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Tennis Champions Who Will Play in Omaha This Week
Summer Guest of Mrs. Kinsler
Orchard &
Fresenoo of Women to Add to the
General Interest.
Dinner Dunces X.nat nvenlns; Drnrr
Increased Knraberi Drcnnoe of
the Cooler Wenlher Manr
LcnTP for Earope.
2 B
Soclnl Cnlenilnr.
MONPAT Children's matinee dance at
the Field etub: Mm. John nosmUMen,
nfternoon bridge for Miss Lillian Han
)n of ChlraKo, Mr. Henry Doorlr. mo
tor plcnlo. for Captain A. Vf, Malsh.
Tt'FSDAY Mr. and Mrs. Edward Up
dike, dinner at Happy Hollow for Mr.
and Mm. P. IL Updike of Los Angeles,
children's matlneo danco at Happy Hoi
low; dinner danco at Carter Lake Coun
try club and Happy Hollow: table
d hoto luncheon at Field club. Mr. A.
B Wairen, dinner at Country club.
WEDNnSDAV-MIss Jtnry w!s Wood,
muelcale at Happy Hollow; Mrs. W, T,
Pavlnger, afternoon bridge at Field
club; dlnnor danco at tho Field and
Country clubs; Mrs. Elizabeth Wild
man, dinner at Country club.
Tllt ltSDAY Mrs. Edward Updike, lunch
eon at Happy Hollow club for Mrs. P,
H X'pdlke of Los Angeles: table d'hoto
luncheon at Field club and Happy Hol
low; Mr. and Mrs. C T. Btewort, din
ner at Country club.
F1UDAY Dinner danco at Seymour Lake
Country club; Mrs. John F. Hecox,
bridge luncheon for Mrs. Warren Will
iams of Evonston, 111.; Mr. George
Wright, dinner party.
SATl'RDAY Dinner dance at the Coun
try, Field, Happy Hollow and Carter
Lako clubs.
There will be a largo and Interested
gallary at the Field club this week to see
the fourth annual clay court tennis tour
nament Most of the visiting tennis men
have beon here beforo and wilt be guests
of honor at dinner and tango parties dur
ing1 their stay. The social affaire for tho
' visitors started last Friday ewnlng, when
(Mr. De Forest Richards entertained
twenty-two guests at dinner lu honor of
Mr C. J Qrlfrin and Mr. J. Straohon,
both of San Francisco.
Mrs. J. T. Stewart. 2dj Mrs. W. T.
Burns, Mrs. Harold Pritchett. Mrs. W. J,
Tote and Miss llurkley have been made
a committee on entertainment to look
after Miss Mary Brown of Los Angeles,
the national champion woman tennis
player, and Mrs. Robinson of Boston,
who, with Mien Brown, holds the cham
pionship In doubles, when they arrive In
Omaha next week during tho clay court
tournament. An exhibition match twill be
arranged during their stay.
Stndents Return from Europe.
Miss Frances r?ah and htr coun. Miss
Mary Lcda Proulx, will sail next Satur
day from Germany on tho steamer George
Washington after spending1 a year In
Berlin studying piano Mltm Nash has
been making excellent progress In her
music, spending the greater part of each
day in practice Miss Nash Is ono of the
most popular young women In society
and won crowned queen of Ak-Bar-Uen.
After an extended visit with her mother,
Mrs. E. W. Nash, Mlsa Nash may return
to Germany to' continue her studies.
Miss Carolyn. Harding, who has been
spending a yea? in Paris studying piano,
has recently been touring Europe with
tfrlends and sailed lost week on the
steamer Mauretonia. She is exbected
hero tho first of tho week.
Travelers in the East.
Mrs, T. F. Kennedy and children have
gone to Fort Ethan Allen. Vt. to visit
her nloce, Mrs. James Wilson.
