
standard today In the crulso to Lako
Bluff tor Illinois state official's day at
the naval training station. Tho excursion
is under the auspices ot Ferry's victory
centennial commission or Illinois, to
which was loaned the priceless hlstorlo
rello by Adam W. Eckler, jr.
The treasured silken remnant was
hoisted to the mast of the gunboat Du
buque at 9:30 this morning, when the
booming of a gun gave the signal to start
the cruise. The finest pleasure craft on
Lake Michigan carried the several hun
dred guests. Exhibitions In water fleet
nesn will be given en route by the hydro
planes of Mr. Eckler and James Av Pugh.
Captain George H. Clarke, commander ot
the training station, and his officers, will
welcome the visitors and dinner for 1,500
will be served In the mess hall.
In the afternoon the apprentice sea
men will drill and tributes to the work of
"boy building" will be paid by ex-Congressman
George Foss, chairman of the
committee on naval affairs, members of
the committee, and others.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Phono Douglas 919.
Men'a 2-plece Suits cleaned and
pressed X&
Fancy Vests BOo
2-plece Suits Sponged & Pressed BOo
Sfrad a WUmoth.
12016 Sraraaia
"Which Do Youfc
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Brandeis Building.

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