Mrs. William XX Martin left Tuesday
for Harbor Point, Mich., to visit her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Burton Hanson of
Mrs. E, E. Balch Is visiting at Diamond
L-sie. Ind., before going on to Blaseon-
sett, Mass., to join Mrs. Campbell Fair
and Mrs. II. T. Lemlst
Mr, and Mrs, Dlmon Bird and Miss
Curtis left Greenwich Friday In their
motor for Lake Harris in the Adlnm-
docks, whero they will be for two woeks.
Mrs. Sam Caldwell and children leave
Tuesday for Tioga, Pa., to visit Mrs. IL
a Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell will loin them
loter and so with them to the seashore
lor several weeks,
airs. Edward C. Welch and daughter,
Miss Alary, left last evening for the
east, where they will spend the summer
at Boltuate Beach, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. F. XX Pearc and family
leave today for New York to.jotn friends
through Now England.
Mr. William Wallace and daughter,
Mlsa May Wallace and two grandsons
left Thursday for the east by way of
the Groat Lakes. They wilt go to the
Deacon Grant farm at Wlnstead, Conn
where they spent last summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgia L. Hammer and
Miss Hammer expoct to leave the latter
part of tho Week for Wlanno, Mass.
lire. C, E. Tost left lost week" tot
Watklna Glen,. N. V and wilt be joined
about August l by Mr. Tost, when they
will go to Vermont and probably Atlantic
Mr. and Mri. C. .W. Lyman have gone
east to visit their eon, Sir. Dean Lyman,
and bis. wife at New Haven, Conn., and
from there will go to Onasvo, Me., and
later to Atlontlo City lor a week or two.
European. Travelers.
Mr. X TL Millard and Miss Jessie M.
lard were joined In Chicago by Mr. Mil
lard's grandsons, Ttay and William Mil
lard, and ol sailed on, the Imperator for
six weeks In Europe.
On the same boat with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Keogh. Mho sailed July 4 from
Hamburg on the America, were Mr. and
Mrs. JH, A. Cudaby and daughters, -who
went direct to their summer home at
Maekinao upon landing.
Mr and Mrs. Robert Dempster and Miss
Allen, who have been abroad nearly a
Newly Fovtnd Obesity
Cure In Great Demand
The announcement that the boranlum
lulube possesses remarkable virtues as
an obesity remedy, has been received
wun considerable enthusiasm in this coun
try by tho corpulentlr Inclined. Accord
ing to one large wholesaler, the enormous
demand for these juubes has been oc
casioned not alon hv tha iofj'Mi nt tlia
experiments that have been reported, but
because the new treatment seems to over
come pracucauy ail the objections to
other treatments. Ifor instance, aa fat
people usually lack energy, exercising
ooes noi eirongiy appeal to them! besides,
this often involves too great a sacrifice
of time. Then, with regard to internal
medicines, It U generally known that
these, to be powerful enough to reduce
flesh, shock the nerves, create digestive
disturbance, and various other ill effects.
Boranlum Jujubes, on tho other hand, are
uum uaruuew; anyway, it is not necea-
iu rui more loan inree or lour s
day Tho Inexpenslveness of this treat-
jntnt Is another factor. The palatable
nee of these bonuUum jujubes may also
account somewhat for their large sale at
iie oruir stores. national Xrug Itevlew.'
Tho announcement by the" committee In
charge of the national clay court tourna
ment that Mlsa Mary IC Brown, Los
Angeles, national woman's singles cham
pion, and Mrs. R. H. Williams, Boston,
are coming to attend the tournament and
play several exhibition games has aroused
an unusual interest in tennis among the
women of Omaha.
Heretofore very few women, with the
year, sailed Saturday for Montreal on
the Empress of Ireland.
Visitors Arrive,
Miss Mao Merrlam of Pepperol, Mass.,
arrived this morning to be the guest of
her cousin, Miss Mildred Merrlam. Later
both young women will leave for a trip
through Yellowstone.
Mr. Bon Warren expects Mr. Claude
Larimer of Wichita, Kan., to arrive Sat
unlay to be his guest for a week or two,
and In his honor he will give a dinner
at the Country club Saturday evening.
Miss Ruby Tato of Oklahoma City has
arrived to visit Miss Nina Tate.
Mrs. George B. Pond, wife of Major
Pond, arrives today with her small son
to visit Mrs. Elisabeth Wlldman and Mrs.
John T. Btewort of Council Bluffs for
a week. In her honor Mr. Ben Warren
gives a dinner Monday evening at the
Country club and Wednesday Mrs. Wlld
man will give a dinner followed Thurs
day nnd Friday1 by dinners given by Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Stewart and Mr. George
Wright of Council Bluffs. Mrs, Pond
cornea from Fort McDowell, Cal., Is on
her way to visit her mother at Mackinac.
Miss Marguerite Bostlanellb of Lock-
port. N. Y., is spending several weeks
visiting her uncle, Dr. J. T.. Kinsler, and
Mrs. Arthur Gratfls of Marlon, Ind., Is
visiting her sister, Miss Adele Moo res. for
a few weeks.
Miss Ethel Emery of Seattle, formerly
of this city, has arrived for an extended
visit with her cousin, Miss Minnie Pratt
To Summer in the West.
Mrs. A. J. Beaton and children are at
the K cell no ranch In Wyoming with Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Keollne.
Mrs. Frederick W. Clarke and daugiv
ter, Miss Katherine Davenport, left Frl
day for Weller. Colo., to join Mr. and
Alra C. P. Weller.
Mrs. Charles B. Fitch and Miss Mary
Fitch leave today for Colorado Springs.
Mrs. Oeorge C. Smith and family leave
today for Elk Creek. Ore., to spend the
rest of the summer.
Travelers Keturn.
Miss Esther Byrne returned Wednesday'
from Atlantic City and other eastern
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kountxe returned
Tuesday from the east, where they left
their son Harkness In - camp In New
Hampshire and visited Mr. and Mrs,
Uoxte Clarke at Villa Belvldere. N. Y.
Mr. C. Turner, Jr., returned Wednesday
from Chicago and the east.
Mrs. Charles Ogden Is expected home
today from Haverford, Pa., where site
has been with Mr. and-Mrs. J. EL Baum
for thrift' weeks.
Return from Okoboji.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Kloke. Mr. and
Mrs. Louto Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. H. O,
exception of those who played or had rel
atives or friends who played, attended,
any of the tennla matches. This year,
however, Inducement of seeing champions
In action has caused several to order
scats or tickets to the games and still
mora have announced their intention of
going to see the women at least.
Arrangements have been made to have
tho visiting champions play some of tho
Edwards, Mr. Frits Buohols and Mr.
Robert Edwards, who were at Lake
Okoball. have lnotornd tn rlrh T.fiVn
Minn., and will return in a few days.
Airs. u. u Huntley returnod Friday
from Lake Okoboji, where she spent a
few days.
Mrs. Charles Offut nnd Mr. -Vlntr
Caldwell returned Monday from Okoboji,
wnere they wore guests over Sunday of
Mrs. Harry Jordan and Mrs. J. J. Dickey.
At Northern Lakes.
Mrs. Sam Burns and children lft Run.
day for Ephralm, Wis., whore thoy have
laKen a collage.
Omahans at Okoboji.
airs, v. Pickens and Miss Pickens
left Thursday for Okoboii tn viit Mr.
Ben Gallagher at the tatter's cottage.
At Atlantic City
airs. Harry Doorly and children loft
Saturday for Atlontlo City to join her
mother, Mrs. G. M. Hitchcock, who has
taen a cottage there.
Airs, uerorest Richards is spending
several weeks at Atlontlo City.
In Yellowstone Park.
Mrs. J, E. Boyd. Mrs. Ellis Tllorbnnmr
and Mrs. Joseph Lohmor are taking the,
.trip through the Yellowstone.
At the Country Club,
Many dinner parties were given at the
olub last week. Mr. and Mr. W. A. c.
Johnson had as their guests Mr. and Mrs.
It. C. Howe, Miss Marlon Howe and Mr.
liobert Howe.
Dining together were Mr. and Mrs.
Qlenn C Wharton. Miss Louise Dlnnlnff-
Mr. Robert Burns, Mr. Lawrence Drinker
and Mr. Ward Burgess.
Mr. and Mrs. a 8. Caldwell entertained
at dinner, when their guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Barker. Mr. and Mrs.
John L. Kennedy. Mist Ella Mae Brown
ana wr. cnaries II. Brown.
Dr. John It. Trlnder entertained at one
of the larger dinner parties last evening.
Covers were placed for:
Major and Mrs. Carl P. Hartmann.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Wilbur Blaine.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Black.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Page.
Miss Nannie Page.
Lieutenant Alfonte.
Dr. John H. Trtnder..
, Mr. and Mrs. John A. McShane had as
their guests at dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hosford.
Sirs. Eldrtge.
Mrs. Ho run.
Miss Mildred Rogers.
Mr. Gerald Wharton.
Mr. Harry McCormiok.
Mr. Frank Hogan of Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Redick had as their
guests at dinner:
Mr. and Mrs. El W. Dixon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Stewart.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wlldman.
Mr. Ben Warren.
Mr- Frank Hamilton.
Mrs. John U. Bourko entertained ten
local women and several of the visiting
men. Although th.v da not nxnent tn
beat the men, they do promlso them a
nara right, A few sets of mixed doubles
wilt be played also. Mixed doubles are
seldom played In Omaha and should nrove
Interesting. Clarence Griffin, the Call
fornla wlsard, who, With his partner,
holds tho mixed doubles championship of
California, will probably be paired with
Miss arowne.
guests tn honor of Captain Malsh, U. S
aerrit Fort, Jr., four; J. T, fetowart, six
G. 1L Movne. els: W. Ti. TtnbVrtit. fmlr
rWV A. Plxley, two.
At Happy Hollow.
Mr, .ana Mrs. W. E. Bhafer entertained
at dinner lost evening n honor 6f Mr.
and Mrs. Edward alines of Marietta, O.
covers were laid for:
Mr, and Mrs. Edward Gllnes.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bhafer.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Combs.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rees entertained
a family dlnnor party, when covers were
laid for twenty-foUr guests.
Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Ryan had eight
guests at dinner with them.
Others who entertained at dinner Sat
urday evening were Senator and Mrs.
Norrls Brown, who had elx guests; R, L.
Roblson, seven; E. Y, Howe, sir; J. c.
Flack, five; H. G. Loo mis. five; C. H,
Wright, three; C. W. Louche, three; P.
C. Harrington, six; L Slbbersen. six; H.
A. Thompson, four.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Updike will en
tertain at dinner Tuesday evening at
Happy Hollow for their son. P. IL Up
dike, and Mrs. Updike of Los Angeles,
Cal. Covers will bo placed for twenty
seven. Thursday Mrs. Edward Updike
and Miss Updike will give a luncheon at
the club, when covers will be placed for
nny guests.
Miss Mary Lewis Wood will entertain
at a niuslonlo Wednesday afternoon at
tne club.
" i
Seymour Lake Country Club.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorce J. Wrleht ho
an their dinner guests Friday evening
ai me ciun
Mr. 5-W. Otis of Council Bluffs.
Miss Otis, of Council Bluffs,
Mr. Durant Wright.
Mr. A. H. Fry Mod as his guests
Colonel Sharp.
R. C. Howe.
Nate Denny.
others at the club were W. Ratcklns,
Who had six guests; J. II. Korletx. six
J. IL isppe, two; II. E. Said, two; Don
aid J. Burket, two; L. M, Lord, six,
and E. E. Rhys. four.
At Carter Lake Country Olub.
Mr. ana Airs. Ji. ll. Jones entertalnKd
t a dancing party Friday evening, when
their guests were:
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Burllngame.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Do Wall.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benson.
Mr. and Mrs. William Urbaeh.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bsumetster.
Mr. and Mrs. Wolf.
Mr, Moore.
With the Army.
Lieutenant John K. Cowln arrived Sun
day at Fort Crook from Galveston, Tex.
and wilt proceed this week, to Fort
Leavenworth for duty.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Black, who only
Of Lockport;
recently arrived at Fort Omaha, have
been ordered to Honolulu for station.
Captain A. W. Maish arrived in Omaha
Thursday from the Philippines on his
way to take station at tho Watertown
arsenal in Massachusetts and Is the
guest of' Mrs. John G. Bourse and her
daughter!) for a week. In his honor Mrs.
Bourke gave a dinner at the Country
club Saturday evening.
At the Field Club.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Korty entertained
at dinner Saturday, when- covers 'were
laid for ton guests.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bedwell had at their
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bedwell.
Miss Charlotte Bedwell.
Miss Louise Bedwell.
Mr. Ralph Bedwell.
Among others who entertained guests
were Br. and Mrs. II. L. Arnold, who had
six guests; G. E. Campbell, six; H. H.
Johnson. slsf! C. E. Hunter, wo; A. Ja-
qulth, three! H. H. Fish, four; P. C.
Hyson, four; N. F, Field, four.
At the Diets Olub.
The Diets club eavn Its regular dancing
party Thursday evening, July 17, dt their
club house on Carter lake, Those pres
ent were:
Blanche Springer,
Elsie Pjerrow,
Judith Palm,
Mlna Goehry,
Edyth Stern, . ,
Edith Waterman,
Mary Pjerrow.
G, L. Greentlold,
(Frank Spellmoh.
F. A. Coulter,
Robert Mitchell.
Al. Btaufuss,
B. D. Evans,
E. E. Elsenhart,
John Corow.
Muriel Jeffries,
Nettle Schooley.
Gertrude Koeper,
Irene Higoy,
May 6 Daughery,
Mario Oablcr,
Ada Archer,
Marie Partridge,
F. J. Evans,
Leo Dugher,
Freeman Bradford,
P. M. Bohon.
Clarence Hall,
A. L. Reynolds,
J. Walter Doyle,
James wara,
Percy Gwynne.
Julius Solgaard.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry veiamnn,
Mr. and Mrs. John J- McMahon.
Mr and Mrs. George Johnpnn,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Neill, "
Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Myers,
Mr. and Mrs. William Platner,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Netf.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson.
Silver Wedding: Anniversary.
Mr. ond Mrs. Herman F, Paulsen cele
brated their twenty-fifth weddlntt anni
versary Saturday evening at their home
on West Center street. Many beautiful
presents were received. The muslo was
furolBhed by Mrs. May Green, Mr. Shadek
and Herman Root, Dancing was the main
feature of the evening. Those present
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Roesslg.
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Honsman.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Paulsen.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hennlngs.
Mr, and Mrs. Rudolph Ituser.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Glissman.
Mr. and.Mrs. Ernest Arp.
Mr. ana Mrs. William Jensen.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Pahl.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hensman.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Maack.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scott.
Mr. and Mrs. Msrlnus Jensen.
Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Jtoot.
Mr. and Mrs. William C, Paulsen.
Mr. and Mrs. William Denker.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Paulsen.
Mr. and Mrs. John OtU
Mr. and airs. it. w. Anaenron.
Mr. ana Airs. ua
Misses .
Evelyn Schnell,
Mabel Pahl,
Dora Pshl,
Ruth Green,
Anna Maack,
Helen Paulsen,
Jdaleno Ruser,
Mabel Paulsen,
a race Paulsen,
Florence Paulsen,
Elsie Hensman,
Elvlna Hensman.
George C. Trant
of Baltimore. Md.,
Charley Armbruet,
John Armbrust, '
II. Avery,
Henry Ruser.
George Roesslg,
William T. Paulsen,
Alfred Paulsen,
Frank Sorensen,
Clara Jensen,
Emma eneuorg.
Agnes Dahmke,
Margaret Casey,
Minnie Avery,
Martha Avery,
Minnie Paulsen,
Elsie Roesslg,
Ina Paulsen,
Edna Paulsen,
Maggie Pahl.
Minnie rahl,
Loon Avery,
Henry Balster,
Paul Balster.
Henry Jensen,
Pete Glissman,
5Ierry Sheborg,
Charles Root,
aierman Root,
aiarry Roesslg.
V.rnPMt Roesslg.
Charles Everhart,
aien rauisen,
Henry Paulsen, jr., Herbert Ruser,
John uussman, """a ""'"
Pete Hendrlckson, William Fink,
Herbert Charles, Jurgen Pahl.
Oeorge Jensen,
Picnio at Elmwood Park.
The Daughters of Israel Aid society will
hold a plcnlo at Elmwood park this
evening for members, families and
Jones-Helson Engagement.
Mrs. Pearl Marian Ruleau announces
the engagement of her sister, Bemlco
Beryl Nelson, to Dr. Lee Roy Jones of
Scott's Bluff, Neb., the wedding to take
place during the coming winter.
Martini-Peterson Wedding.
Announcement ts made of the marriage
of Miss Mabel Peterson, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs- P. A. Peterson, to George L.
N. Y.
Martini, which took place Saturday, July
Mr. and Mrs. Martini left for trip
to the Minnesota lakes and wilt be home
after September 1, at,S0X California street
Pleasures Past.
A party in honor of Miss Ruth Weln-
stein's tenth birthday was given at her
homo Sunday afternoon. Tho time was
spent In games and tho color scheme of
the decorations was pink and white.
About thirty guests wore present and
each was presented with a souvenir bos
ket filled with pink assorted candles.
Surprise Party.
A surprise party was given in honor
of Miss Veto Cerney at her home Wed'
nesday evening. Those, present were:
Veta Cerny,
Anna Johnson,
Mamie Kllllan,
Anno Brozdo,
IFldrence Cerny,
Will Dosher.
Edward Niolson,
Charles Runa,
Lsulamtre Bartos,
Nathan Brown,
Leonard Cerny,
Mrs, J. Cerpoy.
Anna storm.
Emma Cecha,
Marie BKomai.
Katherine Stony.
George Vandas,
Charles Hoffman,
Otto Bartos,
Bud Morran,
Anslem Cerupy.
For Miss Shimon.
Miss Yetta SUefler entertained Friday
evening in honor of Miss Anna Shimon
Of Chicago. Miss Frances Palais gavo
several piano selections and Mr. Isadora
ReeSe gave a reading from "Othello." The
Misses Levy displayed their talent in
palm reading and fortune telling. Those
present wore:
Misses Misses-
Anna Shimon, Francos Palais,
Mildred Levy. Jeanette Friedstodt,
Evelyn Levy. Hattle Solltr.
Fannie Rosqnblum, TilUe Blenstock.
Yetta SUefler,
Messrs Messrs
I. S. Reese. Morrli Roeenblum.
Max Levy, B. Stlefler.
uen uiiener, Mrs. u. ruturnnskj
Max Adelson,
Pan Hellenic Luncheon.
A delightful luncheon was given Satur
day at Happy Hollow for the women of
tho Pan Hellenic association. Miss Doris
Wood Is president and attending the
luncheon were Mesdomes ' Bryce Craw
ford, V. R, Gould, George Seobury, Rob
ert Grandt McLaughlin. Richard Wob
ster, Roy Ralph, D. D. Arnold, Leslie
Hlggtad, Victor Smith, John Spencer;
Misses Gertrude Branch, Mary PhJUIppI,
Alice Knapp, Esther Thomas, Florence
Rush, Adele Davis, June Brown, Alex
ander of Des Moines, Eleanor Dlckman,
Noelee Ml stmt of Galveston, Louise Bed-
well, Marguerite Marshall, Iona Jones,
Lulu Mae Coe, Anno McCogue, Louise
Klrkpatrlck of Ashland, Elizabeth Fhrlm
mer, Lucy Hart, Doris Wood, Ruth Mc
Donald, Marie Hermonson, Irene IClrsch-
stein, Anne Hermonson, Bartlett, Vera
Fink, Minnie Pratt, Ethel Emery of
Greencostle, Ind.; Bertha White,
Ithoades, Helen Chesney, Sturgln of Chi
cago, Ruth Mills, Mary McCogue, Olive
Brain. Ida Darlow.
Larai Club.
Mr. Milton Petersen entertained the
Active and alumnae members of Loral
Friday evening at his home.
Picnic Supner.
Mrs. P. T, Conlan and Mrs. James
Reed entertained at a picnic supper at
Miller's park in honor of Dr. Conlan's
forty-third birthday, and Master Harry
Molmqulst of Central City, Neb., who Is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Gall L.
Molmqulst. Twenty guests were present
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C Hayes left
Thursday for the northwest, soiling from
(Continued on Page Three.)
This Institution ia the only ono
In the central west with separate
buildings situated In their own
ample grounds, yqt entirely dis
tinct, and rendering it possible to
cllEslfy cases. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of non-contagious and
non-mental ulsaasos, no others be
ing admitted; the other Rest Cot
tage being designed for and do
voted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental eases requiring
for a time watchful care and spe
cial nursing.
i -
Last tveek Khiva Rugs were
tho special feature and many of
thoso beautiful ruga wero so
cured by careful buyors at
prices that cannot bo dupli
cated. This week wo are add
ing other weavea at equally at
tractive prices, amonc them
These are a fow of the elzos,
showing th unusual prico re
Size. Rcjrularly. Now.
4-9x3-4 ...J 31.50 Ki
0-UX4-U ... 315. UU
0-3X4-0 ... 30.00
6-2x4-0 ... 25.00
3-9x2-8 ... 18.60
4-XJ-U ... iv.ov lis. 51
Size., Regularly. Now.
4- 8x3-5 2.50 $10.50
6-3x?-o ... i9.5o iaiho
5- 8x3-3 ... 19.60 T4!ko
5-6x2-10 .. 20.00 X.OQ
5-0X3-0 ... 24.00 18.O0
Slzo. Regularly. Now.
14-8X10-3 245 S:
12-4X3-11 232
11-0x7-4 100
Size. Regularly. Now.
13- 10x9-10 S800 S5O0
U-0X8-11 436 $50
14- iixio-n .... 500 325
5-9x3-9 100 G5
C-6X4-10 115 00
Slue. Regularly, Now.
10-1x13-8 T2S6
13-9x10-3 300 SjRJr
13-8x10-4 17.5 150
Crooked Teeth Straightened
Don't allow o deformed mouth
caused by Irregular teeth to exist
another week. Do It today. Consult
our specialists tn this matter. No
charge for consultation.
Hew Offloes
Tel. Douglas 2EC0.
Sr. n alloy. Dr. ludwlok.
Sr. Bhlpherd. Orthodontist.
We Are Equipped to do Tlrst-Closs
Interior Finishing
of all kinds, Including
LouLs Thoelecke, who ).os had many
years' experience In Uin lino In
Omaha, 1b head of our Will papr and
paint department. We guarantee you
the best work and assure, yon quici.
A telephone call will bring our rep
resentative. Beaton & Laier Co.
410-17 South 16th Street.
Complete with
esse, bor aad ex,
tra string at 93.00,
Sd.OO, S7.00, 8.00,
910.00, 915.00. 923
and up.
Bold on Busy Pmy-
Writs for Fre OXaloar of Musical
ins DcusIk St.. Omaha, Jfefe,
Office For Sent
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupied by the Havens
White Coal do.
Nice Farnam street front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space1 with
large vault. Extra en
trance from court of the
Pine office fixtures are of
fered for sale. Apply to
N. P. Fell. Bee office.
You WilMis
Something if
You Fail to
Read the
. ' Ads

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